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Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Casting: Celebrities React!

Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Casting: Celebrities React!

By now, nearly everyone has heard the news that mega hottie Jamie Dornan has replaced Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in the highly anticipated movie Fifty Shades of Grey!

After the news broke of the 31-year-old actor’s new role, Hollywood took to Twitter to convey their sentiments on the casting!

“.@JamieDornan1 is my Mr. Grey. #50ShadesOfDornan,” Josh Dallas, Jamie‘s Once Upon a Time co-star, tweeted after the news broke.

“I’m a monstrous @JamieDornan1 fan. Wasn’t allowed to be attracted to him on The Fall bc he played a sexmurderer. 50 Shades is my big chance!” Lena Dunham tweeted. “Wait, Christian Grey isn’t a murderer right?”

Click inside to read what some other Hollywood celebs had to say about Jamie‘s Christian Grey casting…

“I’ve had a crush on Jamie Dornan for a decade!” Elizabeth Banks wrote on her Instagram.

“I think that Jamie Dornan is the perfect choice to play Christian Grey in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Smartest casting decision in a long time.” Screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis tweeted.

“Happy with Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades ladies ???” Carson Daly tweeted.

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  • Ty

    Josh’s tweet made me laugh!

  • Janire

    Jamie is HOT!!! Lucky Dakota!!! :D

  • Lauren

    Jamie doesn’t have that body anymore! Recent candids prove that. He’s too small all-around and is only 5’11″! Had they stuck to the books when casting for Ana and cast a petite actress this wouldn’t that bad, but no they cast someone who is 5’8″! In heels she’ll be taller than him! He won’t look physically imposing or dominant next to her at all.

  • Sara

    Now get rid of DUMPY DAKOTA.

  • Mary

    Not happy with this decision but it’s already done for this film will suck, i’m sticking to the books. I agree Dakota needs to gtfo. She’s not Anastasia

  • anne

    Need to post his new 2013 fat untoned body picture here :

    So we got fat Christian Grey and ugly old hag Ana – totally trainwreck in the making here

  • oh well

    nooo Jamie, nooo. What have you done??

  • Marianne

    okay dude if that is your definition of fat and ugly you haven’t been out in the real world in a long time

  • Ha

    Now “celebs” (well, known people, it’s not like they’re really that big) tweet about it?? I don’t think anybody reacted with Hunnam being cast? Wow, what a stab in the back for Charlie. Nobody said it was “the smartest” choice when he got involved, now for this one, they’re all like “at last”, “great”, “he’ll do great”, “he’s the perfect Christian Grey”……If I were Hunnam, I’d take it really bad :D

  • mia

    agree! Dakota’s too tall! We’re happy about Jamie’s casting, but Dakota, get rid of her! She looks waaay old and waaay tall! Jeez.. we know about the chemistry blah blah but this girl looks nothing like anastasia.

  • Cera

    Dakota ruins this no matter what! Who casts someone 5’8″ to play a petite Character, especially when it’s crucial to the vibe that’s supposed to be given off?? Jamie isn’t even tall enough, he’s only 5’11! In heels she will be his height or taller and she’ll look like the dom! She’s so ugly as it is. An a is supposed to be youthful, beautiful and alluring. Jesus.

  • Ms Lexi

    Way to kill a career already headed nowhere!

  • starsh

    Idiots: he can always WORK OUT. Duh. And if they can make Tom Cruise look reasonably tall they will do the same with Dornan. He certainly plays imposing and scary well (The Fall)!

  • Ronda

    Yes, I would…..

  • Bel Sweniz

    Good choice. Lol @ the drama queens.

  • So then who

    Geez who is for all fo you the perfect actor then to play Christian Grey? This is going like this forever:

    Matt Bomer gay so no, or others says yes
    Ian Somerhalder Most of fans say yes then others say no he is too wimp
    Charlie was cast but then he back out and some at the beginning say yes he is perfect but then others says no

    So noone is suit for the role according to many fans around the world.
    For you then WHO IS THE PERFECT ACTOR FOR THAT ROLE??? If for fans noone has been the perfect. Make up your minds

  • So

    Never heard of him before. BAD choice, he’s too short at 5 11, Charlie is at least 6 1. Not interested in seeing this movie!!!

  • Jessie

    So then who @ 10/24/2013 at 4:13 pm #17
    Was Ian Somerhalder even interested in doing this film? All those names were linked to this film, but obviously they got the only guy who wanted to do it. I don’t think they had any other choice if they wanted the film to be in theaters when they stated. No one was going to be the choice of everyone anyway.

  • Maryanne

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! Is that what you call fat?!!?!? come on!!! what do you want? walking sticks?!?!

  • tjmack

    I honestly have no idea where people keep finding the “data” that Jamie is 5’11. His modelling profile says that he is 6’0, as do many other sites. So, I don’t understand that part of it.

    Also, Jamie is not unfit AT ALL. If you think he’s unfit, then you’ve obviously not seen The Fall (where he plays a very dark, scene stealing serial killer — even if you’re not supposed to love him, you still do!) where he’s shirtless more times than I can count, and you can obviously still see his six pack. He might not be “model” fit anymore, but that doesn’t make him unfit.