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Lady Gaga Debuts 'Venus' Snippet, Performs 'Gypsy' in Germany - Listen Now!

Lady Gaga Debuts 'Venus' Snippet, Performs 'Gypsy' in Germany - Listen Now!

Check out a snippet of Lady Gaga‘s new song “Venus,” which she just released for her fans!

“HERE is a snippet OF ‘VENUS’ produced by Lady Gaga” the 27-year-old entertainer posted on her Twitter account. “‘Venus’ is a sequence of multiple covers shot by ‘Alejandro’ and ‘Fame’ director @SKstudly Steven Klein,” she added.

Lady Gaga also sang her new song “Gypsy” live to a packed crowd while promoting her new album ARTPOP at Berghain club on Thursday evening (October 24) in Berlin, Germany.

“I wrote this song as I was traveling around the world…they say ‘a Gypsy doesn’t have a home.’ But I do have a home. I have a home with you always,” Gaga told the crowd (via Billboard). “This is my first performance of this record, it’s very special to me, thank you for sharing it with me,” she added.

Check out “Venus” below, and click inside to watch her “Gypsy” performance…

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  • Adrian

    OMG this is so 90s and it’s so fresh! And she produced this song with a great skill it seems. I’m so impressed atm. AND to the haters, she didn’t copy Zombie Zombie. the band and her both sampled the ‘rocket number 9 take of to the planet venus’ lyric from Sun Ra. IM SO EXCITED FOR ARTPOP

  • realcat

    She gives me shivers in a gross way.

  • Nika

    all of her new songs I’ve heard so far sound so dated…it’s like 90s in Berlin all over again. She definitely lost her touch.

  • adam

    I wonder who’s writing these atrocious songs…?????????? They are terrible.

  • nok thailand

    Nice sounds. V-E-N-U-S :) New sound, beat. Fantastic.



  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Gaga is sooo Artistic!

  • bleh

    @Nika: i think katy perrys songs on prism are much more 90′s dated than gaga. who the hell gave them both the memo that both of their third albums need to be 90′s theme. this is 2 decades later, shouldnt music be on a new and different trend? talk about unoriginality from the both of them but gaga is definitely more talented than katy as far as singing and musicianship goes without a doubt.

  • garga

    yikes this is terrible

  • ADFA

    what is this rejected goldfrapp noise?


    @Nika: GAGA The GREAT !! Your comment is so dumb. How has she lost her touch when I hear hear ARTPOP will have the most pre-ordered album sales in history for digital and cds. Please stop it with this over crap. Gaga is here to stay, I love Venus and it will be a hit but Gaga is you are reading this or your team. Do what you want is going to be a huge massive hit. Gaga and R Kelly created magic. With his smooth silky vocals and Gaga singing, it will be a crossover hit. As I said before this is history making music. Gaga is going to gain Thriller and Purple Rain status with ARTPOP. All I hear is hit after hit and I see her winning grammys. You people can laugh all you want but who will be laughing in the end. Gaga please get with R Kelly and make that music video and release it before 11/11/13 and I predict if you your album will sale over a million copies. Do what you want has soul and people love that.


    ********BREAKING NEWS ******** Katy Perry will only sale around 275,000 copies of her new album Prism which is a BIG FAIL AND DISAPPOINTMENT due to the heavy promotion of Prism by her team and the success of that stupid weak song Roar. Why is no one talking about this if this was Gaga you guys would be eating her alive. GAGA IS THE NEW QUEEN OF POP. A TRUE QUEEN WOULD NOT HAVE LOW SALES OF 275,000 copies. So sad for Katy Perry.

  • Nika

    @VICTORIA: you should check yourself into mental hospital…or at least I hope you’re like 10 yrs old.


    @Nika: GAGA The GREAT !! Thank you that a compliment. hahaha. You need to go take your purple pill baby bubba. The only stupid comment was made by you. Check your facts before you post. Gaga’s pre-orders for her album are going up and up with the release of each song that comes out. The same could not be said for Katy Perry because her album is WACK. I Love how people like to call other people mental when they can’t handle the truth. Gaga is here to stay and get use to it. Her music is evolving and shes taking risks. The same can not be said for the other pop wanna b’s.


    @Nika: GAGA The GREAT !! That dumb comment that you made about Gaga being over must be about Katy Perry, right? You did not take your purple pill yet so you are getting Gaga confused with Katy Perry. hahahahahah. Katy Perry is done, over finish whatever you guys keep saying about Gaga. Katy Perry is only going to sell 275,000 copies are you kidding me. Baby bubba, you are calling out the wrong person. Katy Perry is OVER.

  • Venusiana

    Venus Venus Venus suck my Lilly penis

  • Venusiana


  • Judith

    No thanks, does Nothing for me.
    The only song i’ve liked so far is Guy, the snippet, everything else is just bleh.

  • pretty kitty

    gaga is sooooo desperate for attention it’s sad. at least katy perry is trying to find her happy w/john mayer..not that she will..
    gaga has had soooo much plastic surgery in “rehab” her face is whack.
    I am over gaga

  • Bruno

    Venus sounds Amazing! #1 hit here we go

  • Hernan

    ‘Venus’ sounds bizarre, catchy & different from any other song playing on the radio. This should be interesting, I can’t wait to hear the whole song. especially the chorus. “Venus” has the potential to be “Bad Romance” of ARTPOP.

  • Dominic

    Wow 80′s B-sides much.

  • George

    I feel so bad for. I was hoping she would go with something not so generic and over the top in terms of beats for the second single.. and if she were atleast make it melodic and use some vocals this seems so robotic. it reminds me of 80′s D.Bowie. When i heard Gypsy I put aside her theatrics she has a good vocal range and the song seems to connect with her the meaning of the song ect. She knows how to market herself and sell her stuff. This is much more promising than half the shit on Born This Way. I havent been impressed with Gaga since Bad Romance. However, im sure she will pick a better single. Heres hoping she releases something good, Her fans must really go over board to sell her records. The fourth quarter sales are critical.. shes going up against Bangerz, Prism ( which is as close to perfect) and Britney Jean. Im disappointed so far.. I think she should postpone ‘Artpop’ if she went with her initial plan and released it in the spring she wouldn’t be in this dilemma but she was so unhealthy and large last year she wouldn’t have been able to promote it . ultimately she injured herself. its such a shame.