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Leonardo DiCaprio & Hilary Swank: Giorgio Armani 'One Night Only' in NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio & Hilary Swank: Giorgio Armani 'One Night Only' in NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up for the Giorgio Armani One Night Only Event held at SuperPier on Thursday night (October 24) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was joined on the red carpet by his good friend, director Martin Scorsese, as well as Hilary Swank, Quvenzhane Wallis, Peter Facinelli and his girlfriend Jaimie Alexander.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

The day before, Leo was spotted enjoying an outdoor lunch with a guy pal.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCpario, Hilary Swank, and more at the Giorgio Armani One Night Only event…

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# 1
hey there! @ 10/25/2013 at 1:22 am

well, with the hair that long he don´t have to much possibilities, to change his style.

# 2

His hairline looks different from previous pics. I think he’s finally started a hairline restoration process.

# 3

Where is the Wolf of Wall St. trailer? What are they scared of?

# 4
falconetti @ 10/25/2013 at 1:31 am

Peter Facinelli? I guess the event open to anyone with an Italian name.

# 5

The two shortest guests, Scorsese and Quvenzhané Wallis, make the biggest impression. They’re both adorbs.

# 6

To me, Leo will always have IT but no to the slicked back hair and it would have been nice if he had shaved his neck. LOL

# 7

Nausheen Shah (@nausheenshah)
10/24/13, 10:35 PM
An A-list front row at the #onenightonly Giorgio Armani #prive show @armani with Leonardo DiCaprio,…

# 8
Daedreamer @ 10/25/2013 at 1:39 am

Leo looks greasy and Facinelli is looking positively womanly,

# 9
Daedreamer @ 10/25/2013 at 1:40 am


It looks like Leo has had a little botox to his forehead. It’s not bad. Facinelli on the other hand is hitting the ‘tox and makeup too hard.

tudodocinema (@tudodocinema)
10/24/13, 10:31 PM
CineFanático: Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese at the Armani Party #blog

New pics of Leo and Scorsese from fan girl

Leo kinda looks like how he did in Body of Lies
mama like…. ;)

leo’s head is too big for a newsboy cap. not flattering at all.

Quick! Someone hide the baby models and hair grease from Leo!

not even in the front row he claims Toni, she must be in the back…all in way in the back. Maybe she’s in the kitchen!

garnnette @ 10/25/2013 at 2:00 am

where’s toni?

garnnette @ 10/25/2013 at 2:01 am


her presence looms large, even from the back!

Leoooo I’m back heeere! Can you hear me!? Can I sit with you at dinner? Pretty pleeease? I promise not to talk or put picture on tweeter!

@#### & HAHA12: Agree with you re the slick hair! Ugh! His hairline is really noticeable. I can’t believe he and his stylist look in the mirror and think he looks good! I like the goatee/beard, but I’m with you #### about him shaving the neck.
re the photo at the party: It looks like he is talking to some models (maybe?), but it’s interesting that you don’t see a tall blonde anywhere in the picture.

@WITH Leo: LMAO!!!

I’m heeere! I put funny face pic on insta soon to prove!

I’m the only tall blonde Leo talks too!

Why they put me at table with little girl with puppy purse?!

Instagram @ 10/25/2013 at 2:47 am

Were these posted?
Seriously where’s his GF? Anybody seen a pic (with or without Leo)?


Well you know he’s around his peers and friends so I’m sure she’s waiting to be summoned to his side! LOL

richfishes25 @ 10/25/2013 at 4:22 am

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what has happened to him yuck

I think he looks good

Leo ugly guy @ 10/25/2013 at 5:59 am

You know Leo is single and he’ll be single for the rest of his life.
No one is good enough for him.

It seems a lot of the famous women here went for the tailored trouser Armani look rather than evening dresses

It’s been awfully quiet on the Leo clubbing/partying front. I thought there’d be loads of sightings. Anyhow here’s the GF from last night. IMO, she looks too pleased with herself to say they broke up.

You can be single and happy. Leo is not a beautiful snowflake, he’s a old guy and he’s unsightly.

Sure you can, but I see where BZ is coming from. I doubt Toni is thinking the same as you. Her behaviour through social media indicates she’s clingy and very pleased with the fact she is Leo’s GF. A break-up, especially after the humiliation the Kat Torres story caused, would be visible in her.

Bloom and Kerr have split

“Her behaviour through social media indicates she’s clingy and very pleased with the fact she is Leo’s GF.”

Like what ? do you have examples ?

Who’s surprised? Lol. Their relationship seemed forced and weird from the start. Sad for the little boy I hope it doesn’t affect him much.

She is on the red carpet. What other behavior do you expect from her other than smiling and looking happy?
She seemed perfectly unphased by it.
I doubt they broke up but I don`t think it will go on much longer.

Lol really? You obviously haven’t been following her instagram or Twitter for the past months because this girl loves to drop subtle or sometimes very prominent hints about her and Leo in a very smug mannerism. Even her own fans can see that. Her Twitter and Instagram are full of examples. You can take a look if you’re curious.

@@31: ]LOL. You’re now rationalising how you know Toni must feel simply because the break up that you anticipate has not happened. So its not that Leo chooses to be with her of his own free will but she’s clinging to him and he wants to spare her from Kat Torres backlash??? OK. LOL

@38: Who said Leo doesn`t want to be with her? Where do you see things like that? That won`t change the fact that she might be clingy. It does seem like he is her first priority and she is desperately gives out hints about them.

@38 – Really? is that how you read my comment? Lol. Whatever. #39 said it all.

Goodness, his head looks HUGE.
And his hair is so long! Still think he’s growing it out for a project. Which means same hairstyle at all the Wows premieres and press events. Fantastic!

@40: It`s a JJ phenomena. Comments are interpreted in many ways except the way you meant it.

He’s so unattractive.

He’s still attractive to me in a weird way, but I really dislike this look on him. Doesn’t he have anybody around him who can tell him the slicked back hair doesn’t do him justice? I don’t understand. Is he going for this d-bag look purposefully or I mean can’t he see how gigantic his forehead looks?
On the other hand if this hair growing is for a project I don’t know what else he could do with it. I think he’s just going for the easiest laziest look which at the same time is the worst on him sadly.

LyaDarkness @ 10/25/2013 at 8:05 am

@Daedreamer: omg you’ve just killed me i laugh for 5 min straight

@HAHA #14
On the picture you posted, we can recognize Leo’s dad with his wife in the second row close to Scorsese.

Leo is ashamed of his girlfriend hahaha

Leo’s topics turn me on :D

@With Toni @ 10/25/2013 at 8:39 am

It’s obvious that Leo doesn’t want associate his name with her.

Miranda+Orlando split @ 10/25/2013 at 8:45 am

Several news sites mention Leo’s name in the Bloom and Kerr split story..that Miranda allegedly cheated on Orlando with him. That old BI/rumor has re-surfaced it seems. Wait until it spreads… This is so bad for him.

@Miranda+Orlando split: nothing will change in his life… it has no effect…people r still gonna see his movies #dramaqueen

I’m actually curious to Lainey’s reaction to this. Remember the BI came from her. Really wonder if she’s going to mention Leo.

yes, being mentioned in a divorce again because of an alleged affair is fine. it’s all about box office #whateveryousay

Miranda+Orlando split @ 10/25/2013 at 8:56 am

Of course that’s not going to change. Funny you read my comment like that. He IS and WILL always be Hollywood’s most bankable star. But is it bad for his personal image? Hell yes. Some Leo fans can’t seem to make a distinction between the actor Leo and the person Leo. This just adds up to his already sleaze and d-bag image IF it gets blown up.
@54 – True. She released that BI. We’ll see if she mentions Leo. (I really hope not)

He’s letting his hair grow because he’s going to film Rasputin!

@With Toni @ 10/25/2013 at 9:10 am

Can’t see the pix ya posted. can someone say what it is?thanks

@@With Toni: It’s Toni played by Charlize Theron

@@haha: yep, he’ll still be dating whoever he wants,will still have many friends, have many fans, have many models, he will still tweet about the environment, this isn’t going to change ANYTHING in his life! The personal image has more to do with how you see someone than how the person actually is. That is your problem, not his. Like I said he has MANY FANS and REAL friends, this story not gonna change a thing. If a few people don’t like him anymore because of this..hahahahaha… . #dramaqueen #zerroeffect

#lowstandards #shallowfanslikeyou #howoldareyou

@Fa: I can only hope. It’s either that or the Viking movie.

MoeJackson (@moejacksoncom)
10/25/13, 6:25 AM
Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloon Announce Separation; Will Leonardo DiCaprio Come In For The Rebound?!

Moe Jackson’s already got the story!!!

Wow maybe Miranda was a cheater. I always thought they rushed into marriage just because Orlando got her pregnant. I hope Leo stays far away from her hot mess…….After seeing all the other attendees photos at the party, I think Toni was not dressed appropriately. She did not look classy or elegant in that red carpet photo. Poor girl tries to hard. Looking sexy is not about showing skin. I am still not convinced they are couple. I do think Leo looked handsome in his suit last night. I love the facial hair. Happy everyone has been catching me up on photos of baby Leo. However I much prefer him looking like a man!

bernie spears @ 10/25/2013 at 9:31 am

@####: lol at Moe Jackson. That’s not true btw.


Surprised it wasn’t sarcastic like he usually is.

Toni looks so so beautiful in that pic. I also like Hillary Swanks outfit.
Its interesting how most of the ladies wore pants tonight.


I don’t think Leo and Miranda will hook up like this article says. If they did have a one night stand back in December then that’s all it will ever be. I’ve said before I can’t see Leo getting into a relationship with someone who already has a child. He dates young models for a reason and dating a model with a child wouldn’t work for him.

Just my opinion….

Instagram @ 10/25/2013 at 9:58 am

He looks mega bloated in this pic


Wow not a flattering pic at all. :-(

@Instagram @ 10/25/2013 at 10:10 am

He looks so old. Leo lies about his age, he’s 55.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 10:12 am

@Fa: +@newbie: Let’s hope he plays Rasputin !!
Leo’s put on some weight you can see his legs are not skinny. I like it!
Where’s Toni??
Leonardo looks sad in those photos and i don’t like it at all

That Instagram photo… yikes!
Lainey has a post on Kerr and Bloom and this is all she said about Leo:
“Not that they have anything to do with anything but… do you think Justin Bieber is surprised? Or Leonardo DiCaprio?”

JUST DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. Lainey has no fear. Almost all the responses on blogs, ONTD, LSA have mentioned Leo and Bieber on this divorce.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 10:45 am

Why would Leo have anything to do with Kerr’s divorce? O_o
I don’t think Leo would stoop that low to sleep with a married MOTHER
(i know he did with married Eva Herz. in the past but this is not exactly the same since she wasn’t a mother and he was very young and a little immature and i’m sure he learned his lesson not to mess around with married women when he saw Eva’s divorce ) and if he really did sleep with Miranda then i’m pretty sure Leonardo has absolutely nothing to do with her divorce for many many reasons.
I’ve always had the feeling that Kerr’s marriage had something fake about it.I feel very sorry for their little boy. What happened is absolutely horrible
I’m happy that Leonardo is not a divorced father with a messed-up family life..I give Leonardo credit for this.
Let’s hope he is wise enough not to end up like this.I believe in him.
Let’s hope Leonardo is too sweet indeed for bitter divorces :))

another plain looking model @ 10/25/2013 at 10:51 am

I don’t find her pretty, just plain, blonde with nothing to make her stand out. Sick of people making more out of these women’s looks. And I noticed she has a wandering eye, which seems out of alignment.. Kate Moss has that too. I know it’s not their fault and they can have that surgically corrected, but stop with making it seem like this woman is that beautiful. she’s far from it, get fckin real! and stop buying into the hype that all models are so beautiful. Most of them look like fckin trannies with teenage boys bodies anyway


IMO even if she didn’t say anything bad, Leo is going to be brought up over and over again during their separation/divorce ordeal….and so soon after the Kat Torres thing.

He’s not catching any breaks is he when it comes to skeletons in his closets, i.e., one night stands (if Miranda was in fact a one night stand)!!!

Lainey did not have to say anything bad outright. Read between the lines of her post she is CONFIRMING her BI last year of ‘twenty years and two days’ was about Miranda/Leo/Bieber.

December 31 2012
She’s married and they have a child. And these days she’s much more visible — all over — than he is. There have been rumours, since they seem to be apart so often, that their relationship has been unstable. Though they’ve recently been seen together, and appear to be happy, he might not feel so secure if he were to find out who she’s sleeping with behind his back, and so indiscriminately.
My sources confirm that there was a boy, a very young, very famous, pop boy with his own fragile love situation who she f-cked for sh-ts and giggles. Just 2 nights later, it was another very famous former pop boy (of sorts) 20 years older who, obviously, specifically targets her small demographic. One night only. Those would be her more famous indiscretions. But they say she’s been cheating all over the place and all the time.

She has incorporated the exact same words of ‘two days and twenty years’ in her piece today!

Or go look at the recent Miranda/Orlando break up post on JJ and see how many posters there are referencing Leo and Bieber. No smoke without fire and at this point its an open secret

so JJ posters know the secret truth … lol lol lol

@@82: Agreed. Lainey wouldn’t make a blatant reference to those two if there weren’t something to that rumor about them both hooking up with Miranda. (Btw, effing Beiber?!?! Really?!?!?)
It’s the same with the Kat Torres rumor. Just because you don’t want it to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t. Anybody can see that Leo had (at least) a one night stand with her. Even though Leo denied it… It was obvious. That’s who Leo is. He is the kind of guy that likes the notches on his belt. It makes him feel better about himself. Truth.

They have an opinion, genius. It was said a million times already but clearly that wasn`t enough for you.

@@85: but you @also are a genius indeed lmfao !!!!

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 11:22 am

“Just because you don’t want it to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t.”
Not true. It’s not because we don’t want it to be true..
How come that columnist knows what happened ?!
A one night stand really?!
Was she there too ?? O_o


My point though was not whether or not it actually happened. It probably did but my point was that Leo’s going to be brought up over and over again as Miranda and Orlando’s separation/divorce get discussed by just about every entertainment news mag, TV outlet, etc. there is.

It will be more negative talk about his personal life and once again right before WOWS.

That`s what you took away from my comment? Wonderful! :smh:

@not with toni: These bloggers have sources they rely on so probably she wasn`t there in person. But just like other sites like Us Weekly or Page Six they use sources…

Agreed. I think he definitely banged that Torres girl and she broke the code and opened her mouth. A non no for Leo. And the rumors of Leo and Miranda were doing the rounds in the clubs of NY, even before Lainey write the blind. But some fans want to believe Leo still has boundaries or principles when it comes to chasing tail girlfriend or no girlfriend. Lmao

@####: and once again WOWS will STILL be just fine! :)

leo is looking great with marty :)

as for miranda kerr divorce and leo being brought up in the subject , i think it’s sily cause everybody knows how narcissic kerr is , she’s been cheating left and right since day one , she went for orlanda because of his fame ; also orlando is rumored to had an affair while she was pregnant ; i believe this time around she was probbaly caught or he was just fed up with her , and the fact his people are the ones who made the statement and not her PR says a lot
i don’t think leo’s PR will have to do anything , at the end of day he is not the one divorcing and i kind off give him the benefit of the doubt i wouldn’t be surprised if he just flirted with her , anyway this is just speculation


For someone who likes to keep his personal life so personal, his personal life seems to be exploding all over the place. He may not care and it may not touch him at all but it is definitely going to be making the news!!!

well seems like WOWS will be probably coming in christmas time cause jack ryan movie is pushed back to 2014


IMO Leo banged the Torres girl more than once, maybe more recently than Cannes and that’s what set her off and why she did the article. She tried to embarrass him.

Re Miranda, if what everyone is saying about her being unfaithful behind Orlando’s back is true, even if Leo had a code of not sleeping with a friend’s wife, the way he is (or any guy for that matter), I wouldn’t be surprised if she made the moves and he just went for it!! LOL

Just saying…..

Brazilian girl @ 10/25/2013 at 11:38 am

I think these Miranda/Leo/Bieber rumors are ridiculous.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 11:39 am

Ok now…
The whole Kerr-DiCaprio hook-up is nothing but a stupid rumour
Leo is ALWAYS the easy target!
Is he a notorious modelizer? yes.
Was Kerr a VS model? yes
Do the tabloids LOVE scandals with married women and womanizers?yes
I don’t doubt he slept with that Torres but this doesn’t mean that he has slept with everyone in this universe
Le sigh here…..

@####: I think slowly but surely it is affecting his image. It nay not result in box office drops ( yet ) but he is called ‘world-renowned sugar daddy’ and ‘gross’. His modelizing ways are made fun of ( even by his costars ) and that hasn’t happened before. At least not this much. Leo wants to be taken seriously as an actor, he only works with big names but his lousy personal life is affecting it. So regardless what not-so-witty’haha’ says I do think it has and will have effects on him. Not talking about large scale or sudden effect but the cracks in his image are there. JMO

Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton)
10/25/13, 8:21 AM
@LeoDiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio Is Inseparable From Martin Scorsese At Giorgio Armani’s One Night Only Event

Scorsese’s +1….AAWWW. LOL

Ya, I am sure Leo is not sleeping because you think his image is being affected, smh.


I agree. I don’t think it will affect WOWS but the fact that these things are happening in recent rapid succession are going to be noticed and talked about especially because he tries to keep his private life so private.

It’s inevitable.

I never believed the Miranda-Justin Bieber rumours. I can’t see it happening. Miranda and Leo however might have happened, but then part of me think it’s was just a rumour.

Something nice about Leo… This is the best suit he has worn in a long time! It’s tailored perfectly, and the tie with the stripes adds a little something to it. There aren’t many times you look at Leo’s attire and think perfection. Even when he is dressed up, there is often something off about the outfit. This particular Armani suit is perfection!

@103: Seriously where do you read stuff like that? That Leo cares about what ppl on this board think about him or his image? Who claimed that he is concerned? What are you responding to? You are being sarcastic making fun of things that were not even said. :eyeroll: But JJ posters are called ‘drama queens’. Sure!

LOL, go back to your cave.

Actually, I’m sure the first thing that a director like Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and many others do when they want someone in their movies is a search on the personal life of an actor (who he has f^cked or not). Leo has no chance, poor man.

Leo’s career is over, folks. He likes to f^ck models. He can’t be taken serious as an actor now that he is single and likes to f^ck beautiful models. Such a shame.


You have now entered the #dramaqueens realm!!! LOL

Your responses have nothing to do with anything we’re talking about. No one is doubting that this will not affect his career or WOWS.


He likes to f^ck blond models, and again a blond model, and again….

I can’t watch Leo’s movies anymore thinking he is now dating Toni Garrn. I mean, he – not married or children – is dating a beautiful, young, successful and rich model. How can I watch his movies the same way now that I know he is with her? Clubbin too much and havin fun, CLEARLY will affect his talent. I can see him calling Judd Apatow any minute now asking for a job.
HIS private life is SO important to ME.

@Pop Sugar:

They attended together huh? It’s amazing how the color of the wall behind them is a different color. The one where Leo and Scorsese are standing in front of is white which is the actual event and the other one was obviously for the after party. Yes they definitely attended together!!! LOL

Her outfit is so tacky for an event like this!!!

Thank you! Everything I always wanted. Glorifies that I’m different from you, and it makes me feel so good.

take your own advice

“I can see him calling Judd Apatow any minute now asking for a job”.))))))))
Hahahahahahahahaha. Good One

@Pop Sugar:

I’m still waiting for the “evidence”..

@####: Are we in the twilight zone? You post one thing on JJ and you get a response about something that wasn’t even posted. You are being made fun of for something that wasn’t said or got blown out of proportion. That’s not funny. That’s pathetic but as long as it entertains the drama queens…
Popsugar: Well, that’s a serious twist on last night’s event! LOL They went together? Leo was there with Marty and his dad, he wasn’t even seen close to Toni but according to Popsugar that means Leo is getting serious with her. Am I the only one who can’t see logic there?

Yep Leo ‘s debauchery will never affect his professional life.

Toni and Leo sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes the heart attacks in JJ users

@Pop Sugar:
LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Popsugar.

“Am I the only one who can’t see logic there?”
Yes, as usual.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 12:48 pm

That’s why i asked the question “Where is Toni”….

You’re hilarious. Keep em coming +++))))))))))))))))

The only site promoting his pervert taste for the extremely younger models.

As also they were who got the “exclusive” pictures in Ibiza.

You’re pretty much raving, don’t make much sense and are obviously unable to see what the point is. Lol.


Yes….this was the first red carpet event they have attended together!!! Really??? I wonder where this story came from??? Then to mention the lies of the Kat Torres story from last week as well…..LOL

@…: The Bieber rumor sounds off to me as well. And the reason why I’m not sure about Leo and Miranda is because he seems to be friends with Bloom. Just a couple of weeks ago Leo attended his preview play on Broadway and Miranda was there as well. I think there was some party as well. I mean after sleeping with his wife would Leo do that? I don ‘t know…

I will say this he and Toni have ONLY been together for about 6/7 months give or take and he has already deigned her worthy of sharing a red carpet on his home soil of USA. Not walk hand in hand of course but he’s not sneaking her through the back either. #thatwasfast


Good point!!!! Forgot about that!!!

I’m going to say this and get attacked but Popsugar IMO seems to be geared more toward fashion and models than entertainment (actors, musicians, etc.) so I wonder where this story came from??? :-)

Where are the pictures of them “together”????

”Worthy of sharing a red carpet”
Haha. Um, question. Have you by any chance seen how many models were in attendance. They were repping their modelling agencies. FYI, there’s a reason she was posing with Daria Strokous. Both are signed with Women Management. Lol. Leo found her worthy of sharing a red carpet and THAT is why she went. But poor Toni wasn’t worthy of sitting 1 or at least a couple rows behind him. Nor was she worth a single photo outside the red carpet and the show. She’s so special.

I am raving, LOL. What else?
You clearly are the only people in the world able to speak something with some clarity and true. Because with your conspiracy theories and enlightened minds forgotten by the Nobel Prize has everything figured out.
This is so much fun!

@133: Sneaking her in? That means sharing the red carpet? In what universe? Have you seen Toni’s Instagram photo from last night going to the event with other models from her agency? So she us not worthy to be invited on her own merit she needs to sneak in with the help of her bf? You seriously believe this or you just wanna annoy ppl here? Don’t bother answering I know the answer.
@####: This might just be their interpretation of them being at the same event. No headlines so far claimed that they ‘shared the red carpet’. Most sites don’t even bother mentioning her being there. Maybe they are just fishing for a story and some hits. Popsugar is very fashion oriented indeed and they always drool over Leo and his pet- projects.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 1:03 pm

Now this is a serous site we should all take into account… *looolz*

@heehaw: lol at the Judd Apatow one

Nah. You projected the comments in your head in such a way so you could proceed to bug people with things that they haven’t said or implied. Leo’s professional life will remain unscathed. He’s the biggest Hollywood living and will remain exactly that as long as he won’t get his name involved in scandalous matters. Which I’m sure he won’t. But this was not the goddamn point and you know it. But whatever gets you through your day! Carry on! Have fun lol. And meanwhile you’re the one looking like a drama queen so yeah it’s pretty hilarious to watch. Please keep it coming.


Where are you reading that they shared a red carpet? Leo attended the main event and was already there for the party. Toni showed up for the party only.

Also, she’s a model who probably got invited to the event separately from him.

@137: She is worthy of a red carpet appearance but not worthy of being photographed while biking with him in Spain. She is worthy of hiding and be the most ignored gf ever. She is worthy of Instagram hints but not a photo op in his homeland even though all his exes got some nice, clear shots with him.

@ Also – Yeah. It does not make much sense, then again you never know. Everyone seems to believe Miranda is a cheat, but who has she cheated with? Bieber and Leo is the only names that keep coming up.

Toni has also gotten some nice clear shots here (US Open) and abroad but its fine we remember things differently

Jesus. Look how upset your comments made some of them. LMAO

LOL some Toni fan on her BZ page commented ”Leo was there too but no pics of them together. Hopefully some will surface”. Lol awww.

@140: It’s not about taking one site seriously. It’s about the story spreading ( to many sites, being reported …etc ) and ppl reading it. To my surprise ppl still believe stories from Star or NE. And as I said I don’t even believe this rumor for sure but it’s out there…

It’s amusing to watch this soap opera here.

I think leda and her sidekick, #####, are the most upset.

Upset? Lmao not me. I wrote #137. Rather a funny attempt at wanting to prove Toni is special and important. It was funny to me.


Exactly!!! Toni wasn’t even invited to the main event which is why she sat nowhere near Leo! She made it clear on her instagram that she was going to party and the pics on Popsugar confirm that. Leo was at the main event and the party and Toni was just invited to the party. Like you said she was repping her modeling agency with other models.

And it’s all over twitter how Leo stuck to Scorsese’s side the entire night.

I’m not saying they didn’t interact but they certainly did not attend the event together. And they were certainly there for different reasons!

You have a good catch: ####.
God bless your union ;).

&146: No, we don’t remember things differently but we read my comment differently ( surprise ). I talked about photo ops. Like with Erin in an LA park or several bike riding photos in NYC. No hiding, nobody around and there were many clear shots. Photo op not random paparazzi photos. ( If you ignore that distinction like you did we sure ‘remember differently’. ) How many like those you have with Toni during their roughly 6 months relationship? How many were there with his exes?

The theories to justify certain things (impossible to know if you were not there) are very funny. We have 5 photos from inside of the event and suddenly Leo did not look at Toni all night, it’s amazing.


Yeah of them looking bored out of their minds sitting next to each other!!!

@####: And here we go again. Don’t you just love all these funny and condescending people and their lame way of entertainment? School is out early today… lol
Popsugar loves to sell romances so this is not surprising from them. They needed a good headline.


I’m your sidekick!!! LOL

I’m laughing so hard.
” and suddenly Leo did not look at Toni all night, it’s amazing.”
Who said this? Quote the part that said they did not hang out and were not together partying at the after-party? Please do. How are you reading comments? Lol.

@####: And we are soooooo upset, right? lol

“How many like those you have with Toni during their roughly 6 months relationship?” If we had many paparazzi photos of them you all would say it was staged and fake, as always.
Are you missing couple pictures to laugh at?


Who said they didn’t look at each other all night? I know in one of my comments I said I wasn’t saying they DIDN’T interact which means they probably did see each other. Just to clarify….

Really? You can say without really saying, that’s how you do here and you know that.

@161: Oh, thank god we have a mind-reader who can tell what we would say in a different situation.
Good job taking that sentence out of context so you can talk about an irrelevant topic and you can make fun of it. Are you gonna take every comments into pieces and make fun of them out of context? :eyeroll:


So upset…..LOL

People on here want to read just the last article about Leo and Toni and forget about the previous ones like they get cancelled out because of what someone new (Popsugar) writes. Talk about having blinders on!!!

We have 5 photos from inside of the event and suddenly Leo did not look at Toni all night, it’s amazing.

Weren’t there pics with Leo standing close or interacting with models? Where was Toni? Was she one of the models? One would have thought the only model Leo would be close and interacting with at such public event would be Toni his official girlfriend at the moment, but she was nowhere sight.

@160&164: It doesn’t matter if anyone said it or not. Drama queen will talk about it and make fun of it regardless!

Us Weekly (@usweekly)
10/25/13, 10:00 AM
A scruffy Leonardo DiCaprio reunites with good friend and Wolf of Wall Street director Martin Scorsese:

US weekly calls Leo scruffy

Absolutely nonsense. You were implying in your comment Leo did something extraordinary by ”sharing the red carpet with her” after just 6/7 months of dating. That sounded ridiculous to me because 1) she was invited by her own as well as other models were, repping their agencies and contracted brands and 2) even IF your first point was valid then wow that obviously should mean she’s special but somehow she wasn’t worthy of sitting near him at the event and other pictures we saw and no mention of them at the event.
Nowhere in my comment did I imply they were not together at the after party. They most probably were partying together / she was probably with him. Again it’s baffling and funny to see how you guys read comments. Brava.

@mmm mmm: Sorry but I won’t believe this rumor because of a blind gossip source. There’s no more proof than there was back then. The only thing that has changed is their separation.


You must be really bored or a troll, or both, heeho.

Why do some of you insist on taking the troll bait every single damn time? You don’t have to respond to this troll directly, you know. Every time you do tou look weak and desperate. Don’t let them jerk your chain.

Worthy of.. @ 10/25/2013 at 1:45 pm

Leo, Marty, Naomi Watts, Glenn Close, Hilary Swank and other quality names get invited to the actual event. The models are for the after-party and walk a different carpet. That’s what they’re ‘worthy of’ most probably ;) #heehaw.

The least Leo or Toni’s pr could have done is supply poor Popsugar with an anonymous “they looked cosy together” quote. Maybe they’re saving that for the Post or Daily News.

Leo is bound to hook up with a baby mama one of these days, and she will most likely be a young blonde model who looks the other way at his partying and macking on other girls. Might as well be Toni. She seems up for it and not very likable.

what we have ? An enamoured thespian in a low-key relationship, he goes to an official event with his father and his wife, the thespian’s girlfriend is there too BUT he still behaves as if he doesn’t know the girl! She is not sitting next to him like a girlfrind. It’s disrespectful.As much as i love him, i have to admit it’s disrespectful.period.No woman would like to be treated like that.

Yeah weren’t there tweets that Leo was at Orlando’s opening night party or something. An actress was eating cake with him…..and then he went to the play with his group. Man Leo would have to be one bold m**********r to do this after sleeping around with his wife. Especially since Bloom’s rep said they have been seperated for months and probably was at this time. I am not sure I believe it happened, but I do believe she wanted it to happen.

I definitely see a Daily News or NY Post article coming up supplied with ”onlookers said they were inseparable all night” or ”leo did not lose his lady love out of his sight for a moment” But strangely no pics or Twitter mentions or whatsoever, exactly nothing from the night (yet). How cute and romantic all of it is, isn’t it.

@Worthy of..:

Nicely said!!! :-)


Instead it’s all over twitter how Leo stuck to Martin Scorsese’s side all night!

No woman would like to treated like that…?
Except a barely legal obedient lapdog. A normal mature woman with self respect would never accept such humiliating behavior from a guy.

@@sugar wait so you guys beg for proof they are in love, anything is different between the relationship from his others, but if pics or details that come out where they do sound in love, its fake?

What’s different about this relationship other than the fact she’s the most media-ignored girlfriend?

@mmm mmmm:
What a Friday! I believed the story completely when Lainey first hinted back then and I believe it now.
@Lucy, @83, @93 and you guys have pretty much said it 100% as I view it.
@72 I have been actively trying to ignore the slicked back hair look or to comment on it, but that picture is… there are no words!

Moreover, how would a Daily News or NY Post article like that be different from any other relationship. It’s simple copy-paste work honey. We’ve all seen it. With Bar, with Blake, with Erin. I mean it, even the wording and phrasing is the same. Lol!


Maybe they hung out together afterwards. Maybe they hooked up in the bathroom. Idk. It’s an awkward way to treat a girlfriend, but not unusual for hum. Maybe she was there for work and it isn’t a serious enough relationship for her to be treated like family or a very close friend.


This is my issue with this blind. This is his friend’s wife. She has a kid. It’s messy.

He can have anyone he wants so why would he sleep with Miranda???

The only reason I can think of is if he actually had feelings for her. Why would it be worth it otherwise?

Don’t get me wrong I’m just genuinely curious to your opinion but how would you explain Leo going to see Orlando’s play on opening night? I mean… this particular part, that he’s still very friendly with Orlando I can’t dig. Is he really that bold?

Oh I’m sure they hung out at the after-party together. It’s just that I’m not buying the lovey-dovey stories they’re trying to sell. Not yet. Not when he’s treating her no different than any of the others..or in some cases I’d say even worse. You said it. I don’t believe it’s a serious relationship.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 2:22 pm

@@184: The press is fully aware of Leo’s womanizing ways. Almost every month his name is linked to a new model’s name
Same old story all these 20 years ….
There’s nothing new about Leo’s personal life to write about. Thus this indifference on their part and this is the reason why they ignore Toni. His next girlfriend -who is going to be just like his previous ones lookswise , professionwise -is in for some major contempt.

@187: No, it`s not. Post has stories that other sites don`t ( Leo and Toni lunch after Kat rumor, that party in July – double date, Leo and Margot rumor…etc ). Even if they have story from an event that other sites posted i happens they add some new `lovey-dovey` info. Not just copy and paste. Definitely not.
@190: I agree. He went to see his play and was at some party for the play while Miranda was there as well. Him being friends with Orlando makes me doubt this rumor. You can say a lot of things about him but he takes his friends seriously even if Orlando isn`t one of his closest friends.

@Amy: oh please, it happens quite often two couples and one partner hook up with another and they continue to socialize like nothing happn so if it’s true I wouldn’t be surprise

The blinds are working off a public sighting of Leo and Miranda and their respective reputations. They could be right about all of it, but I will never buy that it’s more than a guess, like most of what they write.

@194: But these two are very much in the public eye, it happened at some event in the public. If Leo hooks up with a friend`s wife/gf he doesn`t do it in a club in front of so many people.

I’m not even sure Leo spoke to Toni at this event tbh. Looks like he doesn’t want to speak to her in such a public place. How hilarious we have pictures of Leo talking to ACTORS, DIRECTORS, DESINGERS, AND EVEN OTHER MODELS and NOTHING of toni! Not ONE picture of them even in the SAME PICTURE FRAME. popsugar has to cut and paste!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! She was probably in a corner. Leo probably told her to stay at least 10 feet away. This is her special treatment her fans envy! lol

What's next @ 10/25/2013 at 2:37 pm

I Dont see anything different in this event from the U.S. Open. Both ‘there’ however Leo chose to sit with others and leaving Toni alone with her friends and just catching with her at the end of the event. Most likely it was the same here no matter what lovey dovey BS will make up Us weekly, Intouch or the Ny post saying he was waving from his sit. lol

Toni is posting images from last night’s runway show thanking Armani for letting her watch the show. She is a piece of work! lol


Yeah. It’s hard to know whether this is a rumor or if there’s some truth to it or not.

@@LOL42: Y’know its odd I just wrote a detailed response to your question now. I expected it to be post 197 but it has not come up. Very odd.

Orlando and Leo might not be that close and, Miranda could have already been separated. But she doesn’t seem like his type beyond being a model, and he probably wouldn’t embark on an affair, or even a ONS, with another celebrity’s wife by meeting up with her in public.


She just has to make sure that everyone knows that she was at the same event as Leo. It’s funny though that where each of them got their pics taken on the red carpet, the color of the wall behind them is different. Is one the entrance to the event and the other one the back entrance or something? LOL


That seems like a normal thing for a model to do, and it makes good business sense.

@lol: yes she was watching the show from the OTHER SIDE of the room far AWAY from Leo cause Leo has TWO OTHER lovely ladies sitting next to him! See…on the right and left of Leo, lovely ladies, no space for Toni! lol

@190 OK I tried to post a summarised response to you AGAIN with solid points and it did not go through. For whatever reason someone does not want my comments read here. Odd

Ok, let’s go with good business sense. LOL After all she profits from the exposure. Is she gonna thank Leo, too?
But clarify it to me, please. She was invited as a guest just like many other models and she didn’t walk in the show. How is it good for her business? Her photo on the red carpet is obvious but the other two?

Sometimes that happens to me too especially when I try to post links JJ won’t submit it at times. Odd indeed but nvm it’s all good ;)

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 2:55 pm

I think the reason why he has always kept a distance from his official girlfriends at official events is because he doesn’t want to feed the press.
If he makes the mistake to attend an event sitting next to his girlfriend everyone will assume she is” the one” since he has never done this before (very few exceptions).
The press will run wild!
Rumours like this will make him go mad ,who wants to read these stupid lies about their personal life ?? : ” Leo is getting married” “Leo is going to be a father”
“Leo’s parents approve their daughter-in -law” and all this nonsense!!!
Leonardo won’t do anything he doesn’t really want just for PR,true but i’m sure it makes him mad when he reads those stupid lies about his personal life,he’s human, everyone would be mad….

@not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 3:04 pm

@not with toni:

But he does not need to attend with them at event for the press make his love life a circus and he wasnt to concerned of those rumors with Erin or Blake. Usually fed by their PR.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 3:07 pm

@@not with toni: I think the older he gets -and people expect him to find a woman to get married to- the more he gets concerned of those rumours. JMO

@@not with toni:
How was it their PR? You think your God Leo does not have or use PR? Why is it always the girls getting the blame?

@not with toni: ..he wouldn’t care sharing space with Toni if he REALLY cared about her press or no press. Its like he’s saying she really not apart of his life like Lukas or his other friends. Yeah the reason why he doesn’t want to feed the press IS exactly that she ISNT THE ONE! You’re right about that! Don’t want anyone making that mistake! LOL

Yep. Especially since that Esquire interview HAHA mentioned that the writer compared Clooney, Damon and Dicaprio in the case of an emergency and called Leo out for being practically a PR manufactured product. You would think it would be clear the dude is not a victim

You’re right. It’s because he knows she’s not the one, nothing more.
He has always been like that with his girlfriends (Gisele, Bar…)

well i’m surprised that the blind is under “solved” now naming him. where are his PR people to delete that rumor or blind? usually he’s not under the “solved” blinds so i’m surprised his PR team is letting it slide and not making them remove it. i wouldn’t be surprised though if it were true.

if he really has a “SM”, she should be giving up by now. he would need to get a major “epiphany” in order to make changes in his lifestyle. he is just spoiled and lazy when it comes to relationships…

Wasn’t the party Calvin Klein when again he was sitting with playing backgammon with his model girlfriend “in tow” who meanwhile had to entertain herself doing duck face with her friends on instagram? lol

*sitting with Lukas

You are basically saying he treats his official girlfriends like crap in the public because of the press. Leo is not the only celebrity who has to constantly deal with fake made-up rumours in the press. I expected someone with his status to not give a fck at this point of his career. And it would make sense if he wasn’t the same guy who surrounds himself with lots of escorts on yachts in the Mediterranean with not a care in the world.
Imo the official girlfriends who put up with this kind of treatment is worst than Leo. Their self esteem is pretty non-existent


I hate to bring up she who shall not be named (Bar) because I am not a fan of hers but even at that Berlin awards ceremony, he didn’t walk the carpet with her but he sat with her inside.

@not with toni:

He’s more concerned about rumours of being in a serious relationship than he is about rumours of womanising and disrespecting his girlfriend?

@mmm mmmm:
Absolutely with all your points. But I do wonder if this story is not being monitored because as I honestly wrote there was stuff I posted on here in response to @190 that did not show. Truth

@mmm mmmm:

Didn’t his PR come out after the rumor surfaced initially in December/January and say it was BS???

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m sure another reason there are no pics of Leo with Toni at the after party is because there were cameras there so Leo probably purposelly kept his distance.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 3:41 pm

I never said such a thing that he treats them like crap not sitting with them at official events.
How does he treat them like crap -your words- when he refuses to sit next to them at official events? Am i missing something here??
Has he ever -Leo or Sunshine-announced PUBLICLY that this is his current official girlfriend or any supposed official girlfriend?? When?? Has he ever said in an interview for instance ” Yeah, it’s true . I’m dating ….(girl’s name here) ”
Yes, i agree with you it takes some low self-esteem but it’s THEIR choice,isn’t it??

You did not say he treated like crap, I did. If my boyfriend gave everyone, including other models at a public event attention, but me, I would feel like crap, but that’s just me.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 3:56 pm

“If my boyfriend gave everyone, including other models at a public event attention, but me, I would feel like crap, but that’s just me.”
Not only you but everyone (me included)
At this point i want to add that the fact that he NEVER announces publicly his girlfriends shows A LOT. When he meets the one , everything will be different . Amen

Joe Malenchini (@JoeMal24)
10/24/13, 4:01 AM
99% sure I just saw Leonardo DiCaprio on the way to class

Joe Malenchini (@JoeMal24)
10/24/13, 5:37 AM
Can’t believe I was a few feet from my favorite actor today and I didn’t even get a picture or say anything to him #FML @LeoDiCaprio

This must have been from yesterday.

No sightings today? I’m thinking maybe he’s headed to L.A now for the LACMA event next Sat.

There’s a pic of Toni on her BZ thread. What is it with her and always having to make weird facial expressions!!!!


You think this soon???

It’s only a week away so why not. We’ll see.
Also curious if he’ll be out clubbing tonight since it’s Friday.


Unless he flies back to LA with his dad.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 4:45 pm

It’s very easy for a rumour to get blown out of proportion when you are Leonardo.
The rumours of him being in a serious relationship -when this is a lie – annoy him of course . Because these rumours are not true.
Don’t you forget that if he makes his official relationship appear more serious than it really is, then the press will literally run WILD , rumours of a serious relationship can be followed very easily by rumours of his official girlfriend expecting his baby.
Such rumours would make him go mad, because everywhere he went
people would ask him if this is true.
These “serious relationship- his girlfriend is expecting his child ” rumours would interfere with his personal life and even people close to
him would start asking questions,they would want to know if all this is true. He would have to give explanations here, there and everywhere all the time.
So, i dare say that avoiding all this definitely makes Leo’s life( and the lives of those close to him) easier. So, =>keeping up this notorious modelizer’s image with an allergy to serious relationships is good for him
as strange as this may sounds…

@not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 4:54 pm

I think rumours of him being in a serious relationship (with Toni, Bar or whatever) are better for his image than the Kat Torres stories.

Black sharpie @ 10/25/2013 at 4:54 pm

I thought this line from X17 was funny:
We’re surprised Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t have a hot model on his arm, but we’re sure he had plenty of eye candy once he got inside…
To me this line is saying Toni and Leo did not attend the event together. Seems strange to me that if your in a relationship with someone for 6 months and you both get invited to an event you don’t go together!? Walking the red carpet together would have validated their relationship, esp after the Kate Torres story and recent clubbings. We’ll have to see if she goes to LACMA.

The rumors about Miranda and Leo started at his birthday party last year, right after he had broken up with Erin. I always think Leo likes to have someone in the wings before he breaks up with his current. On the other hand, If the rumors are true, why did it take so long so Miranda and Orlando to separate?

I hope that Leo’s hair and weight gain are for a movie. It’s not a good look for him! I always thought he looked good in a suit/tux but not last night. Honestly, I’d just like to see him get back to work.

It definitely wasn’t a winning look for me…
@XclusiveArtists: Our Fabulous Groomer Joanna Pensinger did the grooming on the handsome @LeoDiCaprio for @armani #onenightonlynyc

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 5:08 pm

@@not with toni: I ‘m sure Leonardo doesn’t lose his sleep over his image. Really.
He would never do anything just for his image.
He is really concerned only when it comes to rumours like the ones i mentioned above ,rumours which are not true and interfere with his personal life and make his life difficult

Black sharpie @ 10/25/2013 at 5:10 pm

@also…: not sure how “fabulous” she was!? Maybe she didn’t have enough time. LOL

@Black sharpie:

I don’t think he will take her to LACMA.

Also, I read somewhere where the VS rehearsals or auditions are October 28-30??? Still don’t know if Toni is walking in the show. There were articles floating around in September that listed the VS angels/models that would be in the show and she wasn’t one of them but I don’t know that they list everyone that will actually walk, do they? Maybe she has to audition??? I mean she doesn’t seem to be doing anything with VS right now and that Ben Watts Photography has been shooting VS models all week in St. Barts and at Milk Studios in NYC and I haven’t seen Toni involved with any of it. Is she even still with VS?


You know I like Leo and think he is always sexy no matter how he looks even if it’s not the best look for him but you’re taking credit for his slicked back hair and unshaven neck???? LOL

Black sharpie @ 10/25/2013 at 5:18 pm

@not with toni:
He should be concerned with his image. If he starts to be better known for banging models than for his body of work, it will be a problem. At some point, celebrities stop being seen as actors on the screen and are seen as celebrities. This would not be good for Leo who ways wanted to be taken seriously as an actor and who refers to movies as an art form.


What’s ”the W.”?
Young Roache ‏@kingyoungroache 14m
Just caught a glance of Leonardo DiCaprio walking out the W. Just sayin… ;)

The W.. W New York, is a grand hotel in Midtown.

Seriously People @ 10/25/2013 at 5:26 pm

It’s no fun to come here and read pages and pages of meaningless comments. You net stalkers have issues omg

hi troll. How are you today lol

Black sharpie @ 10/25/2013 at 5:28 pm

@####: I don’t know much about VS. Maybe the list you mentioned are the “Angels” who will definitely walk and the rest of the models have to audition? I am not sure. I don’t think Toni is an official “Angel”.

Personally, I think it’s kind of ridiculous to refer to women as Angels and have them wear wings. Also, I think Toni is better suited for high fashion and editorial work.

If she had walked the Armani show last night she could have scoped Leo out from the runway rather than search for him in the crowd!!

the condescending troll who doesn’t have to be here if it’s not fun to come here in a place full of crazy stalkers.

@Sighting @ 10/25/2013 at 5:37 pm

I don’t know how legit this is this guy seems to be from TX.

@Black sharpie:

I don’t know that they were all angels but they specifically mentioned that Cara Delevigne and another model were not asked to walk this year even though they did last year. No mention of Toni. If you or anyone cares they can do a google search for VS models who will be in 2013 show and it’ll pull up some articles.

although you don’t deserve any response because you are rude and mean,here it is; This is a Leo thread and Leo fans post comments speculating and talking about Leo.So they are not net stalkers and they don’t have issues. If you don’t understand this, then it’s you the one with the issues.Moreover, people have their monikers. If you don’t like some posters here then you can easily skip their comments. Are we done?

Roberta Armani seems quite fond of Leo. That’s a cute pic of the two of them.

@254: So he could be a tourist staying at the W. Maybe Leo`s dad is staying there and not in his apartment? There are several W hotels in the city and one of them is very close to his apartment.

@also #258 @ 10/25/2013 at 5:59 pm

Or maybe he was simply visiting someone.

@Seriously People: What comments are meaningless?? nothing is meaningless
when you attack posters here is it not meaningless?? lol

Urban Dictionary
1. Lady Friend
A person you are seeing, dating, or perhaps even sleeping with, but isn’t technically considered your girlfriend. Somewhere between a casual date and an actual girlfriend.
Lol. And Toni and Derek are friends. If even a friend says that. That’s pretty telling. So…yeah.

Lady Friend @ 10/25/2013 at 6:16 pm

That’s basically what she is. For Leo, press…

Lady Friend @ 10/25/2013 at 6:19 pm

Besides she is only mentioned in the article because she’s a friend of writer otherwise ..

Darling,although anyone is not clear for walking in vsfs till the time,in general all angels are safe to be there,some former angels+major models get invitation for walking and about other models they gotta do auditions. some of models/angels give hints by twitting/.. about being there and always there are name of some angels&models not to be there but then you see them in the show cause vs change it’s decisions even at the last minutes,you know+these rumors are a part of pr/getting attentions(to me).that’s why maybe even you see toni and erin both in this show esp.if leo/toni’s break up comes up it’ll be possible if not they just use one of them,as i’ve saw/heard before.

Ladyfriend :

1- A person’s girlfriend, in the dating sense. or

2- A good female friend, with benefits.

3- A lady who is indeed more than just a friend.

The great thing about a Taxi Driver sequel is that you could now shot the thing with just an older driver in an independently owned and operated taxi in Seattle. Who only needs some big old pawn shop gun, and drives arount Sea Tac shooting Jewish homosexuals and minorities.

laineygossip @ 10/25/2013 at 6:31 pm

Leo at the fashion show

I was just saying yesterday that Leo wouldn’t leave Martin Scorsese hanging. But then again, it’s not like going to a fashion show isn’t Leo’s jam. Leonardo DiCaprio LIVES at a fashion show. That’s where he orders his girlfriends from. How much do you love it that he’s sitting next to Glenn Close with his arms crossed. She didn’t meet the age minimum, ok?

Leo’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. He’ll be 39. He looks exactly his age, non? He looks exactly his age but he’s coasting on 2002.

I dont know where you are from but im from the US and where I’m from lady friend is def not used in the actual GF sense. The times I’ve heard people use it, it was to imply or point out a casual relationship. The guy, that Derek should know in what sense most people comprehend that term since he’s from the US too. Why not just say GF?

No.267; Remember, taxi drivers sit around and listen to a lot of talk radio, while waiting for their next ride. One could easily do the indie feature for under $12,000,000.

Number 2 to your number 1

lady friend
Commonly used term by men fearful of commitment to refer to the woman that they have been dating. This term is usually used to indicate that while he has no intention of being involved in a committed relationship with said woman she is off limits to all other men.

WARNING: If you are referred to as a said “lady friend”, do not ever make the mistake of referring to yourself as “girlfriend” or hooking up with another guy in front of the man that considers you his “lady friend” as you will no longer be referred to as “lady friend”, but instead as “****”, “hoe”, “*****”, etc.

From Yahoo @ 10/25/2013 at 6:41 pm

“Sometimes it means a man who is dating a woman or just has a woman as his friend. Sometimes a man has many lady friends which means he is not particularly interested in a serious relationship with just one woman, but, prefers having many different women to date or have just as a friend. It usually applies to an older man who has never been married or who is divorced and has no desire to be married.
A girl friend is usually the only woman a man dates with the prospects of having a life-time commitment with her in the future.”

Ara Ortiz @dopedout 45m
Shout out to Leo Dicaprio for buying lunch, I got’chu next time.

Urban Dictionary of Ladyfriend according to Leo

1- Bedwarmer during the week but has replacement when she’s out of town.


“Dear Leonardo DiCaprio, as you can tell from the fact that Quentin Tarantino isn’t pointing a camera at you anymore, Django Unchained finished filming a long ass time ago, so you can stop looking like your creepy character now. Please tell him, Marty. You’re the only trick he listens to. – Lainey Gossip”

No.272; Close but no cigar. The term ‘lady friend’ means plural wife.

This Derek guy is rude. Toni needs new friends.

Bottom line @ 10/25/2013 at 6:53 pm

“Ladyfriend” ? so flattering. Is Derek really her friend? Or is it just that he couldn’t help it and had to add her name somewhere in his article but knows he’s not allowed to use the word “girlfriend” when it comes to Leo and Toni? wow!

how come Leo attended this so unimportant event and i know he is friends with Arm. but he snubbed his own premiere..?? How come???

@Bottom line:

Not only that….she was put in parentheses!!!! LOL

@not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 7:43 pm

After reading some comments I come to a few conclusions, with the internet and all the tabloids perspectives we can only see what’s happening on the surface. We see twitters, instagrams, news accounts and interviews. We can extrapolate from the current situations of what the possibilities are and what’s going on. Sometimes pictures can only say so much, we look at expressions and at the moment and see it on the surface, but what I think is that there is so much more going on that most don’t know about. The press is used to disperse information to us, some is valid in most instances. But what I really think is that we can only guess, but we cant possible know everything only Leo knows his life best.

Leo’s Fan Girl


I use the term ladyfriend to refer to my friend that is a lady. It doesn’t mean derek has some inside information, just saying its a pretty general word/fun word. I’ve heard guys call their girlfriends that all the time, and have heard guys call their friends that are girls just ladyfriends.

A-Rich (@Just_Andr3w)
10/25/13, 4:30 PM
Photoset: Titanic producer Jon Landau showed DiCaprio Titanic 3D footage late last year and, by all…

Aaawww how sweet!

crystal clear @ 10/25/2013 at 8:01 pm

The SM as she is referred to here, has not given up. If she wanted to, I see that she will be brought back onto her path again and again. In this life her destiny is far greater than Leo. This coming year will be very important for both of them. It may be 2015 before his fans may see as I already see.

@crystal clear: shut the fuuck up!

Man..I really dislike the slicked hair on him but I like his suit.
About the Miranda rumors-I’m not surprised he’s brought up as a potential candidate for cheating with her but I really don’t believe it. I know Leo may be a douche and a practical animal when it comes to women, but would he seriously sleep with one of his friend’s wives and then go see a play of his and continue on like everything is normal?? Hollywood is a shady town, but as bad as Leo is made out to be, I don’t think he’s THAT bad. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part. I wouldn’t be surprised if they flirted at one point and got close but I’m not sure.
It’s been kind of frustrating these past few weeks, nothing going on with Leo except new rumors of him hooking up with this model, then that model, etc. I do think it’s ruining his image as a serious actor, but not over all. He will obviously always be successful, but he needs to be careful from now on. These models are exposing him for how dirty and shameless he really is in his personal life.

I dunno, when I was watching the Esquire Special I didn’t really interpret the guy implying Leo is a PR manufactured product. To me it just seems like Leo is shy and kind of hard to make open up in interviews and maybe since he takes everything too seriously it’s why he wasn’t joking much or anything. I’m not sure.

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 8:45 pm

@Leo’s Fan Girl
Hi Maria! Thank you for your message :)
I agree with everything you said but i would like to take it even further and dare to say that we know nothing about this beautiful man!
It’s all speculations! People (me included of course )make speculations based not only on pictures&interviews but on their own mental tendencies and inclinations or even their biases and personal expectations.
Our ideas a fellow human being show a lot about who we really are
They are like a mirror actually.
I know that you love Leo and i know it hurts you to read nasty comments about him , i know that you, Maria, as Leo’s fangirl, you get attacked when trying to defend him and
people accuse you of “swooning over the sleaze”.The word “sleaze” is Leo’s new sad nickname and it hurts me so much to read all these nasty comments about him just like you…..
“but what I think is that there is so much more going on that most don’t know about”
Spot on! And people who bash him mercilessly and call him a “sleaze” should be mature and wise enough to always keep
this in their minds.
Most of the time i feel weird or even bad when i try to comment on a perfect stranger’s life here even if it’s something positive.I hate “voyeurism”and it’s like i feel i don’t have the right to have an opinion about him because -even if i hold Leonardo dear and care about him- i don’t know him personally.
But then again people share their opinions here and i am just a fangirl like you and i love learning Leo’s news and hoping and wishing always the best for my Leonardo .
Bye Maria xoxo :)

not with toni @ 10/25/2013 at 8:46 pm

typo*our ideas about


Where’s our trailer???

No idea :( Maybe next week if we’re lucky? But honestly I’m not sure if I’m even looking forward to it now? I don’t know perhaps I’m being negative but I can’t help but feel things are going to get really bad come WOWS time. The movie is probably going to be very provocative and divisive and the press is going to tear Leo apart. And then you have the people who can’t stand Leo in Scorsese movies or the people that will claim ‘he’s played the same character before/he’s playing himself.’ Even if he gets good reviews for his performance I have a feeling there will be a large camp of people who will detest him in the role. And I know people say Leo’s image hasn’t been ruined, but in a way I think it really has. He’s lost quite a few number of fans/supporters ever since the ‘Oscar desperate’ memes started emerging. This is why I hope his next project isn’t Rasputin or another historical biopic. It’s disappointing because he used to be so liked as an actor but now has become very polarizing. Fassbender, Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale, etc get way less hate than he does for acting. I don’t know, I hope I am proven wrong. It’s just disappointing to constantly read negative thing after negative thing about an actor you grew up admiring and being a fan of.

crystal clear @ 10/25/2013 at 8:55 pm

@chelsea: Do you have to be hate filled and rude. I feel sorry for you!

@HAHA12 Since when has leo gotten hate for his acting? Pretty sure that most of the major critics and most popular actors out there still have respect for him. This is the only place where I’ve really seen hate for his acting besides a few other forums.


I know what you mean. I think a lot of Leo fans are in a funk because of Leo’s funk! If that makes sense…..

If you go on IMDB and another movie sites that always discuss actors/movies the backflash for him was really bad in 2011 after the disaster J. Edgar was and there’s people who haven’t like him since then. There’s also a lot of people at ONTD who don’t think he’s a great actor and is overrated, and other websites/Oscar predicting websites. I mean he is still acclaimed but the ‘Oscar desprate’ reputation has really ruined him I think, now anytime he is in talks for a role people think he is just going for it in hopes of an Oscar or won’t count out the fact he only wants to do the role for an Oscar. He also gets made fun of for his furrowed eyebrows, accents in movies, whiny voice, looking like a kid playing dress up, etc. I see a lot of love for him but a lot of hate too. I hope he can break himself free from the memes and the criticisms one day because I do feel he is misunderstood, he just likes doing serious movies. I don’t think he was begging for an Oscar with Django just because he may have not look thrilled when he lost the Golden Globe. I think he enjoyed taking the role and having fun in a character part and sadly gets mislabeled as only taking roles for Oscars thanks to the internet.

Same, it’s getting boring and frankly disappointing reading the same rumors about him again and again but with different models or more negative comments on him and his debauchery and what not. I was looking forward WOWS for awhile but now I’m not sure I still am as much. I’m sure Leo will do good in the role but he picked a wrong time to play Jordan Belfort in the midst of these new stories like Kat Torres coming out.

+1 Its hard to be a fan of his lately because there is nothing but disappointing news every day about him and its even harder to defend him against the attacks and trolls because they make reasonable and not far stretched points half the time. We can all hope as fans he gets out of this rut he is trapped in and rises to his true potential some day.

@HAHA12 & ####: Hi Ladies! Boy was the thread busy today! Only on for a sec, but will be back later. WHERE THE HECK IS THE TRAILER??!! I agree with you HAHA12, I am getting to the point where I don’t care!
re Leo/publicity: This is a really bad few weeks. First, he had the young models posting pictures from his house, the Kat debacle and now the M Kerr cheating rumors. I’m like you HAHA12, I know he has been with a married woman (Eva H.), but I really can’t see him with the wife of a friend who has a baby. Then go see watch him in a play as if nothing happened. That is beyond sleazy if he did it.
re Toni: I have a feeling they might be together longer with all the crap hitting the fan. Imagine if he breaks up with her with all this stuff going on right now? He would be crucified.

I hope Toni is not affected by comments that Leo treat her like crap
Erin seems cool with it at first but I think Leo fans comments hurt her
she become more demanding and they broke up
Some Leo fans will keep saying Leo treat Toni like crap till they break up
their mission accomplished

Hey haven’t heard from you in awhile! :) Someone posted at the WOWS imdb board today they saw an advanced screening of it and said it’s for sure getting a R rating and said some descriptions of the inappropriate things in the movie, and then they said it was a great movie. No mentioning on the cast or anything else. This gives me hopes the movie will be good so I guess I can live without the trailer still NOT being here. Maybe it’ll come within 2 weeks if we are lucky?
Re Leo- Lately 2013 hasn’t been a good year for him in regards to all the rumors/gossip surrounding him and his personal life. I never thought of it like that but you are so right. If Leo and Toni split after the Kat Torres story he would of gotten even more backflash and hate. I don’t expect them to break up anytime soon either, but I wonder for how long Toni is willing to put with everything that comes with dating a seasoned modelizer. She just really does not care at all about what he does when she’s not there, does she? I just find the whole thing embarrassing and depressing. She seems like the type of girl who wants all the attention from her boyfriend, she really cannot find a guy her age who won’t act embarrassed to be seen with her every time in public places?

Also for anyone interested-I read a comment from ONTD from someone who replied to another person asking why Leo slicks his hair so much. The person said Leo’s Oma loved when he would slick back his hair and since her death affected him greatly he chooses to pay his respects to her by slicking it back. No idea how true this but lol.


Sure as if we do not mention the obvious Leo would stop treating her as he does now. Total zero!!!

@laineygossip: She’s annoying.

Lady friend can be anything. I mostly hear older people use that term. They don’t like to say boyfriend or girlfriend, so they say lady or man-friend instead.

Walter Wite @ 10/25/2013 at 10:34 pm

Tell Coca Cola and FedEx to Stop Sponsoring white supremacy and that the Racist NFL team “Redskins” should end. Tell them to stop profiting off a Hate Crime Culture that is encouraged by the use of the Washington “Redskins” team nickname.

End the ethnic Bullying and Hate Crime culture perpetuated by the NFL by writing to Coca Cola and FedEx. As customers, we demand that these corporations not promote White Supremacy, Hate Crimes, Bigotry, and Ethnic Bullying.

To chelsea @ 10/25/2013 at 11:19 pm

Why don’t you shut the fuuuk up.


So there was another screening of the movie? :-)

Unfortunately this the age of social media and Leo can’t control it all so he would have to control his behavior which I do t think he can.

@HAHA12: Always great to hear from you. There hasn’t really been any new stuff re WOWS or projects currently Iin the works. He is looking more husky so maybe he is gearing up for a role. Not really sure which one since most appear to still be in development.
Re his persoal life: I’m trying to keep my comments to a minimum since it’s basically and the same old stuff.
Re his Oma: if it’s true, that’s very sweet, but it really is not a good look for him at all!

Yea I agree with you and I think there was. A poster from IMDB claims to have watched a screening of it:
“Graphic nudity, strong sexuality, pervasive language and drug use, and a scene of strong violence. Didn’t seem to cross that NC-17 territory. It wasn’t hardcore sex but then again I didn’t understand why SHAME was nc-17. Great movie.”

Victoria (@victoria_rdrgz)
10/25/13, 7:59 PM

So he’s back in LA???

Victoria (@victoria_rdrgz)
10/25/13, 8:04 PM
@andrea_marqueze her best friend is a member of the same club he is so they met & I guess she talked to him

Victoria (@victoria_rdrgz)
10/25/13, 8:08 PM
I really need to start befriending rich people who live in LA because that clearly seems to be working out for my sister.

Oops! Lot of typos: currently in… his personal life….. basically the same ….

LOL it really is not, I guess he’s just lazy so that’s why he doesn’t style it any other way. And same i feel like everything i say about his personal is recycled and repetitive so I want to try to stop. The problem is there is nothing else to talk about since Paramount is being so damn secretive about their plans for Wolf.


It is. I try to not put my two cents in but sometimes it’s hard!

Who is Pay Ray ❔ (@ObeyTheName)
10/25/13, 8:04 PM
Leonardo Dicaprio getting it in at my job 🎾

Looks like he’s really in LA. This is at the Beverly Hills tennis club. Wonder who he’s playing tennis with? LOL

The girl who tweeted about her sister meeting leo must have been at the tennis club as well.

@####: You have no idea! LOL!!! I can’t tell you how many times I have type something out and then end up deleting it! What’s funny, is someone will eventually post what I was going to say!
re the tweet: so he is LA at a club? It sounds like a private club. I wonder which one…


I don’t recall seeing him wear his hair slicked back when his Oma was alive. Hmmm….

@####: BH Tennis Club! How funny – I go there at least once a week!

OMG what if you saw Leo??

Maybe she liked how it looked on him in Titanic. I remember watching him on Jay Leno and he said his Oma would complain at why he looks so ugly in his movies and not cute like he did in Titanic. LOL. This was back in 2006, I’m not sure I really buy it.

@HAHA12: I usually go during the day. I’m a personal assistant and I often have to go there to pick up stuff. Although next time I go, I might have to check out the courts more closely! ;)

That’s so cool, you could literally bump into Leo and meet him. How cool would that be. If that ever happens, make sure to give him a hard time like you said you would :p

With all his latest sudden interest in tennis, could it be that Leo’s next role will require that he plays tennis? I mean like a pro?


The guy took the pic down!!

@HAHA12: Trust me. If I do – I will!!! ;)


Maybe he’s a new member or he’s just started using his membership?


That would be cool if you saw him there! :-)

@####: I’m not surprised. The BH Tennis club is very private. They really respect the privacy of the members. I was really shocked when I saw the pictures. He could be fired for doing something like that.

Black sharpie @ 10/26/2013 at 12:17 am

@Zzzzzz: From the pics could you see who he was playing tennis with? Maybe Toni likes tennis and got him interested in it.

Stefhany Sanchez (@StefhanyS96)
10/25/13, 7:27 PM
So my mo. Saw Leonardo DiCaprio.. Um what??

So I think this is in LA too.

@Black sharpie:

It was just four pics of him. Someone asked the guy who he was playing with and he removed the pic.

@Black sharpie: I know that he has been attending tennis matches for several years. I think someone said that his ex, Bar, was into tennis. But I believe Léonie posted that Toni really liked playing tennis too.

So any other Leo movies you are planning to watch?

@Black sharpie: Oops! didn’t mean to to hit submit. re the tweet. The guy is young – early 20s . I think if Leo was playing with a tall blonde model, he would have definitely mentioned it! LOL!

I was going to was thinking of watching Inception tonight, but I also have the Bond film Skyfall. I think I’m in the mood for Bond – James Bond! Inception will have to be tomorrow night. Have you seen 12 Years a Slave yet? The only theater near me playing it at the moment is $14 during the day! $14 is the discount rate!!!! That doesn’t include the parking or even if I take the Red Line. WTF!!!! I’m going to wait until it opens in more theaters!

Oops! Typo – I was thinking of…..

Skyfall was pretty entertaining! 12 Years As A Slave has gotten amazing reviews, I think it might be the Best Picture Oscar winner. The lead actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender are the early favorites to win the male acting awards. It’s opening wide everywhere on November 1st. It looks good but also very gruesome and sad.


I guess we’ll know soon enough if she went to LA with him or not.

Earn so extra cash here guys it’s simple!!!

He’s so hot!!!

@HAHA12: Thanks for the info. I’ve been meaning to look up when it was going to be released. I will wait until then to see it!
@####: I’m sure we will.
re the tweet: I’m sure it was the BH Tennis Club the girl was talking about. Maybe he was playing with her sister? Although, I think the sister would have tweeted that!


Well neither the guy who posted the pic or the girl who’s sister met him at the club mentioned toni so who knows if she’s with him or not.

@####: Like you said earlier, if she is in LA – we will find out! Do you think she is walking in the VSFS? I haven’t heard anything and there hasn’t been anything on the BZ thread.


Yeah. She’s quiet right now and one of her model friends emily didonato posted a pic of her having a girls night so I’m wondering if toni is in LA with Leo.

I don’t know what’s going on with toni doing the VS show. That Ben watts photography has been doing shoots all week for VS, lily aldridge, behati prinsloo, Joan smalls, etc. but not toni. Who knows. I don’t know when her last shoot for VS was either.

from the armani party
#leonardodicaprio and I last night @georgioarmani #onenightonlynyc #armani super chill guy!!

@crystal clear @ 10/26/2013 at 4:27 am

@crystal clear: Thank you crystal clear for your insight. Could you elaborate on what you saw and how does SM look ? Also, what is she destined to do ?

The front page of the NY Post has “Belieb It! talking about Miranda and Orlando’s divorce. The inside pages mention again both Leo and Bieber in the case of Miranda. Funny how its always been those two names most promienently referenced but no identities for Orlando ‘rumors’. They add that the rumors were denied by her camp of course (don’t wanna be accused of libel so add a caveat!!). But its one thing to be repeated on the blogs it must be quite another for it to be written in black and white.

Whoa. It’s in the actual newspaper?
I wonder if the PR team is gonna stay quiet about this because the initial rumor was denied early 2013.

Why do people think because something is denied by PR it means its a lie? Does anyone expect Miranda, Leo heck even Bill Clinton or anyone else in the public eye to come out with ‘Yes I’ve been cheating’?

*eye bulge* That blogger’s biography indicates she’s a 50 year old woman stanning Leo from afar. But she feels bad for Toni???

Here’s a brief mention of Leo at the Armani event:
”Close was joined by a coterie of bold-faced names, which included Dianna Agron, Lauren Hutton, Coco Rocha, Olivia Munn, Ellen Barkin, Jamie Tisch, Harley Viera Newton, Atlanta de Cadenet, Zani Gugelmann and a sneaky Leonardo DiCaprio, who averted photographers.”

That wasn’t what I was implying actually. I am a little on the fence about this matter but more inclined to believe it for several reasons. It’s just that his name is all over the place in articles about their split, but as you said it’s different it’s in an actual newspaper. That should be more serious and while I thought Leo’s PR wouldn’t bother about what’s written on blogs on online gossip sites, I now wonder if they’ll still keep it quiet with the motive that they’ve already denied it back in January. Defending yourself for the second time can both make you look more believable or on the contrary more desperate. It’s from which perspective you look at it.

Regardless of that woman’s age and the fact that she’s a Leo’s fan, she’s saying it right. Your at the same event as your boyfriend. You arrive separately. You attend the show separately. You sit separately. You eat separately. Hell, it’s like Leo made her absolutely clear to stay away from him during the whole thing and that’s embarrassing and crazy to say the least if your actual BF-GF. I get walking hand in hand on the red carpet with a GF is very out of the norm and no one expected that. But out of all the pictures, not only actual pap pictures but instagram/fan pictures, they are spotted together. Not even close. It’s crazy to me and tells a lot about them. And does make her look poor. And stupid. Absolutely.

I’m not clear what he means.
Mike Adams ‏@suburbanmike 1h
Called Leonardo DiCaprio tonight at a costume party in Simi Valley and at a bar in Hollywood. I’m not in costume.

Yeah. Even people on BZ found it weird. Not just 1 but a couple posters on both Toni’s as well as Leo’s board asked why there weren’t pictures of them and if they were still together or not. It’s just weird and it’s even more weird that some are trying to act like it’s not. This is not how you treat a gf and this is for a gf not okay to tolerate. IF your are boyfriend girlfriend in the actual sense.

Its sad and stupid that at 50 she’s focused on the life & relationship on a total stranger. There has to be irony on a woman of half a century focusing on the dynamics or sitting arrangements of a celeb and the 21 year old and calling them sad, poor and stupid!

I wonder what Leo said to Toni “Stay away from me, I don’t want being photographed with you.” and he probably used this excuse “I want to protect our relationship, gossip sites are bad for us.”

Are you for real? How is her age important in the point I made in #355? How is she not a stranger to you? She’s not a celebrity or actress or singer. She can be a fan regardless of her age and before she’s stupid you’re more pathetic to make fun of her age and what or who she likes. Besides she isn’t saying anything bad. She is actually implying the actor she’s a fan of is in the wrong. She’s defending the girl and how it’s unacceptable for her to be treated like that. What made you mad exactly? That she outed her as ”poor” but you misread it and became angry because Toni is, indeed, also poor in the sense that woman did not mean it?

Leo, Orlando & Miranda have been friends for years.

Miranda along with many other people attended a party for Leo last year.

At the time The NY posted that a “source” said they were flirting which was DENIED by both Miranda’s & Leo’s Publicists.

Leo was in fact with some model at the party but not Miranda.

The ridiculous Bieber rumour started because he was backstage at the VS show after performing & had his pic taken with a group of models but because Miranda was the most famous she was singled out.

As IF Miranda would have anything to do with that little girl Bieber, just beyond stupid.

The reason these D grade gossip sites are posting FAKE “blinds” about Miranda is because there’s a group of obsessed Bloom fans who have stalked & bullied Miranda for the past 6 years simply because she was with Orlando.

They even have there own website dedicated to Orlando but spend their whole time obsessing about her.

So the next time you read these rumours just know they’re FAKE.

I feel sorry for Miranda that the NY post has posted such BS rumours which are untrue & it’s not fair that Leo is being dragged into this as well.

Orlando & Miranda simply grew apart & are still friends & are trying to do the best thing for Flynn but these trashy tabloids just make up cr*p using FAKE “sources’…How this helps!

Miranda PR @ 10/26/2013 at 6:30 am

Miranda stan, please with your BS straight from Miranda source as facts to Leo threads.

NY Post is correct
Called this two years ago. Not easy when one part of the marriage is sleeping around (sorry — both the Bieber and Leo accounts are true)and he knew, but it’s hard to care when you got nose dipped in coke…

All that BS about “amicable split” is PR sprouted by their publicists. Both parties were cheating for months, even years… him with a flight attendant, among many, and she with half of Hollywood.
Check Blindgossip over the next coming days for blind items reveals about them.

has anyone ever given it a thought if the SM ever came or comes here or on other gossip sits to learn of his life? they are not all false, there is always some truth to them and it breaks her heart, i know it’s stupid becasue he doesn’t even know if she exists and for her to pray for them to be together would be very hurtful for her. maybe that’s why she (if exists) tries to step down the path she’s put back on again and again. Has he ever given it a thought if someone like her or if in fact he has a Soul Mate? From the looks of it, he is not on THAT path, which she is already on. Where this path lead her? why do you guys forget that it’s not only about him, it’s about her present and future? has anyone thought of that? What will happen is so so mysterious. you guys every think that maybe he wishes or wished for her too maybe even once but her did, and that’s why this all is happening? it’s all so confusing.

the way i see it, @ 10/26/2013 at 7:24 am

the only one who said leo and toni was sitting together is fashion week daily. the part is:
“. We think Armani should consider putting these on display for more than one night! Afterwards the party got started in an enormous sleek room whose décor matched the modernist Armani aesthetic as Mark Ronson DJ’ed to a very enthused dance floor. So lavish were the surroundings and scene one party goer commented, “This feels like an 80′s Wall Street party!” Meanwhile, VIP’s like Leonardo DiCaprio (star of The Wolf of Wall Street) and his rumored to be new girlfriend Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn (yes, he’s onto another one!) partied in one of the couch and table settings that was heavily blocked off with body guards. The affair was so heavily star studded you could have confused it with a film premiere. Everyone from DiCaprio bestie Martin Scorsese to Glenn Close, Hilary Swank, Naomi Watts, Ellen Barkin, Renee Zellweger, Dianna Agron, Jeremy Irons, Olivia Munn and even little Quvenzhané Wallis showed up to fête Mr. Armani’s return to the Big Apple after a four year hiatus. ”

but as we saw the pix and news there were no sightings of them tohether not even in her friend’s article.and leo’s pix from even fans in party showed he was with people in talking not avoiding the others like “heavily blocked off with body guards”?this kind of being with a gf after those kat torres’s rumors can’t stay away from the media eyes with all those paps/people of media in there or from the eyes of those fans in there!even a few german news hit on her and just one of them put her name alongside of leonardo dicaprio under a line- like this
“leonardo dicaprio were at the party and his gf/ex gf(not clear) was there too”
just made me confused,the leo/toni came out by a fashion site,her sightings for example of being in la were out by a fashion site,now this?while some of these fashion site who gotta know her well,couldn’t identified her and reported the russian model as toni!just saying

This sounds true. They were most probably together at the after-party but at the actual event she was told to keep a considerable amount of distance so no one would capture them together. Thus the frantic guarding of their VIP section by loads of bodyguards. No pics. He just doesnt want to be seen with his GF. Doesn’t that say enough? She’s OK the after-party. Sneakily. Out of sight.

@the way i see it @ 10/26/2013 at 7:48 am

Leo and Toni hang out together since 6 months and journalists still call Garrn “his rumored to be new girlfriend”. LOL

So weird.

the way i see it, @ 10/26/2013 at 7:56 am

@@265: at first i have respect for your opinion,dear!my q is so why no one said or mentioned it not even one besides this one?it makes me confused!

i won’t be surprised if after this mirranda/bloom split with giving leo’s name as mirranda’s cheating partner,at least some pr-part news to say leo and toni were lovely-dovey at the after party,etc… of course if they’re still together?

but by her hints to be in armani due to her agency with her fellow models+her freind article which was fishy to me to say leo’s lady friend like she is a freind with benefit or they are on if not like they’re done but stayed friends?)not to say his gf,with nothing from this armani’s except this fashion site(which i don’t know how much it is relieable), who knows?

Probably because fashion sites are the only sources that actually care about her and even they still call her ‘his rumored girlfriend’. Lol. Do you think if this was a PR planted story they’d say ‘rumored girlfriend’? I think not.

Leo’s “girlfriends” are just friends with benefits, that’s why he doesnt want to be seen with them.

Even Kanye West is more “romantic” than Leo.

Do we know if Leo brought his 6 footer sugar baby to LA? So he wants to make up with the kiddie because he declined to have her anywhere near him during the Armani One Night event and that’s why he has agreed to play tennis with her?
What a nice boyfriend.

Disrespectful? Yes in a way and he will never change. But her? How can she accept being treated like that? Yes, she may sit with him at the table during the after-parties as long as the place is heavily blocked with body guards…. but where is her self-esteem? Can’t she react to this? Or it is her young age and her willingness? She sure fits the perfect name LAPDOG.


The guy was mistaken for Leo. Unfortunately not a sighting.

NEWSCOM has 4 new photos of Leo taken in Los Angeles. He is enterily covered in a long dress from head down to his ankles (it looks like a burka) he has black gloves and is holding a ticket and his usualy e-cig.
SO I guess it’s true he went to a costumed party last night.

I think she went with him. Why wouldn’t she? I mean work has never been an obstacle. Lol.

I personally think they are not a couple anymore. Since there was never an official declaration of their relationship. There won’t be an announcement of their split. Plus with all that has been said about Leo these past weeks, it would only look worse for him to do so. Maybe he is paying her to keep quiet for awhile till this all blows over. Or she is doing it as a favor to him, because they are still friendly……..of course if she is in LA right now then I take it all back. She will def let us know in the coming days.

LMFAO! Is this really a costumed party or just another one of Leo’s disguising techniques a la mask in Venice? I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the latter! No Toni in sight in those pics by the way.. Thanks for letting know about those pics. Hilarious!

hahaah wtf that does NOT look like leo to me

What is this costume, any guesses. He lookes like he has Luka’s beat up black boots on he is always wearing.

Judging by his hands and his gait, that looks like Leo to me.

post the link please of this burka leo

LOL at those costume pics of him. I have a feeling Leo and Toni may have already split or will soon, but we won’t find out until much later.

Yeah I agree with all of this

Well, back in the Summer when they were in Ibiza, US Weekly wrote that, a source close to Leo said ”I wouldn’t say it’s more serious than his previous relationships, but they are fully together”.

@@378: True I remember that, however is that really the same as Leo’s Team confirming them as boyfriend/girlfriend. Probably in the coming weeks if it is true a similar story will emerge about a split.

… sure. And that coming from US Weekly has to be taken very seriously. LOL!
I think US “crap” Weekly has always revealed how his new relationships are always more serious than the ones before……Too funny.
Copy and Paste.

Zzzz brought up a good point that if Leo split up with Toni only so quick after those Kat Torres rumors it would make him look really bad and guilty. Leo and Toni have just never seemed like a real couple at all, compared to say Erin but even worse. The only time was those kissing pics of them in Ibiza. I just find it so odd how they can keep going on with this ‘relationship’.

Careful, because there are pictures that someone posted on BZ claiming it was Leo under that burqa. It’s not him. These are not his hands.
THe ones @NEWSCOM is refering to we can see Leo has black gloves and is holding an e-cig. That is more likely Leo.
Maybe Leo and one of his buddies went to the party costumed in the same way. Except Leo is the one with the gloves.


It’s probably more of a friends with benefits situation. Remember toni is his “lady friend.” LOL

Not sure that toni is in LA with him. Someone mentioned on here that something was going on from October 28-30 for the VS show. Auditions??

It has to be nothing more than a friends with benefits type of situation because seriously that is not how a boyfriend and girlfriend act together. And certainly not how a boyfriend treats his supposed girlfriend. Even his fans from tumblr are calling him out on his douchey behavior towards Toni.


The BZ photos are the same as the ones on newcom. I don’t see an e-cig in his hand though and the hands look too small to be Leo’s. But somehow the cameraman knows it’s him so who knows. They were there and we weren’t.

Fan is right. BZ does not have the pics with the gloves. When you go to Newscom and scroll down a bit you see someone in the exact same attire with gloves on + an e-cig in his hands.

The guys are different. I’m sure Leo was there with probably Lukas and were dressed in the same outfits.

Yes I noticed Lukas’s boots right off on BZ pics, but look again isn’t that the bracelet Lukas always wears too?


“I personally think they are not a couple anymore. Since there was never an official declaration of their relationship. There won’t be an announcement of their split. Plus with all that has been said about Leo these past weeks, it would only look worse for him to do so. Maybe he is paying her to keep quiet for awhile till this all blows over. Or she is doing it as a favor to him, because they are still friendly……..of course if she is in LA right now then I take it all back. She will def let us know in the coming days.”

Do you remember what the “Shower” person said a few days ago? About a dj who told to him that Leo and Toni are not in a relationship…..


If I were toni, Leo or not, I would not be okay with how he treats me. I don’t care how much he values his private life!

enough with the shower BS @ 10/26/2013 at 11:44 am

SIGH! Anybody can come here in these threads and” have some inside info” about a celeb lolz! These are his gullible fans.
Please get a grip . That @shower troll was just a bored person nothing more


“Fan is right. BZ does not have the pics with the gloves. When you go to Newscom and scroll down a bit you see someone in the exact same attire with gloves on + an e-cig in his hands.”

I can`t find this pics, can anyone post this here?


Gotcha! I didn’t see the pics farther down. I’m sure they dressed the same to throw off the paps. Doesn’t Leo realize that his e-cig always gives him away!! LOL

@398 is that @shower saddo.

Its simple shower ‘the insider’ said what they want to hear, so its completely true. Anyone that disputes shower is a complete liar acting or Toni’s pr.

@enough with the shower BS: Maybe or maybe not. I wouldn’t refer to us as gullible though. It is very obvious the regulars who come here are smart, resourceful little detectives. Also it is OK to be a fan. It is always thrown around here like a dirty word….JMO.

the trolls who read everything the way it fits them so they can bash posters of whom they don’t like what they think. As if one single person said Shower told the truth for sure. Everyone was skeptical as usual but they will read that differently because it’s yet another reason to bash. Ignore guys.

When did the Shower person say the announcement of Leo and Toni breaking up would come? In a few weeks right? It is suspicious but we will know then if they were telling the truth or not.

enough with the shower BS @ 10/26/2013 at 11:58 am

“Its simple shower ‘the insider’ said what they want to hear”
SPOT-ON ! How lovable that @shower “poster” is huh? …looolz!!!!

Why does it matter if people think Leo and Toni have broken up/will break up soon? It’s not just wishful thinking, you have to admit nothing about their relationship seems real or like a couple at all.


Exactly! I think anyone who read shower’s claims were intrigued but once again we just take a wait and see attitude. It’s not a question of if but of when because it is inevitable that they will end it.

I know it is suspicious why someone with connections to Leo would come to JJ but for some reason I don’t want to doubt the Shower poster just yet. We will have to see what happens in the next coming weeks with Leo and Toni. I will be shocked if they make it to his birthday but not completely shocked. However, if they make it WOWS release then I will actually be shocked.

Enough of you ranting. Let people talk and post about whatever they want. Not to mention let them believe whatever they want. It’s not your business. We get it you don’t believe it. These threads aren’t about you.

It seems some people go crazy when some suggest the possibility of a Toni-Leo breakup and rants about how in denial they are and how it’s just wishful thinking.

And shower said whatever you don’t want to hear or you don’t like so all you do now is trashing that poster and picking on others who want to talk about it. As it was pointed out this is a public site so there’s not much you can do about it.

My worst nightmare about Leo is that he will end up like that disgusting dirty old man : hu. hef. VOMIT=>
=> Mountains of co ca ine and other drugs in order to “satisfy”
the kids. Hell no!
I pray this won’t happen. Heaven Forbid!

I’m not sure about those pictures. Someone on BZ claimed it must be Lukas but if the person with the gloves must be Leo (we assume that becaue of the e-cig) how are they wearing the same shoes? It can’t be my eyes right? Because the shoes look identical! Lol.


Shower came on here and tried to post her info. When other posters were doubting it, she continued posting trying to clarify what she was trying to say. After a while she just stopped because other posters were doubting what she was saying and started attacking her.

A troll comes on here and either attacks other posters or says something like “Leo and toni have broken up” and we never hear from them again.

Like you said we will have to wait and see but I also am not doubting shower’s claims yet either.

And I agree with you.people on here get upset when there is talk of Leo and toni breaking up.

His german site has all pics in this black cape:

Oh thanks for the clarification. I remember seeing shower’s posts but then he/she never returned back. And i get the feeling some posters actually want leo and toni to stay together and thats why they get so defensive when someone enters the possibility of them breaking up. there cant be any other explanation unless like they trashing other posters with different opinions than them.


Yeah. People were just bombarding her and she even said she was going to try to get more information and post it but she hasn’t been on since.

Unfortunately I think the rumor about Bieber and Leo DiCaprio IS TRUE. Both COULD FILE SUIT and that did NOT happen.
I’m disappointed with LEO. His name appears clearly on gossip pages. There must be evidence.

@####: i have a premonition she is from the Balkans,and her name begins with Z,blue eyes

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