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Miranda Kerr: CFDA & Vogue Dinner Before Orlando Bloom Split News

Miranda Kerr: CFDA & Vogue Dinner Before Orlando Bloom Split News

Miranda Kerr poses for a picture at the 2013 CFDA & Vogue Fashion Fund dinner at Bouchon on Wednesday night (October 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old model stepped out just one day before news was revealed that she and her husband of three years Orlando Bloom have separated. The two had been together for a total of six years.

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“Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son [Flynn] and as family,” their joint statement to read.

The pair married in January of 2010.

FYI: Miranda is wearing Tabitha Simmons shoes.

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Credit: Donato Sardella; Photos: WireImage
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  • Oh Yeah!!!

    So she has Leo huh. Cheater!

  • RED

    The rumors are true then… famehooo

  • Mike

    she should now marry Rob Kardashian! She would fit perfectly with the fam!

  • Courtney

    who cares they were never going to last they rushed into it due to her pregnancy. Hollywood marriages are notorious for having a short shelf life which is why when you see one that lasts 50 years or more your more apt to assume it’s fake. for example when you see photos of Eva Marie Saint & Jeffery Hayden on the red carpet he usually has his arm around her waist and you assume after more than 60 years of marriage they can’t be as in love as they appear to be but actions speak louder than words

  • lol

    what rumors are there about her and Leo? where’d you read that??

  • mimignyc

    Good for Orlando. She slept with other men while she was with him.

  • bibi

    That joint custody won’t go easy, especially with her! She’s no easy, while he is very down to earth and has a good character.

  • belgium woman

    @lol: NY Post Page six almost one year ago

  • Elena


  • Elena

    So…does that shipper who always tells me what I an idiot I am for “spreading lies” want to eat crow now that she knows I’m right?? C’mon. Say it. “You were right, Elena.” Say it. I own you. OWN YOU. Months. They have been separated for MONTHS and anyone with eyes could have seen that…well, unless you’ve had your tinhat pulled over your head so tightly no oxygen could get to your tiny, tiny brain. Freaking hilarious is what this is. Freaking hilarious. The “haters” were right! Suck it! Now…don’t you have to wonder what ELSE we have been right about?? Hmmmmmmmm…

  • Elena


  • Elena

    What is so funny is that crazy stalker-fan spouting off about how “in love” they have been looking at all of the R&J red carpets and sh*t. It was all fake. They had been separated the whole time. The whole time! I guess that just goes to show you that celebs fake it and fools eat it up with a spoon and then rail against anyone who doesn’t buy the lie. But you were lied to and you fell for it. You fell for it all. You even believed they were living together this whole time and they were not. I knew it. I could see it. So could others that YOU called idiots. Who is the idiot now?? P.S. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • mari

    i love you Miranda!!!

  • Katy

    Why do these people even bother to get married when they are not committed to one another.

  • @Elena

    No one is going to say that you were right, when everyone know were just shooting off your mouth with no facts. The fact that you got ONE THING right was just (very dumb) luck.
    But shall we talk about all of the things that you got wrong? Yeah, that would be a long list.
    Also, the fact that you are celebrating the breakup of a marriage that involves a child, says more about you than anything else.
    Low, pathetic and hateful. What a nasty excuse for a human being you are.

  • @15

    Here is the thing that you have to remember about this “marriage that involves a child.” Are you listening? The only one you have to blame for that, before you go spewing your misplaced vitriol all over me or any other “hater”, is Miranda herself. Miranda knew that her “relationship” with Orlando was a trade up from Jay in order to make her a celeb. She knew that it was going to have a limited shelf life, and yet she chose to get knocked up and pop out a kid for the selfish reason of wanting to secure her celeb/tabloid status well after the “relationship” ran its course. Don’t call ME a nasty excuse for a human being when SHE is the one who brought a life into this world for an entirely selfish reason. Melon Head’s “broken family” is all Miranda’s doing. Get angry with her, she is the terrible excuse for a human being. And I’ll get on laughing. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth

    Miranda’s three year marriage lasted longer than that crazy fiasco union of Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

  • Yes but…

    @Ruth: They were actually really in a real relationship so there was fire and passion there that just burned out quickly.

  • LOL!

    So did anyone NOT see this coming? Anyone? Anyone? No? Didn’t think so. Right from the time they announced they were dating it was just a matter of waiting for it to be over and that fake soooper seekrit wedding was a joke. I wonder who Flynn’s father is.

  • :)

    @15 and all shippers fools


  • USuck

    @Ruth: At least Katie didn’t put a kid in the midst of it. How can you even compare the two, let alone think that Miranda is better off??? You are a psycho! Putting a child in the middle of a divorce is no fun and games for the kids. You are a selfish beyoch who doesnt ever deserve to have a child.



    TOLD YOU SO!!!!!
    TOLD YOU SO!!!!!
    TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

  • charlotte

    it’s simple: she loved fame more than she ever loved orlando.

  • Zach

    @@Elena: Parenthood is a completely preventable condition. No Hollywood couple lasts so they should take measures to prevent offspring and prevent putting offspring in the middle of a divorce and prevent causing offspring from ending up in a broken home. no celebrity couple has any right having children and if they do there is no need to feel bad for the kids. Feel ad for the kids starving in underdeveloped countries, not for the children of rich people who had no business producing them in the first place.

  • @USuck

    Who are you to assume that Ruth even wants a child? Motherhood is not a goal for every woman, nor does it have to be.

  • Just think!

    When these pictures were taken
    they were already over and faking it. How funny is that!? The KerrBloomshippers orgasmed all over the web over how in loveloveLOVE KerrBloom was and it was all a sham! Joke’s on them! Let’s all take a moment to sit back and laugh, shall we…

  • @24

    Some people don’t believe that it’s better not to be born than to be the child of a divorced couple, so maybe you should stop dictating what other people should or shouldn’t do.

  • @Elena

    You were right for a few months and wrong for 5 years and some months…just thought you should take notice.

  • No

    These idiots celebrating a separation that involves a child deserve to have every relationship of their own fail. Those two who are married? I hope that you get divorced within the year. Your children deserve better than you, anyway. The rest of the pathetic haters will probably never have a relationship anyway, but I curse those possible future unions, too. Let’s see how you like them apples.

  • @29


  • @27

    It is ALWAYS better NOT to have kids. Those things are totally useless, trust.

  • @31

    Too bad that your parents didn’t hold that same opinion.