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Vanessa Hudgens: Le Jolie Launch Party!

Vanessa Hudgens: Le Jolie Launch Party!

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a pose while attending the Le Jolie Launch Party held at No Vacancy on Thursday (October 24) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress served as the host for the event celebrating the launch of the online fashion store’s official website,

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“Such a fab launch party with @flauntmagazine & @intruefashion!,” Vanessa wrote on her Twitter account. “’ #lejolielaunch.”

Last week, Vanessa attended the Hearst magazine Unbound Access event along with Miranda Kerr at the Hearst building.

FYI: Vanessa is carrying an Edie Parker clutch and wearing Ela Rae hand chains.

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Credit: JB Lacroix, RHS; Photos: WireImage, WENN
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  • Pam

    She looks great!

  • kylie

    Love her hair here. Picture 2 is stunning.

  • yets

    i love the looks and the hair.

  • Brit

    Her legs have such a weird shape, probably ugliest legs in Hollywood!

  • Selma

    Omg gorgeous Vanessa :)

  • Ha

    UGH I can’t stand this ho

  • dietcoke

    She’s starting to have her sister’s body

  • yuck

    Her face looks weird. Is she doing drugs like the ex?

  • tina

    Best legs in Hollywood. She looks great here. Still no mention of Gimme Shelter. No wonder trolls here know nothing about what she does.

  • No Bueno

    Vanessa = Bellissimo <3

  • http://efegftegf Romney

    I’m so sick of seeing her face all over this site. Enough enough enough

  • axx

    ok so she was extremely in love with her “new” red and yellow hair til yesterday and now she’s back to normal brunette? she must be such a moody person. seriously. however i don’t like the dress, the hair, the shoes, the face …. she always look so fat lately.

  • Ethan

    One of the most naturally, beautiful young ladies in hollyweird. JJ, you realize she received an award for her work in Gimme Shelter right? Can we talk about that?

  • Ethan

    @Brit: Maybe you should get your eyesight checked.

  • tina

    You know the answer, don’t come to this site. She look great this is the look of a content person who is happy with her life. Clear expressive eyes not dull and lifeless. She hasn’t had pictures here in a week, during which time she attended the Heartland Festival amd received an award.

  • ……suzek…..

    @Ha: @Romney: I agree with both of you. She is nobody. .Famous like Paris Hilton = for nothing.

  • tina

    @axx: lmao, fat? You must be joking. Wasn’t she just rated one of the best binki bodies? Please don’t project your insecurities onto her.

  • tina

    @……suzek…..: What was the line from her movie Bandslam “She has her own Wikipedia page.” Maybe you should check it out.

  • Patty

    Wonder how much she got paid for this one.

  • tina

    @Patty: Why is that any of your business? No one says a word when others celeb get paid for their time. Or do you think they do it out of the goodness of their hearts?

  • axx

    @tina: first i do not have insecurities second, she’s is just not as skinny as she should be. she’s very short and even a few puonds are evident on her… she used to have a nice body, she just ruined up and i’m sure she isn’t even on a diet. <– this doesn't mean she is a huge obese obviously so try to understand things befor talking. furthermore i don't like that hair color because it's too dark for her physiognomy… then the dress is awful… and the shoes eww… this is positive criticism… usually i love her look :)

  • kylie

    @……suzek…..: Paris Hilton? Are you kidding? Vanessa has been a working actress since she was 14 and she just received an acting award. Paris Hilton is a thirty-something, drug addicted loser who can’t even get into a Vanity Fair Oscar party. She is persona non grata in the industry, There is no comparison between Paris and Vanessa.

  • tina

    @axx: There are not even a “few extra” pounds(note the spelling) on her. In her last post here she was standing next to a model and her body was just fine. Like I said #2 best binki body, where are you on the list?

  • jamie

    @axx: i dont even like vanessa but to say she needs to lose a few more lbs is pretty cruel, her body is at a healthy weight, nobody needs to pull a fat comment on her. petite girls like myself and vanessa should be at a healthy 110-120 (thats not fat at all, thats realistic yet slender, sorry not sorry), thats all and if you guys think she needs to be from 100-110, then you guys are effing insane and have lost touch with reality.

  • tina

    @axx: btw this is close to her normal hair color and there isn’t a damn thing constructive about any of the crap you just said. Get over yourself. She doesn’t need to diet she go to the gym everyday. Normal people (those without a weight problem) don’t diet. Something you obviously don’t know.

  • Michael

    love her but maybe she needs a new hair person or maybe she did her hair herself? If she paid someone to do her they should be fired.

  • Lily

    “Le Jolie”…tss americans can’t speak proper French!

  • tina

    @Lily: It’s a brand name. No one is trying to speak French.
    I need to check my calender I had no idea it was nation nitpick everything to death day.

  • nessa

    i love you girl. and after her ex is decides not to go to Reunion
    im so proud of V

  • Nightwish

    @tina: Nobody’s mentioning gimme shelter cause its not worth mentioning. Same boring hairstyle on your girl. Boring boring boring.

  • chick

    She’s got nuff beef on her body to suit a 5 8′ body structure

  • Nightwish

    Wow, those are some eyebags on hudgens. Other than that, its typical hudgens pics. Same boring smile, hairdo, second rate events, etc. Why are things so deathly quiet about gimme shelter? I figure jared would be pumping the hell out of that one.

  • tina

    @Nightwish: Of course, it’s a good dramatic movie with a message. It has an excellent cast and received a standing ovation. Sorry no naked frat boys so you wouldn’t be interest…..maybe you should try the exes post. She doesn’t look like a teenaged boy in a dress so I get she not your cup of tea. She looks great. What she does works, she doesn’t need a team to try to make her look feminine, she always does.

  • zacfan

    @axx: maybe your comment was directed to yourself? or worse, your mom!

  • zacfan

    at least vanessa doesn’t have “druggie” eyes.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh come on now Vanessa’s just having fun with her life going out enjoying these events, getting a chance to spend time with her boyfriend, supporting her friends when they ask her, and also doing work for different charities. Nothing wrong with that.

  • zacfan

    @haters suck!: give nightwish a pass, he is so used to “prime hot” events such as rehab stints and those who attend it.

  • Eduardo


  • nessa

    hi beautiful and sexy.

  • maria

    LMAO. How is her hair “boring”? First of all, it’s a different color than it was a few days ago. Secondly, in the course of the last week, she’s worn her hair 3 different ways. How is that boring? Geez. It must be tough to keep finding stupid things to pick on Vanessa for.

    And BTW, Vanessa looks great! Love the outfit, and always love her smile!

  • http://Justjared.buzznet.comb BOHJI

    @Nightwish: Your comments are stupid and insensitive. Gimme Shelter sends a message for social awareness of the plights of teenage unwed mothers across the globe.Vanessa got an award in recognition for her contribution and effort. If you have nowt to say don’t say anything at all.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Wait, she actually did wear her hair up at the film festival. That was a change. By boring i mean her standard do with hair down covering both sides of the face just like vergara. Sophia is a trip. Her hairstyle never ever changes and im tired of looking at her because of that.

  • http://Justjared.buzznet.comb BOHJI

    The movie also highlights such institutions and their necessary existence and the personnel involved.

  • lei

    why her haters is always here.
    maybe they are not haters they are obsessed.
    by the way i Love the Looks

  • maria

    @Nightwish: Ahhh, but not only did she wear it up, she wore it up two different ways! Your critique is so invalid, especially since she gets bored with her hair and is always experimenting. I have never seen anyone change their hair as much as she has! In the last two years, she went through chopped off hair, to varying extensions, colors, and lengths. Never boring, I say. Not a fan of Vergara, sorry.

  • Nightwish

    Auntie bowj, gs a dramatic film. Its not a documentary on global warming. The main goal is for the film to be popular so it can make the big bucks. Otherwise it will turn out like the frozen ground, costing 28 mill to produce but making only 5 mill at most. That film will probably lose 20 mill when all is said and done.

  • Lesley

    Earn so extra cash here guys it’s simple!!!

    She looks cute!

  • Kelly Welly

    Vanessa looking awesom.@Nightwish: Don’t want gimme shelter to lose money. She already lost enough with Frozen Ground. It lost 25 million $s.

  • Gracia Ottman

    She is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful to attend in the Launch Party .

  • Nightwish

    @Kelly Welly: If it actually opens in theaters this time then maybe it can make a few bucks for a change