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Angelina Jolie Shops in Queensland with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie Shops in Queensland with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie holds her five-year-old son Knox‘s hand while going shopping with her twins on Sunday afternoon (October 27) in Queensland, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress also brought along Vivienne and Pax to pick up some party balloons. Perhaps she is planning a Halloween party for the family this weekend?

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Earlier in the week, Angelina was spotted on the set of her film Unbroken, which she is currently directing down under in Australia.

Brad Pitt‘s new movie The Counselor, in which he has a supporting role, opened in theaters this weekend and unfortunately isn’t expected to do well at the box office with just $9 million. It also received a dreaded “D” CinemaScore from audiences, according to Deadline.

FYI: Knox is wearing Jagged Culture shorts.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie shopping with the kids…

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angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 01
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 02
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 03
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 04
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 05
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 06
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 07
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 08
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 09
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 10
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 11
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 12
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 13
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 14
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 15
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 16
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 17
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 18
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 19
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 20
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 21
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 22
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 23

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  • LLM


  • LLM


  • Love Conquers All

    Twins are adorable!!! :) Especially knox hair-cut is beyond cuteness, Angie is looking cool and casual while it appears she’s still healing.

  • Love Conquers All

    And I expect as usual that the trolls are going to attack Angie’s appearance while she’s still in recovering process of healing from the surgery.

  • Loach

    Cute kids but Jolie’s thinness isn’t from surgery, it’s from her lack of caloric intake. She’s a nice woman but sorry, she’s earned the nickname Skeletina.

  • Dakota

    Cute kids. Angelina is a very hands on mother. Love getting new pictures of this family.

  • Another Fan2

    Aww, the twins are back with Mommy (who knows, maybe Brad too). Cute balloons being loaded into the van.

  • LLM
  • LLM
  • Marina Sharp

    Wheewww whhhoo
    Told you all Brad was seeing his woman Angelina Jolie, when ever he was in between filming.
    That’s what love and dedication he has for his baby mama. Even the miles and heavy work load can’t stop BP from being away from his wife and family that is what true love looks like. More little ones coming in 9 months.

  • Frenchy

    Everyone’s ;looking great

    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pavuxmmk5325

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  • LOL!!

    They have Brad listed on that site. LOL!!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Angelina’s face is sooooo beautiful in the above pictures. Her smile is infectious.

  • Jack S.

    Is she constantly in mourning? Why else does she always wear black? Depressing.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    @Another Fan2:
    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Brad is there with the family as well. I certainly hope so but will understand if he is still filming. But I hope he was given some time off to be with the family. He loves his family so much.
    The twins are simply adorable and I LOVE Knoxie’s new haircut. He is the spitting image of Shiloh and looks even more like his handsome daddy Brad.

  • Scarlett

    Knox is identical Shiloh!

  • Zare

    @Jack S.:

    Obviously because she likes black. She has spoken in interviews that her closet contains the fewest clothes in the family and that most are black which does not show dirt and makes dressing a breeze.

    Simple Right?

    And probably now only black in OZ because with all the clothes the kids have had packed for the extended trip the simplest thing for her to pack for the months in OZ was black clothes to make her life easier in terms of what to grab to dress each day and what she wears for work.

    Don’t know why you have a problem with her clothing choices.

    Lots of people like black and wear it every day, she is not the only one in the world to do so.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi to my sweetheart, Phool. Thank you for your lovely post to me on the previous thread. You said everything I was thinking about the impact Twelve Years a Slave is having on our world. What an awesome history lesson this world will receive from this movie.
    I, too, want to emphasize and say, “Thank you” to all the Abolitionists and the people whose hearts could not and would not condone such an ungodly system as Slavery. As President Lincoln said so eloquently…”This country cannot long endure being half slave and half free.” And s the Bible says so eloquently as well, “A House divided against itself will not stand.”
    Never can a nation be built in strength and love, and progress and growth with half its people enslaved, having no investment in its land.
    Without the freedom to invest in the country you live in via the power to make decisions, the freedom to be educated, developing skills and the freedom to visualize creating your own businesses, etc., incentive dies and the country dies with it. Slavery inspires nothing in anyone. It destroys men, women and children. Slavery is truly an abomination to any people who want to live progressively and in peace.
    Hopefully, we, today, can learn from our horrendous mistakes of the past.
    So nice to have you back my dearest Phool. Blessings walk with you always.
    And isn’t it grand to see how beautiful our gorgeous Angelina is looking Phool? And is Brad in Queensland for a brief stay? I hope with all my heart he is. I know he is missing his family so much and they are missing him. I and thankful the filming of both movies will be over soon and the family can be altogether again.

  • umm

    The twins are in Oz now. Either Brad is in Oz or Brad and Angie secretely met somewhere.

  • plez

    The twins are such cuties. I like Pax and Knox haircuts.
    There are lots of female celbs that Jared post who want you to care about what they are wearing and even made a career from it. Go to their threads and talk about fashion if you care so much about it.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Saying “Hi” to my other darling, Rose.
    I know you are having a wonderful Sunday Rose, and I read on the previous thread you were able to see Twelve Years a Slave. My girlfriend and I were planning to go but she is terrified of the horrible scenes we had heard about. Now I read some of the fans are saying some scenes were not as bad as we were told previously. I am sharing that with her so I hope we will get to see it soon. It is not as yet in my neighborhood theatre. Hopefully it will be soon. I intend to see it when it is.
    Rose isn’t it wonderful to see Angelina with the twins. This means either Brad is in town with the family or he and Angelina met as before. I hope, of course, it means Brad has some time off to be with his family. I know the family misses him terribly as he misses all of them. I am so happy Brad and Angelina are making time to be with each other. Our beautiful couple is so forward thinking and very well organized. Now all I pray for is that the filming of both movies will go swiftly and perfectly and the family will be back together again never to be apart like this or any other way ever again.
    Looks like Angelina is getting ready for a really nice party for the children. I do hope Brad is there to enjoy it with the kids. Rose Angelina’s face looks so beautiful and happy. Bet she spent a sweet “mommy and daddy” time with Brad. :)
    Rose I am getting better and better with each day and when I see my beautiful Brad and Angelina looking so happy they truly make my day.
    Have an enjoyable day my sweet friend. Blessing cover you and all your loved ones always.

  • Wonderbust

    Knox looks like Shiloh’s twin. Brad and Angie either met up secretly or Brad is there.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Angelina and Brad make beautiful babies together!

    It is amazing how much Shiloh and Knox look so much alike. But Knox has Brad’s unique and gorgeous eyebrows.
    Vivienne is such a little lady. She is very pretty and has a delicately feminine persona.
    Can’t get over how big Pax is getting. Love his haircut too.

  • Brads fan

    Coparenting seems to work.

    Brad should be there, he hasn’t seen the others since September.

    the kids need caps.

  • legsfan

    AWWWWWW….. Thanks Ange! That really made my day! Uhh…. night… whatever….

    Can we get some pics of Han & Lando next? I mean Zee & Shi hehheh…

    And Knox does look like his big sister so much!

  • Heeee


  • ha!

    awww- very sweet- the JP “babies” are big kids now. Knox looks so much like his parents, yes, but he also reminds me of one those cherubs/angels in a Renaissance painting. Just like millions of people have said about Brad and Angie for the past couple of decades- oh, that FACE! Of course all of the JP kids are beautiful and the MOST beautiful thing is that there is so much love in that family!

  • who

    The twins are back with mom. Either Brad is in Australia or they had another secret meet-up somewhere. So romantic!

  • tweet

    @Amazing JPs: I agree re: NCFOM and, yes, TC was better. We really enjoyed it, too. Twisty is an excellent descriptor! Always great seeing sweet Angie and her babies- SO CUTE! Notice how jj grabs onto ANYTHING negative re: the JPs but manages to ignore the positivity of TYAS, Brad’s other new movie. Maybe he should mention that Fight Club got a worse reception. He probably would, but then it might remind people that it later became an iconic, classic film, huge on dvd and is on many, many lists of the the best movies ever made. Too busy getting $$ for posting z-listers pics- Chelsea H fake pregnancy pics- so unfunny.

  • Wurry

    She is looking like death again.

  • anustin


  • truth

    She looks great. Hsters try to start rumors but they don’t stick. Angie looks healthy and happy. Love she stays true to herself and wears whst is comfortable. Her boobs look great and she is amazing.

  • angel baby

    ha!, I’ve noticed that, too- Knox looks just like a little cherub in many pictures, especially when he had longer hair. So adorable:

  • anustin

    And goes Anjie’s,that face is lookin gorgeous !bless u,and ur famil!

  • anustin

    Wtf!!!! iPod is acting……wowowow ….brad miz his family!

  • anustin

    U must be 500lbs.fatzo!,,,,

  • Bambi

    Just Pax and the twins.

    I wonder when the twins got back. I think the poster here at FF that guessed they needed Viv for Maleficent reshoots was probably right.

    I just looked at the whole set on JJ.

    When they get out of the store Knox is on the left, then Viv and then Jolie. Somehow she moved Viv to the other side and grabbed Knox’s hand. Had to get him in the pic with her showing off his new haircut. She’s so predictable

  • anustin

    Kids looks adiorable!

  • BambiJoker

    Hahahaha~~~ Bambi so fond of speculations….You are SICK~~~~

  • truth

    Bambi you have quite an imagination. Haters get dumber every day. Brad missed his family . Glad he got to spend some time with them.

  • anustin

    Bambiniston is high! The end.

  • Kim

    Idiot troll, one day complains about Angie’s BARE arms and BARE back next day claims she hides her body.Idiot if she was hiding her body she WOULDN’T wear spaghetti straps.
    Kids are adorable especially Knox w new haircut

  • the ring

    bambi and pitty romantic vacation in london
    awwwwwwwwwwwww cute¡¡

    where is her engagement ring?
    she is pregnant;)

  • Luv JPs

    Love this beautiful international star and her lovely family.
    Angie and Brad , OMG!! Can anyone else in HW top the Queen and King of Hollywood? NOT!

  • Joam

    Ty JJ ;)

  • NAN

    Wow,The twins with their mommy again, they are so cute.

    Papa Pitt so clever to choosing Angelina to be the mother of his children.

    Poor Ms.BamBong huh ? she is still be a Bitter B!tch Barren Cow.

    BamBong’s dogs run around JPs threads like the dogs watching the airplane fly.

    BamBong & BamBians are still ga ga with their LOST…Ouch

  • the ring

    The Counselor’ Bombs With $7.5M


    I am looking the ring of our Angie, xoxo love

  • the ring


    eing??guau guau

  • NAN

    Hey BamBians ring Ding Dong,your BamBong is C R A Z Y.

    No one wants BamBong’s Fake Baby huh ?

    9 years gone Ms.BamBong is still Barren,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa