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Angelina Jolie Shops in Queensland with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie Shops in Queensland with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie holds her five-year-old son Knox‘s hand while going shopping with her twins on Sunday afternoon (October 27) in Queensland, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress also brought along Vivienne and Pax to pick up some party balloons. Perhaps she is planning a Halloween party for the family this weekend?

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Earlier in the week, Angelina was spotted on the set of her film Unbroken, which she is currently directing down under in Australia.

Brad Pitt‘s new movie The Counselor, in which he has a supporting role, opened in theaters this weekend and unfortunately isn’t expected to do well at the box office with just $9 million. It also received a dreaded “D” CinemaScore from audiences, according to Deadline.

FYI: Knox is wearing Jagged Culture shorts.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie shopping with the kids…

Just Jared on Facebook
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 01
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 02
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 03
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 04
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 05
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 06
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 07
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 08
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 09
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 10
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 11
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 12
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 13
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 14
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 15
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 16
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 17
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 18
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 19
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 20
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 21
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 22
angelina jolie shops in queensland with the twins 23

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  • Sad

    So Brad was with the twins all this time and no pics but as soon as they arrive in Australia pap pics of Angelina and the twins…. Coincidence?
    She really has the paps on speed dial. What an attention wh*re she is!

  • lucy

    See Trolls, Brad and Angie do not call you every time they see each other, they have NOT be apart this whole time, and here’s the proof, maybe Brad saw the pictures of Angie’s toned and shapely booty and hightailed it to Australia with the twins, bet the first thing he did after kissing his 4 oldest kids was grab Angie’s butt and hold on tight.
    Great news on the TYAS box office, can’t wait till it comes to our city. Oh, and Knox could definitely pass as a younger Shiloh, amazing how they look so much alike, just adorable.

  • NAN

    Brad Pitt is a gentleman,he said nothing just leaved and hurry to find a real woman and built his new Family.

    ” Bambong’s intimates note acidly that her X could had done more to refute the mean-spirited romor that BamBong wouldn’t bare her X’s childe,which reinforced the impression that he had good cause to leave BamBong for Earth Mother Jolie.To some,this look like sheer hypocrisy ” readmore……..FatFvcker IT 05

    Ms.BamBong is still be a Barren Cow of town. 98-13

  • dang

    @Marina Sharp:
    HE’S only going back for the kids – not jolie, look at those arms…the DM has a n article on them

  • dang

    the only person Brad is secretly meeting is his mistress

    for every beautiful woman out there, there is a guy who is tired of bangin’ her

  • lucy

    @tweet: Handler’s not funny, she’s crazy, she’d had abortions and is proud of that fact, yet she dresses up as a pregnant woman, someone’s missing a “sensitivity chip” and it’s not Brad.

  • BRAD

    When did they do a kid “handoff” again?
    Proves they can do things undercover when they want. And probably Pitt didn’t go, just shoved the kids on a plane with a bodyguard.
    Poor Viv is EXHAUSTED as always. She must have literally just got them off the plane and called for a photo op :roll:
    I agree. Well a bodyguard and a nanny. But he didn’t go.

  • http://Ipad Susan

    Good morning J-P fans.@lucy: Proves that Chelsea is a sick person, it is no wonder she is friends with Ticky, Sandra, and Charlize, birds of a feather flock together.

  • NAN

    ringsaddandang is BamBong’s Coward dogs, IT B@rking for their living,IT knows that BamBong is C R A Z Y.

    IT needs ££$$€€ for IT husbands and husbians….Ouch….Ouch

    No one Wants or Cares a left over from a Bought Gigolo,ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa

  • bap

    Angelina and the Twins are very beautiful together! Angelina looks so happy!

  • dang

    JOLIES team needs to hire people for the night shift now that they are downunder – by now there should be about 2300 posts

  • shame

    The extreme right wing government of Queensland has given her the green light to destroy the environment by filming in heritage listed areas! It’s sickening!

  • swash buckler

    Check out the maroochy plaza, very nice there with plaza nestled over the river, plenty of shopping and food courts. the marina at friday’s mooloolaba or clive palmer world, noosa’s hasting st, king’s beach at caloundra, ettamogah pub… no scratch that, little kid’s love
    the fairytale castle at bli bli
    big pineapple at nambour
    ginger factory at yandina

  • nok thailand

    Angelina and the kids r so cute. :) Happy family!

    Happy Halloween. ^^

  • ?

    I have a Q, not out of hate I don’t hate them, only curious and because you are all fans and you probably have more info then me, maybe you’ll have an answer…

    it’s pretty obvious that they can do things without anybody knowledge, like flying all over the world, together or separately, which I think is amazing considering their high profile. so why when they have to promote something they sometimes take the kids and go thru the airport so everyone can see them and take pic, when they can obviously go incognito as always (they did it in the past) ?
    am I wrong to think that they’re taking advantage of the kids sometimes ? (don’t be mean and give a nasty answer, i’m not a troll or any other names you have, I truly believe they are good people, just find it interesting).

  • Rose

    @Phool, good morning my dearest Phool. How are you my friend? Phool, I’m sorry I did not get back yo you yesterday. I was so busy all day and then in the evening we went to the 4:00 pm showing of TYAS. Phool, please, please go and see that movie when it’s in your area, it’s a hard watch, but so beautifully done. If this movie don’t sweep at the Academy in March there is some major corruption going on in Hollywood, EXCELLENT acting by all, every one of the actors. It’s gut renting, heart warming masterpiece. I felt so many emotions. At one time I had heart palpations, shed a tear a time or two, but did not cry throughout the movie. It’s a watchable movie for people who are sensitive. Just remember this man lived this abuse for 12 years the least we can do is spend two hours watching his journey. It’s worth every minute. Life is not always clean and sanitary for everyone.

    I’m thinking this movie should be shown in school for kids 12 years and up. The young black especially should see what their forefathers had to go through two hundreds years ago and to take their lives seriously from learning from the past so it’s not revisited, because there are some serious hateful people out there, jmo.

    Phool, just saw the photos of Angie and the kids. Omg, those kids are so beautiful. I cannot believe Pax has grown so much and so handsome. The twins are just too cute. I live Knox hair cut, what a beautiful little boy. IEEE the trolls are here talking the same nonsense about Angies weight.

    Trolls have been talking about Angies weight for ten years, Jesus Christ!! When are they going to stop. Angle with her slim body gave birth to three children, had major surgery, and still look fabulous. Angie was under the knife with her slim self for eight hours and came out of surgery
    in flying colors. I bet some fat trolls could not survived a eight hour
    major surgery they would be still hold up in bed begging people to watch
    their assess. Trolls don’t understand slim people can gain weight, although sometimes it hard because of their body type, it’s hard to gain weight. However, a ugly person will always be ugly because it’s in their genes, Angie will always be beautiful because it’s in her genes. Angie’s mother was a beautiful woman with a slim built. It’s time for trolls to give up their obsession with Angie and her family, they are only driving themselves cray, cray.

  • Isa
  • NAN

    Wow,dangringdingdong the BamBong’s dogs on duty again huh ?

    ” My worst fear is that BamBong will have to face her X happy Family together with The mother of his children, because that would be beyond beyond PAINFUL ” say Kiss@ss HaHahn

    BamBong is still HURTS that her set up A-list hunk gone Never looked back,just let BamBong fighting with Dolly’s friends……Ouch…..Ouch

  • maude

    @?: your observatons are correct but you will only be slandered for bring it to light

    just so ya know

  • Rose

    @Dawne, good morning Dawne, how are you today. Wishing you a Besutiful Sunday. Dawne I’m Duffy TYAS in not near you at this time. When it comes to your area please see it. It’s a well done movie. It will bring unpleasant emotions and every emotions both good and bad, gut wrenching hardship and cruelty, but you’ll also want to forgive because hate is too hard a burden to carry around. However, it’s a must see movie because you will have a little understanding of what slavery was truly about.

    I strongly recommend this movie to everyone. The Actors were EXCELLENT, everyone of them should receive an Oscar for their performance. About the people in the theatre, everyone was very quiet, except hearing men clearing their throats several times, at times people were restless in their seats. if you see the movie you’ll understand the reason and you might become emotionally drained.
    The theatre was about 2/3 full. The crowd was mixed, blacks, whites and teenagers with family. After the movie everyone stayed until the last credit rolled. Everyone left the theatre in silence.

  • 411

    Those who constantly live in the past will forever be stuck in a time wrap(1998), moaning and groaning over nothing. 2013 and nothing changes for the whiny hen.

  • Rose

    @Premalee, good morning Prem. So good to hear you’re feeling better Prem, you know dust and asthma don’t go together, so be careful. My friend. Prem, have you seen TYAS as yet? It’s a must see. I know its hard to watch. However, it’s a true story, and if Solomon lived this inhumanity for twelve years., at least we should give up two hours to watch his journey. IMO, this movie should be shown in school from 7th grade on.

  • blah

    Can’t she afford sunglasses for her kids?
    And I try not to be mean but she is top heavy and out of shape.

  • 411

    Try harder or go praise the top bottom stars such as Kim booty or Velveeta spread Ticky.

  • Rose

    @?: Why should brad and Angelina be hiding their children? If you don’t want to see the children, don’t come on their fan thread. It’s simple. Other Stars children are in the news every damn day. Do you have a problem seeing those children? Do you go to all the thread of parents and children in Hollywood and ask why are they taking their children to the store to buy Halloween gifts? if you don’t want to see them, please don’t click on a Brad and Angelina’s thread. They are not going to hide their children to please you. Yes, you’re wrong. It’s their children and they should be free
    like every other child in HW.

    Btw, I believe if you go to Daily mail right now you will see several actors and their children. Now go over to DM and leave a comment asking why are these Actors “taking advantage of their kids sometimes?”. Don’t be a cry baby, don’t want to see the Jolie Pitts kids, don’t come on a thread showing the kids at the top of the page. See I was very nice to you, I did not curse you or slander you. Now please leave.

  • Jocelyn

    @?: Just like any other celebrity couples who can be papped all the time, and then not, like the Garner-Afflecks, the Stefani-Rossdales. And no, this is not a snarky answer to you. But since you asked. For me, I take it to mean that sometimes they can fly under the radar, but they cannot do it all the time, and why should they? It can be a lot of work/expense to fly under the radar all the time, and maybe sometimes they don’t want to put in the effort, and also give their loyal fans (like me) some glimpses into their lives. If they get accused of pimping, who cares? After all, they have been accused of everything from making JenJen miserable all the way to destroying the environment.

  • Jocelyn

    I forgot to include the Beckhams in the list of the celebrities whose children we see practically all the time, especially Harper. And I never ever see any whining anywhere when sites show photos of David and Harper, all I read were ooohs and aaahs, about how cute she is, how wonderful a father David is, blah blah blah. No one ever comments about David and Victoria pimping Harper and the boys, and the Beckhams do have something to promote, namely their brand.

  • busted

    Aww new pics..

    i see Angie has the Twins .. so cute..

    LOL. so Angie according to the troll is hiding behind big clothing.. mmmmm.. strange because we just saw a picture of her in a pair of tight pants. Seriously..

    anyway so good to see the kids. Pax too. Wonder if maybe Brad could have Zee and Shiloh with him now.. Well we will know when we know..

    Going to see The Counselor today..

  • Shamu

    What the HELL are all those long ranting messages? Some weirdoes here, lol. AJ went overboard with the implants. She’s too skinny to carry them.

  • http://laptop Susan

    Here comes the breast police, wanna bet how many times today will she write about breast.

  • neer

    AJBP are human beings who also DESERVE TO LIVE AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE. Sure, they can sometimes be in “incognito” or travel or do their thing in secrecy BUT they cannot do it ALL THE TIME. Why would they do that all the time? Just to please those who do not want to see them? Of course not!!! They can do whatever they want as they please NOT because the haters or even the fans says so or something. If they did that… I mean hide always, they would be living a miserable life. They are NOT CRIMINALS anyway!!! They are human beings who happens to be so famous and so good-looking that their PRESENCE CANNOT JUST BE IGNORED, whether you are a fan or not!
    Sure with their popularity & have the most recognizable faces in the world, it is so difficult to live as normally as possible…. but at least they are trying to put some “normalcy” in their life with their family… and being NOT always in “incognito” is part of it.
    Besides, it is not their fault if they are “haunted” by paparazzi or the press or just any ordinary people who see them by chance anywhere in the world.
    Their CELEBRITY STATUS should NOT BE A REASON TO DEPRIVE the AJBP family to be like us… that is to live normally!!! They have their rights too. It’s only up to them if they would always take advantage whatever privileges their status brings. It’s THEIR CALL HOW TO LEAD THEIR LIVES, and no one has the right to dictate to them what to do…as long as they are not breaking any laws or something.

  • Rose

    @Jocelyn: Hi Jocelyn, you know that question posted was a passive agressive question used by cyber bullies. It’s called ANTICIPATING:- by taking up an alienating position by asking spud-naive questions. Eg, the topic is heavily reliant on deceiving the group it is aimed at and covertly manipulates egos, sensitivities, morals and feelings of guilt, usually to trigger emotional responses. It can also creates moral dilemmas.

    This was #? question. “I don’t know the answer to this and I’m not an hater”… “so why when they have to promote something they sometimes takes the kids to go though the airports so everyone can see them and take pictures when they can obviously go incognito as always”.

    Jocelyn when was the last time we have seen the kids at the airport? Months? Trolls are really up on Angie’s daily routines, lol.

  • busted


    You do know that ONLY Brad and Angie are not allowed to ever ever ever be seen with their kids. NEVER allowed to go out with their children. As you said there are pics on this site of celebs out with their children. going to the “pumpkin patch” wearing costumes, on RCs or some sporting event, at the airport or being picked up from school. but let there be a picture of the JP kids and the crazies come out in force. If we dont’ see the kids then BA are horrible parents. their children are raised by nannies and such.. if we see them then of course it is a PR move..

    Seriously these trolls are such pathetic haters. nothing else but haters who can’t let this couple just be.

  • Cesar

    Beautiful Angie looks gorgeous and happy, her smile make my day. The kids are so adorable and lovely that make Angie proud and smiling all the time.

    All the hateful-jealous idiots must be felling even more stupid and pathetic than usual, i would like to see their ugly-fat-faces when they realized that the twins are in Australia with Angie, For them must be a bad day. Just a few days ago they are in London with Brad and now …. surprised !!! ha ha ha.

    It´s great to have another prove that Brad and Angie live out of radar and the gossip-world don´t no nothing about what they do.

    Like some people said, Brad and Angie have the power and money to fly all world each 15 days, to be together without nobody knows.

    Even the Hong-Kong meet was pure luck for the paps that are always waiting in the airport for some famous. i remember that it was just one or two paps taking the pics.

    Well, haters live for spiting hate.

    The best of this photos is to see that they are preparing a party. for what ? …
    Viv it´s the same precious princess, she looks a sensible beautiful flower that needs all the care and love.. Viv it´s Angie feminine side and it´s for sure the dady-girl.

    I loved to see the new air cut of Knox, he always try to copy his father, now that Brad have a short hair, knox have to cut his golden long hair too, he likes to copy is dady and like Brad he loves to be all the time with is beautiful mother. knox must be a cool and calm dude. Relax guy.

    What the hateful-jealous will say now? ha ha ha

    Btw, the Angie veiny arms that the ridiculous Daily-Fail try to smear or make something bad it´s the same arms Angie have displayed in her all life. That it´s not news, it´s a hateful-smear-campaign about something natural and human that many persons have. It´s is not a bad thing.

    My veins are just like Angie, visible, pumping and salients. it means that the blood it´s more tick and the heart it´s strong and powerful. It´s more visible in thin person but do not mean it´s something bad.

    The hateful-jealous just don´t know what to say against the Jolie-Pitts. The envy it´s eating their brain.

    I like to say: “The Jolie-Pitt happy-loving caravan passed and the dogs-sad-ugly-hateful keep barking”, ha ha ha ha

    Long life to this wonderful and incredible family, the Jolie-Pitt love it´s bigger than any evil and it will give us good vibes as always. Kiss

  • troll meltdown

    Seeing sweet Pax, Knox, and Vivi is driving troll cra-cra-crazy it hurts SO MUCH…so much pain-good thing it wasn’t all 6 babies. For 20 years, troll keeps saying that Angie is too skinny and in that time she’s managed to have six babies, become one of the most respected philanthropists ever, become a cinema and box office icon who has won and been nominated for every major award multiple times, a vitner with major real estate holdings, and that is just the beginning. More pain in store for the troll. With each spike of discomfort the troll will ever have, troll should be afraid that they too will be getting a mastectomy soon and maybe they can make fun of themselves. Karma for the troll.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Let the trolls b$tch. Don’t you know by now is always a double standard when it comes to the JP. Victoria, Jen, Gwen, Jessica, etc. can have a million outings with their kids they haters think they are adorable. How wonderful the mothers are spending time with their children blah blah blah. But when Angie and/or Brad take their kids out they are pimping them. You can’t never reason with the jealous haters. Nine years nothing has changed. Why would today be any different.

    Let’s enjoy the beautiful pictures. The kids are adorable.

  • Rose

    @busted: Good morning busted, have you noticed trolls are never on tickets thread? They are always here, even the trolls are sick of Ticky and her paid gigolo. When was the last time Ticky and tacky was seen in the same photo? However, trolls are not worried them, because they know that relationship is over, as the ring would say, SPLIT, lol. busted, hope you have a great day today.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @troll meltdown:

    I know right. MANiston is so gorgeous and healthy but couldn’t even lay 1 single egg. Poor dried up barren cow.

  • Dawne

    The hags can’t stand that Angie is one of the most accomplished women of her age in the world…….gets them where they live in that dark, dank, ugly place. Their only accomplishment is spending the bulk of their productive time ragging on a woman who does more in a day than these haters do in a year.

    She’s loved by all who meet her; doesn’t have a nasty bone in her body so that in itself attracts evil… know how demonic people hate goodness……….even though the vessel in which they carry their hate is the thing that corrodes……not their target. But so far they are too stupid to figure that out so they deserve their misery.

  • neer

    When it comes to AJBP, a HIGH standard is set and that’s a reality, whether the trolls admit it or not. They just love to nitpick everything that they do or not do. However, I have a different perspective on this. I take this as a compliment for AJBP. It is because they are really DIFFERENT from other celebrities, that’s why according to them, DIFFERENT RULES must be observed by them. They cannot be grouped with other stars. They belong on a different, special league. So thank you trolls for treating AJBP on a league of their own… thank you for putting them on a very special, important place.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Hey lovely Rose my dear. How are you? Happy Sunday!!

    Funny isn’t it. The MANiston loonies would rather be on the JP thread than FF. These haters spend all their times defending the barren cow but never on her thread. Jared had her thread up since Oct. 18. It has 113 posts. Jared had this thread up late last night and it already has 90 plus posts. MANiston is so loved and so famous around the world even her loonies would’t support her thread. Poor MANiston. She only has fake fans. All her fans are secretly in love with Brad & Angie.

  • Rose

    @Love the JoliePitts: Good morning my dearest friend Love. So happy to hear you’re feeling better every day. Our health is so precious we have to always take care and don’t do anything unless you’re sure it’s not going to hold you back.

    Love, TYAS is a EXCELLENT movie. It’s not easy to watch but should be watched. It will bring up all kinds of emotions, both good and bad. You may shed a tear or to but I don’t believe you will spend the entire time crying. Your stomach will hurt for a time because of the cruelty that people are able to show towards people they don’t consider human. However, you will be missing out on a great history lesson if you don’t spend the two hours and see this movie. You can mention you your friend if Solomon can live this Cruelty for 12 years, the least one can do
    is spend two hours learning and feeling in a minute way how far we have come and make sure this never happens again in this world. People are being held slaves in this day and time and we must see and learn.

    Also, everyone who acted in that movie should be given an Academy Award, it was so powerful. Love, I promise you, you will never forget this movie for a long time, but it will be for the good and not all of the bad.

    Love, I know Angie is one of those people who skip eating when she’s very busy, I hope she’s eating and taking care of her self. I remember her brother Jamie saying many years ago, when she’s very busy she forgets to eats. I know where I work, when they hogans lots of deadlines to meet lots of people just work through lunch all the time so I do understand that. But because Angie just had that major surgery I hope She is taking care of herself.

    Love, OMG, Angie And Brad really have some beautiful children. Pax is truly a handsome boy, and he’s getting so big. I cannot believe how beautiful how big the twins are, and so Beautiful. I live know hair cut.
    Love take take of your dear self and go and see TYAS is worth your while, you will not be sorry and you will not close your eyes because you will want to see how evil one man can be to others. OMG, what a movie!!

  • Jocelyn

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: @Rose: Thanks, guys. I so seldom post here and usually I let the passive aggressive comments come in one ear and out the other (figuratively) but this poster’s comments just got to me because it’s always so unfair. If they don’t want to see the JPs “pimping” their kids then don’t come here. They can always go to David/Victoria’s non-pimping threads, or Jessica Alba, or Gwen Stefani, or the greatest non-pimpers of all, Ben and Jen. There’s always a thread for them, why come here? Me, I want to see how fast the JP kids are growing, and if there are non-invasive pictures here at Jared’s then I am on board.

  • Happy Halloween

    The JP kids have always loved going to party and art stores. Brad & Angie seem to make a special effort to encourage creative activities in their babies. And yes, they are papped WAY less other celeb kids, but trolls only feel pain seeing the JP kids.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Good morning to you, Rose. So nice to be on board with you.
    Rose it is wonderful to see Angeiina with Brad’s beautiful babies out shopping. I m so thankful for these pictures. The twins are adorable and Pax is growing so nicely. He seems to have calmed down quite a bit or he is unaware that his picture is being taken.
    More pictures please! :)
    Thanks so much for your take on TYAS. I intend to see it.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  • ?


    just wanted to thank you for your answer, i do agree with what you wrote and the kids are stunning. thank you for giving an honest answer and you wrote a few things that made sense, so now i understand more.

    who ever rose is, she should learn from you i to give a nice and polite answer without attacking for no reason.

  • Rose

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: Good morning my dear MWM, so good to see you on this beautiful morning. It’s a little chilly but sunny in my area this morning. We know the trolls would rather be here than tickys thread because it’s hard for this one troll to keep talking and answering itself on tickys thread. Anyway, it’s always the same, Jen has a banging body, Jen hair is nice, Jen body is banging, I like her jeans, her body is banging, I like her wedges shoes, I like her body, she it the most beautiful in the entire world, lies.

    I agree, all tickys fans are still in love with Brad and hope he will go back to the dead end. Poor trolls are living in a fools paradise.

    MWM, did you see the latest Bo numbers on TYAS $3.4m and it’s only in 123 theaters and #8 for the weekend.

  • relax

    you guys completely misunderstood @?.

    and @rose, you really need to calm down, stop attacking for no reason, that person wasn’t against them, just didn’t understand something, and @jocelyn gave a good answer, you should learn how to do that. you are so used to all the “trolls” that when someone who isn’t one and just ask something you only attack, and just so you know, @jocelyn cleared for me too a few things that i didn’t know and i’m not a hater either. the fans here just know more about them so it’s easier to ask you questions.

  • hill

    I assume she’s always wearing black to mourn her non-existent career.

    I wonder what she has planned next to have people talking about her.

  • Natasza

    The twins are so cute. They are such a mommy’s boy and mommy’s girl.Angelina looks nice