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Julianne Hough Apologizes for 'Orange is the New Black' Costume

Julianne Hough Apologizes for 'Orange is the New Black' Costume

Julianne Hough took to Twitter to apologize for her Orange is the New Black costume, which she wore at the 2013 Casamigos Halloween Party on Friday (October 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“I am a huge fan of the show Orange is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created. It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize,” the 25-year-old actress tweeted.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Julianne Hough’s apology for her Halloween costume?

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  • believe

    I thought it was fine and understood her selection. But in this world, you cannot be too careful. Even if your intent wasn’t to offend, someone will be offended. It is kind of tiresome. This character she chose was not a stereotype and is not demeaning to blacks.

  • Lys

    Did she just apologize because she dressed as a black woman???? People surely can be closed minded


    she shouldn’t apologize , cool outfit

  • Staynzy

    People are pathetic she shouldn’t have apologised if people didn’t like the outfit choice then get over themselves. There will always be someone complaining.

  • Sophia

    America is so damn sensitive. If the character was ghostly pale, she would have put some white powder on. Then would people have asked her to apologize? No.

  • Kirsten

    I am a black woman and I dress up as charachters of different ethnicities all of the time. Cat woman, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, etc. I have never once painted my face to portray that race because it’s just silly. People know who I am anyways. It’s sad how some of you don’t understand why this can be considered upsetting. There is a lot of hurt and hate that resulted from blackface. I have no problem with Julianne but perhaps she should have just worn the costume and done her hair without wearing blackface.

  • HUBE

    She shouldn’t apologize. People are stupid.

    If a black guy goes to a party dressed like a white tv character and with his face painted in white he is a racist?

  • soy

    it wasn’t even blackface or something, she was just tanned, see the pictures

  • Tracy

    She only apologized to save her image/career… No way she didn’t know people could be offended seeing a white chick wear useless blackface for Halloween. Being a fan of a show doesn’t give you a pass to be disrespectful.

  • theo

    I’m glad she apologized & believe she is totally sincere. If you don’t understand why she felt the need to apologize then please educate yourselves.

  • essie

    she just wanted the PR .. if she was really ‘respecting’ the character, why not the black hair as well.. obviously she knew donning blackface would get attention.. she’s a nobody anyway now that she’s no longer with seacrest

  • Louise

    No need for an apology. Perhaps all the black skinned women who dye their hair blonde should have to apology to all white skinned, blonde women. So sick of the poor, pitiful me attitude out there.

  • reyna

    @HUBE: White people didn’t suffer from discrimination for centuries you a$$hole! Was that blackface necessary? HELL NO.

  • Lys

    @Kirsten: So making a withe character black is ok, but a white girl dressed as a black woman is upsetting… that’s a bit hyocrite.

    This is just a girl that enjoys a show and dresses as one character for a party, nothing else.

  • Not your friend

    Thnx Julianne for the apology, I’m a fan of urs and ur brother’s….it’s like me calling white ppl crackers while none of my white friends are around. U can’t paint ur face black without none of ur black friends around cuz they will talk some senses in u! And to the dumb racists who think she shouldn’t apologize, die!

  • allison

    Black people dress like super heroes all the time and don’t paint their face white.(Note most superhero are white) Why do white people feel the need to continue to do it?

    Why the need to color her face at all? What does the actress’ skin color have to do with the character she is portraying.

  • allison

    @Lys: you are not that intellegent

  • Not okay

    I can’t tell what’s more shocking : people who think blackface is funny and cool or racists who blame those who have every damn right to be offended.

  • flew right over your head

    @Lys: I think Kirsten meant (and I’m pretty sure she even said it) the blackface was unnecessary and she could have done fine without it, because she doesn’t change her skin for her characters…not hypocritical at all.

  • oh please

    When sorry doesn’t seem the hardest word…

  • nikki

    does anyone think she purposely dressed that way to seek attention and get people talking and then apologized to look even better and get even more attention?

  • Lys

    @allison: I just see things as they should be: wear the costume you want whatever you want. It’s very sad that a Halloween costume can take so much hate.

    Just a loser attacks the speaker and not the speech.

  • Rose

    She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Girl is just desperate to keep her name in the press.

  • oh please

    @nikki: Of course myself. She’s just showing how snob she is. If only everyone would realize…

  • nikki

    @oh please:


  • allison

    The actress having black skin is not part of the character. Just like the character Rick Grimes from Walking Dead having white skin has nothing to do with it. When you put on a costume based on the character the color of the actor’s skin should not be part of it.

  • Verity

    Painting her face was unnecessary. You don’t have to go that far to portray a character. The hair would have been enough for people who know the show, to understand her costume.

  • Mel

    @allison: No, you should be a ble to pick if you follow his/her color or not without having to apologize for it.

  • Baltazar

    The truth is, who cares if she painted her face black? Is the character really that scary? Because I dont watch those tv series.

  • Uh No

    @HUBE: Yes, you idiot. He is.

  • Baltazar

    @Uh No: you are making a difference between races when we all are human beings.

  • mike

    People are way to sensitive. And many do need to go back to history class. White people have seen prejudice. They are called Jewish people and went through discrimination more times in history. I never saw this many people complain about Colton Haynes Browning his skin and dressing up as Ghandi last year. Its just a whole bunch of people wanting whites to feel guilty for being white. What I do think is if she wants to be in the public eye she should be smarter and not do something like this. People will always find something to criticize you for. I’m Asian and I appreciate a good inappropriate Asian joke, the same can’t be said about many other cultures because they live off the victim card.

  • http://osnapitscri Cris

    Poor girl. As a person of color, I didn’t find this offensive at all! I knew exactly the character she was dressed as. People need to stop being so damn sensitive. It was a halloween costume! It’s not like she dressed solely as a black person! She dressed as a CHARACTER from a TV show who just happened to be black. If she just dressed as any white character from OITNB people wouldn’t have given it a second look. People just need to calm down, it’s Halloween.

  • Tawny Jones

    Pretty Julianne Hough should never apologize to ugly snivelers.

  • Anna

    SMH at some of the comments…I am not a black woman, but I understand why this was upsetting…it wasn’t about the outfit, but the fact that she colored her skin…if she were dressed as ghost she could have painted her face white, because ghosts aren’t real, or she could have painted it blue if she wanted to be a genie, but blacks are human beings not some fictional character…besides it’s HALLOWEEN, you are supposed to dress up in smt scary not doctors or kittens or other crap that so many so called celebs dressed as…

  • Cate

    Well…at least she apologised sincerely and I hope she has learned from this.

  • chelsea

    @Sophia: Yeah, because ghostly powder makeup has a long history of being offensive. Good one.

  • jess

    Are you kidding me? She just put a load of tanner on, big freakin’ deal! So I guess the skeletons that people dress up should be offended then too. Guess the werewolves and vampires and witches should be offended also, because of the people that portray them badly. Get over yourself. If she was black dressing up as a white person, it would have passed under the radar. Just because she’s white and dressing up as a black person, it’s headline news. She doesn’t have to apologize. She shouldn’t have to. It’s ridiculous.

  • Cruizin596

    @Kirsten: So I am assuming that you were insulted when Eddie Murphy portrayed an old Jewish man in Coming to America — after all, you wouldn’t want to accept a double standard would you?

  • Kirsten


    I actually don’t care for any movies where actors are blatantly poking fun of other races. Including films like White Chicks and Coming to America. As a woman who has a family that is literally a melting pot of different races and cultures, I find it tasteless. But thanks for your condescending comment.

  • anna

    The use of blackface is unacceptable because of its use in the past to degrade, dehumanize, and mock black people. It is a tool used by those in power to belittle a minority group. The use of whiteface has no historical relevance, and those of you who are boohooing about hypocrisy or saying it’s not a big deal need to assess the significance of the issue at hand from a historical perspective.


    Julianne didn’t do anything wrong. All she did was pay tribute to a great character and a great actress. She shouldn’t have to apologize for that.

  • ethiopianchick

    I really don’t think she meant any harm she is a sweet girl and she gave me a great costume idea this halloween we should leave her alone and this is coming from a black chick fyi

  • 55vineyard

    @Louise: Thanks, I agree. I also thought she was not being racist but portraying a person from this show.

  • Jem

    While I think that she didn’t intend for her costume to be offensive or racist, I do think she shouldn’t have done it and should apologize for doing so. Some of you may not think it’s a big deal, but majority of America is going to find that offensive and it’s best for her to say sorry for it.

  • Lani

    That is ridiculous. Whoever was offended by that sucks at life.

  • Ginger

    There are certain things we all should respect in every culture and people of all race. And true that a lot of blacks dress up as white characters and I’ve never seen them paint their face white. Because we all know what they are dressed up as. Julian could have just done the hair with the orange jumpsuit and I would have known she was Crazy Eyes… No need to paint her face dark. I’m sure she means well and not a racist at all and that was just a poor choice she made. Glad she apologized.

  • Fancy Face

    There is no reason that she should have apologized. So she put on bronzer to look like a different ethnicity, so? It’s a COSTUME. Do people have to make apologizes to witches and vampires when they paint their faces green or pale white because someone finds their take on the look offensive? If someone got offended because of “black face’ they really need to A. Look up the classic black face and B. Get over themselves. This is a costume, not a socio-political commentary.

  • TC

    @ Kirsten – I totally agree with your analysis. Donning a “blackface” to portray a black character is unnecessary. The costume sans blackface would’ve been enough. However I will say that Anglos don’t understand why this is offensive and I think that’s the problem. So it’s more an issue of ignorance rather than cruelty or viciousness. That’s the problem with many issues such as this in this country. Anglos do not understand the history of “blackface” and the savagery and inhumanity it signified. And instead of trying to understand why this may be considered offensive, they deflect and make it “an African American problem.”
    I’m glad that Julianne Hough apologized. It shows that she has class and that she meant no harm. So she just didn’t know, which is perfectly understandable. So I applaud her for her apology. It shows us she’s a good, decent person.

  • starsh

    Americans are Ridiculous!!!! Try going to Africa where there are real problems based on racial inequality.