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Leonardo DiCaprio: Casamigos Halloween Party 2013!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Casamigos Halloween Party 2013!

Leonardo DiCaprio is all covered up in a black costume while attending the 2013 Casamigos Halloween Party at the home of Mike Meldman on Friday (October 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The day before, the 38-year-old actor was dapper in a suit while attending the Giorgio Armani One Night Only Event, alongside Hilary Swank and director Martin Scorsese, in New York City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

In case you missed it, Leo is set to produce and possibly star in the upcoming film Blood on the Snow.

FYI: The Halloween party was hosted by Mike Meldman and Rachel Zalis and was themed “Dia De Los Muertos – A Frightful Fiesta.”

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  • Not your friend

    Well if u say its then i guess it is

  • Anna

    Those hands are not DiCaprio’s hands, are you guys kidding?

  • Say it ain’t so

    Never would have thought that Leo was into this kind of stuff.

  • What’s next

    I think is not Leo since this guy is wearing lot of bracelets and neither is the one he has been wearing the last few months .. besides shoes give him away lol Def not Leo and probably Lukas

  • lisa runnels

    I wonder what leo has planned for his birthday party this year—–maybe ,something planned for the sandy victims still suffering from the storm———it takes years to come back from a storm like that——–


    There are different pictures from the evening from a person in an identical outfit, wearing black gloves and golding an e-cig. Posted here on JJ must be Lukas, that other guy must be Leo.

  • not with toni

    The pics posted here in JJ are not depicting LEONARDO!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    Funny that they have the wrong pics!! :-)

  • HAHA12

    LOL. Leo’s hands are much fatter.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Well JJ’s wrong post is getting picked up by other celeb sites. I hope they figure it out and fix it! LOL

  • not with toni

    Hey JJ!! Post Leonardo’s pics please.


    How do we know he isn’t playing with his Clint Eastwood under there?

  • sorry

    I thought he was Michael Jackson

  • also…

    Does it really matter? Leo was seen in LA yesterday. If Lukas was at this party probably Leo was there as well ( some tweet mentioned it if I remember correctly ). It happened before that he went to a Halloween party with friends and they were wearing the same costume.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    No it doesn’t matter. Newscom has both of the photos if anyone wants to see the “real” disguised Leo! LOL

  • hmm

    So where’s the barely legal lady friend? You would think this would be the ultimate event he could take her since she would’ve been disguised. Lol.

  • again

    the pictures with the gloves depict the SAME person as the pics without the gloves and it’s NOT Leo.Look at the bracelet
    Lukas has e cigs too
    Leo is nowhere

  • But

    gloves or no gloves it seems to be wearing the same shoes …



    LMAO Maybe the alleged Leo, that seems to be Lukas may result to be actually Toni. Remember? #Imgonnabelukasforhalloween

  • Black sharpie

    Too funny!!
    Whoever this is in the pics is holding a box of “Drip Drop”. It’s used to rehydrate or prevent dehydration due to excessive sweating, diarrhea or vomiting. Maybe Leo made himself sick worrying about all these stories in the tabloids. Ha!
    The person appears to have a leAther motorcycle jacket on underneath the costume. It doesn’t seem like something Leo would wear!?

  • not with toni

    I know i’m gonna get attacked mercilessly for this (lolz!) but it’s not Leonardo DiCaprio in “newscom”.The newscom pics supposedly depicting “DiCaprio” (gloves and not gloves) don’t depict Leo. It’s definitely Haas.

  • Black sharpie

    Leo is the grim reaper and she is the sickle. The sickle costume suits her body type.

  • HAHA12

    LMFAO. Harsh

  • not with toni

    So, the question is where is Leonardo…..

  • HAHA12

    @not with toni:
    The answer to this question is in your username :p

  • hmm

    #25 LMAO..
    #whyaminotthere #noonewouldhavenoticedme #notevenworthyofacostumeparty #fml

  • @not with toni

    Why would they mistake Lukas for Leo? I mean..?? If Lukas went then so did Leo most probably since he’s in L.A. The identical shoes could be another way to confuse paps.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    @@not with toni:

    They are definitely two different people, dressing the same to throw paps off.

  • Leokas


  • Isa

    Totally his style but ridiculous !

  • not with toni
  • not with toni

    Leo is nowhere.The newscom pics show only ONE person=> Lukas Haas
    I want Leo and i want him NOW!!! LMFAO! :))

  • LizEEEE

    Someone picked a costume that would hide his ‘Chubby Tummy’. :)

  • @not with toni

    Where in the pic with the gloves do you see the same bracelet(s)? How could you possible see them since there are gloves?

  • Does not matter!!!

    Leo was there and was wearing the same costume as Lukas! Thats why JJ got confused. Because you can’t even see his face!

  • A thought

    This is definitely Lukas but maybe the gloved guy was him too. This could’ve indeed been a way to throw off paps by probably tipping them off ”Leo is going to arrive at this party on this hour” and they sent Lukas there first. And maybe he arrived later, not being papped this way. Maybe it was indeed to not get caught with his barely legal if she’s with him, which I think she is. Just a thought/possibility.

  • not with toni

    you can still see the bracelet(that white thing) despite the gloves.After all, the photographers knew they were focusing on the same person all the time . They wouldn’t make such a mistake!
    It’s the same person indeed(gloves and not gloves) , only it’s not Leo:(((

  • not with toni

    My comment #37 was for #34

  • reality

    Lucas is thinner than Leo and this man doesn’t seem to have Lucas’ body.

  • Bus 1 vs Bus 2

    Round 2!!! Begin!!

  • Y

    I think it’s Lukas Haas…

  • @reality


  • @A thought
  • @43

    Well that clears it up I guess. It seems as though Milan was wearing the exact same thing too (only mask off on the pic). I think the paps got tipped off Leo would be at the party and mistaked Lukas for him. He was def there too..but with the barely legal lady friend.

  • @43

    Haha Toni is really frightening

  • gosh

    Bus #1 vs Bus #2 over again

  • P
  • @gosh

    no honey. Shut up already with your bullsh^t. It’s crystal clear this time.

  • also…

    I guess her going to LA with him proves Shower wrong. Sorry but I don’t believe they are just keeping the status quo until an official announcement. JMO.

  • @48

    Don’t tell me what to do or not to do. Who do you think you are? I say whatever I want whenever I want to. Go fcuk yourself if you don’t like it