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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Reunite After Split!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Reunite After Split!

Miranda Kerr dons a trendy coat while carrying her adorable son Flynn on Saturday (October 26) in New York City’s Central Park.

The 30-year-old Australian supermodel was joined on the stroll by her husband Orlando Bloom.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

This was the first time that Miranda and Orlando were spotted together after their separation.

The night before, Miranda and Orlando were seen heading to the same apartment separately in the Big Apple.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom spending time together with Flynn after their separation…

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miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 10
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 11
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 12
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 13
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 14
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 15
miranda kerr orlando bloom spend time together after split 16

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  • Not your friend

    Yay, I knew it was a publicity stunt

  • Sophia

    It’s good they seem amicable towards each other for their son. Very mature of them.

  • P

    @Sophia: Agree!!!

  • bloom


  • Katniss

    These orchestrated photoshoots make their separation announcement seem like an even bigger PR stunt than before.
    Miranda, are you really that desperate for attention? Wonder why Orlando’s accepting all this…

  • mila

    Oh jeez. They have a little kid together of course they will be together. The paparazzi really needs to leave people alone— especially with kids. This world is so F-ed up that a couple with a kid breaking up means money for the news people so they stalk an innocent kid and on top of his parents splitting up little Flynn has to deal with flashing lights and aggressive men– this world has its priorities wrong. This is why greed and corporations are ruining people and the planet. Things have to stop.

  • andrew

    you guys are pathetic. They’re doing this for the little boy

    get a life.

  • P

    Because the tabloids and blogs on both sides of the Atlantic have focused mainly on Miranda’s hoeing with famous men and maybe this outing was to indicate its all well thus Orlando looks less like a cuckold!

  • Drakis

    Orlando accepts this for the good of their son. Miranda is acting strangely lately and he fears this could affect Flynn in future.

  • Daisy dukes

    @Katniss: Agree!!!

  • Katniss

    @andrew: If they really were doing this for their son, Miranda wouldn’t have called the papz in advance.
    OH SNAP.

  • sad

    Aaliyah was a beautiful and talented young lady who worked very hard and was great at what she did. And she was just getting started. Just when she had everything going in her favor then just like that it’s all gone. It shows us how unfair and transitory life can be. No matter what our status in life this could happen to any of us famous or not.

  • Jen

    They are only doing this for their image. There was a blindgossip item about them, mostly how Miranda is a hore, doing Leo Decaprio, and a pop boy (Justin Beiber?) Go read it!

    They desperately want to clean up their image. The kid is a pawn and it’s sad.

  • Dieter


  • desperate

    This just make their break up a big joke!

  • Matt

    So desperate. They’re using their son for publicity since he was born. They’re pathetic.

  • Amy

    @Jen If you’re going to cite BG then you should have mentioned that Orlando was also allegedly cheating.

  • Fabric_Princess

    The need for PR and publicity never seems to end for some people, regardless of their current situations in life.

    Then again, if one has been playing certain games for ten or more years, what difference does it make??? And if one needs certain kinds of partners to continue to ‘live the life,’ what difference does it make??? It’s all a game in the end, and everyone is essentially a ‘player’ and gets played sooner or later.

    At least Mr. Bloom has his Ducati motorcycles and Rolex watches, and Ms. Kerr has her nice things and publicity.

    One ‘relationship’ is as good and as useful as any other, provided one has the ‘right’ partner. One sham is as good as any other, as long as the public doesn’t catch on.

    Carry on Mr. Bloom and Ms. Kerr. Carry on. I don’t know if I feel more pity for the two of you or the ‘fans’ and followers watching your show. As Obi Wan Kenobi once said, “Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows it?”

  • Anon

    Maybe Miranda and Orlando are getting back together.


    Why doesn’t he ever carry the child? It’s always her. Is it because he’s lazy and pompous? He looks lazy and pompous. Very lazy and pompous.

  • Rua

    My 24 hour interest just vanished and after seeing this … I say good for me. It takes too long to analyse their behaviour.

  • Whitney

    Has anyone noticed that Miranda was wearing her diamond engagement ring at the Vogue dinner the night before the announcement of their split, and on these photos she is STILL wearing her ring, but on her right hand instead?

    What’s the message here? Why make such a big deal of announcing the end of their marriage if she is going to continue wearing her diamond engagement ring and spend the night with Orlando in the same apartment? It looks like they are still very much a couple, just sleeping with other people.

  • ladyb

    Have you noticed this is how celebrities are – whenever they announce their break-up, they make sure they are seen together to tell the world there is no ill-will towards each other. Then one month after that, the mud slinging begin – All of them, Brad and Jennifer, Ben and J-LO, Olivia Wilde and her ex, Kris Jenner and Bruce, etc

  • Jen

    @Amy: Oh, excuse me feminist. They’re BOTH hores. *rolling eyes*

  • Roman

    Noooo., please break up again! :(

  • Ta

    They’re going to be seen together from now on because of Flynn. Thinking that there is anything wrong with people who are separated remaining civil indicates how immature some of you people are.
    And you still think that they have to call the paps??? After their announcement was all over tv and the internet? You think that paps need another reason to stake out the apartment?? Such idiots.
    And Carmen, you really need to give it up. When you are banned from every web site but Delphi, that is a sure sign that you need help. Serious professional help.

  • Frozoid

    Judging from the telltale swollen chipmunk cheeks around the mouth, it’s a safe bet that she is bulimic.

  • @27

    Yeah. It’s not like she has always been known for her full cheeks and dimples, or anything. Yeah. I bet you’re right.

  • http://jjared kem

    She only poses for photographers. All gossips sites talks about her sleeping several men, including Leo. No one speaks of Orlando. They try to look the perfect family. BS BS BS BS
    Media w—res!

  • :(

    A very very shamefull publicity stunt. These 2 are no limits… Poor shippers soooo blinds.

  • MellowYellow

    FFing is complicated.

  • MellowYellow

    FFing is complicated.

  • MellowYellow

    FFing is not supposed to last forever.

  • Lifa

    @ladyb: Ttha not really true. Miranda and Orlando have been sperated for months. Orlando or Miranda could have easily trashed each other but they did not. Brad even to this day still insults Jennifer Anistion, and this encourage his dumb fans ,aka the braglosers, to go on Jens boards and attack her. And Kim kardahisn mother is is terrible. She is the one leaking all those awful stories about Bruce Jenner and he takes them. Their younger two girls are acting like whores because of the mother.

  • Amy


    Not true. Blind Gossip claims he slept with a stewardess while she was pregnant.


  • Yoda

    They probably bothered to announce this because one of them is already seeing someone else. Better than being labelled a cheater when THAT news item hits.

  • @29

    Uhm, after just announcing their separation, they aren’t trying to appear as the “perfect family”. They are just acting like adults who remain on good terms even though they don’t want to be married anymore.
    Why is that such a difficult concept to understand?

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Capitalizing on the paparazzi interest, the soon to be exes take Melon Head out for a walk in front of paps they didn’t have to call for a change!

  • well…

    @Whitney: Maybe she just likes the diamond….

  • Shivani Yadav

    Maybe it’s a healthy divorce….. :/ But I really wanted them together, they are so perfect together.

  • Lexi

    Ha ha ha ha ha……you haters dont know what to do now they have announced their seperation. Seeing them out together happy is just confusing you guys even more. All can do is speculate why…..who cares you all seem more worried than they are. They might even get back together….but who cares…only the haters ha ha ha ha ha….so funny……. hey Elena….you know what they say…takes one to know one. I bet everything your the melon head! I bet your a ghastly horrible whore ha ha ha ha…..

  • @haters…

    Oh please you haters are not only stupid but ignorant as well.

    They said in their JOINT statement that they have been AMICABLY separated for the past few months.

    Do ANY of you haters understand what that means???

    It means they worked through their issues in a calm way behind closed doors rather than airing any of it in public.
    So by the time they announced their breakup they had everything worked out between them on how to handle the situation.

    They obviously did this for several reasons, they still care about each other and wanted what was best for Flynn. They want to remain close & on good terms because they will always be in each others lives because of Flynn.

    Someting obviously happened between them to make them split but it could just be that they simply grew apart which happens to a lot of couples.

    They’re not bitter or angry with each so it obviously shows there’s no third party involved.

    It’s a pity you HATERS couldn’t be as respectful, mature & classy as Orlando & Miranda are being. But instead you’re being insulting & abusive as ever.

  • SAKI
  • someone from europe

    I don’t know what to think. It could be possible that they just want attention, because I am from a very small country in Europe and even here, they are on the all websides. they are all over the internet in all the countries, everyone is talking about them. But only the Kardashians do this kind of things, Miranda and Orlando seem to be mature. Yes, Miranda does like attention, but to go this far? They are probably really getting divorced and they don’t want Flynn to be hurt.
    But why is everybody blaming Miranda? I don’t think that the rumors about her cheating are true, she just has a very flirty personality. If she slept with Leo, she probably did it before she was with Orlando, because people said that he introduced them to each other. If there was cheating, would say Orlando was the one who cheated. Or he was tired of Miranda seeking attention…well but there can be a lot of other reason why they split.

  • virgomuse

    Wow cannot believe these ‘discussions’ are still going on after all these years…I heard this break up news from my yes very amicable ex husband, haven’t known anything about these two for years now so he had to mention it to me …completely oblivious lol…all I comment is it happens that you can still be friends with your ex husband even when it doesn’t work out. Sorry to hear this news as no matter what any couple splitting is hard to deal with …good luck to both of them and their son. Goes back to her life now and wishes all well. Smile life goes on

  • Tired

    Maybe, for long time they lied to their fans……however,it’s impossible for anybody thinking to marry and continue the life exactly like single person….and that is what MK and OB obviously do….

  • swash buckler

    File this under ‘make more time to spend together’ and turn off the night lite.

  • @42

    “They’re not bitter or angry …” – We don´t know that …unless you can read minds? A polite statement and this outing just means they decided to remain calm in public. It´s called a facade.

  • Isa

    a bit too much , they don’t keep their break up discret …

  • Apple

    People in Hollywood are strange ,nothing affect thier feelings,they got divorce and the next day they have new partners and happy ,they jump from relationship to another with no time and certainly they have no problem with getting pregnant from one night stand when some ordinary people like us struggle for having children for years..lucky they 