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Orlando Bloom Stops By Miranda Kerr's Apartment

Orlando Bloom Stops By Miranda Kerr's Apartment

Orlando Bloom plays it cool as he heads to visit his wife Miranda Kerr at her apartment on Sunday morning (October 27) in New York City.

It was just announced that the 36-year-old actor and 30-year-old Australian supermodel have decided to separate after three years of marriage.

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The day before, Orlando and Miranda stepped out together as they spent the day with their adorable son Flynn, 2, in Central Park.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom visiting his wife and son…

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orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 01
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 02
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 03
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 04
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 05
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 06
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 07
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 08
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 09
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 10
orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 11
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orlando bloom stops by miranda kerr apartment 13

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  • Bella

    Damn these people know how to put on a show. I gotta hand it to them…but they they gotta stick together so their last shred of relevancy can be extended

  • Sayer

    What’s the point of announcing a divorce and then making sure to be photographed the SAME day walking down the street and at the same apartment?

    This just reeks of publicity stunts.

    I wouldn’t put it past the cabbage patch kid model. She is that desperate a famewhore.

  • Kisst

    SERIOUSLY? They seem to be together MORE than when they were married? Oh gezz this all screams PUBLICITY STUNT

    I liked them both but this is just dumb.

  • No

    Two people remaining civil after a separation just can’t be normal!!!!!
    This must be a publicity stunt since they aren’t tearing each other’s hair out, or dragging each other through the mud! And why would a father want to see his son after a split? That’s just crazy talk!!!!!

  • SAL


  • @3

    You said it and isn’t the whole point of separation … to be separated? People can´t keep using the kid as a valid reason – they know how to divide the time with him and be apart.

  • Mike

    This is so ridiculous… I just lost all respect from both Miranda and Orlando

  • Avatar

    I don’t think they are really getting divorced. They are making a point of being seen together and trying to stay together. I think that announcement was just a publicity stunt or else someone has pictures of one of them….and the announcement of a ‘separation’ was just a trick designed to defuse those photos. I think they are still together. Which is good for their son…and for them, I guess.

    Now they can start printing stories of their ‘reconciliation’ and how hard they are working on their marriage…to try and make them both seem like better people than they are. They are just playing games with the press.

  • Katniss

    The deal their publicists have with Just Jared is ridiculous. To those doubting, ask yourselves why some celebrities frequent this site so much more often than others. Think it has to do with public demand? Think again…
    Healthy families know how to stay away from the press and papz during difficult times. Not take advantage of all the press they’re getting–like Kerr and Bloom are doing now. It’s hurting their public image.

  • Jon Connor

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  • Oopsie!

    I really think one of them got busted with pics of them cheating, because that announcement that was made – “They’ve been separated for months now and they have decided to formalize their separation” sounds so bogus – so, if they’ve been separated for months, yet have still been caught playing happy family up until, what, just a few weeks ago, what does that say?? It really makes me think there’s a timeline that they’re trying to cover – now they can “miraculously reconcile” which makes them both look good, and whatever evidence that is out there won’t be as bad since they are trying to make it seem like they had some sort of gap in their relationship. This whole thing is starting to seem like a ploy. Miranda and/or Orlando must be being blackmailed or threatened by someone who has evidence of one of them cheating. By an official announcement that they were separated ‘during that time’, any cheating going on wouldn’t be viewed as “bad.” Plus, if anyone criticizes them for playing games with the press – that person wouldn’t look good – because who wouldn’t want a couple with a small child to reconcile?

    It’s a brilliant marketing ploy by their teams. Whoever thought this scheme up is a genius.

  • ISeeU

    @Mike: You just used your nick from your Delphi cave, Carm…, “Mike”! Slipping? However, it’s understandable since you are using so many nicknames to post on each article about his family, LOL. Nice try with “I just lost all respect…” You can’t possibly do that – the word “respect” is forgotten in your genes somehow. Sad.

  • Oh dear

    @ISeeU: What’s sad is you posting ten billion comments on every Miranda Kerr thread.

  • ?

    So you delph-IDIOTS have not only found fault with their charity work, their popularity and their success, you now find fault with two people who have separated, but want to do the best for their son.
    And even TROLL-lena admitted that the paps are staking them out, yet you STILL think that they have a deal with them and/or JJ????
    Exactly how STUPID are you people?????

  • Anon

    Hope they get back together. They are a beautiful family.

  • Andrea

    Apparently the Daily Mail is now saying the reason they separated is because he is dating Condola Rashad. Apparently they have been seeing each other since they started working on the play. They would make a beautiful couple.

  • YAY

    The way they are saying he is having an affair with Condola is a low blow. She is a talented actress who is in a relationship. Is this MK”s team trying to make him look bad when everyone knows she was cheating on him last year? Now you people are saying this is a PR stunt. God, but you are sick. You shippers can’t handle the truth.

  • charlotte

    @Katniss: so true

  • Losers

    Ridiculous, pathetic, never thought they were so classless to use a false separation to stay in the tabloids, two desperate losers.\o/

  • @19 + socks

    So you morons think that once a couple separates that the man should never see his son ever again?
    How pathetic are your lives to believe that garbage?

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashains: Orlando visits Melon Head. Also, @ #14 what I said is that since the separation announcement, the Kerrdashians don’t have to call the paps for the very first time in all of the six years they have been together. Drop a big PR bomb and you get free press. By the end of the news cycle, they will have to get the speed dial fired up again. Give it about a day or two more. They aren’t interesting enough to keep the paps outside without paying them.

  • @21

    A little ray of sunshine, as always.
    Once again proving that you are scum, by attacking a child.
    Must be nice to not have a decent bone in your body, eh? No morals to worry about. No conscience to get in the way. No soul. Nothing. Absolutely empty inside. That’s our resident troll.

  • Yes!

    Orlando is going to be on The Colbert Report tonight!
    I can’t wait!

  • Elena

    @@21: It’s just a kid. I don’t see how that makes me scum, I mean, it’s not like I insulted his dog. THAT would mean I don’t have a soul. I happen to like his dog. Sidi is precious!

  • LOL!

    @@19 + socks: How pathetic is your life that you invested so much time, eery and emotion in a celebrity couple? How pathetic is your life that you skulk around gossip blogs writing page-long comments to rebuff and insult anyone who dares not worship the ground a panty model walks on. Take a look in the mirror, sister, because you are in pretty sad shape yourself.

  • @25

    Page long? That was hardly page long, now was it? Or are we back to ‘Miranda only has one fan because we haters are going to ignore the 3 million plus fans on social media’ train? So stupid.
    And again, it’s NORMAL for a fan to follow a celeb, and to defend them against haters. It’s NOT NORMAL to stalk a celeb across the net to sling hate, or to create blog after blog full of nothing but lies and half truths.
    You hates are sick.

  • @troll-lena

    So sad.
    So pathetic.
    So lost.

  • ISeeU

    @Oh dear: LOL, your perception skills even less developed than the word “respect” in your genes. I don’t post on Miranda’s threads. I never knew her before Orlando Bloom started dating her. Let’s just say, unlike you I don’t need to post many times under the different nicks because even 1 post of mine can make you quite responsive. I’m almost flattered that you’ve showed you can use [b]bold[/i] font while trying to get a grip on your nerves to answer me. Impressive, indeed. (Can you use [i]Italic[/i] too? :D ) That is amusing to no end because the word “bold” is everything you are not in real life – the one that is aside of your “brave” keyboard life. Don’t you find it rather symbolic? :) I do. Thank you for the entertainment. So, how is “Fabric Princess” doing nowadays? ;) Ah, don’t answer that. Just, well, wave at her. I know you can do it. )))

  • Elena

    @@25: I don’t remember having a blog. I think you have mistaken me with one of the other millions of people who thing that Miranda is a miserable See You Next Tuesday.

  • @29

    Oh Bealze, why so modest? Or are you just incapable of telling the truth anymore?

  • *rolls eyes*

    @@29: And YOU are a narrow minded, obtuse, miserable See You Next Tuesday. Brainwashed sheep.

  • @31

    LOL! Wow. Judging from your reaction, they nailed you, didn’t they.
    That means you are the fat cow known as Bealze. The hag who starts fake twitters and hate sites full of lies and hypocrisy.
    No wonder you are here all the time. You have nowhere else to go.
    Poor fat, lonely Bealze.

  • @32

    Talking to you is a lot like trying to play chess with a pigeon. You knock the pieces over, crap on the board, and claim victory. Poor, fat, stupid lonely, empty you.

  • @33

    Still trying to deflect from the fact that they know who you are? And that now we know who you are, too?
    Ha !
    Kerrazy Liar. Ugly Tongue. BEALZE!
    Too funny!!