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Tom Welling & Chord Overstreet: Halloween Party Costumes!

Tom Welling & Chord Overstreet: Halloween Party Costumes!

Tom Welling checks his phone while dressed up as former president Ronald Reagan as he arrives at Matthew Morrison‘s annual Halloween party at the Warwick Club on Saturday night (October 26) in Hollywood.

That same night, Chord Overstreet was spotted channeling Jax Teller, Charlie Hunnam‘s character from Sons Of Anarchy, as he attended a Halloween bash.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Welling

The week before, Tom‘s wife Jamie White filed for divorce.

In case you missed it, check out Chord going shirtless in these brand new stills from the upcoming episode of Glee!

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  • terry

    i hope, they gonna be a smash cirtical hit, too.

  • sarah

    Tom Welling always great! I was told that it was accompanied by a beautiful girl very reserved and shy.

  • katty

    The political ideals of tom welling are Republicans! great tom!

  • Johanna

    Bien que te diviertas :)

  • Nikki

    Can’t believe I’m writing this cause I used to be a big fan, but Tom Welling seems like a douche bag….

  • TeamTom

    @katty: Um, just becuz he’s wearing it doesn’t mean anything. One parent is Republican and the other Democrat.

  • TeamTom

    @Nikki: In what way? He can’t have fun?

  • Janet

    @Nikki: What do you mean? For his behavior? He seems to be a little bit lost lately, and there are bad rumors about him.

  • Donte

    @Nikki: I feel the same way!

  • Sam

    Yeah the blind gossip rumors sound like Tom. That’s too bad sounds like he’s all messed up. And I dunno for a 36yr old he needs to stop hanging out with teeny bop disney crowd but whatever it’s his life. Just hope for the best I guess.

  • BlahBlah

    @Donte: What a surprise coming from you. [/sarcasm/]

  • just me

    Him and his wife broke up !

  • sonia

    Donte (and his multiple personalities), but because you’re in all the articles of Tom Welling and poisonous always ready to tell lies about Tom! You’re not a fan of hers! “The test that are not aevil is that I feel unclean just reading your words “(Euripides’ Hippolytus-).

  • Tiff

    I thought Tom is suppose to love his privacy and don’t like attending these things. He is popping up every. Amazing what a little fame can bring out in a person

  • sonia

    Donte (and your multiple personalities), but because you’re in all the articles of Tom Welling and poisonous always ready to tell lies about Tom! You’re not a fan of Tom “The test that are not a evil is that I feel unclean just reading your words “(Euripides’ Hippolytus-).

  • sonia

    @ Tff Tom, like all living beings, have the right to have fun to divorce luckily there is free will! Unfortunately, life is short! The worst news is that CIA agents have spied European heads of state! this is negative and shameful!

  • Tiff

    There is a such thing as self respect. He is not divorced yet

  • lara

    But they are separated by December 2012! is right to make a new life with another girl and have fun with friends. Tom got married too young, he was 23 years old, but he met Jamie in 20 years.

  • TeamTom

    @Janet: Brought on by certain people that have such disdain for him. Yes, I’m looking at you Monde/Kalamonde or Sybil (or whatever personality you are today). They are just that, rumors that are not substantiated.

  • Tiff

    Yes he should have fun there is a way to do everything. Respect yourself and other cost nothing. Justin Hartley was separated he is not acting like that. He can have his girlfriend but do thing tasteful. He is on a self destruct mission lately

  • TeamTom

    @Tiff: He can do whatever he wants, since he’s been legally separated since last year.

  • Tiff

    well he is doing just that

  • Dee

    @Tiff: I used to respect him. But now not so much. He has been acting weird and as you said He is on a self destruct mission.

  • Donte

    WOW, I have been enjoyed reading the comments. Seems like I’m not the only one who has noticed Tom Welling’s erratic behavior! Maybe wearing a mask makes Tom feel he doesn’t have to hide. REAL Tom Welling fans should be happy he gets out more when he’s wearing a mask.

  • Nataly

    But why Dante, Tiff, kalamonde, etcc .. do not turn your interest sick of Kristin Kreuk. We all know that in @ kalamonde you hide behind the face of KK You have to ingnore this woman disturbed!


    Don’t you guys get it? Taylor (The guy dressed like Tarzan) is Tom’s new lover. They we’re in Venice together – they are inseparable! Tom Tom come out come out!!

  • BlahBlah

    @Donte: They’re all yours so of course you’re gonna enjoy

  • Makeupyourmind

    @IMOAO: Oh so now it’s that! Wow, get your story straight, Sybil.

  • hecouldbe

    @IMOAO: I think you have a point. I have always had my suspicions. Reminds me of another tall, dark HW guy from the 60s era.

  • Pao

    Some of the comments here are stupid…..

  • Donte

    @hecouldbe: I kind of had that same suspicion but I think they are both lonely guys who enjoy one another’s company. Taylor seems to be a tag along with other celebrities too!

  • lara

    ‘re just incredible Donte continue to use different names to blacken a person! TAYLOR IS A FRIEND AND THEN! Are not homosexuals! Your beloved Kristin K. traveling, comes with one woman and have a accaunt together, maybe she’s a lesbian! however we understand that you have some serious problems Donte: sexual, friendship and multiple personality. You well You know that we can get to your real name and address via a program! Live by the sword dies by the sword!

  • maryann

    Tom Welling is a hetero!! Tom attended his friends in the light of the sun, in public because he has nothing to hide. A venice could not bring a woman because tom was still married.At the Halloween party was with a girl but they were very discreet because Tom has a lot of respect for his ex -wife. The bartender the party was my brother Jimmy.The cute Taylor was accompanied by two women but one was his cousin. We had so much fun at the party with dancing and rock music!

  • selenia

    Donte= Imoao ,hecoulldbe, makeupyourmind etcc…ha ha ha you’re just crazy!

  • sara

    Donte alias kalamonde etc., can not ‘go out with women, because it does not comply with his ex-wife can not go out with friends because he is gay, but then who should come out with Tom? We are aware that Donte ‘holy’ despises and hates gays because he used the argument to blacken and hit Tom Welling. Donte six racist and too bad. Tom must take legal steps against Miss Donte, Donte why is losing control because of his obsession.

  • Donte

    @sara: You should work on your english because I can’t understand what you are trying to say!

  • Donte

    @maryann: Tom Welling was accompanied by the guy wearing the loin cloth. There was no woman in sight and since Tom and Jamie haven’t been togethter for over a year why woud he have to hide if he was with another girl?

  • sara

    Donte o come cazzo di chiami vai a farti fottere!

  • margot

    Donte, You know very well that Tom Welling is not gay but your hate knows no end, I hope you Donte (Siby) can find peace and serenity! Engages the time to do good and not sow hate!

  • Alexandra

    A person whi is separated since more than 9 months can have fun with friends, what is wrong with that?? And is not a costume party in Halloween the moment to wear a mask?? Come on, what a hypocrite are you. Leave Tom alone and get yourself a life.

  • AlexaKent

    He wasted 10 years with the dull Jamie, who only lived for her horses. It was about time, he is free now to enjoy his life. Jamie get a work and don’t live with the others money.

  • margot

    well Alexa Kent! you are a real fan! You have to have pity on the poor Donte, kalamonde, etc…

  • sara

    No one believes in his words for this Donte name changes often, but I do not understand his hatred for Tom! mystery?

  • AlexaKent

    @sara: she is a fan of jamie :P

  • GG

    @Tiff: His wife isn’t divorced yet either, but she’s already having all kinds of fun traveling to Martha’s Vineyard with her trainer(some say new bf) and staying at the house she and her husband still own TOGETHER. Where is HER self respect, since you seem to believe Tom is the one who has none???

  • Wishes

    Who the hell cares what he wears for a costume? If he really is a republican, who cares? He is a grown ass man who is allowed to make his own decisions, whatever they maybe.
    And what erratic behaviors are we referring to? that he and his wife decided to call its quits and he is moving on with his life? Were we really expecting him to stay home and sulk all day??? what self-destruct mission is he on? Did i miss out on anything bizarre he’s done recently? he was married for 10 some years so i can sincerely say that they probably gave it heir best shot and now that they finally called it quits i think they both should just have some fun(not implying that they haven’t in the past). Tom – You have one life to live so do whatever makes you happy:)

  • Rose

    I hate that with pretty boys it’s always the same. They are accused of being gay. No, a man can be gorgeous and still love women. Get over the envy.

  • julia

    jamie has filed for divorce because love with Donte (now they are together). Donte and jamie want 50% of the Goods Tom! That’s the mystery!

  • julia

    Best wishes for Jamie and Donte alias@ kalamonde! finally two women in love! Finally tom is a Free Man!!

  • manu

    Now I understand why Jamie did not want children! @ Kalamonde loves! yes!