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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Production Will Start in December

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Production Will Start in December

The highly anticipated movie Fifty Shades of Grey will now begin production on December 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The production start date has been pushed back from an original mid-November start date following the casting switch-up of Jamie Dornan replacing Charlie Hunnam in the lead role of Christian Grey.

It is still expected that the film will meet its current release date of August 1, 2014 and we sure hope it does because we can’t wait to see it!

Last week it was announced that True Blood‘s Luke Grimes will be joining the film as Christian’s brother Elliot.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey?

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  • Leenah

    Shouldn’t she look younger than he does? It’s the other way around. I’ve heard too much about this&movie, and I feel like it’s not worth my attention yet here I am.

  • Great!

    Plenty of time for him to change his mind and bail.

  • oh well

    He is so hot… I hope he does what C.H. did.

  • chris

    can’t wait! love jamie dornan!

  • Nora

    Charlie’s new film starts shooting in Feb, so there indeed is a schedule problem.
    Don’t know when’s Jamie’s wife due. Hope he doesn’t bail like Charlie did. Can’t stand this 50 hype goes on and on all over the internet any more, just get it done over with!

  • go go

    This movie will be a comedy tho its not meant to be, people will be laughing all thru it, I hear the dialogue is so stupid

  • Pauline

    so exciteeeeeeed to see the final results ! They both look like Ana and Christian now !

  • Sayer

    He looks better in motion than in pictures. In OUAT, he was hot as the huntsman, but not so much in pictures.

  • WOW

    I honestly think they chose whoever said yes…it’s the worst casting ever and if for E.L.James this is how Christian looks after how differently she described him in the book then she is just DESPERATE…they should have chosen some unknown actors, that would have guaranteed some success…with the Dakota girl don’t even get me started…

  • Natalie

    not now… when charlie hunnam was starring yes, but with the two leads they picked it has been demoted to a maybe when it comes on video and I have nothing better to watch… disappointe d!!

  • Janire

    Jamie yes, Dakota no. She doesn’t look young at all.

  • brightviolette

    I’m very excited. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • anastacia

    this dakoto lady looks way too old to play ana!!

  • Siggy

    Hmmm…not feeling the connection between this two. I think Charlie and Dakota would have suit better. But I think Jamie is hot!!!

  • http://Twitter Ana

    I don’t think any of them are good for the parts. Jamie is not good looking enough for CG. You’re supposed to melt when you look at CG. He’s nowhere near that. Dakota is nothing like Ana Steel. And Luke is nothing at all like Elliot. He’s supposed to be older than CG and he’s younger. I think that he should be Kate’s brother.

  • Haha

    They are not charismatic at all, but serious names didn’t wnat these roles.

  • Ella

    This film has become a joke. None of the actors resemble the fictional characters. They were so desperate, so these are the actors they settled with. Jamie is handsome, but not a “Greek God”, Dakota is the worst casting (I can’t believe it!) she looks NOTHING like Ana, and Luke looks younger than Jamie, his character is older and taller. Both men are scrawny, not sculpted. It’s supposed to be the other way around. I will wait for the DVD. I refuse to support them after this ridiculous debacle. They ruined the books and characters for me.

  • Nikki

    The female is way wrong for the part!!

  • Ale

    Dakota is horrible for this role!! She’s so not good looking and looking also SO OLD just kills the desire to watch them in action, he looks younger than her, when in the books is totally opposite Ana is 21 and CG 28. I agree than Jamie is hot and he would be a very good CG, but the other choices are totally wrong. The Eliot guy…is so not Elliot. They’re picking just people who say YES…at this point maybe is better if they cancel the movie completely!

  • Mel

    Jamie Dornan is having a kid. Total buzz kill. How he does this movie and juggle that at the same time, I don’t know. F&^k that petition against Charlie Hunnam. He would have been so much better. Not as excited.

  • http://none Former50ShadesFan

    Why are they still keeping Dakota as Ana???? They have already delayed the movie, why not put it off a little longer and get someone else to play the role of A. Steele. Can they not see how much money they will lose because the majority of the fans want someone else besides her? She will tank her career because very few fans want her on this. I can not wait to see the box office turnout. I think they will realize then they made a royal mistake with casting Dakota. I do not think she is as ugly as most people are saying, she just is NOT the character in the book. At her age, she should be old enough to figure this out, stop getting upset about what fans say and realize that she would be better off following Charlie Hunnam’s lead to back out of this movie.

  • Camden


    YES!.. This is exactly what I was thinking. Despite Jamie Dornan being older than Dakota, he just doesn’t show his age, and thus doesn’t carry with him the control I would think Christian would have. And despite fitting the Christian Grey role more than Charlie Hunnam, I felt Charlie carried more look of control and power about him. It’s all about the image you present, not just the physical description of how one looks.

    This movies is sounding more and more dubious as production moves along.

  • angelique de SHUT UP!!!

    has anyone read the disgusting comments producer michael de lucas wife, angelique, made about charlie..she has zero class and is dying for attention, not to mention a self important nobody who was a contestant on “the bachelor” and got dumped and booted off her a**.. she made the comments on twitter. most fans who read the comments are kickin her a**..funny cuz her husband couldnt sing enough praises about charlie after his departure even stating he hopes fate will make them work together in the future. even ELJ THE ACTUAL AUTHOR OF THE BOOKS WHO WANTED CHARILIE BADLY FOR THE ROLE WISHED HIM THE BEST. this hollywood trash nobody needs to learn to have respect for her husband, the author, and everybody involved. theres something called discretion. but guess when youre dying for attention and convince yourself your important thats what happens.many fifty shades fans are pissed (even the ones who werent for charlie) and voicing their opinions. if you want to tell her where she and her pathetric lowclass comments can go… her twitter account is —> @AngeliqueDeLuca

  • disappointed

    After the end of the Twilight Saga, FSOG was going to be our new girl’s night out for drinks and . . . I agree the male casting is fine but Dakota Johnson is going to be this film and the franchise’s downfall. Does any one elso notice that 99% of all comments want her gone and yet she is still associated with the movie. The director and producers are complete idiots. They have to know they have a disaster in the making and yet, rather than admitting their error, they try to shove her down our throats. I suggest if Ana is not recast fans should not support the film. As far as Ms. James, I really don’t think she has voice in the casting cuz it ain’t her money. If you compare Dakota to Ana, there is no similarity and no amount of make up will help with her complete lack of star quality and charisma. She is a big YAWN just like the movie is going to be.

  • dakota eh?

    @Janire: agree! jamie could pull it off (hopefully) but dakota-no!!!!…know its just a movie and sometimes they cast against type but huge part of the draw to the books and the characters is the way she describes them. OVER AND OVER!!!. their looks are NOT an oversight in the book. ELJ made it a point to CONSTANTLY mention both their looks and expressions. dakota is all wrong!! they really must have been desperate-that or the movies director sam taylor johnson saw herself in dakota. some feudian sh*t -if you think about it they have similar features!

  • A disaster!

    This movie will be a disaster, Dakota is so wrong for the part she looks the age of Jennifer Ehle(Carla) who’s going to play her mother in FSOG. The guy picked to play Elliot looks like a little brother of Jamie Dornan, when Elliot in books is the older brother so should look older than Jamie. The guy picked to play Jose is 30 years old (when Jose in books is 21)and doesn’t have the charm that almost all Latin guys should have, especially Jose who’s CG antagonist and drives his jealousy. So let’s face it …all the guys casted look younger than Dakota Johnson (who looks like a mother of 2) and this looks like a colossal mess!! The 2 producers are complete incompetents…I think their success in group with other producers for “The Social Network” was more because of the others producers choices than theirs, plus the production studio who’s doing 50 shades is the “De Luca Production” so not the studio who did “The social network” and was nominated for an Oscar. The director isn’t convincing either, she’s almost 50 years old with only 1 film in her career and the scriptwriter Marcel clearly was a disaster, since they called 2 other scriptwriters to redo the work.

  • Amandy

    Hell ya. This film is a disaster. The director is horrible looking, as much as Dakota. NO HOT GUY in Hollywood wants this movie. Jamie you are NOT HOT and very desperate obviously. I hope your pregnant wife likes you do horrible things to that FUGLY DAKOTA while you have your sweet little baby.


    TWILIGHT WAS PERFECTO……ROB AND KRISTEN fit the description perfect.

    NOPE…to FSOG…


  • Lisa

    I agree. Charlie would have been better. Of course Matt Bomer is the Epitome of CG. No denying and please don’t try. Jamie is ok looking. Not CG though. Dakota needs to be replaced ASAP. Sadly so does Jamie, he is short, scrawny and not drop dead beautiful. Just average in my opinion. Wow. EJ and Producers. My hats to you. You ruined this movie. All the actors you wanted did not want to participate? Hmmmm….wonder why?

  • Tina Starnes

    I spent the entire weekend reading the set of books and could not put them down. I cannot wait to see this movie i yearn to read or hear more . I love EL James for writing these. They have truly opened my eyes to alot of possibilities in life.