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Kate Bosworth: SiriusXM Radio Stop with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: SiriusXM Radio Stop with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth is a beauty in blue while stopping by SiriusXM Studios on Monday morning (October 28) in New York City.

The 30-year-old actress was joined by her husband Michael Polish to chat about their new film Big Sur, which will open up in limited release on Friday (November 1).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier in the day, Kate and her co-star Josh Lucas made an appearance on The Today Show and they both talked about falling in love with their now spouses on the set of the film!

FYI: Kate is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Catbird jewelry.

Kate Bosworth & Josh Lucas – “Today Show” Interview
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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz; Photos: Getty
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  • jen

    How nice Kate, considering you were with another man at the time. SL*T

  • thejournalist
  • A

    @jen she were with Alex Skarsgård am I right?

  • oops

    Orlando is so stupid. Could’ve had this beauty’s baby and woke up to her pretty face every morning.

    He must be kicking himself for his mistakes every day.

  • Rua

    +1 on the dress again. Lovely blue for a change.

  • Jeannie

    Love the color & style of the dress. She really needs to stop showing her legs, they age her.

  • HW joke

    when will this film die and get buried deep down to never return again already no one cares about you this stupid a$$ film your creeper husband or your cheating ways. I say cheating because she was still selling the idea that she was with Askars at the time with all the games and tricks even though he was over her and it move on and put out a statement that they are over and done. But let her run with that I found my true love sh*t it too will die and get buried when she meets another guy on set or when she falls into oblivion.

  • nemo

    so I guess you’re into sick-looking people?

  • Oh Please

    She meet someone who went on to become her husband, so I would hardly call her a slut. Look at Alex’s behaviour since they split. Who would call a slut? The married women or the 37 year old man/child who gets with 22 year old’s from the Marmont on a weekly basis? Also how do you not know he didn’t cheat on her? He always looked so miserable with her.

  • jen

    Anyone who can’t spell and can’t type in English using proper grammar isn’t worth responding to.

  • Mike

    She needs to gain 15 pounds. That italian movie she made was sick to watch cause she is so anorexic. When will these actresses get self esteem?

  • Oh Please

    I’m sorry you feel that my limited English is stopping you from replying. Do you speak/write French? We could talk in that if you like?

  • trish

    ” who gets with 22 year old’s from the Marmont on a weekly basis”
    LOL! And I guess you know this for a fact because…?

    Anyway. Nice dress, imo it would look better if she had just a tiny bit of actual flesh on her frame.

  • xyz


  • ladybug

    I’m impressed that somehow she managed to get on the Today show to promote BS. It’s not exactly a hot commodity, nor is she.

    The blue is a nice color.

    KB can’t help herself with the retweets:

    Kate BosworthVerified account ‏@katebosworth

    ☺️👍👍“@evachen212: Local newsstand sold out of Nov @LuckyMagazine! The owner: “The pretty blonde w the smile, she was popular” KB that’s you”

  • Isa

    She looks different, no ?

  • Char69

    She was at Cochella that April with ASkars, she had to leave a day early to finish filming BS. Ya, I’d say the wh*re pretty much cheated. And, as far at the ugly troll she married, it has been said by them in interviews that MP said to her on the first day of filming when he first met her that “I’m going to marry you.” So obviously he didn’t care that she was with someone else either. They are both low class trash and deserve each other.

  • Haha

    The skinniest couple in the world.

  • yeh yeah

    They have been promoting this since Sundance in January? Do you think she regrets marry him now that Orly is free? If she cheated, who knows? The timeline is pretty tight though.

  • promo

    @yeh yeah:

    they have been promoting this movie mess since 2011 until now this must be the longest promotional tour for crap film EVER!!! Please open and go away finally and yes they are the Skinniest couple alive they should donate the food they don’t eat to Africa such a shame.

    I highly doubt either Orly or Alex would want this woman back she is with her karmic partner they fit together real well besides I have not read anywhere men lining up to be with her or her being on any men mag list of anything so he is her just fit.

  • ladybug

    @yeh yeah: Yes, they’ve been promoting this since Sundance, though it took quite awhile to get a distributor. I do note that for all their Twitter promotion of they don’t seem to have linked to a list of theaters showing BS. There are people who probably want to see it, and if you’re promoting it you might want to keep putting that info out.

    Does she regret marrying MP? I don’t know. But with MP, unlike her previous higher profile relationships, she’s found someone who really seems besotted with her, is a willing fellow famewhore and seems to be happy to have all his work revolve around her. For someone who seems as narcissist and needy as she, she did pretty well. No, he’s not A-list, but she wasn’t going to get everything she wanted in a relationship

  • yeh yeah

    How could you keep talking about 1 thing for such a long time? Wouldn’t you get sick of it? I know I would, I mean what new thing could you say about it each time? I never knew Josh Lucas was in it, I guess that is how much they have saturated the media with themselves.
    I guess the next question for the two of them is children?

  • DailyNightly

    I think she actually looks nice here. I like the side part on her hair. She actually sounds like she knows what she is talking about with his movie.

  • ladybug

    @yeh yeah: I think they talk about Big Sur because MP really does love the movie and the subject matter, and he met Kate there! So it’s understandable. And she talks about it because of those things as well. And now that it’s got a release date they’d have to promote it (never mind KB’s lack of promotion for AWWWH).
    As for children, well, it would be the next ‘thing’ to do, wouldn’t it, ‘celebrity’ couple has a baby!

    @DailyNightly, amazing how much better her hair looks when a professional does it. Yes, it’s true for most of us, but for her the difference is rather glaring. Especially for a ‘fashion icon’.

  • Macy

    She actually looks really good here. The color and dress are nice on her, though I wish it were longer to hide her pin thin legs. Her hair looks so much nicer parted on the side too, it’s much more flattering.

  • Suze

    She looks really good here. She should part her hair to the side all the time.

  • yep

    Kate looks lovely.

  • Teagan

    Pretty sure ASkars had dumped her ass before shooting on Big Sur began. Though she still wanted people to believe they were together. I’ve always thought she kept Polish on a string until she milked the Alex thing until it was too blatantly obvious he was done. The pix before Posella were she hijacked his lunch with a friend and later her accosting Orlando, were among the most brazen and down right funny shots I’ve seen in a long time. She must have so much free time on her hands these days…

  • cheeseburgers

    She is about to fall over! Her legs are like toothpicks!

  • kara

    does anyone think she brings up the past alot? and it always involves ASkars> fell in love while filming(everyone immediately thinks of AS, survived in her 20′s by eating pizza(pics of her and AS at coachella)

  • dd

    @A: no,they where long over .

  • dd

    @jen: jen tour an shit and die jennie .

  • dd

    @HW joke: hw did anyone ever tell your that your crazy …..’cos you are.

  • dd

    @ladybug: “”It’s not exactly a hot commodity,”" well neither was the east or disconnect or hidden but hey live by your hypocrisy.

  • Othello

    For the record, on the Today Show the commentator said something about both Josh and Kate falling in love (with other people) during filming of Big Sur and Kate corrected her by saying for her it was later or something to that effect. Her whole look here is great – hair, makeup, and that blue dress!

  • ladybug

    @Othello: Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish: It Was Love at First Sight on the Big Sur Set…Polish: Yeah, because this would be my tenth or eleventh feature at this point, so it was nothing I ever — I never crossed that line and when I met Kate, I had to take a break. I said, “I’m gonna take a break, and just walk.” But it was much more than just being an actor, I knew this girl inherently, I knew what she was doing, what she was about, and so our conversations led way beyond just acting.
    Bosworth: There was never anything superficial. It was an immediate acknowledgment of knowing this person all my life, versions of him, immediately.

  • HW joke


    KB is mad because people know she sucks. Sucks for you KB that no matter how hard you try you just keep failing harder lol. Has anyone ever tell you that you look like death stop staring at food and eat it. Forever and always will be a joke KB

    Say what you want Lainey is right Hungry couple in more ways than one.

    As for Ale’s movies people actually went to see them and people actually talked about them and people actually showed up to them and it actually made money it also trend on Twitter good luck with your 5 movie goers haha joke. So damn stupid you are.

  • Evelyn

    KB tried to steal Goop’s man, now she is stealing Goopy’s hairstyle.

  • @ladybug

    Michael has always said he fell in love with KB immediately. For KB it was a slower process. She has said many times she was first attracted to him as a director and it evolved into something more. Her comment in your post doesn’t insinuate anything else. I’ve had immediate connections with people that led to beautiful friendships and two that grew into love.

  • Fashionista

    I agree with this comment from W Magazine regarding Kate’s black dress at the Big Sur premiere:
    ” It’s rare that we see a black dress and think—wow, what a great look. But, Bosworth pulls it off like an effortless goddess.”
    She has the ability to pull many looks off like an effortless goddess.