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Suki Waterhouse Walks Bradley Cooper's Dog Charlotte!

Suki Waterhouse Walks Bradley Cooper's Dog Charlotte!

Suki Waterhouse chats on the phone while taking a walk with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper‘s pet pooch Charlotte on Monday (October 28) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 21-year-old supermodel and the 38-year-old actor were spotted hopping on a motorcycle after attending Kate Hudson‘s Halloween Party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suki Waterhouse

“Rest in peace beautiful Lou Reed,” Suki recently tweeted after the musician passed away from an unknown cause at the age of 71.

In case you missed it, check out a recently released trailer of Bradley in his upcoming film American Hustle, also starring Jennifer Lawrence.

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  • Nikki

    That age difference is just wrong. I don’t mean to judge, but really… What does a 38 year old want with a 21 year old besides sex.

  • Jesse

    Bradley has such a cute dog. She looks like a little polar bear.

  • Sarah

    Is it really that cold in LA?

  • cindy

    Bradley’s girlfriend/daugther is now his dog walker.

  • HM

    If Bradley is happy with her and is not ashamed to show her around and date openly, then everything is OK.
    The dog Charlotte is just adorable.

  • Zucki

    1. She is definitely no supermodel. 2. don’t you guys think she looks a lot like a blonde version of Keira Knightly ?!

  • BlogBrat

    She is a lucky little girl, but doesn’t she already have a daddy…I love Bradly, but it is just icky, and ummmmm, ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

  • Bricia

    What an ugly dog walker with no morals. Charlotte looks so cute!

  • Jen

    @Nikki: Yes, that’s a 17 year age difference. I really don’t see this relationship lasting long. Same with Johnny Depp and Heard.

  • minnie

    out of curiosity, does anybody know what breed charlotte is?! shes the cutest thing ^_^

  • Rhona

    @minnie: Google says chow retriever mix. She seems like a very sweet animal.

  • Cate

    I’ve been wondering recently if she got a nose job? Looking at these I think she might have done. I wonder why she would decided to get one now? She’s modelled for a while and her nose was one of her few interesting characteristics and her dad is a plastic surgeon so you’d think if she was going to have a nose job she would have got it ages ago.

  • DK

    Aww what an adorable dog! She looks like she is smiling. I really like Suki’s coat too.

  • mariana

    im 21 myself yes bradley is hot and no i wouldnt hook up with him. there’s a lot of age difference in between. but same goes for jennifer lawrence she’s only 2 years older than suki and it still would be weird.

  • tammy

    Another example of an insecure man near his forties,dating a very young,silly girl to show the world that he is a manly male.He is stupid.

  • Rose

    Aww how nice! Bradley hired himself a personal dog walker. Hope he pays her well. LOL

  • alexandrina

    @Nikki: well my grandpa was 42 and my grandma was 23 when they’re married.. and they totally love each other.. is that wrong?

  • Trudie

    Suki has a huge head. She almost looks like a page boy in that Chaps hat. In the UK its cold, but California, not so much, so I wonder what the deal is with the coat, scarf and hat.

  • LizEEEE

    Well she tried modeling, singing and acting… So I guess dog walking suits her. LOL.

  • Barbie

    @alexandrina: What does a 21 yr old groupie have in common with 38 yr old actor?

  • Isa

    so strange this couple … Bradley seems to be crisis , mid life crisis !

  • alexandrina

    @Barbie: you are so stupid… how could i know, “What does a 21 yr old groupie have in common with 38 yr old actor?” it’s their business, Suki and Cooper.. neither everyone here know..

    but Nikki said about “age difference is just wrong”. ‘she made age difference as something wrong..

  • James M

    Phoning the paparazzi again for attention Suki (how sad)

    Suki doesn’t care less about Charlotte

    Wondering if Suki is staying with Bradley and his mum (hope she paying dig money)

    Feel sorry for Charlotte the dog

    Wonder if Suki wil be getting anymore free holiday’s that Bradley is paying for

    Wonder when the next batch of Suki photos will appearing soon (probably running out of money hiring the paparazzi all time)

    I bet you she has a agent/pr who is one of them yes people and saying alright to date Bradley and people love you, someone needs to tell her straight, as the whole thing is being completely fake and a farce (as it going to backfire on either Bradley or Suki

  • DJ

    @James M: For all we know, photographers might hang out outside Bradley’s house on a regular basis and that’s how they caught the photos of Suki with Charlotte. Maybe they saw the two leaving the house.

  • bradlifer

    @DJ: No paparazzi hang outside his home al day everyday. If that was true we would ahve far more pics of him, we dont he is hiding out al the time exept from when miss whurehouse comes to town.
    She called the paparazis and they came took a few pics and then left it is as simple as that. No one in the states cares about her, she is a total nobody…so even if a paparazi would see her, they wouldnt care at al. She is hated by everyone just look at any artical written about her, they are crushing the girl.

  • Susan

    The daily mail says she has sensible shoes on. Those are not sensible shoes for walking. The coat and scarf are a little overboard for LA weather. And supermodel, I must have missed when she suddenly became in the same league as Giselle, Miranda, and even her friend Kara. Give me a break she is only super at sleeping with famous people. Bradley used to try and come across as a humble everyday man now, he is just like a lot of the hollywood actors. He needs to act his age like Ben and Matt.

  • Back

    The girl obviously never knows how to dress (weird for a model). Look at what she was wearing to Wimbledon when London was in the middle of a heat wave.

  • DJ

    I know people have said that she dropped out of school to start modeling at 16 (I believe), but did she at least pass some sort of equivalency exam? Or, do they not have a GED equivalent in the U.K?

  • DJ

    @bradlifer: When he was living in Venice, CA he said paparazzi would be outside his house all of the time. I know X17 online knows where he lives because they mentioned how Zoe was spending time at his house at all hours. If that photo agency knows, I’m sure there are others that do too.

  • http://Bcoop Bradlifer

    @DJ: Hunny, they know where he lives dosent mean they hang outside his home day and night. She called the paparazzi and got pics of herself walking his dog as a PR sins Bradley is refusing her the pics and so is his mom, I am not even sure Bradley is in LA now, i think he might be in Hawaii unlike a so called model that basically never have any gigs he has a job to attend.

  • Susan

    @DJ I agree with you at first I was skeptical about the whole PR thing but, her outfit for walking a dog in insane. Nobody goes out with shoes like that for a walk and the coat and scarf is stupid unless you were in Boston.

  • http://Bcoop Bradlifer

    @Susan: She dressed up like that to get good pics, another proff it is al PR.

  • DJ

    What was the weather that day? If it wasn’t sunny, it might have felt chilly. Ok, maybe not chilly enough for a winter coat, but if she was coming from London she probably just wore the coat that she brought on the trip.

  • Liz

    The weather in Los Angeles was in the low to mid-60s. Jacket ok, scarf seem like too much. I don’t know if Suki call paparazzi but it seem strange every month there is one set of photos of them together and then nothing at all until the next month. Also yes the paparazzi know where Bradley lives but last time photo taken at his home was in January or February. Lot of photos at Soul Cycle. Why not more photos at home? It seem strange 10 month later they show up and Suki is more popular but is she that nnoticeable in US?

  • Julie

    “supermodel”? Jared you are so funny! who much is she paying you?

  • Bell

    Whare called papz, after BC said take Charlotte twit pic down months ago. Who wears those shoes to walk dog?Sleeps with men to get famous. Stupid, drug addict, uneducated, ugly whare! Uses Kara + Georgia too for fame

  • Lucille

    Dogs eyes are right on the camera guy. What pap by chance finds a celebrity walking down a desolate street? Seems like Suki got her scheduled photo op. Without a HS diploma, GED or college education.. I guess the only thing that puts Suki back out on the streets is walking a dog.

  • Yawn

    They called the paps, he gave her the dog, both get some PR from it.
    Celebs become so boring and predictable.

  • Shelbethegreat

    I hope he doesn’t take advantage of this girl.

  • Sadie

    @Shelbethegreat: LOL LOL

  • Brenda

    This girls got a new nose and no where to go.

  • bradlifer

    LOL, she knows exactly where the paps are and she even called them. Bradley wont do the PR pics this time so she is using his dog. No one is buying it. It is al to fake…anyone with a brain can see through it…

  • Hello

    Anyone with a brain will also see that the pics we have seen with SW are not much different from the pics we have seen of BC with other girlfriends before. Most of the time he as the same kind of “lack of interest” attitude in public with them.
    Good example again :

    Unless beign in his mind, no one knows what he thinks.
    Making assumptions only on paps pics that represent only a few minutes of their day, it’s easy but that does not mean it’s true. No one knows how they are in private anyway.

  • Yvonne

    I just read an article on Cara D. It seems that Suki tries to copy her. The eyebrows that Cara has she has had since a child and Suki’s seem to just be overgrowth and died darker. Also, Cara has never had to sleep her way into jobs. The article states her friends but, does not mention Suki. This girl needs to give up and get an education and a real job. I’m not sure how much money she has made but, I highly doubt she has enough to be a financial backer of a magazine at just 21 without even having a high school diploma. And what is Bradley thinking she has admitted she still lives with her parents for gods sake he is 38 almost 39. Is he going to move her directly from her parents to his house. She has never even lived on her own and had to pay bills like a normal adult.

  • http://Bcoop Bradlifer

    @Hello: >It is not just that he looks unintressted in her, it is everything. I find it odd, like clockwork once a month they meet for made up PR pics and he is not even trying to look happy with her. It is to much punctuationality for me to believe it is real. It is also the extreamly fake pictures, where they both know exactly where the cameras are and are looking straight at them and smiling into the camera. It is the fact that you can actually see what is next by just looking at them. And it is so many many fake moments with SUki, it is like she is trying to hard…she is throwing herself at him and he cant be botherd with her at is so much more then just the fact that he is not looking in love at all. And looking at his other girlfriends he looked like he was in love all the time, with Zoe he held her as they walked out of the cinema, with Rene he looked in love at first. With Jennifer Lawrence he was head over heals in love, it was all over his face, eyes, body language it was something different when he actually felt something for them. With Suki it just looks fake and he cant be bothered to try to look half interested in her.

  • http://Bcoop Bradlifer

    And as i said it would, Suki is eighter in New York now or on her way. She is going to be with a model friend and then she is going home, the dog pics is all the PR she is getting this month. Bradley and Suki will meet again the 27-29 of november for the last time.

  • Hello

    @Bradlifer : We don’t have the same definition of a PR relationship I guess. Fo me, in a PR relationship, people meet to take pictures and that’s all. But for BC and SW they have been together more often than the monthly pics we have seen. You have probably seen the Twitter pics of them at a restaurant for breakfast in LA the last week of June. No paps pics. If we had not seen this picture on Twitter, we would never have know she was there at this time. And in July when they took the train together from Paris to London. Why did they not just met at Wimbledon for pics ? She was in Paris the same week than him….
    Several people have mentioned on Twitter seeing them at the Rolling Stones concert the Saturday night between the 2 photos “sessions” at Wimbledon. Why does he hung out with her this day if he don’t want to be with her ? Same thing for the Metallica concert in San Diego.
    Not to mention the pic inside the WHCD when they cuddled….No paps were there, it was a private party.
    That’s precisely why I don’t buy the PR theory.

    I never mentioned that he seemed happy with her but he does not seems more unhappy than the pics I have seen with his other girlfriends.

    The only thing that I agree with you is that some pics look fake, especially those taken in the park in Paris.

    Anyway, the sooner it ends, the better it will be for everybody….

  • Liz

    @Bradlifer: She is still in Hawaii. If you look at her latest Instagram picture, she sitting on wicker furniture in what look like a bikini in sunny climate. Once again taking photo in Bradley home. @Hello I agree with you. It is real relationship but it curious why the clockwork monthly photo then nothing again until next month even though I agree it clear they see each other more than once a month. I too ready for it to be over.

  • Hahahaha

    Poor lonely Daniela.

    Have you stopped reading what her own fans are posting? Hahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahaha

  • http://Bcoop Bradlifer

    @Liz: Again i dont buy her social media at al, she could be posting old pics, she did that the last time she was in Hawaii, she left after 48 hours and posted pics from there like five days alter pretending she is still there.
    And i still dont think it is a real relationship, if it was just the monthly pics everyone would know it is fake, so every now and then they make sure someone saw them and people like you believe it is real.
    Eighter way my main point is there wont be any other awkward, stupid fake PR pics this time, she is leaving until next month if she havent already. And i stand by that we will see the break up come by then because first of all, this time he took no interest in her at all, all the other times he pretended he cared, this time he seems to have gotten tierd and sended his dog to do the job. I will believe it is real when i actually see some affection from HIS side, when he holds her like a boyfriend, or kisses her or stops looking so unintressted with her. That wont happend so it is just a matter of moments before it is over.