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Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Variety' for 'Catching Fire' Release!

Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Variety' for 'Catching Fire' Release!

Jennifer Lawrence is featured on the cover of Variety‘s latest issue alongside her The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence and the film’s producer Nina Jacobson.

The mag features some never before seen photos from the film. Check them out below!

In the issue, The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins speaks out about her thoughts on how Lionsgate handled the marketing campaign for the film.

“I’m thrilled with the work [Lionsgate marketing exec] Tim Palen and his marketing team have done on the film,” Suzanne said. “It’s appropriately disturbing and thought-provoking how the campaign promotes Catching Fire while simultaneously promoting the Capitol’s punitive forms of entertainment. The stunning image of Katniss in her wedding dress that we use to sell tickets is just the kind of thing the Capitol would use to rev up its audience for the Quarter Quell (the name of the games in Catching Fire). That dualistic approach is very much in keeping with the books.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim top and an Aviva Rose Jewelry necklace on the cover of Variety.

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jennifer lawrence covers variety for catching fire 01
jennifer lawrence covers variety for catching fire 02
jennifer lawrence covers variety for catching fire 03
jennifer lawrence covers variety for catching fire 04
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Photos: Variety/Williams + Hirakawa
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    She is so OVERHYPED. That she got an oscar but not Bradley, who almost carried the whole movie is just laughable.

  • SaadGKhan

    she is so inspirational, a true artist not STAR … inspirational for both men and women to be themselves and you still can be loved and achieve success.

  • Sweetness

    Jennifer Lawrence is simply stunning. It’s been amazing to watch her star shine bigger and brighter…she’s has step into the role of being a A List star with grace and style.

  • A

    Personally I adore this girl.

  • Isa

    She’s gorgeous on the black and white pic !

  • Zeee

    Good Lord, Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous!…so talented and so beautiful. Looking forward to THG: CF!!.

  • LizEEEE

    “You only see that kind of talent once in a generation that kind of intensity and emotional power.” -Gary Ross on Jennifer

    So many people agree!!!!

  • mbl

    I love her! Is it me or have they photoshopped the b&w image to make her look thinner? She looks gorgeous stop itttt

  • Sarah

    @LOLOLOLOL: That’s true! she only got it because of Harvey Weinstein! Bradley and De Niro are the only good things about that movie! Jennifer was mediocre and SLP is overrated as hell!!!
    Btw, Francis Lawrence is an older version of Bradley Cooper:

    That’s creepy! O.o

  • Simiik

    My God she looks again, I do not understand what people see her, she won an Oscar using another actor, talent mediocre, not great, this girl I do not like

  • Joboots


    I smell a loser Lohan fan,aren’t you Lolo????

  • Joboots


    Another Sarah????

  • Joboots


    Another Lohan fan,eh Simiik????

  • Juliet

    Obsessed fans are so dramatic, say one unpopular thing about their idol and they get defensive, it’s not even funny. About jennifer, I don’t even know why everyone thinks she’s that great, she has no range, the reason everyone loves her is because she acts as if she could be your best friend, is it difficult to understand?

  • Fercat

    Yeah, she’s more of a body than a face. Wait a few years when the marketing people are done and have moved on.

  • jj

    i hope there will be more diversified franchise actresses after THG is done. first k.stew in twilight, in THG, emma stone in spiderman. seriously are the movies designed for the KKK to be happy and not complain? cmon now, itll be awesome to finally see a spanish, african, asian, indian, and mixed race franchise actresses, especially since the minority races have gone through much bigger struggles in history as a whole because of white people looking down on them. white people aren’t the only ones talented in acting, if anything its getting a little bland and boring now to see only caucasians in leading roles on the movie screens as well as award shows tbh.

  • talia

    i’m going to agree with the comments saying she is over hyped, yes she may be a good actress but there are so many other good young actresses out there who in my opinion are better than lawrence e.g shailene woodley(can’t wait to see her in the film divergent),saoirse ronan, anna kendrick who don’t get as much praise as the public seems to give lawrence.

    that aside, for me Lawrence has still to give a performance in a film that blows me away.

  • marianne

    @talia: its not that she isnt a good actress, shes good, but she’s not versatile and this will catch up to her sooner or later. she won’t be one of those actresses that’s a character actor and can radically change herself and her voice or mannerisms to convey varied characters, losing weight or dyeing your hair has nothing to do with versatility if you know anything about acting, thats just a part of it if the character has a certain look but its not what versatility truly means. one of the recent actresses that’s the best when it comes to versatility to the characters that she plays is jessica chastain. shes a chameleon with her roles which makes you forget that she’s a high profiled actress, i always see the character and not jessica which is a true gift for a thespian.

  • Sarah

    @marianne: Wait! Jessica Chastain is versatile? chameleon? LOL She has ONLY ONE facial expression during the whole movie in every damn movie she did, her face doesn’t move, her voice is always the same annoying voice in everything, she is far away from versatility and is always being overshadowed by the supporting cast! The truth is that she is overrated and overhyped as hell just like Jennifer or even worse! I doubt that people will remember her 10 years from now. Jessica is only the new Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Julie

    @marianne: Jessica Chastain is so versatile as a wall!
    But I agree with the other posters, there are much better actresses than Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain in the world! like Saoirse Ronan, Abigail Breslin, Chloe Moretz, Noomi Rapace, Marion Cotillard and many others, they just don’t have so much hype and an old man lobbying for them.

  • Amanda

    Go Jennifer! I hope she gets another nom this season.

  • ha ha

    @Joboots: I think YOU are the Lohan fan here! She is ugly and her Oscar was a joke! hahahaha get over it!

  • ha ha

    @Sarah: I agree with you Gwyneth Paltrow (and Jessica) sucks!

  • Shania

    21 DAYS LEFT.

  • Athena

    Jennifer Lawrence has received (and deservedly so) an incredible amount of acclaim for one so young…and by respected critics as far back as her first film The Burning Plain. Good for her. Jennifer Lawrence is the kind of talent Hollywood needs now and forever. Btw, I love the Variety photos!!…just gorgeous!!.