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Nicole Kidman on Tom Cruise Marriage: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Can Understand

Nicole Kidman on Tom Cruise Marriage: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Can Understand

Nicole Kidman graces the cover of Vanity Fair‘s December 2013 issue!

Here’s what the 46-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her marriage to Tom Cruise becoming intoxicating: “There is something about that sort of existence that, if you really focus on each other and you’re in that bubble, it’s very intoxicating, because it’s just the two of you. And there is only one other person that’s going through it. So it brings you very close, and it’s deeply romantic. I’m sure Brad and Angelina have that”because there’s nobody else that understands it except that person who’s sleeping right next to you.”

On the beginning of her marriage to Tom: “With no disrespect to what I had with Tom, I’ve met my great love now. And I really did not know if that was going to happen. I wanted it, but I didn’t want it for a while, because I didn’t want to jump from one relationship to another. I had a lot of time alone, which was really, really good, because I was a child, really, when I got married [to Cruise]. And I needed to grow up.”

On having a family:
“There’s an enormous amount you have to give up if you want to have a family. You can have a certain career, but you can’t be living in Hollywood, [where] absolutely everything, everything revolves around it. That wasn’t my choice. I’d rather revolve around somebody else’s career and then still find my own.”

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  • LOL

    Please why in every interview does she mention Tom Cruise. How long have they been divorced? It makes no sense..when a person keeps digging up past marriages and relationships. This woman is still using Cruise to get empathy. Or to make her more interesting in interviews.

  • living in a box

    she should start with her story saying, “long long long time ago,”

  • @LOL

    They ask her questions about Tom and she answers them. Simple as that.

  • LOL


    She can decline..many stars can do that. It’s not like she is being deposed in a court of law….she’s an A List star and it’s very strange. I almost get the impression she is NOT over Cruise..and that all eyes on her and Tom and that feeling of reigning in Hollywood is something she misses. Urban is a nice guy but it’s not like she’s walking arm and arm as a powerhouse A List actor. That commands the paps attention when they appear together.

  • Nikki

    I respect Nicole in this interview. She’s being very open and honest. I see her as a smart, savvy women. She now knows what she’s doing.

  • dan

    @LOL: sorry but she looks way happier with urban, she doesn’t need to be with an a-list hollywood actor for her to feel fulfilled. she took a chance and gave tom a fair and long try and he wasn’t her cup of tea and she never looked happy or relaxed around him, who can blame her anyways. now she’s a happy wife and mother of two, you can tell she’s in a much better place in her life. plus, urban is a-list in the country music world, he has millions just like she does, there’s nothing to complain about. if anything its a good thing to have a husband working in a different industry than you, even shakira said that herself because each of you have your space to do your own work, and your primary focus is geared towards your marriage and family life which is what matters the most. people like kim-k care about status, if nicole cared so much about status, she would’ve stayed with tom yet be miserable the whole time through. she knew it wasn’t worth it.

  • Gillian

    “With no disrespect to what I had with Tom, I’ve met my great love now. And I really did not know if that was going to happen. I wanted it, but I didn’t want it for a while, because I didn’t want to jump from one relationship to another. ”

    Love her! She’s classy and talented and funny and sweet. That’s why she’ll always be my favorite actress working today.

  • lol

    I think this woman is so smug. She better talks just about her husband and her family. She has enough talked about Tom Cruise in the past. I dearly don´t like him but he deserves peace from her already. She seems to be even worse than him and now I´m sure she damaged their marriage and not him. She better opens up about her sick botox addiction.

  • guest

    @#6: maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, who knows? There are all happy until there aren’t anymore and then you get the divorce announcement..don’t be too surprise when it happens; it almost always does…

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    JJ has really done a hatchet job this time. They’ve taken an article where Nicole has said she was very young when she married Tom Cruise and they lived an exciting life (it’s the same thing she said to another reporter a few years back verbatim). She further stated that when she married Keith, she found her great love. That’s it, just another misleading article.

  • yeah right

    @guest: Go back to your cuckoo board skeptic. “Guest”? Bahahahaha!

  • egotistical

    It´s like Tom Cruise is her favourite theme to talk about, I wonder how long her husband will tolerate that and not just bc is getting boring for us but not for her I guess. He should start talking about his ex- girlfriends too.
    I rather would like to know how she thinks to continue her acting career with that damaged face??

  • Carolyn

    Tom is a controller. Nicole is free and happy with Keith. It is a lovely cover shot.

  • Rouge

    At that time, didn’t she get preg with Ewan McGregor’s baby and that was the main cause of their divorce?

  • LOL

    my point is no one talks about their ex husband, ex anything bf /gf continuously unless there is still a spark left for that person.The greatest love of her life sounds like a movie cliche and way too much effort into trying to convince “the media and public” she loves Keith more…if she loves Keith why keep dredging up your ex? because by mentioning Cruise’s name it attracts interest in people tuning into her. If she just said nothing about Cruise, this thread would be 5 comments only. Because she’s dull.

  • CF98

    @Rouge: That was the story and I’m inclined to believe it but apparently Nicole was able to “prove” that Tom was the father of the baby she miscarried.

  • Rouge

    @CF98: LOL. I’m glad. At least there are things some people never forget.

  • She never brings up Tom

    No as long as she has Interviews she will have the whole thing aBout
    Tom . Just like Ben and Jlo.. To this day Nicole is sacrificed to answering questions about Tom . if not she is considered to be rude and
    Other bad words..why not ask her about Keith Urban her HUSBAND NOW! How their marriage is? And her children with Keith, how she
    Likes living in Nashville….

  • yeah right

    @egotistical: @LOL No comments about Cruise would make this a skeptic-free thread? You’re so stupid to try to pull that one out of your a$$.

  • yeah right

    @Rouge: She was never pregnant with Ewan’s baby but you and your other names go on thinking that it did while you also think she’s a lesbian and a child predator.

  • Holly

    There she goes discussing Tom again. She is still riding that PR marriage. Why doesn’t she discuss her children from that marriage? This picture is photoshopped from head to toe. Lives in Nashville? When?

  • Rocky


    So true! They cut and paste where the story will be most interesting. I worked for a magazine and let me tell you, the crap they invent is something else!!

  • Rocky


    Another good post. Thanks. LOVE NICKY!!

  • Holly

    @dan: You seemed to have forgotten that Tom filed for divorce. She didn’t want out of the marriage as she renewed her wedding vows a month prior to Tom filing. Nic know.

  • ANNE


    This “pregnancy” was invention was the divorce agreement, Nicole make more $ $ $ $ $ $ if it was along the lie. Cruise, Kidman, Holmes, Cruz, are opportunists who only think in career and fame. Innocent, only the children. The adoptive were rejected by three mothers: biological, adoptive and step-mother. How sad.

  • Liitle MY

    @ANNE: Go look up scientology’s disconnection policy, this has been confirmed by every ex sceintologist alive! Nicole Kidman was branded as a supressive person (SP) in Scientology la la land SP’s are Hitler, Napoleon and Nicole KIdman.

    THose adopeted kids were brainwashed to hate their own mother, just imagine how much pain Nicole KIdman is in being rejected by her own children, who chose their father over her.

  • Rouge

    @yeah right: Me and my other names? What names? I don’t hate her only that some things need to be reminded.

  • CF98

    @ANNE: The kids are grown so really I don’t get how Katie would be in their lives now. Nicole on the other hand… That being said I don’t buy that these relationships were business arrangements they seem too bitter for that not to mention pointless to go through the trouble of marriage when they could’ve just “dated” and broken up like he did with Penelope.

  • Sarah

    @ANNE: That’s true! Cruise, Kidman, Holmes, Urban and Cruz are all opportunists and social climbers who uses their partners and (biological) children for publicity and then discarded the adoptive children like garbage!
    I have no respect for none of them!

  • Kidman is a Liar

    Everything Kidman says is a lie. Do not believe a word.

  • Rouge

    @Liitle MY: Probably Kidman was the one who put some discipline on those adopted children.
    Tom is asexual that’s why I think that of her too. Btw Ewan McGregor is pretty hot, too bad he’s a established married man with many kids around.

  • Frozoid

    Um, no, she is delusional. She and Cruise were NOT Brangelina.

    For starters, Jolie was famous in her own right and had already won an Academy Award when she hooked up with Pitt.

    Kidman was not well known when she married *cough* Cruise but she rode his coattails to a career.

    I am embarrassed to listen to her blather. She once said on Oprah, “My mother loved refinery.” She meant to say her mother liked finery.

    Please, god make this person disappear from magazine covers. They are always the worst sellers.

  • Frozoid

    @@LOL: Um,no.

    She can just say she refuses to talk about it but she gobbles up those questions like candy and then spits out answers.

  • Oh dear

    Kidman talks about the old contract marriage and Cruise because it generates her PR. Nobody cares about her new contract marriage. Everything that comes out of that pathological liars mouth is calculated.

  • Malak

    She looks so different. She has had a lot of work done on her face.
    I know. I’m Australian.

    TC was years ago. Enough already.

  • Macy

    Keith is a wonderful man and is certainly worth all the lies and abuse Nicole suffers at the hands of a few jealous skeptics who criticize everything she says and does. She’s one lucky woman to have found someone like him. And she knows it: “I’ve met my great love now.”

  • Oogle

    But Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, individually, have more acting talent than Brangelina put together (and doubled)…but I’m Brangie is more famous because they actually put their fame to good use for others, and not just to promote their own brand or deviant religious beliefs or whatever…

    Keith Urban is./was a cokehead…he was cheating on her up until they were engaged.

  • Jada knows

    @Frozoid: You’re embarrassed Sue? Hilarious choice of words since you made the decision to stop caring about your husband and two kids 8 years ago to stalk Keith & Nicole full time. Embarrased is the last thing you are and your family knows it. Embarrassing is way more your speed.

  • kary

    Nice interview… she’s so classy, I love her :)

  • x

    Not classy when you keep talking about a “deeply romantic” and “intoxicating” contract marriage which ended THIRTEEN YEARS AGO. Kidman is so calculatingly transparent and the antithesis of classy.

  • Over it

    Why is the public continually subjected to these expressionless and highly photoshopped magazine covers of Nicole. We all know she doesn’t look like that in real life. Enough.

  • Fact

    Every cover is photoshopped. Has nothing to do with Nicole. There was a story that used a Faith Hill cover as an example from a couple of years ago and she’s also fit and gorgeous. They not only photoshopped her face but her body as well.

  • Brangelina Fan

    Um, why is she mentioning Brad and Angelina? Brad and Angelina have stayed strong through thick and thin and most importantly survived all the hate and crap from Brad’s X. At one point when Angelina’s mother died and Angelina was mourning Team Aniston was saying how Angelina lost her mother because Angelina can feel Aniston’s loss. Much to my surprised and disgust that anyone is that pure evil to talk like that to anyone who lost a loving mother, I became a defender of the Brangelinas. Nicole did not have similar experiences as Angelina endured (and still does today). Haven’t you heard Chelsea Handler, Aniston’s best friend, in her talk show saying some really hateful and ugly statements especially toward the Brangelina children?!!! So, not going off the subject, my point is about Brangelina is their LOVE ENDURES. They make it work. Why is a proud mother like Nicole not talking her children and her husband instead bring up TC? As for the adopted children, they are innocent and I am sure Nicole has a good way of making amends and be in the grown childrens’ lives. As for Katie, Katie was a fameho. Is Nicole able to be true and make it through the challenges to keep her family together?

  • Brangelina Fan

    Typos…I meant to say Team Aniston was saying how happy she was when Angelina’s mother died so Angelina can feel the loss (comparing the loss of Angelinas’ mother to the loss of Brad). This is the type of crap is lies that Brangelina has to endure. Nicole, be strong, I am sure you are a strong woman and take care of your family too.

  • mmm

    News Flash Nicole: Dont bother trying to revolve around Keith’s dying career – his latest album is a total bomb and his recording career is over.

  • Malak

    I’m surprised to read that Keith Urban isn’t doing well.. I thought he was.

  • Malak

    I’m surprised to read that Keith Urban isn’t doing well in his singing career. I thought he was. I have never heard him sing. Have you, and is he good?

  • ha ha

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lame! stop talking about your ex and start talking about you husband!

  • Fact

    @Malak: He is. A crazy fan is obsessed with him so much she spews hatred and lies every day about him since they started dating.

  • Malak

    I don’t know who you’re talking about. lol
    Anyway, he had drug problems, I think, and if NK helped him recover, he is lucky.