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Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban: 'American Idol' Atlanta Auditions!

Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban: 'American Idol' Atlanta Auditions!

Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban pose for photos while arriving for American Idol season 13 auditions on Wednesday (October 30) in Atlanta, Ga.

The judges were joined by fellow panelist Harry Connick Jr and the show’s longtime host Ryan Seacrest.

It was just announced that American Idol‘s weekly results show will be trimmed from a full hour to just thirty minutes, which is how the show was in its beginning, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Idol will be premiere with a two-night event on January 15 and 16.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban at the auditions…

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jennifer lopez keith urban american idol atlanta auditions 13
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jennifer lopez keith urban american idol atlanta auditions 15
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  • jonna

    And Nicole is in London making movies…. why? She’d better hope Jlo stays with Casper and Keith doesn’t get tired of her globe hopping.

  • molly

    Hey come on are you saying Keith would cheat on Nicole. Bite your tongue. Keith is cute, but he looks so much better in action than he does standing still. I think it’s the hair. It looks so much better when it moves. LOL

  • maclen

    So, here you have an Idol judge from the second LOWEST rated season of Idol…and a judge from the WORST rated season of Idol ever…how can Idol NOT continue to be an embarrassment in the upcoming season? So, of course they are going to trim the results shows from an hour to a half hour…no ones going to be tuning tuning in. All you need to do is note that last nights The X Factor…Fox’s other pathetic karaoke show…drew a mediocre 4 million viewers.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Jonna is another personality from the hateful skeptics. They don’t care how much Keith travels or works AT ALL. They’re mad because Keith is happy with Nicole. Sorry haters but Keith travels the world too for work. I wouldn’t call staying in London with her kids to film a movie globe-hopping. Shes not a mindless socialite jetting around for kicks.

    Another nail in coffin for the skeptics….Keith never made it to London to be with his family because of the huge storms in Europe. A fan met him buying cards for Nicole and the girls this week before he went to Atlanta.

  • She Stinks!

    JHO will destroy this show, again. I guess her career never took off, its no surprise, she has no talent, taste or class. The ratings dropped faster than an anchor when she was one, and now she’s back? Bad move, FOX TV. No one wants to see that no talent amoral fake HO in their living rooms every week. Put the trash out!

  • Elaina

    @maclenWhat insight, not! All tv competitions need to cut their results shows. It’s something fans want and AI made the right choice.

    I will be tuning in for Keith and Harry!

  • Whitley

    @maclen: no one = 4 mill? Get with the times. Those numbers are expected. There’s more than 3 networks.

    Urban is a class act with more musical knowledge in his pinky than any judge ever. Jlo is miles better than Mariah. She needed to go.

  • maclen and hitnrun are liars

    TaraLea and Mary are maclen and hitnrun

    skeptic Sue ”nomorefan” Raddatz…. I KNOW TL is sending stuff to Ted and Lainey – well, I’ve heard Ted finally told her to leave him alone because she was reporting incorrect things to him. But she and Mary are still sending stuff to Lainey. Lainey posts it EXACTLY the way it was sent. I heard Bstactrs also writes a lot of BS. She said Keith hit on her in a hotel room but I’ve caught her in lies so I take what she says with a grain of salt. I don’t trust her either. I know for a fact she started 2 skeptic boards for 2 different groups. One of my friends is on both (different usernames) and she thinks Bstactrs tries to get info to use at bait for the other.

  • maclen


    Idol cut the results shows because Idol is a dying show. And, I agree with you that Idol NEEDS to cut their results shows…the less people get to see of this show…the HAPPIER they will be! As I mentioned…with those atrocious ratings…X factor is likely done after this season…and I wouldn’;t be surprised if Idol also isnt done as well after next season.

  • Nonna

    Dancing With the Stars has been cut down to one show a week with the results show dropped completely. That makes more sense anyway.

  • maclen

    @She Stinks!:

    Yes, JLo learned the hard way that being on Idol DOESNT help your MUSIC career. She left Idol two seasons ago..then she mainly toured the world…toured in the US but 15 shows…she released a g-hits album that didnt sell. So instead of releasing an original album…she chose to return to Idol…much like the orb…simply for the paycheck. At least Mariah carey was wise to “delay” her album…unlike the orb…who DID release his album to a paltry 98k of sales in it’s first week. They’ve ALL been reduced…from “musicians” to “reality show” shills.

  • Louise

    Watch AI only to see Keith Urban; one hot man. The man is a musical genius. To see him in concert is fabulous; he totally mesmerizes his audiences…..male and female alike. His guitar skills are killer. He is so intelligent…….a total asset for AI

  • 1urbanfan27

    My sweet beautiful keith… :)

  • Louise

    Do Keith and Harry really need to go to work looking that disheveled?

  • Elena


    I agree! She thought that being on Idol would translate into success in music and movies. But AI revived her career once. Her reason fro leaving in 2012 was to “pursue other opportunities” which did not materialize. Her movie “Parker” and her single “Live it Up” both flopped so she is back in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Lopez is now a TV reality star, her music and film career is over.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Skeptics are stupid: Buying cards? He was in Walgreens. Doesn’t mean he was buying cards because he was on an aisle. The woman had her picture taken with him. But she didn’t talk about what he bought…Story enhancing…

  • Oscar

    1urbanfan27 ah hahaha!! You have the nerve to say someone is enhancing a story. You’ve been lying and enhancing stories for the past 8 years isn’t that right breathingmusic72. You are a joke. So how is your one sided, imaginary relationship going for you hmmm😄

  • http://yahoo JoBeth


    Louise, that’s Keith. Do you really want him to change? Saying that, I remember seeing photos of Nicole introducing him as her fiancé in 2006. He was wearing a white shirt and jacket and I thought he was the handsomest fellow I’d ever seen.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Sorry, that last comment was meant for Louise.

  • http://comcast Pat


  • Donny FishFace

    Hey little monsters, Gaga needs your help ASAP!!! ♥ Who’s hotter????? Guy or Fish??? :::: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a. Lady Gaga vs. Siluriformes a.k.a. Lady Bonkers. Let’s vote on BADMOUTH and find out:

  • Elena


    Keith and Harry are super talented and great musicians. What is the talentless JLo doing on the panel? The woman can’t sing to save her life

  • maclen


    So, apparently she is about to release a new album in November? That single you mention…it didn’t do to well, right? So, WHY November…and NOT in March or April of next year…when she is once again on Idol? Well, because she ALREADY tried releasing an album while she WAS on Idol…in May of 2011…and the album flopped…sold only 342k cds. The orb will be LUCKY to even sell 340k cds of his album. So much for Idol being a career saver. You can even add Steven Tyler to former Idol judges who’s album sales flopped after being on the decaying Idol.

  • molly

    Actually she said she was “card shopping” with Keith. I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually go through the card aisle unless I’m buying a card. So… yes… he was buying cards. He didn’t go to London because he had American Idol commitments in London. Maybe Nicole is coming home for the CMAs so he won’t go this week.

  • Butch

    Gawd she her face is good. How the hell does she do it? She gives some of the best face in entertainment. Love you Jen. Always have, always will. Don’t really care what you’re doing, so long as we get to see your flawless skin in photos.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Oscar: Oscar…Roger…Aqua…Burgundy…Tourquoise…Marilyn…etc…etc…etc…The joke is on you…I don’t care what you think is true…

  • Run Keith, RUN

    Thirteen years since the divorce and Kidman can’t shut up about Cruise. Meanwhile paid employee/cuckold Keith has to put up with the humiliating embarrassment.

  • Oh dear

    Keith doesn’t need to travel all the way to London to see the girls because they are actually in LA with the nanny.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    @Run Keith, RUN:

    Why is ‘my great love’ so embarrassing? She loved Tom Cruise and he pulled the rug out from under her. It takes a long time to get over a hurt like that. Fortunately, she has, and acknowledges who her great love really is. Nicole will always come out with questionable remarks, and I have no doubt Keith just shakes his head. Life goes on.

  • Elena


    Idol revived JLo’s career once but lightning only strikes once, lol! Her single was a flop despite the huge promotion and her Greatest Hits album didn’t sell. Now her new album is being pushed to 2014 so she can promote it on AI. But I doubt Idol will help.

  • It is ALL LIES

    So, despite what Keith told Ellen Degeneres, he never made it to London to catch up with Nic. Hardly surprising.

  • julie

    I thought the weather prevented him from getting to London.

  • maclen


    So, once again…she is releasing her album to try and use the dying Idol to sell her album? She tried that back in 2011 when she first joined Idol. Her album sold 83k in it’s first week…in April when Idol was in the “live show” phase…and it only sold 342k total. Much like orb, no one is interested in her music. Idol does not help sales. Apparently these washed up celebs are through because they are too dense to realize what does NOT work for them! Idol is now the “hasbeen” show it’s judges have been it’s entire life…hasbeen celebs…that is simply the fact.

  • jonna

    What do you mean by “much like orb”… who is orb?

  • maclen


    The “orb” is urban…my shorthand tag for him. I took it from the “paranormal” definition of “orb’s”…

    “One of the leading theories concerning what orbs are and the one that I lean towards the most is that they are not the spirit at all. The orb is the energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest.”

    …and basically that is what urban is now…he is an “orb” that is drawing his “energy”..(“publicity”)…from the “source”(kidman) in an attempt to manifest itself (himself). Or that was the intention anyways. He believed that by attaching himself to kidman his profile and the attention he would receive would gain him an audience beyond Country music with crossover appeal…and he would be “like bieber.” Unfortunately for orb…ONLY his music has been “like bieber”…shallow, superfical and juvenile.

  • jonna


  • chris
  • Hampton Shmampton

    @Butch: Zoom in on the face photos. That face is anything but flawless. Wrinkles pores. She has it all. Never understood her appeal.

  • http://comcast TERI

    KEITH URBAN has IT, whatever IT is he has it. Goodlooking, humble
    And so talented.

  • http://comcast Susan

    The Crazy One came up with the name ‘orb’, OMG you are sooo ridiculous, how juvenile can you get. Time for your meds !!!

  • Winn

    jennifer lopez is the biggest bitch of all celebrities. She is hitting and flirting on a married man. She has no moral and class.
    She has no respect for Keith’s wife, Nicole…I strongly think she is not suitable to be AI judge as she has no musical talent and she is a bad role model. She ditched Marc for a younger man and she is obviously the biggest pretender. Everything about her is FAKE.

  • Winn

    Oh i forgot to add..jennifer lopez is egoistic, selfish and stingy! She seems to be very nice and sweet in AI, in fact she is not! She is the greatest pretender to get credit for herself! To those who are reading this, forgive me, i really don’t like her bad attitude and behaviour towards people in real life.