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Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio takes his girlfriend Toni Garrn out for a dinner date at the Little Door restaurant on Tuesday (October 29) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model both kept low profiles as they exited the restaurant separately and headed to his valeted car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

In case you missed it, check out Leonardo in his brand new trailer for his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street – the film has just received a release date of December 25! We can’t wait to check it out!

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933 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn”

  1. 1
    mememe Says:

    Oh, they came out separetely! That must mean they’re not together :D Why can’t he just be grown up and exit a restaurant with his girlfriend like a normal person his age.

  2. 2
    Vera Says:

    She looks happy. Ha.

  3. 3
    Amuck Says:

    Leo will never grow up.

  4. 4
    Sayer Says:

    Leo the Loser. A middle age man dating girls barely out of high school.

    Pathetic. Do these models think sleeping with Leo will make them the next Gisele? Is that what their agents/managers tell them.

    Sleep with Leo and you’ll be the next Gisele. What a joke.

    He’ll still be doing this when he’s 60, just like James Wood.


  5. 5
    oh Says:

    She’s so pretty. But she looks upset.

  6. 6
    @1 Says:

    Exactly. And beautiful girl, but damn does she look miserable!

  7. 7
    living in a box Says:

    ok, people let place your bet ! this relationship will be over after oscar season.

  8. 8
    mbl Says:

    its official: he is a creep in my books

  9. 9
    ummm Says:

    TG: thinking…

    “why the **** do i have to walk alone?! — am I chopped liver?!”

  10. 10
    #### Says:



    And what’s with her look?? Is that the “why do we always have to leave a restaurant separately to act like we’re not together” demeaned look??? Geez!!!

  11. 11
    LOL42 Says:

    Leo this whole no one needs to know I am dating you when we are back in the States so-keep-your-distance-or-hide-your-face-always-routine is old, tired and eye roll inducing. Even ‘Serial Killer Eyes’ Cooper is happy to be snapped with his twinkie! And that relationship does Bradley no favours

  12. 12
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    Are you surprise? He has a movie to promote. Toni looks sad, like why am I doing this? Why am I being used? It’s all in the contract pretty girl. He needs to treat her like she is his girlfriend and not promo tool. Do better Leo.

  13. 13
    please Says:

    so beautiful

  14. 14
    haha Says:

    Kat looks happy with Leo as always lol

  15. 15
    mememe Says:

    Exactly what I was thinking looking at the photos of her. She looks miserable. Why do these girls do this to themselves. And is it just me or do all his girlfriends dress ugly/like hobos while out with him, but on their own they have perfectly fine style, some even admirable :/

  16. 16
    @12 Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:
    But if so then why not stop the games and be snapped together? He’s almost 39, and the Scorcesce movie don’t need promo, it will be a hit girl or no girl

  17. 17
    Ala Says:

    Leo hasnt found th true love of his life yet or maybe he just still want to live out his young man fantasies and date.sleep with as many young models as he can, still love him though

  18. 18
    @11 Says:


  19. 19
    . Says:

    I’d be looking damn miserable and pissed like that if my BF didn’t want me to leave the place together with him. Geez.

  20. 20
    Ronnie Says:

    She looks like she has a tummy ache perhaps she is pregnant.

  21. 21
    Omg Says:

    Is Leo ashamed of the beautiful Toni ? Dicaprio is a weird guy.

  22. 22
    also... Says:

    Could she look any more miserable? Smile! Finally there’s a pap photo of the two of you ( even if he wouldn’t wanna be seen right next to you! You can’t have your cake and eat it, too! lol ). No need for selfies last night!
    She looks so unnatural and smug most of the time.

  23. 23
    Ouch! Says:

    She is wearing her stern, no nonsense German face.

  24. 24
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    Those staged pics looked better than yesterday. I see he called the actually paps this time. That’s a little improvement, however walking a red carpet event together would be better or how about living the restaurant together? How hard is that? Toni deserves better.

  25. 25
    Laura Says:

    Love how his girlfriends always pretend to be upset with the cameras although most of them LOVE post daily selfies.

  26. 26
    @24 Says:

    Why does she deserve better? She wants to be with him even though he doesn’t even want to be seen with her. She has exactly what she deserves!

  27. 27
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    She looks hard in the face for a twenty-one year old girl, must be the stress Leo’s PR team has been putting her through. I hope she knows this hide and seek crap is beneath her.

  28. 28
    Nikki Says:

    He changes his model girlfriends as often as he changes underwear. He’s bagged them all… so gross.

  29. 29
    Lucy Says:

    At least he took her out on a date… Just the two of them! That’s… Something. (Low standards for this relationship, naturally)

  30. 30
    @24 Says:

    Don’t victimize her! She is willing to be with her, nobody forces Toni to be Leo’s girlfriend. She takes every opportunity to post photos with his friends and hinting info about her & Leo. It seems like she is satisfied with her status. As Laura said she is all smiles on her tweet photos.

  31. 31
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    Um, every women deserves better than how daddy Leo treats his girlfriend.

  32. 32
    #### Says:


    Well you know she has to show that “I’m annoyed that the paps caught Leo and I together” face in support of her “low key” relationship with Leo especially since he couldn’t even bring himself to be a man and walk out of the restaurant with her!

  33. 33
    @31 Says:

    She is a willing participant. If this is not what she deserves and it’s not good enough for her she is free to walk away! Instead she is always by his side posting photos and giving out info about them. She has exactly what she deserves. She is not his victim! Leo’s game is crystal clear. She could have said no to him instead of making him her first priority!

  34. 34
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    C’mon If you were 21 like Toni wouldn’t you be as impressionable and naive too? Leo is such an exploiter. It’s a shame how he goes after these young girls knowing they would put up with his crap.

  35. 35
    Brooke Says:

    No one cares about Toni but Leo

  36. 36
    #### Says:


    Nicely said! Totally agree that she’s getting exactly what she wants and deserves!!!

  37. 37
    @16 Says:

    Seeing Lainey’s 2 blinds today about yet another 2 cheating Hollywood couples. I’ll say 39 or 50, Never marry Leo. Keep dating them young and adopt when you are ready!!

  38. 38
    Tonyman Says:

    How intelligent is Tony! Taking advantage of the situation and playing a victim because Leo didn’t want to get photographed with her. They are just worlds apart: he doesnt like paparazzi and she loves them.

  39. 39
    @34 Says:

    It doesn’t matter how old she is! Leo is a notorious womanizer and by the time he started dating Toni everyone had known what his game was! No way she didn’t know about him and his previous girlfriends, no way she didn’t know how he treats them! Toni has been modeling for years, she has been living among models not under a rock!
    She is 21 and she has been dating Leo for months . If she deserves more why hasn’t she walked away from this horrible guy? Is she forced to be with him? Is she forced to go wherever he goes? Is she forced to post about her life ( with him ) on social media? She is not his victim! She has what she deserves! She lets herself treated like this. 21 is a young age but she is not a helpless child anymore!

  40. 40
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    “Leo the Loser. A middle age man dating girls barely out of high school.
    Pathetic. Do these models think sleeping with Leo will make them the next Gisele? Is that what their agents/managers tell them.
    Sleep with Leo and you’ll be the next Gisele. What a joke.
    He’ll still be doing this when he’s 60, just like James Wood.

    I agree with your comment. Gisele’s success is the main motivator for those models.

  41. 41
    rachel Says:

    can he tell the difference between the wome n he dates. they all look a like. he sleeps through all the blondes in the modeling world

  42. 42
    Uh Says:

    Are my eyes fooling me or are they not only leaving separately but he leaves the place accompanied by a (body)guard and she by herself?
    What a chivalrous boyfriend!

  43. 43
    @39 Says:


  44. 44
    selfie Says:

    “No need for selfies last night!”

    “Love how his girlfriends always pretend to be upset with the cameras although most of them LOVE post daily selfies.”

    They get to control the selfies, that’s why. I wouldn’t want to have paps up in my face, either. But I do think these were probably staged. Leo knows how to avoid the paps in L.A. when he wants to, unless he’s at a Lakers game or smthg. Wolf promotion has officially kicked into gear again. If he’s going to do it with Toni in tow, he shouldn’t act ashamed of her.

  45. 45
    ugly Says:

    @Uh: You cant see the picture clearly. And wtf now Leo has to even pay her a bodyguard or what for?

  46. 46
    Lucy Says:

    I still feel kind of badly for her. I can’t help it. The girl gets absolutely no respect from anybody. I get it… You have to command respect to get it. And she knew what she was getting into. I agree with that, too! It’s just the woman in me that feels badly that in order to date Leonardo DiCaprio, you have to deal with so much crap. Not just because of the way he acts when she is around, but the way he acts when she isn’t. It would be too much for me, even though it is Leo.

  47. 47
    selfie Says:


    Excuses, excuses.

  48. 48
    #### Says:


    You really expect more??? LOL

    Sadly, he’s more worried about himself than he is about her.

  49. 49
    selfie Says:


    Agreed with all of this.

  50. 50
    baby Says:

    I feel bad for Leo. He seems like a fun cool guy but really immature. I think gaining fame really young ruined him. He got caught up in all the girls, parties, his boys and fake contract relationships, i don’t think he know what a real relationship is. What love is. Why wont he try!? His mom the only person who keeps him grounded. He puts up an image of being a serious actor buts nothing like that in real life…

  51. 51
    Uh Says:

    Um no. But he could have the decency to let his guards accompany her out too. It’d only be gentle. I know, I know. He’s being held to extreme low standards. But even this is too much to ask for, I guess.
    She asks for this though. @#39 put it very succinctly and accurate.

  52. 52
    @48 Says:

    @####: Thats not true. Leo is the only person she has. She should kiss his as*.

  53. 53
    selfie Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:

    That’s why he goes after young ones. He’s a sad little man.

  54. 54
    @50 Says:

    His mom parties with him, we’ve seen that. NOT saying she’s a bad mom at all but where is the belief she that keeps him grounded coming from?

  55. 55
    selfie Says:


    No one “asks for it.” They may put up with it, but that’s a little different.

    Just because Leo can, doesn’t mean he should. He’s almost 40 and has been in the business a long time. I expect more of him than of a 21 year old model. He goes after them for a reason.

  56. 56
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    Leo 38 years old and still doesn’t know how to treat a woman and he never will. A man who treats his women with lack of respect is a total turn off. Everyone knows he is dating Toni, so why is he acting like this? You can’t even tell if the location is the same or not. Dude stop making your relationship look more fake than it already is. You hate the paps, so why did your PR tip them?

  57. 57
    @50 Says:

    @baby: Uhm no. Now he’s starting to notice that all these blonde gurls are bimbos with nothing more than an appearance. Yeah! Men realize that too and as well as they have hurt him now he is taking a bit of revenge.

  58. 58
    #### Says:


    I do feel bad for her as well but I also agree with the poster who said she deserves it because she knew what it was going to be like dating him. She’s a model and I’m sure Leo’s dating antics are well known in the modeling world! She is getting it worse though because IMO he treats her with the least amount of respect out of all the girls he’s dated.

  59. 59
    also... Says:

    @Lucy: Leo is not a dream boyfriend. I think he finds his girlfriends attractive and tolerates the rest. And it shows in his behavior. The reason why I don`t feel sorry for Toni ( or any other of his exes ) is because they knew what`s coming. Maybe at the beginning – honeymoon period – the girls though it would be different with them but it`s the same thing over and over again. They are 6 months into the relationship so she knows the deal yet she is still there, happily posting on twitter and instagram about her being in LA…etc. That`s why I don`t feel sorry for them. It`s their choice to continue the relationship.

  60. 60
    Uh Says:

    Leo is who he is and everybody knows. He’s an ass but she’s no victim. I don’t share this opinion that in which she’s depicted as some sort of victim of his d-bag behaviour. Is he forcing her? It’s been like this for months. He absolutely refuses to be seen with her. She doesn’t have to put up with it but she does, so yeah by doing so, she does ask for it if you ask me.

  61. 61
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    She is in a relationship with a much older guy who treats her like crap, so yeah she is the victim. If Toni was an older women I wouldn’t care, but I think Leo goes after this young girl for obvious reasons. Men like Leo sees women especially beautiful models as toys and possessions. It is disgusting.

  62. 62
    Lucy Says:

    @also…: I do agree with everything you said in the above comment, too. It all makes sense. It just makes me… Sad for him. He just won’t ever know what true happiness is. And not because of his girlfriend. Because of all of it. There is no desire for change, emotional growth. He isn’t happy under the surface. I’m sorry, as a longtime fan… It’s easy to see. And it’s progressively getting worse.

  63. 63
    selfie Says:

    “Now he’s starting to notice that all these blonde gurls are bimbos with nothing more than an appearance.Yeah! Men realize that too and as well as they have hurt him now he is taking a bit of revenge.”

    What kind of man pushing 40 only dates “bimbos”? “Revenge”? HE chooses them. If that’s true, he needs serious help.

  64. 64
    well Says:

    i love how all his girlfriends pretend to be so angry when they are with Leo and the paparazzi taking pictures of them. In fact they love it, especially Toni she’s the one whom friends bragged about hanging out with Leo. And from his girlfriends Toni together with Erin are the only ones who love to give hints on social media. Look I am in LA, look I’m hanging out with Leo’s Godson, look we went on a road trip etc etc. etc. I can see why people doesn’t feel sorry about her, not a chance that she didn’t knew what kind of boyfriend he was. Remember that she used to hang out with Erin back in the days, they even walked the VS show together and from what i can see the girls get really close during that time (lets not forget that Leo dumped Erin just weeks (?!)before VS show) she knew exactly what she got herself into. No doubts she is not enjoying this publicity, no matter how successful she was no one almost knew who she was. She didn’t even catch anyone’s attention by walking the VS show last year (from what i saw) and now when she’s with Leo all his fans know who she is.

  65. 65
    Uh Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:
    She is not a victim. Can you explain to me the logic and rationale in being a victim while she herself CHOOSES to be with a guy who treats her like crap? While she herself happily puts up pictures on her social media accounts to let everybody proudly know she is where her boyfriend is?
    This victim talk is real nonsense to me. Nobody is forcing her! One time you tolerate it, the second time you tolerate it, the third time too but at one point it gotta be enough for a girl don’t you think? Obviously not for Toni.

  66. 66
    @63 Says:

    @selfie: If I were him I would do the same. Wtf? Do you mean I need help? Those nympho bimbos need serious help. They should take a valium and leave their own prescription drugs.

  67. 67
    yuck Says:

    i find her look so incredibly bland and unattractive. And so far I think she is the worst of the user models I’ve ever seen him with.

  68. 68
    selfie Says:


    She’s not completely innocent, but she is 21. There’s a big difference between 21 and 39. He picks them younger and younger for a reason. Just because she’s willing, doesn’t mean he should.

  69. 69
    @68 Says:

    @selfie: That doesn’t really say anything to me. She looks like 27!

  70. 70
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    @Uh: So because a woman chooses to stay in a relationship, she can’t be a victim? What kind of logic is this? Try applying this to a domestic violence relationship and see how absurd it sounds. He is treating like crap and this could be a form of emotional abuse.

  71. 71
    ugly Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans: Well, then probably half of the men in this world should be in jail LOL!

  72. 72
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    She is young and people make fun of him for that, but so what? Why does he care about what people think so much? Don’t be a Scaredy cat, Leo. Grow up

  73. 73
    Uh Says:

    That Leo’s a 39 year old guy with the maturity of a 22 year old boy is FACT. He’s an immature, shallow ass, but she is not a 17 y/o child and I don’t know about you but when I was 20/21 I could distinguish what was good and what was bad for me. I had the confidence and self-esteem to be able to tell a guy to f^ck off if he treated me like crap over and over again. She’s the 5th GF in a row. Leo’s reputation is notorious and nobody can tell me she didn’t have a clue. Like I said, you tolerate it once, twice, or a third time but at some point you gotta be done with it IF you really feel like you’re done with it. Toni obviously doesn’t feel like that and that’s why she is not a victim as a matter of fact in my eyes.

  74. 74
    Uh Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:
    Are you joking or are you for real?
    How many women would be willing and choosing to be in a relationship with an abusive husband?
    I have a hard time comprehending where your logic is coming from to be honest.

  75. 75
    also... Says:

    @Lucy: I absolutely agree about what you said about Leo. It is sad. He doesn`t even want to try something different. He rather sticks to his old ways looking embarrassed about it, hiding like this. What would it take to give it a try? If it works… great. If not…at least he tried. But nothing! This doesn`t work for him on so many ways. And he doesn`t look happy.
    @well: I agree 100%. Exactly why I can`t feel sorry for her at all. Looking miserable seems like an act, something that`s expected from her while out with Leo. She does love her status, she does like to brag about it and acting so damn happy on her social media photos. I said acting because even though I think she loves being his girlfriend she doesn`t look natural. It all seems forced. Like she does it for the attention, for the status and not for him as a person.
    It`s a pity to see them together. None of them looks actually happy. They are in it for the wrong reasons.

  76. 76
    ugly Says:

    @Uh: Don’t be mean. People usually dramatize when they have anything else to say.

  77. 77
    @72 Says:


  78. 78
    Uh Says:

    HOWEVER, coming back to my comment in #73, that does not mean I’m a heartless, senseless woman myself and nowhere in my comments did I defend the man/boy in this story. I’m just saying I really don’t share this opinion in which she’s depicted as a victim. She’s not. I don’t say this with bad feelings at all. I just think IF she hates being treated like crap she should tell him to f^ck off and walk like Gisele and Blake did. Like many women and girls in our society do.
    It’s because women/girls let men treat them like this, it’s because they allow them to objectify them and impose rules on them as to how they should behave, that men keep doing this women. F^ck that.

  79. 79
    also... Says:

    @light: I don`t buy that. How could Blake Lively get out of the contract ( let`s suppose the contract gf theory is correct ) after only 3 months? Why have a contract girlfriend that brings in negative response and he feels the need to hide and not to be seen with her? If you get a contract gf you get someone who works for your image.

  80. 80
    selfie Says:

    People, especially young people, stay in bad relationships for all sorts of wrong reasons. Because they have a hand in their own victimisation does not absolve their partner of responsibility. She is a 21 year old model no one really cares about except for a small group of model fans. He’s major celebrity pushing 40. I do hold him more responsible for his behaviour.

  81. 81
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    @Uh: Are you kidding me? I think you need to do a little research on how many women die yearly because they refuse to leave a violent relationship. Yes domestic violence sometimes lead to death. If you have a hard time understanding what I’m saying educate yourself.

  82. 82
    vag Says:

    The problem is that every gurl in Hollywood loves Leo and he’s afraid of these gurls commiting something terrible.

  83. 83
    also... Says:

    @Uh: I don`t think you need to explain yourself for thinking that. I think exactly the same way. Toni Garrn is not Leo`s victim. As it was said earlier she is a willing participant who could walk away from this. She doesn`t have to take it.
    And she is absolutely Leo`s type. The one he can manipulate and control. He is who he is ( I`m not defending him ) and she lets herself treated like a backstage girlfriend.

  84. 84
    also... Says:

    @Selfie: She has family ( her mother as her manager so I bet they talk a lot ), she has friends who could help her. I don`t see her as a victim at all. I agree that she is ( actually both Leo and Toni are ) in it for the wrong reasons but a 21 years old has a brain and willpower. She has people around her who could help her walk away.

  85. 85
    Uh Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:
    They could be refusing to leave an abusive boyfriend or husband for many reasons and one of the main reasons is fear because they are threatened with all sorts of horrible things. That doesn’t mean they are WILLING and CHOOSING to be in a relationship. That a woman is helpless doesn’t mean she wants to be in that situation or chooses to. I’m sorry that’s just nonsense.
    ”Go educate yourself” Lol. Okay. But only if you will too.

  86. 86
    @light Says:

    Contract trolls kindly stop with the BS. How odd they now seem to be everywhere on these Leo posts. Not everyone believes what you’re selling. Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. Are you the poster shower?

  87. 87
    vag Says:

    What, that nobody is going to say anything about my comment??

  88. 88
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    If a woman chooses to stay in a relationship, she can’t be a victim?
    I think I learn something new everyday. So if Leo is being emotionally abusive to Toni and she stays with him she is not a victim? Too many excuses for this guy despicable behaviour. This is why I chose my username. The comments here can only come from people doing their job protecting this guy.

  89. 89
    selfie Says:

    Not everyone has the self-esteem to say “I don’t deserve to be treated like this” and walk, especially when the partner is older and wields more power in their business. As I said, he picks them younger and younger for a reason. I don’t want to believe it, but I can’t deny the pattern. I’m not fully on board with the abuser-victim line of thinking, but smthg is definitely off about his relationships with women.

  90. 90
    Lucy Says:

    @selfie: I agree with most of what you have to say. Something is definitely off….. It’s clearly an issue for him.

  91. 91
    @34 Says:

    @89: She has the option to walk away. I don’t believe Leo is abusive in any ways. He has done the exact same things with his previous girlfriends. Toni knew what was coming and I’m sure she was told how things are gonna be with Leo as they started dating ( if she hasn’t heard it from a million sources before ). She went for it and she is using her status on social media, gives out hints …etc. That’s not abuse and she is no victim. She got what she deserves!

  92. 92
    Uh Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:
    I’m a fan of Leo’s work but I loathe him in his personal life because he’s an overgrown, immature, superficial man-child often conducting creepy behaviour and I’m afraid it’s not gonna change when he’s gonna be pushing 50. I don’t defend him. I think he’s despicable and sometimes I even spend a considerable amount of time thinking why I was a fan of this guy again because it’s like 2 different persons I’m seeing. One, the actor I love and the other the real Leo I pretty much hate how he’s with girls. But no way that I think she, or any other women willingly choosing to be with him, is a victim. Period.
    Enough of this from my side. I have said what I wanted to say. I won’t be responding anymore.

  93. 93
    S Says:

    Toni’s hair looks pretty in these photos. They should just hire a chef and eat at home like they used to. Leaving the restaurant separately so there won’t be pics to sell of them together isn’t really working the positive vibes for these two.

  94. 94
    pregnant? Says:

    She looks sick. Is she pregnant?
    The way she protects her belly, hm.

  95. 95
    also... Says:

    what Uh said #94 is true. Leo is no angel. He is a lausy bf but that doesn’t make him an abuser. He is older and more experienced but that doesn’t make Toni a victim. Pretty much everyone saw this coming ( same gf, same behavior on his part ) but now Toni is a victim. Ok…

  96. 96
    selfie Says:

    “If a woman chooses to stay in a relationship, she can’t be a victim?”

    The fact that they may be participating in their own victimisation does not absolve their partner of responsibility for their actions. Just because a person allows themselves to be disrespected or puts up with controlling behaviour doesn’t make that behaviour any less hurtful or wrong.

  97. 97
    stan Says:

    @Leo’s PR posing as fans is a Toni fan OR – even worse – a Barfie fan, mad because her beautiful flower can’t move on.
    Do you have a job? Or your only motivation is follow every Leo thread. You aint foolin no one.

  98. 98
    What's next Says:

    He wasnt hiding his face walking with Edward Norton.

  99. 99
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    @Uh: Ok, Now you’re making sense. Women who suffers from Domestic abuse stay in the relationships because of fear and most are psychologically scarred, mentally fcuked up… so they stay. However, I completely disagree with your ideology of them no longer being victims because they make a decision to stay. This is what you said, “Can you explain to me the logic and rationale in being a victim while she herself CHOOSES to be with a guy who treats her like crap?” You’re saying women who chooses to stay in abusive relationships aren’t victims. wth!

  100. 100
    selfie Says:


    There are many restaurants where they could leave unnoticed.

  101. 101
    POP Says:

    @pregnant? did she ever go shoot VS swim?

  102. 102
    @What's next Says:

    He is more protective with his relationships, not with friends. We all know that.

  103. 103
    pregnant? Says:

    @POP have no idea. Why?

  104. 104
    @98 Says:

    You’re absolutely right. It is wrong and it must be hurtful but I, like others, don’t understand either why that makes a girl a victim if she puts up with this behaviour again and again. No way she didn’t knew this was coming in the first place and this is certainly not the first time he’s treating her like this. If you feel victimised you must be feeling miserable being in a certain situation. What are you implying, that she doesn’t have the guts or power to tell him he’s treating her badly or the courage to walk away? I really don’t think that’s the case. She seems to feel fine wherever she’s at. Her social media is proof of that.

  105. 105
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    I don’t care what crap you Leo fans throw at me. Toni is a beautiful girl and she deserves respect, women deserves respect, period. Leo is a disrespectful old man who need to grow up. My opinion is mine and it won’t change.

  106. 106
    Funny Says:

    how people who said they would avoid talking about his personal life suddenly leave the other thread to the flies in favor of this with Toni. Obviously to comment on a date he had with his girlfriend is more important than the new movie he will launch with Martin Scorsese.

  107. 107
    YES Says:

    @pregnant?: she’s pregnant with triplets. One is Leo’s, one is from Milan and the other from Lukas.

  108. 108
    also... Says:

    It’s so funny how Toni is a. ‘Victim’ and Leo is an ‘abuser’ now. He has been doing the same thing for years, he is not forcing anyone to date him, famous models turned him down, one of his girlfriends walked away after just 3 months. But now, poor little Toni is a victim. :eyeroll: What does she have to lose if she walks away? The only thing that makes her relevant outside high fashion.

  109. 109
    POP Says:

    @pregnant? i was just wondering. i thought it was weird she didnt go shoot VS swim, from what i could see from Watts page anyway. definitely in no way concluding she is pregnant now, but I just found it a bit odd, and the thought came into mind.

  110. 110
    @106 Says:

    Lol. She doesn’t look pregnant to me in that half midriff baring thing she wore to the Armani event tbh.

  111. 111
    selfie Says:

    @@What’s next:

    Protective of what? Not her.

  112. 112
    Black sharpie Says:

    I don’t think this is emotional abuse it’s just strange. Leo has also had a problem with paparazzi taking his pic. Honestly, he seems uncomfortable having his pic taken at photocalls and red carpets.
    Maybe he doesn’t want to be photographed with a woman because he doesn’t want the woman to use him for publicity. Her Instagram pics are her way around this.
    What I do ‘t get is why she always looks sad when she is with him and she looks happy in pics with her friends. ?!
    I am surprised he didn’t go to the Lakers game last night.
    I don’t think he would be stupid enough to let her get pregnant. If he wanted to get a woman pregnant, it would have already happened(I think Bar would have been willing). I just think a pregnancy now would bring a lot of backlash in the press. It would also open him up to an ugly financial situation with her. JMO

  113. 113
    chiaro Says:

    your dark side is showing, l.

  114. 114
    selfie Says:


    This is probably part of the promotion.

  115. 115
    What's next Says:

    @114 I know! Protective of himself she means. But he’s ashamed of his girlfriends.

  116. 116
    pregnant? Says:

    LOL, I was joking. You guys have no sense of humor.

  117. 117
    @117 Says:

    Part of the promotion? Leaving a restaurant separately with your girlfriend? Could you elaborate?

  118. 118
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    @selfie: Yep Toni is a promo tool.

  119. 119
    POP Says:

    I was just saying, toni not shooting for VS swim was weird. Either shes pregnant or they don’t want her anymore! lol and it looks like she isnt going to castings either. maybe she is done with VS?

  120. 120
    Black sharpie Says:

    Bellazon mentions that Newspusher has a video showing them leaving the restaurant but they refer to his Victoria Secret girlfriend as Kat Torres!!! I wasn’t play the video.
    Too funny!
    I wonder why Kat Torres name keeps coming up!? If pretty much been widely refuted that she is not his girlfriend.

  121. 121
    WoW Says:

    WOWS promotion began. Better articles BS saying she is the one because they like the same sport than articles talking about a single playboy in his forties with no wife or kids.

  122. 122
    @POP Says:


    Maybe she is busy being a lapdog.

  123. 123
    selfie Says:

    Did you see the Wolf promo in the write up with these pics? The second trailer is out, but what else is there for sites like JJ to write about? They love couples pics. These pics say “I have a steady girlfriend, I’m taking her to dinner like a good boyfriend, but I’m private like a serious actor and by the way I have a new movie coming out.” He gets to have his cake and eat it, too. I could be wrong.

  124. 124
    @122 Says:

    None of the VS models seem to be very busy with VS if you look at their social media accounts. Maybe later this week or next week.

  125. 125
    Black sharpie Says:

    She went to Lanzarote for a shoot. Maybe that was VS Swim??
    Did she do VS Swim last year?

  126. 126
    also... Says:

    @108: Nobody said women don’t deserve respect from their partners. They do. If they don’t get it they can walk away. Guys not respecting their girlfriends are not necessarily abusers and women who are fine with being treated with zero respect are not necessarily victims. You put all the blame on Leo and make Toni a saint.

  127. 127
    POP Says:

    @blacksharpie could be. I see that vs usually shoots all their models together, and the photographers usually tweet about it. I think it would be weird if they sent her seperatly to a location thats pretty far away to shoot, so i don’t think she did. i guess we will see. —
    and the vs castings are in nyc for the past couple of days and today is the last. maybe toni is already in? but i saw that everybody need to audition and be at one of the castings, even the angels so idk.

  128. 128
    VS Swim Says:

    As far as I know, and maybe others like Leonie can correct me if I’m wrong, VS Swim shoots take place a couple times a year in the fall and winter months off on warm locations like St. Barths and Miami. Maybe that was just a part of the shoot and the rest, other models, are gonna shoot later. FYI, Candice, Karlie, Adriana etc. didn’t do the VS Swim shoot either yet. I think they’re dividing them in groups.

  129. 129
    POP Says:

    @vs swim yeah that was my point they shoot in groups, it was just weird that watts said he would see her in st. barts that week and she never went.

  130. 130
    #### Says:


    I wonder if her mother was okay with her dating Leo because she thought it would bring more recognition for Toni???

  131. 131
    @131 Says:

    How do you know this?
    ”and the vs castings are in nyc for the past couple of days and today is the last. maybe toni is already in? but i saw that everybody need to audition and be at one of the castings, even the angels so idk.”

  132. 132
    also... Says:

    @light: Why are you so sure that this is a contract and it’s Leo’s PR team who calls her a lapdog? You have proof? IF your theory is correct poor little angel Toni was forced into that contract, she is forced to leak info on social media and even her friends are forced to brag about hanging out with Leo, right?

  133. 133
    selfie Says:

    Does anyone think Toni is a “saint”? I don’t. I do know she’s much younger far less experienced than Leo. If she should know better than to go out with him, he should REALLY know better than to keep going after sub-25 year-olds.

  134. 134
    OohLaLa Says:

    Leo is a creep. It’s a wonder all of these young girls go out with him only to be shoved aside, forced to walk behind him and treated like cheap escorts. Have some dignity girls. Dating him may raise your profile but it isn’t going to guarantee your success. Ask Erin or Bar.

  135. 135
    POP Says:

    @@131 it said on bellazon that the castings this year are from 0ct 27-oct30.

  136. 136
    @122 Says:

    The “someday” mother of his children, for sure a twentysomething blonde model, will be very happy women. She sitting at home watching the kids dreaming about what could have been her modeling career and him taking breaks every weekend in clubs mackin and banging even younger models.

  137. 137
    LOL42 Says:

    @selfie: Agree on all your posts.

  138. 138
    also... Says:

    @####: Good point. She has friends and family and they are all OK with her being stuck in a contract she was forced to sign and they are ok with her being abused…. :eyeroll: Her mom is her manager and I bet she is OK with some extra attention for her daughter. I assume that’s why she has so many nudes out there. Sorry but she seems ok to get rid of her clothes for work quite a lot. Is that fine? Or she is forced and abused by art and the fashion world?
    I don’t deny that Leo is not a good bf but some ideas here are just extreme.

  139. 139
    @OohLaLa Says:

    Spot On!! Though Toni has a better fashion career than Erin or Bar. I think this Leo thing hurts than helps. Hope she knows

  140. 140
    also... Says:

    @138: I addressed that comment to one particular poster here and not to everyone. Nobody is defending Leo and his womanizing ways. But that doesn’t make Toni a victim. That doesn’t force Toni to stay with him. Not being experienced doesn’t justify everything. Without experience a 21 years old is able to realize when treated with no respect. She has brain and she can make tough decisions. 21 years old are not children anymore. If she was old enough to move to NYC and live her life independently as a model then she can realize what’s going on and walk away. I see blame towards Leo and only excuses towards Toni.

  141. 141
    #### Says:


    I know she didn’t shoot VS swim which is why I wonder if she’s walking at the VS show. IMO she seems to be doing nothing with VS right now and it’s strange…..

  142. 142
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    I never said Toni was a saint, my point is she is a young impressionable girl who might never leave until Leo dumps her. Leo fans loves trashing her just because she is Leo’s girl. The girlfriends are always the problem, never Leo.

  143. 143
    when i was 21 Says:

    i’m in my 30′s now and i dated this guy 13 yrs older than me, middle eastern and he had a french wife. haha yeah the stuff you do when you’re that age…..

  144. 144
    LOL42 Says:

    That is too funny, I enjoyed that imagery

  145. 145
    hm Says:

    what if leo didn’t make it past his 50s? what if he died at a youngish age for having poor health from too much booze and partying, how would u all react?

  146. 146
    #### Says:


    Well if her mom encouraged or was okay with her dating Leo because she thought it would bring her daughter recognition especially in the US, it backfired. So her mom should now play a mom and tell her daughter to run for the hills!!!! LOL

    IMO (AND PLEASE DON’T ANYONE START POSTING PICS OF MODEL’S BOOBS ON HERE), she seems to bare her body a lot more than most models. Obviously I don’t follow any models but it just seems to me that there are a lot of pics out there of her being naked!!!

    Yeah the domestic violence is definitely extreme. Leo does not treat the girls bad unless there are cameras around but I’m sure he picked up the check for dinner last night!!! LOL

  147. 147
    LOLOLOL Says:

    So he had two dinners last night? Little Door and Westside Tavern?

  148. 148
    also... Says:

    @148: I never said you `said that Toni is a saint`. I said you `make Toni a saint` and by that I meant the way you talk about her. There`s a difference. You say Leo fans love trashing her. I say you love trashing Leo. You put ALL the blame on Leo like Toni has nothing to do with the situation.
    And Leo is `never the problem`? Are you serious? Who said that? Have you read a comment saying what Leo does is all good? I haven`t. I have seen comments ( and said myself ) he is no dream boyfriend…etc. I have seen that not once. You have quite an interesting interpretation of comments here.

  149. 149
    #### Says:


    Maybe they went drinking after dinner?

  150. 150
    jam Says:

    JESUS CHRIST. Ever since the Spiderman Tobey Maguire days, Leo has been non-stop dating new models women whatever. DISGUSTING. All that money and fail in your love life not finding the one, might as well kill yourself Leo.

  151. 151
    meow Says:

    @hm i would dance in my panties and shake shake shake ma booty. HBU?

  152. 152
    also... Says:

    @####: Agreed, agreed, agreed. This is not working for Toni publicity wise or otherwise. I would say being Leo`s barely legal girlfriend doesn`t work anymore. It`s a cliche and it`s getting creepy and pathetic. And I think even Leo does realize that based on his low key behavior with Toni.
    She does get naked a lot. I don`t think I have seen any of his exes with more nudes than Toni. Maybe Gisele?

  153. 153
    @#### Says:

    I remember plenty of nude pics of Erin posted here. Your hatred towards Toni and bias for Erin is making your memory very selective. And so what if she’s nude, Karlie Kloss whom everyone seems to love suddenly is always nude, is she a **** too or is that only for girls who date Leo?.

  154. 154
    #### Says:


    You obviously read what you wanted from my post so I’m not even going to correct you.

    And where did I say anything about hating or having a bias toward Toni, Erin or anyone else?

  155. 155
    Paula Says:

    Uncle Leo is taking his obedient puppy to a restaurant… and the kiddie doesn’t seem too happy. A little spoiled perhaps?

  156. 156
    JJ Says:

    Only Just Jared have posted these pics. ???

  157. 157
    Sarah Says:

    @also -#158
    Actually Gisele did nude pics but never a full frontal one similar to the ones Garrn started to do…. at the age of 17.

  158. 158
    also... Says:

    @159: Why don’t you actually read my comments before saying I have selective memory? Did I say Toni is the only one with nudes or did I say Toni is the one with the most nudes? And I was talking about Leo’s exes do what does it have to do with Karlie? Bias towards Erin? Based on what? Where do you READ MY COMMENT PLEASE! Correctly if it’s possible! If you respond to a comment first read it properly and then have the decency to address what was actually said not shat you think or wanna see behind it!

  159. 159
    also... Says:

    @Sarah: I know! That’s not what I was talking about! I was talking about the amount of photos! Why do ppl respond to something different than what I posted?

  160. 160
    Amy Says:

    LOL. Lots of Toni fans here today. Don’t feel sorry for her. She’s getting what she wants which is fame.

  161. 161
    hahaha Says:

    sugar daddy doesn’t treat sugar baby with respect. boo hoo

  162. 162
    @Amy Says:

    Fame ? She’s ignored by media. They call Toni ‘Kat Torres’.

  163. 163
    HAHA12 Says:

    How is he dating Toni just to promote WOWS? Don’t understand that logic. That movie will be a hit regardless if he was single or with her and he has been trying to get it made since 2007.

  164. 164
    Black sharpie Says:

    You wonder what HIS mother thinks about him dating younger and younger women?
    He is close to his mother and thinks highly of her. His movie producing partner is a woman and the person who runs his foundation is also a woman. I would think he must have some respect for women. Maybe somewhere along the way he got badly burned by a woman in his personal life and it makes him cautious with women. I would think he would want someone who was more his equal but maybe it’s too much for him to handle.???

  165. 165
    yourstylebites Says:

    she looks like Chopped liver/

  166. 166
    heeee Says:

    all you girls talking back at each other STFU. go wash your ****** you’re stinking up the computer screen, and leo don’t give **** twat about you all.

  167. 167
    weeeeeeheee Says:

    all you girls talking back at each other STFU. go wash your ****** you’re stinking up the computer screen, and leo don’t give **** twat about you all.

  168. 168
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    Someone said on ONTD before the reason he doesn’t go for women that could challenge or be an equal to him is because he feels validated by both beautiful and intelligent woman. Because he never graduated college and barely got through high school thanks to tutors and became a heartthrob at such a young age. I think that messed him up a lot.

  169. 169
    hahaha Says:

    is sugar daddy taking sugar baby trick or treating tomorrow?

  170. 170
    HAHA12 Says:

    And insecurity has to do with it. He would rather stick with the same routine and what he feels comfortable with than take a huge chance on a women he could actually end up caring for.

  171. 171
    @hahaha Says:

    I bet he will! And he’ll sure have her friends to come along. Uncle Leo can be very nice and generous with the kiddies.

  172. 172
    #### Says:


    Yeah insecurity is a huge reason why he dates these young girls.

    I know WOWS is going to be a hit no matter what but when pics like these come out less than two months before the movie is scheduled to be released and right after the highly anticipated second trailer is released, it makes you wonder how the promotion is going to go for him.

  173. 173
    hahaha Says:

    he should dress as james woods

  174. 174
    Well Says:

    She’s not working? What is she doing with her time by constantly shadowing an almost 40 year-old modelizer?
    I always wonder how long he’s going endure having a girl on his heels whatever he does wherever he goes.

  175. 175
    Laurie Says:

    …exited the restaurant separately? LOL!
    Leo’s behavior is becoming worse with the years.
    I wonder what excuse he gives the girl when he asks her to “not be seen” with him.. I guess only a 21 year-old with no self-esteem could actually accept this.

  176. 176
    @haha12 Says:

    i said the exact same thing earlier- he just goes for the easy stuff because he couldn’t handle or have the courage and balls for a real relationship. C’mon dicaprio i dare ya—-i believe you couldn’t do it! hahaha ;)

  177. 177
    HAHA12 Says:

    I don’t know, I’m just not sure if at this point Leo really needs a reason to promote his movies or not. People thought Gatsby would be a big flop and look how much money that made. He’s practically Hollywood royalty at this point, and is considered one of the last few actors that can get people to see movies with his involvement alone. Like many have said Toni isn’t even being talked about much and some think he’s already dating that Kat model, I don’t really think he picked her just to help promote his new movie. JMO

  178. 178
    HAHA12 Says:

    Bradley is creepy with Suki especially when he was leading Lolita to her in a park…
    But gotta give props to him for atleast not looking like he’s embarrassed to be seen with his young model gf. Its hilarious he claimed Jennifer Lawrence was young enough to be his daughter and now is dating someone younger than her!

  179. 179
    kat Says:

    well she’s his type alrighty— she’s better looking than bland toni but you can tell superficial as all of them!

  180. 180
    Amy Says:


    It was a flop critically though.

  181. 181
    HAHA12 Says:

    I know but people were expecting it to flop box office wise more than anything esp since it was released a week after Iron Man 3. People already knew the movie would not be good with Baz’s involvement as well as the usage of rap music and over the top visuals in the trailers.

  182. 182
    #### Says:


    Oh I absolutely don’t think he picked her to promote WOWS but these reporters get wind of these threads on JJ, Lainey, etc. You can’t tell me that when they know they are going to be interviewing Leo for this movie that they’re not doing their research. Things are going to be said on TV, in mags, etc. putting Leo in a negative light and like everyone says comparing him to Belfort.

  183. 183
    also... Says:

    I think the only thing that sold Gatsby was Leo’s look in the movie. That good old baby face.

  184. 184
    @also Says:

    LOL! bankable actor right.

  185. 185
    #### Says:


    But Leo did really promote it though. They had the huge promotions in NYC and then Cannes and I’m sure a lot of that helped push the movie to making the money it did.

  186. 186
    HAHA12 Says:

    Definitely. I read on a box office mojo site or something most of people who went to see Titanic were the audience that largely made up Gatsby’s money. People wanted to see Leo look pretty and in another charming role again.
    Oh ok I understand what you mean better. It would probably look worse if he were to break up with Toni before the movie releases, right? But at the same time, there’s no way he would take her to the premiere if he can’t even look comfortable next to her outside of a restaurant. Which makes me think this relationship is not really that serious and people are getting too outraged by both Toni and Leo. Neither are perfect but it seems Toni is fine putting up with Leo’s ways, what’s with all of the talk of her being a victim? I do feel bad for her but at the same time she still has chosen to stick with him and follow his orders, so maybe she’s not hurting as much as some think.

  187. 187
    HAHA12 Says:

    He didn’t really go on talk shows except a morning one tho, right? It was mostly Carey and Tobey that worked the circuit and sold their movie. Leo doesn’t really seem to like late night talk shows and stuff. But he didn’t even have to promote it much IMO, because his involvement helped it make the money it did. Besides the soundtrack of course.

  188. 188
    not with toni Says:

    The Great Gatsby movie was full of opulence(normally)
    Also talented Carey was not the right “Daisy Buchanan” looks-wise especially with Leo as the one who was madly in love with her supposedly
    The trailer was repelling and the main reason(along with a few others) why i didn’t go to watch this particular movie and i’m not very sad about this lol.

  189. 189
    Dailymail Says:

    No article with Leo and Toni ?

  190. 190
    Nobody Important Says:

    She looks sad, pretty girl, she deserves to be happy. I hope she finds happiness. Leo is Leo. Men like Leo have everything they want, so they do whatever they want.

  191. 191
    #### Says:


    I don’t know that it’s really going to matter if he breaks up with her before or after the movie releases. And I absolutely agree with what you said that if he can’t be seen with her outside of a restaurant, he is definitely not going to be seen with her at the WOWS premiere!

    And it may not be a serious relationship to either of them but I think he makes her look foolish. I would be horrified if my “boyfriend” treated me the way he treats her. You have to have really low self-esteem to not care that the guy who you are supposed to be dating exits a restaurant before you with his bodyguard and leaves you to exit alone. And of course, this is not the first time he leaves her behind while he protects himself.

    But you’re right, it’s what she has chosen so I guess this treatment is what she deserves. I also cannot feel sorry for someone who probably thought that dating Leo would be a huge boost for her and it’s totally backfired on her.

  192. 192
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo is not perfect obviously and I don’t need to list reasons because it’s all been pretty much covered in the previous pages but I guess that’s just how he is. If Toni really was so bothered by it, wouldn’t be she call it quits? She is still so young and is attractive enough to get any guy she could want really, yet she chooses the almost 40 but forever 22 year old with a serious reputation as a modelizer and douche to his gf’s. It just makes me question if she really is that affected by what he does like many on here think or if she ambivalent about the whole thing. They strike me more as friends with benefits than a serious couple.

  193. 193
    #### Says:


    He did Good Morning America but it was also to promote his charity auction. And he never does the late night talk show circuits anymore.

    I think he avoids anything that he would have to show some personality for! LOL

  194. 194
    not with toni Says:

    I don’t think so. He just wants to avoid all these awkward questions about his life and the comments about his age especially in interviews.

  195. 195
    sarina Says:

    @not with Toni . You are right and i predict in the future he will avoid many interviews as he grows older and keeps up this lifestyle

  196. 196
    #### Says:


    Maybe she really likes him and thinks if she stays with him long enough he’ll change? I mean she drops those hints on her twitter and instagram when she’s with him and that to me says she likes him and wants people to know she’s with him but I could be wrong.

  197. 197
    sarina Says:

    @not with Toni something else, if he doesn’t want to be seen with her(he wears the hat)
    then how come paparazzi spot them?
    Maybe Toni-or toni’s environment calls the paps. Could it be the case?

  198. 198
    not with toni Says:

    It’s really hard to tell ‘cos they don’t hang out as a couple that much.
    She drops many hints and she is clingy and provocative on the social media accounts, but it’s too early to brand her as fame hungry

  199. 199
    also... Says:

    @sarina: It`s LA. Paps are everywhere. And I guess they get tips from waiters or other workers ( maybe even guests ) about celebs. It`s easy to get photographed in LA than in NYC. And of course someone can call them. But if she or someone around her called them would she looks this miserable? It`s not just that she is not smiling but she looks downright miserable. Just as she was leaving that Halloween party on Friday.

  200. 200
    not with toni Says:

    “It`s easy to get photographed in LA than in NYC”
    Really? i remember we had some convo here maaaaaaany threads ago and i was saying exactly the same thing yet one agressive poster here was attacking me saying” Do you have any idea how much easier it is to get paped in in nyc thatn LA ” and all these bullsh*t. lol (i remember that agressive poster)

  201. 201
    #### Says:

    Magnolia Pictures (@MagnoliaPics)
    10/30/13, 3:10 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio at Sukiyabashi Jiro with star apprentice Masuda – san.

    #JiroDreamsofSushi On DVD & Blu-ray…

    This was just posted an hour ago but the pic doesn’t look recent unless he’s cleaned up!! His mom and boyfriend are in the background too.

  202. 202
    #### Says:


    Is it curious that he had a bodyguard with him like he was anticipating the paps were going to be there?

    I mean you’re supposed to be out on a dinner date with your girl so where does the bodyguard sit??? LOL

  203. 203
    g Says:

    the question is :does Leo have his bodyguards all the time?

  204. 204
    HAHA12 Says:

    He looks so good there!

  205. 205
    @#### Says:

    How do you know it’s his bodyguard?
    Maybe he works for the restaurant?

  206. 206
    #### Says:


    I know! That’s why I don’t think it’s a recent pic but then why just post it???

  207. 207
    @#### Says:

    BTW, the pic is old. This year, but old. It’s of his visit to South Korea, promoting Django.

  208. 208
    @#### Says:

    Here’s another:

  209. 209
    not with toni Says:
    Lovely Leo <3

  210. 210
    HAHA12 Says:

    This look is much better on him. He needs to keep it!

  211. 211
    @#### Says:

    I got the pic on BZ, btw.

  212. 212
    not with toni Says:

    @@####: Thanks.
    It’s older.. that’s why his face is not so bloated:)

  213. 213
    #### Says:


    Okay so if it was someone from the restaurant and not his personal bodyguard, that’s even worse that they walk Leo out and not Toni!!!

  214. 214
    not with toni Says:

    It’s always nice when posters post Leo’s pics here.
    MORE MORE MORE please))))))))))))))

  215. 215
    #### Says:


    Cool….thanks. :-)

  216. 216
    @#### Says:

    Whatever. I really do not care for what you think.

  217. 217
    @#### Says:

    Hm, that #216 was not me.

  218. 218
    @#### Says:

    I disagree but I am not rude.

  219. 219
    @#### Says:

    I disagree but I am not rude.

    About the pix: NP :).

  220. 220
    #### Says:


    I don’t think he has his bodyguards all the time. We saw him all over NYC without them. We’ve seen him in LA without them.

  221. 221
    g Says:

    lol.Maybe you didn’t see the full picture..ummm and the bodyguards were not in the pics?? just saying…

  222. 222
    not with toni Says:

    His mother is adorable. When she smiles she is so cute just like her son. Momma Irma :)

  223. 223
    @#### Says:

    He looks so good when he tries lol.

  224. 224
    @ Says:

    can’t see her as an annoying like when she was papped in la months ago(when she went to drive his car) or upset/serious like when he,lukas and she were at the milk shop/bar(she went out seperated again but not look like this!but the friday pix showed her disconnected and sad somehow while like they/she weren’t aware of paps at the moment and now the only thing i can see is sad face completely not even misreable/stressful for paps or!just saying

  225. 225
    @#### Says:

    @not with Toni Agree :).


  226. 226
    HAHA12 Says:

    The GG 2013 look is one of the best looks on him in recent years

  227. 227
    also... Says:

    I also think it could have been someone from the restaurant who walked him out. And sorry but it’s him who really attracts the paps not Toni. I’m not saying it’s respectful but he doesn’t have much respect for her and he is the star… I know how it sounds but it is what it is. I’m not surprised by it.

  228. 228
    @#### Says:

    BZ has many more, but I am sure you have seen.
    Have to go now, bye you all.

  229. 229
    #### Says:


    Like you and someone else said, it was probably someone from the restaurant. Maybe they saw the cameras outside but then of course you’re back to the question of why were the cameras outside? It’s not like they were at Nobu or one of the other well known eateries in LA.

    And yes I know that there are paps all over LA so either someone got lucky or they were told that Leo and Toni were going to be there because no one else has these pics as far as I can tell.

    Could be wrong but just saying…..

  230. 230
    where Says:

    is @LOL42 that c^nt-the biggest Leo-threads c^nt with that wicked sense of humour????lol
    Such a spiteful little w*nch @LOL42

  231. 231
    troll alert Says:

    shut the f&ck up crazy obsessed troll

  232. 232
    @#### Says:

    Neither bz’s girls nor media!only jj and jjaredian folks did/do pay attention to them most of times!!!maybe tomorrow some from media will say btw,why just 2 pix?one of leo and one of toni,no more?no permision to the pap to get more by this bodygaurd or someone else?i couldn’t watch the vid of this outgoing which was posted by bz’s,anyone saw?plus the person who posted the jj’s pix to bz,didn’t post the (seperated)story or the link unlike always&no talking abut the vid except the girl was toni not torres!

  233. 233
    funny Says:

    @troll alert: you are the one who stalks Toni’s twitter account and obsessed with Leo’s love life. OBSESSED&CRAZY

  234. 234
    where Says:

    is @LOL42 that c^nt-the biggest Leo-threads c^nt with that wicked sense of humour????lol
    Such a spiteful little w**ch @LOL42

  235. 235
    troll alert Says:

    seriously, u are obsessed with that LOL42 poster and bring her up every time shes gone. which begs the question, did she reject you or turn down a date w/ u? f%cking weirdo troll.

  236. 236
    troll alert Says:

    @troll alert:
    you are a troll too.

  237. 237
    Jack Dawson Says:

    How romantic! <3

  238. 238
    Black sharpie Says:

    I think it was someone from the restaurant who called the paps. It’s like free advertising for the restaurant.
    I think it’s funny that video lists his girlfriend as Kat Torres. Why does this woman’s name keep coming up?

  239. 239
    POP Says:

    I wonder if they were calling toni kat and thats why she looks so miserable. because I think the photographers thought it was kat lol, because thats how they labeled it when they sold it to the newspusher.

  240. 240
    ladylovefan Says:

    i dont think i’ve ever seen a picture of her smiling with him

  241. 241
    POP Says:

    at the us open and in spain she was smiling at him. she seems weird in front of the paps. all her solo pap pics in la she looks miserable too.

  242. 242
    same old Says:

    I personally like Toni and love Leo but this is just another notch on the belt for him. No chemistry or any kind of affection from either. A kiss in full view of cameras don’t count. I can’t think of any model(especially one with any sense) who would want to associate with this man. I would take George Clooney. Notwithstanding the gay rumors, he seems to be a gentleman and actually claims his women. You would get publicity(on a red carpet) and still get the trips and the like. Win/win. It’s like Leo, why are you still making these girls leave separately after you? Walking a full 2 ft in front of them? I guess old habits do die hard.

  243. 243
    PIA Says:

    Hi guys! I never posted here and I don’t even use to do this but I follow Toni’s carrer for years and I most tell you that most of her fans are not happy with this relationship. I know most of you think it is her fault and I understand but there is something you should know about Toni, she has been working since she was 14 in the very peculiar fashion world and in that world models are treated like objects. The supermodel era is gone and now girls have no power, they do what they are told to do or somebody else is going to get their place and they should be grateful for this amazing opportunity.
    What I meant is Leo is treating Toni like the fashion world treats models and the really sad thing is that she is so use to be treated like that, she will only leave Leo when he breaks up with her. Think what you want about her but for her he is like a Prada campain and like the good model she is, she will do whatever it takes to make it work. This makes her look like an awful person but the true is that most models have low self-esteem, they know they are easily
    replaceable, they are encouraged to make the best of what they have now because it could be their last chance. So I don’t blame Toni, I blame the people that make her believe that it was the best she could do (her mother included) and I blame Leo too because he takes advantage of the situation, he knows how models think, he knows the power he has, he may think the benefits are mutual but the porpotion is never the same really.

  244. 244
    #### Says:


    I didn’t even think about that. If that’s the case, how embarrassing for her.

  245. 245
    Little Door Says:

    Little Door isn’t desperate for publicity. They’re used to catering to the wealthy and famous. Having paps hanging around is not desirable.

  246. 246
    @#243 PIA Says:


    Thanks for the insight. I’m not a Toni fan and don’t really care about her modeling, but I don’t understand the hate directed her way. She’s very young and there’s still time for her to grow. Leo had his time and shows no signs of growth. Every girlfriend is younger than the next.

  247. 247
    New Yorker Says:


    It is not easier to get papped in L.A. than NY, unless he’s at a place paps hang out like Beverly Hills. Do you see many pics of him biking in L.A.? No. Walking? Rarely.

  248. 248
    #### Says:


    Very enlightening! Thanks. :-)

  249. 249
    #### Says:

    @@#243 PIA:

    Nicely said and you’re so right about Leo! I’m holding out hope that Leo can still grow as well. :-)

  250. 250
    violet Says:

    PIA Could you explain their agreement

  251. 251
    Tutu Says:

    So they left separately and she looks downright upset. He was “escorted” out by bodyguard or someone that needed to be with him, she left later. Has it been VERIFIED they actually drove away together?
    Maybe it’s splitsville for them? Leaving separately seems awfully showy if they got into the car together and paps were watching…I wonder why there aren’t photos of them getting into the car together and why he would need a bodyguard during a meal (unless he was worried about a breakup fight/scene).

  252. 252
    Thoughts Says:

    She was probably told to put her mirror away, children pout. She’s probably pouting about something. That was my defacto expression when I was 21 and dad told me off.

    These old guys are just embarrassing. Never go full ****** Leo, you’ll look like Alec Baldwin.

  253. 253
    #### Says:


    The JJ write-up says they left the restaurant separately and headed to his valeted car. The guy was probably an employee of the restaurant because Leo’s bodyguards don’t usually dress in a suit especially if he’s not in one.

    It is curious that they only got these two photos. I wonder if more pics will surface? I’ve seen that happen where one gossip site has photos and then like daily mail will come out with their pics and they’re different. Supposedly newspusher has a video but no one can see it. The link is posted on Leo’s BZ thread. The video should pop up on you tube eventually. Maybe it will show the walk to the car, getting in the same car, driving away together, etc.

    Don’t think they’re broken up though.

  254. 254
    Lucy Says:

    It didn’t occur to me that the paps might be yelling Kat Torres at her. Since it seems these pics come from one place, and they openly referred to Toni as that Kat girl. That might be why she looks flustered and upset. She legit looks like she is going to cry in these photos. It was the same the other night when she was leaving the casamigos party. This girl looks utterly miserable.

  255. 255
    lisa runnels Says:

    @pregnant?: SHE LOOKS PREGNANT

  256. 256
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hey! Boy did this thread explode! Not going say anything because I think it’s pretty much all been said.
    re WOWS: Now that the actually promo campaign is beginning, what magazine do you think Leo will be on any covers? Which ones? I hope Rolling Stone – they always do great interviews and I think the subject would be right up their alley – sex, drugs and money!!

  257. 257
    Zzzzzz Says:

    typo #256 * actual promo….

  258. 258
    Preggers Says:

    If she was pregnant I would be shocked. Not only because it’s Leo but because she is young and her career is booming. If he truly loves her enough to have a child with her, you’d think he’d want to support her career for at least the next couple years until she ages out or whatever.

    Leo seems to love his privacy, I think he’ll end up settling down with someone who isn’t famous or in the limelight because it would be low key. Could you imagine how much press and attention a Dicaprio baby would get if he knocked up someone already well known? It would be like Princess Kate or Katie Holmes. Then you have BFF Tobey who settles down and keeps the babies and pregnancies on the DL. JMO!

  259. 259
    mimi Says:

    i hope they get married for real lol
    toni is pretty and very young, and her looks a bit like her mom LOL

  260. 260
    @255 Says:

    Well she was talking about the cat/cow pose while doing yoga earlier on Twitter. The cat/cow pose is like THE yoga exercise for pregnant women. Lol.

  261. 261
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@255: Uh, my understanding is that the cat/cow pose is the classic move used at the beginning of most classes to loosen and warm up the spine.

  262. 262
    @261 Says:

    Lol! I’m kidding!
    Though the cat/cow pose is great for pregnant women. I know it from my sister. But I was joking!
    I will get suspicious if she won’t be walking the Victoria’s Secret show though.

  263. 263
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@261: Oops! My bad! LOL! re VSFS: considering she seems to have cut back on her work load and she only walked one show during fashion week, I’m not. Besides, I just can’t see Leo making that kind of mistake.

  264. 264
    @263 Says:

    True. Leo isn’t ready yet and she’s way too much of a child herself to be a mom yet.
    But VS is like the greatest show of the year in terms of exposure for models though. It’s HUGE and missing out on that voluntarily just doesn’t happen often. That’s why I said I’ll get suspicious. I don’t expect her or any other model who’s a regular at the show to miss iit.

  265. 265
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@263: I don’t follow the fashions scene so I’m not that familiar with it. I know it’s a big deal, but there are a lot of models nowadays that walk in the show, that I have never heard of or seen before. It’s not like the days when Gisele, Heidi, Tyra and Naomi walked the shows.

  266. 266
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@263: Nice chatting with you – I have a feeling we’ve talked before! I’m off – have to get up early tomorrow! Talk to you later! :)

  267. 267
    #### Says:


    I think if toni was already pregnant Leo wouldn’t have let her walk alone out of the restaurant! At least I hope he wouldn’t be that selfish with his unborn child!!! LOL

    I found out earlier today that BZ has a VS fashion show 2013 thread. They say that VS is having the girls keep quiet about who will be in the show. They just had first auditions that ended yesterday and whoever gets an invite back will have to come back later in the week to audition again I think. They don’t know if toni is walking the show. She obviously wasn’t there for the auditions but they could have invited her back to walk without an audition. It was pretty informative about the show so if you want to google the 2013 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, it will give you a BZ link.

  268. 268
    violet Says:

    The VSFS is taped in 14 days on November 13.

  269. 269
    Dailymail Says:

    Nothing about Toni and Leo in Los Angeles ? They write all the time about Suki Waterhouse or Bar Refaeli. it’s a bit suspicious.

  270. 270
    @269 Says:

    What’s suspicious?
    I think it’s exactly what Leo wants and somehow manages it.

  271. 271
    VS Says:

    Having walked the show two consecutive years I can’t see her not walking. Maybe there’s nothing to cast and she’s already in. Maybe she went to castings earlier. Maybe these castings of the past days were for the new girls walking their first time. Idk. My guess is after the LACMA they’ll be going back to NYC where she’ll prep for the show and he’ll be getting in promotion mode. His birthday party on the 11th and then the show on the 13th.

  272. 272
    Beautiful nice Leo Says:

    Django Unchained Interview 2013

  273. 273
    V Says:

    I think the problem is not that Leo treats Toni bad or that Toni is some kind of a victim or someone who is ok to be treated like this. It’s just that Toni (and most of his fans) imagined him as this nice, romantic type of guy. And he is just not. It’s not that he is a bad guy, but he is just wild and restless. And I think he would feel good if he has a partner who understands this wild side inside of him and understands his ways. Leo is a person who understands the human nature perfectly and understands people’s persanalities / characters and probably expects his partners to understand him as well. One poster wrote something here a while ago that I think is the best description of Leo: Scorpios need someone who can tame the beast inside of them.
    Of course this is just my opinion, I don’t know him personally.

  274. 274
    Twitter Says:

    ☪ 若津民 ☪ ‏@JazzyCatttt 6h
    I remember my NSS teacher was saying how he met Leonardo Dicaprio at his old job & that he was a major douche w/ a lot of issues lol

  275. 275
    Black sharpie Says:

    @Beautiful nice Leo:
    I sometimes think Leo’s best character is “interviewee”. Haha. In interviews he comes across as intelligent, well spoken, thoughtful, soft spoken. I wonder how much of that is real and how much is put on just like a character he is playing. I wonder if his answers are are fed to him and rehearsed.

  276. 276
    S Says:

    Maybe Toni is intimidated to do the VS fashion show this year. To me she appears to be very false confident.

  277. 277
    @275 Says:

    ”I wonder if his answers are are fed to him and rehearsed.”
    Every actor does that to some degree but with Leo it’s gotten worse in the last couple of years. It’s repetitive, boring and when you pay attention you notice how cleverly evasive he can be in regards to certain questions, especially when he has to add something ‘of himself’ to the story. He’s always said it. He’s said ”People don’t necessarily need to know what I think” and he’s ding that in order to keep his actor profile above that. In order to stay mysterious to the public. It’s the Robert De Niro way. They’re matter of fact kind of guys. Come over intelligent and well spoken in interviews but they’re interviews are often boring AF. Lol.

  278. 278
    also... Says:

    @V: Accepting his ways and his wild side… that`s quite a task. Because that includes partying, hanging out with his buddies and young girls around all the time. That`s a little too much to handle. And the way you described the situation seems kind of one-sided. He needs to be understood and accepted the way he is. Does it seem like he does the same with his actual girlfriends? Not to me. It`s all about them adjusting to him and that doesn`t work. Relationships are about two people. If it`s only about one dominating the whole thing… it`s a disaster. So as much as he needs to be understood Leo needs to show respect and understand the girl he is dating.
    Leo seems to be a very dominant person and these young things he is chasing don`t have it what it takes to handle that. And he wouldn`t even consider a woman who could `tame the beast inside him`.
    I actually really like the way it was said: “Scorpios need someone who can tame the beast inside of them”. I agree but a barely legal, low self-esteem girl won`t be able to do that.

  279. 279
    @260 Says:


    cat/cow pose while doing yoga? Sure just for yoga she has to be in that position. Keeping Leo far away as possible from the clubs and his temptation requires imagination and effort. She is trying!

  280. 280
    @S Says:

    That is what I thought about her all along since she started dating Leo and I was paying attention to her. Behind those silly, tough and crazy faces lies a very insecure girl. And she’s 21 so that’s understandable/relatable I guess.

  281. 281
    @279 Says:


  282. 282
    @281 Says:


    no more ew than a man of 39 dating girls of 21.

  283. 283
    @282 Says:

    It’s inappropriate and gross what you said. Their bedroom belongs to them. Talking about her about yours? Are you less gross for imagining/coming up with all that?
    Not defending Leo at all. It’s just gross to talk about it like that.
    But whatever gets you through the day I guess.

  284. 284
    @283 Says:

    Little immature girls throwing hints all day on her public accounts earns the right of double meaning of everything she says. Maybe this was her intention. C’mon She is as silly and innocent as it looks.

  285. 285
    VS Fan Says:

    @@283: She’s no more immature or silly than the jealous girls here who stalk her twitter and instagram hoping for a glimpse or clue to where Leo is!! Many of you here psychoanalyzing this girl and have no basis for most of these outrageous claims… Just a bunch of bitter lustful girls who want what she has!!

  286. 286
    #### Says:


    Toni could have already been invited to the fashion show and doesn’t need to audition. It seems VS is doing what Sports Illustrated does with the cover of their swimsuit edition every year and is keeping everything under wraps this year about who will be walking in the show. From what I understand first auditions ended yesterday and whichever models will be called back for a second audition, will likely audition at the end of this week or beginning of next week? Also, fittings would be next week as well. I guess we’ll maybe get a club next week if Toni is in fact walking in the show. It doesn’t seem like the BZ VSFS thread even knows who’s walking except for the Angels.

    I’m stil on the fence about whether or not she will stay for LACMA. For the Armani show, that was a fashion event so it made sense that she was there but this event is total Hollywood (Leo’s peers). And it seems like for the Armani after party, it wasn’t a crazy club after party but just an after party where people mingled. I assume it will be the same with LACMA since there are going to be not only A list cerebrities attending but also Hollywood big wigs.

    Is it going to be a place where Leo will feel comfortable taking Toni? Even if she is snuck in through the back or something??? Who knows….

    One of her model friends is in LA so my guess is she will have fun with her friends tonight for Halloween (maybe Leo’s throwing a party) and then maybe head back to NYC tomorrow or Saturday.

    This is just what I think but I could absolutely be wrong. :-)

  287. 287
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    I believe moreso in recent years his interview answers have been fed to him. He’s very careful when he speaks in his interviews now. I also believe that the interviewers are given specific questions they can ask him and of course that always means staying away from his personal life even though some of them try to slide a question in.

    When watching a lot of the Great Gatsby interviews earlier this year, he was asked the same questions over and over again and he gave the same answer over and over again. I have no doubt that he rehearsed his answers.

    I’m sure the same will be true for WOWS interviews especially since he may get a little more hammered on the similarities of his life to Belfort’s.

  288. 288
    Black sharpie Says:

    Oh, come on.
    279 was saying that as a joke! If you have ever done Yoga and done the Cow pose, you have to realize that it is kind of sexual.

  289. 289
    haha Says:

    Being Toni still in LA, it appears that she’s gonna be there. I think. Probably sitting in the table with Lukas, Milan, Milan’s parents his other guests.

    I wonder if Toni will walk the red carpet because last year Karlie Kloss was invited and she walked, of course was invited as model and Toni as “girlfriend” and that probably will be too much for Leo? lol

  290. 290
    @288 Says:

    I’m sorry but her responses afterwards didn’t make it seem like she was joking in the first place. It’s okay, you can disagree. Anyone can disagree. I just found it gross to read. It had an extreme hateful undertone also. But you know we’re used to that kind of stuff here. Like I said, whatever gets people through the day.

  291. 291
    @haha Says:

    Will be very surprised if that happens. I mean, just take a look at the subject of this thread. He left the restaurant separately from his girlfriend and now he’s gonna sit with her at the same an event full of A-listers? At an event he is co-chairing? I think that would be too much attention on the relationship he has been keeping awfully low key since being back in the US with her. I don’t see it happening.
    I could be wrong though.

  292. 292
    Black sharpie Says:

    I agree. I watched the GG interviews because it was Leo but they were boring! I am not sure how much his people can control the questions only because almost every American interview( I think GMA was the exception) asked him about his personal life.
    The interviews for WOWS will be interesting. I wonder if he and Jonah will actually do joint interviews. I don’t think Leo could handle Jonah’s improvisational and off-the-cuff comments.

  293. 293
    also... Says:

    @haha: What are you talking about? The LACMA event? Who said Milan, Milan`s parents or Lukas are going to be there? And what does it have to do with Karlie? She was invited not as someone`s plus one so obviously she walked the red carpet. Sorry but I don`t know where you got your ideas. He doesn`t want to be photographed with her leaving a restaurant or at the Armani event last week but she will go to this event even though she has nothing to do with it other than Leo. Seriously? Are you just trying to annoy people here because you just can`t seriously believe what you wrote…
    @VS Fan: Yes, it`s all about jealousy. You got it! lol VS models including Toni are so perfect that we can`t be anything else but jealous. That`s why people are critical towards Leo as well in this situation. Because they are jealous of Toni… :eyeroll:

  294. 294
    haha Says:


    I dont think at all he is gonna sit with her . He is going to sit in a table with Scorsese and I also can see his dad sitting with him. But usually the rest of his guests sit in another table.

    But walking the red carpet separately, who knows.

  295. 295
    also... Says:

    @haha: What are you talking about? The LACMA event? Who said Milan, Milan`s parents or Lukas are going to be there? And what does it have to do with Karlie? She was invited not as someone`s plus one so obviously she walked the red carpet. Sorry but I don`t know where you got your ideas. He doesn`t want to be photographed with her leaving a restaurant or at the Armani event last week but she will go to this event even though she has nothing to do with it other than Leo. Seriously? Are you just trying to annoy people here because you just can`t seriously believe what you wrote…
    @VS Fan: Yes, it`s all about jealousy. You got it! lol VS models including Toni are so perfect that we can`t be anything else but jealous. That`s why people are critical towards Leo as well in this situation. Because they are jealous of Toni… :eyeroll:
    bitter lustful girls who want what she has. Exactly! A boyfriend nearly 2 decades older who shows no respect towards me, hiding me like he is ashamed. I want to be a scary skinny model getting rid of her clothes all the time for work coming off as smug and fake all the time. That`s exactly what I want! lol

  296. 296
    #### Says:


    I can see maybe Leo’s parents attending but not sure if Milan and his parents or even Lukas would be there. Maybe they will be come after the gala?

    This is a gala fundraiser for LACMA. Martin Scorsese and another guy are being honored and it’s some type of a fundraiser as well. There are going to be deep pockets there, A list celebrities, Hollywood big wigs, etc.

    IMO if Toni were to show up, it would be after the gala but I still don’t think Leo wants that kind of attention brought to this event that he co-chairs every year. Plus I think cameras are going to be everywhere.

    Who knows….

  297. 297
    @haha Says:

    Still, don’t you believe that draws a little too much attention for Leo? For a guy who’s been determined not to be seen with her in public since the US Open? Everybody is talking about how weirdly secretive and on the down low he is with her the whole time and it’s for a reason. It’s a little off to assume she’ll be sitting at his guest table at such a high profile event. I really don’t think that is what he wants, but I could be wrong.
    By the way I’ve never seen Milan and Milan’s parents at Leo events as his guests.

  298. 298
    @285 Says:

    @VS Fan:
    Well said,. And how typical resident Leo stalker 40 year old Leda, a loser who apparently lives here with no family or friends especially after that other Leo loon Livica was arrested, is the one who gets aggressive and starts attacking you.
    Like you’re special I’m sure these ‘skinny models’ would rather be a loser spinster who stalks leo as a livelihood on various blogs, attacks his girlfriends coming off as judgemental on the private life or choices of a man as if he owes her. Thats the sign of someone who has self respect all right. *eye roll* Same old crazy be-yatch

  299. 299
    haha Says:


    They were invited two years ago, since last year he failed, but there are even some pictures of them.

  300. 300
    #### Says:


    You have serious issues to come on here every chance you get to attack Also (Leda). I don’t know what she said in the past that totally ticked you off but you really need to let it go. The fact that you’re holding such a grudge against someone who you will never meet in your entire life is kind of scary!!!

  301. 301
    @also Says:

    And is there any Leo girlfriend you do not eventually attack or debase? If only those posters who had called out ‘the real Leda’ earlier could see you now. Your semi meltdown and anger at a post that did not reference you but sent you into a rage, possibly cos the remarks hit close to home, thsi is why you go after every and attack every Leo girl Bar, Blake, Erin and now its shift drive to skinny, fake, smug, no respect, Toni. I wonder how you will hang yourself in the (VERY unlikely event) of Leo taking Toni to LACMA, with Milan and his parents. The suggestion by a poster made you mad and brought out your crazy. Bring it on.LOL.

  302. 302
    PIA Says:


    It’s easy: Leo has the power, he sets the rules and Toni follows if she wants to be is girfriend. Most women wouldn’t settle for this but models have a different mindset, not because they are the most ambitious or amoral people out there but because they learn since the begining that they worth nothing, that everyone is replaceable and everything they have could be gone tomorrow. So anything that could give them some advantage in this Cut-throat world, like these kind of relationships, is welcome.
    You must remember that Toni was thrown to the wolves when she was just 14, she grew up with people loving her one day and ignoring her the next, being judged by the way she looks is her work and she still has to mantain almost impossible body standards to please her High fashion clients.
    The fashion industry wanted to get rid of supermodels so know they teach girls to be obedient, professional, well-behaved and most of all grateful because the fashion gods look at them. Think about it. they are everywhere and nobody knows their names, what kind of power do you think these girls have? What kind of Self-esteem?
    That’s why I blame Leo, her agents and even her mother ( who seems like the pushing type), they all knew it would be very difficult for her to say “no” to Leo so why did he asked the question?

  303. 303
    VS Fan Says:

    @also…: Welll she didn’t ask you to be her savior! But when she constantly is referred to as a lapdog or insecure “little girl” where else does such immature name calling come from but jealousy! The fact is she wouldnt be around if Leo didn’t want her to be… And more than likely HE sought her out!! Yet she is constantly scrutinized here for the dumbest things like instagram posing, when no one knows the inside or dynamics of their relationship… All Because she has what you want! Most of you likely didnt even know she existed until she started dating him, yet the minute she’s attached to him the fangs come out. And when a new one comes along it will be the sane story all over again. If it were up to you, you would wrap Leo in a cocoon somewhere and make him spend the rest of his life in celibacy!

  304. 304
    @303 Says:

    @VS Fan:
    Oh. Leda is going ot come for you now. Don’t you know she owns Leo. She knows who and what is good for him. Leo the SOB just refuses to answer her calls to hear her cuss his current girlfirend as she’s been doing fo how many years now. I mean this constantly nude, skinny, fake w&ore does not deserve him. Just like Bar, Blake and Erin. Leda owns Leo she needs to posses his soul, she knows what’s best for him and beyatches need to fall back.. The girls at BZ did not understand, thats why they had to ban her but #### understands her.She will prevail.

  305. 305
    also... Says:

    @haha: Ok, they were there in the past. It doesn`t mean they will be there this year. After the Armani event do you seriously believe that Leo would take Toni to the LACMA and get her to his table? Really?
    @298: blah blah blah Obsessed much? You jump on every possibility to attack me and talk into something that`s not your business so you can yap about me. You are stalking me, honey.

  306. 306
    also... Says:

    @VS Fan: It`s not jealousy. It`s pity.

  307. 307
    #### Says:


    Wow….you are seriously disturbed to go after the same poster time and time again.

  308. 308
    also... Says:

    @301 & 304: Obsessed much? Who is stalking who? Please, I`m begging you post my old screen names, tell that I posted on other sites and that I was called out by `many`. lol And don`t say anything new or relevant because that would ruin your absolutely unpredictable and far from boring rants about me. LOL!

  309. 309
    @307 Says:

    If it makes you feel better to think that the posts past and present calling Leda out are all one person, then have at it. LOL

  310. 310
    also... Says:

    @####: It`s better to ignore my obsessed stalker. I didn`t say anything different than I did like last week but now she is here ( YAY! ) so the usual circus can begin. Yawn!

  311. 311
    lmfao Says:

    @####: are you married to Leda? Is she your other half? lolz
    Leda and her lapdog

  312. 312
    also... Says:

    @310: Wow, how witty you are! lapdog Very imaginative and creative! lol Come on! You can do better than that! Wait! You can`t since you have been yapping the same thing here for years now. `lolz`

  313. 313
    VS Fan Says:

    @@303: Lol

  314. 314
    @310 Says:

    They have the same mission (**** Toni or whichver leo girl is around) so you can understand the love & connection.

  315. 315
    @PIA Says:

    Shut up! Nobody cares!

  316. 316
    also... Says:

    @VS Fan: You are right. Most people didn`t know her because she was irrelevant and she will be after he gets bored of her. We don`t know the dynamic of their relationship and the same way you don`t know it either. People here post their opinion about her / them based on what we see about her. Just like you do. The difference? We see her differently and you don`t like how she is perceived here. And that`s not because of jealousy. That`s the easy thing to say… and of course that posters want Leo for themselves. Really?

  317. 317
    crazy Leda Says:

    @@307: I have read Blake -leo JJ thread . She called Blake a “c^m bucket”.
    Sl*t shaming is her thing obviously but she goes after posters here who do the same. Talk about hypocrites!

  318. 318
    @VS Fan Says:

    + 1

  319. 319
    #### Says:


    @306 and @lmfao

    Once again, my only point is you’re attacking someone on here for the past so it doesn’t make you, both of you or all of you look any more sane but please continue if that’s what you need to do! LOL

  320. 320
    not with toni Says:

    About the LACMA event, well i don’t think he would take her there.
    I would be surprised tbh

  321. 321
    also... Says:

    @309: Sure, #### will take your word for it.
    @317: I don`t know what threads you read but I never called Blake that. I hated her ( still hate her ) and called her names but not that.
    Here is an easy way to end this: let me ask for PROOF. This is the part where the crazy stalker gets lost. Because she is amazing at accusing me of a lot of things but she always fails proving it. She is just a weak voice with nothing behind it. `lolz`

  322. 322
    @317 Says:

    @crazy Leda:
    IKR. Posters haha and VSFan wrote simple opinion and views in their commentary. It did not deserve for the rabid beyotch Leda to go after them like that. She deserves to be on the recieiving end of that kind of talk since she can dish it out. Once anyone says what Leda does not believe fits the pattern of what Leo threads should be (mostly attack Toni as she’s the current girlfriend) she gets hysterical and her lapdog #### can always bring up the rear.

  323. 323
    also... Says:

    @VS Fan: How old are you? Jealousy, you want him for yourself, crash on Jack Dawson… You sound very young and immature. People here talk about someone they never met? Have you met Toni? Or Leo? You base your opinion on the exact same things we do. You like her and others don`t. Deal with it.

  324. 324
    @LACMA Says:

    People here are going to have a heart attack IF Leo brings Toni to the event. And IF that happens (Toni as his guest) I will be here to laugh so bad. I need to see this lol.

  325. 325
    lolz Says:

    The same @also obsessed posters are out accusing her to be obsessed.
    1) You look dumb, 2) no one but you f^cking cares if she was Leda and what she did in the past.
    Obsessed is what fits YOU guys best.

  326. 326
    #### Says:

    @VS Fan:

    Ummm….are you @306 or @lmfao? Unless you’re changing your name, I don’t recall responding to any of your posts on here so I’m not sure why you’re posting directly to me and attacking me.

  327. 327
    also... Says:

    @323: That`s a two way street, honey. How many times it happened that I was having a nice conversation with someone and I got attacked by nasty, obsessed stalker ( you )? And you talk about `not deserving` something? The pot calling the kettle black. You take hypocrisy to a whole new level. You show up once in a while letting us know that you lack intelligence with your painfully boring and repetitive accusations. Calling me out for things you do as well but I`m `hysterical`…. `lolz`
    To quote some recent lines: `This is a public thread and people can say whatever they want.` And that`s what I do. You can throw your usual hissy fits as much as you want. It won`t change a thing! `lolz`

  328. 328
    crazy Leda Says:

    Leda she is agressive and her sarcasm is unbearable.
    Thank gosh i wasn’t here when Leo and Blake or Erin were together.
    I can only understand you , having to put up with that nutjob all the time in these threads….

  329. 329
    @ @LACMA Says:

    hold your breath until then

  330. 330
    crazy Leda Says:

    correction* Leda is agressive

  331. 331
    @Vs Fan 322 Says:

    How do you know they come here every day ?

  332. 332
    LACMA Says:

    #330 You will have big a surprise then because she WILL be there. Wait and see.

  333. 333
    also... Says:

    @329: Is my sarcasm unbearable? Good! Then I`m gonna keep being sarcastic just to annoy you! lol
    Of course you weren`t here in the past but today you decided to join JJ and went back to an old Leo – Lively thread and you just stumbled upon my old comments… Sure. You can do better than this. lolz
    FYI NOBODY has to put up with anyone or anything here. It`s their choice to come here, it`s their choice not to skip certain comments, drama queen. Nobody has to read my comments. Including you. You chose to read it and then you chose to obsess over them and then start your usual tirade. You don`t have to! :)

  334. 334
    #### Says:


    This will be the last time I respond to your craziness!

    Did I agree or disagree with also’s post? Did I say anything about it?

    I think I simply said that people who keep coming on here and attacking her past need to get over it!!! The fact that you can’t get over it is seriously sad and doesn’t make you look any better on these threads.

  335. 335
    @Vs Fan Says:

    ” The reason why Leo can’t show any affection to the person he’s with is because of psycho fans here who think they know him better than he does himself and have to over analyze his every move!”

    LOL! thanks doc for the explanation!

  336. 336
    not with toni Says:

    And even if she’s there so what?!

  337. 337
    @LACMA Says:

    I will take your word for it. lmao

  338. 338
    crazy Leda Says:

    “Of course you weren`t here in the past”
    i wasn’t. But believe what you want.

  339. 339
    also... Says:

    @339: I DO believe what I want.

  340. 340
    VS Fan Says:

    @@Vs Fan 322: Reading through this thread… Unless all these comments were made today… Which is even worse!

  341. 341
    @LACMA Says:

    Toni’s in LA so that would just make sense!

  342. 342
    @VS Fan Says:

    They act that way with all his girlfriends and rumored flings. They love Karlie Kloss now, saying she is perfect and would never fall for Leo and she is too good for him (the same was said about Toni years ago, see now lol), but I am sure that in the minute her name is connected to Leo, even if just a rumor, she will be treated with the same respect that Toni gets here.

  343. 343
    Ignore or Flag Says:

    ‘Leda’ was one of the toxic posters here in the past and I still don’t appreciate her attitude sometimes, but the trolls are some of the most toxic of the present and anyone who knowingly engages them in an extended conversation is just making it worse. Ignore or report.

  344. 344
    funniest quote EVER Says:

    “The reason why Leo can’t show any affection to the person he’s with is because of psycho fans here” Thanks

  345. 345
    lol Says:

    @Ignore or Flag: The troll is you who attacks this poster. I don’t see other trolls here

  346. 346
    lol Says:

    @Ignore or Flag: YOU are the troll who jumps on this @also almost every day calling her Leda and now you call other posters “trolls” lmfao.
    What a joke you are

  347. 347
    @342 Says:

    I don’t think anybody said she wouldn’t be going at all. It would be a little crazy for her to be left at his home on that evening if she still be there in L.A. What people tried to point out is it’s highly UNLIKELY she will be sitting at his guest table at the actual event. She wasn’t captured in a single picture near him at the Armani event despite that event not being as high profile in terms of ”Hollywood high profile”, he leaves a restaurant separately (how lame is that?), for months now he’s been hiding with her and that’s why it’s just very unlikely she will be at an event he is co-chairing, with all eyes on him plus this could be considered Leo and Marty kicking off their WOWS promotion. It’s not the kind of attention he wants, especially at an event like that. But there’s always the after party and of course she will be there!

  348. 348
    lol Says:

    She can always stay with her friends and have fun.
    I would be a silly thing to do if she went there anyway.

  349. 349
    WoWS & Oscar Says:

    Oscar Race: Are Handicappers Too Bullish on Scorsese’s ‘Wall Street’? Even films that don’t have best picture-potential can have distinct pleasures
    Tim Gray, Awards Editor @timgray_variety
    OCTOBER 29, 2013 | 02:28PM PT

    I worry about overpopulation, I worry about recent industry layoffs and I worry that it’s only 50-some days until Christmas. But today, my top concern is “The Wolf of Wall Street,” since Paramount confirmed it will indeed open Dec. 25.

    I’m not worried about the film itself. With Martin Scorsese at the helm, and with that subject matter, that cast (Leonardo DiCaprio et al) and that writer (Terence Winter), you know it’s going to be worthwhile. But I fear that anticipation is so high it will do the pic a disservice: Even if it’s great, that won’t be enough for some.

    I worry that awards-centric journalists (myself included) are putting too much pressure on the film. Awards have become the cart leading the horse. Toronto used to be a showcase for films that needed nurturing; now it’s become a campaign stop. And as each new film is screened, at the New York or upcoming AFI festivals, there are more questions about awards potential than about its virtues, artistic aims or even commercial viability.

    It’s been such a strong year that we don’t need a last-minute entrant to make the race interesting. But most awards pundits have been talking about the same films since early September and, in an ADD era, we’re craving a great plot twist.

    The only big films largely unseen are Sony’s “American Hustle,” from David O. Russell; Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” (Warner Bros.-New Line-MGM) and Paramount’s “Wolf.” The Scorsese film has received more attention because its backstory is so interesting: The post-production team are in a race against time, the November delivery date has passed, the initial cut is said to be extremely long, and so on.

    A few years ago David Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and Stephen Daldry’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” were last- minute entrants and there was media anticipation whether these would be awards gamechangers. Many Oscar pundits seemed annoyed that they weren’t. In September, DreamWorks’ “The Fifth Estate” got similar treatment at Toronto. After so many best-picture possibilities at Telluride and Venice, there was a media backlash: This isn’t a best-picture contender! What are you trying to pull?

    Even though people are lamenting the tentpole mentality and crying out for more intelligent, adult-targeted films, they are lashing out at anything that’s not a best-picture frontrunner. Despite the kudos possibilities for some elements of “The Fifth Estate,” such as Tobias Schliessler’s cinematography and Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance, the film was written off, which was furthered by its low box office. There are plenty of other films this year that are thoughtful and trying to do something interesting. In many cases, media members sneer at the mere mention of these titles, because hard work and artistic ambitions are not enough.

    In my mind, “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Hustle” are already winners, because they are tackling important topics. If either (or both!) turns out to throw a curve ball into an interesting awards race, great. If not, that’s OK too. So this is a reminder to myself and to everyone else: Try to see it as a film first, and kudos fodder second.

  350. 350
    @348 Says:

    Wait and see. I am telling you.

  351. 351
    #### Says:

    @WoWS & Oscar:

    Very interesting!!! Thanks for posting it. :-)

  352. 352
    @351 Says:

    Haha what is this. And ‘insider’ who peeks in to give out hints? What are you ”telling me”? Do you know something we don’t? Lol.
    Thing is we can’t know for sure. I highly doubt she will. Will be surprised if she will be present at the actual event considering his past and current behaviour with her.

  353. 353
    Leo Lover Says:

    “In my mind, “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Hustle” are already winners, because they are tackling important topics. If either (or both!) turns out to throw a curve ball into an interesting awards race, great. If not, that’s OK too. So this is a reminder to myself and to everyone else: Try to see it as a film first, and kudos fodder second.”


  354. 354
    not with toni Says:

    “Thing is we can’t know for sure. I highly doubt she will. Will be surprised if she will be present at the actual event considering his past and current behaviour with her.” agreed

  355. 355
    @353 Says:

    Exactly! The other day there was someone here with sources claiming she won’t be there!

  356. 356
    LACMA Says:

    LOL, surprises…

  357. 357
    * Says:

    “wait and see i’m telling you ”
    i believe you, i believe you looooolz….since you say so hahahaha

  358. 358
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    Agreed as well. Not only that, this is a huge event for him and there will be reporters/photographers there covering it. If Toni ends up being there, it will get written in a newspaper/magazine and that will totally deflect from the entire event because then the talk will be about how he brought his girlfriend to the event and not of the event itself.

    IMO he’s not going to let that happen.

  359. 359
    BTW Says:

    Leo threads used to be more fun.
    I will come back later with some tea ;).

  360. 360
    Oscars Says:

    Leo will never win an Oscar until he changes his lifestyle. How can an actor portray various intense emotions if all he does is sleep with clone models and party? Heck wasn’t he once party of the ***** Posse? Critics know he’s unbelievable and lacks deeper emotional experience so how can he truly portray that on screen? Grow up Leo so you can live life like a real man and win that Oscar

  361. 361
    not with toni Says:

    Well said.

  362. 362
    @Oscars Says:

    Jack Nicholson, anyone? George Clooney? Warren Beatty?
    Are you serious? LOL

  363. 363
    @Oscars Says:

    The old men of the Academy are a joke.

  364. 364
    @btw Says:

    how do you have tea? lol

  365. 365
    pipi Says:

    Take your popcorn too…
    condescending ass

  366. 366
    @Oscars Says:


  367. 367
    @363 Says:

    LOL Add Roman Polanski, Adrien Brody, Sean Penn and Jamie Foxx to that list. LOL

  368. 368
    also... Says:

    @####: Especially after seeing how they were at the Armani event. Wasn`t there a tweet saying he wouldn`t leave Marty`s side? Was there any sightings of Leo and Toni together ( not PDA just some sort of interaction )? And after that this mysterious poster wants us to believe she will be there? This is work for him, WOWS promo if you wish… Other than after parties he rarely took Bar anywhere, not Erin ( even though she was with him two years ago during awards season ). And now Toni will be there for sure? Ok… lol

  369. 369
    @LACMA Says:


    “You will have big a surprise then because she WILL be there. Wait and see.”

    How do you know that? Why are you sure that Toni will be with him? Do you met Leo or Toni or close sources of them and you talked to them?

  370. 370
    also... Says:

    Someone has inside info like that and comes to JJ to share it just as people talk about it that other than the after party probably she won’t be there?
    Just a couple of weeks ago someone posted a comment. I can’t remember exactly what was the topic ( something about Toni ) but people started buzzing and disagreeing. Turns out that person posted only to upset people here and to laugh at their reaction…

  371. 371
    Oscars Says:

    Majority of those winners have/had spouses & children AKA REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES BEYOND ***** POSSES

  372. 372
    @Oscars Says:

    Really? You are so naive.

  373. 373
    lol Says:

    I find it interesting that some people here did not have any problem believing in a source that said Toni and Leo were no longer a couple, but at the same time find it hard to believe in a source that says she is going to an event with him. Double standard?

  374. 374
    @lol Says:

    Who believed Shower for sure?
    Who here says Toni is not going to be there at all?
    Geez. All people say is it’s UNLIKELY SHE WILL ATTEND THE DAMN EVENT given how he is with her.
    And just for the record, with him treating her like this it’s easier and more plausible to be inclined to believe they are nothing more than friends with benefits and just hang around than to believe he will take a to a high profile Hollywood event where she’s sitting at his table.

  375. 375
    pipi Says:

    @lol: O_o …
    do you understand what you have just written?!
    You sound like a moron.

  376. 376
    HAHA12 Says:

    So you think Leo being apart of a lame fratboy group in his 20s makes him a worse person than Sean Penn who has physically abused his girlfriends like Madonna before or Roman Polanski who kidnapped and raped a 13 year old girl? Lol, it’s ridiculous how some act like Leo is the freakin Devil on here.

  377. 377
    @moron Says:

    @pipi: Probably it’s the same loser @shower .
    He/ she always comes here and drops some ‘inside’ info about Leo’s personal life.
    What a loser. No! We don’t believe your crap, now what?

  378. 378
    also... Says:

    @lol: I’m sorry but who believed ‘shower’ or ‘just a guy’? I’m not saying there was not one person who actually believed it but the majority didn’t. I saw comments like ‘doesn’t sound far fetched’ or ‘time will tell ‘.
    There are no double standards here.
    Seriously when was the last time you read inside info here ( positive or negative ) that was proven to be correct? Do you really think someone would come to JJ to spill legit info about Leo? Again positive or negative?

  379. 379
    pipi Says:

    @ @moron. Lol! You are right! It sounds like that’ shower” troll

  380. 380
    also... Says:

    @378: Always? I have seen her / him posting only once…

  381. 381
    Black sharpie Says:

    I think he will bring her. Honestly, it would be strange if he didn’t. I don’t believe she will walk the red carpet or be photographed with him. As I remember coverage of past LACMA events, the arrivals are covered and speeches are covered but nothing else so she wouldn’t be photographed unless it’s someone with a camera phone.
    They both went to the Armani event, not together of course! There was not one photo of them together – I don’t know how he pulled that off but he did. There were photos of him at the party surrounded by people but she was no where in the vicinity. It must be fun to go to the same event as your boyfriend and not spend any time with him! Even though she is in the fashion world, how do we know if she got her own invitation or if she was his plus one(meaning he invited her). When you think about it, why did he go with Marty? For WOWS? I don’t think the Armani event was for promotion. How much coverage did it really get?

  382. 382
    LACMA benefit Says:

    I don’t like them as a couple, but Leo should bring Toni to events if she’s his girlfriend and she’s available to attend. It would be the kind and respectful thing to do. I understand the desire to maintain their privacy and individual identites, but this running away from her in public nonsense is childish and rude.

  383. 383
    also... Says:

    @382: The Armani event is different. She was invited and not because of Leo. Toni is a successful model so I think she was there on her own merit. LACMAis different. It’s more like a work thing for Leo than the Armani thing. And he did everything g he could to avoid being seen with her. Like many times before in the past couple of months.

  384. 384
    @382 Says:

    A lot or little coverage, I for one definitely believe it was part of their WOWS promotion. Besides Leo is a big Armani fan since a very long time.

  385. 385
    @moron Says:

    @also…: probably she posts here under aliases. Her ‘inside info” bull and her being so sure give her away. I’m expecting her next tale .

  386. 386
    Gatsby VFX Says:

    I hadn’t seen this before…kind of cool video of Gatsby before and after the VFX were added.

  387. 387
    @Black sharpie Says:

    I said this before but there was a reason she was posing on the carpet with a fellow model from the same agency she’s contracted with. That’s how these things work. Agencies send off a couple of their models to events like this. Same with Caroline Winberg and Emily DiDonato. Both are with the same agency (another agency than Toni’s) thus they posed together on the red carpet.

  388. 388
    @387 Says:

    Saw that one before. Awesome huh? What they can do nowadays..

  389. 389
    not with toni Says:

    Childish and rude…..This is the way you see it because of his history in women.
    Why should he take her at the Lacma event?
    He has never announced publicly that she is his girlfriend.He is not being rude.

  390. 390
    @#382 Says:

    It would actually be a different story if they don’t show/capture the tables / the attendees. You know like show them at the GG’s or the AFI’s. Are you sure about this? Sounds unlikely TBH.

  391. 391
    LACMA benefit Says:

    @not with toni:

    When has he ever “announced” his girlfriends? Kissing her for cameras and his publicist’s confirmation and denials to stories about them. That’s as official as it gets.

  392. 392
    also... Says:

    @386: The thing is that shower wasn’t sure if the info was correct. Shower said this is what she heard but wasn’t sure about it. That part I remember.

    I also believe the Armani party was part if the WOWS promo. I know they are friends with Armani but Marty was busy editing WOWS yet he made time to go. There was press about it. I don’t think LACMA will get much more coverage than the Armsni event.

  393. 393
    @#393 Says:

    Ya but still it’s a more high profile happening in terms of it being a Hollywood event where A-listers meet.
    Lol just my two cents but I would not be tooooo surprised if she’d be there but I think Leo is too much of a BOY to take his 21 y/o barely legal to an event where he and Marty are gonna be the center of the attention. He’d feel scrutinised. I like how one poster put it here earlier.. he’s too anxious of what the adults think of him lol. JMO though.

  394. 394
    not with toni Says:

    @LACMA benefit:
    ” It would be the kind and respectful thing to do”
    I would say that he respects her feelings(if not her) . Trust me. =>By him keeping some distance from her -in general- he wants to avoid her being clingy and expecting from him more than he can give.
    He tries to show her that she is not “the one” so when all this is over she won’t be hurt THAT much.
    I’m sure he is sincere towards her. He makes it clear that their relationship is not serious.

  395. 395
    LACMA benefit Says:

    Armani is a longtime friend of Scorsese’s, but I don’t know if Leo would have gone if he didn’t have a movie coming out with Scorsese.

    The LACMA benefit will probably get more coverage because movie stars and directors are bigger than fashion stars and designers.

  396. 396
    @394 Says:

    Rotfl. Remember how when he took Gis to the Oscars and Gis was all looking happy and he looked constipated/as if he was holding back a f*art?
    He was so tense. And I really believe that hasn’t changed. Only time he repeated that was with Bar at some event abroad.. (Berlin maybe?). But there weren’t many Hollywood people present there so I get what you mean with the A-listers and Hollywood references I guess. It’s different he feels more anxious amongst them.

  397. 397
    sincerley, leo Says:

    “toni, you’re sincerely not the one. iI sincerely don’t want to be seen in public with you. i sincerely don’t care if it reflects badly on you.”

  398. 398
    also... Says:

    @394: I agree. LACMA is a Hollywood event but compared to other events it’s not that major. Leo co-chairing and honoring Marty is a perfect way to promote their upcoming movie. He was glued to Marty at the Armani event, no Toni in sight. As you said Leo and Marty will be the center of attention so I would be surprised if she was there. At the main event not the after party.

  399. 399
    #### Says:

    Ahyalís (@Yswizzzle)
    10/31/13, 1:07 PM
    I can’t believe that just happened!!! I can die a happy woman!! Mr. DiCaprio just came into physical contact with me

  400. 400
    @394 Says:

    “Lol just my two cents but I would not be tooooo surprised if she’d be there but I think Leo is too much of a BOY to take his 21 y/o barely legal to an event where he and Marty are gonna be the center of the attention. He’d feel scrutinised. I like how one poster put it here earlier.. he’s too anxious of what the adults think of him lol.”


  401. 401
    Black sharpie Says:

    I am not 100% sure. The videos and pics from past events were from arrivals and speeches. I believe this is an event for a museum and the film section of that museum. Yes, there are movie people there but non-movie people as well. I don’t think there are cameras inside scanning the audience like there are at the Oscars or GGs. I could be wrong.

  402. 402
    also... Says:

    Based on how he is with Toni in public I doubt she would take her to a work event. He wants to keep his relationship out of the spotlight so taking her to the event would do quite the opposite. This is just based on the past couple of months… And I agree with #394 as she said he would feel scrutinised ( among the adults with his Barbie in how ).
    @400: Let’s hope she will tell more about that… :)

  403. 403
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    It’s just not the type of event that Leo would bring a girl to that he’s only been dating for 6 months. It’s not a fashion event. His peers will be there, A list celebrities, big wigs in Hollywood, art scene, Marty, etc. His family may be there but she won’t.

    Whether a lot doesn’t get reported from the LACMA event or not, there will be reporters there from magazines and newspapers and if she gets noticed, that will be the main attraction and I don’t think Leo would even allow that to happen!!!

    The Armani show was one thing because like someone else said, she’s a model and it was a fashion event. Leo’s too paranoid to let her attend something this big for him.

    Just my two cents…. :-)

  404. 404
    #### Says:


    She didn’t walk the red carpet with him at the Berlin event but sat with him and his mom inside.

  405. 405
    Black sharpie Says:

    @@Black sharpie:
    You are probably right.
    Also, you know what I just thought of? If he and Toni were NOT but showed up at the same event, they probably would have been seen together because he would have been hitting on her! How ironic is that!
    As a model, it’s probably better for your publicity if Leo just hits on you rather than if you are in a relationship with him.

  406. 406
    HAHA12 Says:

    Very true. if Leo brought her with him he’d probably be embarrassed or worry the whole time what Marty and other A-listers would think of him bringing a newly turned 21 year old model as his date. Lol

  407. 407
    @Black sharpie Says:

    Haha that is so accurate. Haven’t thought of it that way. So true.

  408. 408
    #### Says:


    Another thing about the Armani event, Leo and Marty were not the main event at the Armani event, they were just attendees and because they came together, it was a big deal because of WOWS. Toni showing up to that was not big deal.

    The LACMA event IS Leo and I’ve already mentioned his peers, other celebs, Marty, etc. as to why Toni probably will not be there.

  409. 409
    Black sharpie Says:

    Too funny!! I agree with you about Leo and Giselle at the Oscars. He looked visibly uncomfortable( constipated or holding back gas is a good way to put it). On the other hand, she looked like she was enjoying herself.
    I didn’t really follow Leo back then but I remember Giselle walking the red carpet created a lot of buzz. Everyone thought an engagement was imminent.
    Bar never walked a red carpet with Leo. There were videos from inside the Berlin event that included his Mom. I am not sure how widespread the coverage on that event was though.

  410. 410
    @406 Says:

    “Also, you know what I just thought of? If he and Toni were NOT but showed up at the same event, they probably would have been seen together because he would have been hitting on her! How ironic is that!”

    “As a model, it’s probably better for your publicity if Leo just hits on you rather than if you are in a relationship with him.”

    THIS & THIS!

    She will learn, or is already learning.

  411. 411
    Black sharpie Says:
    Screen caps from second trailer. Both look like interesting scenes from the movie.

  412. 412
    no to jonah Says:

    Jonah is yucky :)

  413. 413
    @Black sharpie Says:

    The second screen caps..I think their characters are supposed to be high as f^ck there. LOL! Can’t wait for so many scenes. ‘Rub my temple’, ‘What’s wrong Daddy?’ and that scene in the 2nd trailer where he laughs at the FBI officers’ face. I laughed so hard.

  414. 414
    HAHA12 Says:

    @@Black sharpie:
    You mean this:


  415. 415
    also... Says:

    @####: That’s right. They were A-list celebs at the Armani event but the evening wasn’t about them. LACMA is about Leo and Narty attended by Hollywood people, directors, producers, members of the Academy. And no matter what you say I do think Leo is feeling the heat and negativity about his kiddies and frat boy ways.
    @Black sharpie: Wow! You absolutely bailed it! As someone said I haven’t really thought of it from that angle but it is so true!!!!!
    “As a model, it’s probably better for your publicity if Leo just hits on you rather than if you are in a relationship with him.”

  416. 416
    @HAHA12 Says:

    OMG YES. It’s like the high school ”in your face be-yotch” laugh. I can’t stop laughing when I see it I think he honestly killed it in that scene.

  417. 417
    HAHA12 Says:

    He is giving so much life in the trailer. Really think it will be one of his best performances to date.

  418. 418
    @#410 Says:

    The pictures of Leo with Bar attending the Cinema for Peace gala in February 2010 had a very large coverage. Not only Bar was sitting right beside Leo, but she also stepped on the stage to sing Happy Birthday to his mom.
    Bar also attended some movie premieres in Europe of Leo’s movies. And she was also spotted having dinner with Leo and Scorsese with his wife in Rome.

  419. 419
    not with toni Says:

    And yet he never took her seriously..he never declared publicly that they were together officially.

  420. 420
    @419 Says:

    @@#410: Barf stan dream on.Barfie was a desperate h*e

  421. 421
    also... Says:

    @420: Declare officially that they were together? What do you mean by that? When did he ever declare anything like that with any of his girlfriends?

  422. 422
    Black sharpie Says:

    I didn’t see the part of the video where she went on stage to sing Happy Birthday with him. I have also never seen photos or video of Bar walking a red carpet with Leo either here or in Europe. I must have missed those videos and photos.

  423. 423
    shir Says:

    It says RHW but actally it’s Toni

  424. 424
    @419 Says:

    You are funny because you come here in these threads and write bullsh^t
    Three months ago you wrote that his father visited Israel in order to meet Barf’s parents..LMFAO!!!!! you are unbelievable.

  425. 425
    @shir Says:

    She looks so creepy with those contacts. And is that Leo covering his face in the front seat? Some guy is covering his face in the seat in front of her.

  426. 426
    Black sharpie Says:

    Oh my!!! Why can’t anyone get this woman’s name right? So, does that mean ” Jason Statham ” is really Leo?
    She looks genuinely upset about having her photo taken which is funny given the fact that she is a model. I guess she’s only ok with candids if SHE releases them on Instagram.

  427. 427
    Real Zombie Says:

    = Toni :)

  428. 428
    hihi Says:

    @426 at 0.26 i thought he was trying to kiss her looool

  429. 429
    @427 Says:

    If that’s Leo with her in the car, which I think he is, he is probably telling her to hide her face. She didn’t hide her face when they took a pic of her walking outside in her costume. It was the same with Bar for example. She always hid her face when she was with him because she was prob told to do so/because he was doing it but when she was alone she had no prob having her pictures taken.

  430. 430
    #### Says:


    Yeah I was wondering the same thing if that was Leo in the front seat!!! But it seems to me that he would be in the back seat so he can hide. Maybe they came separately because she was photographed with her friend in the party?

  431. 431
    @ 419 Says:


    a large coverage in parts of europe maybe, but nowhere else. bar wasn’t on stage. leo was on stage and asked audience to say happy birthday to his mother. their relationship always seemed to be on leo’s terms. so what else is new?

  432. 432
    @426 Says:

    wonder that too, but I don’t think it’s Leo it it was him the paparazzi would focus on Leo they would somehow realize it’s Leo and not in “rosie” as it writes on that clip. It could be Milan i don’t know I but i don’t really think it’s Leo

  433. 433
    #### Says:


    It’s not Leo. He’s not wearing his bracelet on his right wrist so it’s a decoy.

    Remember that they tried to throw the paps off when they entered the party which probably means they arrived separately and then they left separately as well. Maybe it’s Milan but the arm looks like it belongs to an older guy?

  434. 434
    NOW Says:

    pleas people don’t turn this thread into a Bar-Gisele-Erin discussion. It’s annoying how people here always like to discuss his relationship with his former girlfriends, say what you want about all of them at least from what I can see he treated them better than he’s treating Toni (from what people write here) nobody cares if he looked uncomfortable with Gisele in the red carpet or if Bar sing happy birthday to his Mom or if he liked Blake most. Seriously he dated them for a long time what did you expect of course they celebrated birthdays together and had their good times, they are not always surrounded by paparazzis remember?. I agree with many people writing here that he may be afraid of what others would think if he starts going out “holding hands” with Toni, I’m not saying he likes her but he sure cares of what others think of him. And no I don’t he would care he really liked her, who knows

  435. 435
    Black sharpie Says:

    Honestly, it looks too small to be Leo’s hand. Also, if both of them were in the car together, I think the paps would have tried to get Leo rather than her.
    By hiding, she has a “zombie dear in the headlights” look going on. Whereas, if she just sat there like a normal person, she would not have ended up looking so crazed.

  436. 436
    also... Says:

    It’s one thing to mix up Toni and RHW. Toni is not that recognizeable. But if that was indeed Leo getting in the car they would have recognized him. It’s definitely Toni looking miserable just like on that photo if her leaving the party but I’m not sure the guy is Leo.

  437. 437
    @432 Says:

    Hope this might help you guys, and end this Bar -stage- birthday- disscussion. I looked up for that video somebody mentioned, and yes she was on stage singing..

  438. 438
    why Says:

    why why god did she have to use those contacts? not to be mean but with that outfit and her boyish-body she looked already creapy(i think toni has a beautiful face in shoots) and those sad+weired faces she likes to mad was enough to make her funny/creapy/scarry/special I don’t know what more. So why not skip your “contacts that you love soo much” next year Toni? Lol

  439. 439
    @ 435 Says:

    he already kissed toni for the cameras! his pr denied kat torres and said leo and toni met her together. what is the problem with being around each other when they go to the same events? he did this with bar, too.

  440. 440
    @ 435 Says:


    dear bar fan, she was not up there singing by herself singing with leo. the whole audience was there!

  441. 441
    @ 438 Says:

    @@ 435:

    that was for 438. it’s sad to see bar fans still clinging to leo. i hope bar has moved on better.

  442. 442
    also... Says:

    Maybe it’s Milan? She really seemed upset that night and I don’t think it’s the paps. It doesn’t seem like she was having the time of her life based on her last photos in LA…

  443. 443
    LOL Says:

    It’s funny how people here hate without any reason every girl Leo dates, YOU are the ones who need to move on and stop hating people you don’t know why are you so mad every time someone mention bar, toni, erin, gisele?
    Because they have/are dating Leo and not you? Aww :(

  444. 444
    @444 Says:

    Lol. Try again honey. This is getting seriously old.

  445. 445
    not with toni Says:

    Momma Irma is so cute! And of course Leo is such a sweet and devoted son. It was nice to see this video (except for that desperate israeli troll…)
    Leo cute baby<3 <3 <3

  446. 446
    @445 Says:

    and so are the desperate haters…

  447. 447
    And... Says:

    Didn’t Bar accompany Leo in Washington for Obama’s inauguration? That’s quite an important event, no?

  448. 448
    @not with toni Says:

    I knooooooow his mother is so cute and seems so adorable! First time I saw this video, seen picture from that night here on JJ but never the video. Irmelin looked amazing and so did Leo, about bar even though I can’t stand her she actually looked pretty OK in this video. Love the part when his mom talks, realized that I never seen any interviews with her talking? haha LMAO! and is he touching her *ss when they are talking at the table?

  449. 449
    @#424 Says:

    Why is she looking so annoyed? What’s her problem? That’s rather pathetic….

  450. 450
    @ 448 Says:

    she accompany him when he wanted her to! she doesn’t even like obama. says bad things about u.s. president.

  451. 451
    #### Says:

    So ONTD has posted the same pics as JJ has from the restaurant and one person’s comment is this:

    “I always wonder about Leonardo Dicaprio’s maturity level, like I can’t imagine him holding a decent conversation with a woman over 30.”

  452. 452
    @and Says:

    So what? Toni was at the Armani event no matter what you say he was there WITH TONI
    I think he really loves her because he protects her from the media and she has been with him at the Armani event and those Cannes pictures kissing, you could see he enjoyed it, she even has meet his godson and spends time with him. Do you think that puke bar has done it??? NOO he never liked that **e so her fans can shut up and stop writing on Leo and Toni threads about her because he HATED HER and no matter what you say it’s obvious that he likes Toni and he wanted to be with her for a long time!

  453. 453
    @ 449 Says:

    @@not with toni:

    you still dream about possible that he is touching her ass years after relationship end. sad. i’m sure he touch more than her ass, and i’m sure he touch other girls ass and more when bar’s not around.

  454. 454
    not with toni Says:

    @@not with toni:
    At 0.29-0.31i think he’s touching her waist ,not her a** lol !! :)

  455. 455
    @453 Says:

    Lol.. awww yes honey. Okay. He’s in love with her. Shhh now. It’s alright.

  456. 456
    also... Says:

    @453: Ge was at the Armani event WITH TONI ? LOL That’s funny! They went there separately, they haven’t interacted but they were there together. Ok… lol

  457. 457
    @@and Says:

    Take a deep breath, kiddo.
    Protecting her from the media? That’s hilarious. She is sooooo shy and reserved, no Wonder Leo “HAS” to prorect her.×675.jpg
    And FYI, the “puke Bar” met Leo’s godson way before Garnn.

  458. 458
    @457 Says:

    Lol! And she EVEN met his godson and spends time with him? Can you believe that?!?! Lol.

  459. 459
    @ 456 Says:

    he only love himself, his mum and his posse.

  460. 460
    not with toni Says:

    I wouldn’t say he is in love with Toni but this is just my own take.

  461. 461
    @ 458 Says:

    bar and toni fans fighting with each other. “milan like bar better whaaaaa!” too funny! he only really cares about himself first in these relationships and it shows.

  462. 462
    Instagram Says:

    This NY or LA?

  463. 463
    @453 Toni's friend Says:

    You are the one who used to write here nonsense like :”Antonia+Leonardo”
    You are one of her friends who come here and write these things that Leo is in love with her .
    Leo is hanging out with her because he wants to feel that he is young again.She is not the one honey and she KNOWS that

  464. 464
    Thanks Jared but... Says:

    Gosh I don’t think I have ever seen a girl with such a sad and disappointed expression on her face. Shel looks miserable.
    Are you sure, JARED, these two weren’t leaving a funeral home?

  465. 465
    @Instagram Says:

    It shouldn’t be dark in LA just yet. And that seems like the annual NY West Village Halloween Parade to me. I could be wrong!

  466. 466
    @ 464 Says:

    and it hurts your bar loving feelings? listen. toni’s face is like bar’s face when leo pull this “i leave before, you walk behind” move. no difference, except toni has better face and is more successful model. maybe she put up with him for so long.

  467. 467
    also... Says:

    @instagram: That must be NYC. If I’m not mistaken that’s the Empire State Building in the background. Definitely NYC.

  468. 468
    @453 Toni's friend Says:

    @@ 464:hell no! I don’t like that israeli model at all. Toni is beautiful indeed but Leo is not in love with her. He wants to feel that he is young again …he has his own issues sadly..

  469. 469
    @ 464 Says:

    *WON’T put up with him for so long. remain to be seen. bar was his easiest doormat. her desperation will be hard to live up to.

  470. 470
    @463 Says:

    I spot the Empire Building. With west side she must be reffering to West Manhattan / West Village.

  471. 471
    New York Says:

    You can see the Empire State Building.

  472. 472
    #### Says:


    The comment under her pic says gotta stay in the west side tonight….love my veiw though

    I’m in Cali and it’s only 4:20 pm and it is definitely not dark!!! Did she really go back to NYC????

  473. 473
    @ 469 Says:

    hopefully he won’t take too much of her youth and ruin her for other relationships.

  474. 474
    @473 Says:

    Seems like it. For VS maybe.

  475. 475
    Black sharpie Says:

    You’re right, that’s definitely Manhattan.
    Someone posted, “where Leo at”, under the pic. She’s probably wondering the same thing.

  476. 476
    LOL Says:

    @@and: delusional. I just laugh at “fans” who thinks this is even going to last past next year! hahahaha This is another “erin’ if that!! lolThanks.

  477. 477
    LOL Says:

    @LOL: lol

  478. 478
    #### Says:


    Well I must say I’m surprised that she went back before Halloween unless she does have work.

    I don’t know what she’d be doing with VS. I think they’re doing the second callbacks right now for the models that auditioned the first time for the show and the fittings are not until next week.

  479. 479
    Black sharpie Says:

    I agree. She also went back before LACMA. I thought she would go with him. Maybe he thought it would look better if she wasn’t in LA for LACMA if she wasn’t going to go.

  480. 480
    @ 477 Says:

    and erin was another bar, but not so easy to wipe his feet on.

  481. 481
    @instagram Says:

    The VS office where castings, fittings etc take place is located in West NYC I don’t know if that could be the view from there but because she’s sayin ‘gotta stay in the west side’ I suspect she’s at the VS headquarters. And fittings are already taking place.. and they last until the late night hours often. Just saying. I could be wrong.

  482. 482
    @ 480 Says:

    maybe dinner was to make up for not inviting her to party and that’s why she look sad. or maybe she have to work. she is in demand model.

  483. 483
    LOL Says:

    Haha…look at all the losers that thought she was actually going to be with Leo at LACMA! hahahaha Thanks for the laughs idiots!

  484. 484
    Black sharpie Says:

    The comments below are from ONTD. Too funny!

    31st-Oct-2013 09:22 pm (UTC)
    I’m so confused by all his girlfriend’s. Is this the same one that sold him out to a magazine, and then he denied it or some ****?

    31st-Oct-2013 09:23 pm (UTC)
    no. you’re thinking of another blonde model

    31st-Oct-2013 09:26 pm (UTC)
    Yeah, they’re all the same to me.

    31st-Oct-2013 09:29 pm (UTC)
    No, this is his “official” one that everybody forgets. That Kat Torres person is the one who sold him out a few weeks back.

    31st-Oct-2013 11:15 pm (UTC)
    I thought it was her too, easy mistake I guess

    Read more at ONTD:

  485. 485
    @ 484 Says:


    haha look at loser bar fan she can’t read straight.

  486. 486
    @LOL Says:

    @LOL: and Black sharpie was one of them

  487. 487
    @ 484 Says:

    kat got what she wanted! it is easy to forget toni is leo’s girlfriend. she should be greatful forthat.

  488. 488
    Where Leo at!!?!?! Says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha Funny Caption. Love how people are always asking her about Leo! lol

  489. 489
    @ 488 Says:


    who cares, bitter bar fan? he never going to take bar anywhere again. you should be happy for that.

  490. 490
    @and Says:

    YOU ALL CAN SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT ABOUT TONI! She is beautiful and leo loves her that is why he is dating her and not your ugly barfie! TONI IS MORE BEAUTIFUL AND SMARTER THAN that ugly puke. TONI has a beautiful face and beautiful body not fat like barfie stop talking about her this is a leo and toni thread not a bar h** thread!!!!!!!!!!!!

  491. 491
    @491 Says:

    LEO DOESN’T GIVE A SH*T ABOUT TONI ! and i’m not barf’s fan

  492. 492
    @491 Says:

    grow up. why don`t you go trick or treating with your fellow 5th graders or with mommy and daddy?

  493. 493
    What's next Says:

    He sent her home? lol

  494. 494
    also... Says:

    @482: I don`t know where the VS offices are but if I`m not mistaken Toni`s apartment is in the West Village. That`s where the Halloween Parade is so I guess she is at home.

  495. 495
    @LOL Says:


    Just like the pointless argument about whether he would go to Paris with her. Leo is a predictable boyfriend.

  496. 496
    you see Says:

    Toni and her friends are readers here as well ;-) as if they knew we earlier were having the disscusion if she’s in LA or NYC , what about this jamjamro girl? she isn’t a model rightt?

  497. 497
    Black sharpie Says:

    @you see:
    It seems like her friend went with her back to NYC. People are asking her if that’s where she is.

  498. 498
    Lucy Says:

    I can’t believe there was even a debate on whether or not he would bring Toni to LACMA. Haha. That is actually a hilarious thought…

    Happy Halloween everybody! Be safe. Enjoy the evening.

  499. 499
    newbie Says:

    @also…: VS headquarters are on 55th and Broadway, which is the west side, uptown a little ways away from Times Square. I’m not sure if model casting actually happens in that building, though.

  500. 500
    newbie Says:

    @also…: VS HQ is on 55th and Broadway, which is uptown/west side, a little ways away from Times Square. I’m not sure if model casting actually happens in that building, though.

  501. 501
    V Says:

    I can’t think of another gossip site that is more fun than this one. People here even wish Happy halloween to each other!
    Lucy, and everyone I chatted with and everyone else Happy Halloween!

  502. 502
    also... Says:

    @newbie: I assume they have several offices and locations. Looking at that photo it seems like lower West Side – West Village. This is just a guess though…

  503. 503
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    LOL she probably likes when people post something about Leo on her pics because it gives her confirmation that people know she’s with him.

    It is Halloween so I wonder if Leo will be out partying!!!

  504. 504
    Wonder Says:

    If all the group came to NY to party or just Toni and her friend.

  505. 505
    @wonder Says:


    Here we go the arguing again LOL

  506. 506
    also... Says:

    @Wonder: What do you mean by whole group? Because leo has an important event in LA this Saturday so I doubt he went to NYC with her.

  507. 507
    :( Says:

    What happened with “Take my word she’ll be there” ?? #anotherlie

  508. 508
    #### Says:


    Not only that I posted a sighting of him in LA this afternoon.

  509. 509
    LOL Says:

    its possible he could have went with her. he could easy take a flight in today to ny for the party and leave the next day. it wouldn’t be the first time he could have done that. he hasn’t been sighted in la today. but he has not been sighted in ny either, so i don’t know.

  510. 510
    also... Says:

    @####: Oh, that`s right! I forgot about that… I would have been surprised if he leaves LA less than 2 days before LACMA. And I wasn`t surprised that Toni left. I think we talked about the possibility of her going back to NYC soon.

  511. 511
    happy halleoween! Says:


    Haha every fake insider should now be known as a shower not a grower.

    People speculate and wonder all the time. Who cares. It’s easy to play Monday morning QB or assume because he is so predictable.

    Going to get my Halloween o!n! Have a good night everyone.

  512. 512
    #### Says:


    I posted a sighting of him from this afternoon.

  513. 513
    LOL Says:

    sorry i see that tweet posted earlier in la today, he is probably still there.

  514. 514
    #### Says:


    Yeah. I was pretty sure she was going to be gone by the weekend.

  515. 515
    Where Leo at!!?!?! Says:

    @:(: yeah where is that person?!?! LOL!!! The one that said “Take my word for it she will be there!” Show yourself you idiot! She most definitely will NOT be there!! Break up on the horizon soon…

  516. 516
    516 Says:

    He could and probably will be hunting, macking, banging models whole weekend and Toni just gonna turn a blind eye and happy visiting Lalaland

  517. 517
    POP Says:

    I saw on bellazon they have started the vsfs fittings she is probably doing those I would think.

  518. 518
    Leo' Fan Girl Says:

    @ Leo

    If you love someone show the world.

  519. 519
    From her friend's Instagram Says:

    Toni going to Halloween party with her friend Jamie

  520. 520
    From Garrn's Twitter Says:

    Toni Garrn ‏@RealToniGarrn ————–3 h
    Yellow it is #contactobsessed #halloween

  521. 521
    HAHA12 Says:

    @From Garrn’s Twitter:
    I actually think the contacts look cool. I wonder what Leo is doing for Halloween?

  522. 522
    From Garrn's Twitter Says:

    Toni Garrn ‏@RealToniGarrn 31 min
    Wonder why we got sat on this table tonight @constancejab jamjamro

    So it’s party time for Toni and her friends.

  523. 523
    #### Says:


    It’s only 9PM out here on the west coast so it’s still early yet for Leo to be hitting the clubs! LOL

  524. 524
    #### Says:


    So it doesn’t look like she was at VS tonight but someone’s apt or her apt because they got ready and went out for Halloween.

  525. 525
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL, it’s midnight over here, totally forgot. I’m sure he’ll be partying or hitting up the clubs.

  526. 526
    Black sharpie Says:

    @From Garrn’s Twitter:
    It looks like she put more of an effort into this look and looks sexier than she did at the party she went to in LA. Interesting.

  527. 527
    LOL42 Says:

    New & Interesting JJ post

  528. 528
    HAHA12 Says:

    OMG. Have all of his past exes met or been in the presence of each other at some point? It seems like it, that’s hilarious.

  529. 529
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo’s life =

  530. 530
    Halloween Says:

    Leo hung out with Tobey, his family, kids and friends today doing trick or treat stuff for his friends little ones

  531. 531
    LOL42 Says:

    I’m sure they have the MET Gala, various after parties e.t.c and that’s not including Leo’s numerous one night stands (cough Miranda Kerr, Anne V cough)
    I’m so happy you’re on here right now. I never seem to be when you Zzzz, and the rest are. Oh apparently Erin is currently on the cover of Elle Russia and France and she’s now with the same agency as Gisele’s IMG (the biggest modelling agency on the planet). So maybe that’s what this is

  532. 532
    LOL42 Says:

    @Halloween: How do you know? If tue, that’s a sweet thing to do and I like hearing when he’s with Tobey

  533. 533
    HAHA12 Says:

    We never are on at the same time but it’s good to see you on too. How awkward must the conversations be between them then! LOL. Maybe not Gisele because she has her own husband and has moved on I can’t imagine what Erin thinks of Toni now especially when they worked together at VS for awhile.
    That would be really cute if it were true but how do you know?

  534. 534
    #### Says:


    I actually think toni looks good here.

  535. 535
    HAHA12 Says:

    She’s a pretty girl in general but I know that opinion is not shared here lol

  536. 536
    @534 Says:

    Erin Heatherton on Gisele “Which would be the best example of a woman for you?: “Gisele Bündchen! Because she is a mother, business woman, is beautiful, but do not worry about the beauty, and still manages to worry about social causes” October 2013

  537. 537
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thanks for sharing. It makes sense, Gisele must be looked up to by every aspiring model.

  538. 538
    Lucy Says:

    @HAHA12: Hey guys. I happen to think Toni is pretty as well. And I think aesthetically, her and Leo are beautiful together. That’s about the only way they go together, though.

  539. 539
    LOL42 Says:

    I think Toni has stated that she admires Gisele and she follows her on twitter and instagram. To be honest there is so much inter-dating in Hollywood, Music and Modelling world that it is likely a feeling of ‘meh’ all round. Though as you said Gisele is still the No 1 model along with Kate Moss and with her husband and empire, none of Leo’s model exes can even come close.

  540. 540
    HAHA12 Says:

    I agree she is pretty but I don’t really think her and Leo are well matched for some reason. They just look off together besides how obviously uncomfortable he looks around her, but lookswise something seems off too. Can’t explain it, maybe if he attempted to look more handsome I might change my opinion because whenever he’s with her he looks very dirty. However IMO Leo looks really attractive with Margot in the Wolf Of Wall Street trailer.

  541. 541
    LOL42 Says:

    Hey Lucy, oh wow I’m in luck tonight. It would be so cool to have pictures of Leo, trick or treating with Tobey ‘s kids. I doubt we’ll get them though.

  542. 542
    Lucy Says:

    @HAHA12: Yeah, he does look so good with Margot. And they have good chemistry… Something he and Toni have absolutely NONE of. And I do agree that he looks like a schlep with Toni most of the time. She looks that way with him, too. Bunch of scrubs, I tell ya! With all that money and good looks, too……

  543. 543
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL its funny because Leo was with Kate Moss as well, same with Naomi Campbell right?

  544. 544
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12, #### & LOL42: Hi Ladies! It really has been ages since we have all been on at the same time! I personally haven’t been posting as often since it seems to be the same old stuff and I don’t want to deal with all the arguing back and forth. I’m really trying to keep it to his professional life, which is really really hard to do! Hopefully, with the press promos for WOWS starting, there will be more stuff to talk about.

  545. 545
    #### Says:


    That’s funny but I think they ith look good.

  546. 546
    Lucy Says:

    @LOL42: I know, right? How cute would that be to see him with the kids?!? Something we all would rejoice in seeing! I wonder how that poster knew he did that today (assuming it’s accurate information)…

  547. 547
    LOL42 Says:

    I think she’s striking looking and she and Leo look the same way he does with is exes. As I said to me its like GroundHog Day and there’s no interest in raging/repeating on the inevitable. He looks alright in the trailer but I don’t see the good looks there some do. That tan on him looks off, maybe its me. Leo needs to detox big time. He looked excellent at this years Golden Globes and can get back if he stopped that stupid slicked back hair and does juicing fast for a month!

  548. 548
    HAHA12 Says:

    I can’t blame you for avoiding the threads, everytime you post on here you get attacked by the same trolls again and again. Same with LOL42. It’s also harder to comment on Wolf because there’s basically one more month to go before promotion really starts. Hoping for some Jonah and Leo interviews. Did you hear WOWS will be submitted in the Comedy/Musical category at the Golden Globes? Leo’s nomination for that will be his first ever for comedy there. Many believe he is going to win the globe for it.

  549. 549
    LOL42 Says:

    And lest we forget Amber Valetta, Eva Herzigova, Julie Henderson, la di dah. I honestly think you can’t throw a dead cat over your shoulder in any model gathering without hitting someone Leo has banged! It can’t be awkward anymore
    Hi @Zzzzz isn’t the Erin/Gisele post funny?

  550. 550
    HAHA12 Says:

    I think for the most part he looked good in the trailer it’s only the haircut/look where he’s talking to Matthew and the tan where he’s giving the speech at the end that doesn’t look good on him. His wrinkles are more noticeable and he’s starting to really look his age but his face looks less bloated. But I don’t know, I also really love the dark hair look on him, it’s the same color he had at the Globes. What movie do you think he looked his best in his adult years?

  551. 551
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Well that would be interesting if he is nominated. He probably will be because the foreign press love him! Don’t know about winning because nobody has really seen the finished movie. If he does get a nod and great reviews, I think this will build his confidence and he might continue to take these small steps outside his comfort zone. Baby steps, baby steps!!!

  552. 552
    #### Says:


    Unless it’s someone just hopping on here to troll and start a rumor. :-(

    It would be cute to see pics though! Of course that doesn’t mean he won’t still hit the clubs tonight. LOL

  553. 553
    Lucy Says:

    @HAHA12: Oh my goodness, for me his hotness peaked in The Departed (which is one my fave movies of all time!). He looked good in RR in the beginning, too. They’ve been playing that movie on the movie channels and in the beginning when he first meets Kate’s character… Ridiculous. Of course he looked good in Gatsby, too. I think it was the clothes, though. He cleans up nice!!!

  554. 554
    Lucy Says:

    @####: True. Could be a rumor… But at least it’s a good one this time!

  555. 555
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @LOL42: The modeling world is small so it’s bound to happen that Leo’s exes are going to run into each other. Personally, I think it’s great for Erin to be talked about in the same article as Gisele. Gisele is the number one model in the world and IMO the only real supermodel of this generation. I don’t think there is any young model currently out there that is in the same category or even close to her. Thoughts?

  556. 556
    LOL42 Says:

    He looked good in Great Gatsby, Departed, Gangs of New York and Blood Diamond. I am sooooo not on the Leo train during 2009/2010 the Inception/Shutter Island.era. That’s when effects of his lifestyle really set in and he started to look like a bloated cat IMO
    (he had a comeback in Gatsby – regressed completely in 2012 – and had a return at this years Globes – before falling off again!)

  557. 557
    #### Says:


    I don’t think Leo and toni are well matched either. That’s all I’m going to say! LOL

  558. 558
    LOL42 Says:

    True. She and Kate Moss. I also think the era of supermodel is OVER but you will have those that come close – Shalom Harlow, Amber Valetta, Carolyn Murphy, Coco Rocha.
    And the new ones the HF world call the model swans which include – Toni Garrn, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Constance Jablonski, Hilary Rhoda e.t.c. They’ll be successful but Gisele and Kate Moss are the last two standing.

  559. 559
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo in The Departed had to be when I really noticed him. Many say he peaked when he was 22 but I disagree, he peaked when he was 32/33 looks-wise. It’s sad no one ever mentions that movie anymore when discussing the decline of his looks because he looked so beautiful in that movie, Damon looked so plain compared to him! It’s always Romeo and Jack Dawson people cry about, but for me Billy Costigan all the way lol.
    2010/2011 were awful years for him, it must of been hard being a Leo fan back then lol. in Django he looked hot in a weird way and Gatsby he looked classically handsome, the shirt throwing scene was very nice on his part. I need him to start looking good again because as cute as he was, I find young Leo so over glorified and overexposed. Looks wise, that is. 2006/2007 were his best years, it would of been better to start following him then compared to now.

  560. 560
    HAHA12 Says:

    We can only hope! But people are seriously thinking Leo will win the GG for WOWS, if the movie is a hit critically. It’s too early to call and I don’t know what to make of his awards chances, I hope he gets nominated so he can try to move on to other things than awards acclaim for once. Like you said, it might give him more confidence.

  561. 561
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi – you live in SF, right? It must be crazy tonight. Around 2:30, the traffic got ridiculous in LA. Apparently they shut down parts of Santa Monica and Melrose and it’s one big crazy block party. If I was into Halloween, I would be down there, but it was never my thing, except when I was a kid!

  562. 562
    #### Says:


    Actually I’m in Sacramento….nice and laid back and perfectly situated between the beach and big city and snow and Tahoe!! LOL

    I couldn’t handle traffic in SF or LA.

  563. 563
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @LOL42: I agree that some of the models you mentioned are pretty, but IMO don’t think any of them have the ‘it’ factor. Cindy, Christy, Naomi, Linda (and all the others!) all had that special spark, the attitude, the way they carried themselves. I really don’t see any of these upcoming models with it. Outside of Gisele, Kate I put in with Naomi and the gang, I think the closest would be Karlie.

  564. 564
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Oh come on! You don’t want to sit in a car for an hour to go 12 miles? LOL!!

  565. 565
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey if you get the chance, you should watch the movie The Place Beyond The Pines. There is a young Leo lookalike Dane DeHaan who has been called the next Leo and compared to him in almost every review and when I watched the movie I could not help but think of Leo. He’s a good actor and may become the next big thing, and he says he gets comparisons to a young Leo all the time. He’s not as conventionally attractive and looks more edgy but his acting feels so reminiscent of a young Leo’s.

  566. 566
    #### Says:


    I agree with you. I wasn’t a crazy jack Dawson Leo fan but I definitely liked his look then and then reacquainted myself with him in blood diamond, the departed, gangs, etc. :-)

  567. 567
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Thanks for the heads up! I’ll check it out. I’m actually going to finally watch The Hobbit (I loved Lord of the Rings) I’ve been dragging my feet since it’s soooo looonnggg!!

  568. 568
    HAHA12 Says:

    Your welcome and I still haven’t seen those series! Off to bed see you all later :)

  569. 569
    #### Says:


    I am a get from point a to point b as quickly as possible girl unless I’m on a road trip. I’m actually going to be in Anaheim the weekend before thanksgiving. Hoping I run into Leo at Disneyland!!! LOL

  570. 570
    #### Says:


    LOL what a coincidence that I will hopefully be watching the hobbit this weekend as well and also a big lord of the rings fan! :-)

  571. 571
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Good night! :) If you are into the whole scifi/fantasy world, I would definitely watch LOTR series. The film is so beautifully shot. The scenery spectacular and the sfx are amazing. It’s the whole good vs evil. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that some of the main characters are gorgeous! Viggo = yowza! Don’t even get me started on Orlando’s character – Legalos – Long blonde hair and pointy ears – yummy!
    @#### & LOL42: Hey ladies! I’m off to watch The Hobbit! Talk to you later! :)

  572. 572
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Trust me – I would love to go fast and I am always trying to find shortcuts, but there are times when it literally takes me more than an hour – hour and a half to go 14 miles. It totally sucks and a complete waste of time! – Now I am off to watch the movie! I’ll let you know what I think!

  573. 573
    idk Says:

    Death pool on this twat? I mean she looks like warmed over scrapple here. Must be master level photoshop.

    I am guessing after award season. But really he has hit the bottom of the barrel, there are no more VS models.

    I work very near 55th…I see model types all the time. You want to just laugh at them. One day a very pretty girl came by wearing gym shorts, a fedora, boots and belly shirt. It was ridiculous. I may have walked by Toni and some time.

    This summer the thing was for them to wear some diaphonous white dress every where they went….a lot of a buttafaces among them.

  574. 574
    idk Says:

    these girls are all just fountains of youth for him… proof that he can still attract younger women. Proof that they will go to his movies, that he still has it. I think that is the strategy.

    Also he is rich and likes doofing them. When they get to be a pain he dumps them, screws around a bit and finds a new one. He is really, really gross and looks worse and worse all the time. Used to be so talented and cute. What a douche now

  575. 575
    haha Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Torres on a date

    Not so long ago it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio is “started” his brand new modelku. This is one of the Brazilian media reported Kat Torres – the same girl that gave her attention to the actor. Girl depict their enthusiasm for romance with a star, though, was very worried, because Leo promised not to talk. As it turned out, no wonder baby worried – the day after the revelations Torres appeared denial of her romance with Leonardo DiCaprio. It seemed clear – dreaming, child, make-believe what is not … However, it turned out that the novel is a young actor and model is not that the mythical – recently paparazzi photographed Katie and Leo during a visit to Los Angeles

  576. 576
    haha Says:

    Only fashion sites “cares” about Toni although at least say the right name lol

    Leonardo DiCaprio, Girlfriend Toni Garrn Attend ‘One Night Only In New York’ Giorgio Armani Event [PHOTO], Getting Serious Despite Age Difference, Going Public Soon?

  577. 577
    @528/529/556 Says:

    More Gisele & Erin

  578. 578
    Oh... Says:

    Leo’s little one wasn’t around so he spent Haloween with his friends’ little ones. Cute!

  579. 579
    Twitter Says:

    This girl tweeted this from NYC. I can’t believe he went there when he has LACMA on Sat. Or it’s just not legit.
    Cari @cahumey 4h
    At a party with Leo dicaprio #cantcomplain #youmissedout

  580. 580
    #### Says:


    I don’t think it is. He was seen in LA yesterday at around 1pm. Plus this sighting is before midnight and Leo doesn’t hit the clubs before then as far as I know. LOL

  581. 581
    AstroReading Says:

    Venus ruling makes him long for life partner. Venus is under severe affliction due to the conjunct of debilitating Sun in almost same degree and also by Mars in the same house. So, these two separative planets Sun and Mars caused delay in his getting his life partner.

    However it is just delayed but not denied as his Venus is again ruling in his static chart and Jupiter aspects his Ascendant Leo and the lord of the house of Leo Sun, so he will get his life partner after Oct’2014 as after Oct’2014 for two and half years his period will gain fortune and prosperity in his life and will gain all good things during this period. However he will have problem in getting progeny.

    He suffered few broken relationships in the past. He will rise to top position in his career.

  582. 582
    also... Says:

    @####: I wouldn’t be very surprised if it was legit. He can go back to LA even on Saturday. Who knows? This says party and that doesn’t necessarily mean in a club.

  583. 583
    lovely cut Says:

  584. 584
    @twitter Says:

    The pics Toni posted were from Tao Downtown where DJ Tiesto was spinning. I can see Leo being there as well.

  585. 585
    also... Says:

    @585: As I said I wouldn`t be surprised if it was true. But if he was seen in LA yesterday afternoon travelling to NYC + time difference… he wouldn`t have made it to NYC by the time Toni posted the first photo.

  586. 586
    @also Says:

    Thats true and I dont think they traveled together if Leo’s really in NY. She was pretty quiet on Instagram for the last couple of days maybe she came back earlier for VS related stuff. VS ordered all their models to be absolutely discreet about castings, fittings etc this year.

  587. 587
    Instagram Says:

    Well how bout this lol

  588. 588
    also... Says:

    @Instagram: Thanks. Is that the dinosaur skull that he owns? So mystery solved. He stayed in LA and of course he threw a party. ’cause why not? It’s Halloween and his gf is away! lol
    I heard him saying once he is collecting movie posters but I think he said they were in his office. I guess some made it to his house…

  589. 589
    @Instagram #588 Says:

    LOLOL. As expected!
    It must be his house, because we’ve learned in the past how he collects authentic movie posters.

  590. 590
    Instagram Says:

    Ya as soon as I saw the movie posters it I thought that must be his home indeed. He’s a big fan, And that does like the skull.
    Is this surprising? Nope. Lol.

  591. 591
    @588 Says:

    According to the hashtag Paris Hilton was there? How sweet that Leo is still pals with ex *snigger*.
    I guess the poster who said Leo spent Halloween with Tobey and the kids was mistaken

  592. 592
    not with toni Says:

    @@Instagram #588:
    True! As far as i know he loves collecting movie posters.

  593. 593
    lovely cut Says:

    @Instagram: thak you so much,babe although wanna see the pix but can’t see insta pix at all! can someone send the pix by imagebag or any other image site/any other way?sorry to bother,hope someone who can,do it for me and others like me!thx

  594. 594
    Instagram Says:

    Maybe he did trick or treaters with Ruby and Otis earlier and threw a party later. It’s perfectly possible.

  595. 595
    Instagram Says:

    594 – Does it work like this?

  596. 596
    not with toni Says:

    I can’t believe he rubs shoulders with such a disreputable person as
    …Par. Hilt….and he used to “sleep” with this filth!!!
    *YUCK ohhh YUCK*
    WHY LEO???

  597. 597
    also... Says:

    If the info from that poster is accurate and he spent time with Tobey’s kids it must / could have happened before the party at his place.
    I wonder if Leo set Toni up for that party at Tao in NYC.

  598. 598
    @also Says:

    Set her up? What do you mean?

  599. 599
    not with toni Says:

    please tell me Leo has never slept(umm not exactly *cough*) with P.H.!!!!
    Tell me it was just a f^cking rumour
    I wanna puuuke….

  600. 600
    lovely cut Says:

    @Instagram: oh,yeah,thank you so so much,hun!
    love love to see his collection esp. the posters! seeing/having posters is my fav/passion!

  601. 601
    lovely cut Says:

    still so surprise how there days these gals come to the social media w/pix under name of leo’s while he tells them do not use of,you know like cannes party he had,but the girl sended the pix and after that was invited to his table in nyf although he’s daiting toni,more surprised her fans come and say he is in love w/ her with all mocking/clubbing/etc he’s doing but even they don’t say it will last for good,they just say he is really in love w/ her that’s why it’ll last long then call the others jeliouse! lolol

  602. 602
    not with toni Says:

    @lovely cut:
    Apart from collecting movie posters Leo loves collecting objects from legendary movies(shoes, a piano etc)

  603. 603
    also... Says:

    I’m not sure I used the right word… I meant he got her into the club with a table…

  604. 604
    lovely cut Says:

    @not with toni: to tell the trut they never dated officially like even for one day in front of public eyes,it’s all are rumors! on the other hand i saw on e! channel years ago when he was with bar, a viseo of leo coming out of a party while laughing so happily and was clearing her lips,looking back to the paris h. and she was laughing with other girls too w/ looking to him at the time!the news said he was clearing lipstic’s spots on his lips and the sources said he kissed paris at there! he had these sleeping w/paris news as a cheater to gis then bar,after that all were seen with her again while he was with blake/erin/now toni but in the way of they are friends/they were at the same party/they were at each other party/like that! on the other hand it’s not unbeliveablr due to being of paris in playboymantion’s bunny for a while and….you just can see my point? just saying it’s possible and somehow most people are almost sure about it! hope my long explanation help you,dear!

  605. 605
    not with toni Says:

    And now that i said piano, did you know that Toni plays the piano?!
    I like it ‘cos i play the piano too. Nice!!

  606. 606
    Sasha Says:

    LOL Instagram.
    Now I wonder how long will the girl be able to keep that pic on her account?

  607. 607
    #### Says:


    Wow more social media of his house and right after toni leaves!!! LOL

  608. 608
    Sasha Says:

    …He also collects under 23 year-old models.

  609. 609
    lovely cut Says:

    @not with toni: can’t see her playing his personal collecting antic piano cause these stuff gotta be away of using under special protects,you know? even got surprised the girl was touching one of his collecting stuff,to tell the truth!if it was mine i would keep it from even other people’s eyes who come to my house just for party or,i know steven spilberg is doing like what i like!

  610. 610
    #### Says:

    The pic looks like a media room and I know they’ve mentioned he has one in his house. Perfect place for movie posters!

  611. 611
    not with toni Says:

    And Leo’s father (probably Leo himself too) loves jazz music and especially Django Reinhardt. Probably that’s where Leo’s cute bulldog took his name from ,no?
    “the news said he was clearing lipstic’s spots on his lips and the sources said he kissed paris at there”….ewwwwww!!
    @lovely cut: Thanks for the info :))
    I think that Leo and Paris never dated and these rumours emanate from the fact that they both frequent the same venues and they have some common circles-friends . But it’s true we cant be sure lol!!

  612. 612
    not with toni Says:

    @lovely cut: I think items like this antic piano-the Oz Ruby slippers,certain paintings etc are kept and protected at special places.

  613. 613
    @also Says:

    Not sure, there were a lot of models and people from the fashion scene at Tao.
    I wouldnt be shocked if she rushed back to LA now if she’s done work wise. Lol.

  614. 614
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    I don’t know that he owns them but has helped purchase them for LACMA right?

    Also, I was pretty sure that toni would leave before the weekend but I’m surprised that they didn’t spend Halloween together. So was Leo planning this party on the sly, was it an after party after hitting a club or did she know and just decide not to stay knowing there would be yound beautiful girls there?? LOL

  615. 615
    also... Says:

    @614: She is ‘done work wise’? What? You think she went back to NYC only for a party? I’m confused…
    @####: Maybe she has some work today so she decided to get back Thursday night.

  616. 616
    not with toni Says:

    The Oz Ruby Slippers are to be stored in the Academy’s future museum.
    He buys these legendary items along with businessmen(the antic piano for instance).

  617. 617
    @also Says:

    Like i said earlier I think she came back earlier than Thursday for VS, probably Wednesday. If she’s done with that I wouldn’t be shocked if she rushed back to LA.

  618. 618
    also... Says:

    @618: Well, you don’t know for sure when she got back. Could have been Wednesday or Thursday and you don’t know how long she is staying.

  619. 619
    @also Says:

    Course I don’t. Just a possibility.

  620. 620
    #### Says:


    Someone said she was back in NYC for the VS show and thought that she and her friend were taking pics from the VS offices of that parade. But then they went out so I don’t think that’s where they were but she might still be there for VS.

  621. 621
    POP Says:

    Do you guys think that he throws parties when hes not there? not saying that I think for sure leo was in NY last night, but I’m pretty sure he has parties at his house alot even when hes not there.

  622. 622
    not with toni Says:

    @not with toni: Btw i never said that he “owns” them . He loves collecting these legendary items => he contributes along with businessmen. But he loves art. That was my point.

  623. 623
    #### Says:


    As much as he tries to hide pics of his? Absolutely not.

  624. 624
    @POP Says:

    lol! like J Gatsby?

  625. 625
    @622 Says:

    I think it’s possible but this time I don’t think so.
    I think right now believing he threw a party the moment at his home and pics surface the moment she’s away is more believable than he went to NYC to celebrate Halloween when he has an important event come Saturday.

  626. 626
    POP Says:

    Milan has posted pics from his house when hes not there, other people have said they are partying at his mansion when hes not there or say they are chilling at leo dicaprios house, playing basketball, etc. Just saying.

  627. 627
    POP Says:

    I’m not saying its probable, its just possible.

  628. 628
    @627 Says:

    Like I said it’s perfectly possible but not this time IMO.
    Just a question though but how do you know he wasn’t there when Milan was/posted pictures?

  629. 629
    also... Says:

    It is a possibility. If she is here for VS … well that’s a big event so it might take more than a day. Fittings, rehearsals…etc. Or other jobs might be involved.
    @####: I don’t know where that VS office idea came from. The photo was taken from the West a Village and isn’t it where Toni has a place?
    Maybe Leo will return to NYC after LACMA. Whether she is in LA ir not I doubt he would take her…

  630. 630
    @@627 Says:

    @@627: There were sightings of him being in another city

  631. 631
    @Pop Says:

    No I don’t think there are parties at his house while he is away. Especially for Halloween. I know you hope he would be with his kiddie in NY.. But he is not. He stayed in LA having parties with several girls in attendance. That’s Leo.

    And if Milan posts pictures from Leo’s house, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are taken that same day.
    As for Paris H. I think there were pictures of her at one of Leo’s parties held at his rented villa in Cannes a few months ago.

  632. 632
    @631 Says:

    Okay thanks for the info. I’m sure he makes his home available for his friends and godson to chill or whatever they want even when he’s gone. I just have a feeling this time that’s not the case.

  633. 633
    POP Says:

    milan posted pictures of him and his friend giving his friend a birthday party sitting in leos hottub when leo was not there at the time. people have also tweeted that they are partying there, when leo is not even in town.

  634. 634
    @632 Says:

    True. Milan posted pictures from Ibiza weeks after they returned to the States for example.

  635. 635
    Lovely cut Says:

    millan is his godson&his dad is leo’s personal cook? or which is safe to say they can be at his home while he’s not there! as to others,i saw lots of twitts say they’re at home w/pix when he wasn’t there but after checking them i saw those ones was from his rented house so i assume they rented his house!think with this party he is in la not ny!

  636. 636
    @@pop Says:

    @@pop I know you would like to believe there was no way he could be in NY.

  637. 637
    @#635 Says:

    Exactly. @Pop likes to think otherwise…..

  638. 638
    Lovely cut Says:

    Re vs_just read somewhere it’ll take one week,but don’t know if it’s true or if the girls gotta be there all the week!

  639. 639
    also... Says:

    Milan is his godson. I think there’s a huge difference between his godson hanging out at his house with his friends while Leo is away and a Halloween party with grown ups, possibly strangers being there.
    Leo was seen in LA yesterday, he has anevent in LA tomorrow so why is it a stretch that he is still there and had a party. Last time Toni was in LA he threw a party as soon as she left ( there was Instagram photo with the info if I’m not mistaken ). History repeats itself.

  640. 640
    @637 Says:

    There is a way he could be in NY.
    But what’s more probable at this point?
    That he went to NY for 1-2 days to celebrate Halloween when he has a very important event on Saturday which he probably also has to prepare for?
    Or he stayed in LA, threw a party at his home like he does often and how coincidental that pics surface exactly when his GF appears to be out of town just like that other time?

  641. 641
    POP Says:

    haha like I said, people are quick to discredit he could be in NY. I’m not saying its probable, but with leo you never know. I just thought it could be possible because Jaimie tagged along. people here have been wrong before, myself included.

  642. 642
    #632 Says:

    This doesn’t mean that paris slept at his rented villa

  643. 643
    also... Says:

    ‘I just thought it could be possible because Jaimie tagged along’? What does it have to do with Leo?
    There was a Leo sighting yesterday in LA. Flying from LA to NYC + time difference ( NYC is 3 hours ahead of LA ) he wouldn’t have made it here by the time Toni started posting photos. Also how do you know when Toni left LA? She could have left on Wednesday as someone pointed it out earlier…
    It wouldn’t be the first false ‘Leo in NYC’ sighting.
    We can analyze the possibilities all day. We should just wait for more sightings ( he is spotted in NYC more than in LA I think )…

  644. 644
    #641 Says:

    “how coincidental that pics surface”
    What pics??! could you post them ?

  645. 645
    haha Says:

    A huge halloween party with models, I guess celebs invited and for some reason that includes Paris Hilton, and the host isnt there because he decided to travel w/ his girlfriend to NY? Highly unlikely.

  646. 646
    @645 Says:

    The pic from last night is posted on the previous page.

  647. 647
    @@637 Says:

    @@637: where are those Leo pics that just surfaced?

  648. 648
    also... Says:

    @haha: Exactly. What’s the more likely scenario?

  649. 649
    @647 Says:

    do you mean these??

  650. 650
    @567 Says:

    Lol so seeing these new pictures he really was escorted out by people and she left the place alone. Surely I can’t be the only one who finds this utterly lame? As if leaving the place separately wasn’t lame enough…

  651. 651
    POP Says:

    @also..but if toni had stayed in LA and leo went to NY for the night, you would be quick to believe that is true just by one tweet..Just saying, it is funny how some people believe what they want to believe. It also wouldn’t be the first false “LA sighting.” I don’t know for sure weather he was in Ny or not last night. And you guys don’t know for sure if he was in LA. so lets just stop acting like were so sure.

  652. 652
    @650 Says:

    Lol. No.
    I’m talking about the picture @Instagram posted earlier. It’s a girl who took a pic at his house last night.
    It happened before that the moment she was back in NYC a pic surfaced from 2 girls who were at his house for an after party.
    Are you guys actually reading the thread or what? Lol.

  653. 653
    JJ Says:

    is it leo in tonis instagrram picture?

  654. 654
    @652 Says:

    Geez haha. We are not. I think everyone said it’s a POSSIBILITY he is in NY. But the more probable possibility is he’s in L.A.

  655. 655
    @JJ Says:

    You mean this?
    Yep. Totally. Good eye. Def Leo. He took a picture like that and let her put it up on instagram.
    (Rotlf. Does that look like Leo to you?)

  656. 656
    not with toni Says:

    I think the guy on the right -in the first pict=>
    is the same as the guy talking to Leo here=>–nxF1Z7rqdI/UnNBiJAKsdI/AAAAAAAAc54/K0sYEb0KQFg/s1600/Leo+DiCaprio+and+Kate+Torres+7.jpg
    Is he his personal assistant….?

  657. 657
    also... Says:

    @652: Don’t tell me what I would believe in a different scenario. If I believe what I want than the same applies to you. You want to believe Leo is in NYC because Toni is there even though he was seen in LA yesterday and there was a party at his house. Let’s stick to that not to ‘what if…’.
    There are false sightings. Except that he was in LA the past couple of days and he has to be there tomorrow. Knowing that I would say the LA sighting seems more believable than the NYC one ( going there for a very short period of time ). Not to mention the photo posted last night from a party in his house. It seems a more likely scenario.
    Believing what you want applies to you ( funny ) just as much as it applies to others.

  658. 658
    LMAO Says:

    Yes we know how Leo LOVES taking pictures with his gf.

    BTW it seems that Toni is making instagram her acting portfolio. Always dramatic faces. lol

  659. 659
    also... Says:

    @656: LMAO!
    @POP: If it wasn’t for the photo taken in his house last night I wouldn’t be so sure he is still in LA. I doubt there was a party there while he is in NYC. I take that as more convincing than a sighting .

  660. 660
    lol Says:

    LOL, all this is just because the girl (ugly as f^ck) said she was at Leo’s house for a halloween party. Calm down, people. She did not say she slept with him. I believe Leo had a party and many people were invited, maybe the woman knows or was with one of his friend. Nobody here said he is cheating on Toni lol. As we speak Toni is landing back in Lalaland lol. Maybe she returned for work but I am sure they will reunite, do not worry.

  661. 661
    lol Says:

    @not with toni Not the same person.

  662. 662
    funny Says:

    What’s funny is people trying to make this couple happen while we’re talking about a guy who turns 39 next week who can’t/won’t man up to walk out of a restaurant with his gf by his side but instead makes her leave the place all by herself.

  663. 663
    not with toni Says:

    @lol: “LOL, all this is just because the girl (ugly as f^ck) ”
    lmfao!!!! :)))

  664. 664
    also... Says:

    @POP: One more thing: it’s not about what you WANT TO believe. It’s about what sounds more likely to you. You have to take social media info with salt and grain. I don’t believe a twitter sighting for sure until there are at least two or more sightings from the same location. This us borderline but LA sounds more believable to me right now. If I see another sighting today from NYC I will know I was wrong.

  665. 665
    #### Says:


    Not only that the way Toni and her friend were taking pics last night is definitely a sign that Leo was not around. We all know she doesn’t post a lot if she is with Leo.

  666. 666
    lol Says:

    Another possibility is they broke up? Just saying.

    @not with toni lol :)

  667. 667
    HAHA12 Says:

    Exactly. Just because he threw a party doesn’t mean he slept with any of the girls there, he just likes throwing parties and always being in the company of youngsters. He really is like Jay Gatsby.

  668. 668
    @666 Says:

    Notice how she put up the Halloween picture in L.A. the day after the party, and these pics in New York immediately? Lol ;)

  669. 669
    lol Says:

    @funny You sound frustrated. I heard that passion fruit juice is good for the nerves lol.

  670. 670
    lol Says:

    @HAHA12 MTE!

  671. 671
    HAHA12 Says:

    I forgot Leo’s birthday is coming soon. Wonder how crazy the parties will be and who will be invited. You know he will go all out because it’s his last year in his 30s.

  672. 672
    @lol#661 Says:

    …”but I am sure they will reunite, do not worry”
    Do you actually think someone is doubting this?

  673. 673
    also... Says:

    @####: Yeah, that too. It’s a party and Leo is being Leo. After all this time I tend to believe a more likely scenario that happened a couple of weeks ago as well ( Leo throws a party as soon as his gf leaves ) rather than him going to NYC with/for her for 2-3 days.
    As LOL said it’s a party and I’m sure they will reunite soon even though I’m not sure about the ‘she is landing back in Lalaland’ part…

  674. 674
    also... Says:

    @funny: Well said!

  675. 675
    #### Says:


    The 11th is on a Monday this year so I wonder if he’ll have the party the weekend before or on the actual day???

  676. 676
    HAHA12 Says:

    Probably a huge party on the weekend followed by another but small and less crazy one of Monday? Didn’t he have multiple parties last year? I saw the pics of him holding a mic looking faded from last year and LMAO. Expecting wildness and more crazyness than ever this year..

  677. 677
    lol Says:

    @HAHA12 The same crew, you know: his family, his friends, Martin Scorsese, Robert DeNiro, Jay Z, models, rappers… lol, what group of people so different from each other lmfao.
    @also Hm, you are right. He returning to NY is more plausible :).
    @#673 Some people here? Yes.

  678. 678
    HAHA12 Says:

    OMG wasn’t there an argument between Jay Z and Bobby DeNiro from Leo’s party last year? LMAO, and yes and I guess we can add 2 Chainz as one of the rappers in attendance due to their new friendship lol.

  679. 679
    not with toni Says:

    @####: Umm…him having his birthday bash the weekend before the actual day is more likely

  680. 680
    #### Says:


    Someone thought she flew back to NYC for the VS show and I’m not doubting that but I’m surprised that she didn’t at least stay for Halloween in LA with Leo. Obviously she wasn’t working last night but watched the parade and then went out partying with friends. I wonder why she didn’t stay with Leo for his party?

    I asked this before but I wonder if he was planning it on the down low so she didn’t know about it, she HAD to fly back to NYC when she did but knew about the party or what…..I tend to think he planned it and she didn’t know about it because I’m sure she would have stayed given the opportunity because she’s got to know the types of girls that go to his parties…..LOL

    I mean she has taken a red eye back to NYC from LA before….. :-)

  681. 681
    lol Says:

    @HAHA12 Yes, they had an argument lol. It seems Jay Z did not return his call then Bobby called him out for that. What a mess lol. And I bet many rappers will be there, many models too lol.

  682. 682
    also... Says:

    @####: you don’t know when Toni left LA. Maybe she did leave on Wednesday and worked yesterday. In that case that’s why she didn’t stay for his party. Yesterday she posted about yoga but where did she do yoga? You don’t know. I think that’s the case otherwise she could have stayed in LA for Leo’s party, don’t you think?

  683. 683
    Question Says:

    I wonder if the main reason she went to NY was for work. Or simply to attend a Halloween party already planned in advance. Her friend Jamie flew with her from LA to NY, for sure. The two posted pictures from what seemed to be one of the girl’s apartment.

  684. 684
    Paparazzi talking about Leo Says:

  685. 685
    #### Says:


    True. I forgot about the yoga post.

  686. 686
    @Paparazzi talking about Leo Says:

    paparazzi are scum!!!

  687. 687
    also... Says:

    @####: The yoga could have been anywhere. As I saw her posts from NYC yesterday I automatically assumed she arrived on Thursday. But someone said earlier she could have flown back to the east coast on Wednesday. There was this dinner sighting on Tuesday and then the yoga ( who knows where? ) and NYC Thursday evening. You can’t be sure…

  688. 688
    @685 Says:

    What a bunch of idiots. I hate that Leo always takes the strangest positions when paparazzi is around I think it makes him look real lame, but these asses are lamer. Look at how they talk about it. As if Leo, or any other celebrity, owes them something. If they don’t like their pictures to be taken then that’s the way it is. Dumbasses.

  689. 689
    Leo on River Phoenix Says:

    River died over 20 years ago yesterday, and many believe Leo would of not gotten Titanic and other roles in the mid 90s had River lived. Leo admitted this himself too.

    “When I was eighteen, River Phoenix was far and away my hero. Think of all those early great performances – My Own Private Idaho, Stand by Me. I always wanted to meet him. One night, I was at this Halloween party, and he passed me. He was beyond pale – he looked white. Before I got a chance to say hello, he was gone, driving off to the Viper Room, where he fell over and died.”

  690. 690
    #### Says:


    Actually unless she went with her friend who lives in LA to yoga, the yoga post was probably from NYC because I’m sure she’s more familiar with those places there than in LA.

  691. 691
    @Paparazzi talking about Leo Says:

    Not to mention that Leo photos are one of the most valuable. I think that’s why paparazzi get so angry with Leo because he does not give them the opportunity to make money selling his image. You go, Leo.

  692. 692
    @Paparazzi talking about Leo Says:

    They are annoying:

  693. 693
    #690 Says:

    @Leo on River Phoenix:
    Beautiful photo, and heartbreaking stuff. River was one of a kind. I’m glad Leo has acknowledged he would of not gotten a lot of the roles he got if River never died, because he was a once in a generation talent and as great as Leo was, no one topped River and the talent he had. He truly could of became one of the greats.

  694. 694
    #### Says:


    River was one of my favorites. I have his movies, magazines and a biography of him. We truly lost a great talent when he died. :-(

  695. 695
    @693 Says:

    They are d-bags. It’s part of the world he lives in and like he says a small price to pay but seeing this I think it’s pretty cool he appears to be polite with them most of the time. I’m not sure if I’d be having the same level of patience with these idiots.

  696. 696
    @Paparazzi talking about Leo Says:

    Those paparazzis are jerks, saying bad things to RDJ:

  697. 697
    Susan Says:

    My friend said she swore she saw Leo and Tobey yesterday in LA while at some kids halloween event. Anyone have pics yet? I love hearing about him and Tobey!

  698. 698
    #696 Says:

    Right? Leo has so much patience. I would run them over.

  699. 699
    @698 Says:

    I hope you/your friend are telling the truth. Just imagining that makes me die a little inside. So adorable. Like, was he doing trick or treaters? (Hard to imagine TBH, Leo going from door to door haha!)

  700. 700
    Paparazzi Says:

    You hate them yet you love their pics and videos about Leo lol !

  701. 701
    NY sighting Says:

    So the twitter sighting of him at a party in NY the same night as Toni was false?

  702. 702
    @699 Says:

    No jokes I have a feeling I’d punch em every time they tried to shove those cams in my face. Imagine everything you are doing right now, like running errands, driving your car or riding your bike, or just walking your dog would be impossible without cameras and light flashes in your face, blocking your way and calling stupid things and asking stupid questions. I think it’s great how patient most of these guys stay. I’d go nuts.

  703. 703
    HAHA12 Says:

    He was an amazing actor, but lived such a horrible life :/ I’m thankful Joaquin is still around and is giving great performances, but I really wonder how different Leo’s career would of been if River lived. River was Cameron’s first choice for Titanic if I’m correct.

  704. 704
    also... Says:

    @####: It could have been in LA. Yoga places are everywhere and it doesn’t take much effort to find one if you are not in your hometown.
    @Susan: I think someone posted here earlier today ( or yesterday ) that Leo spent Halloween with his friends’ kids. Was it you who posted it ( I can’t remember the poster’s screen name )?

  705. 705
    HAHA12 Says:

    @@Paparazzi talking about Leo:
    I know the papz are a small price to pay for being a famous star but this video makes me feel bad for Leo! Can’t imagine having to deal with that every time you step outside your house.

  706. 706
    Mark Wahlberh quote Says:

    “The problem with Leonardo DiCaprio is he’s prettier than most of the actresses in his films” – Mark Wahlberg

    LOL. Anyone got an idea when he said this? Coming to think of it I think he’s right actually. Only co-star prettier is Marion Cotillard IMO. Lmao.

  707. 707
    @Paparazzi Says:

    Do not be stupid. You are missing the point.

  708. 708
    yoga Says:

    Toni and those yoga classes…uummm Toni=preggers????

  709. 709
    #### Says:


    That would be so cool if there were pictures of him around little kids!!! :-)

  710. 710
    @yoga Says:

    lol Please, do NOT.

  711. 711
    Susan Says:

    I don’t know she said she was was at west Hollywood Halloween event. Children’s “carnival” or sorts. He was in a large group, maybe 6-7 adults with several kids part of the group. Or maybe it was a pumpkin patch? Either way the idea of him doing this makes my heart melt! She has no reason to lie so that’s why I checked JJ, TMZ and Perez but there’s nothing

  712. 712
    also... Says:

    @709: Yep, I’m sure she is pregnant and that’s the only reason why she is taking yoga classes.

  713. 713
    Paparazzi Says:

    @ 708 I know I know lol! The papps keep stalking celebs because no one is interested in their pics. I wonder why this business is so lucrative.

  714. 714
    LolaB Says:


    I agree. I thought they had broken up a while ago. What was the point of this dinner? She looks quite upset and in fact, like she is crying. He is doing his usual hiding under the hat bit which means she meant nothing to him. Sad but true. Next!

  715. 715
    HAHA12 Says:

    I hope this is true because that is so adorable.

  716. 716
    Geezzzzzzz! Says:


    Again with this? pregnant, about to get married, about to break up, if Leo travel with her or not…. Endless discussions in this thread.

  717. 717
    not with toni Says:

    @Mark Wahlberh quote:
    I agree totally with this Mark Wahlberg’s quote about Leonardo and his female co-stars.I’ve thought about it many times.
    It’s true and the result is not convincing. For instance, in the Great Gatsby….total mismatch.

  718. 718
    @#### Says:

    I do not doubt that Leo spends a lot of time with Tobey kids. Remember those pictures of him in the park with Ruby? We would never have seen those photos or be aware of that if was not for that woman. That was adorable.

  719. 719
    #### Says:


    I like Joaquin but not as much as I did River. River was just…..River!!! :-)

    It was a shame to see someone who tried to live such a clean life and who was so f-cking talented get sucked into the drugs of Hollywood.


  720. 720
    #### Says:


    I loved those pics from the park in NYC and I loved the mom’s story when she was writing about it. :-)

  721. 721
    yoga Says:

    i’m telling this because of these yoga thing and because in these latest pics (Leo-Toni at the restaurant) she seems to have put on some weight.

  722. 722
    HAHA12 Says:

    Agreed. His life was just so depressing over all :/ Someone on ONTD said Leo mentioned he would go to auditions in the 90s and knew the roles he was getting offered were either meant for River originally or other actors with the same blonde hair as Leo that either were druggies or killed themselves, and he said something about how hard those auditions were. He looked up to River a lot and only saw him the same night he died.

  723. 723
    Susan Says:

    Aw does anyone have a link or pics of the park story?

  724. 724
    Mark Wahlberh quote Says:

    not with toni:
    It was/is never distracting or disturbing to me and that’s why I never thought about it since now I’ve read Marky pointing it out. All the women have something beautiful in them even though they’re not the most beautiful out there.
    Carey is very cute and I don’t think it was a mismatch at all. Same with Amy Adams, adorable.
    Both Jennifer Connoly and Vera Farmiga have a unique kind of look to them that is beautiful in its own way IMO and moreover they both are great, confident and charismatic actresses. Same with Cate Blanchett.
    Now Marion Cotillard… I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood IMO.

  725. 725
    #### Says:


    Come on now…..Leo is not about to get a girl he’s dated for just about 6 months pregnant!!! LOL

    She seems to do exercise when she’s getting ready to walk in a show.

  726. 726
    Twitter Says:

    This girl said she was helping a friend to carve pumpkins for a party…

    Millie Clarkey ‏@NotEmiliaClarke 16 h
    Leonardo DiCaprio greeting me. My heart just skipped a beat!

  727. 727
    Twitter Says:

    Damn, a shooting at LA airport.

  728. 728
    @728 Says:

    Yeah just heard it on TV :( Disturbing..

  729. 729
    @yoga Says:


    If that is Leo acting with a pregnant woman as he did at the restaurant… o_O

  730. 730
    #### Says:


    Zzzzzz who posts on here said last night that there was a huge block party or something in Santa Monica so I wonder if that’s where Leo and Tobey and his family were. :-)

    If so maybe someone got pictures and will post them at some point. LOL

  731. 731
    also... Says:

    @Twitter: Thanks for the tweet. Where is this person?

  732. 732
    #### Says:

    There are different photos on Toni’s BZ thread from the night she went to dinner with Leo. She was definitely left to walk out of the restaurant by herself while Leo got escorted!!!

    I would post them but for some reason my work computer never lets me do it.

  733. 733
    Twitter Says:

    @also Well in Octover, 27 she mentioned living in NY but is not Leo in Los Angeles? I think she is in LA, but is hard to tell for sure.

  734. 734
    Twitter Says:

    Typo: well, in October 27

  735. 735
    also... Says:

    @Twitter: I checked her tweets. It might sound stupid but she has a conversation with a person ( account protected ) but the avi is a Leo photo from Gatsby greeting someone with a glass in his hand… Could it be a reference to that picture? I mean she didn`t say more about this `meet and greet`…

  736. 736
    not with toni Says:

    @Mark Wahlberh quote:
    For instance, to me Carey looks like a teenage boy.She has a very weird baby-face and she looked like a child playing dress-up in the movie .
    In the Titanic movie, total mismatch again…not convincing at all..
    Kate looked so much older than him…
    Well obviously Leo is too hot to be an actor lolz!!!
    Well ,to each his own..:)

  737. 737
    Twitter Says:

    @also idk, I am not so sure now LOL.

  738. 738
    #### Says:


    I saw a lot of tweets last night from people who said they saw Leo but you could tell from the tweets they were joking around with their friends….maybe people in costumes, etc.

  739. 739
    not with toni Says:

    typo *older that he

  740. 740
    not with toni Says:

    typo*older than he

  741. 741
    Link Says:

    Anyone has a link to the story in the park? I wanted to see the photos and read what she wrote.

  742. 742
    #### Says:


    I know it was posted on BZ and then someone posted it here a few threads back but I don’t know how to find it again. Sorry.

  743. 743
    also... Says:

    @####: I also thought of costumes. With the beard it’s not that hard to dress like Leo or even Calvin Candie. But this last one…seems like a reference to that photo. JMO.

  744. 744
    @not with Toni Says:

    The only girl who fitted Leo and who looked very much like the character in the book, was Virginie Ledoyen in The Beach. Very French, petite, brunette and cute.

  745. 745
    @not with Toni Says:

    … Claire Danes is a beautiful actress but next to Leo, her features appear to be too masculine. She was a good Juliet, but Olivia Hussey, back in the late ’60s had what it takes to play Juliet. Not Claire.

  746. 746
    @744 Says:

    Seems to me she had an interaction with that @LcoDiCaprio as well.

  747. 747
    lol Says:

    @Link Here:

    And here:

    So cute!

  748. 748
    Susan Says:

    I personally liked seeing him with Ellen Paige. She is so cute, petite and sweet! All those red carpet pics with his arm around her were cute. In my dreams he’d end up with someone cute like that :)

  749. 749
    HAHA12 Says:

    She’s not mentioned much but Leo also looked really cute with Amy Adams in Catch Me If You Can.

  750. 750
    @Susan Says:

    Totally agree!

  751. 751
    @HAHA Says:

    Too bad we never got to see this scene between Leo and Amy. The pictures look so adorable and fun.

  752. 752
    not with toni Says:

    @Mark Wahlberh quote:
    Oh.. and imo Marion is definitely not prettier than Leo.
    Leo’s face on the other hand is unique . He can be smoking hot and cute like a baby at the same time!!! can you believe this?!
    but he can never be average . His face is unique. True.
    This man….. <3 <3 <3
    He has very beautiful and unique facial features It's rare to see beautiful men like Leonardo out there .
    On the other hand, "beautiful" men like Brad P. don't have a unique face
    Their beauty is boring not special and they are a dime a dozen in their industry looks-wise.
    Leo's beauty is one of a kind <3

  753. 753
    Susan Says:

    Thanks for sharing the park link and pics! So cute! That mom totally blew it when she mentioned she was an aspiring actor! But awesome they got to play. From what I have read Leo seems big on friendship connections so that’s prob why he wanted the kids to be connected…but she blew it in my opinion. So cute! Now I want to see halloween pics even more

  754. 754
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi Lady! Only on for a sec, but the block I party I mentioned last night is definitely adult only!!! Pure decadence and debauchery at its finest! Will catch up with you later! ;)

  755. 755
    @Zzzzz Says:

    not you again…. sigh

  756. 756
    Zzzzzz Says:

    typo on #755 * block party I mentioned last night is not the place Leo Tobey were with the kids. Block party is definitely adult only!

  757. 757
    troll alert Says:

    F&ck off and stop antagonizing posters. She can post here if she wants moron.

  758. 758
    troll alert Says:

    @troll alert: YOU are the troll you foul mouthed lowlife

  759. 759
    #### Says:


    Oh okay. I didn’t realize it was it was an adult only party! They definitely weren’t there with the kiddies then!!! LOL

  760. 760
    @Zzzzzz Says:

    @####-758 i can post here if i want too , moron

  761. 761
    @#### Says:

    Are we talking about the same party held at Leo’s house last night?
    Because looking at how that model Ashley Sayad was dressed, this was an adult only party, for sure. lol!
    I just wish we could have additional photos from the party!
    Leo sure knows how to entertain his male friends!

  762. 762
    Zzzzzz Says:

    For the record – if I am going to respond to someone or call them a name, which I haven’t, I wouldn’t hide behind a made up moniker. I only post using my name.

  763. 763
    @762 Says:

    @@####: Where are the pics(ashley sayad)

  764. 764
    #### Says:


    No this was some type of a block party that was held in Santa Monica and I guess it was a crazy adult party. It was separate from Leo’s crazy adult party at his house last night! LOL

  765. 765
    @763 Says:

    no one said otherwise.

  766. 766
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@763: My mistake. It seemed like #761 implied that I was. I appeared to have misread it.

  767. 767
    @@762 Says:

    She posted only one
    With that caption:
    At Leonardo DiCaprio’s house right now for Halloween! Paris Hilton decided to arrive as well: ) #leonardodicaprio #LAlife #Cali #Hollywood #celebrities #halloween
    That’s why I was hoping to see more from Leo’s party. But I’m sure most of the guests were told not to take pictures.
    I am even surprised that A. Sayad wasn’t asked yet to remove her photo from her account since it was taken from Inside Leo’s house.

  768. 768
    @#### Says:

    @####: Are there any pics from Leo’s halloween bash (besides the one with the fossil which was posted here)?

  769. 769
    not with toni Says:

    @@@762: not only this, but it depicted the extremely valuable fossil….Leo should set some stricter rules at his house-held bashes

  770. 770
    @770 Says:

    dicaprio has a bad taste in women sheesh

  771. 771
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    Yeah isn’t it worth like 13M???

  772. 772
    ha! Says:

    If anyone doubts Leo’s friend or pr visits JJ…That post about him being with Toby’s family was so obviously planted and probably not true. He had his own party with the type of people he hangs out with most of the time.

  773. 773
    lol Says:

    i wonder if any of his ‘guests’ have tried to steal it..

  774. 774
    not with toni Says:

    @####: Exactly!!!
    Somewhere i read it’s even more expensive than his whole house.

  775. 775
    #### Says:

    So Toni just posted a pic of a whole bunch of pins saying “the tailor got really prepared when he heard I only had an hour”

    Obviously she’s getting fitted for the VS show but I wonder why she only has an hour? Hmmm…

  776. 776
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I think the fossil for 13 million is of an entire dinosaur, not just the skull.

  777. 777
    @773 Says:

    who gives a sh^t about what we JJ posters think about Leo!

  778. 778
    #### Says:


    So do you think this is a separate dinosaur skull and he has the actual full dinosaur somewhere else in his home?

  779. 779
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Interesting…. I’m off – catch up with you later! ;)

  780. 780
    ha! Says:

    Leo was with Tobey’s kids for Halloween? Yeah, right. PR plant. He was partying with his usual crowd. The only kids allowed were the teenage models.

  781. 781
    #### Says:


    Could be one of her subtle hints that she’s heading back to LA???

  782. 782
    not with toni Says:

    I can only hope this particular fossil in the pic is fake and acts as decoy or something.

  783. 783
    lol Says:

    or you know, its not ENTIRELY impossible he did both?

  784. 784
    @778 Says:

    Hi PR team!

  785. 785
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I thought I read somewhere that he has a whole dinosaur. 4 yrs ago a t-rex skull sold for 276K. So I can’t see that skull alone is 13 mill.

  786. 786
    also... Says:

    @####: There can be many reasons why she was in a rush. I’m done with the guessing.

  787. 787
    #### Says:


    Well he could definitely have more than one I guess.

  788. 788
    #### Says:


    Yeah but you know how she is with these cryptic posts. He had that party last night, a pic was posted of a pretty girl in his house…..LOL

  789. 789
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I wouldn’t doubt it! I read that he loves that kind of stuff!. Now I really am gone! heheheh!

  790. 790
    @Zzzzz Says:


  791. 791
    lol Says:


  792. 792
    @776 Says:

    Doesn’t have to be a VS fitting. Could be a dress or something. For some event maybe. Lol.

  793. 793
    SBlonde Says:

    You think no one would have noticed Leo at a block party? Not a chance. Someone came here to plant that fake seed and help it grow. “My friend saw” “She has no reason to lie” “I came here to see if there were pics” “Do you have the park pics?” Sure.

  794. 794
    Halloween Says:

    I’m not exactly understanding why Some of you think Leo could have only done one thing in a 24 hour period? Not sure why it’s hard to comprehend that he would spend early afternoon with a best friend and follow up later with a party at his home. Strange that in some of your eyes he’s nothing more that a party boy

  795. 795
    also... Says:

    I’m out. I’m not up for more guessing games.

  796. 796
    @795 Says:

    Yeah that’s right, strange.

  797. 797
    @796 Says:

    really?! ‘cos all of your damn comments are nothing wild

  798. 798
    HAHA12 Says:


  799. 799
    fishy Says:


    I’m not exactly understanding why only this person’s friend would mention seeing him and why it would be posted here. She came here to see if there were any pics, when there were no other sightings, and decided to post some 30 pages in? Sorry, but that sounds very fishy. I wish it were true.

  800. 800
    also... Says:

    And now I said I’m not up for more. What’s so hard to comprehend? ‘lol’

  801. 801
    fishy Says:

    You want it to be true. We all do. It could be. He’s spent time with them before. But no one else saw him at a Halloween party? A JJ post is the only source? It doesn’t ring true.

  802. 802
    #### Says:


    I don’t understand why it’s so hard to believe that Leo would be hanging with a bunch of his friends and their kids for Halloween.

    She came in some 30 pages in because Halloween was just last night so I don’t know what you mean by that statement.

  803. 803
    lol Says:

    so because it was only said on JJ it must be false. just as anything painting leo in a positive light is deemed to be false on here, OK. obviously leo was flirting and f&cking models all day and all night because thats the ONLY thing he could do in a 24 hour day…..ok sure.

  804. 804
    rush Says:

    I don’t understand the fascination with Toni’s comings and goings. She’s a working model and she lives in NY. There are a million and one reasons why she would be there and why she would be rushing around.

  805. 805
    @lol Says:

    + 1

  806. 806
    fishy Says:


    Someone comes here looking for new pictures, doesn’t see any, finds an old post and goes to the end of the comments to let us know her friend saw Leo, but no one else saw him in West Hollywood on Halloween. JJ has a bad track record when it comes to “insiders”. I didn’t believe “shower” and I don’t believe “susan”

  807. 807
    #### Says:


    Agreed. Shouldn’t have said anything.

  808. 808
    lol Says:

    EXACTLY ty for expressing my thoughts. who tf cares if she’s on a rush or not?? people here obsess over the strangest and most boring details…

  809. 809
    So Says:

    Toni wearing her sexy Halloween costume when she is not with Leo and posting pictures with guys.

  810. 810
    @fishy Says:


  811. 811
    rush Says:


    I understand the curiosity because shes’ dating Leo, but not the obsessing over the most minute details. She’s working and having fun on her own. Nothing wrong with that. Her boyfriend is probably doing the same thing x1000.

  812. 812
    lol Says:

    xactly…people here with their theories that they wish were true.

  813. 813
    @so Says:

    ‘Toni wearing her sexy Halloween costume’
    you wish!!! she has no idea how to be sexy

  814. 814
    lol Says:

    and neither does leo unfortunately these days :(

  815. 815
    OMG Says:

    I am not a Toni fan but LMAO.

  816. 816
    @lol Says:

    Big news. Has Leo ever known how to be sexy?

  817. 817
    @rush Says:

    the thing is that many posters in here sound like high school girls who are obsessively fantasizing over a barely legal model and an aging modelizer.

  818. 818
    not with toni Says:

    why? He is so cute here with his cheeks and those lips. Yummy Leo<3
    I wanna hug him all day long

  819. 819
    OMG Says:

    He used to but its extremely rare

  820. 820
    lol Says:

    @not with toni:
    if toni was caught looking like that she would be teared to shreds on here. what a double standard there is on here lmao. i love leo but he looks awful there

  821. 821
    not with toni Says:

    @lol: i never bashed Toni’s preferences in clothes.It’s her own business what she wears or not. So, where’s the double standard?

  822. 822
    fishy Says:


    We found out about his alleged house party because of a pic on someone’s Instagram account that looks like it was taken in his house.

    We found out about his alleged visit with Tobey’s kids at a block party in West Hollywood because of an anonymous comment in an old post on JJ.

    He could have done both, but very odd the only sighting appears here.

  823. 823
    marzi Says:

    @not with toni:

    like a marzipan? pannetone? uh huh

  824. 824
    lol Says:

    @not with toni:
    because leo dresses like utter sh^t and has gained more weight and looks downright dirty in his candids lately but just bc toni doesnt dress so great for a model on her OFF time some will write paragraphs of how ugly she dresses and how unattractive she is. i get it leo is on his OFF time and isnt required to look like a handsome movie star at all times, but iguess because toni is a model and female she must look perfect 24/7?

  825. 825
    @OMG Says:

    Well-tailored suit.

  826. 826
    soulmates? Says:

    Leo and Toni are both sloppy dressers with big heads and scrawny legs who clean up well for their day jobs. Maybe they are meant to be.

  827. 827
    not with toni Says:

    @lol:” but iguess because toni is a model and female she must look perfect 24/7?”
    of course not. And let me tell you something: i think she’s fed up with all these extravagant clothes and the make-up she has to wear all the time when she models. Again, it’s her own businesss.

  828. 828
    lol Says:

    @not with toni:
    agree, but why do the majority of female posters enjoy antagonizing and making fun of her looks/style on her off time?

  829. 829
    @829 Says:

    idk also maybe looking sloppy is a requirement once you start dating Leo. Who knows? Leo is sloppy. Can you imagine if his gf dressed like Rosie H? Total mismatch.

  830. 830
    @829 Says:


    I don’t get it myself, but it’s always been that way with Leo’s girlfriends. The only problem I have with any of them is if they let him treat them like dirt because he’s Leo DiCaprio.

  831. 831
    lol Says:

    not true bc blake atleast looked nice

  832. 832
    @832 Says:

    Right ! and Leo looked better too!

  833. 833
    not with toni Says:

    PERFECTION<3 <3 <3
    Your face exudes warmness
    Lovely Leo… nothing compares to you

  834. 834
    But Says:

    Blake was a fashionista. And how she dressed for that date with Leo in Monte Carlo. In high heels walking around town. lol

  835. 835
    lol Says:

    at the end of it whats the point of taking out ur frustration and hatred on a 21 year old girl who prob thinks shes cool for dating one of the biggest movie stars? i am a leo fan but at the end of it he is no better than the models who use him for his luxuries and his fame, and he seems seriously confused on what his true age is. i wish the best for him as im sure all of you JJ posters do, but hating on his gfs will not help your true wishes come true for him.

  836. 836
    marzi Says:

    @not with toni:

    “dear leo, nothing compares to you except for yummy marzipan! or pannetone!” haha we always knew that was you, not with toni.

  837. 837
    verona Says:


    he looks so hot! hot leo, come back!

  838. 838
    Oh Says:

    German girls have no sense of style…For example Diane Kruger.
    she loves fashion but her clothes are questionable.
    IMO British are the best, they know how to dress well !

  839. 839
    Black sharpie Says:

    I agree, Blake always dressed well. As far as the high heels, they had gone to dinner first. This was on of their first dates and she probably wanted to look good. We all know Leo is a “leg man”. He probably enjoyed the high heels and short skirt. Erin usually looked pretty good as well.

    He looked good when he was with Blake but I think it was because he was slimming down for GG. Keep in mind some of his weight fluctuations are for work.
    He looks really good in a suit or Tux. In his private life, not so much. He’s a guy and doesn’t seem to care much about his clothes. Also, he may try to dress down to blend in and be anonymous.

  840. 840
    lol Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    also i feel he looks sloppy most of the time is because he does not want to seen as a hollywood hunk anymore and instead a ‘serious actor’

  841. 841
    Sexy Leo come back!! Says:


  842. 842
    Sexy Leo come back!! Says:


  843. 843
    Instagram Says:

    She put up another pic like his house is damn museum lol.

  844. 844
    #### Says:


    So that’s the one that’s worth 13M! LOL

  845. 845
    But Says:


    She is receiving the special guide tour? and Where is the rest of the people. Or she stayed after the party? #justcurious

  846. 846
    #### Says:


    Well we know it’s not Leo taking the picture but it is kind of curious that the house looks pretty dead for a party. Maybe it was a threesome??? LOL (note the LOL please!)

    Or maybe they were in a part of his house they were not supposed to be in!!! If so, shame on them!

  847. 847
    haha Says:

    @####: Maybe he display his “collections” at parties to show off. No way that ugly thing is there at middle of his living room.

  848. 848
    HAHA12 Says:

    I feel at this point I’ve seen too much of his house than I should have seen lol.

  849. 849
    #### Says:


    Could be but that thing has got to be a b-tch to move!!! LOL

  850. 850
    haha Says:


    We’re getting closer. Since Villa in Cannes, balcony at his house, pool, living room. Soon is gonna be a picture in his bedroom.

  851. 851
    #### Says:



  852. 852
    HAHA12 Says:

    Christ…I think I would never click another IG link again if that happens.

  853. 853
    HAHA12 Says:

    There was also a picture of his cinema room too!

  854. 854
    #### Says:


    When was the cinema room shown?

  855. 855
    HAHA12 Says:

    Sadly I don’t know where the link is but it was posted awhile ago back in one of Leo’s threads in the Summer. This girl(most likely a model) was alone in his cinema room posing in front of his movie screen.

  856. 856
    not with toni Says:

    Leonardo acquired this dinosaur-fossil as a gift for his environmental contribution .
    PS:Talking about your host’s property or your host’s valuables in your instagram account and gossiping and commenting on their monetary value is inappropriate…
    i find this stupid woman’s comment tacky , unsophisticated and it reeks of desperation about opulence and wealth.Yuck!=>
    => ………………..=>………………..=>……………………………………………..=>
    => “This dinosaur head is worth more than his 13 million dollar home. Wow!”
    Unless she’s one of his close friends(which i doubt)I bet(and hope) this was the last time the doors of Leo’s house were open for her ….

  857. 857
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    Totally agree!!!

  858. 858
    #### Says:


    I vaguely remember that….

  859. 859
    @857 Says:


  860. 860
    @not with toni Says:


  861. 861
    HAHA12 Says:

    The photo was kind of embarrassing because the whole room was dark and she went on to pose in front of his pool too by herself..and the room where the pool was dark too..
    I wonder if Leo even knows they take photos of his rooms like that? Taking a photo with his dinosaur skull is too much imo. Except maybe posing with his dog Django.

  862. 862
    @862 Says:

    @HAHA12: the photo you are talking about was from his rented villa in Cannes.

  863. 863
    #### Says:


    Toni’s friend still has the pic on her instagram too of her and his dog. She’s very bold! LOL

  864. 864
    @#### Says:

    so, what’s ashley’s job?? i mean why did Leo invite her?

  865. 865
    #### Says:


    She was a pretty girl at his party. Who knows what her job was. LOL

  866. 866
    Twitter Says:

    Erin Wirths @ernwirths 15m
    We found Leonardo Dicaprio in the audience at Vernon 😍

  867. 867
    @#### Says:

    @####: i’m sorry english is not my first language. What do you mean by “pretty girl” at his party ?

  868. 868
    This Is Lame Says:

    Leo’s public life seems so different from his private life, not that we know what his private life is, I’m just saying, just watching him for a period of time, it seems like it is a broken record, same girls, same stuff, same photos, but hey he is very successful so I guess you don’t fix what isn’t broken as far as money and fame go.
    I would like to see, and maybe some people agree with me, more about his other stuff, his charity work, his investments, like the car thing, I DONT KNOW, ANYTHING else. Sometimes you get a genuine article written about him that is really sweet and sincere and you find him very endearing. LEO PR – let Leo be Leo and show some creativity once in a while, fans want to see some substance, he has it is in there, it comes out in his acting and every now and then when we get a nice interview from him….sigh, dinners with blondes, is this really for the fans? Leo’s fans are getting older…let’s get with the older lady program. He can still “date” whoever he wants, like we care, but how about something his long term fans can relate to, geez.

  869. 869
    @This Is Lame Says:

    @This Is Lame:

  870. 870
    #### Says:


    I wonder what Vernon is? I think there’s a city within the county of LA called Vernon…..

  871. 871
    @866 Says:

    a pretty girl??!!! lmfao! she is f^gly

  872. 872
    #### Says:


    That okay. He had a Halloween party last night and the girl was taking pics in his home. I don’t know how he knows her but she’s just another pretty girl that he meets and parties with who takes pictures of the inside of his house and posts them on social media for everyone to see!!!

  873. 873
    also... Says:

    @Twitter: Hmmm, again where is the tweeter? There is a Vernon in California so maybe there?

  874. 874
    vernon Says:

    theaters?? he went to watch movies???

  875. 875
    #### Says:


    It sounds like a movie theater…..

  876. 876
    @873 Says:


    And what else he can expected from strangers if even people he trusted as Toni and her friends did the same.

  877. 877
    also... Says:

    @####: Yes, it could be. I was just wondering if it’s Vernon in CA… but I assume.

  878. 878
    @#867 Says:


    She’s in NY area. Maybe she’s talking about a lookalike.

  879. 879
    Mt. Vernon, NY? Says:

    There’s nothing to do in Vernon, CA. Mt. Vernon, NY seems more likely, but I doubt it was the real Leo.

  880. 880
    Black sharpie Says:

    I am surprised if this person really saw him in NY. If he did go to NY with her I am surprised he is still there. I would think he would have gone back today for LACMA tomorrow.

  881. 881
    IMDB thread about Leo.. Says:

    Ouch, I wish he would stop doing Oscar Bait projects only.

  882. 882
    also... Says:

    I’m close to Mt Vernon and there’s not much to do there either. Another ‘mystery’.

  883. 883
    Black sharpie Says:

    Any chance he could be training for his space ride???
    There is a Vernon Plaza Theater in Vernon TX

  884. 884
    abc Says:

    twitter From NY or NJ

    victoria ‏@lilLOMANN
    My dad meet leonardo dicaprio last night… 😍

    @_deeemariee he works at a club and Leonardo Dicaprio came in last night

  885. 885
    also... Says:

    I still don’t think he left LA. I doubt there was a party at his house while he wasn’t there. Toni is pretty active on twitter today so…

  886. 886
    HAHA12 Says:

    @IMDB thread about Leo..:
    The replies, yikes..
    To me none of his projects were pure Oscar bait except for the Hoover film. Revolutionary Road, perhaps but I saw that as more of a baity project for Kate, she convinced Leo to do it. The Wolf Of Wall Street is definitely not Oscar Bait either, but of course people will say it is. He just needs to get over himself and star in a stupid comedy or a project less obvious for him. Or atleast win one so everyone can shut up. This meme has lived long enough.

  887. 887
    . Says:

    What about the tweet posted from the girl who said he was greeting her… someone mentioned she lived in Ny.

    The party at his house maybe was one of his friends. I’m sure he allowed them to do that.

  888. 888
    #### Says:


    I think if it was mt vernon they wouldn’t have called it the vernon. LOL

  889. 889
    #### Says:


    he was seen in LA yesterday afternoon. I think that was his party last night because the girl specifically mentioned under her first pic on Instagram that it was his party.

    If he was in NYC, why wasn’t he with toni? She and her friends were posting pics last night and today so they obviously weren’t together which would not make sense on a party holiday like Halloween if they were in the same city.

  890. 890
    @889 Says:


    If it was a theater they called the Vernon, maybe they wouldn’t. LOL. The girl is on the east coast, but it probably wasn’t Leo.

    Vernon, CA is an industrial area. No theaters, no audiences.

    I thought the greeter was probably someone dressed as Gatsby since they showed a pic of Gatsby.

  891. 891
    #### Says:

    And last thing I’m going to say on this subject. The girl who posted the vernon tweet lives in upstate New York so there’s no way Leo is there. These young teenage girls always tweet they’ve seen Leo when it’s really a lookalike. I’m sure that’s what she was meaning by this tweet. :-)

    This LACMA event is a big thing for Leo. He’s a co-chair and he does a lot for the LA museum of art so I don’t think he’d leave LA a couple of days before the event to go back to NY. There are last minute details, going over his speech, etc.

    He partied at his house last night and the girl who posted the pics from his house party is proof of that.

  892. 892
    #### Says:


    I think someone else said the same thing on here earlier about that tweet.

  893. 893
    also... Says:

    #### ( #890 ) said it all. And I`m back to the guessing game… lol Indeed Toni is tweeting and seems to be hanging out with her friends. So what is Leo doing? No sighting of him in the city during the day? And the girl who put the photos on Instagram mentioned his party not a friend`s…

  894. 894
    . Says:


    But she also was taking pictures with her friends at the Calvin Klein party and Leo was there.

    And when she’s out with her ​​friends during the day she’s pretty active on twitter. Maybe Leo had his own business to attend in Ny.

  895. 895
    abc Says:

    twitter From NY

    Jessica Carman ‏@jesscarmannn
    I also got a free shot from Leonardo Dicaprio and danced on the bar

  896. 896
    @#### Says:


    Yes lots of lookalikes. That ‘s what I said. It’s not a big deal if he is in N.Y., I just don’t think he is based on sights and event he has tomorrow in L.A..

  897. 897
    also... Says:

    I`m sorry I`m still not sold on him being in NYC. It was Halloween so it could have been lookalikes. At this point TO ME that fact that there was a party at his house in LA is still more convincing that these tweets. JMO. I don`t wanna argue with anyone or force anyone to agree with me.

  898. 898
    also... Says:

    @896: That girl is a SUNY student. That school has campuses all over New York state…

  899. 899
    Just A Guy Says:

    Leo is in LA. Has rehearsals, fittings and preparations for tomorrow

  900. 900
    hm Says:

    I believe he is (or was) in NY. There are like 10 tweets stating he is in NY yet you prefer to believe he is in LA just because one girl said she was at Leo’s house (I think she would brag if Leo was there partying with her, but she only said she was at his house). There’s even one tweet of a girl saying her dad met Leo at a club. No big.

  901. 901
    also... Says:

    @Just A Guy: It just doesn`t make sense for him to take a quick trip to NYC before that big event.
    Just keep posting please. This is a tough group to convince you ( or anyone else ) indeed have inside info but if you keep posting eventually we might get proof. :)

  902. 902
    hm Says:

    It’s not a big trip LA –> NY –> LA, you know? He may already have gone back to LA by now. The event is only tomorrow, there’s plenty of time.

  903. 903
    But Says:

    Too many clubs sightings sounds like Leo, including buying shots for girls .. So who knows if he was partying with Toni. And as she definitely wasn’t working last night, what she really means with staying on west side tonight? Was a hint of ‘staying at my place tonight’? Not with my ‘love’ tonight? #Toomanyquestionswithnoanswers

  904. 904
    also... Says:

    @hm: All those tweets from Halloween ( lookalike alert! ) and not all the tweets ( I don`t think there were 10 ) from NYC.
    You choose to believe the tweets and not the girl from LA who actually posted photos from his house. How is that different from people who are more convinced that he is in LA? There was a tweet of him in LA on Thursday and then instagram photos from his house from his party. That`s more convincing to me than those tweets from all over the place in NY state.

  905. 905
    also... Says:

    He could have made a round trip and he could have just stayed in LA and throw a party in his house. I find it hard to believe that he does all that travelling while let`s people party in his house just like that.
    @But: Toni`s apartment is on the west side just like Leo`s. Maybe there`s no meaning behind it?

  906. 906
    also... Says:

    This is what I meant when I talked about all these Halloween Leo sightings. It`s not difficult to be Leo for Halloween… Plus how many times have I seen `me and Leo` tweets with photos and you see a girl with his wax figure.
    I thought @LeoDiCaprio should have the opportunity to see a college student trying to copy his #Gatsby look

    I`m not gonna push this any further. I have my opinion but I don`t wanna force it on anyone.

  907. 907
    hm Says:

    @also Just like you chose to believe in the girl from LA, now what? Is your opinion more important than others here? NO. I am not here to prove anything like you are. Unless something REAL shows me he was in LA last night I will continue to think he was in NY. Period.

  908. 908
    also... Says:

    @hm: Now nothing. You believe he was in NYC and I believe he wasn`t. I wasn`t trying to convince you or say that my opinion is more important than yours. I have no clue where you got that to be honest. I just tried to prove my point and why I think differently. Now what? What`s wrong with that? You don`t agree with me and it`s perfectly fine with me.

  909. 909
    ??? Says:

    A model posts more than one picture from inside Leo’s house on Halloween night and some (naive) posters prefer to believe he was in NY?
    Amazing what wishful thiking can do.

  910. 910
    haha Says:

    his friends could have been using his house to throw a party. just saying.

  911. 911
    abc Says:

    I agree with hm@

    Girl said she was at Leo’s house but don`t said party with leo or met leo

    And no tweets from LA or Other cities met him at Halloween .

    Only NY.

  912. 912
    OLO Says:

    Leo pr =


  913. 913
    haha Says:

    yeah cause leos PR team totally reads justjared threads lol. how about the fact that there were more sightings of him in NY than LA? thats not thinking with our heads in the clouds, that is a fact.

  914. 914
    also... Says:

    Posting a photo from his house at a Halloween party is not obvious enough that it was his party. Or the tweet from thursday afternoon in LA. Him being seen there would have made it difficult for him to make it to NYC that night.
    Many Leo sightings on Halloween ( there are plenty of tweets from people saying they dressed as Leo for Halloween ) from random people all over the place. Well, that`s not convincing to me.

  915. 915
    @914 Says:

    yeah cause leos PR team totally reads justjared threads lol?

    Yes they do and you’re one of them.

  916. 916
    @haha Says:

    keep on doing ur job

  917. 917
    also... Says:

    So he was partying in NYC last night and now he is back in LA at an LACMA screening ( that`s where the tweeter is ).
    N. Warner ‏@abbeyroad1027 11m
    No. Excuse me? Is this real life? Leonardo DiCaprio just showed up and spoke to us
    This is with a photo
    Leo! Leonardo DiCaprio is reading a message from Martin Scorsese at the premier of the restored Rebel…

    gucci ‏@gucci 15m
    Leo DiCaprio has taken the stage to read an intro by Martin Scorsese whose The Film Foundation has helped restore classic films.

  918. 918
    also... Says:

    I meant to edit my first sentence…
    So he was partying in NYC last night and now he is `back` in LA at an LACMA screening? Plus the tweet sighting of him in LA yesterday and the photos from his house? Something doesn`t add up here…

  919. 919
    abc Says:

    The tweet from thursday afternoon in LA = possibility lookalike

    Well, that`s not convincing to me.

    Leo has already back to L.A!

    Christina Binkley ‏@BinkleyOnStyle
    Leo! Leonardo DiCaprio is reading a message from Martin Scorsese at the premier of the restored Rebel…

  920. 920
    quality over quantity Says:


    the handful of ny sightings were scattered around the state. if he hit the clubs or parties in nyc or la on halloween, there would be more sightings. the relative dearth of first hand sightings can be explained by the party at his house. coincidentally, there were pics of a party at his house.

  921. 921
    #### Says:


    Agree as well.

  922. 922
    #### Says:

    @quality over quantity:

    Plus the girl said it was Leo’s party not that she was at Leo’s house but that it was HIS party.

    And this LACMA gala is a weekend event. No way he would have gone to NYC yesterday just to party hard and fly back the next day to be on a stage giving a speech.

  923. 923
    quality over quantity Says:


    i’m sure it was his party, but he may have not made an appearance yet and cameras may have been confiscated when he showed up. there’s never any pics of leo himself from these parties at his house.

  924. 924
    quality over quantity Says:


    buying shots for girls while he’s partying with toni on halloween? even leo is not that brazen.

  925. 925
    #### Says:

    @quality over quantity:

    This is like another bus 1 or bus 2 issue so I’m not saying another word about it. People can believe what they want but I definitely agree with you.

  926. 926
    #### Says:


  927. 927
    also... Says:

    @#### & quality over quantity: Agreed. There was chaos today around LAX so air travel in LA and I assume in the surrounding airports was tough. I assume that`s why Marty couldn`t make it? He was supposed to be there tonight to introduce that movie not Leo.
    I think those NY Leo sightings were people dressed like Leo at Halloween parties. I agree. Him buying drinks to college girls while his gf is at the same party or at least in the same city?
    @abc: The LA sightings could have been a lookalike just like the ones from NYC.
    I agree with ####. This is bus #1 and #2 all over again. It`s not worth the fight, everyone has an opinion.

  928. 928
    Black sharpie Says:

    This is from the LACMA website. Pretty cool! Leo was the special guest in scorcese’s absence!

    World Restoration Premiere of Rebel Without a Cause

    Friday, November 1, 2013 | 7:30 pm

    Gucci, The Film Foundation, and Warner Bros. Entertainment present the world restoration premiere of Rebel Without a Cause. The film immortalized James Dean; launched the Hollywood careers of Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, and Dennis Hopper; and captured the zeitgeist of the 1950s through the prism of teenage angst. The restoration of the film was done in 4K digital.

    Due to a scheduling conflict, Martin Scorsese will not introduce the film. Instead, a special guest will present on his behalf.

    Bing Theater | $15 general admission; $10 LACMA members, students, seniors (62+)

    STANDBY ONLY: Tickets for this event are no longer available for purchase in advance. A standby line will form at 6:30 pm at the Hammer Building Ticket Office on the night of this event. Guests in the standby line will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis, though unfortunately there is no guarantee of tickets being made available to guests in this line.

  929. 929
    Anne Says:

    @Sayer: “Do these models think sleeping with Leo will make them the next Gisele? Is that what their agents/managers tell them.
    Sleep with Leo and you’ll be the next Gisele. What a joke.”
    Well, that worked to Gisele, right? she was just an anorexic nobody before she slept with Leo, and without him (and many other impresarios, rich guys, etc) she still would be a nobody nowadays!
    So, Gisele started her career as Leo’s call girl just like all the others are doing now!

  930. 930
    @Anne Says:

    Too bad the others can`t come even close to what Gisele has achieved. How come? If sleeping with Leo is the first step why couldn`t any of his exes after Gisele achieve what she did? Maybe because she has more than just sleeping with man to advance her career.

  931. 931
    c Says:

    they just keep getting younger and younger. he’s an old fat ugly man now and needs to stop chasing his youth. he’s not a spring chicken anymore and needs to accept it. pedobear.

  932. 932
    haha Says:

    @@Anne: they are two beautiful people just having a bit of fun together, when will you people realize it’s all so different in their world, you guys take it all so seriously haha

  933. 933
    happy couple Says:

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