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Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio takes his girlfriend Toni Garrn out for a dinner date at the Little Door restaurant on Tuesday (October 29) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model both kept low profiles as they exited the restaurant separately and headed to his valeted car.

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In case you missed it, check out Leonardo in his brand new trailer for his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street – the film has just received a release date of December 25! We can’t wait to check it out!

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  • POP

    @also..but if toni had stayed in LA and leo went to NY for the night, you would be quick to believe that is true just by one tweet..Just saying, it is funny how some people believe what they want to believe. It also wouldn’t be the first false “LA sighting.” I don’t know for sure weather he was in Ny or not last night. And you guys don’t know for sure if he was in LA. so lets just stop acting like were so sure.

  • @650

    Lol. No.
    I’m talking about the picture @Instagram posted earlier. It’s a girl who took a pic at his house last night.
    It happened before that the moment she was back in NYC a pic surfaced from 2 girls who were at his house for an after party.
    Are you guys actually reading the thread or what? Lol.

  • JJ

    is it leo in tonis instagrram picture?

  • @652

    Geez haha. We are not. I think everyone said it’s a POSSIBILITY he is in NY. But the more probable possibility is he’s in L.A.

  • @JJ

    You mean this?
    Yep. Totally. Good eye. Def Leo. He took a picture like that and let her put it up on instagram.
    (Rotlf. Does that look like Leo to you?)

  • not with toni
  • also…

    @652: Don’t tell me what I would believe in a different scenario. If I believe what I want than the same applies to you. You want to believe Leo is in NYC because Toni is there even though he was seen in LA yesterday and there was a party at his house. Let’s stick to that not to ‘what if…’.
    There are false sightings. Except that he was in LA the past couple of days and he has to be there tomorrow. Knowing that I would say the LA sighting seems more believable than the NYC one ( going there for a very short period of time ). Not to mention the photo posted last night from a party in his house. It seems a more likely scenario.
    Believing what you want applies to you ( funny ) just as much as it applies to others.

  • LMAO

    Yes we know how Leo LOVES taking pictures with his gf.

    BTW it seems that Toni is making instagram her acting portfolio. Always dramatic faces. lol

  • also…

    @656: LMAO!
    @POP: If it wasn’t for the photo taken in his house last night I wouldn’t be so sure he is still in LA. I doubt there was a party there while he is in NYC. I take that as more convincing than a sighting .

  • lol

    LOL, all this is just because the girl (ugly as f^ck) said she was at Leo’s house for a halloween party. Calm down, people. She did not say she slept with him. I believe Leo had a party and many people were invited, maybe the woman knows or was with one of his friend. Nobody here said he is cheating on Toni lol. As we speak Toni is landing back in Lalaland lol. Maybe she returned for work but I am sure they will reunite, do not worry.

  • lol

    @not with toni Not the same person.

  • funny

    What’s funny is people trying to make this couple happen while we’re talking about a guy who turns 39 next week who can’t/won’t man up to walk out of a restaurant with his gf by his side but instead makes her leave the place all by herself.

  • not with toni

    @lol: “LOL, all this is just because the girl (ugly as f^ck) ”
    lmfao!!!! :)))

  • also…

    @POP: One more thing: it’s not about what you WANT TO believe. It’s about what sounds more likely to you. You have to take social media info with salt and grain. I don’t believe a twitter sighting for sure until there are at least two or more sightings from the same location. This us borderline but LA sounds more believable to me right now. If I see another sighting today from NYC I will know I was wrong.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Not only that the way Toni and her friend were taking pics last night is definitely a sign that Leo was not around. We all know she doesn’t post a lot if she is with Leo.

  • lol

    Another possibility is they broke up? Just saying.

    @not with toni lol :)

  • HAHA12

    Exactly. Just because he threw a party doesn’t mean he slept with any of the girls there, he just likes throwing parties and always being in the company of youngsters. He really is like Jay Gatsby.

  • @666

    Notice how she put up the Halloween picture in L.A. the day after the party, and these pics in New York immediately? Lol ;)

  • lol

    @funny You sound frustrated. I heard that passion fruit juice is good for the nerves lol.

  • lol

    @HAHA12 MTE!

  • HAHA12

    I forgot Leo’s birthday is coming soon. Wonder how crazy the parties will be and who will be invited. You know he will go all out because it’s his last year in his 30s.

  • @lol#661

    …”but I am sure they will reunite, do not worry”
    Do you actually think someone is doubting this?

  • also…

    @####: Yeah, that too. It’s a party and Leo is being Leo. After all this time I tend to believe a more likely scenario that happened a couple of weeks ago as well ( Leo throws a party as soon as his gf leaves ) rather than him going to NYC with/for her for 2-3 days.
    As LOL said it’s a party and I’m sure they will reunite soon even though I’m not sure about the ‘she is landing back in Lalaland’ part…

  • also…

    @funny: Well said!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    The 11th is on a Monday this year so I wonder if he’ll have the party the weekend before or on the actual day???

  • HAHA12

    Probably a huge party on the weekend followed by another but small and less crazy one of Monday? Didn’t he have multiple parties last year? I saw the pics of him holding a mic looking faded from last year and LMAO. Expecting wildness and more crazyness than ever this year..

  • lol

    @HAHA12 The same crew, you know: his family, his friends, Martin Scorsese, Robert DeNiro, Jay Z, models, rappers… lol, what group of people so different from each other lmfao.
    @also Hm, you are right. He returning to NY is more plausible :).
    @#673 Some people here? Yes.

  • HAHA12

    OMG wasn’t there an argument between Jay Z and Bobby DeNiro from Leo’s party last year? LMAO, and yes and I guess we can add 2 Chainz as one of the rappers in attendance due to their new friendship lol.

  • not with toni

    @####: Umm…him having his birthday bash the weekend before the actual day is more likely

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Someone thought she flew back to NYC for the VS show and I’m not doubting that but I’m surprised that she didn’t at least stay for Halloween in LA with Leo. Obviously she wasn’t working last night but watched the parade and then went out partying with friends. I wonder why she didn’t stay with Leo for his party?

    I asked this before but I wonder if he was planning it on the down low so she didn’t know about it, she HAD to fly back to NYC when she did but knew about the party or what…..I tend to think he planned it and she didn’t know about it because I’m sure she would have stayed given the opportunity because she’s got to know the types of girls that go to his parties…..LOL

    I mean she has taken a red eye back to NYC from LA before….. :-)

  • lol

    @HAHA12 Yes, they had an argument lol. It seems Jay Z did not return his call then Bobby called him out for that. What a mess lol. And I bet many rappers will be there, many models too lol.

  • also…

    @####: you don’t know when Toni left LA. Maybe she did leave on Wednesday and worked yesterday. In that case that’s why she didn’t stay for his party. Yesterday she posted about yoga but where did she do yoga? You don’t know. I think that’s the case otherwise she could have stayed in LA for Leo’s party, don’t you think?

  • Question

    I wonder if the main reason she went to NY was for work. Or simply to attend a Halloween party already planned in advance. Her friend Jamie flew with her from LA to NY, for sure. The two posted pictures from what seemed to be one of the girl’s apartment.

  • Paparazzi talking about Leo
  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    True. I forgot about the yoga post.

  • @Paparazzi talking about Leo

    paparazzi are scum!!!

  • also…

    @####: The yoga could have been anywhere. As I saw her posts from NYC yesterday I automatically assumed she arrived on Thursday. But someone said earlier she could have flown back to the east coast on Wednesday. There was this dinner sighting on Tuesday and then the yoga ( who knows where? ) and NYC Thursday evening. You can’t be sure…

  • @685

    What a bunch of idiots. I hate that Leo always takes the strangest positions when paparazzi is around I think it makes him look real lame, but these asses are lamer. Look at how they talk about it. As if Leo, or any other celebrity, owes them something. If they don’t like their pictures to be taken then that’s the way it is. Dumbasses.

  • Leo on River Phoenix

    River died over 20 years ago yesterday, and many believe Leo would of not gotten Titanic and other roles in the mid 90s had River lived. Leo admitted this himself too.

    “When I was eighteen, River Phoenix was far and away my hero. Think of all those early great performances – My Own Private Idaho, Stand by Me. I always wanted to meet him. One night, I was at this Halloween party, and he passed me. He was beyond pale – he looked white. Before I got a chance to say hello, he was gone, driving off to the Viper Room, where he fell over and died.”

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Actually unless she went with her friend who lives in LA to yoga, the yoga post was probably from NYC because I’m sure she’s more familiar with those places there than in LA.

  • @Paparazzi talking about Leo

    Not to mention that Leo photos are one of the most valuable. I think that’s why paparazzi get so angry with Leo because he does not give them the opportunity to make money selling his image. You go, Leo.

  • @Paparazzi talking about Leo
  • #690

    @Leo on River Phoenix:
    Beautiful photo, and heartbreaking stuff. River was one of a kind. I’m glad Leo has acknowledged he would of not gotten a lot of the roles he got if River never died, because he was a once in a generation talent and as great as Leo was, no one topped River and the talent he had. He truly could of became one of the greats.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    River was one of my favorites. I have his movies, magazines and a biography of him. We truly lost a great talent when he died. :-(

  • @693

    They are d-bags. It’s part of the world he lives in and like he says a small price to pay but seeing this I think it’s pretty cool he appears to be polite with them most of the time. I’m not sure if I’d be having the same level of patience with these idiots.

  • @Paparazzi talking about Leo

    Those paparazzis are jerks, saying bad things to RDJ:

  • Susan

    My friend said she swore she saw Leo and Tobey yesterday in LA while at some kids halloween event. Anyone have pics yet? I love hearing about him and Tobey!

  • #696

    Right? Leo has so much patience. I would run them over.

  • @698

    I hope you/your friend are telling the truth. Just imagining that makes me die a little inside. So adorable. Like, was he doing trick or treaters? (Hard to imagine TBH, Leo going from door to door haha!)

  • Paparazzi

    You hate them yet you love their pics and videos about Leo lol !