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Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio takes his girlfriend Toni Garrn out for a dinner date at the Little Door restaurant on Tuesday (October 29) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model both kept low profiles as they exited the restaurant separately and headed to his valeted car.

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In case you missed it, check out Leonardo in his brand new trailer for his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street – the film has just received a release date of December 25! We can’t wait to check it out!

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933 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn”

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  1. 26
    @24 Says:

    Why does she deserve better? She wants to be with him even though he doesn’t even want to be seen with her. She has exactly what she deserves!

  2. 27
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    She looks hard in the face for a twenty-one year old girl, must be the stress Leo’s PR team has been putting her through. I hope she knows this hide and seek crap is beneath her.

  3. 28
    Nikki Says:

    He changes his model girlfriends as often as he changes underwear. He’s bagged them all… so gross.

  4. 29
    Lucy Says:

    At least he took her out on a date… Just the two of them! That’s… Something. (Low standards for this relationship, naturally)

  5. 30
    @24 Says:

    Don’t victimize her! She is willing to be with her, nobody forces Toni to be Leo’s girlfriend. She takes every opportunity to post photos with his friends and hinting info about her & Leo. It seems like she is satisfied with her status. As Laura said she is all smiles on her tweet photos.

  6. 31
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    Um, every women deserves better than how daddy Leo treats his girlfriend.

  7. 32
    #### Says:


    Well you know she has to show that “I’m annoyed that the paps caught Leo and I together” face in support of her “low key” relationship with Leo especially since he couldn’t even bring himself to be a man and walk out of the restaurant with her!

  8. 33
    @31 Says:

    She is a willing participant. If this is not what she deserves and it’s not good enough for her she is free to walk away! Instead she is always by his side posting photos and giving out info about them. She has exactly what she deserves. She is not his victim! Leo’s game is crystal clear. She could have said no to him instead of making him her first priority!

  9. 34
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    C’mon If you were 21 like Toni wouldn’t you be as impressionable and naive too? Leo is such an exploiter. It’s a shame how he goes after these young girls knowing they would put up with his crap.

  10. 35
    Brooke Says:

    No one cares about Toni but Leo

  11. 36
    #### Says:


    Nicely said! Totally agree that she’s getting exactly what she wants and deserves!!!

  12. 37
    @16 Says:

    Seeing Lainey’s 2 blinds today about yet another 2 cheating Hollywood couples. I’ll say 39 or 50, Never marry Leo. Keep dating them young and adopt when you are ready!!

  13. 38
    Tonyman Says:

    How intelligent is Tony! Taking advantage of the situation and playing a victim because Leo didn’t want to get photographed with her. They are just worlds apart: he doesnt like paparazzi and she loves them.

  14. 39
    @34 Says:

    It doesn’t matter how old she is! Leo is a notorious womanizer and by the time he started dating Toni everyone had known what his game was! No way she didn’t know about him and his previous girlfriends, no way she didn’t know how he treats them! Toni has been modeling for years, she has been living among models not under a rock!
    She is 21 and she has been dating Leo for months . If she deserves more why hasn’t she walked away from this horrible guy? Is she forced to be with him? Is she forced to go wherever he goes? Is she forced to post about her life ( with him ) on social media? She is not his victim! She has what she deserves! She lets herself treated like this. 21 is a young age but she is not a helpless child anymore!

  15. 40
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    “Leo the Loser. A middle age man dating girls barely out of high school.
    Pathetic. Do these models think sleeping with Leo will make them the next Gisele? Is that what their agents/managers tell them.
    Sleep with Leo and you’ll be the next Gisele. What a joke.
    He’ll still be doing this when he’s 60, just like James Wood.

    I agree with your comment. Gisele’s success is the main motivator for those models.

  16. 41
    rachel Says:

    can he tell the difference between the wome n he dates. they all look a like. he sleeps through all the blondes in the modeling world

  17. 42
    Uh Says:

    Are my eyes fooling me or are they not only leaving separately but he leaves the place accompanied by a (body)guard and she by herself?
    What a chivalrous boyfriend!

  18. 43
    @39 Says:


  19. 44
    selfie Says:

    “No need for selfies last night!”

    “Love how his girlfriends always pretend to be upset with the cameras although most of them LOVE post daily selfies.”

    They get to control the selfies, that’s why. I wouldn’t want to have paps up in my face, either. But I do think these were probably staged. Leo knows how to avoid the paps in L.A. when he wants to, unless he’s at a Lakers game or smthg. Wolf promotion has officially kicked into gear again. If he’s going to do it with Toni in tow, he shouldn’t act ashamed of her.

  20. 45
    ugly Says:

    @Uh: You cant see the picture clearly. And wtf now Leo has to even pay her a bodyguard or what for?

  21. 46
    Lucy Says:

    I still feel kind of badly for her. I can’t help it. The girl gets absolutely no respect from anybody. I get it… You have to command respect to get it. And she knew what she was getting into. I agree with that, too! It’s just the woman in me that feels badly that in order to date Leonardo DiCaprio, you have to deal with so much crap. Not just because of the way he acts when she is around, but the way he acts when she isn’t. It would be too much for me, even though it is Leo.

  22. 47
    selfie Says:


    Excuses, excuses.

  23. 48
    #### Says:


    You really expect more??? LOL

    Sadly, he’s more worried about himself than he is about her.

  24. 49
    selfie Says:


    Agreed with all of this.

  25. 50
    baby Says:

    I feel bad for Leo. He seems like a fun cool guy but really immature. I think gaining fame really young ruined him. He got caught up in all the girls, parties, his boys and fake contract relationships, i don’t think he know what a real relationship is. What love is. Why wont he try!? His mom the only person who keeps him grounded. He puts up an image of being a serious actor buts nothing like that in real life…

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