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Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio takes his girlfriend Toni Garrn out for a dinner date at the Little Door restaurant on Tuesday (October 29) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model both kept low profiles as they exited the restaurant separately and headed to his valeted car.

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In case you missed it, check out Leonardo in his brand new trailer for his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street – the film has just received a release date of December 25! We can’t wait to check it out!

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933 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn”

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  1. 76
    ugly Says:

    @Uh: Don’t be mean. People usually dramatize when they have anything else to say.

  2. 77
    @72 Says:


  3. 78
    Uh Says:

    HOWEVER, coming back to my comment in #73, that does not mean I’m a heartless, senseless woman myself and nowhere in my comments did I defend the man/boy in this story. I’m just saying I really don’t share this opinion in which she’s depicted as a victim. She’s not. I don’t say this with bad feelings at all. I just think IF she hates being treated like crap she should tell him to f^ck off and walk like Gisele and Blake did. Like many women and girls in our society do.
    It’s because women/girls let men treat them like this, it’s because they allow them to objectify them and impose rules on them as to how they should behave, that men keep doing this women. F^ck that.

  4. 79
    also... Says:

    @light: I don`t buy that. How could Blake Lively get out of the contract ( let`s suppose the contract gf theory is correct ) after only 3 months? Why have a contract girlfriend that brings in negative response and he feels the need to hide and not to be seen with her? If you get a contract gf you get someone who works for your image.

  5. 80
    selfie Says:

    People, especially young people, stay in bad relationships for all sorts of wrong reasons. Because they have a hand in their own victimisation does not absolve their partner of responsibility. She is a 21 year old model no one really cares about except for a small group of model fans. He’s major celebrity pushing 40. I do hold him more responsible for his behaviour.

  6. 81
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    @Uh: Are you kidding me? I think you need to do a little research on how many women die yearly because they refuse to leave a violent relationship. Yes domestic violence sometimes lead to death. If you have a hard time understanding what I’m saying educate yourself.

  7. 82
    vag Says:

    The problem is that every gurl in Hollywood loves Leo and he’s afraid of these gurls commiting something terrible.

  8. 83
    also... Says:

    @Uh: I don`t think you need to explain yourself for thinking that. I think exactly the same way. Toni Garrn is not Leo`s victim. As it was said earlier she is a willing participant who could walk away from this. She doesn`t have to take it.
    And she is absolutely Leo`s type. The one he can manipulate and control. He is who he is ( I`m not defending him ) and she lets herself treated like a backstage girlfriend.

  9. 84
    also... Says:

    @Selfie: She has family ( her mother as her manager so I bet they talk a lot ), she has friends who could help her. I don`t see her as a victim at all. I agree that she is ( actually both Leo and Toni are ) in it for the wrong reasons but a 21 years old has a brain and willpower. She has people around her who could help her walk away.

  10. 85
    Uh Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:
    They could be refusing to leave an abusive boyfriend or husband for many reasons and one of the main reasons is fear because they are threatened with all sorts of horrible things. That doesn’t mean they are WILLING and CHOOSING to be in a relationship. That a woman is helpless doesn’t mean she wants to be in that situation or chooses to. I’m sorry that’s just nonsense.
    ”Go educate yourself” Lol. Okay. But only if you will too.

  11. 86
    @light Says:

    Contract trolls kindly stop with the BS. How odd they now seem to be everywhere on these Leo posts. Not everyone believes what you’re selling. Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. Are you the poster shower?

  12. 87
    vag Says:

    What, that nobody is going to say anything about my comment??

  13. 88
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    If a woman chooses to stay in a relationship, she can’t be a victim?
    I think I learn something new everyday. So if Leo is being emotionally abusive to Toni and she stays with him she is not a victim? Too many excuses for this guy despicable behaviour. This is why I chose my username. The comments here can only come from people doing their job protecting this guy.

  14. 89
    selfie Says:

    Not everyone has the self-esteem to say “I don’t deserve to be treated like this” and walk, especially when the partner is older and wields more power in their business. As I said, he picks them younger and younger for a reason. I don’t want to believe it, but I can’t deny the pattern. I’m not fully on board with the abuser-victim line of thinking, but smthg is definitely off about his relationships with women.

  15. 90
    Lucy Says:

    @selfie: I agree with most of what you have to say. Something is definitely off….. It’s clearly an issue for him.

  16. 91
    @34 Says:

    @89: She has the option to walk away. I don’t believe Leo is abusive in any ways. He has done the exact same things with his previous girlfriends. Toni knew what was coming and I’m sure she was told how things are gonna be with Leo as they started dating ( if she hasn’t heard it from a million sources before ). She went for it and she is using her status on social media, gives out hints …etc. That’s not abuse and she is no victim. She got what she deserves!

  17. 92
    Uh Says:

    @@Leo’s PR posing as fans:
    I’m a fan of Leo’s work but I loathe him in his personal life because he’s an overgrown, immature, superficial man-child often conducting creepy behaviour and I’m afraid it’s not gonna change when he’s gonna be pushing 50. I don’t defend him. I think he’s despicable and sometimes I even spend a considerable amount of time thinking why I was a fan of this guy again because it’s like 2 different persons I’m seeing. One, the actor I love and the other the real Leo I pretty much hate how he’s with girls. But no way that I think she, or any other women willingly choosing to be with him, is a victim. Period.
    Enough of this from my side. I have said what I wanted to say. I won’t be responding anymore.

  18. 93
    S Says:

    Toni’s hair looks pretty in these photos. They should just hire a chef and eat at home like they used to. Leaving the restaurant separately so there won’t be pics to sell of them together isn’t really working the positive vibes for these two.

  19. 94
    pregnant? Says:

    She looks sick. Is she pregnant?
    The way she protects her belly, hm.

  20. 95
    also... Says:

    what Uh said #94 is true. Leo is no angel. He is a lausy bf but that doesn’t make him an abuser. He is older and more experienced but that doesn’t make Toni a victim. Pretty much everyone saw this coming ( same gf, same behavior on his part ) but now Toni is a victim. Ok…

  21. 96
    selfie Says:

    “If a woman chooses to stay in a relationship, she can’t be a victim?”

    The fact that they may be participating in their own victimisation does not absolve their partner of responsibility for their actions. Just because a person allows themselves to be disrespected or puts up with controlling behaviour doesn’t make that behaviour any less hurtful or wrong.

  22. 97
    stan Says:

    @Leo’s PR posing as fans is a Toni fan OR – even worse – a Barfie fan, mad because her beautiful flower can’t move on.
    Do you have a job? Or your only motivation is follow every Leo thread. You aint foolin no one.

  23. 98
    What's next Says:

    He wasnt hiding his face walking with Edward Norton.

  24. 99
    @Leo's PR posing as fans Says:

    @Uh: Ok, Now you’re making sense. Women who suffers from Domestic abuse stay in the relationships because of fear and most are psychologically scarred, mentally fcuked up… so they stay. However, I completely disagree with your ideology of them no longer being victims because they make a decision to stay. This is what you said, “Can you explain to me the logic and rationale in being a victim while she herself CHOOSES to be with a guy who treats her like crap?” You’re saying women who chooses to stay in abusive relationships aren’t victims. wth!

  25. 100
    selfie Says:


    There are many restaurants where they could leave unnoticed.

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