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Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio Dines Out with Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Leonardo DiCaprio takes his girlfriend Toni Garrn out for a dinner date at the Little Door restaurant on Tuesday (October 29) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor and 21-year-old model both kept low profiles as they exited the restaurant separately and headed to his valeted car.

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In case you missed it, check out Leonardo in his brand new trailer for his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street – the film has just received a release date of December 25! We can’t wait to check it out!

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  • @also

    And is there any Leo girlfriend you do not eventually attack or debase? If only those posters who had called out ‘the real Leda’ earlier could see you now. Your semi meltdown and anger at a post that did not reference you but sent you into a rage, possibly cos the remarks hit close to home, thsi is why you go after every and attack every Leo girl Bar, Blake, Erin and now its shift drive to skinny, fake, smug, no respect, Toni. I wonder how you will hang yourself in the (VERY unlikely event) of Leo taking Toni to LACMA, with Milan and his parents. The suggestion by a poster made you mad and brought out your crazy. Bring it on.LOL.

  • PIA


    It’s easy: Leo has the power, he sets the rules and Toni follows if she wants to be is girfriend. Most women wouldn’t settle for this but models have a different mindset, not because they are the most ambitious or amoral people out there but because they learn since the begining that they worth nothing, that everyone is replaceable and everything they have could be gone tomorrow. So anything that could give them some advantage in this Cut-throat world, like these kind of relationships, is welcome.
    You must remember that Toni was thrown to the wolves when she was just 14, she grew up with people loving her one day and ignoring her the next, being judged by the way she looks is her work and she still has to mantain almost impossible body standards to please her High fashion clients.
    The fashion industry wanted to get rid of supermodels so know they teach girls to be obedient, professional, well-behaved and most of all grateful because the fashion gods look at them. Think about it. they are everywhere and nobody knows their names, what kind of power do you think these girls have? What kind of Self-esteem?
    That’s why I blame Leo, her agents and even her mother ( who seems like the pushing type), they all knew it would be very difficult for her to say “no” to Leo so why did he asked the question?

  • VS Fan

    @also…: Welll she didn’t ask you to be her savior! But when she constantly is referred to as a lapdog or insecure “little girl” where else does such immature name calling come from but jealousy! The fact is she wouldnt be around if Leo didn’t want her to be… And more than likely HE sought her out!! Yet she is constantly scrutinized here for the dumbest things like instagram posing, when no one knows the inside or dynamics of their relationship… All Because she has what you want! Most of you likely didnt even know she existed until she started dating him, yet the minute she’s attached to him the fangs come out. And when a new one comes along it will be the sane story all over again. If it were up to you, you would wrap Leo in a cocoon somewhere and make him spend the rest of his life in celibacy!

  • @303

    @VS Fan:
    Oh. Leda is going ot come for you now. Don’t you know she owns Leo. She knows who and what is good for him. Leo the SOB just refuses to answer her calls to hear her cuss his current girlfirend as she’s been doing fo how many years now. I mean this constantly nude, skinny, fake w&ore does not deserve him. Just like Bar, Blake and Erin. Leda owns Leo she needs to posses his soul, she knows what’s best for him and beyatches need to fall back.. The girls at BZ did not understand, thats why they had to ban her but #### understands her.She will prevail.

  • also…

    @haha: Ok, they were there in the past. It doesn`t mean they will be there this year. After the Armani event do you seriously believe that Leo would take Toni to the LACMA and get her to his table? Really?
    @298: blah blah blah Obsessed much? You jump on every possibility to attack me and talk into something that`s not your business so you can yap about me. You are stalking me, honey.

  • also…

    @VS Fan: It`s not jealousy. It`s pity.

  • ####


    Wow….you are seriously disturbed to go after the same poster time and time again.

  • also…

    @301 & 304: Obsessed much? Who is stalking who? Please, I`m begging you post my old screen names, tell that I posted on other sites and that I was called out by `many`. lol And don`t say anything new or relevant because that would ruin your absolutely unpredictable and far from boring rants about me. LOL!

  • @307

    If it makes you feel better to think that the posts past and present calling Leda out are all one person, then have at it. LOL

  • also…

    @####: It`s better to ignore my obsessed stalker. I didn`t say anything different than I did like last week but now she is here ( YAY! ) so the usual circus can begin. Yawn!

  • lmfao

    @####: are you married to Leda? Is she your other half? lolz
    Leda and her lapdog

  • also…

    @310: Wow, how witty you are! lapdog Very imaginative and creative! lol Come on! You can do better than that! Wait! You can`t since you have been yapping the same thing here for years now. `lolz`

  • VS Fan

    @@303: Lol

  • @310

    They have the same mission (**** Toni or whichver leo girl is around) so you can understand the love & connection.

  • @PIA

    Shut up! Nobody cares!

  • also…

    @VS Fan: You are right. Most people didn`t know her because she was irrelevant and she will be after he gets bored of her. We don`t know the dynamic of their relationship and the same way you don`t know it either. People here post their opinion about her / them based on what we see about her. Just like you do. The difference? We see her differently and you don`t like how she is perceived here. And that`s not because of jealousy. That`s the easy thing to say… and of course that posters want Leo for themselves. Really?

  • crazy Leda

    @@307: I have read Blake -leo JJ thread . She called Blake a “c^m bucket”.
    Sl*t shaming is her thing obviously but she goes after posters here who do the same. Talk about hypocrites!

  • @VS Fan

    + 1

  • ####


    @306 and @lmfao

    Once again, my only point is you’re attacking someone on here for the past so it doesn’t make you, both of you or all of you look any more sane but please continue if that’s what you need to do! LOL

  • not with toni

    About the LACMA event, well i don’t think he would take her there.
    I would be surprised tbh

  • also…

    @309: Sure, #### will take your word for it.
    @317: I don`t know what threads you read but I never called Blake that. I hated her ( still hate her ) and called her names but not that.
    Here is an easy way to end this: let me ask for PROOF. This is the part where the crazy stalker gets lost. Because she is amazing at accusing me of a lot of things but she always fails proving it. She is just a weak voice with nothing behind it. `lolz`

  • @317

    @crazy Leda:
    IKR. Posters haha and VSFan wrote simple opinion and views in their commentary. It did not deserve for the rabid beyotch Leda to go after them like that. She deserves to be on the recieiving end of that kind of talk since she can dish it out. Once anyone says what Leda does not believe fits the pattern of what Leo threads should be (mostly attack Toni as she’s the current girlfriend) she gets hysterical and her lapdog #### can always bring up the rear.

  • also…

    @VS Fan: How old are you? Jealousy, you want him for yourself, crash on Jack Dawson… You sound very young and immature. People here talk about someone they never met? Have you met Toni? Or Leo? You base your opinion on the exact same things we do. You like her and others don`t. Deal with it.

  • @LACMA

    People here are going to have a heart attack IF Leo brings Toni to the event. And IF that happens (Toni as his guest) I will be here to laugh so bad. I need to see this lol.

  • lolz

    The same @also obsessed posters are out accusing her to be obsessed.
    1) You look dumb, 2) no one but you f^cking cares if she was Leda and what she did in the past.
    Obsessed is what fits YOU guys best.

  • ####

    @VS Fan:

    Ummm….are you @306 or @lmfao? Unless you’re changing your name, I don’t recall responding to any of your posts on here so I’m not sure why you’re posting directly to me and attacking me.

  • also…

    @323: That`s a two way street, honey. How many times it happened that I was having a nice conversation with someone and I got attacked by nasty, obsessed stalker ( you )? And you talk about `not deserving` something? The pot calling the kettle black. You take hypocrisy to a whole new level. You show up once in a while letting us know that you lack intelligence with your painfully boring and repetitive accusations. Calling me out for things you do as well but I`m `hysterical`…. `lolz`
    To quote some recent lines: `This is a public thread and people can say whatever they want.` And that`s what I do. You can throw your usual hissy fits as much as you want. It won`t change a thing! `lolz`

  • crazy Leda

    Leda she is agressive and her sarcasm is unbearable.
    Thank gosh i wasn’t here when Leo and Blake or Erin were together.
    I can only understand you , having to put up with that nutjob all the time in these threads….

  • @ @LACMA

    hold your breath until then

  • crazy Leda

    correction* Leda is agressive

  • @Vs Fan 322

    How do you know they come here every day ?


    #330 You will have big a surprise then because she WILL be there. Wait and see.

  • also…

    @329: Is my sarcasm unbearable? Good! Then I`m gonna keep being sarcastic just to annoy you! lol
    Of course you weren`t here in the past but today you decided to join JJ and went back to an old Leo – Lively thread and you just stumbled upon my old comments… Sure. You can do better than this. lolz
    FYI NOBODY has to put up with anyone or anything here. It`s their choice to come here, it`s their choice not to skip certain comments, drama queen. Nobody has to read my comments. Including you. You chose to read it and then you chose to obsess over them and then start your usual tirade. You don`t have to! :)

  • ####


    This will be the last time I respond to your craziness!

    Did I agree or disagree with also’s post? Did I say anything about it?

    I think I simply said that people who keep coming on here and attacking her past need to get over it!!! The fact that you can’t get over it is seriously sad and doesn’t make you look any better on these threads.

  • @Vs Fan

    ” The reason why Leo can’t show any affection to the person he’s with is because of psycho fans here who think they know him better than he does himself and have to over analyze his every move!”

    LOL! thanks doc for the explanation!

  • not with toni

    And even if she’s there so what?!

  • @LACMA

    I will take your word for it. lmao

  • crazy Leda

    “Of course you weren`t here in the past”
    i wasn’t. But believe what you want.

  • also…

    @339: I DO believe what I want.

  • VS Fan

    @@Vs Fan 322: Reading through this thread… Unless all these comments were made today… Which is even worse!

  • @LACMA

    Toni’s in LA so that would just make sense!

  • @VS Fan

    They act that way with all his girlfriends and rumored flings. They love Karlie Kloss now, saying she is perfect and would never fall for Leo and she is too good for him (the same was said about Toni years ago, see now lol), but I am sure that in the minute her name is connected to Leo, even if just a rumor, she will be treated with the same respect that Toni gets here.

  • Ignore or Flag

    ‘Leda’ was one of the toxic posters here in the past and I still don’t appreciate her attitude sometimes, but the trolls are some of the most toxic of the present and anyone who knowingly engages them in an extended conversation is just making it worse. Ignore or report.

  • funniest quote EVER

    “The reason why Leo can’t show any affection to the person he’s with is because of psycho fans here” Thanks

  • lol

    @Ignore or Flag: The troll is you who attacks this poster. I don’t see other trolls here

  • lol

    @Ignore or Flag: YOU are the troll who jumps on this @also almost every day calling her Leda and now you call other posters “trolls” lmfao.
    What a joke you are

  • @342

    I don’t think anybody said she wouldn’t be going at all. It would be a little crazy for her to be left at his home on that evening if she still be there in L.A. What people tried to point out is it’s highly UNLIKELY she will be sitting at his guest table at the actual event. She wasn’t captured in a single picture near him at the Armani event despite that event not being as high profile in terms of ”Hollywood high profile”, he leaves a restaurant separately (how lame is that?), for months now he’s been hiding with her and that’s why it’s just very unlikely she will be at an event he is co-chairing, with all eyes on him plus this could be considered Leo and Marty kicking off their WOWS promotion. It’s not the kind of attention he wants, especially at an event like that. But there’s always the after party and of course she will be there!

  • lol

    She can always stay with her friends and have fun.
    I would be a silly thing to do if she went there anyway.

  • WoWS & Oscar

    Oscar Race: Are Handicappers Too Bullish on Scorsese’s ‘Wall Street’? Even films that don’t have best picture-potential can have distinct pleasures
    Tim Gray, Awards Editor @timgray_variety
    OCTOBER 29, 2013 | 02:28PM PT

    I worry about overpopulation, I worry about recent industry layoffs and I worry that it’s only 50-some days until Christmas. But today, my top concern is “The Wolf of Wall Street,” since Paramount confirmed it will indeed open Dec. 25.

    I’m not worried about the film itself. With Martin Scorsese at the helm, and with that subject matter, that cast (Leonardo DiCaprio et al) and that writer (Terence Winter), you know it’s going to be worthwhile. But I fear that anticipation is so high it will do the pic a disservice: Even if it’s great, that won’t be enough for some.

    I worry that awards-centric journalists (myself included) are putting too much pressure on the film. Awards have become the cart leading the horse. Toronto used to be a showcase for films that needed nurturing; now it’s become a campaign stop. And as each new film is screened, at the New York or upcoming AFI festivals, there are more questions about awards potential than about its virtues, artistic aims or even commercial viability.

    It’s been such a strong year that we don’t need a last-minute entrant to make the race interesting. But most awards pundits have been talking about the same films since early September and, in an ADD era, we’re craving a great plot twist.

    The only big films largely unseen are Sony’s “American Hustle,” from David O. Russell; Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” (Warner Bros.-New Line-MGM) and Paramount’s “Wolf.” The Scorsese film has received more attention because its backstory is so interesting: The post-production team are in a race against time, the November delivery date has passed, the initial cut is said to be extremely long, and so on.

    A few years ago David Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and Stephen Daldry’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” were last- minute entrants and there was media anticipation whether these would be awards gamechangers. Many Oscar pundits seemed annoyed that they weren’t. In September, DreamWorks’ “The Fifth Estate” got similar treatment at Toronto. After so many best-picture possibilities at Telluride and Venice, there was a media backlash: This isn’t a best-picture contender! What are you trying to pull?

    Even though people are lamenting the tentpole mentality and crying out for more intelligent, adult-targeted films, they are lashing out at anything that’s not a best-picture frontrunner. Despite the kudos possibilities for some elements of “The Fifth Estate,” such as Tobias Schliessler’s cinematography and Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance, the film was written off, which was furthered by its low box office. There are plenty of other films this year that are thoughtful and trying to do something interesting. In many cases, media members sneer at the mere mention of these titles, because hard work and artistic ambitions are not enough.

    In my mind, “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Hustle” are already winners, because they are tackling important topics. If either (or both!) turns out to throw a curve ball into an interesting awards race, great. If not, that’s OK too. So this is a reminder to myself and to everyone else: Try to see it as a film first, and kudos fodder second.

  • @348

    Wait and see. I am telling you.