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Kate Bosworth Describes Falling in Love with Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth Describes Falling in Love with Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth poses for the cover of Los Angeles Confidential magazine’s November 2013 issue.

Here’s what the 30-year-old Big Sur star had to share with the mag:

On falling in love with her Big Sur director Michael Polish: “I knew I didn’t want to mess anything up because I wanted to work with him again. There’s this moment where you think, I hope this is everything that I think it is, and then we both sort of looked at each other”that was the moment when you decide to really trust, where we said, ‘Yes”this is it.’ I feel like I’ve known him my whole life, and he feels like he’s known me my whole life. And that’s something very special that’s difficult to describe without sounding like a Hallmark card.”

On supporting Michael: “We live to make each other happy and to support each other’s lives. It’s a powerful thing because I want him to be at his ultimate potential. I’ll do anything in my power to support that, and he’s the same. And so in that there’s power in two.”

On her venture into the fashion world: “I have a real respect and admiration for a lot of designers whom I’ve been able to cultivate friendships with now… When you’re looking at someone like Olivier Theyskens or Jack [McCollough] and Lazaro [Hernandez] from Proenza Schouler, they look at their collections just as you would talk about a film. To connect with these artists is something that I’ve loved being a part of. And it’s something I’ve taken on in a more professional sense as of late.”

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Credit: Los Angeles Confidential
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  • oscar de la rental

    In before the ‘she’s so basic / bland / vanilla / she hasn’t been in anything since Blue Crush’ comments

  • kiki

    “I feel like I’ve known him my whole life, and he feels like he’s known me my whole life.”

    Hahaha, way to let the narcissist flag fly.

  • Shamu

    She went nuts after A.Skargård left her. I think she’d still rather have Alexander than this guy.

  • Fashion Stuff

    She articulates herself pretty well regarding the fashion stuff and how she’s developing there professionally. She sounds humble and respectful but confident enough to move forward. Good for her.

  • Rua

    The headline says it all, it´s a love piece about them and her thoughts for the future. Aparently they want to spend more time in Montana, “as we start a family, we can really create a special place there together.””

    I don´t like the long white dress shot – the pose is a bit weird.

  • Argo

    It’s all lovey dovey with these two all the time. The more they profess to be deeply, madly in love; the more their marriage is liable to self-destruct. Creepy.

  • El

    Urgh, I just want to give her a slap… smug cow!

  • Macy

    What happened to her being “private” about relationships? She mentioned that so many times before, and now she never shuts up about it. Someone’s trying to sell too hard. Also….those are NOT her real legs. They’ve actually photoshopped meat onto her calves. Her legs are not that big, nor are her calves that defined. Sad when they have to photoshop you to make you look bigger, it’s usually the other way around.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Oh, good, it wasn’t just me who thought that her legs looked bigger, at least in the black dress. Yet, it looks like the didn’t Photoshop out the chestplate area, which sometimes they do.
    Regarding her talking about the relationship with MP all.the.time, even though she’s said she’s private, well, she does have things to promote!
    “Artistically, I’m excited about pushing the boundaries, even if, traditionally, family is the most important thing to me.”
    Artistically pushing boundaries? With what?
    @Rua: Spending a lot of time in Montana might not be a bad thing for her, really. She’s not really acting in anything that is directed by MP, and they can shoot their ‘intimate’ movies in Montana. It’s not as if she can’t do most of her designing/design consulting for fashion in Montana, and collaborate by Skype/email, etc. Perhaps she’ll realize she doesn’t haven’t be a size -2 and can let herself be a size -1. Maybe in Montana she’ll wean herself of her habit of calling the paps, since she’ll have no other choice.

  • PEN

    ugh! Does she ever shut up about the hobbit?! Her whole life has revolved around who she’s dated. First it was Orlando, which I’ll give her a small pass for since she was young and trying to become someone in the industry, and she might have thought fame whoring her relationship was the only way to do it. But since Orlando it’s only gotten worse. I guess now she really has to try and sell her relationship because her husband is a nobody. She has to work that much harder to try and sell them as some power couple. Sorry Bos not gonna happen.

  • Suze

    Honest question, what exactly is she promoting? Also, what does she hope to gain by selling out her private life?

  • Macy

    Her arms still look skinny too, yet they clearly added bulk to her legs, especially the calves. Odd choice. She wishes her legs were that shapely.

    She thinks she’s promoting that “artistic” movie they shot eons ago. If she sells their true love, people may go see the film where they fell in love. She fancies herself half of a Brangelina now, a la Mr and Mrs Smith.

  • Jinkies

    Big Sur is currently at 40 on rotten tomatoes. Ouch.

  • Girly Girl

    I saw Kate and Michael on Chelsea Lately last night. Kate looked gorgeous and I was surprised her legs have a really pretty shape.

  • Warped

    How much more proof do we need that she cheated on Alex. They practically spelled out the timeline. Just because she married him, doesn’t make it alright on either of their parts.

    “Bosworth connected with the transition women of the Beat Generation faced: “There was a yearning to have something traditional, this sort of family-oriented grounding, and then this excited thrill to experiment and to push the boundaries,” she explains. “Artistically, I’m excited about pushing the boundaries, even if, traditionally, family is the most important thing to me.” Thus she found herself, on her initial day of shooting and fresh from a weekend at Coachella, naked in front of her future husband. “My first scene was a nude scene,” she recalls sheepishly. “They gave me the option, ‘Do you want this on day two?’ And I said, ‘I’d rather just dive in and do it.’”

    Polish, who says he’d assiduously avoided personal entanglements with his actors, recognized that something different was happening as he directed the scene. “I was timid and uncomfortable,” he says, “but I started to sense that I might have known this girl a long time.” The following day, as he shot Bosworth in a dinner scene, he looked at her looking directly at him through the camera. “I said to my AD, ‘I’m going to marry this girl.’” Taken aback, he briefly praised her work in the scene and called an hour break to retreat. “You know when you meet somebody, you go, ‘I know what she was like when she was in high school. I know what she was like when she was an adult….’ And my gut was right because she is that person that I met that day.”

  • Kerouac Fan
  • porquenon

    Two words: Daddy Issues.

  • Yeah what ever

    On supporting Michael: “We live to make each other happy and to support each other’s lives. It’s a powerful thing because I want him to be at his ultimate potential. I’ll do anything in my power to support that, and he’s the same. And so in that there’s power in two.”

    Of course you will do anything to support him, because in return he is supporting your famewhoring duties and someone that dotes on you 24/7.

  • ladybug

    @Kerouac Fan: The only one you posted was the NYT. And Variety rand HR reviewed it back in January, so we knew about those. But if those reviews hadn’t been nice, would they have mattered to you?

    I’ve said this since the beginning: For those of you who are MP and/or Kerouac fans, go see the movie in a theater if you can. Or watch on demand, or whatever. I hope you enjoy it.

    And looking at their twitter feeds they are retweeting the heck out of the NYT review. It’s nice for them that they got that review, but like the rest of her self-promotion on Twitter she doesn’t do it well, it really comes across as narcissistic.
    And at least she finally retweeted a movie theater that’s showing it.. Though for those who not in HW you’re going to have to go look for your own times.
    KB If you’re promoting your movie which has a limited release make sure you let people outside of LA and NYC know where it might be, makes it easier for them. I’m going to presume since they are doing a major promotional pitch for this it’s in more than NYC and LA (and SF).

  • skarsberg

    @Argo: looks that way to me …you expose/sell something as private as marriage and still keep it together…these articles about her private have been going on about a decade now but years back it wasn’t her fault it was just media/fangirls obsession however she seems to have caved in (like many celebs) probably as a direct result of the skars/fangirls/gossips relentlessly demonizing her (fangirls tend to do that) . which is a real shame.

  • skarsberg

    @porquenon: …but what of all the famous guys dating much younger women …does that mean they have daughter issues!

  • ok

    you need to eat. you are only doing fashion cause you cant get work as an actress.

  • skarsberg

    @Warped: her and A.S where well over months before…they both hinted at this in interviews …she also gave a huge breakup hint in her Nylon interview in feb/march 2011 .. so know you dont have to keep repeating this same comment over and over again.

  • Luna

    Really, because she was with Skars at Coachella, which is mentioned in the article just days before MP was falling in love with her during a nude scene. It was public knowledge that AS and KB were still a couple at the time. As for her she’s always been a cheater with one waiting in the wings. They are pushing this relationship way too hard. It’s going to blow up eventually. It’s nauseating to watch.

  • Plush

    It’s never wise to publicly boast about personal relationships.

  • ladybug

    Focusing on MP and KB-even taking everything they’ve said about the relationship as true: They both knew very quickly that they were each other’s The One, they believe they’re some sort of artistic soulmates, they complete each other, etc.
    Filtered through Kate’s personality all this appears to be super needy and clingy and famewhoring. She wants to be private, yet won’t stop talking about the relationship, she sold the wedding pics, the wedding dress fitting video, etc. It seems a bit try hard.
    So perhaps they really are truly madly deeply in love but more than willing to famewhore the relationship for all it’s worth.

  • Rua

    I do believe they are `madly in love´ – I don´t think she would fake that – unless it’s part of her 5 year plan to win people back, that she is a family person and cares about those values and by choosing Polish she gets to work on movies and show how committed and serious she is to learn the trade. Maybe they try for a kid, but fails and so on and on. That would be one hell of an act (this is a joke btw, it just shows how deep we can go speculation with a little creativity).

    About the privacy … maybe it´s a way to tie different obligation together, like the Big Sur New York premiere was hosted by Brooks Brothers and SK-II. She probably did a year with SK-II and tied it up for her wedding look, to promote that in Martha Stewart Wedding. The gown and the Vogue videos could be the same, along with everything else. I don´t keep track of everything.
    When we think about it, with all the articles and the things she´s been involved with during the past year, it can all be tied up with their film, wedding and other promotion obligations. I don´t know about Topshop thou (they did shoot Jaspers cover picture at the same time), but every little theory built in second has its flaws.

  • Rua

    Ah, the Topshop thing is the start for her building a fashion line herself – like a business over time. They can do the video and pictures themselves.

  • Jeannie

    Whether they’re as in love as they want us to believe, only they know. She’s finally found someone who will humor her love of being papped & let her talk about their relationship. I don’t think this is wise on her part. The HW couples who tend to be this open, often crash & burn.

  • Kate Bosworth’s Skinny Peg Leg


    “Fresh from a weekend at Coachella.”

    Yep, we know which weekend THAT was. And we know WHO she was with during THAT weekend. And now we know for sure she had Polish waiting in the wings as Plan B in case things didn’t pan out with Askars. Wow, her vagina didn’t even take a break between boyfriends.

  • Kate Bosworth’s Skinny Peg Leg


    It’s already available on iTunes. In the parlance of today’s technology that’s called “straight to video”.

  • Kate Bosworth’s Skinny Peg Leg


    I think they were barely together but not a strong couple. I think for Askars it was over well before Coachella but she kept desperately trying to get him back. And she managed to reel him back in a few times between February and Coachella. Wonder what she used? Fake pregnancy? Suicide? Emotional issues? “Please don’t go, I can’t make it without you?” But then she realized Michael Polish wanted her and that was all she needed. Because if she couldn’t get Askars then ant man would do. Her #1 goal was to get Askars. Her #2 goal was to have a man, any man. So when Plan A failed she resorted to Plan B.

  • esy

    @Kate Bosworth’s Skinny Peg Leg:

    @32 the whole thing gives me life. I can see 3/4 of that being what really happen except 4 Polish was all she needed NO! She is trying too hard to sell this I think this is more to convince herself she made the right choice and of course she is good at selling Bullsh*t you the part where they are the truest of love story of all time. Sad woman really she can’t make herself happy.

  • Rua

    I watched Big Sur last night and … that was it?? – It´s like an audio book in pictures. No real drama, dialog or dept. We get some beautiful nature shots with light (Polish trade), but that´s it. And let´s not forget Kate’s breasts. I was SO bored! I don´t understand why they are making such a big fuzz over it. Not impressed.

  • buffy

    @Luna: NO, it was NOT ” public knowledge” rumours where going around for months that they broke up …and that coachella trip was just them being ‘friends’ .that’s all. if you missed the interviews they did from around febuary-may you probably also missed all the hints at the break up.

  • buffy

    @Kate Bosworth’s Skinny Peg Leg: i disagree , she’s was all over the orld from late 2010 and beyond so actually i think she left him behind while he was in L.A filming TB ….plus from what’s been said about AS he only likes his women if she’s ‘lying on the her back’ and i dont think KB’S that kind of woman .

    anyway alex seems as cold as an antartic stone so what could he possibly give a warm blooded american girl .

  • …bringtheboat

    she’s got really cute feet .
    and beautiful porcelain skin.

  • odd eyed cat

    laineys still crazy insanely jealous of her …(and any and every blonde women) no wonder lainey comes here and celebitchy so often to repetitively troll and stalk kb …how lame is it it all started just ‘cos her hubby jacek said how beautiful kb is all those years ago and drove the already socio-psychopatic lainey complete insane with envy ….

  • riddle me this


    Shut up Kate Bosworth get over it you and Alex were just not a match. she posting here 35, 36, 38 that’s her and MP is 37 lap dog he has to come and kiss her a**.

  • @ladybug

    “Artistically pushing boundaries? With what?” I know you stalk KB so I’m surprised you had to ask that question. She’s always pushed the boundaries. Think about it. She’s done action films, romantic comedy, thriller, very dark films, very smart films. Everything she does is different from her preceding film. Esquire Magazine this month (Women We Love article) praised her performance in Homefront. IMO she’s always been a good actress but she’s now really finding her stride. One of the things I most admire is she fearlessly pushes boundaries. All I can think is I misunderstood your comment because it makes very little sense to me.

  • riddle me this


    hahaha that killed me of all the people. “HER!!!!” push boundaries (Kate Bosworth stop kissing your own a** that’s why you married MP Right?) she can’t even push food down her mouth and keep it in. Thanks for the laughs. LOL!

  • ladybug

    @@ladybug: Since you know ‘that you stalk KB’ this means that you read all my comments? Could that be a form of stalking?
    But thanks for actually posting a comment that goes beyond thinking of KB as just a coat hanger.
    I’ll repeat what I’ve said about her as an actress, and to those who like her as an actress: I don’t like her as an actress, but she’s hardly the worst one out there. So if you like her, good. I hope you get to see her movies and enjoy them.

    The reality of her acting career, however, is that right now it appears to be pretty much stagnant. The only non-MP movie role in the last two years that she’s had is Homefront. I’m sure she’s getting offers, but obviously not ones she’s interested in, so lucky for her she’s got her career in fashion.

    FYI, when replying to a comment, you can hit the blue @reply under the comment you’re replying to, and then you can make up a name to put in the name box, no need to @whomever you’re replying to in the name box.

  • Macy

    Topless? Good lord, NO!

  • Macy

    Topless? Good lord, NO! Nobody needs to see her bony boobs.

  • Rua

    Nude indeed … the article did mention it “my first scene was a nude scene”, however, it different how people film that. Maybe that´s why she went topless in Mexico … to train for the camera.

  • ladybug

    @Rua: Ah, that’s why she blew off a charity event to toast her tatas-it was practicing her art!

  • Tanter

    Kate and Michael seems to have something in common that didn’t quite work in at least her relationships with Orlando and Alex: the love of the paps and need for attention. Add their love of piling on the clichés and it’s almost like a match made in heaven.

    Of couse you will have to ignore that they met while she was – IMO – very obviously trying to hang on to Alex with all she could and seemed to have hooked up with Michael as a last minute effort to make Alex jealous. The stories popping up once in a while about Alex still missing her (fed by her no doubt) and the fact they’re looking for a house in his neighbourhood certainly suggests she’s not entirely over that relationship. Also it’s rather funny how she keeps talking to the press about their very private life. Come on Kate – just admit you love the attention.

  • Rua

    @ladybug: I bring many good theories to the table. :p
    @Tanter: I know you can live in two places, but why look for a house in Feliz if you are serious about spending more time in Montana – that´s where the film breaks for me.

  • coco

    THANK YOU!!! for someone so OVER ASKARS why does she keep bringing up history that MUST include him….I really think she is trying to rub this in ASKARS face..ever since she got with this guy..I feel lik she is trying to convince herslf that she likes him

  • coco

    I think the most attention she got was when she was with maybe thats why she has to keep kinds bringing up the past….
    why WHY would she need to mention fresh from a weekend at coachella? I think its because Askars was DONE and she wants him to know that someone else was rigt there to appreciate her