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Orlando Bloom Breaks Silence on Miranda Kerr Separation

Orlando Bloom Breaks Silence on Miranda Kerr Separation

Orlando Bloom sits down for an interview with Katie Couric airing on Katie‘s November 1 episode.

The 36-year-old actor talked about his separation from wife Miranda Kerr, as well as his starring role in Broadway’s Romeo and Juliet.

“We love each other. We’re a family. We’re going to be in each others lives for the rest of our lives,” Orlando said. “There’s no question, for the sake of our son and everything else, we’re going to support one another and love each other as parents to Flynn. Life sometimes doesn’t work out exactly as we plan or hope for, but fortunately we’re adults. I’m 36 now, she’s 30 and we’re professionals and we love and care about each other and we most of all love our son.”

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  • How the worm has turned!

    “In fact, there isn’t much Miranda Kerr doesn’t do unless it involves her publicity team.”

    Even the Aussie press is now calling her out as a f@mewh@re!!

  • Hmm

    Wow. That’s pretty harsh. Some of it is the tall poppy syndrome, but a lot if it rings true.
    I wonder if she realizes how important Orlando was to her career? His fame trickled down to her by association, but that’s all going to be gone soon.
    She better handle the post break up interviews with as much class as Orlando has, or the public may really turn on her.
    Oh, and people thinking that the break up was timed for publicity couldn’t be more wrong. She’s getting ready to launch her second book, and this separation can do nothing but hurt sales. ‘Empower Yourself’ right out of a marriage, eh? Nothing but had press if that will be her message. The press likes Orlando a million times more than they like her. She better tread carefully.

  • Well…

    I would love it if Orlando got together with Liv Tyler. They’ve been friends for a long time, and she’s divorced as well. They looked so good together in the pics from backstage when she went to see R&J.

  • Ron Burgundy


    OMG I have secretly wanted this to happen since I first saw FOTR.

  • Anon

    Orlando and Liv did look great together in the pics when she saw him backstage after Romeo and Juliet. She is very pretty and is a talented actress. I also think Condola Rashad is very beautiful and very talented and sources have said you can see the chemistry between them in Romeo and Juliet.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I say good luck to Orlando hope he fine’s love again and take’s time to fine it. I knew this was going to happen im glad they have ended it ok.

  • @52

    You wonder how important Orlando was to her career?? If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have a career, which is why she dropped her going-nowhere musician boyfriend of four years to trade up to a celeb who could get her name in the tabloids. The first time they were seen together she was “mystery brunette” because no one knew who she was. She is famous because she arranged a partnership with a celebrity and because of it she got too big for her britches and lost major campaigns.

  • @57

    Actually, they were asking if SHE knows how important he was to her career. I think that we all know that his fame helped her along. She was already working for VS when they met, but her relationship with him is what nearly made her a household name, and what brought her to the attention of designers. She was a working model, but with her commercial ‘prettiness’, I doubt that she would have made the Forbes list if it weren’t for Orlando. I wonder where she will go from here?

  • Kath

    OMG you haters go on with such BS… people are so fixated on them and worried about everything they do its a wonder you can cope with your everyday lives with this stress to you caused by M & O. Smart peeps know it was Orlando that pursued Miranda after seeing her at a VS show years ago. It took 6 mths of him being friends & her eventually splitting up with that ugly ex of Paris Hilton’s before Miranda started dating Orlando. They were very much in love but are very much different people. Shes career focused & he would give it up for a quiter life to be a dad. Thats where it went wrong. Shes not prepared to give up the career for a quieter life. And who on earth besides 16yr old kids would SERIOUSLY be interested in Justin B?? He still looks like hes 12 to me! He definatley does not look like a man at ALL! PL EASE give me a break. I think its sad they split but you never know eventually if they date other people maybe they will realise they are meant to be together & reconcile. Its a shame at this point Flynn wont have a sibling. But can you imagine dating either of them…….knowing just how gorgeous there exes are…… would be hard. Plus watching there new partners being in Flynns life sharing all his experiences. I know this happens all the time but as a mother It would eat me up….like the Brandi & Leanne Rimes rift…..its just too complicated they need to get back together….eventually….

  • Oh please..

    The show biz reporter for the SMH is RENOWED for being BIT*HY & especially towards Miranda.

    He missed out when Miranda gave an exclusive interview to The Sunday program which aired on tv just before Miranda returned to Australia after Flynn was born so ever since he’s been a complete BIT*H about her.

    That’s why he STILL had his little “RANT” about her having a private area to breast feed Flynn during the DJ’s Fashion show. Pure sour grapes on his part because she wouldn’t give him the time of day.

    Also because her PR person wouldn’t return his calls & then he has the NERVE to WHINGE about her not telling a catty reporter like himself that she was separating from Orlando.

    He’s knows very well she wasn’t “dumped” from VS or DJ but it’s his way to exact petty revenge against her.

    It’s common knowledge in Australia that he writes bit*hy articles about celebrities here but doesn’t have the balls to include a comment page.

    Typical petty little bully who likes to dish it out but can’t take it in return!

  • @58

    I’m starting to come to the conclusion that most Bloom fans really are fair weather friends & beyond nasty.

    In 6 years Miranda has only EVER had glowing things to say about Orlando. That he’s a wonderful person, great father, generous & kind.
    Even though they had been separated for months she still went to see him 5 times on Broadway & said how much she respected him & that he’s so talented.

    Now those that had always defended her from the Delphidiots are becoming like them. Fair weather friends indeed.

    Of course Miranda being with Orlando helped her get more recognition the same way it did for Gisel being with Leo for 5 years but she also managed to make her own way as well just like Miranda is doing.

    Miranda was 23/24 when she met Orlando & I’m sure grew up a lot during the last 6 years having to take control of her growing career, starting a company AND having a child.

    Orlando & Miranda have always kept their careers separate yet SHE has
    managed to become a celebrity in OWN right.

    Her health & lifestyle philosophy and her impeccable fashion style.
    This YEAR being named as one of the 100 most influential celebrities in Hollywood, becoming the 2nd highest paid model in the world, walking for Stella Mcarthy,Chanel etc.
    Appearing on numerous magazines covers like Jalouse, W, Vogues & others as well as being the face of Mango & Swarovski is due to HER hard work.

    At least give credit where it’s due & not pretend otherwise.

    I wish Orlando well & I would NEVER trash him just because he’s no longer with Miranda.

    But I have to say I will be very very glad when he appears with his new girlfriend as then I will no longer have to put up with all the nastiness & spite directed at Miranda.

  • @59

    I know you actually believe that made up story about him pursuing her but it was, in fact, made up. It was put out there by her publicist to make sure that she didn’t look like the gold digger she is. I’m sure you also believe the lost wedding dress story, too. Because you are stupid.

  • @61

    What are you talking about? There have been plenty of people here defending her against the idiot haters.
    It’s just that this thread is old now, and most of the people who still comment are the haters who are have nothing better to do.
    We fans still check back once in a while. But not as often as the haters do.

  • @63

    Well I hope that is true & I apologise if I jumped the gun.
    I’m just so sick of these bullying stalkers.

    Orlando & Miranda are no longer together so now the only time they will see each will as parents to Flynn.
    So I truly hope that they will now at least have the common decency to leave her alone & concentrate solely on Orlando & his new life.

  • behindthescenes

    Miranda Kerr cheated on Orlando Bloom with a David Jone’s photographer. She was caught in bed with the photographer in her last collaboration as David Jone’s Ambassador. When all the higher ups found out, she was pulled because it was a bad look for everyone, also angered Bloom.

  • Knowing

    Okay – Too many celebrities wash their dirty laundry in public – they fight and scold each-other in public.

    So – the way Orlando and Miranda are dealing with their seperation is “fake” or “a show”?! You poor guys, really. I think the way Orlando and Miranda are dealing with their seperation – for Flynn especially – is an example everyone should follow. I work with a law-firm and I’ve seen the dirtiest cases of divorces and custody lawsuits. It’s shameful to see how people who once loved each other and probably started a family because of that fact can start to hate each other – and the one who is suffering most is always the child.

    Thus, I’m so grateful to see Orlando and Miranda solving this like that – two people who might still love each-other – if in another way though – but learnt that the lives they both live inevitably makes a life together the way they have wished impossible.

    I guess there are far too many out there who think if two people decide to seperate they also have to fight and be ugly to each-other and if they don’t but deal with it like adults and handle that subject with care and dignity – they are faking this kind of harmony. Really, I pity you guys. You all better NEVER start a relationship with marriage and children. Because if you all think it’s common to hate and fight if a relationship fails, you better keep from starting one in the beginning.

  • Vic

    He looks, like he is lucky that he is no more tied with wife, he never weared his ring, I saw just one first photo with ring and after that he never putted it on.