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Heidi Klum: Old Grandma for Halloween Costume 2013!

Heidi Klum: Old Grandma for Halloween Costume 2013!

Heidi Klum stuns in full body makeup to transform herself into an old grandma at her 2013 Halloween Party on Thursday (October 31) at Marquee in New York City.

“Ok guys……..I am going into the future,” the 40-year-old Project Runway host and model tweeted while getting ready for her Shutterfly presented party.

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Want to take a look back at some of Heidi‘s past costumes? Check her out as a bedazzled Cleopatra at her 2012 party, completely made up as an ape for her 2011 party, and as a dead body for another party in 2011.

15+ pictures inside of Heidi Klum dressing up for Halloween…

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heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 01
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 02
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 03
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 04
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 05
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 06
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 07
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 08
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 09
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 10
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 11
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 12
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 13
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 14
heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old grandma 15

Credit: Amanda Schwab; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared
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  • Costume Patrol


    I wonder if Ryan Seacrest ever went, after she badgered him on the red carpet about it and made him promise.

  • Lol

    Perfect for her !!

  • Hmmm

    Amazing and thorough makeup job, but I find this very insulting to elderly people. Because I know many elderly, including my parents, I find this costume rather rude and insensitive.

  • Effy

    ….. Why would elderly people find this offensive? We all grow old……

  • Joaquin

    Extreme bad taste and disrespectful!
    Yes it’s only a joke, but when it comes to making fun, there are certain subjects that you simply don’t touch!
    What is she, 2?
    What in imbecile!
    Since when is old age a source of mockery and play?

  • ricku

    You people need to calm down. It’s just a costume and who said she was mocking or making fun of old people. Like @Effy said, WE ALL GROW OLD.

  • mia

    lol at the people who find this “offensive”. How old are you guys? 2? lol

  • Wurry

    Really dumb “costume”.

  • Guest

    That’s pretty awesome

  • mimi

    that’s awesome. what a crazy make up artist who can make over her.
    thumbs up heidy, you win. best make up ever

  • soy

    who the freaking hell would find this offensive, JESUS CHRIST!!! If I learned something from the internet is that people get pissed FOR EVERYTHING

  • living in a box

    are you sure that heidi klum? maybe that someone grandma and people mistaken with heidi klum.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    @soy: Oh, you mean just like you did?

  • http://JustJared Jan

    It’s just not a costume. I don’t think of my elderly parents as a costume. It’s a great transform and all but perhaps another venue, not Halloween.

  • rain

    She have crazy ideas!

  • Looselipz

    I feel it’s not a costume as well. But she spends a fortune every year on her halloween get-up and loves the attention. To me, part of the fun in dressing up is making the costume. Anyone can rent or buy one. In Heidi’s case, she has to have the most outlandish money can buy.

    By the way, it’s easy to see how she will age.

  • Fercat

    That is AMAZING!

  • Shamu

    Cool! Lighten up, sympathy trolls. The elderly don’t care. Why not speak for witches instead. Those poor women have to endure hell during this holiday. I bet all the witches in the world actually take a break during Halloween and dress up as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi


  • Offensive

    I agree that this costume is offensive and ageist and Klum is even more IQ-challenged than one would believe (as impossible as that might sound). Moronic.

  • Rai

    Everyone, she’s dressed as herself! in a few years time she’ll look just like that! xD

  • Rebecca

    I don’t consider that a custome.

  • Valéria Muccillo


  • unknown

    @Rebecca: Yeah and I consider you as a person who can’t spell.

    @Jan: Another venue? Like what? You mean “The Annual Dressed Up As An Elderly Benefit For The Fight Against Ageism”? lol The elderly don’t even care. There are far worse things to worry my dear. You might need to chill a bit cause you might end up looking like elderly Heidi Klum up there for the next couple of years if things like these bother you.

  • Andy

    Cool costume.

    @Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi: The fact that you place 3 of your names with a parentheses on one of them which might suggest that you’re trying to let people whom you know nothing of be aware that Nataliya is the nickname you’re friends call you scares me.

  • ness

    Fact, we all get old. So all I can say is awesome outfit.

  • asd

    i dont see how this costume is offensive ppl dress up like babies yet thats not offensive. i think this costume is brilliant.

  • Gita

    Maquiagem muito real. Próxima da perfeição! Digna de Oscar!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @Andy: Tryin 2 be witty. LOL.
    Nataliya is my FULL name. Natasha is the short one 4 Nataliya. And Stasyi is my last name!
    P.S. I’m NOT tryin 2 “let ppl know” anythin abt me. I’m just usin my real Russian name that was given 2 me by birth.
    U tryin 2 be witty (irony).
    So, please, next time, if u got nothin 2 say, find somethin “more” clever than what u sayin now! Thank u. Bye!

  • faxperez

    like always the best custome for halloween!!!!

  • Connie Falconeri

    She was transformed into an old woman, not an old grandma. Since all old women are not grandmas.

  • ok

    full body make up to look like an old grandma? You’re already half way there, and you need to eat.

  • Janie

    I think it is inappropriate. Heidi is ridiculous.

  • sandra

    Actually, that’s how Heidi looks naturally, before she gets her botox treatments, and puts on her make-up.

  • yep


  • Aurora

    People getting OFFENDED? REALLY? So nuns, priests, Wiccans, fireman & so on should get offended too I suppose.

    Get the EFF over yourselves.

  • Trinton C. Garrett

    I give her props for doing this Halloween Make-up. It takes someone very strong and comfortable in their own looks and not to vain to be able to pull this off. Good for her!

  • Anna

    I find it really stupid that people are offended by this. I personally think this a fairly creative idea and not something done often. It’s a cool costume, why take offense? If your elderly and you find it offensive than that is one thing, but everyone on here saying it is offensive most likely isn’t. Like someone above said if you don’t find nun and priest costumes offensive then this certainly shouldn’t be.

  • mia

    The fact that people find something “offensive” about this is offensive to the elderly. Why are you offended by it? Do you look down on the elderly that much? What a bunch of idiots.

  • heather

    I don’t think thats a costume, it really does look like an older person, there no way this is her

  • B

    @Joaquin: Your view on what a Halloween costume is is distorted. Halloween costumes aren’t made to make fun of or belittle anyone or anything. It’s simply a day you can be something you’re not. Heidi is not an old lady, but one day she will be! This is in no way disrespectful, I think you are the imbecile. Get the stick out of your butt!

  • Johnson

    What a waste.. I was hoping to see her in a sexy costume. Stupid.

  • Hmmmmmm

    @mia: I respect your opinion, but you should also respect others… instead of calling them idiots.
    I find this “costume” offensive only because my mother is 82 years old and she feels people are sometimes rude and insensitive to old people. This costume is in my opinion mocking old people. I also respect other people’s opinions that believe otherwise. I see their point as well.

  • Heidi

    ..btw the makeup artist should win an award for that o.O

  • Heidi

    PS.: better saying 50 years from now