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Leonardo DiCaprio & Camilla Belle: 'Rebel Without A Cause' Restoration Premiere!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Camilla Belle: 'Rebel Without A Cause' Restoration Premiere!

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up while speaking onstage at the restoration premiere of James Dean classic film Rebel Without A Cause at LACMA on Friday (November 1) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by the always beautiful Camilla Belle, who rocked an all black ensemble.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Earlier in the week, Leo kept a low profile while grabbing a romantic dinner with his girlfriend Toni Garrn at Little Door.

In case you missed it, check out a newly released trailer of Leo‘s upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street, which hits theaters on Christmas.

FYI: Camilla is wearing Gucci.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Camilla Belle attending the Rebel Without a Cause premiere…

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leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 01
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 02
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 03
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 04
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 05
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 06
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 07
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 08
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 09
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 10
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 11
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 12
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 13
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 14
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 15
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 16
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 17
leonardo dicaprio camilla belle rebel without a cause restoration premiere 18

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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459 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Camilla Belle: 'Rebel Without A Cause' Restoration Premiere!”

  1. 1
    #### Says:

    Ugh…..slicked back hair!!!

  2. 2
    also... Says:

    `romantic dinner`? Those photos looked anything but romantic.
    The slicked back hair again… Still not a fan to say the least. I don`t like the whole look to be honest.

  3. 3
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hate the hair as you know but he doesn’t look that bad here to me. His head just looks really large.

  4. 4
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Wow! He looks like he did from Gangs of NY. Ugh! Why does he slick back his hair? It makes his face look bigger and emphasis his forehead and hairline. :( Does his stylist really thinks he looks good like that?

  5. 5
    HAHA12 Says:

    I got Gangs Of NY vibes too LOL!
    And seriously..can someone tell him it is not a good look on him..

  6. 6
    Black sharpie Says:

    It’s good to see him doing something related to work.
    Don’t like the hair though.

  7. 7
    #### Says:


    I’m surprised he keeps doing the slicked back hair. Has no one told him it doesn’t really look good on him? It makes his forehead look bigger than it needs too!

  8. 8
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    Yep! This LACMA thing will be good for him! :-)

  9. 9
    @ Says:

    @also…: Did you get pics of them actually having dinner? How romantic would you look if paparazzi were invading your personal space?

  10. 10
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hey – you will like The Hobbit. Very similar to LOTR. Beautifully shot – great sfxs and it moves right along. Doesn’t feel like a 3 hr movie! The only thing, the prince/king dwarf reminds me of Mel Gibson from Mad Max and so I kept thinking of him!

  11. 11
    @Black Sharpie Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    Don’t like his look here but it’s been awhile we’ve seen him do something work related, so I am pleased about that.
    Thanks JJ.

  12. 12
    living in a box Says:

    camilla belle is Goddess!!!!

  13. 13
    Well Says:

    Romantic dinner, Jared?? Are you sure? These two looked more (especially the girl) like they were coming out from a funeral.
    Camilla looks gorgeous, BTW.

  14. 14
    #### Says:


    Great! I can’t wait to see it.

  15. 15
    PT Says:

    Please Leo, change your hairstyle. that doesn’t look nice on you.

  16. 16
    Fan Says:

    Love him, but in a few years, Leo will look exactly like Orson Welles.

  17. 17
    also... Says:

    @9: Did Jared post the pictures of the actual dinner? No, so how do you know if it was a romantic dinner? I based my opinion on the photos Jared posted and referred to. Where is the problem? Sorry but even when they are caught without noticing the photographers I don`t get the romantic vibe from them.

  18. 18
    also... Says:

    @9: PS: The way she looked on those photos doesn`t suggest romantic to me paparazzi or not. JMO. :)

  19. 19
    Marion Says:

    I wonder what time people left his house last night or early in the morning after his Halloween party.

  20. 20
    Leo this isn't Titanic anymore Says:

    You can’t pull off the slicked hair no more. Get rid of it plz!!! :(

  21. 21
    HAHA12 Says:

    Omg I can see the resemblance.

  22. 22
    lol Says:

    if he’s going to keep the nasty beard and greasy slicked hair during the wolf of wall street promotion i wont even bother ugh

  23. 23
    #### Says:


    I was really hoping he would have a different look for this event.

  24. 24
    Martin Scorsese Says:

    My wife Leo needs to had some volume in the hair at the top of his head to lengthen the appearance of his spherical skull. Even his sex hair looks better than this greasy slicked back look. I’ll still be waiting under the covers for you Leo baby! <3

  25. 25
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Martin Scorsese:

  26. 26
    HAHA12 Says:

    Same! Watch him keep this same look all throughout the promotion for WOWS :/

  27. 27
    qoq Says:

    who is camellia belle and why are there so many more pics of her than leo? :(

  28. 28
    marteo Says:

    most enduring couple of them all.

  29. 29
    qoq Says:

    it’s going to be his look from now on. might as well get use to it. at least he still has some hair on top.

  30. 30
    HAHA12 Says:

    :( this is worse than Brad Pitt’s long hair

  31. 31
    #### Says:


    His dad has a full head of hair so why does Leo have such a bad receding hairline?

  32. 32
    wow Says:

  33. 33
    qoq Says:


    blame mama.

  34. 34
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I think the hairline comes from the maternal side. Need to see his mom’s dad.

  35. 35
    Free Leo Says:

    Oh baby Leo what a smile you have! You enjoyed your party, did you?

  36. 36
    #### Says:


    Apparently! LOL

  37. 37
    qoq Says:


  38. 38
    #### Says:


    Aaawww…..what a sweet picture!

    Definitely from grandpa. He has really bushy eyebrows too. Does he not pluck or is he letting them grow out as well?

  39. 39
    #### Says:


    Is this supposed to be of zac effrontery? I can’t open it but it says it’s zacs 26th birthday

  40. 40
    #### Says:

    STEPHANIE (@supersoaksurfer)
    11/1/13, 9:38 PM
    I saw Leonardo DiCaprio at this showing oh my god

    This girl and her friend were at the rebel without a cause showing.

  41. 41
    #### Says:

    queen p (@kidzB0p)
    11/1/13, 8:29 PM
    omg my cuz is an extra in an movie with jonah and leo dicaprio. wuuuuu go peruvians .


  42. 42
    #### Says:

    N. Warner (@abbeyroad1027)
    11/1/13, 9:45 PM
    No. Excuse me. These things don’t happen. Leonardo DiCaprio at the worldwide premiere remastering of…

  43. 43
    girlsjealous Says:

    She looks way better with long blonde hair. You, silly b*tchess!!!!

  44. 44
    Daily Mail Says:

    Daily Mail article about last night. Don’t think the pics are different though.

  45. 45
    WHoa Says:

    Jack Nicholson, is that you??

  46. 46
    So... Says:

    I definitely see similarities. Of both Orson Welles and Jack Nicholson.
    The hairstyle is the same as at the Armani event but I kind of thought he looked better here.. somehow.. I don’t know why that is.
    But really, what else can he do with hair that long?
    I always thought Leo had inherited the Italian genes in regards to the hair but like someone else pointed it out, his dad’s hair still looks fine but Leo’s is lessening rapidly and too soon. Shame.
    Could Marty not make it because of the LAX shooting incident yesterday?

  47. 47
    poorgirls Says:

    @So…: You are just jealous because he has more b*tches than you. Ugh!!!!

  48. 48
    @46/So Says:

    Rotfl. Don’t mind the trolls. This one #47 is pretty bright tho. ”he has more b*tches than you!” Lol!
    I agree with you, I think he looks better in the face here than he did at Armani’s. Still hate the slicking back tho.

  49. 49
    dolly Says:

    I had never notice Camilla Belle’s huge ears. Wow!! She must hear everything!

  50. 50
    So... Says:

    Well at least it was something new.. We’ve heard a lot of jealousy arguments but this because he’s got more b itches than me is totally new I guess. Lol..
    The slicked back hair is gonna be back tonight but I don’t think you have a lot of options with hair that long. It’s the red carpet look for most actors with long hair and it can look good, it’s just a shame Leo’s hairline is working against him.

  51. 51
    Camilla Belle ITALIAN FAN Says:

    Camilla is beautifull !!! thank you Just Jared .

  52. 52
    Zoe Says:

    @So…: I dont think his hairline looks so bad. It’s just the slicked back hair what accentuates his V forehead. You are so mean and exaggerating as always. I dont see whats funny about it. You are probably offending many people who are getting bald soon. So please, watch your words before speaking and try to care more about others.

  53. 53
    Jo Says:

    I love Leo <3

  54. 54
    So... Says:

    No, let’s just call it having an opinion. You don’t think his hairline looks bad. I do. So? Did I say I thought he looked funny or laughable or anything in that context? I haven’t. I don’t know why you got so offended and to be quite frank I don’t really care. I, as everyone else, will write down my opinion if I want to and like to. I don’t think it’s any of your business to tell people to watch their words and speak more carefully. Especially when it’s a gossip site we’re talking.

  55. 55
    Zoe Says:

    @So…: Its ok to have an opinion and I’m not refering only to you. But you all look like sheeps. Just because one person says his hairline looks really bad (which it isn’t the case) automatically many people think the same as if it is a funny thing to comment.
    Oh and btw, there are some celebs who wear most of the time bad hairstyles and don’t get half of the comments he gets.

  56. 56
    Black sharpie Says:

    There’s a pic from last night on Bellazon of Toni and friends. One of the guys in the pic looks like the “monster” from her Halloween pics. I know there was speculation that it was Leo but I think it was this guy. Looks like she is staying in NY and he is staying in LA, at least until after LACMA.

  57. 57
    @55 Says:

    You know why it’s called having an opinion? Because it isn’t a matter of fact kind of thing when you say ”it isn’t that bad” as well as when others say ”it looks bad”. People can see thing differently. Just because a lot of people don’t think his hairline doesn’t look good and this hairstyle looks bad on him makes them sheeps. That’s just nonsense.
    Leo’s hairline wasn’t like this up until 2 years ago. I don’t know what happened but IMO (emphasis!!) it doesn’t look good and it’s definitely receding. Is his hair or hairline a huge deal? Hell no! But people can talk and make remarks about whatever the hell they want. That is what these threads are for. As long as its not nasty talking, throwing around insults at either Leo or each other here it also isn’t a big deal that people make remarks about his hair, his clothes or whatever. Geez.

  58. 58
    S Says:

    Loving the grey suit…..very handsome!

  59. 59
    @Black sharpie Says:

    Him as the “monster”? Do you actually think for a minute that Leo would have accepted to have his picture taken next to Toni knowing that pic would be posted on Twitter, Instagram….?

  60. 60
    @Black sharpie Says:

    Not expecting it at all but those pics were from yesterday and she could always fly in there today. L.A. is 3 hours behind. Just putting it out there as a possibility. Like I said unlikely to happen if you ask me.

  61. 61
    Me Says:

    The person Under the “monster” costume was probably one of Toni’s female friends. There is one or two a little taller than her. That was definitely not Leo. Leo is shorter than Toni.

  62. 62
    haha Says:

    if it was him in the costume he was pretty much unreconizable he might not have cared and made an exception. toni posted that lovers inn pic and you could see half his shoulder in that.

  63. 63
    @#59 Says:

    LOL! So true. He even refuses to be seen leaving a public place with her.

  64. 64
    JJ Says:

    @me the hand of the monster person was definetly not a womans.

  65. 65
    Instagram Says:

    Guys, guys.. The Dracula was this guy. So all just chill. @59 is totally right.

  66. 66
    Instagram Says:

    And Toni is most probably still in NYC today, doing VS related work stuff.

  67. 67
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    There’s a pic on Toni’s Instagram of one of her friends on the VS elevator so she’s working today.

  68. 68
    Oh... Says:

    VS work? Kiddo is working hard to make daddy proud… Ewww! Creepy old man

  69. 69
    not with toni Says:

    Thanks JJ:)
    Do you have any ideas why Scorsese didn’t attend this LACMA event??
    I’m really curious because the scheduling conflicts are not convincing to me.

  70. 70
    #### Says:

    So if Martin Scorsese had to pull out of the LACMA event last night, does that mean he won’t be at the gala honoring him tonight???

    I wonder if he couldn’t make it because of the shooting at LAX although they say it was a scheduling conflict.

  71. 71
    #### Says:

    Britt Michaelian (@BrittMichaelian)
    11/1/13, 11:28 PM
    I’ve just got to maintain my passion for what I do. – Leonardo DiCaprio

    I hope Leo hasn’t lost his passion. :-(

  72. 72
    @#71 Says:

    why did you post this? it’s not sighting

  73. 73
    @70 Says:

    Pretty sure they would have made an announcement if that were the case. I think he will be there. Daily Mail does not have its facts always rights. Maybe it had to do with the incident at LAX or maybe Marty just couldn’t make it yesterday for other reasons. The event that’s gonna take place tonight had been announced a couple of months ago and is much bigger than the opening of a restored movie.

  74. 74
    Love Hurts Says:

    In the words of Hilary Duff ~ “There will never be another James Dean”

  75. 75
    #### Says:


    Someone posted a Leo quote on twitter and I found it interesting because sadly it doesn’t seem like he has a passion for much right now.

  76. 76
    #### Says:


    Not just the daily mail said it was a scheduling conflict so hopefully it was just yesterday.

  77. 77
    not with toni Says:

    @####: Well Leo’s excellent performance in his movies says otherwise

  78. 78
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    Especially the ones where he steps out of his comfort zone!

  79. 79
    ♥ Leonardo baby ♥ Says:

    ♥.❤ ♥ ❤ ♥. ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥. ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥

  80. 80


  81. 81

    <3 <3 <3

  82. 82


  83. 83

    ohh Leo <3

  84. 84


  85. 85
    marzistan Says:

    aka not with toni

  86. 86
    marzistan Says:


    it sounds like he’st giving himself a pep talk.

  87. 87
    marzistan Says:

    it was probably the lax shootings that caused marty to change his plans, but they did not want to talk about it publicly. he should be at lacma tonight.

  88. 88
    marzistan Says:

    little door is a romantic setting. taking toni there and getting papped should buy him a few cheat nights.

  89. 89
    marzistan Says:

    i hope he cuts his hair and shaves the beard. this long, slicked back hair with the half beard look reminds me of sandra bullock’s trashy ex-husband.

  90. 90
    not with toni Says:

    @####: So, do you think we will have a new thread with Leo’s pics from the LACMA gala?

  91. 91
    Stewart Says:

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  92. 92
    @91 Says:


  93. 93
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:


  94. 94
    not with toni Says:
    I like this pic and i like his slicked back hair at official events.He looks so dapper.<3
    I can't wait for more Leo-pics and Leo interviews and i hope he won't say the same things again in his interviews.


  95. 95
    also... Says:

    I don’t like this look on him. The slicked back hair and the beard, those two make him look older, unkept and kinda creepy. If it was only the beard with a different hairstyle or the slicked back hair without the beard. But both are just too much and not in a good way. He is a handsome guy but those two things take a lot away from his good looks.

  96. 96
    @89 Says:

    God you’re right. He DOES look like Jesse James!!

  97. 97
    Black sharpie Says:

    I think the hair and beard must be for a role. If it’s not, he really must not care how he looks. To me, the hair is especially unflattering.
    It certainly a different look for him than how he usually looks in a suit.

  98. 98
    mimi Says:

    ” If it was only the beard with a different hairstyle or the slicked back hair without the beard”
    you are right @also

  99. 99
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#### & also…: It will be interesting to see how he will look tonight. I really hope he doesn’t slick his hair back, but I have a feeling it will be. Also, looking forward to what he will say to the press . Even though this is a LACMA event honoring Marty, there will be a lot of talk of WOWS. In a way, this is going to be the first real promo for WOWS. Hopefully, he will have fun with the press and not be so rehearsed like GG.
    @#89: OMG! That is an awful image stuck in my head! LOL!!

  100. 100
    @Zzzzz Says:

    fat spinster alert

  101. 101
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#### & also…: I’m off until later tonight. I’m sure there will be a new thread by then. Catch up with you later! ;)

  102. 102
    sticky Says:


    aww don’t talk about yourself that way.

  103. 103
    trekkie Says:

    this camilla looks like something off of star trek.

  104. 104
    Tumblr Says:

    Here’s a different picture from yesterday

  105. 105
    Blue carpet Says:

    Cameron ‏@c4mer0n 45 min
    Walking the blue carpet at @lacma’s Art + Film Gala (hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese!)…

  106. 106
    @102 Says:

    why are you trying to defend that stupid poster @Zzzzz??She doesn’t deserve it.She is a fat spinster.

  107. 107
    @blue carpet Says:

    @Blue carpet: So Scorsese made it to the gala, right?

  108. 108
    Well Says:

    Let’s hope he’ll make it, he is the one being honored tonight.

  109. 109
    @well Says:

    @Well: I’m laughing so hard at the”insider” who wanted to convince everyone here that Leo would take Toni to the LACMA event

  110. 110
    @wellWell Says:

    still responding to yourself? agreeing with yourself. laughing so hard at you.

  111. 111
    Black sharpie Says:

    @Blue carpet:
    This guy is a tad underdressed, no?? I don’t really think he is going tonight!

  112. 112
    @110lunatic Says:

    you are obsessed with certain regulars and you “see” them behind every post.You are insane.

  113. 113
    @112 Says:

    Exactly. Best to ignore.

  114. 114
    #### Says:


    Yeah she posted a pic at about 4 NYC time showing her in the studio for VS so don’t think she’ll be at LACMA.

  115. 115
    Frozoid Says:

    He looks 50. All of that smoking and boozing has caught up with him.

  116. 116
    what Says:

    what time does the event start?

  117. 117
    LOL42 Says:

    I think @Leo’s PR posing as fans brings up some good points and questions, doesn’t mean I agree with everything. And it’s a nice change from the same 5 girls (I assume they are girls) having conversation with each other and being dismissive of anyone else or their opinions if it doesn’t fall in line with them. But it’s an open forum, they are free to comment and enjoy themselves, just like @Leo’s PR posing as fans is free to ask questions and hate on Leo. Like ALSO poster likes to say, if you don’t like it, skip it! My only issue is the constant consecutive posting. I can see that you’re trying to even the scales (I am not a fan of the female bashing, it takes 2 to agree to be in a relationship) BUT the past few pages didn’t have any or much Toni bashing and you are just going off. It’s entertaining break though, like that lyrics poster and the hashtag poster.

  118. 118
    @106 Says:


    calm down. go eat some marzipan.

  119. 119
    @117 Says: not the actual @LOL42.

  120. 120
    116 Says:



  121. 121
    @116 Says:


    6:30 PST

  122. 122
    #### Says:


    I thought it was 6:30?

  123. 123
    Quote for Leo Says:

    “The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.”

  124. 124
    LOL42 Says:

    Thank you for that 119
    FFS 117 is NOT ME!!!!!!!!!
    Why do I have to come on here and see this BS on the constant? What-the-Helll

  125. 125
    @124 Says:

    That psycho poster is repeating word for word what some other posters wrote on an earlier Leo thread as a new post and is using your name. I think its that whackjob troll that targets other posters.

  126. 126
    HAHA12 Says:

    I think it’s the same troll who calls Zzzz a ‘fat spinster’ or attacks her every time she posts. Did you piss off someone on here that bad because they come after you almost every day!

  127. 127
    @LOL42 Says:

    “Why do I have to come on here and see this BS on the constant? What-the-Helll”
    you brought this to yourself.karma is a b*tch

  128. 128
    LOL42 Says:

    LOL. You ask me that all the time. I don’t know what you want me to say except care enough to piss off some radndom joe on an internet blog. The have the obsession with me and mental problems, not me and I’m going to keep posting here

  129. 129
    LOL42 Says:

    ….*random* joe on an internet blog. *They8 have the obsession with me and mental problems, not me and I’m going to keep posting here

  130. 130
    HAHA12 Says:

    It’s always either you or Zzzz they target, find it odd. When they attack ‘also’ I know why atleast because they explain themselves, but when they attack you it seems so random. Lol, just ignore them. Most people can tell the difference between you and the person who keeps stealing ur name.

  131. 131
    @124/126 Says:

    Post 113 said it best. Ignore the whackjob, her obsession with strangers on here prove how insane and lonely she truly is. Let her stew, you guys only feed the loon and derail the thread by giving it attention

  132. 132
    :( Says:

  133. 133
    133 Says:

    Damn! He looks old.

  134. 134
    SMOKIN' Says:

    BFD; Leo shows up at some high society event with one of his other Big Love wives and everybody here has a cow.

  135. 135
    not with toni Says:

    I forgot to mention something very very important(at least for me) => Leo IS SMILING here!
    It’s so beautiful to see him smile.
    Most of the time at official events he looks sad or grumpy and it’s distressing to see this.I’m expecting new photos from the LACMA event to enjoy his beautiful smile!
    Irrelevant, to posters who don’t like his slicked back hair:i’m curious to see some pics of what you consider as ideal hairstyle for Leo ‘cos i find him attractive the way he is.

  136. 136
    Free Leo Says:

    @not with toni:

    And definitely more relaxed.

  137. 137
    @not with toni Says:

    these hairstyles would be better

  138. 138
    @not with toni Says:


  139. 139
    not with toni Says:

    @@not with toni: OMG!!! Thank you so much for these pics.
    The first one is from one of my favourite Leo-photoshoots and i wish i had ALL the pics from this particular photoshoot but i don’t know how to search these pics.
    I agree his looks great here :p

  140. 140
    #### Says:

    Do we have no pics from LACMA yet?

  141. 141
    #142 & 143 Says:

    These pics are proof he can be one gorgeous man if he chose to take care of his appearance.

  142. 142
    HAHA12 Says:

    I hope we get pics of Leo posing with the other actors in attendance. Seems he’s usually alone at these events.

  143. 143
    #### Says:

    @#142 & 143:

    Absolutely!!! Thanks for the pics. The man is definitely gorgeous just sometimes unkempt, sloppy, has slicked back hair, etc. LOL

  144. 144
    liz Says:

    Camilla is so gorgeous and classy

  145. 145
    #### Says:


    I’ve already checked twitter and no one has tweeted anything but I’m going to keep checking! :-)

    Well remember the poster who posted that pic of his family including Milan and his family there with him??

  146. 146
    @#### Says:


    They were also with him at last night screening of Rebel Without A Cause.

  147. 147
    #### Says:


    His whole family and Milan and his family??? Cool.

    How do you know? Were you there?

  148. 148
    HAHA12 Says:

    Just found this pic of Leo and Marty posted on Twitter

  149. 149
    #### Says:


    Yay!!! Thanks!

  150. 150
    @#### Says:


    She (Milan’s mom) posted a comment on twitter.

  151. 151
    HAHA12 Says:

    Let’s hope the front of his face looks as good as his profile does in that pic LOL.

  152. 152
    Well Says:

    Hope JJ will have some treats of Leo and Marty for us from tonight’s LACMA event.

  153. 153
    #### Says:


    This is the same lady who posted first about last night too.

    The pic is blurry but his hair doesn’t look slicked back! Fingers crossed!!! :-)

  154. 154
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    Leo looks like my type regardless what his hair looks like and I like it the way he likes it.

  155. 155
    #### Says:

    Anayanci (@AnayanciBecerra)
    11/2/13, 8:16 PM
    I took a picture of Leonardo Dicaprio at the Art+Film Gala at #LACMA

    Hasn’t posted pic yet.

  156. 156
    #### Says:

    So JJ has pics of Kate Hudson and Salam hayak but none of Leo. WTF!!!

    Twitter has pics of them and Zoe Saldana and fervid and josh duhamdl but none of Leo. :-(

  157. 157
    #### Says:


    Meant fergie and josh duhamel

  158. 158
    Lacma Says:

    Really small picture.,_los_angeles

  159. 159
    #### Says:



  160. 160
    LOL Says:

  161. 161
    @LOL Says:


    And once again nobody remembers Toni.

  162. 162
    #### Says:


    Well would they list her if she’s not an ex yet? lol

  163. 163
    HAHA12 Says:

  164. 164
    HAHA12 Says:

    Wireimage has more pics of Leo and Marty

  165. 165
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: there are photos of Leo and Marty at LACMA. He looks good and I think he cut his hair. He isn’t smiling in any of the photos.

  166. 166
    #### Says:


    Ugh I can’t open your link. Where’d you find the pic(s)?

  167. 167
    HAHA12 Says:

    He looks alright, I have a feeling its only in photos he doesn’t look good. In motion he tends to look better. He’s somewhat smiling in only like 2 photos. He would look better if he chose to either get rid of the beard or slicked hair. Both is not a good look.

  168. 168
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Oops meant to say on BZ

  169. 169
    HAHA12 Says:

    There’s a lot on BZ

  170. 170
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: His hair doesn’t look as bad as last night’s and it is definitely shorter.

  171. 171
    #### Says:


    Wow he did cut his hair and it’s not as slicked back as he’s been doing it so that’s an improvement! :-)

    Wish he would smile.

  172. 172
    #### Says:


    His face is showing his age too.

  173. 173
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I’m surprised we haven’t seen any video. I remember the first time he chaired the event he gave interviews. Maybe we will get some later on tonight. I’m off for a bit. Hopefully when I check back there will be a new thread! Later ladies! ;)

  174. 174
    ugh Says:

    I can’t believe you people are still harping on the whole slicked back hair thing …seriously??? is this what you worry about in your lives? LMAO you ppl are f*ckin ridiculous! and ANNOYING!

  175. 175
    hm Says:

    its cus of the hair and nasty ass beard he is not reaching his potential in hotness

  176. 176
    yaya Says:

    He fixed his hair! Much better!

  177. 177
    Twitter Says:

    Adam Winkler ‏@adamwinkler 10m
    Leonardo Dicaprio vaping at LACMA’s Art + Film Gala.

  178. 178
    What's next Says:

    He clean up well. Major improvement from his two previous looks however no one single smile.

    On the other hand, Martin looks adorable.

  179. 179
    Leo smiling Says:

  180. 180
    Leo smiling Says:

  181. 181
    #### Says:

    Hollywood Bulletin (@HWoodBulletin)
    11/2/13, 11:14 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio joins honoree and good friend Martin Scorsese at the LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala…

  182. 182
    Girl Says:

    Who’s that brunette girl sitting next to him? Anyone know who he went with?

  183. 183
    #### Says:


    She’s in some pics with Leo standing between her and an older guy.

  184. 184
    Girl Says:

    Oh maybe it’s that chow woman that was cohosing or whatever. Is it over yet? Wish we could get more pics

  185. 185
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#### & Girl: I think it is the lady who is the co-host of the event. I am surprised there isn’t a new thread. There are some great photos out there. The one where Leo is laughing with Marty is fab!

  186. 186
    #### Says:


    There are some good pics of Leo. Did you see the one of him hitting his e-cig?? He just can’t put it down! LOL

  187. 187
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: This is such a cute photo!

  188. 188
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: As an ex-smoker – nicotine is one of the most addictive substances. Those e-cigs are pure nicotine and just encourages the addiction to continue.
    Oh and the lady with is Eva Chow the co-host

  189. 189
    #### Says:


    I like that pic.

  190. 190
    #### Says:


    I’m an ex-smoker too but he has it pretty bad!

  191. 191
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I think he must have been at least a two pack a day kind of smoker. But I really think those e-cig give people a false sense of kicking the habit. They are in effect switching from one problem to another. Although, I’ve read e-cig aren’t great for you, they are better than regular cigs.
    Remember to set your clock back an hour! YEA! Another hour of sleep!

  192. 192
    lovely cut Says:

    good lord,those smile/laugh:

  193. 193
    lovely cut Says:

    here he looks like a sexy wax statue and the others take pix with,so handsome:

  194. 194
    not with toni Says:

    @lovely cut: Good lord! Like a sexy wax statue indeed!!<3 <3
    All this Leo-pics -feast here in JJ lmfao it seems like November will be my month^^
    PS ohh and i LOVE his slicked back hair just because Leo himself loves it.
    He's always so hot<3

  195. 195
    not with toni Says:

    newscom has many pics from the delicious cupcake.

  196. 196
    not with toni Says:

    typo *of

  197. 197
    :) Says:

    @not with toni
    delicious cupcake indeed haha

  198. 198
    No new thread? Says:

    He isn’t smiling in a lot of pictures but he doesn’t look tense or miserable or moody either. He looks good and chill and content. I like most of the pictures! And Marty is just adorbs.
    Hoping to get videos of his speech and other moments of the night and was really expecting a new thread..? Maybe JJ will make one Sunday morning.

  199. 199
    P Says:

    The DM has beautiful pictures of lot of the celebrities that were at the event, who along with Leo, were not covered on JJ for some reason.
    Kate Hudson looked fab!

  200. 200
    @199 Says:

    I thought he looked good as well. He’s kinda smirking/half-smiling in most pictures. And his suit was perfect! The hair is def shorter so does that mean the hair growing out was just because he felt like letting it grow? No Viking project? This pic is great

    And lol..err, where is ”she WILL be there. Wait and see. I am telling you”?

  201. 201
    @200 Says:

    Wow Kate Hudson’s dress is gorgeous indeed. Amy Adams looks pretty as well. James Franco used to look more dapper…
    And Amber Valetta was there? Lol.

  202. 202
    lovely cut Says:

    @not with toni: always at the same boat,hun!<3<3

    re the slicked hair:at the lacma with marty was good but the other night not so much esp. with that beard!still handsome but not like tonight! although i don't see him old gut like the other posters say,to me it's like there's a dust of time on his face and if he just take care of him more he'll be really at the top for almost anyone!
    don't know why he's trying so hard not to be his real while most of people don't have this chance of borning with sexiness/hotness?maybe it's because he wanna be recognised as a great actor not a handsome symbol but to me it doesn't work at all! you know his "i'm sexy" is in his inside and it's walking in front of him when he's trying to put it away/hide it! it's obvious by his movies even when he's acting as a not sexy symbol guy-like j edgar or this belfort somehow. just with those fat belly/calvin candie's beard/dirty looks he gives to himself,he looks older guy who needs bath/trimmed-that makes him not sexy for some people/women but as soon as he try to be a little dapper/classic everything shows up:he's better than any of those brad pitt or anyone else who always trying to be handsome-ofcourse to me! wish he was more comfortable with himself then i think even it could make his acting better than now cause being comfortable with yourself shows your talent more! don't know how i gotta explain it so just hope i'll be undrestandable at this point!

  203. 203
    j Says:

    Irrelevant and not Leo- related but could you explain THIS pic?

  204. 204
    lovely cut Says:

    amy adams<3 love her acting and cuitness! she and leo was really good in if you can catch me!reunite

    seems this lacma gala always invite models with name-last year karlie kloss now RHW-but i don't think when leo and toni be over she even can walk the show since heis one of co-chairs of this lacma(every year as i know)

  205. 205
    lovely cut Says:

    @j: was that taken at the after party? don’t think tom hanks goes there with a bottle in his hand unless it’d be after party pix
    btw,seems leo’s suit is the one he wore for great gatsby’s cannes premier! if not sure it’s from the same design from the designer!

  206. 206
    j Says:

    @lovely cut
    it’s from the same designer, you are right :)

  207. 207
    lovely cut Says:

    wanna see the after party pix too! if jj won’t choose his great pix of this lacma night as we saw,will be needed a big slap! show his smiling/sexy pix jj!yammy

  208. 208
    LOL42 Says:

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing. She was also at that Interview party during NY Fashion Week that Leo was at. Actually both Amber and Toni featured in the mag (Amber was one of the covers). They must run into each other often. lol
    Thanks for the pics P.

  209. 209
    @209 Says:

    Yeah. It’s gotta be normal by now, I mean for his GFs to run into each other. They’re in the same circles after all. Just a couple days ago Gis and Erin walked the same show, prob ran into each other backstage and all. Lol. Toni is prob cast to walk VSFS and I still think Erin will too. It is awkward, but at the same time not so..I guess.
    I do wonder what happens when Leo walks into one of his exes tho. Never heard/read stories, except for that one time he was at some NYC club same time Gis and her hubby were there. It said Leo didn’t even look their way and was busy with his phone. Lol.

  210. 210
    LACMA Says:

    Brief video moment at 2:35 mark

  211. 211
    LACMA Says:

    Nice picture!1/sacha-baron-cohen-leonardo-dicaprio-tom-hanks-and-isla-fisher/

  212. 212
    LACMA Says:

    GREAT picture

  213. 213
    LACMA Says:

    Saw these on BZ. Died a little. The cuteness of these two!

  214. 214
    @214 Says:

    Ugh. I f^cking love working Leo/Leo the actor. I look so differently at him when he’s amongst his peers and equals at these kind of events.

  215. 215
    @215 Says:

    @@214: nobody cares what you like wh.ore!

  216. 216
    @216 Says:

    F^ck you obsessed moron.

  217. 217
    equalizer Says:

    “His equals”? Like being good actors or as famous as he is makes them superior people? It doesn’t. I love Scorsese and he seems like a good man now, but he’s been married like 5 times. Many of these people probably have sketchy personal lives and inlated egos. Stop judging people on what they do for a living or how successful they are.

  218. 218
    @equalizer Says:

    It’s much better than to see him surrounded by impressionable barely legals and youngsters, that’s for sure. Regardless of their sketchy personal lives and inflated egos, most of these people are mature, grown intellectuals. I agree with #215.

  219. 219
    equalizer Says:

    Yeah, Kate Hudson sounds so mature and intellectual in her interviews. That’s a laugh. Maturity and intelligence don’t always come with age.

    If Leo wants to hang out with barely legals in his personal life, that’s on him. Some of them might be more mature and grounded than him. If they’re not, at least they still have the excuse of being young.

  220. 220
    Well Says:

    Interesting and informative article from the event (translated from Italian)
    JJ, no pictures yet from LACMA with Leo and Scorsese????

  221. 221
    @equalizer Says:

    Can you read? Lol. I said ”most of them”, but obviously you read it however you like to just to prove your point. And nowhere did I say it’s not on him if he likes to hang out with barely legals and youngsters. It obviously is, and he obviously likes it. No, he LOVES it. But it’s my damn right to tell I like him better when he’s amongst mature people and people of his own age and potential intellect. Nobody has to agree. Geez, you are a laugh.

  222. 222
    Instagram Says:

    Damn, he looks dazed here lol.

  223. 223
    equalizer Says:

    Most of them probably aren’t that mature or intellectual, at least not the ones photographed. It’s you’re right to give whatever opinion you please, and it’s mine as well.

  224. 224
    @224 Says:

    Pretty sure Scorsese, Tom Hanks, Amy Adams, Zoe Saldana, RDJ, Jimmy Kimmel and Will Ferrell amongst others are much more mature and intellectual than Toni, Toni’s friends or the youngsters who he takes home for after parties taking pictures at his house.

  225. 225
    @218 Says:


    The elitist snobs believe Leo deserves to be hanging out with an intellectual, mature crowd simply because he’s a good actor and he’s pushing 40, while they obsess over his looks and and what his latest young model gf is doing every minute. It’s kind of crazy if you ask me, but to each their own.

  226. 226
    @225 Says:


    Pretty sure most of those people are more mature and intellectual than Leo, too, or at least good at acting the part thanks to their years of experience

  227. 227
    Well Says:

    I don’t think anyone can deny that between him appearing publicly in a 3 piece tux next to Scorsese for a prestigious Film Foundation event and him appearing dressed like a pimp in some Cannes (or Vegas, NY or Miami) nightclubs surrounded by barely legal escorts….we all prefer watching him in the first category.

  228. 228
    @227 Says:

    That’s not what I was saying. I was comparing them to the crowd he hangs out with and while I believe Leo has the same maturity level of those he hangs out with, I believe he doesn’t live up to his potential. That’s my point. The people he hangs out with behave their age. Leo does not/does not want to, while he is able to. That’s what I believe.

  229. 229
    JJ Says:

    JJ is covering the LACMA I guess.. There are a couple of threads already with Robert Downey Jr. and Will Ferrell. A new one for Leo must be coming.

  230. 230
    @228 Says:

    Appearances aren’t everything. In fact, they don’t mean a whole lot when you know he has looked as happy or happier with those barely legal models than he does at these prestige events.

  231. 231
    S Says:

    Leo is looking handsome, glad the event went well for him. All the pics are great!

  232. 232
    Well Says:

    Appearances might not mean everything. But the relfection of what it gives can mean something.

  233. 233
    @233 Says:

    So it’s about presenting a better image of himself? I have no use for that. There are enough phonies in Hollywood. If he’s emotionally suited to young women, that’s who he should be with. No one should be charged with forcing him to grow up, and in fact no one can make him. It’s up to him, and it will involve more than going to fancy events and putting on a good show.

  234. 234
    @234 Says:

    No one forces him to sh*t. No one makes or can make him do a thing.
    That the point, really? Lol.
    ”Emotionally suited to young women”, yeah this part is pretty correct. He has the emotional maturity level of a 22 y/o. A mature woman who’s grown and has matured emotionally is too much for him. That’s why he stays away from them.

  235. 235
    @#235 Says:

    Truth. It’s just that it’s gonna become real creepy when he’s gonna be pushing 50 and still be hitting on barely legals because ‘he’s emotionally suited to them’.

  236. 236
    Garrn's Twitter Says:

    Toni Garrn ‏@RealToniGarrn 20 min
    Beautiful view from our office today! #hamptons @gillianwilkins gsmithedhouse #brianbuenaventura

  237. 237
    @237 Says:

    @Garrn’s Twitter:
    I hope you don’t take this wrong, but what has what Garrn has on her twitter go to do with anything right now?. She’s not mentioned in this post, nor last night and there’s no Leo info or news to get from that tweet. Weird obsession

  238. 238
    Blacksharpie Says:

    He looks good. I guess the hair wasn’t for a particular role, just laziness? I think he has two very distinct sides – the polished, professional side and the sloppy personal side. I guess we all do but his are very distinct and separate, more so than other people. Maybe it keeps him grounded and sane. Who knows.

  239. 239
    #### Says:

    @Garrn’s Twitter:

    A tweeter posted that toni made the casting for the VSFS yesterday.

  240. 240
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Obviously, people are interested in their relationship. Have you read this thread over the past few days?!?! Her tweet just gives confirmation that she stayed in NY.
    Personally, I think his efforts to keep his private life private only makes people more curious and generates more interest. JMO

  241. 241
    #### Says:


    Kind of disappointed that he cut his hair. I was really hoping that it was for a role. I really want to see him get back to work on something! :-(

  242. 242
    shir Says:

    Video from inside the gala

  243. 243
    HAHA12 Says:

    Really like this pic, it’s always nice to see him with other peers because it seems like he doesn’t have that many actor friends in Hollywood. I hope we get a pic of him with Amy Adams, she is so gorgeous!
    The pics with Marty are adorable too.

  244. 244
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Me too. He has not worked as an actor in almost a year. I guess he could be doing some behind the scenes stuff. If you look back over his career though, he has taken long periods of time off before. Let’s hope he starts working on a role right after WOWS promotion. As it is, he probably won’t have a movie out in 2014.

  245. 245
    also... Says:

    @####: I think it was obvious that she was going to be in the VSFS. I mean she is Leo’s official toy so I think it was a sure thing that’s she’s gonna be there. Probably featured more than in the past. I guess there will be jokes about him with regards to the VSFS as well. I wonder if he will show up at the after party after taping the show…
    I actually have to admit that I started to give more ( and more ) credit to poster ‘just a guy’. I’m still not there to say I believe everything 100% but he might just have a source. JMO.

  246. 246
    #### Says:

    Lynda Erkiletian (@THERealLyndaDC)
    11/2/13, 10:22 PM
    What is cinema? @LACMA Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio presenting to his mentor.

    I want to see the video of Leo presenting to Marty!

  247. 247
    @shir Says:

    Omgosh! At the end of Leo’s speech when Marty comes up and they hug, if you listen carefully, Leo says ”I love you” x3 and Marty says ”I love you too” x2. I am dead.

  248. 248
    @#### Says:

    I’m confused about the hair situation too now tbh. The beard has been trimmed and the hair has been cut, and filming has not started so was it not for a role in the first place as rumored???

  249. 249
    HAHA12 Says:

    Aw that’s such a sweet speech. Leo looks really good in motion compared to pictures I’ve noticed.

  250. 250
    Blacksharpie Says:

    As I said earlier, the long hair and beard may have just been laziness!?
    Maybe he looked at pics from Friday night and decided he should “clean” himself up? I thought he looked the worst at Armani. It’s interesting he didn’t cut his hair and beard for that. Maybe because it wasn’t a “Hollywood” event?

  251. 251
    HAHA12 Says:

    I’m really curious what his new project will be then. Some think it’s going to be Aquaman.

  252. 252
    @251 Says:

    But then why keep it like that for so long? He has been sporting that beard and hair for almost all of the year, that’s some smelly dedication and I honestly thought it was for his ‘art’ and towards a project. Guessed wrong

  253. 253
    #### Says:



  254. 254
    not with toni Says:

    @Blacksharpie: “As I said earlier, the long hair and beard may have just been laziness!?”
    Thank Gosh you believe it’s because of laziness and not because of an oncoming project ..
    Posters here are obsessed over Leo’s looks(slicked back hair )
    and whenever he grows out his hair a new conspiracy theory begins…
    The man just loves this look. That’s very simple.

  255. 255
    HAHA12 Says:


  256. 256
    Leo & Marty = Love Says:

    Video of Leo presenting to Martin Sorsese

  257. 257
    Lacma Says:

    Ethan at the event

  258. 258
    Lacma Says:

    Also Lukas

  259. 259
    Love this photo Says:

  260. 260
    #### Says:


    That articles from 2009 though. What makes you think it’s his next role?

  261. 261
    Fan Says:

    Nice pictures! And what a gratifying night it was for Leo to honor his mentor.
    So we see his good friends were in attendance as well as his mom and her bf to support this great event and be proud of Leo’s accomplishment .
    I bet Leo had a blast at the after-party and at the “after” after-partes:)

  262. 262
    hmm Says:

    A girl for Lukas? Maybe that is why he has not been with Leo on his miserable dates with Toni. lol

  263. 263
    HAHA12 Says:

    It’s still in development, though. WOWS was in development for over 5 years until it got made, I have a feeling his next project, whatever it is, may be something none of us expect.

  264. 264
    not with toni Says:

    Leo has his father’s facial features (nose, forehead , lips,eyebrows ) and his mother’s blonde hair blue eyes and probably the shape of eyes . But i think the more he grows older the more he resembles his father.

  265. 265
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    You know I think the same thing! I just wish he had his dad’s head of hair! Lol

  266. 266
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @Love this photo:
    He has a great smile. Too bad we don’t see it more often. He seems relaxed at this event. I don’t know what the deal is with women, he usually looks pained when he is photographed with whatever woman is in his life. Maybe it’s just because he is being papped.

  267. 267
    @#265 Says:

    i see his mother’s round face and almond shaped eyes, and his father’s lips. his nose looks different from either of them, but noses change over time, or if they’re broken. his forehead, hairline, and brows look like his maternal grandfather’s

  268. 268
    #### Says:


    That has a list of the movies that appian way is producing. A few of them have screenwriters so maybe one of those would be the next film he’ll start.

  269. 269
    is this the same woman?? Says:

    Is this woman his wife?

  270. 270
    @279 Says:

    Yep that’s his wife.

  271. 271
    @270 Says:

    I meant @270 obvi.

  272. 272
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thanks, I just checked the site and the only one confirmed is Ben Affleck’s Live By Night, Leo is only producing it but I wonder if he might have a small supporting role in it? Also Aquaman is one of the film in development, same with The Devil In The White City

  273. 273
    @268 Says:

    His brows definitely look like his dad’s to me. Same shape, only less bushy and lighter. And he inherited his infamous gait from his dad lol

  274. 274
    @273 Says:

    Aquaman? For real? lol! Somehow can’t imagine him playing a comic book superhero. I don’t know why that is.
    Vincent Chase ‘played’ Aquaman in Entourage lol. As if there weren’t enough resemblances with his life and Entourage.

  275. 275
    @hmm Says:

    We can see her better here:
    I don’t know who she is, but she’s cute and …..brunette:)

  276. 276
    not with toni Says:

    @@#265: I’m sure Leo had a nose-job
    when he was very young( before Titanic) i can spot the differences especially on the tip of his nose that’s why i’m saying this.
    As it concerns his heart shaped face(even his face shape is <3 <3 *lolz*!!)
    and his damn cute cheeks well.. both his parents have cheeks but Leo takes the cheeks-award!!!

  277. 277
    HAHA12 Says:

    Isn’t Entourage inspired by a lot of Leo’s life? Lol I need to check out that show one of these days.
    He stays away from comic book movies, but it would be interesting if he tried it.

  278. 278
    @277 Says:

    Whut? No way he had a nose-job. It’s super normal a that a kid’s nose undergoes minor alteration during puberty and adolescence. My nose was different when I was a kid too. Lol.
    @HAHA12: True. Even some producers and screenwriters admitted that. The audience initially thought it was based on Mark Wahlberg’s life because he was producing the show but it was actually more based on Leo’s. You have to watch the show. Gives a lot of insight on how things work in their business, too. Jeremy Piven’s character alone is worth watching it ;)
    I’m there with you in regards to comic book heroes. Wouldn’t mind at all if he’d play one.

  279. 279
    @278 Says:

    You’ve seen this?
    Lol. This scene is so Leo.

  280. 280
    yes Says:

    #not with toni; about the rhinoplasty i agree.

  281. 281
    #### Says:


    Wouldn’t the ones with screenwriters be closer to filming?

  282. 282
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL, it’s like they followed him on camera when he wasn’t filming.
    Probably, but for most of them they say Leo is only producing. That’s why I am not sure what his next project will be.

  283. 283
    HAHA12 Says:

    You’re right, I just googled it and one of the producers said he based one of the characters on Leo’s personality. And another said the show was more based on Leo than it was on Wahlberg. Gotta check it out lol

  284. 284
    #### Says:

    Showbiz 411 (@showbiz411)
    11/3/13, 10:04 AM
    Sting Serenades Scorsese At A List Gala in Hollywood with Beatty, Fonda, DiCaprio and More

    Now we know why Marty was help up on Friday?

  285. 285
    @284 Says:

    Definitely. It made me ‘understand’ his behaviour more. It made me understand the world he, and a lot of super famous actors’ live in more too. Hollywood is crazy and he, along with lots of other actors, is a product of that world.

  286. 286
    HAHA12 Says:

    It sounds interesting. I watched a documentary on E! about Hollywood and the secrets of it and Leo was referenced a bit. It talked about what really goes down at those clubs he frequents and a lot of other things, gave me a better insight on Leo’s life.

  287. 287
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi! He looks great in the video where he is introducing Marty.
    Re scripts: it’s a good sign if there is a writer attached to the project, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a finished script or even a first draft.

  288. 288
    @287 Says:

    Yep. And how shallow everything is aside from their jobs. And how it’s almost impossible to be otherwise with fame and money that comes so early, how everything is being taken care of FOR you and how they made taking no for an answer a habit, and the insane ego-boost. In the end it’s inevitable they become who they are when they are as big a star as Leo is.

  289. 289
    #### Says:


    Now you make me want to watch entourage!

  290. 290
    @290 Says:

    Lol. You should! Not only because one of the characters is based on Leo but it’s a real fun show! ;)

  291. 291
    HAHA12 Says:

    Ikr, haven’t you noticed he looks better in motion compared to pictures usually? And hopefully there’ll be an announcement of his next project by early 2014. I kind of hope it is Aquaman lol.
    Very true. When I watched the documentary I was shocked at some of the things shown that actually go down at those clubs, and wonder if Leo has been apart of that. For example there are apparently sex slaves underground and a lot of questionable activities go down there but I forgot. His personal life really is such a contrast to his professional life. Like 2 completely opposite people. I really am going to try to watch Entourage soon now.

  292. 292
    @292 Says:

    ”His personal life really is such a contrast to his professional life.”
    Absolutely. But that’s it, everything serious and worthy of putting intellectual and emotional effort in evolves around their jobs and aside from that it’s really shallow and superficial. Just to have fun and you’ll see what their understanding of ”fun” is most of the time. Lol.
    I do hope he’s never been involved in such crazy and gross activities though. But all kinds of other craziness and shallowness you’ll see it back in the show too. The playboy mansion, escorts, how they are with girls/women in general etc etc. Also lots of good stuff like what goes down when making a movie, how agencies and producers/production companies work and often fight for a script or an actor. The corruption and power games, the PR side. It’s just all very Hollywood.

  293. 293
    not with toni Says:

    Ok now . People forget that this is an industry where someone has to sell a product . It’s easier to attract the audience and make people go and watch the series- which is supposedly based on Leo’s life-when they refer to Leo’s life.———Why Leo’s life?=> He is a megastar, a legend and people are curious to see even a little bit of his personal life.
    So, these people make statements like” it’s based on Leo’s life” because this makes the series more bankable.Leo’s name means more money
    -i personally find it sad – it’s true
    Of course, there are some little “truths” BUT everything is blown out of proportion.
    In other words, the characters portray what people want to see and not necessarily the reality . Leo is very private no way would he consent to having his personal life “depicted” in a series

  294. 294
    Martin Scorsese Says:

    guest starred on Entourage and the episode was about him directing a re imagining of The Great Gatsby with the character based on Leo as the lead. His character also achieved fame by starring in James Cameron’s Aquman. Coincidence not.

  295. 295
    @294 Says:

    Lol. Do you really think people who work in that business don’t know about actors’ lives and how they live it? Of course they don’t know every detail. How can they possibly? Entourage’s affiliation with Leo’s life (or any other big movie star for that matter) is a known thing. One of his best pals is a main character in the show. Surely if it wasn’t true or blown out of proportion or said only to make money off of Leo’s name he would have made a statement about it. It’s not a scandalous show or something lol. But whatever. All I can say is just watch a couple eps and you know what I mean. Or don’t. What do I care lol.

  296. 296
    @295 Says:

    Exactlyyyy my point lol! Thanks. Lots of real people from Hollywood guest starred in the show and Leo’s name is being mentioned a lot throughout the show.

  297. 297
    @297 Says:

    not with toni is sensitive in regards to everything about Leo. Its all good.

  298. 298
    not with toni Says:

    “and leo’s name is being mentioned lot throughout the show”
    Wonder why!!
    Leo’s name = more money…

  299. 299
    @297 Says:

    @not with toni:
    Because Leo = 2nd Most Bankable Actor
    Hes more famous than ever

  300. 300
    @299 Says:

    Rotfl. Yeah that’s why. The show wasn’t doing great by itself at all. Leo’s name made it big. Lol.
    I hear ya ;) I’ll shut up now haha.

  301. 301
    Entourage movie being made Says:

  302. 302
    So Says:

    Seriously no new thread with Leo at the event that he hosted?

  303. 303
    @302 Says:

    Read that earlier. Great news.
    (OT: Jeremy Piven is carrying a huge part of the Entourage audience all by himself. Of course he’d get paid a lot.)

  304. 304
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @So: ikr, how weird is that. Maybe it will be added later today.

  305. 305
    OMG Says:

    Leo with Warren Beatty at LACMA in 1998!

  306. 306
    lovely cut Says:

    jj is sending the pix of lacma like a giant Turtle!!! awful

  307. 307
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    @ Leo

    Leo baby you looked so sexy and gave a memorable speech.

    PS Love your new look!

    Love you forever,

    Maria Royse

  308. 308
    not with toni Says:

    @Leo’s Fan Girl:i poped in just to say hi to you. Oh, and i agree with your comment about Leo.
    Bye xoxo

  309. 309
    #### Says:


    So JJ has a thread for the women at LACMA last night but nothing with Leo???? This sucks!! :-(

  310. 310
    #### Says:

    Variety (@Variety)
    11/3/13, 11:09 AM
    Leonardo DiCaprio Leads A-List Crowd at LACMA Art + Film Gala

    Lots of heavyweights there last night!!!

  311. 311
    Ready? Says:

    For the madness if Leo already returned to Ny or not? lol

  312. 312
    silly Says:

    Where is that person that had “inside info” that Toni would be with Leo? Why go into hiding? Feeling like a b***h huh?! lol And Leo didn’t have a nose job. God you people are stupid!!

  313. 313
    @312 Says:

    Eventually he is going to. Most probably celebrating his birthday there coming weekend.

  314. 314
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi Lady! Like I was saying to @So, it’s so weird that they don’t have an article on Leo. Maybe they are asking too much for the photos? The one where he and Marty are at the table smiling is so cute, as is the one I posted last night and the one where Leo and Marty are standing, almost in profile, and smiling. Great photos and he cleaned up really nice.
    re Lukas: It’s nice to see him with a girl!

  315. 315
    @#313 Says:

    Many many many actors have a nose job. No biggie

  316. 316
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I’m gone until tonight. Hopefully, JJ will finally put up a new thread! Catch ya later! ;)

  317. 317
    Geez! Says:

    @Ready?: and @silly:


  318. 318
    #### Says:


    BZ has a lot of good pics too!

    I guess he’ll be on his way back to NYC now.

  319. 319
    not with toni Says:

    @@#313: Hell no.The tip of his nose doesn’t look so refined in some older pictures but this is just my own perception and at the end of the day judging only from a few pics no one can be sure because features can look altered under different angles and especially nose which is such a delicate facial feature in general. The illumination is a major factor too.
    Btw, i agree it’s not a big deal IF this is the case.

  320. 320
    OMG Says:

    Leo has a perfect nose, it’s always been his best facial feature

  321. 321
    also... Says:

    @Silly: That person just wanted to annoy JJ posters with those comments.
    @####: Why do you think he is on his way back to NYC? I just checked in and I have pages to read since this morning so …. have I missed something or this is just a guess?

  322. 322
    not with toni Says:

    @OMG: His nose is perfect indeed. But to me it’s not his best facial feature
    because ALL his features are perfect to me.Just the way he is.

  323. 323
    #### Says:


    Just saying that I guess he’ll be on his way back if not today in the next or two.

  324. 324
    #### Says:


    In the next DAY or two….

    Actually we really don’t know where he’s planning his bday party. I guess everyone is just assuming it’ll be in NYC since it has been there the last few years.

  325. 325
    @### Says:

    Not exactly. In 2010, he celebrated his birthday in Cairo and Israel.
    We never know, he might decide to go to Vegas this time.

  326. 326
    @313 Says:

    So you disagree with posters here, right ?? it doesn’t mean that you are the smart one. Actually It’s quite the opposite:you sound like a moron.
    If you don’t like what is written here,then move it. No one wants to read imbecilic comments.

  327. 327
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hey lady, you around? I have a second and was able to check out his post. I don’t think I have ever seen his thread so quiet. I’m shocked that JJ didn’t have a new thread. He was the host of the fricking event and they won’t do a article?

  328. 328
    #### Says:


    Hey there! It’s been quiet tonight. No sightings on twitter and nothing to talk about! LOL

    I’m surprised JJ didn’t do anything either. Strange….

  329. 329
    So Says:

    No clubs sightings this weekend… interesting.

  330. 330
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hopefully tomorrow we will have some new sightings or new info on WOWS promos. Talk to ya later! :)

  331. 331
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @So: I think he was taking it easy because of the LACMA event he was co-hosting. He probably was hanging with Marty and doing stuff for WOWS.

  332. 332
    @So Says:

    Lol. What Zzzzz said and he has to save energy for the coming weekend. It’s his last birthday before he turns 40 and I have a feeling it’s going to be WILD.

  333. 333
    #### Says:


    Definitely agree about his bday party!!! :-)

  334. 334
    haha Says:

    have a look at his nose in This Boys Life, I know he was much ypunger, but his nose looks quite fat!

  335. 335
    :( :( Says:

    @haha: Ok I just googled some pics of teen idols, Leo in This Boys Life…sorry girls he has def. had his nose refined :(

  336. 336
    @336 Says:

    Leo had a nose job. His nose was big.

  337. 337
    S Says:

    Maybe he was hanging out at home with his mom yesterday….since she was in town.

  338. 338
    clubbing Says:

    It’s not the first time he hasn’t been spotted clubbing over the weekend. He actually has been spotted very little over the past week.. not many sightings and I think it had to do with LACMA and WOWS, with Scorsese also being in town etc. Lol like #333 said, he will make up for it this weekend w/ his birthday coming up I’m sure. And hey, it’s good he’s taking a break every now and then right? Who likes bloated, beer belly-d Leo anyway?

  339. 339
    also... Says:

    Just because there are no sightings that doesn`t mean he wasn`t out. Usually there are less sightings in LA than in NYC.

  340. 340
    #### Says:

    Gulf News (@gulf_news)
    11/4/13, 3:01 AM
    Russia tycoon wants space trip with Leonardo DiCaprio:

    Interesting article about the guy who bid on the space trip with Leo. Looks like it will take place next year.

  341. 341
    well Says:

    No club sightings don’t necessarily mean no partying or not having guests to his house to party.
    It’s just that it’s probably not everyone who tweets pictures from his place.Some might decide to remain discreet.

  342. 342
    ^ Says:

    Maybe he’s feeling his forties right around the corner. It’s something that affected him as we saw in the Australian interview.. And he’s still clubbing and trying to hang with his boys that one by one has less time for him. Always there is one replacing the other one. In his last trips/clubbings/dates he had his 18 year old godson there with him, that sadly is most appropriate because his new companion has almost the same age.

  343. 343
    @343 Says:

    Makes sense actually. Especially if Lukas indeed has a girlfriend now I can see him not having company to join him. Lol. I’m sure he’ll always have some with him, but of his best buddies from the P. Posse only Lukas was left who supposedly was (or maybe still is) not in a serious relationship yet. Lol.

  344. 344
    #### Says:

    I think Leo always has friends who will go clubbing with him! LOL

  345. 345
    sighting Says:

    Leo is in NYC

  346. 346
    @346 Says:

    How do you know?

  347. 347
    silly Says:

    @also…: no one was talking to you No Life. I know this is your home and all.
    And no I’m not here everyday. I don’t, nor do I give a f*ck about what happened from threads 2 to 10 but some how I knew you would be on 13 being the loser that you are.
    Just because a few idiots on jj who think they know whats up with Leo’s life, feel he has had a nose job doesn’t make it so.
    I love it when you don’t know where he is. Stay hidden from these losers Leo!! Love you. You’re a beautiful shinning star!! :)

  348. 348
    also... Says:

    @348: Are you nuts? What the fcuk are you talking about? I haven’t posted for a while and even if I did… deal with it. It’s a public site and I can post whatever and whenever I want. Now I remember… I responded to you yesterday about the ‘inside info’ comment. You don’t wanna hear my response? Don’t read it. It’s a public site so ppl will respond to you whether you like it or not. No need to be so fcuking nasty about it. I didn’t argue with you. Either way be intelligent about it and ignore what you don’t like. You embarrass yourself not me… :eyeroll:

  349. 349
    @sighting Says:


    Confirmation? or it is as sure as Toni attending LACMA?

  350. 350
    troll alert Says:

    @silly Get the f*ck out of here. You are a moron who attacks posters here without a reason. TROLL.You don’t know how to behave in a public forum. go back to your cave

  351. 351
    @350 Says:


  352. 352
    @silly Says:

    if you can’t see Leo’s refined nose YOU are the stupid one and judging by your posts, it makes sense:))))

  353. 353
    ^ Says:

    @sighting: We can assume that Leo now lives in Ny so wouldnt surprise me. btw that search for place in Ny, I would like to know what exactly he is looking for because it seems that any apartment convinces him. lol Or is seeking a extensión from his LA house in Ny with plenty space for any visit. Friends, mom, lady friends (all of them).

  354. 354
    #### Says:


    I just checked twitter and didn’t see any sightings so I assume you saw something about him being there already? I mean it was obvious he would head back there after LACMA due to his b-day party this weekend.

  355. 355
    @SILLY Says:

    i like your moniker. It’s tailor-made for you.
    Leo wouldn’t be very proud of you, you are a disgrace of a fan…you sound like an illiterate high school drop-out with anger issues..umm i feel sorry for you. You need help

  356. 356
    well Says:

    Like @^ mentioned, we had to expect him going back to NY as he seemed to have been there lately. He probably even flew back with Scorsese. And with all the coming promo for WOWS, he’s got busy days and weeks ahead…

  357. 357
    #### Says:


    Plus add in his birthday party this weekend and the VS fashion show next week!

  358. 358
    also... Says:

    @####: Do you think he will go to VSFS? I don`t think so. There will be a lot of coverage of the event just like in the previous years ( show + after parties ) and him dating one of the models in the show… Lots of exposure and WOWS promo is just around the corner.
    But I agree that him being back to NYC is expected. He is apartment haunting and WOWS work ( promo + he is a producer ) and it does seem like NYC is his base now not LA.

  359. 359
    not with toni Says:

    To JJ posters;
    that poster @SILLY is definitely a troll =>she’s attacking JJ posters and the whole write-up along with her agressiveness prove it :)
    She will be here AGAIN to attack JJ posters again with nonsensical comments like;
    “you are here 24/7″
    “you are stupid ”
    “Leo is fine , why don’t you have a life”
    and now i KNOW that it will be her.
    It’s easy to spot her ‘cos her comments stick out a mile:))
    That troll has attacked me before under the moniker “OPPI”. She was accusing me of being here 24/7 among other things… and attacked my comments saying
    “Leo is fine”
    I’m expecting her next attack lmfao:))))))

  360. 360
    #### Says:


    I was wondering too if he would go to the VSFS. I guess we will see if there are any sightings. Is this the first time he’s been dating one of the VS models during the fashion show??? LOL

  361. 361
    also... Says:

    @####: I think it is. He broke up with Erin last year before the show I think. And two years ago he was there ( back from Sydney for his bday ) and there were sightings of him at the party.
    @not with toni: That person is really something. All I said to her was ( after she made fun of the poster who claimed Toni will go to LACMA ) that the poster was here only to annoy JJ posters. And then I get this reaction? Really? :eyeroll: Is this a hobby or a sport to go after people here?

  362. 362
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#### & also…: Hi Ladies! On for a sec before leaving for work – As far as I know, Leo has never attended a VSFS show. I know Lucas has, but never seen a picture of Leo at one, at least not recently. He has attended the after parties. The press already accuse him of looking through the VS catalog to pick gfs, imagine if he was seen attending one? IMO, even if he and Toni are together, he will be slammed.
    I’m out til tonight – catch ya later! ;)

  363. 363
    #### Says:


    Well this weekend will be interesting. Him having a birthday party and not being able to flirt with all the girls/models that will be there??? LOL Since this is a party FOR him and ABOUT him, I wonder if he can refrain himself while his girlfriend is there?

    And I guess we’ll see if he does go to the VSFS or now. Same thing, all those pretty young things in one place! Would he be able to refrain from flirting while his girlfriend’s right there??? LOL

  364. 364
    #### Says:


    Typo * VSFS or not….

  365. 365
    @#### Says:

    No he was dating Gisele for more than one VSFS.

  366. 366
    #### Says:


    LOL….well that was way before he became known as a modelizer and Gisele he actually liked! :-)

  367. 367
    @@#### Says:

    Right. He has been dating a model during the time of the VSFS. And h never attended the show.

  368. 368
    silly Says:

    I don’t know who “oppi” is but if she/he attacked you probably deserved it! I have never accused you of being here 24/7 but you know what you are!! You along with also who is also a loser! ;)

    @@SILLY: okay…. I’m so hurt….lol!

  369. 369
    @#### Says:

    Your question was is this the first time he’s been dating one of the VS models during the fashion show?
    The answer is no. Gisele was one of the models.
    And fyi he was already a modelizer.

  370. 370
    @#### Says:

    Really don’t think he’s gonna be there. I think him being at the after party is a stretch even. Lol.

  371. 371
    @370 Says:

    Yep he definitely already was Amber, Helena, Eva, Kate……………

  372. 372
    So Says:

    Leo going too the VSFS or party with Toni to eyeing a 18 year old girl that he will date in two years because he has to wait for her to be fully legal?

  373. 373
    also... Says:

    I meant VSFS AFTER PARTY earlier not the actual show. I also don’t think he attended the actual show before only after parties.
    As @#### said it’s a stretch if he’s going to the after party this year. I know he attended parties with Toni this year during fashion week but the VSFS + after party gets a lot of attention. We will see…
    @Silly: You think I’m a loser ? My life is in ruins. Keep posting so people can see who is the real loser!

  374. 374
    @371 Says:

    Yeah. If he wasn’t dating one of them right now I’d say maybe he’ll go to the after party but then again with WOWS being promoted soon? No way.

  375. 375
    #### Says:


    True but not to the point where gossip mags/sites make fun of him for it. LOL

    Really??? You think he’d miss the after party too?

  376. 376
    @376 Says:

    I’m positive he won’t be at the show and think it’s highly unlikely he will attend the after party. He’s being slammed already and we’ve been talking about how bad the comparisons between him and J. Belfort are gonna be already and now WOWS promotion is about to kick off attending the after party of one of the greatest, most exposed fashion show? One he’s being affiliated with so often and not in a good way? Surprised would be an understatement, I’d be pretty shocked if he went.

  377. 377
    also... Says:

    @####: Leo is very low key with her. Going to theVSFS after party while dating one if the models who walked the runway? There’s gonna be talk about him and Toni regardless since Toni’s name is often mentioned as ‘Leo’s gf’ now. Being at the after party in NYC would be a lot of exposure meanwhile he is trying to keep his relationship with her out of spotlight.

  378. 378
    @silly Says:

    @silly: You only talk about stuff like Entourage, right???

  379. 379
    @#370 Says:

    Exactly. Don’t forget Kristen Zang.
    We can only confirm that whe he started to date Gisele, he was already a modelizer.

  380. 380
    spot on Says:

    @@silly: This.
    Ignore. It doesn’t deserve it)))

  381. 381
    @379 Says:

    If you’re referring to the Entourage talks yesterday, one of them was me, I think I brought that topic up/recommended it, but I’m definitely not @silly. Don’t get why you thought that tho?

  382. 382
    also... Says:

    This person is in Long Island so I guess he is celebrating his bday in NYC.
    @BibleGirl666: In other news: I just got a personal invite to Leo DiCaprio’s birthday party which is next Sunday. So, that’s nice.

  383. 383
    not with toni Says:

    I was expecting your next attack , but wow!
    man…that was way too quick for someone
    who is not here 24/7 like you(sarcasm) …*lol*
    I wasn’t quite expecting you to admit that you are the OPPI troll
    Of course you are
    and i know how to spot your comments.
    There are these lovable “details” that give you away. It’s so damn easy!
    You just can’t hide honey :)))
    Bye now! oh…. and …
    “Leo,You’re a beautiful shinning star!! :)”
    at least, we agree on this :)

  384. 384
    @also Says:

    Long Island? Hmm. Toni was working in the Hamptons yesterday.

  385. 385
    @not with toni Says:

    Do not feed the troll please.

  386. 386
    HAHA12 Says:

    I’m expecting the most epic and wild party LOL. You know he’s gonna go all out since he’ll be one year closer to the big 4-0.

  387. 387
    #### Says:


    Someone with the name Biblegirl got a personal invite to Leo’s birthday party???? LOL

  388. 388
    #### Says:


    Also pretty brave to put that up on twitter don’t you think??? Now everyone knows the day…LOL

    He only frequents a few clubs in NYC right???

  389. 389
    @#### Says:

    You never know maybe he’s gonna throw a Gatsby-esque party in Long Island ;)

  390. 390
    also... Says:

    @385: Long Island / NYC.
    @####: this person is not a girl even though he dresses like one. Check out his photos and tumblr account…

  391. 391
    @385 Says:


    Yes, Toni delivered the invitation personally.

  392. 392
    @@385 Says:

    Yeah, that was what I thought lol.
    I thought maybe Leo was at the Hamptons too since the guy stated LI as his location. A guess, nothing more. Not fantasising, I don’t like Leo and Toni together at all.

  393. 393
    #### Says:


    I did. Could it be accurate that Leo personally invited this person to his birthday party???

  394. 394
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hopefully there are funny pics of Leo like this from his party

  395. 395
    LOLOLOL Says:

    Toni should plan his birthday party after all he did the same and he’ll appreciate it more if she invite many of her VS friends. LOL

  396. 396
    not with toni Says:

    Thanks for those pics!!
    Leo looks so young here:)
    It’s from his birthday party last year, right?

  397. 397
    well Says:

    So now Leo hands himself his birthday party invitations????

  398. 398
    @398 Says:

    Highly doubt it lol.

  399. 399
    also... Says:

    His location is Long Island AND NYC so maybe it has nothing to do with a Toni…
    Maybe he knows Leo and met him today in the city???? He said he just got invited assuming today not yesterday when Toni was in the Hamptons.

  400. 400
    also... Says:

    It could have been a friend of his inviting ppl to the party. I doubt Leo invites everyone personally…

  401. 401
    #### Says:


    LOL I remember those pics!

  402. 402
    @#400 Says:

    Toni was probably working in the Hamptons today too. One of the people she tagged in her post yesterday posted a picture from the Hamptons today saying they had a photoshoot today.

  403. 403
    not with toni Says:

    Last year he combined his birthay bash with his charitable contribution.
    It would be nice if he did the same thing this year too.

  404. 404
    @397 Says:

    he looks like a teenager! yeah the pictures are from his birthday party

  405. 405
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    He did that the past couple of birthdays. For his 37th bday, I think money went to charity everytime someone bought a bottle of champage or something like that.

  406. 406
    also... Says:

    @403: Sorry but it doesn’t mean she was there in the Hamptons as welI today. She hasn’t posted anything. Very quiet again.Possible that’s she is the connection between Leo and the tweeter. But could be something else. It doesn’t seem like this guy who tweeted about being invited to the party is in fashion.

  407. 407
    @#407 Says:

    Not saying she was the connection. Saying maybe Leo is there as well.

  408. 408
    violet Says:

    Could someone post the tweet about Biblegirl being invited to the birthday party

  409. 409
    #### Says:

    Zack Ryan (@BibleGirl666)
    11/4/13, 11:59 AM
    In other news: I just got a personal invite to Leo DiCaprio’s birthday party which is next Sunday. So, that’s nice.

  410. 410
    not with toni Says:

    So this is his last year as a 30 +something hottie and now he’s heading to his “big” 4-……
    He said in an interview that he hasn’t realized it yet.(surprise? no!!)
    He said how bewildered he felt when he saw his friends move on with their lives -creating families,becoming parents-while he was on location making movies.
    I admit this must hurt , probably he felt like he was left behind and this got messed with his loneliness- issues and his fear of growing -up and loss of youth.
    But it’s his choice. He can change it and reconcile himself to his age and move on too.
    By him dating these very young women it’s like he’s chasing his youth. He falls eagerly into the trap => he overestimates youth though and he is going to end up like that disgusting old man Hu Hef. and it’s disgusting to think about it .YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can only hope this year he gets to realize those ” certain” things and move on.

  411. 411
    violet Says:

    @410 Thank you. Did Toni deliver it personally as someone said?

  412. 412
    also... Says:

    Leo was there? The guy listed both LI and NYC. That doesn’t mean he is in Long Island or was in the Hamptons. Leo was in LA Saturday night and then he is in the Hamptons on Sunday? How do we even know for sure Leo is already back in New York?

  413. 413
    also... Says:

    @violet: that’s just a theory because the tweeter’s location is: NYC / Long Island and Toni worked in the Hamptons yesterday. It’s just a guess!

  414. 414
    @#413 Says:

    It was really just a guess/a possibility. We don’t know where Leo is. Chill.

  415. 415
    HAHA12 Says:

    @not with toni:
    I agree with everything you said and hope for the same! But he still has one last year to live a life of debauchery before 40, so let’s see if things change in a year from now.
    And yeah the bday pics were from last year when he was shooting Wolf which explains why he looks so good :p

  416. 416
    #### Says:


    Someone mentioned on here earlier that Leo was already back in NYC but didn’t give a tweet, a sighting, nothing so who knows where Leo is right now.

    What’s weird is this person does not seem like the type who would get an invitation to Leo’s birthday party. I mean I know Leo knows a lot of different people but IMO this doesn’t look like someone who Leo would be friends with. I mean first off, I’m sure the invites were handed out already and secondly this guy immediately posts that he got pesonally invited to Leo’s birthday party? Sounds like maybe someone trying to get some attention.

    Just saying….

  417. 417
    not with toni Says:

    @HAHA12: Did you notice the dimple on his chin in those pics?? It’s so cute and it makes him look even more gorgeous, but he hides his dimple behind his bushy beard :((
    So sexy his cleft chin <3 <3 <3

  418. 418
    HAHA12 Says:

    @not with toni:
    The beard looks awful on him except his Calvin Candie look. Atleast he trimmed some of it off.

  419. 419
    #### Says:


    I like it when his beard is nicely trimmed up and then I like him with a goatee. :-)

    To me, because of his age now, his clean-shaven look doesn’t make him look young anymore like it used to so I think he looks better with some scruff, hair, etc. on his face! JMO

  420. 420
    not with toni Says:

    @HAHA12: I can’t believe that i’m saying this but…i’m begining to like him with his bushy beard.
    I just can’t find fault with this man!
    I can’t stop loving everything about him anymore even his ‘split personality” looolz!!

  421. 421
    HAHA12 Says:

    Some scruff is good! I really dislike the full on bushy beard, but agree about him not looking younger. He’s looking his real age now.
    @not with toni:
    In Django it looked good..but elsewhere eh :p

  422. 422
    #### Says:


    I loved him in Django!!! It was just the whole character! LOL

    Definitely don’t like it bushy but if it’s nice and trimmed, he looks good!!

    I have noticed though that he has some serious crow’s feet!

  423. 423
    HAHA12 Says:

    Yes he was just hot overall in Django despite the terrible character LOL.
    Re crow’s feet-
    I thought it was just me who has noticed that, it’s another reason he’s been looking way older. It’s evident especially here,

  424. 424
    HAHA12 Says:

    ^He should try to do something about it, he would look 10x younger if he got rid of all those lines on his face.

  425. 425
    not with toni Says:

    @####: Crow’s feet? well…i do like Leo more now with his wrinkes.
    He looks so experienced and this is so so so sexy:)
    I will pray he won’t end up destroying this lovely face of his through botox injections or any kind of cosmetic procedure .

  426. 426
    #### Says:


    Yes those crow’s feet have become really propounced this year.

  427. 427
    HAHA12 Says:

    @not with toni:
    LOL I know you love him but can’t agree about loving the wrinkles on him, they really make him look so much older especially when he smiles. Is a shame because he has a great smile. It’s funny he looked younger than his real age for years but once 2008/2009 came around age hit him like a bat.

  428. 428
    #### Says:

    @not with toni:

    I know there’s the whole thing about him having a nose job but I don’t know that he seems the type to run out and get botox or lifts or whatever on his face….do you???

  429. 429
    #### Says:


    I agree. To me, there will always be something about Leo that I think is hot and sexy but he definitely is showing his age. The good thing is we are aging together! LOL

  430. 430
    not with toni Says:

    To me wrinkles are natural and they are ok on him ‘cos his face is way above the average aesthetically .
    Botox is something unnatural and thus the unnatural results in most cases But i undestand it’s your opinion =>to each their own:))

  431. 431
    Lovely cut Says:

    well if my memory serves good,Robert Deni’s bday was in long island a few months ago,right?if this twitt is legit so there won’t be so news bout his party in there,prob. just some guests’ names!
    re 4_0:don’t think it’s a big matter to him like some think it’s the last year of his enjoying!for example,look at that gery butler still clubing w/young girls outing of parties/clubs while has an official gf!he and lots of others showed it off this 4_0 is just nothing in H.W!

  432. 432
    not with toni Says:

    @####: I’m sure Leo is a cool guy and he is definitely not one of those obnoxious narcissistic men. Moreover he is an actor and this means that it’s of vital importance that he abstains from botox injections . He should avoid those like the plague ‘cos these cosmetic procedures would make him lose his expressiveness which is the most important thing when you are an actor.

  433. 433
    not with toni Says:
    some cute&lovely Leo-wrinkes
    *HOT LEO*

  434. 434
    ????? Says:

    I found this on twitter. The translation says Leo is heading to Germany to meet her family? It`s not the best translation and who knows how reliable the site is. It sounds like Popsugar.

  435. 435
    @435 Says:


  436. 436
    #### Says:


    That’s hilarious!

    Thanks for the laugh!!! :-)

  437. 437
    Well Says:

    I doubt Leo would do cosmetic surgery of any kinds. Look at how he dresses when he is not working or out on vacation. He sure doesn’t give the impression of a guy who is concerned with his image or his wrinkles.
    His circle of friends are the same.

  438. 438
    #### Says:


    Nicely said! That’s exactly how I see it. :-)

  439. 439
    @435 Says:

    Why do I have deja vu to Israeli rag magazines… proclaiming similar things every now and then.. Lol. It’s telling that it’s coming from a German source IMO.

  440. 440
    @433 Says:

    @not with toni agreed. Stalone’ s face for instance

  441. 441
    @????? Says:


    Sounds good if it’s true, and should be a huge indication since he never has met the family of any of his girlfriends lol

  442. 442
    @????? Says:

    I don’t believe in that German “source” because just like #440 pointed out about Israel rag magazines foreign magazines loves to lie about things when a model from their country is dating an A-lister in this case Leo. Even if he met her parents which I doubt it wouldn’t surprise me, he have been seen earlier with his other girlfriends families (Gisele and Bar) but the difference here was that they were long-term-relationships unlike Toni who will probably be the next Erin. I am not saying I am right this is just my opinion.

  443. 443
    #442 Says:

    Actually he has, i remember reading that Gisele’s family come from Brazil to celebrate I don’t know if it was a birthday or a specific holiday with Leo and Gisele back when she stayed at his house. As for Bar, they went together and visited her family in Israel as well celebrated one of his birthday’s together. I remember also seeing photos of him and Bar’s dad in LA. When it comes to Blake and Erin i don’t know he may have met their families as well, I don’t think he could have met Blakes because they dated for 2 months? or something but who knows.

  444. 444
    lol Says:

    He may have met their parents but I don’t think he’s going to met Toni’s that fast. Does she even met her parents that often herself? LMAO
    When she had vacation she went and spent the majority of her time with Leo and his mom and then before coming back to NYC she spent some days with her mom. Wonder what her parents thinks of this relationship btw?
    I wouldn’t be happy if she was my daugther is all I can say…

  445. 445
    #### Says:


    Not only that this article is coming out now???

    Leo’s birthday party is this weekend and he’s about to get busy with WOWS promotions.

    Of course I’m sure what’s foremost on his mind right now is running off to Germany to meet her family. LOL

  446. 446
    @????? Says:


    I know… was sarcasm. And yes, he even met Blake’s parent and sisters.

  447. 447
    #### Says:


    I’m sure her mom supported the relationship hoping it would bring her some recognition in the US modeling market but that has obviously backfired.

    In all of the pics of Leo, his mom and Toni in Ibiza, it didn’t seem like Toni and his mom really had a lot of interaction. I mean obviously that was in front of the cameras but still. When the cameras were catching them walking to the boat, on the yachts, etc. she didn’t really seem to pay a lot of attention to Toni.

    Just my opinion….

  448. 448
    . Says:

    Is true that Toni’s mom is like Kris jenner milking her daughter?

  449. 449
    not with toni Says:

    @HAHA12: “^He should try to do something about it, he would look 10x younger if he got rid of all those lines on his face”
    OMG. I just read your comment for the first time ( i wish i didn’t ‘cos it hurts) all those Leo- wrinkles? What wrinkles?
    Sorry- please don’t be offended – but i find this line harsh . I didn’t read this before and now that i checked the comments again …
    as i said he has a few natural and flattering wrinkes and it’s okay because his face is too beautiful to be affected by wrinkles

  450. 450
    #### Says:


    Actually in thinking about it, Irmelin treats Toni the way Leo treats Toni. Maybe she’s just as bored as Leo is with the same type of young blonde hair, blue eyed model girlfriends that parade through Leo’s life.

  451. 451
    HAHA12 Says:

    @not with toni:
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Leo is still an attractive guy especially when he cleans up and makes an effort. It’s just lately he has become more wrinkly in the face and I wonder if stress or acting has taken a toll on his face. Think about all those intense character he played for over a decade that required a lot of shouting, crying, smoking, screaming, etc. It was most noticeable in Inception and Shutter Island that he started to look older than his real age and his face looked more rough/fatter. Then in Django and Gatsby his face looked more ‘relaxed’ if that’s the right word and in WOWS he looks pretty good too and less bloated. There’s nothing wrong with aging, and I’m actually glad he’s starting to look more mature. I’m just saying if he wanted to look less older, getting rid of some of those wrinkles would help. There are people who said he looked much too old in Gatsby opposite Carey Mulligan, for example.

  452. 452
    #### Says:


    He also spends a lot of time in the sun and that doesn’t help his skin either.

  453. 453
    HAHA12 Says:

    Plus with the constant clubbing every week and I imagine he doesn’t get much sleep either.

  454. 454
    not with toni Says:

    “Don’t get me wrong”
    this line about Leo’s wrinkles was harsh and if it was from a random poster i would feel not only hurt but offended too. But it’s ok now :).

  455. 455
    #### Says:


    True and I actually think he uses tanning beds which are definitely not good for the skin!

  456. 456
    HAHA12 Says:

    @not with toni:
    I’m sorry if that came off as offensive. I didn’t mean any harm, he’d still be a good looking guy with wrinkles or not.
    Probably a lot for Wolf too since he’s tan in the entire movie!

  457. 457
    #### Says:

    Norbert Müller (@NorbertMeiller)
    11/4/13, 4:39 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio: LAX Departure after LACMA Art & Film Gala!: Leonardo DiCaprio is camera shy while arriving at LAX Airport…-by Meiller

    So it looks like leo just left LA today.

  458. 458
    NEW THREAD Says:

  459. 459
    Well Says:

    Thanks for the alert of the new thread, @459
    and thanks for the sighting, @458

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