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Britney Spears' 'Perfume' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Britney Spears' 'Perfume' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Check out this first listen of Britney Spears‘ new song “Perfume,” which she just released on her Facebook account!

“This is like sharing a piece of my heart Listen to Perfume now! Pre-order Britney Jean + get Perfume tonight at 12:01am ET on iTunes” the 31-year-old entertainer wrote on her Facebook page after releasing the song.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Britney Spears

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Britney Spears’ new song???

Britney Spears – “Perfume”

Click inside for the lyrics to “Perfume”…

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  • Claudia

    I just heard Perfume.
    It’s such a BEAUTIFUL song.
    and I can’t believe the song can be that kind of sweet.
    All that i can say is Perfume is AMAZING.
    She made my day soooo happy <3

  • rocky

    not THIS is a song! i love it!

  • Trish

    Beautiful! I got chills. Her natural singing voice is perfect for this.

  • rocky


  • Renzyfied

    One of her best vocals to date. 9/10 stars

  • HCfan

    i like Work Bxxch but Perfume is so much better!

  • annuska

    one of the songs of the year – william orbit and sia! you go britney!

  • Ahm

    She wrote this song with Sia! She sounds beautiful, like an angel. Haters, so she can’t sing? Have a seat please.

  • Red Head

    All that money and she can’t hire a decent graphic artist for her covers? They all look like cheap Walmart bargain shelf crap.

  • Anna

    Collaborating with SIA is like collaborating with SUCCESS!

  • SirRoy
  • mikka tatto

    I couldn’t agree with you more

  • Amy

    @Red Head: Got nothing bad to say about the song, cos its brilliant, so you take cheap shots at the album art? Do you HAVE to spread negativity? Why are you such a bitter person? Try learning to love and letting go of unresolved issues, will do you well in life. Bi*ch.
    The slayage of this song is too damn high!

  • suny


  • Fiona

    The real perfume gurl ain’t so pretty lol

  • truth

    She doesn’t sing,dance,perform,nor write the album’s songs…nice try.You’re defending a FRAUD,people.The photoshopped,auto-tuned Britney is very different from the real Britney.She doesn’t even write her songs,and never wrote them.Wake up!
    And no,she’s NOT back and never was.She went away years ago and her handlers forgot to tell her.Remember that her own parents said she was not capable of deciding anything in her life and was mentally incapable.Wake up!!!!!And this song is not even hers…someone wrote it for her,as

  • Fiona

    @truth: woah you are so mean!!!! >.< I like the song. Who cares about the cover or herself? It's the song!!

  • IdiotPolice

    @truth: You just know Britney sooooooooo well, don’t you? Please tell us more.

  • grapevine

    I guess it’s embarassing for some people to say they like an artist like Britney. But from love to hate there’s just one step.

  • Jen J.


    Britney has NEVER taken credit for something she didn’t write or produce unlike other artists like *cough* Beyonce *cough*. She has always remained honest and given credit where credit is due. Please take your crap elsewhere.

    The song is truly amazing. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Britney being stripped down and vulnerable and I think a lot of people can relate to this unlike her previous songs about getting it down on the clubs’ dancefloors. Bravo Britney! Can’t wait for the rest of the album. I feel like this would be a true reflection of where she is in her life right now. Even though she’s one of the most famous and successful people in the world, I feel that a lot of people can relate to her and where she’s coming from, regardless of her talent when compared to her colleagues in the business.


    Britney Spears is a fraud. She can’t sing and never could. Her dancing was alright but she was just a cheap version of Janet Jackson. JustJared is being nice to Britney Spears because there is a video online showing her real true singing when she performed at one of her concerts a few years back and it is horrible. The audience heard the lipsycning version and the mic recorded her true singing voice and my god this woman is a fraud. Britney Spears is a joke. Her fans are so delusional and her money hungry family, papa spears is just like the Jacksons. Britney Spears is mentally ill and has Bipolar. The news media is covering up for her. If daddy ever loses the control over Ms. Spears, all hell will break loose. She’s really bat shit crazy. She has to take her medication every single day. She’s done some radio interviews in the past weeks and some radios station hosts are saying Britney Spears is spaced out and dead in the eyes. The girl is gone. This Vegas shows coming up will put the nail in her coffin because Britney Spears has no talent and never did. Her looks are gone and she was photoshopped in her new video in a major way. JustJared did not show this or the newly discovered video of her true singing voice which is horrific. Britney Spears is a big FAKE. The song you are listening to is all Studio magic baby.

  • Fiona

    @Jen J.: of course I can relate myself to Britney in some aspects of her life and this is no joke. Not in her crazy years but when she’s a nice girl/woman and more, more stuff…

  • leelee

    It’s a pretty song but her voice, YIKES!

  • Fiona

    @BRITNEY – FRAUD BIPOLAR MESS: For the love to hate shut up please. Who do you think you are?


    @Jen J.: I disagree with you. Her fans are getting older and the young kids only know her from the crazy things she’s done like shaving her head, locking her kids in the bathroom for hours and being put on a mental hold evaluation because Britney Spears is nuts. She can not compete with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and the others. Watch and you will see. Britney Spears will fade away in this crowd. Times are hard and people are not going to waste there hard earned money on this no singing, robot dancing woman. The only thing that will keep her in the game is her collabs with Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga but that’s going to help them not her.

  • Fiona

    @BRITNEY – FRAUD BIPOLAR MESS: LOL Ive just realized you are really lesbian.


    @Fiona: I’m keeping it REAL for you stupid delusional people. Britney Spears is a JOKE. This is no hate. You guys are saying this is a great song but the truth is this song is super weak. If this is the best she can do, then this is awful. I see her selling in her first week around 125,000 copies of this album. The whole production looks cheap. Her album sells are getting worse with each new one coming out.

  • Fiona

    @BRITNEY – FRAUD BIPOLAR MESS: am I insulting you? I guess not

  • Pamelaaso3



    @Pamelaaso3: You won’t be bowing to her because this album is not going to sell. Britney Spears will be bowing down and kissing the hand of the true queen. We all know who that is. No true queen lipsychs. She was pretty a long, long time ago but her looks are gone and that’s all Britney Spears had. The pop world has moved on to the fresh new pop singers. Sorry Britney Fans. Your girl looks like she’s 40 years old in real life not that photoshopped picture above. Oh by the way, that baby voice is not going to work anymore.

  • david1

    Rich Men dating place ____ RichFishes.ōrg _______. Meet and Date wealthy people here now!

  • sel213

    Perfume reminds me of classic, early 2000′s Britney. I really like it a lot.

  • LEBO

    Perfume is so beautiful. The vocals are so perfect. It sounds like classic Britney & so many unreleased tracks. So proud @britneyspears

  • kia

    I like it but by the end of the week people are gonna forget it.

  • nigga

    I have never been DEEPLY TOUCHED like this by a Britney song in a while. “Perfume” really hit me in the heart THANK U BRITNEY & SIA

  • Brien M

    OMG. Britney, forever and always. Perfume is her best song in a long time. Also Jesus is Sia a great pop writer.

  • try

    #Perfume made me get chills, feel sad with her with the lyrics and interpretation, Im beyond happy to wait for Britney Jean

  • smile you

    I just listened to #Perfume and after a couple of years I finally feel like THE Britney is back! #BritneyJean <3


    Can’t stop listening to the song seriously one of the best songs britney recorded JUST WOOOOW

  • mirenda

    Ugh. I really love Perfume. Such a unique concept. The musicality is just perfect – such a nice change for Britney.

  • 911

    The fact that Britney co-wrote #Perfume with Sia is just… PERFECT! She fcking write this song. brvoooo britney

  • Taly

    IUST WOOW Where’s The Haters She Can Sing ????

  • Red

    THANK U for this masterpiece. #Perfume just made my heart melt. Your vocals are just flawless QUEEN

  • Sara

    one of the GREAT songs ever by Queen @britneyspears, and you guys say she can’t sing.. how embarrassing, SLAY THEM BRIT!

  • Sara

    one of the GREAT songs ever by Queen @britneyspears, and you guys say she can’t sing.. how embarrassing, SLAY THEM BRIT! SONG OF THE YEAR



  • Jay

    love it. The haters are a bunch of nasty gaga fans with no lives. GTFO.


    love it :D

  • lana

    OMFG its so beautiful it makes me cry its evokes so much emotion!

  • sauude

    WOOOW I really love it i’m not even fan You can feel the emotion and pain in Britney’s vocals on Perfume