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Lisa Marie Presley: 'Storm & Grace' Tour Backstage Pics & Interview! (Exclusive)

Lisa Marie Presley: 'Storm & Grace' Tour Backstage Pics & Interview! (Exclusive)

Lisa Marie Presley gets all dolled up before her latest Storm & Grace tour stop held at The Coach House on Saturday evening (November 2) in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

The 45-year-old entertainer gave an exclusive look backstage, and even answered some interview questions! Here are some highlights:

On how its been being back on tour: “We’re on a 46 city tour. We have about 15 left and its been really, really fun. We’ve been all over.”

On this tour versus her previous tours:
“We’re hitting so many different places that are cool…this is a more intimate show, it’s a lot more intimate theater type venues because of the type of record and the type of music it has. It has been really fun.”

On what she brings on tour: “We have all my usual things, but nothing weird. I drink this apple-cider-cinnamon-cayenne pepper concoction before I go out to clear my throat. I do really horrible animal noises to warm up my voice, I can actually perform an exorcism, I think [laughs].”

To buy tickets to one of Lisa Marie Presley‘s upcoming shows, visit her website!

15+ pictures inside from Just Jared‘s exclusive with Lisa Marie Presley

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Credit: Francis Bertrand
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  • Isa

    ‘Tel pére , telle fille’ as we say in french !

  • david1

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  • Anna

    Look at her! Gosh, her head is HUGE, she has no waist, is too short, has no talent whatsoever, very limited vocabulary, struggles with basic words…BUT her last name is Presley so she had to be either a singer, model, actress. So buy her tickets people. You will be mesmerized by her monotony!

  • constant

    @Anna: Her quotes here are somewhat generic, but she has shown on other occasions that she has a brain and a heart. Remember the letter she wrote when Michael Jackson died?
    And Lisa Marie Presley is not a bad singer, “no talent whatsoever” is complete nonsense.
    “her head is HUGE, she has no waist, is too short” tough? That is a serious crime and there is no excuse…

  • constant


  • Anna


    Come on, you actually believe she wrote that herself? How naive can you be. Have you seen her answers in interviews? Geez, I have a hard time believing she can even type…besides don’t even get me started on her hypocrisy towards Michael Jackson…she bashed him whenever she got a chance but when he died she was in oh so much pain…I swear if she wasn’t Elvis’s daughter no one would give her a microphone or want to be associated with her…EVER

  • constant

    @Anna: I believe she wrote the letter herself, and I have read other things she has written. I liked the voice I heard in those texts. Some people just come across as awkward in interviews. I never heard her bash Michael Jackson. She seemed to have been very aware of the leeches around him trying to control him.
    Sure, the attention she gets is because of her father and because of her marriages. That alone doesn’t make her talentless.

  • Anna


    Look for her interviews with Oprah and Diane Sawyer circa 2000-2005 and you will hear her bash him endlessly…really classless if you ask me…I have nothing against her but she is not an appealing person at all…

  • constant

    @Anna: I haven’t seen any of these interviews, I have only read quotes taken from them. Yes, she does say some things that don’t make him look good. I didn’t take that as bashing, I could easily imagine those things to be true (e g all that about having children or not, having children with Debbie Rowe). Anyway, we don’t have to agree on a final judgment of her person… I was obsessed with Michael Jackson as a little girl, so it’s certainly not that I kind of like her because she speaks badly about him.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    ….cayenne pepper…. Sheesh did you even go to school, JJ?

  • Anna


    Well, when asked why she married someone like Michael Jackson she responded with “I don’t know, I’m weird, I’m whacked”. What kind of answer is that? Even though the purpose of that question was to make her say something negative, she fell right into that by indirectly calling him weird and whacked…she also thought he had an agenda when he married her and that he ma have possibly had relations with children…I’m sorry, but why would you marry someone and then even after the divorce follow him around the world for years…if he was so weird and a molester why would she leave her children around him or beg him to marry her again by promising to give him 9 children if he wanted…there’s many things she left out and only focused on putting him in a negative light…my point is that she may come off as shy and like she hates all the attention but she truly loves the attention…after he died she went sulking on Oprah saying that her marriage with MJ made her feeling high or something…anyway, you either love someone or you don’t…I’m not saying he was perfect in their relationship, I’m merely pointing out the fact that this woman is a joke to me…ignoring the reason why she is famous, if she were just a no name, nobody would give her the time of the day…she is not only talentless, but also classless, trashy and not to mention the horrifying looks she goes for even when she has all the money in the world…if you think she is nice, she only puts the innocent mask when it’s convenient for her…I personally have no respect for her…as the daughter of Elvis Presley she is pure trash to me.

  • Well


    Yep she said those things in her interviews and in all of them I think she said she was not in that room with Michael and that kid he supposedly molested. She could have said she didn’t think he would do something like that. She married him after all, but what can you expect. I can understand why a lot of people, especially Jackson fans can’t stand her because of those interviews. She came off as a horrible person.

  • http://@lucyperey lucia

    she hate MJ still today she know MJ used her and never loved her she is a poor loser haha

  • lisa4rick

    She can not sing….. she mumbles and struggles to hold a note.. very stiff on stage. she learned nothing from elvis or mj….

  • Mic2

    Michael married Lisa Marie and wanted to start a family with her.

    Michael loved her.

  • Pfff


    Yeah and what did Lisa do? She walked all over him…destroyed him publicly. But no matter how much she hurt him, that man NEVER said a bad word about her, especially on national television. She deserves all the hate she gets.

  • ANY

    Lisa marie es bella talentosa sigue adelante princesa !!! deja el pasado morir como las carroñas que vomitan su odio hacia ti…. ella no le hizo ninguna daños a Michael el sufrió por sus denuncias de violación LMP nada tiene que ver , su relación acabo ella y punto , LMP dijo lo que pensaba y a nadie se le condena por su manera de pensar Michael murió por sus constantes adicciones y su obsecion por ser atractivo lo llevo a la ruina de su rostro , nunca estuvo conforme con su raza ni su color de piel, solo por que LMP se caso con el la condenan? USTEDES siempre están atacando a lisa marie
    Michael no es ningún santo …ustedes parecen sabandijas llenas de odio hacia Lisa ella es talentosa escribe sus canciones su música es diferente no es comercial su voz es única no es para gente vulgar ademas ¿donde se ha visto que para triunfar uno tienen en que tener medidas perfectas? nada tiene q ver el físico cuando uno tiene talento brilla por si solo y ella lo tiene mucho dejen de odiar tanto dan asco sus comentarios .
    Viva LMP la hija del único rey Elvis the king

  • ANY

    Lisa marie is beautiful talented go ahead princess ! let the past die like carrion spewing their hatred towards you …. she did not do any damage to Michael he suffered for his denunciations of rape LMP has nothing to do , their relationship just her and point , LMP said I thought no one is convicted of his thinking Michael died for his constant addiction and his obsession for being attractive led him to the ruin of his face , he was never satisfied with his race or color, just because she married the LMP condemn ? YOU are always attacking lisa marie
    Michael is no saint … you seem hateful vermin to Lisa she is talented writes his songs his music is different not trade her voice is unique not for common people besides where to be seen that to succeed one has to to have perfect measurements ? q see nothing when one has physical talent shines by itself and she has much stop hating both your comments are disgusting .
    Live LMP only daughter of King Elvis the king

  • http://@tricanam ana

    @ANY: exelente respuesta , es lo que pienso nunca lo hubiera podido plasmar tan bien como lo has hecho con tus palabras gracias any

  • Mic2

    Lisa Marie Presley, The Times UK, October 2012 :

    Why did Presley marry Jackson in 1994? “Because I fell in love with him,” Presley says briskly. A lot of people found the union odd.
    “I don’t know why, because we were actually similar in a lot of ways. We didn’t have conventional lives. It made sense to me.” He was loveable? “Very.” Was she acting out some desire to “save” Jackson in a way she couldn’t her father? “I’m sure there were things about Michael that reminded me of my dad. I don’t think it’s unfair to say I’m still a sucker for a father figure. I think I always have been. There were probably things they shared that intrigued me. Both were incredibly dynamic and iconic. My father set the precedent for me early. There were some big shoes to fill.”

    Was Jackson gay? “Absolutely not, not in any way shape or form. Not, not, not, not.” She was with him when the first child molestation charges were made. “I always maintain it’s not anything I was around for and nothing I witnessed.”
    Did she want to have children with him? “In the beginning, yes.” They divorced after two years in 1996. “I hoped it would be the one that would last, but that was a messy situation. Too many people got involved between us.” She means entourages. “We both allowed that, which was a mistake.” Jackson’s death in 2009 “was really confusing and really, really painful. Our relationship was something I had parked away, pushed away. It brought it all back in a way I was not prepared for, things I hadn’t dealt with. Some of the things that we went through could never be fixed or resolved. It was devastating.”
    They last spoke in 2005. She spent time alone with his body after the private funeral: “Not an easy thing.” Now she has found “some peace, it can quiet but never go away”. She remains close with matriarch Katherine, presently in reported dispute with her son’s children. “They’re really sweet, incredible people,” Presley says of the Jacksons. “I’ve always had a relationship with them. All I can do is wish them the best.”