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Leonardo DiCaprio: Paris Soccer Game with Mom Irmelin!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Paris Soccer Game with Mom Irmelin!

Leonardo DiCaprio is all smiles while attending the soccer match between Paris Saint-Germain versus Anderlecht at Parc des Princes on Tuesday (November 5) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor was joined at the game by close pal Lukas Haas and mom Irmelin Indenbirken, who sat behind him.

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During the game, Leo was seen taking a selfie of himself with his mom on his smartphone.

The day before, Leonardo was spotted hiding his face while arriving for a departing flight at LAX Airport.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio attending a soccer game with his mom…

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leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 01
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 02
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 03
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 04
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 05
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 06
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 07
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 08
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 09
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 10
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 11
leonardo dicaprio paris soccer game with mom irmelin 12

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  • Real V

    V #36 is not me, it’s a poster that took my screen name. But I guess it shows because when I post a few people usually respond to my post, and I see that nobody responded to #36/V.

  • also…

    The Instagram photo doesn’t say where she is but does anyone honestly think she would post a photo from a (bed)room in Paris, where she is staying with Leo, in the middle of the night?

  • @also

    It was like 11am in Paris when she posted that. It looked dark and why would her alarm go off at 2 pm? Def looks like NYC to me but like @Instagram said maybe she’s heading to Paris / Europe today.

  • Re: Toni

    Toni is there…

  • flower powder

    I don’t know if she’s there now but she will definitely be there for his B-day celebrations. She’s probably on a flight over there right now

  • also…

    Without thinking about the time I figured she wouldn’t post a photo like that if she was with Leo.
    @Re Toni: How do you know?
    @flower power: How do you know he is celebrating in Paris?

  • @56

    Lol. That’s just probably someone like or even the same poster as ”she WILL be there. I am telling you. Wait and see”. Haha.
    I don’t doubt she’ll be heading towards Europe if she’s done in the States work-wise for now but I don’t think she’s there yet and she wasn’t there yesterday. Not with that instagram pic.

  • also…

    @57: Probably someone with a great sense of humor… lol
    How do you know she is done with work? I mean the VSFS is getting closer. Maybe it`s just a short trip for Leo and he is heading back to NYC soon.

  • Too funny

    LOL so much for th “romantic getaway” some BZ posters were so sure he was having with his kiddie

  • @58

    No I don’t know obviously but if she already had her fitting and doesn’t have other work she would have some time before the rehearsals I guess. I just guessed. Maybe Leo is there for doing press for a day or two and he’s heading back to NYC soon like you said. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • also…

    Pretty stupid article about Leo, Oscar and WOWS. Why do I even bother posting it???????

  • also…

    @60: You just sounded so sure…. She is sure quiet on instagram but I think VSFS keeps her busy enough. JMO. If Leo`s birthday is indeed this Sunday ( not next ) then I bet he will be back to the US soon.

  • getaway

    Unfortunately, she is there with him. Look at the time on her instagram, it says the teeth brushing pic was posted two hours ago. Do the math and it makes the time when she woke up around 9 am in the morning from where I live in Asia. we were all waiting for her to give us and the world a hint that she’s with him, and she did. These are tricks which he is blind towards or has given her permission for. We’ll get more pics from her while they stay there and i don’t think it’s cuz of his birthday. His mum could be getting married, and that is a big possibility.

  • also…

    @getaway: Did you read what she wrote? Sleepless! Brushing teeth 3 hours before alarm. That suggests she was up at night, don’t you think? If she is there in Paris means this photo is from their hotel room. Does that sound reasonable to you? That she posts a photo from their room? Not to me…

  • @63

    She posted that picture around 10p.m. Paris time. She says she’s sleepless. She says she’s up 3h before her alarm. To me it makes more sense her alarm was set to go off around 6 or 7p.m. NYC time (normal morning alarm time for most people) and she was up at around 3p.m. or 4p.m. NYC time. Which explains the darkness in the pic. Why would her alarm go off in the afternoon is she’s in Paris? Moreover, why would her alarm go off if it’s a getaway? It doesn’t make sense. And where was she yesterday? Sitting separately from her boyfriend, his best buddie, his mom? How lame would that be?

  • 420

    @also…: Because they hate Leo @ celebitchy, so it’s an opportunity to bash him!

  • also…

    @65: It makes sense. She might have work so that’s why the alarm. If it was in NYC the post makes more sense not to mention what I said before. I don’t think she is bald enough to post from their hotel room if she is with him.
    @66: That site picks up on unreliable news all the time. This article is just stupid and makes no sense. Leo ‘tries for best actor’ Oscar? There are good comments on that site but the article itself…. smh

  • shir

    I’m from Israel ans she posted the instagram picture it was around 11a.m. here which means it is night time in new york and day time in paris. Israel & Paris have 1h difference between them. so do the math. she is new york, pretty sure about it. maybe she got up early to catch a flight to paris. right now, it’s 16:20 in Israel. in Paris it’s 15:15

  • shir

    @shir: 15:20

  • also…

    Could be a flight or work in NYC. We have to wait for more. If she is heading to Paris I bet she will give hints as usual. If she was already in Paris and there’s news that Leo is there I’m sure she would have posted something on social media to tell that she is there as well.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    So this is the same magazine that said he was meeting Toni’s parents in Germany. Apparently this mag now says they are broken up. (@instarmagazin)
    11/6/13, 4:38 AM
    Sind #ToniGarrn und @LeoDiCaprio längst getrennt? Ihre Familie plaudert aus

    You’ll need to translate. LOL

  • also…

    I opened it with google translator. It says they broke up so Leo cancelled his trip to Hamburg to meet her parents and Toni celebrated Halloween with friends without Leo. No mention of the dinner sighting after Halloween that actually proves their story wrong.

  • shir

    @also…: She did spent halloween in nyc without him

  • also…

    @shir: Well, that’s true. On Halloween she was in NYC and Leo in LA. So that part is actually true but not the whole story.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    The dinner was before Halloween, two days before actually and then she went back to NYC.

    I still believe she is in NYC and I think the pic shows she’s is in NYC. Plus like you said she wouldn’t be so bold as to take a pic in her and Leo’s hotel room! It just wouldn’t make sense for her to now fly to Paris when Leo is probably going to be there for another day and then return to NYC before the weekend for his party.

  • getaway

    Your family reveals:
    Leonardo DiCaprio: Final separation of Toni Garrn
    As exclusively from the family environment of model Toni Garrn (21) learned to have the German and Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio (38) actually separated.

    Actually, the actor wanted to travel to Hamburg to meet the family of his girlfriend, but this visit has been canceled. Toni Garrn made ​​no personal relationship to end. She celebrated last week skipped Halloween with friends.

  • getaway

    I miss tinkerbell and the psychics.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    And just to put my two cents regarding Toni’s pic and her comments….maybe she was working and just got home which is why she was brushing her teeth and making the comment that her alarm goes off in three hours.

    Who knows….

  • getaway

    Looks like the girl was right about them being separated around his bday.

  • getaway
  • me

    …or she got home late after partying.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####



    It’s interesting that that article says their info came from her family. Did the last article about him flying to Germany to meet her parents say it was from the family???

  • shir

    Can someone please explain to me what is this Leo’s SM you keep mentioning and talking about?

  • also…

    SM= soulmate Someone he is meant to be with and according to some psychics she is not a model and not his typical type. It`s a long story going on for years predicting that Leo will end up with her…
    @####: It is possible she got home late. That would explain the toothbrush and the sleepless thing…
    You think it might be true? That it was a `breakup dinner`? She looked miserable enough and Leo looks pretty carefree on these new photos…

  • @getway

    You think so? Why bother call the paps for a ‘break up’ dinner? Hell why even bother taking her to a restaurant and then driving way in the same car? Not saying its not true or otherwise. Just don’t see why they can’t break up at home. smh

  • DJ

    I haven’t followed Leo’s life and career that closely over the years, but does he have a relationship with his father? Does he ever talk about him? It seems like he is always with his mom.

  • bliss

    so according to bellazon Leo is in Paris to celebrate the 50 years for TAG Heuer Carrera.

  • me

    She did look miserable leaving that restaurant. But she looked pretty fine and happy partying with her friends days after in NY.
    I do wonder who is the source from that German article.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    He looks good in these pictures!! :-)

  • ….

    oh em gee leo looks amazing…please Jared NEW THREAD!!

  • bliss

    we need a new thread leo looks so good i love how he suddenly cleans up his act , the hairstyle and the suit are so good and lets not talk about the baby blue eyes ….;;;

  • Well

    He sure looks handsome in that grey suit.
    Having his mom, his best buddy, his publicist and his bodyguard for jut one event?
    He might stay for a couple of days enjoying Paris with his loved ones.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    Here’s another article from this same magazine from October 31.

    First sign of life of their relationship?
    Leo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn: Common TripAdvisor
    In mid-October grabbed model Kat Torres (24) over her alleged relationship with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio from (38). As for his estranged girlfriend Toni Garrn (21) stopped them, remained unclear. But the body language of the couple on recent pictures speaks volumes.

    She looks at the floor, her eyes hidden behind large sunglasses. He puts his hand onto the back of her car seat. The mood between Leo DiCaprio and his sweetheart Toni Garrn seems beyond doubt not to be the very best. Although you can see the two for weeks for the first time back together, but the love glances at the start of their relationship seem to thing of the past. The obvious relationship crisis, the couple could have a reason: two weeks ago that is the blonde model Kat Torres spoke up. “Leonardo and I are a couple,” she revealed to the Brazilian newspaper “extra”, but confessed. “I’m worried what will Leo think about me, because I’m talking to you” Well, since Toni and Leo probably have plenty to talk about needs ..

  • @87

    Holy mother he looks fine. His hair is different and that grey suit…. New thread asap pls!

  • also…

    Tag Hauer? That was one of my guesses yesterday! And that it could be a family thing!
    She did look miserable but I’m not insinuating anything. I mentioned it just because of the German article.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    And no slicked back hair!!!! He looks soooo good!!!! HOT!!!!! :-)

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    You never know about these articles. I was actually trying to find the one that said they were flying to Germany to meet her parents to see if that one said it was an exclusive from the family but I can’t find it.

    I find it interesting that they are saying the information is coming from the family.

  • Instagram

    Earlier I said she may be going to Paris today but so far it doesn’t seem like it from her Instagram activity. She hasn’t posted but she’s been liking pictures since early morning between short amount of periods. Too short to having been flying away. From NYC to Paris it’s a non-stop 7hr flight over the Atlantic. But again, so far. Not that I think she will, but there’s still a possibility she’s going.

  • Here is the german article
  • Instagram

    Oh I just saw those new pictures! Thanks @bliss.
    Good lord… the best he has looked in months!