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Orlando Bloom Talks Fitting Into Old Legolas Costume!

Orlando Bloom Talks Fitting Into Old Legolas Costume!

Orlando Bloom carries his adorable son Flynn on his shoulders while chatting on the phone on Tuesday (November 5) in New York City.

The day before, the 36-year-old actor was spotted promoting his new film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug while attending a fan event in the Big Apple.

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“The first thing I did when I got to New Zealand was try on my old Legolas costume, because I wanted to see if it could still fit,” Orlando shared at the fan Q&A.

In case you missed it, check out a new trailer for that film that was released at the event.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom spending time with Flynn

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orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 01
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 02
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 03
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 04
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 05
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 06
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 07
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 08
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 09
orlando bloom talks fitting into old legolas costume 10

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  • Verdad

    G*y….Better look at some real men…

  • sorry

    What happened? He looks ugly here.

  • concerned

    He looks rough!! Flynn is not his child.

  • Andrea

    Orlando is very good looking. Flynn is a cutie.

  • Katniss

    Hawking out your child like that is such a sad measure.
    There’s a reason why children of other much MORE famous actors never get photographed by the paparazzi–their parents actually protect them.

  • char

    flynn always looks so unhappy when he’s with his dad.

  • Wow

    The hater IDIOTS are out, I see.
    Orlando looks gorgeous. Those cheekbones are to die for!
    Flynn looks exactly like Orlando, so you morons look like blind fools saying any different.
    And OMG!!!!! How DARE a father go outside with his son!!!!!
    You guys keep re-setting the bar for hater stupidity. You must be so proud!

  • Dee

    I absolutely adore Orlando, but he dresses like a color blind monkey.

  • @8

    IMO, that’s part of his charm. Going way back to the days of the ‘tablecloth’ shirts that he wore to the FOTR premieres.
    Handsome men who don’t seem to really care what they look like are much more attractive to me than handsome men who look like they spend hours in front of a mirror.

  • @6

    Huh? He’s chattering away, and as comfortable as can be in these pictures. Not sure what you’re seeing.

  • @5

    More famous, yet their kids are never photographed? Like who?
    Hugh Jackman’s kids are photographed all the time. Are you saying that he uses his kids, too? What about Brad and Angelina? Or Johnny Depp?
    Hmmm? Are you going to insult them, too? Or are you going to admit that you are a hypocrite?

  • Anon

    Orlando looks handsome. @7 I don’t get the haters. Flynn clearly looks like Orlando, you can see it.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: This post has nothing to do with Miranda Kerrdashian but Just Jared has to fulfill a quota of posts about her so they tagged it with her name to make sure she pays them. Also, Melon Head looks like he swallowed a lemon.

  • ttdavid

    ___ WěalthyPeople.ōrg___ Meet other successful, attractive and available singles

  • @13

    No , this post has nothing to do with Miranda, yet you can’t help but bring her up. You can’t blame JJ for that.

  • Connie Falconeri

    @@5: #11

    Brad Pitt’s children, and Johnny Depp’s children are rarely photographed.

  • Connie Falconeri

    Flynn is the spit and image of Orlando.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Oh come on so Orlando can’t take he’s son out. What do you want him to do but a bag on him.

  • @16

    Are you kidding me? Brad’s brood is photographed constantly. And Johnny’s kids are photographed a lot as well.
    You either live under a rock, or you are a huge hypocrite. or are you just a liar?

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I don’t get all the hate he’s a good man and just want’s to take he’s son out. And Orlando look’s good to me i get that you want to have your say but ok now you have said it now just go to a post where you like someone. Why keep coming to Orlando’s if you hate him?

  • Liz

    Flynn is definitely the cutest offspring of a celebrity couple these days, along with Harper Beckham! Orlando seems like a great dad too

  • Lina

    Flynn looks unhappy with Oralndo. He looks more like his mommy than Orlando

  • Megan


    Hi Jane…. was scrolling through this site and found this (is this your comment?) on one of the Orlando ‘In Celebration’; stories ‘that car wreck was not orlando fault another car made him do that thank u. I went 2 the play and was there on the last day , he was amazing with hes fans and on stage and i think he liked some1 there 2?

    Anyway, reason being we were there and saw someone there too… got lots of attention and we often wondered who she was…. Was she standing with the biggest one of the bodyguards/ security? Really small, pretty with dark hair?.. who was she lol, one of life’s great mysteries.. lucky girl anyway :)

  • Dee

    It’s because the Delphi loons like Elena rarely go out into the sun light, that they would think that a dad walking with his son is strange, they are basement dwellers after all, and never go outside, thank goodness, who wants to see them anyway, {{{shudders at the thought}}}

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @Megan: Yes i think that is my comment. I don’t know what girl it was i think what you said but im not sure so much going on that day. So you saw who it was? Can you think of anythink about her like what she had on or how long her hair was? Im only asking because there’s a youtube video of the last day you may see her in it. Any way what you said lucky girl lol :-)

  • Megan


    Yeah, there was a video, but the one we found ages ago vanished. This girl was quite short, and tiny, mediteranean looking girl with short hair, but we were there on the evening of 8th September I think. The reason we noticed her was because the security team made sure I think that she got to the front, and then one stayed with her the whole time. She learned over and got Orlando to sign something for a girl, and that was really sweet of her to do that! They all paid her a lot of attention and seemed to make sure that she was okay. I saw someone speak to her afterward and she seemed to be being really sweet to them. Generally she gave me the impression of being a really nice girl if you know what I mean…..:) When we talk about it, we always wonder about her and if / how she knew Orlando. Nice chatting btw

  • Megan


    ooops… I really did mean she was nice girl…just read what I wrote ad it sounded a bit weird! some people have an aura I’m saying :)

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @ Hi Megan Lol it’s ok i know what you mean. Oh i was there on the 28/07/07, 25/08/07, 08/08/07 and 15/08/07 the last day i did’nt see that girl but i do think he may have liked someone. I meet some nice fan’s when i went and on the last day there were some girl’s only 15 or 16 they loved Orlando. And i held one of them because other’s were pressing her out and i pulled her back to the front and them same girl’s but my name and the name of my town and my age down on a red rose that they got for Orlando it was nice of them i did’nt know that they were going to do it. I had the best time seeing Orlando’s play and meeting him i knew Orlando would not do anythink like he would go for me lol. Any way that video of the last day is still there because i have seen it lot’s of time it’s so good seeing Orlando and i saw myself on it lol.

  • Megan


    LOL! I posted a comment but its not here ? :)) Thats really nice of them :D, So you were there is August? We saw the show sometime then, but we did wait, however I got crushed and stamped on, leaving my foot with a gash in it, so we left sadly. we went back on the 8/9 and got pretty close to the front. Nice that good stories get shared, not enough nice people left unfortunately on the Planet, or at least, it seems not sometimes. I don’t do the stage door adolation thing usually, but I’m glad I did.. we did manage to get something signed…Plus my cousin (male) was the one to spot what was going on.. I think he regreted not being closer to that girl lol… but, the path of true whatever never runs smooth does it lol… he still talks about that girl! ROFL!, but I’d agree, lol, she was very sweet looking and unasuming… The only calm person there from what I remember.

    What made you think what you did anyways ? were they looking for someone? I’m sure he would be very wary of fans, in the same sense I am in my job, you have to be wary….. its great though for any of those girls and they should count themselves fortunate I guess of the compliment! ;-)

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @ Megan: lol i know posted’s do that some time. I know they were nice we were all saying who’s age is closer to Orlando’s and it was me lol they was thinking i was 18 to 20 but i was in my 20s :-) well i saw Orlando’s play for the first time in july the first time i met Orlando was August then i met him again on 8/9 be4 i when in to see he’s play again on the same day and we got one row back from the front and i had no one in front of me so good i could not take my eye’s of Orlando :-)) lol. And then i when back on the 15/9 and met him again the same day i met them girl and i to got somethink signed one on the 25/8 and one on 15/9 so i think i was lucky and so much more happen when i went every time love it. Sorry your foot got gash that was not nice i know what you mean some people are just not nice. On that last day a little was hit to to get to Orlando so we helped her to get to the front too. You know me i said i will never wait for hour’s for someone but im glad i did aswell and i will do it again lol i know mad. Lol it never gose smooth, it funny because everyone kept saying im going to go mad but i did’nt i was calm too. I think about it all the time how close i got to Orlando and when you said about Orlando liking someone you kinder wish it will be you lol but im sure he like someone maybe who ever he liked was there the last day too, i think who ever it was may have been around to because Orlando was in front of me for a long time. So i may have met you there are you on a video too and did you go on the 15/9? And i agree we were all lucky i for got to ask are you from the uk? Like me. :-)

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @ Megan oops sorry that (was little girl got hit) lol miss the girl bit out lol.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @ Megan so sorry half a sleep to day . When i said you know me i mean (you know i said i will never wait for hour’s for someone) lol

  • Megan

    No… we just went on the 8th as we ended up in the area. It was my birthday weekend…. so we ended up waiting there. Went with my boyfriend and family to see the show in August.

    Just fascinated by your post and it brought back what we saw….maybe same person on the 15th, maybe not ;) Just fascinating all the same and was suprised when I came across your post ;-) whoever it was, had a very good energy and I hope that whoever it was that evening is well and happy…….I just thought that maybe you knew her ;-)

    Glad that you enjoyed yourself and shared your memories. – Thank you x

    Yeah, I’m a londoner :D

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Ok glad you had a good birthday . Whoever it was we will never know . You suprised me to with your post :-) anyway i’m glad you shared your memories too. Thank you it was good to think back :-))