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Carrie Underwood: Medley Performance at CMAs 2013 (Video)!

Carrie Underwood: Medley Performance at CMAs 2013 (Video)!

Carrie Underwood shows off her toned legs while performing at the 2013 Country Music Awards held at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday (November 6) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 30-year-old performed a medley of her hit songs “Good Girl,” “See You Again,” “Blown Away,” and “Two Black Cadillacs.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Carrie Underwood

Carrie was also spotted rocking different outfits while hosting the show for the sixth straight year with Brad Paisley.

Earlier in the day, Carrie was stunning while walking the red carpet for the ceremony.

Carrie Underwood – CMAS 2013 Performance

FYI: Carrie is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs, Graziela Gems and Melinda Maria jewels during her hosting.

20+ pictures inside of Carrie Underwood performing and hosting the Country Music Awards

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carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 01
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 02
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carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 10
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carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 12
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 13
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 14
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 15
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 16
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 17
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 18
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 19
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 20
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 21
carrie underwood medley performance at cmas 2013 watch now 22

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  • ADJ

    Carrie looked great, sounded great and won nothing! #sad

  • diana

    Making fun of Obamacare felt like a punch in the stomache. Also felt racist!

  • Paulie

    Millionaire country singers laughing about affordable health care is no joke. They’re all corporate country, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • diana

    She forgets what life would have been life day to day without the fame and money. Disappointing.

  • Britney

    I have the American dream like her but would always help those less fortunate. Not everyone is as lucky and I rather give than receive. Also, I respect ANY Commander in Chief….same on her.

  • Britney

    *shame on her!

  • http://comcast Patricia

    Making fun of the Obama Care was unbelievable ( although it is easy when you have the money you celebs have). You southerners don’t get it, it will help so many poor people, study it before you start making fun of it. I turned the station when I heard the ignorant remarks.

  • Sam

    What you people are pathetic , the same group who couldn’t think up of enough names to calls Bush, all of sudden get their wouldn’t tolerant any mocking a Obama liar in Chef… Sorry this is Communist China,

  • Britney

    The Obamacare skit made me feel ill and also sad. Felt like we took so many steps backwards and people like her obviously don’t understand the how hurtful she was to so many Americans. Sorry we can’t all win a singing competition like her!

  • http://comcast Pat

    Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood should be ashamed of themselves making fun of the President in such an ugly way. Study the Obama Care before you start making fun of it. No it won’t help you rich people but it sure will with some of us that are struggling. Yes you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Anne

    John Stewart or Colbert , they’ve been ridiculing Obamacare for weeks,.

  • David

    ___ RïchFïšhes.örg ___ Meet other successful, attractive and available singles

  • Eva

    Are people 5 years old .. Oh did you get your feeling hurt because they made fun of the incompetent President and his boondoggle Obamacare who had over 3 years and spent more then billion dollars and couldn’t even make a website work but they want control over everyones healthcare and tell other people what insurance they can’t and can have while forcing them to pay thousands in more premiums , co pays and deductibles.

  • Nick

    You can keep your insurance plan if you want it period. !!!!! You can keep your doctor period !!!!!! … Liar. if Obamacare so great why doesn’t Obama Michelle and his daughters get Obamacare.

  • Dana

    That was funny, Obamacare in the morning , only 6 people… What a loser Obama is, can’t even get a website up, the dude only had like couple of year and couple hundred millions dollars do it LOL . The smartest guy in the room .. The media been saying for years with no evidence , proves to be pretty stupid, actually.

  • Avery

    Carrie looked beautiful, and what a voice , can’t think of many artists out today who can sing like her. And I notice some people don’t like it when Obama gets treated like any other President, sorry I too do not appreciate a democrat party ramming down my throat Obamacare on a party line vote , passed on Christmas Eve , without popular support and told by Nancy Pelosi , ” we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it ” becoming clear it was a bunch lies and half truths soaking the middle class.

  • Carrie and Brad

    @ Diana I also feel your racist , so I guess we’re even.

  • Nikki

    Is everyone on this post stupid?? Carrie didn’t write the damn jokes for the show. She only recited them. Whether or not she supports obamacare we won’t know! Blame the writers of the CMAs, not Carrie. Jesus.

  • Emotional libs are a JOKE!

    Have an opinion opposite to the Obama Administration?
    You’s a racist
    and that is precisely how a man of color can get away with the destruction of the constitution and our freedom,,,” you bees a RACIST!”
    Obama is every bit as bad as Dubya Bush, and them some. In fact they are on the same Kleptocratic Corporate team but the illogical lazy minded libs just want a happy daddy figure who lies to them.

  • Dani

    Bravo.I am now a fan of both of these talents.

  • lies lies more lies

    “Like your health ins. plan?— you can keep it”
    “Like your doctors?– you can keep them”
    ” Will save each family an avg. $2,500″ ,
    Said and recorded 29 times, but Obama says he never said it,
    even though his admin. have been proven to have discussed whether to misrepresent these facts or not”
    an estimated 16,000,000 will lose their insurance, (more in future)
    many will lose their doctors for all sorts of reasons outlined in this unreadable 2,700 page bill
    the avg. person will pay 41% in increased premiums in the U.S.

  • Linda

    I though it was funny. The truth is that when the government gets involved nothing happens
    I read that a group of software experts got together and in their own spare time created a workable secure site to register people. It was predicted to cost a little over a million dollars. The Obamacare website is approaching one billion dollars at this time.
    An interesting fact is that the head of a software company that got the big contract to make the Obamacare website is a friend of First Lady Michelle Obama’s from college.

  • Luv Carrie

    Hot legs and a good delivery on the jokes.

  • http://comcast Teri

    If anyone thought it was funny, you don’t have a heart. Not funny in the least bit. I used to think Carrie and Brad would be the last people on earth to make fun out of something that is so serious. I and hundreds of others lost a lot of respect for these two rich celebs.

  • get a grip

    not making fun of the affordable care act known as obamacare but making fun of incompetence and wasted tax dollars at a time when many are in need

  • get a grip say nothing and pretend everything is going well with the affordable care act, and that people were being taken care of would serve what ends?. we have free speech and criticism can get the ball rolling…..that is if you really care about people…. and not your party and an idolized president’s reputation. …. Carrie and Brad did a service

  • The-Truth-Hurts

    1st, CU looked good. I wish her the best. I especially hope her hubby & she defy the odds & have the fortitude to stay together.

    2nd, CU didn’t come from money. I’m sure her family & she understands the need for affordable healthcare.

    3rd, I USED to have affordable healthcare; NOW I DON’T. ALL thanks to Obama. I don’t care if he’s white, black, purple, orange, green – he has hurt this country more than any past president EVER has. We haven’t even begun to feel the full repercussions this country is going to have to endure due to his incompetency in leading this country. But hey, this is what the “wise” Americans voted for.

    @Britney: You may have an “american dream” of helping the less fortunate, but are you willing to pay for it? Or are you one of the ones that believe you can sit @ home on your butt all day while others go out, get an education, get a job & ‘PAY’ for your “american dream”? Talk is cheap babe. You got to be willing to fork out the $$$$ or SHUT UP. I’m sure CU pays more for this “american dream” dream than you EVER could imagine.

    It’s a shame how much this country is willing to reward laziness. “Give me!” “Give me!” “Everything for free!” This country better wake up & face reality because there won’t be an “america” left to dream in. We’ll all be Chinese – & technically – that’s what we all are really now anyway since China own us via our debt to them.

  • wait for the sunlite

    Why can’t Taylor Swift ever win female vocalist?

  • CC

    Obama followers base everything on feelings and emotion and that is why they never feel the need to know the facts or understand their own knee jerk reactions.
    You saw a gathering of wealthy white country/rural people on TV poke fun at bad government and immediately cried racist……look up the term projection.

  • sorella

    No matter how many award shows Carrie’s hosts, no matter how much she belts ouf her songs with all her might, no matter what, she is still blah to me, like she is missing a personality. It must irk her that with all her songs and hosting gigs, Miranda and Taylor ALWAYS win over her for everything and she’s totally 3rd in that line-up.

  • Melissa

    Isn’t it nice of me, that I now have $38 more a month taken from my rather small paycheck and a two thousand dollars larger deductible, to
    pay for those who have no insurance. How generous of me. The,average person is paying for Obozo care.The wealthy are not effected, the healthcare companies will rake in the dollars and determine who gets care and who does not . This is a real economy and freedom killer. Bless CU

  • Esquared

    Some of these comments are just whacko, seriously. They weren’t making fun of Obamacare itself, they were making fun of the fact that the website has crashed and even though people are visiting it to research and/or sign up, it’s not capable of handling the cyber traffic…..hence the reason for the laptop catching fire, the line of only 6 people signing up so far and the chorus “Obamacare by morning”. I thought it was hysterical, they equally made fun of a bunch of other stuff as well….but most importantly, as others have said, brad and Carrie weren’t the writers, they just delivered the punch lines! And what, since our president happens to be black, anyone who disagrees w anything he does is racist…SHUT UP with the race crap!!

  • http://justjared Diana

    Listen Paulie, Diana, Britney and Patricia. She was mocking the website not obamacare itself, and it you cannot realize that, then you all are stupid. The obamacare website is an absolute joke. I have been trying to log on for over a month, and have not been able to. So just go shove it up you A#$% you four.

  • http://justjared Diana

    @sorella: Sorella, if she had no personality she would not have these hosting gigs. Miranda, taylor and carrie are essentially even. Carrie has the best voice, Miranda has the best songwriting ability, and taylor is the best entertainer. So add all of those up and it makes them even.

  • Lacey

    Carrie Underwood is RACIST

  • http://justjared Diana

    @Lacey: Why because they mocked a website that it is so bad that it needs to be mocked.

  • jmh

    Thanks Nikki and Eva for your remarks. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • jmh

    Thanks for your comment to “The Truth Hurts” – You hit it right on the nail. I fear for the United States and it’s condition.