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Faith Hill & Tim McGraw - CMA Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw - CMA Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Faith Hill is a white goddess while attending the 2013 Country Music Awards held at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday (November 6) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 46-year-old singer was joined on the red carpet by husband Tim McGraw and Keith Urban.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Faith Hill

Before the ceremony, Tim and Keith took home two CMA trophies for their collaboration with Taylor Swift on hit single “Highway Don’t Care.” Congrats Tim and Keith!

“Highway Don’t Care” is also nominated for Single of the Year at the ceremony, where the awards are voted on by business members of the Country Music Association.

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Credit: Michael Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • SM caught out lying again!

    Skeptics are liars @ 11/06/2013 at 12:37 – Nicole is scheduled to be at the CMA’s tonight. Bahahahaha!

  • David

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  • 1urbanfan27

    Keith looks gorgeous tonight… :) And he was alone…Except that I was there…

  • A running tally of LIES

    Skeptics are stupid – 11/03/2013: Nicole and the girls are home in Nashville now.
    Just Jared – 11/03/2013: Nicole films scenes for her upcoming movie Paddington on Sunday evening (November 3) at the Waterloo Bridge in London.
    Just Jared – 11/05/2013: Nicole Kidman filming scenes for her upcoming movie Paddington on Tuesday (November 5) in London, England.
    Skeptics are liars – 11/06/2013 at 12:37: Nicole is scheduled to be at the CMA’s tonight. Bahahahaha!

  • liz

    finally, pictures of some ACTUAL country artists that attended.

  • Oh dear

    Where’s Nicole?? Oh that’s right, she is too busy constantly filming box office bombs in far away countries, to be home with her young children and husband.

  • x

    Keithette’s stylist has gone AWOL. Skinny jeans and clown boots on a 46 year old has been? Ewww!

  • Skeptics are liars

    Nicole was supposed to attend. The photos of the seating arrangements online prove it! I’m sorry if I don’t pretend to know exactly when Nicole flies out of Nashville to London. Planting posts here to quote on the cuckoo board is really really dumb and really really transparent. You’re just a sick person. And Keith is a real winner! CMA winner, beautiful wife, beautiful kids, beautiful life.

  • x

    SM, we have had conversations before about your sorry lack of logic. Tell me, why would I bother reposting twitter comments from JJ onto the cynicspointsofview forum if I were on Twitter and had direct access to them myself. I am not on Twitter and that’s why I reposted the twitter comments MADE BY SOMEBODY ELSE who originally posted them on JJ. The skeptics continue to outsmart you SM and it is obviously taking it’s toll. Just like Kidman, it is time for you to RETIRE.

  • musiccitygal

    The only companionship Mr. Urban has tonight is his female assistant and a bottle (or several!) of whiskey!

    Nicole can’t be bothered with her pseudo-children or her pseudo-husband — she just drivels on and on about Tom Cruise being the love of her life while she films movie flop after flop after flop.

  • musiccitygal

    @Skeptics are liars:

    Another lie. There are no flights from Nashville to London except on Botox Head’s private jet!

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    The girl who got to fill Nicole’s seat was one lucky lady.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    There are some sick people on this board tonight. Why would anyone want to hurt a person they don’t know nor ever will know. It’s one thing not to be a fan, but you’re going way overboard. In this case, I hope there’s karma, because when you get yours it going to be a beaut.

  • Oh dear

    Sick, delusional people like SM will always troll opinion boards. Don’t worry JoBeth, karma is coming to Kidman.

  • Louise

    Keith Urban is one fine looking talented man. So nice to see he is almost clean shaven. Those whiskers are a turnoff. His shirt, tie, and jacket look great, but what the he– is with those jeans and boots. Skinny leg jeans are OUT and they are only for tall men. You need a new stylist Keith and then you will be totally perfect.

  • http://comcast Joni

    It is only one person making the smart remarks and that is the famous THE CRAZY ONE. It is none of her business where Nicole and her girls are. Keith an Nicole are happy, talented, have a great family and THE CRAZY ONE can hardly take it, her head must be about to explode. Keep up the good work Keith Urban Family , it makes a lot of us happy for you but of course we are the sane ones.

  • http://comcast Teresa

    The most entertaining part to the show was KEITH Urban and Miranda Lambert performing When We Were Us beautiful song sung by two talented people. Yes there is some hateful person always knocking KEITH and Nicole. The Crazy One, very fitting name.

  • Not buying it

    Dear Joni, you are many things but “sane” is certainly not one of them. You need to move on from the “one person” theory. There are many intelligent people, who don’t believe the KUNK PR BS and who are making very astute comments on JJ accordingly.

  • maclen


    Yeah, it’s being very sanctimonious to decry that you “believe” that critics of orb are trying to “hurt” him…by simply criticizing someone they dont know…and you hoping that those critics who you dont know…. “get theirs.”

  • FaithHillFANatic

    Faith looked absolutely beautiful! Simply flawless. Pure perfection. I am so glad that the McGraw’s are out there putting those divorce to rest. They make such a GORGEOUS couple. I cant imagine one without the other. They have been together for so long. Making beautiful music both on and off stage. Congrats to Tim, Keith and Taylor on their awards. “Highway Don’t Care’ is an amazing song and the video though heartbreaking is very informative.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Faith is looking her age…sure has big ears. Tim looks so tiny, has lost a lot of weight? Also, he doesn’t look happy…maybe their marriage problems I’ve read about are true…I doubt being married to Faith is easy, given that she’s a her-way-or-no-way gal, a bitch basically. I will never forget her reaction when Carrie Underwood won an award Faith seemed to believe she was “entitled” to. I think her true nature came out. I was disgusted at her lack of a generous spirit and have never looked at her the same since. She was cruel.

  • Sheri

    Awwwwww – there’s my handsome Keith :) He sang beautifully tonight, as always. Just bought one of his guitars on HSN the other night when he was selling them for the first time … can’t wait for it to arrive. He’s one of the kindest, most humble performers in show business and he truly values his fans.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth


    If I were you, I’d be worried about the ‘karma’ remark. You’ve been attacking Keith and Nicole for years, and now you’ve managed to contaminate this board. These people whom you’re defending are critics in the very loosest sense. Actually, ‘stalkers’ would be a better word.

  • sorella

    Woah, Faith needs to tone down the botox, those “surprised” looking eyebrows are ridiculous.

    Keith is talented but he so needs a new look. A dude flat-ironing his hair is just not attractive, makes him look like a girlie-girl to me, so not attractive. Nice guy, great talent but desperately needs to change his look!!!

  • jane

    Keith looks happy and his performance with Miranda was rocking the house! Loved it!

  • sal

    Faith Hill looked a mess tonight. The horrible ponytail with her ears sticking out and the boney sunk in face is not an attractive look. Why are her and Tim looking so thin and drawn lately?

  • Sally

    Jason Aldean is truly a concert sell out and entertainer and if the Tweens are voting for these CMA awards, they will continue to vote Miranda and Taylor which is really quite sad. Taylor is so a has been. Let’s move to the next level of music. Really? I know she can write but she sings off tune and so fake and annoying. Not real music!!!!

  • Jacie

    Have to agree with Sally. Jason is a true entertainer. So rediculous how the CMA’s acknowledged Taylor and that extra recognition should have gone to Underwood. She is another one that is much more than Taylor will ever be. At least she can sing in tune and is better looking by a long shot. Let’s cut out the Tween votes for a change and see where the awards land. It surely won’t be Taylor……Let’s finally recognize the real musicians and ones who can actually sing and entertain a crowd. Thank you

  • maclen


    Yes, the orb’s “look” is as stale as his entire career. The set of his live shows are simply recycled from his Oz shows and the songs of his new album are retreads of songs he “shazamed” together. He didnt have a hand in writting even half of the songs on his album…and he still needed over 30 “co-writers” to get this album done. Yes, his album is NOT selling because it is as stale as years old bread.

  • Skeptics are scammers

    @maclen: We do know you Mary. and Tara, and Michele, and Sue, and Cheyenne, and Stephanie.

    We know who you really are and you are stalkers. You’re already living your karma because you have miserable lives. You’re internet stalkers and really bad scammers. No one believes you and so you lash out at everyone. Plant stories and reference them on other sites as if you just found them. Create multiple accounts on message boards and post on them you’ve never posted on each others hate sites. Say you live or work somewhere when it was never true. It’s all too predictable at this point.

    Nicole Kidman was scheduled to be at last night’s show.

    And this is the response from a skeptic scammer who was cornered….

    @skeptics are always rights: You are a liar. She was never on the seating chart. They were well aware he would be there sans Kidman. Ironic you don’t pay attention to tweets that tell what really goes on in his life. Crawl in your hole and shut up already.

    Skeptics are sick people who refuse to get help and are living their karma everyday…a miserable existence behind their computers.

  • ^^^

    Calm down sewer mistress. You have been caught out telling lies and are now making a fool of yourself again.

  • x

    Absentee mother and wife “Nicole Kidman was scheduled to be at last night’s show” but was too busy filming another flop in London.

  • tan

    why keith wear so much makeup ?

  • Bahahahahahaha

    @^^^: You’re a liar and there’s the proof. Can’t change your story now. Bahahahahaha!

  • jonabeth

    That was not this year’s seating chart. This years had a picture of Keith next to Tim and Faith and an empty seat beside him. As you say… FACT. Also FACT, in this picture Keith’s hair is not flatironed. Flatironed hair is silky, shiny and straight. His hair in none of these in this picture. It’s amazing the amount of misinformation on this board. Also, FYI , Nicole just landed in back in the states. FACT.

  • ..

    @jonabeth: correct jonabeth. The only misinformation on this board is coming from @skeptics are liars/scammers, who constantly falsifies information to suit her own agenda, ie. quoting last years CMA seating plan as current. FACT.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth


    Are you sure Nicole is back in the states? Keith’s performing in KC tonight, Des Moines tomorrow and then Peoria on Sunday. I’d thought she might come in next weekend when he’d be at the casinos in CT. Keith looked a little lost Wednesday night. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of under-current at that awards ceremony. These shows used to be fun to watch, but not anymore. They reek of politics, and we get enough of that in everyday life.

  • maclen

    So…let the “misinformation” on the board continue…

  • Fanatics Drool

    @Skeptics are scammers: #30 is the biggest liar. Claims to have the seating arrangement for the show to back her claims that Kidman was going to be there, and then ends up posting the seating arrangement from 2012. Fanatics are so blinded – Keith and Miranda’s performance wasn’t the only good performance of the night. Stop your obsession – there are other talents than your Keith. Grow up and get over the whole damn Keith Karma crap. No one has a curse put on them for saying a negative thing about him! How old are you – 13?

  • Fanatics Drool

    @jonabeth: Hate to break it to you. This is how flat-ironed hair looks after lots of hair product applied – sculpting or texturizing paste.

  • Myra Robinson

    @SM caught out lying again!: Keith mentioned his wife could not be with him because she was working on a film.

  • Myra Robinson

    @Jan: apparently you never heard about what really happened ? Carrie is fine and she understood Faith was not even talking about her. that was totally misunderstood by a lot of people.

  • delia

    His hair looked that way because he stood out in the rain for 20 minutes signing autographs and taking pictures with those of us behind the fence. We all had umbrellas but our hair still got wet. I have to say his hair looked much better when he arrived, but he’s still gorgeous even with flat wet hair.

  • maclen

    Yeah, so not opinion or rumor…orb’s current album sold a paltry 98k in it’s first week as opposed to his previous album, which sold 162k. His current album has now sold 185k in its first two months…as opposed to his previous album which already went Gold (500k) after it’s first two months. His show at the JQH Arena on Oct. 20th sold a pathetic 5,916 tickets out of 7,122 tickets made available. The FULL capacity of the GQH Arena is 11,000 seats. His show at the CenturyLink Center on Oct 26 sold an anemic 6,416 tickets out of 7,500 tickets made available. The FULL capacity of the CenturyLink Center is 14,000 seats. So the orb is clearly having trouble selling cds of his album and tickets to his show.

  • Selling cheap guitars on HSN

    Stick a fork in, Urban’s DONE.

  • Fanatics Drool

    @maclen: In 2013, Keith Urban cannot get 7,000 people to show up to a concert? Remember in 2005 when he was filling arenas of around 13,000 or more? His concert audience has been cut by half. What is the cause? Horrible music? Turning into Mr. Hollywood? Bringing his wife into the music?

  • Fanatics Drool

    For the record, Kidman returned to the States but went straight to NYC. She didn’t go “home” to Nashville. After not seeing her husband for a longer amount of time than they say they go without seeing each other, why doesn’t she go out on the road with him and the girls? She claims she does this, but she doesn’t. More time apart because her majesty can’t ride on a filthy tour bus. Still plenty of time to get your tickets for tonight’s show. You can sit wherever you want on the upper level straight out from the stage.

  • maclen

    @Fanatics Drool:

    Well I would simply propagate my main belief…that the orb’s shows are SO recycled…his monkeys are literally bored and uninterested in this shows today. Since at least his 2009 tour…he has been reusing the exact same show gimmicks…satelitte stages, audience member stage singalong contests and giving away a guitar to a fan. For this current US tour he has now “recycled” his old Oz tour stage sets of the upright panels to project images, lyrics etc. Clearly even his own fans have gotten their fill of orb’s “who’s got the best seats now?” He lacks creativity and originality.

  • x

    @Fanatics Drool: Kidman never had any intention of spending any time on the tour bus. EVERYTHING she says is a fabrication … “Then Keith goes on tour. We all go on the tour bus with him and we tell Sunday and Faith it’s a family road trip” … It is all LIES.

  • http://comcast Joni

    I don’t know where The Crazy One is getting her information but it is a bunch of bull. Good God take a pill, calm down Crazy One.