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Matt Damon Flashes Buff Arms After Gym Workout!

Matt Damon Flashes Buff Arms After Gym Workout!

Matt Damon shows off his buff arms while stepping out after a workout at a local gym on Monday (November 4) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, the 43-year-old actor showed some love for the Boston Red Sox after they won the World Series.

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Check out Matt in this newly released trailer below for James Cameron‘s upcoming documentary Years of Living Dangerously, which will be released in 2014.

The documentary, which focuses on climate change, will feature Ian Somerhalder, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Munn.

Matt Damon – ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ Trailer

10+ pictures inside of Matt Damon flashing his guns…

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matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 01
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 02
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 03
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 04
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 05
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 06
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 07
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 08
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 09
matt damon flashes buff arms after gym workout 10

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  • From hahahahahahaha

    New pics of Bradley from PA at his school looking happy and peaceful without his user ugly daughter! Brian Klugman is in one of the pics.

  • FROM Unknown Sister

    @Seb: Okay, you are right. I wanted you to say return too but need share the news.
    AMFR is at the birthday at the Bowery hotel with Bradley, Leo and others and there is an after party also in the downtown NYC. There was a dinner before where she was too. She flew into NY on Friday from West Africa. Her office in by the where they had the Art Exhibition on Friday + we think she was there too. She loves art. Leo is having a party with close friends + their wives/gf + with celebrities tonight. There is a massive party less personal Sunday. Monday there is another thing too. The most important one is tonight and Suki was not invited. They invite other models but not Suki. That is sad. Miles invited her to the birthdays of his close friends.

  • FROM hahahahahahaha+Bradlifer

    New pics of Bradley from PA at his school looking happy and peaceful without his user ugly daughter! Brian Klugman is in one of the pics.

    @Huma: he was in philly on friday during the day in the evening he left for new york and hanged out with Leo. He was back in philly yesterday and probably left back for ny last night. Ipic

  • FROM Iza

    @Unknown Sister: Thanks. They are still partying now in New York, right? Great weekend for Bradley to go to 20 year reunion that @Bradlifer told us about and also go to his friend’s party. I can see an all night maybe to breakfast partying in a few hours. Leo parties hard. Bradley might have two breakfasts one with Leo and one with his reunion party! Hahaha! Reunions can be all weekend. Italian AMFR’s office is downtown?

  • FROM Huma

    Last time Suki was in LA area to find jobs for acting and singing. She did not go to Hawaii last time she did not go to Phily this time for his 20th reunion. She is in LA for singing. She said going to a party in another city tonight I still think Leo’s.

    There is a party in the US in NY for Leo since the night where Bradley was or is we know from a model who was invited. There is a woman AMFR but I don’t know her relation to Bradley.
    @Dana: I don’t know why she was not invited tonight. She likes Leo.

  • FROM Bradlifer

    @Huma: even if whurehouse do go tonight last nights party was the important one, the private dinner. Tonight is the Open night where everyone goes. Still bradley didnt bother to bring her on events that matterd the most to him, like reunian. She has been in town for days and he have ignored her….last time he dumped her and went back to work. Lol….they Will be over soon.

  • FROM Bradlifer

    @Huma: and she might like him but that dose not mean he likes her back :)
    every artical and everyone Said she flew in from europe. She ways actually seen in europé over the weekend. She was in London and Manchester. She was never in Hawaii. Her own fans are denying it.
    The twitt about the dog walk was fromt someone living in Baltimore. Far far from philly. That was fake news just like people taikimg pic saying they meet bradley with pics that is not him at al.
    What matters is that suki never was in Hawaii this time, didnt get invited to
    His home in philly nor the reunian and she has been in la for days and bradley dont seem to give a crap.

  • JLawFan

    @Bradlifer: We gotta hope it is the end of the PR contract BUT she is such a limpet she wants to use him more.
    @Huma : Is it break up soon or PR pics in NY tonight?
    Older pics of Bradley on set in Hawaii from fan.girl. There are 4 in this set.

  • FROM Unknown

    Oh, they want him to get rid of Suki in Philly as well. “If only he would get rid of…” I think Mrs. Gloria Cooper feels this x10000.

    BC in Philly

  • FROM hahahahahhahahahahaha

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha @ 11/11/2013 at 7:24 am
    @Bradlifer: Thanks. This is a good time for it to be over before he starts promoting American Hustler. She flew to LA for a PR weekend and only got PR events. We will see about today but I think he wil lbe in PA and Ny and fly back to Hawaii Tuesday.

    # 89 hahahahahahahahahahahaha @ 11/11/2013 at 7:27 am
    @Unknown Sister: Thanks. I don’t believe she will spend Thanksgiving with Gloria either. She let it slip…how desperate. When you are in a couple PR or real with a celebrity, you do not put out family holiday plans to the press. Boys her own age won’t get her into the press, a movie or a recording studio. She rather sleep with older men like Weinstein and Cooper.

  • FROM Brian

    The article? Suki PR shooting themselves in the **** again. Take a bow.
    When the article first posted, there wasn’t even a pic of Bradley and Suki! A short time later a pick of each of them separately was posted. Her clueless PR doesn’t realize a pic of them together would be more convincing? LOL!
    This was to get back at him for not inviting her this weekend. It also allows her to get some PR without Bradley having to do anything or be seen with her. She can SAY she’s spending Thanksgiving with him, but that doesn’t mean it will or was ever going to happen.
    This is like the dog walking pics. It allows her to get some desperate PR, while Bradley doesn’t have to do anything or be seen with her.

  • FROM Unknown Sister

    Bradley did not invite her to his reunion. If you give Suki the choice between spending personal 20yr reunion weekend with Bradley with his childhood friends, his best friend Brian Klugman, his mum in PA + spending some time in New York going to art/photography shows, parties with Bradley close friends Leo, clubbing with Leo, spending time in Leo beautiful apartment… and events in Beverly hills, she would choose the Bradley things. She was not invited. This is like when she was not invited to Rober Deniro birthday and her fans said she was busy at music festival. Hahaha.

  • FROM Leo

    @Unknown Sister: Where in Africa did AMFR go? Leo DiCaprio might
    have gone to Equatorial guinea with a stop over in Douala, Cameroon
    after Paris before New York. There were some tweets he was there for
    environmental work. He has said he enjoys going to Africa. Could they
    have been in the same country for meetings on the environment and
    flown back to the US together? Leo is involved in many earth changing

  • FROM Lucy

    @Unknown Sister @Bradlifer: Thanks. Has anyone ever seen this? She flew to all the way to US- LA. He made sure he was not there and did not invite her to parties with Leo because of his Italian love. I have seen many young models in the Leo party videos. Bradley did not want her there. Now she is going to NY and Bradley will leave NY area today or tomorrow morning for work in Hawaii. Oh yes, very strong serious relationship.

  • FROM Harry

    When does BC start promoting American Hustle?
    @Huma: She shows up uninvited a lot. May be the Italian American woman is into him after all spent the whole weekend together. Bradley has been partying in NY since Friday and going to PA 1hr away for his reunion without her. Maybe we will see PR pics today of NY. She flew all the way from UK to LA to NY. LOL.

  • Iza

    I am psting pics here and funny messages in between work breaks. The rest now.:)

  • Dana

    @Unknown Sister: How old is Italian AMFR? 25?

  • FROM Brian AND Huma

    @Huma: You said you believed she would be at Leo’s parties Saturday and Sunday and it never happened.
    Now you think she will be there for Thanksgiving?
    You just go from one story to the next. Don’t you ever get dizzy

    Huma @ 11/11/2013 at 5:13 pm

    @Bradlifer: She did not make it to the brunch. I don’t even know if Leo made it to the brunch with his hangover. I think maybe Leo has something else tonight or she has something else this week.

    # 128 Huma @ 11/11/2013 at 5:20 pm
    @Brian: She did not post about a party in California. She was not in NY last night and so there must be a party tonight maybe Toni is doing something for Leo. Yes, I believe she will be with Bradley at Thanksgiving. She likes American culture and a source said it to the daily news. We don’t know if Bradley invited her.

    @Huma : So many stories Huma.
    So many stories. I do marvel you don’t get dizzy. :)

    @Brian: Maybe you get dizzy when you see next pics of Bradley and Suki together?

    @Huma: No Huma, I don’t get dizzy.
    I just feel sick. :)

    @AFT has 100+ people listen to what he says. I do not agree with what @AFT said about Suki but he said he is friend of a friend of Bradley’s. He never said Bradley’s right hand man.

  • FROM Brian

    Here’s another story about Bradley attending his high school reunion, including his yearbook pic!

  • FROM Iza

    Bradlifer: Hope you are right and he is with Italian AMFR and they are flying back to LA/Hawaii together.:)
    DM copied the eonline story. The first print does not mention his daughter at all. For once the DM is not listening to her PR team.
    First look Cameron Crowe untitled movie

  • FROM Bradlifer

    So limpet didnt make it to the Leo birthday weekend. Lol!
    She is Going home yet again without pr pics. Lol! Al she got this time was to leak info to journalists and call the paps outside his home saying look at me, i am living here! Desperate much limpet?
    Hahhahaah reed this artical guys! The best!
    I laughed so hard!

  • Elvira

    This might be old about Bradley’s diet. We see him eat a lot on set.

  • Imogen

    @Seb: Did Italian walk the red carpet for Glamour?

  • Terri

    @Imogen: Still the same questions on a new story? You are obsessed with Italian AMFR. You really are. Just sayin’

    @Iza: Thanks for the links and funny posts. HAhahahahahah. I like the @Brian and @Huma back and forth.Hahahahaha

    Where is Bradley hiding? Any pics?

  • Elvira
  • Bradlifer

    @Terri: bradley is in Hawaii working. Yesterday he was on a hawaiian radio show. Here is a new pic of him a bit on the page it is there. Like allways he is hiding away as long as suki isent around.

  • Elvira
  • HA!

    @Elvira: Same message twice. Thanks, American Hustle.

    @Bradlifer: I can only see an old pic from Limitless. I will look closer.Hope we can more pics from set.

    Bradley American Hustle

  • Bradlifer

    @HA!: there is a pic of him at a table, cookies infront of him. Text is “Espresso and cookies at a radio station. I miss his spontaneous smile.
    Maybe it is to early in the morning” forth pic. Someone on Twitter Said he was on a radio show yesterday morning. That is from that.

  • Bradlifer
  • HA!

    @Bradlifer: Thanks. I saw it now. Interview on Wednesday. I think he left PA on Monday evening or Tuesday morning like you said. He really ran away from his child. He left NY before she got there and back in Hawaii.Hahahahaha.

  • Jlaw Fan

    Did we move here before thread closes or bec JLaw spoke her mind about Joan Rivers? Shiiish. I love Fashion Police and many celebrities do too.

    I have not seen any pis of his child at Victoria Secrets. No Morals and Big Nose! Was she even invited?

    Posting old vide where she is alone. It is so fynny. @Iza, you liked it. Why isn’t it here?

    “Guys guys!!!!! Check this out!!!!!! Suki is standing after the baftala party reeding what is Said about her online ALONE!!!!! Lol! She is looking at Twitter or something!
    And did u guys see her latest look? Apperantly she
    Turned herself brunett. Didnt help still as ugly as ever.”

  • Beth

    @Jlaw:lol!!!The video iof Bradley’s stalker. Thanks!!!lol!!!

    @Bradlifer: Thanks for pic. Bradley is laying low with his woman learning Italian. He hides with her. Takes PR with girlie. Girlie is going to stalk him forever! He will not get rid of her as quickly as he thinks.

  • Ovidie

    @Bradlifer: Does someone has a link to the hawaian radio show ? I can’t wait to hear him.
    Bradlifer, are you sure the picture was taken during the hawaian show ? It reminds me of a picture he took 2 years ago in a radio station (NRJ) in France (same shirt…)…

  • Unknown Sister

    @Huma: Again??? I saw all of Cara’s pics and there are NO pics of SW at the Victoria show or the after party. I also saw pics from Cara friends. Sorry she was alone in NY or with her family in UK. She needs to change job. VSFS did not ask her to model or to watch the show.

  • Ovidie is DAniela or DJ

    Ovidie is DJ or Daniela. I think Daniela. She wants to take to post to her board. We told you to get lost @Ovidie. You are not welcome here. Everyone IGNORE.

  • Unknown Sister

    @Bradlifer: I agree. Ovidie is Daniela. She made fun of @AFT on early stories. She spreads lies everywhere. Do not give her link.

  • Brian

    It has been long suspected from the old threads that Ovidie is one of DJ’s fake names along with Dee and Dani.

    On the old threads Dee make many critical remarks about AFT, while DJ and Ovidie wanted to know if they could join the board AFT posted on.

    @Unknown Sister

    Thanks for the confirmation about lack of pics. I couldn’t find any either.

  • Ovidie

    @Brian: I said it at least 2 times yesterday, but I am not DJ, Dee, Dani, Daniela… I post on JJ since june 2013 (you can find my posts in the old threads).
    Don’t you think that knowing people suspecting me of being one of these people I would have change my name to reappear on this board !
    I don’t read JJ every day. Perhaps some people tookover my name when I wasn’t online to write lies or insulte people…
    I don’t believe in AFT anymore but I never spread lies ! I have absolutly no idea of what Bradley and Suki are doing with there life. I’m just here to read the last news about Bradley.

  • Unknown Sister

    Everyone ignore #40 psychotic Ovidie who is 100% psychotic Daniela.

    @Brian: Uhm I think she was trying to get tickets. It did not go through. Bradley Cooper’s name did not help

  • Brian

    @Unknown Sister: Did she try and use his name?

    Maybe she can’t use his name anymore and she tried to get tickets on her own name and it didn’t work.

    Suki who?

  • M Fan

    Are you guys talking about Bradley Cooper? Why are you talking about Bradley Cooper on a Matt Damon thread? WTF?

  • hahahahahahahahahahahah


    @Bradlifer: Thanks for pic of Bradley in Hawaii.

    Some pics from Glamour red carpet. Who is on first pic?

  • Iza

    @hahhahhahahahah: Your hahahahahahahahaahahaha. Glamour pics hahahahahahahha. It’s Lilly Collins, British actor. Not Italian AMFR. hahahah

    @JlawFan:Aren’t you glad Matt has comments under his name now? None of his fans have posted here.

  • Sarah

    @hahahahahaha: She doesn’ t want to be famous. I don’t think there is a published pic of her on the red carpet. They usually put pics of famous people.

    Is Alec Baldwin giving Bradley tips on stalkers and when is he back on the set in Hawaii? Baldwin has been in NY for stalker trial. He won and she is going to jail. I think he cheated on his gf Hilaria back then with the stalker and said bye but stalker would not let go. Sucky Suki is the future stalker of Bradley when he is with AMFR. Bradley sleeping with a girl thinking he can get rid of her easily. Limpet!!!

  • Iza

    Bradley with a fan. We don’t know when it was taken.
    Has anyone seen it before?

    @Brian: Or she asked Cara and Cara ignored her. Hahahahaha.

    @Sarah:hahahahaha. She is already a stalker. Soon serious stalker.

  • Seb

    Bradley’s love interest the Italian American went to the Glamour Women of the Year award in NY. She disappeared afterwards.

  • Imogen

    @Seb: Thanks. When she appears, tells us.

  • Unknown Sister

    @Brian @Iza: She tried to use her own name and it did not work. Cara usually gets her tickets but we had heard Cara was not walking in VS this year. She told her fans this too. There is an article saying she found out last minute so no tickets for her follower SW. Leo and Toni went. Leo can get extra tickets. She is not close enough to them then.