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Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Outing After 'Kane & Lynch' News!

Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Outing After 'Kane & Lynch' News!

Gerard Butler sports a cool pair of aviator sunglasses while out and about on Rodeo Drive on Wednesday (November 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined on the outing by two male pals.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Last week, Gerard was spotted satisfying his Italian food craving at Dan Tana’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

It was recently reported that Gerry is in talks as Kane for the video game adaptation Kane & Lynch, which has offered Vin Diesel the role of Lynch.

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  • Say it Ain’t so

    Nice Shoes GB. Those are really Blue.

  • Adriana
  • An-D K

    Anyone know who Gerry’s friend is, the one with the flip flops on. My god he has awesome calves.
    And Gerry’s new blue suede shoes are rockin.

  • David

    ___ RïchFïšhes.örg ___ Meet other successful, attractive and available singles

  • TGIF
  • FYI

    Michael Fassbender was at TIFF this year. That could be when he and MG hooked up.

  • radar dorothy

    My gaydar is buzzing.

  • TIFF?

    I guess that’s where the hook ups happen don’t they? MG and Gerry met at the MET Gala. Beautiful people pouncing on other beautiful people.
    Michael must have known that she was Gerry’s ex.
    Too pretty to resist maybe?

  • radar dorothy

    Don’t be ridiculous, she looks nothing like MG. Wrong eyes, nose, and too fat-featured. Phannies making fools of themselves again. The world does not revolve around Butler. He’s small fry.

  • TGIF

    @radar dorothy: Well my dear, the world on this thread does revolve around butler. And his fry is not that small from what I have heard.

  • @radar

    @radar dorothy:
    It is MG.
    Maybe you need your eyes checked. The bone structure is exactly the same. This will eventually come out in the press. It is her. Deal with it.

  • radar dorothy

    @@radar: I don’t care whether its her or not. It just isn’t. Butler isn’t even the centre of attention in his own threads.

  • @radar

    @radar dorothy:
    ” I don’t care whether its her or not. It just isn’t. ”
    MG was his ex. Her new “relationship” with Fassie raises valid questions about her behavior and intentions when dating Gerry. Go to a fan site if this is too much to handle.

  • Nicole

    Mada passed as a baton of! LOL! I always knew she was a nasty woman. Now Fassy “her first and true love of her life”!This is the perfect gift for a birthday party for Gerry and his fans!
    I congratulate with a new project, Gerry. Good luck with that!

  • Hey Nutcase

    @@radar: That is definitely not MG

  • radar dorothy

    @@radar: ugh, no. I’m not a fan of him or his work, or her for that matter. Just interesting, the human condition. Every road (thread) leads to MG, no matter how in the past she is.

  • @radar

    @Hey Nutcase:
    I’m not going to argue this for the whole thread. Eventually, more photos will surface and then you’ll see. Until then, sit tight.

  • Pamela

    Hi Everyone,

    OMG, GB is so hot!! I wish I could meet a man that did for me what he does. That probably ain’t going to happen! : )

    Yeah, I didn’t think the woman looked too much like MG but I have not really studied her face that well, and could very possibly not know her when I see her. You all know her face much better than I do for sure.

    Has anyone heard anything about Gerry’s birthday plans?

    Also, I recently read an old piece about Gerry’s rehab (back whenever it was), and there was mention of him having issues with cocaine. And I wondered if you all thought that he’s past all that or it never happened… I just wondered what your opinions are on that issue. Sometimes he looks ‘bad’, and I worry about it. Also, he seems to have aged so quickly; he seriously looks 50 years old or better at times. (I still wouldn’t turn him down! lol…) So, I worry about him. What do you all think??? Can you put my mind at ease?


  • Machina

    He’s been pretty open about his substance abuse issues for years. I do think that he was a recreational coke user, like the majority of Hollywood. Some have said that it got very bad around 2009-2011, hence the rehab. No one can know for sure, except Gerry.
    Some fans will dispute any drug use. There’s also been a lot of Facebook posts and Tweets from fans that have said he’s drinking (implying alcohol) despite Gerry saying that he’s been sober for over a decade.

  • She’s not in the past
  • leelee

    @Adriana:LOL dam that girl really gets around. She was also with DiCaprio a couple of years ago. And I swear Butler and DiCaprio are friends. I remember Butler said on Stern that he was in love with her

  • New ring for gerry
  • New ring for gerry

    @leelee: No he did not say he was in love with her. I believe it was “deep like”.

  • Say it Ain’t so

    Very True, He said it was Like not Love. Wonder what that Ring is all about? I love how everyone grabs pics of him from out of the blue. Great Job Gang.

  • Nicole

    Enter “Gerard Butler” More pics!

  • Prancing Pony

    @New ring for gerry: Thanks for posting that interesting pic.
    Isn’t it funny how a little detail like that can make you go “hmmmm, I wonder why he’s wearing a ring…he hasn’t done that for ages…”. :)

  • Say it Ain’t so

    Thanks for the Pics Nicole!!! Wow, that man is one nice piece of eye candy.

  • the ring is about love

    @Prancing Pony: his soul mate has given it to him. he is taken.

  • JS

    @radar dorothy: “My gaydar is buzzing.!

    Well buzz off then!

  • Say it Ain’t so

    I thought that meant looking for love, Oh well. Everyone wears rings for different reasons. If that man came up to me I would take mine off in a heart beat, well maybe not that fast ;)

  • JS

    @Adriana: Well it had to happen didn’t it? She has a knack for sniffing out wallets and now she has found another mug perhaps she will let Gerry get on with his life.

  • JS

    @@radar: “MG was his ex. Her new “relationship” with Fassie raises valid questions about her behavior and intentions when dating Gerry.”

    Her intentions were never honourable, she was only with him for what she could get and never cared for him as a person, only for the contents of his wallet.

  • JS

    @Machina:”There’s also been a lot of Facebook posts and Tweets from fans that have said he’s drinking (implying alcohol) despite Gerry saying that he’s been sober for over a decade.”

    People see him with a glass in his hand and just assume it’s alcohol but there have also been lots of tweets etc, including some from bar staff, mentioning how he only drinks soft drinks.

  • JS

    @Prancing Pony: “I wonder why he’s wearing a ring…he hasn’t done that for ages…”. :) ”

    Prancer, he told me he wasn’t going to wear the ring until we had gone public, obviously he couldn’t wait, lol.

  • BMorningstar

    @radar dorothy: So’s mine. Gay Gerry with his two gay pals. So obvious isn’t it. Maybe MG couldn’t put up with the phony anymore and moved on to a real man in Fassy.

  • Prancing Pony

    @JS: LOL ;-)
    Nice to see you posting here too, JS. Have a good day.

  • GremmieNalu

    There was a tweet about Fass who was recently in Prague before NZ. Maybe this has been brewing already. I think Gerry paid for her to go to Maldives as a going away gift for helping him act out the play. I also think Gerry is gay. There are too many things that make me think he’s covering it up and has been struggling with it for a long time. Never thought he was straight even when I first got into fandom. His straight is an act.

  • SeeSawSally

    The ring he has on looks to be his David Yurman horse ring. He has had that ring for a few years now, and wears it from time to time. The ring he has on is shaped like that ring. It is sterling silver with a horse on it. It’s rather large and clunky, but a nice ring.

    If you enlarge one of the pictures of the woman with Fassbender, you will see the mole on the left side of her nose. Most likely, they got together at TIFF and that is most likely her with him now. Lucky Gerry, UNlucky Fassbender. He seems to be one that can handle someone like her, fortunately for him.

  • GremmieNalu

    If he is gay, I hope his fans can deal with it. It shouldn’t change a thing. He’ll still be making movies unless he gets a new management team.

  • King of the SOCKS

    Stop talking to yourself loser.

  • Say it Ain’t so

    I believe he is into the ladies and ladies only. His behavior around women is well pretty obvious when in the presence of women. I also believe he is currently single. Maybe he is taking a break and going after his career instead. I wish him all the best and can’t wait to see what he has in store for everyone next.

  • tweet

    For anyone who don’t believe their eyes. Can you compare? I don’t doubt that this Mada. LOL!

  • GremmieNalu

    Actually, I wasn’t jealous of her when she was with Gerry but now, I’m a bit envious. Michael is a catch. A big one. Oscar nomination, makes lots of movies and is highly sought after. He doesn’t have to make action films because he’s being asked to do everything. He’s hot too. Very. Gremmie likes.

    For the reading-impaired in post directed at me: I’m not a sock. This is my only name.

  • Machina

    Great detective work tweet!
    She’s wearing the same jacket.
    Where was that photo of her and Gerry taken?

  • Say it Ain’t so

    WOW Tweet looks like the same person to me!!

  • tweet

    @Machina: “Where was that photo of her and Gerry taken?”-
    It’s November 2012, one year ago!

  • Machina

    Thanks tweet.
    It looks like a sporting event of some sort. She looks so bored.
    What a diference a year makes!

  • GremmieNalu

    She’s definitely moved up the food chain. Good for her. Fass will probably be a short-term fling though. He doesn’t seem to stay with anyone for long.

  • BMorningstar

    Who’s the muscly man with Gerry? I haven’t seen him before maybe a trainer or bodyguard? Nicelooking man for Gerry to get close to.

  • FYI

    That photo was taken last November in Scotland when Gerry and MG went to a rugby match in Edinburgh. They saw the All Blacks.
    (I can’t believe there are still phannies trying to pretend MG wasn’t in Scotland for Gerry’s birthday last year. She obviously was.)