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Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Outing After 'Kane & Lynch' News!

Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Outing After 'Kane & Lynch' News!

Gerard Butler sports a cool pair of aviator sunglasses while out and about on Rodeo Drive on Wednesday (November 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined on the outing by two male pals.

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Last week, Gerard was spotted satisfying his Italian food craving at Dan Tana’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

It was recently reported that Gerry is in talks as Kane for the video game adaptation Kane & Lynch, which has offered Vin Diesel the role of Lynch.

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  • here we go
  • the face?

    It was true, then!

    Hope it’s not her

  • Thursday’schild

    If you are going to taunt an old beau, make sure you are wearing something he gave you with your new one in the photo! Same ol’ same ol’.

  • GFW

    What agency is Fassbender with? Who manages him? That film looks good. He does do a wide range of work, I’ll give him that.
    Okay, the perv in me looked. (chuckles) I told you Michael is willing to whip it out anytime anywhere. He could have chosen a more private place to take a piss. It’s an alpha-male kind of thing to do. Michael does not fake this. He is extremely comfortable in his own skin.

  • @Garbage

    Couldn’t agree more, and @Conspiracies can stop now is either a teenaged brat, or has the mentality of one.

  • Maybe, Maybe, Maybe

    If this is his ex then she’s aiming for award season with MF which was denied her last year with GB. So we found her famous next move.
    Has she started hinting yet at her FB page?
    He is no gentleman and not that into her either. If he were either he’d be holding the door for her.

  • snap

    @Conspiracies can stop now: They were at the same party put on by Fox Searchlight at TIFF in September since both their films were produced by them.

  • Ha Ha

    @Thursday’schild“Why is E! calling this chick “mystery girl” when they know who MG is:”

    Let’s face it, MG is a mystery and it’s also a mystery what men see in her, she is ugly.

  • Kristina Hoksa

    The last cople threads have been about MG only, lol. Kind of fun really. Fass is 8 years younger than Gerry so she probably has more in common with Fass. This is good for everyone. Gerry can now freely go after his 66 year old fangirls.

  • Obviously not!

    @El comandante: “the lady in those pic is black.”

    She is not black and take a look at MG, she’s not exactly white is she?

  • FYI

    @GFW: Fassbender has a UK agent, his IMDB page lists Conor McCaughan from Troika Talent Agency, there is another agent Kathryn Fleming who is based in Sydney, how interesting a female agent cough cough, might explain the film in New Zealand, and his CAA agent, same agency as Gerbear, is Michael Cooper.

  • snap

    @Obviously not!: Someone missed those photos from the Maldives.

  • media 101

    @Ha Ha: E! is calling her mystery woman because all these media outlets are lazy. They will all just pick up the same story from the Daily Mail. Maybe change it up a bit but that’s all they do these days. Copy and paste.

  • Lilly

    It is defendently MG. Look at past pictures! It’s 100%
    Gerard’s Shoes are blue!!! :)

  • facebook Calling

    On one of her (many) Facebook pages MG is now describing herself as Actor/Director. Another one of her (many) lies.

  • GFW

    @Ha Ha:
    Thanks. Guess I could’ve done that, but I’m just not that into him. That said, I do see all his films.
    Same agent? Interesting, but not in a good way. Seems like something has made him loose confidence within himself and made him loose focus. I think the best thing he can do, is just pace himself and focus on his over-all health and well being (mind/body/soul connection) and then work from there.
    Oh, and by the way, it’s raining. ;o)

  • Thursday’schild

    @Kristina Hoksa:
    “Gerry can now freely go after his 66 year old fangirls.”

  • wowzie

    @facebook Calling:

    you sure are DUMB…it’s a FB label and all actors have the same…even Gerry.

  • EM?

    @GFW: “Oh, and by the way, it’s raining”

    No it isn’t!

  • For Goodness Sake

    @wowzie: Gerry is an actor and director.

  • thor’s day

    @media 101: Also shows for all her efforts no one is paying much attention except here.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • FYI

    @GFW: Gerry is with the same agency not same agent.

    He should get himself a UK agent.

  • dargabriel66

    Butler Has Not Met The One, As I Said PreviousY. Butler Is Distant Not Glowing, Energies Pulled, he’s With Other Women, But Push Pull, Not Happy In His Soul, The Pieces Of The Puzzle Do Not Fit, He Knows This. If Anybody Thinks This Man Is In Love, Then You Really Have No Clue What True Love, Soul Love Is, His Skin Would Be Glowing, He wouldn’t Look Hagard As He Doe. Butler Is Half In Half Out, Maybe Some Of You Really aren’t Educated On A Spiritual Level Or Awake, Because If So, You Would Know The Real. Most Only Operate In The Material World Only, Which Is Fake To Begin With, If Everybody Operated On The Higher Level, Then Your Brain And Soul Would Entwine In A Utopia Life. Most Material Relationships With Man And Woman Are Falsehood, Tests And Lessons, This Is A Confusing Time For Human Beings, Kind Of A Bad Joke Sent By GOD For All Our Misuse Of Hi/Her Gifts. Many Divorces, Signs, Guiding You On Right Paths, Sign Of Pisces, Very Much Confusion. Watching People Scramble, Rushing Around, Stressing Out, I Watch This, I Pay Attention And Be True, Mean While Many Are Suffering From Cancer And Medical Problems. I Heal Children, Disabled, And People GOD Sends To me. Again People Look At Butler Closely, Color Of Skin, Eyes, Distant, Somewhere Else. if You All Think This Man Is Complete, you’re So Wrong. oOh And Yes While Everyone Was Believing He Was Now In Libria, Or Whatever That Place Is, I Had Said He Was In Los Angelsssss Right B4 The Fake Tweet. Are You The Type Of People That Walk Across The Busy Street On No Walk Sign? Just Because One Person On A Crowed Street Corner Goes For It, Lol, Everybody Jump Into The Pot, Of Lies And Deception, Go For It. One Person Crosess All The Rest Follow, What A joke. Good Luck With All This Disfunction On This GOD FORSAKEN Site. dargabriel

  • wowzie

    @For Goodness Sake:

    changing the name, and your IQ is still a single digit

    check the pages of any actor…Vin Diesel, Tom Hardy, Fassy…you name it…all have the same FB given label

  • dargabriel66

    Butler Remains Friends With His ex’s, He Is A Nice Person. dargabriel

  • Agree

    @dargabriel66:”Butler Remains Friends With His ex’s, He Is A Nice Person. dargabriel”

    Very true but somehow i don’t think he will remain friends with the most recent ex.

  • GFW

    Thank you. So much has to be his idea.
    It is here as in my prediction yesterday. 🔮 :o)
    who does not think Gerry is “complete” right now either but is doing the right thing as a man whose been worked over (there I said it) and those stresses have taken it toll but speaking about that kind of thing on a public board does not help him you nut-job so shut up please
    who thinks Gerry has doctor’s, family, friends, and person well-meaning advisers in his real life and does not need white witch nutcases “psychics” in his life pointing out the obvious saying God I hate this place sometimes (Arr)

  • dargabriel66

    @Agree: Yes, This One Will Be Tricky, Somewhat Of A firebal, Unaccepting To Rejection, Many Hearts Are broken. However This Is Life In A Very Confussing Time, Again Lessons, But All Is Great For Butler, He Knows. He doesn’t Like Hurting People And Has A Hard Time Saying NO, His Heart Is Loving, So This Is Why He Likes Keeping The Peace. However When He Explodes, Watch Out, His Energies Are Felt At A Great Distance, he’s Learning Balance, But The Grand Finale Is Around The Corner, Slow Moving On Physical Plane, But Fast In The Spiritual. People Want Instant Gradification, But People don’t Always Get What They Want When They Want It, GOD Works By Their Own Time Clock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, One OftThe Messages Sent By Butler, He Likes That,Lol. dargabriel

  • GFW

    I agree. I don’t think he’ll stay friends with this ex.
    Typo alert. And that should read personal well-meaning advisers and stresses have taken its toll.
    I think Gerry is going about this the right way by taking his reentry slowly and concentrating on new priories (him) without distractions: He’s nothing to prove to anyone anymore. He did it. Now he needs to make it work. He comes from a good family who love him as is. He is very lucky to have living parents, active caring siblings, nieces, a puppy dog who loves him to bits, and lots of good true friends who care for him deeply. He’ll be alright. He is alright. He’s a birthday soon! Celebrate that!


    @tweet: I would be more convincing if she wasn’t wearing the same exact coat. I think you just proved it was Madalina.

  • GFW

    “GOD Works By Their Own Time Clock”
    God is a their? Or a He? Don’t answer please.
    You’ve been reading other people so long lifting all they say making it read like your own original thought(s) no one believes any of your eye-crossing contradictory gibberish which goes against God all the way btw. You do not know more than Him, get it?

  • dargabriel66

    I’ve Said It Many,Many Times Before, Butler Does Not Go To Doctors,Dentist, Or Any Of This, He Has Special Healing Power Surrounding Him, He Trusts This To His Soul. In Fact The Only Time You Will See Him Going Into A Medical Building Is For Work And Work Only. He Does Not Take Pharmacuticals Or Over The Counter Meds, They Kill, And He Is Smart, You People Really Do Live In Falsehood. He Has Something Most Have Not Been Gifted With, Much Light, Healing In An Instance, No Doctor Required. So Be It. dargabriel

  • dargabriel66

    I’ve Been Writing Here For Quite Some Time, And Furthermore, People Take What I’ve Said And Use It For Their Own, You Know It. I Am My Own Person And These Are My Own Messages. Carry On. dargabriel


    @Why?….: It’s the same woman, same coat, just it’s different lighting.

  • GFW

    O.M.G. you have just knocked yourself out of the believable bathtub. But post away, it’s your right, but you’re very wrong. Ah, just a reminder? He’s an pro-active pain-killer addict (by public admission) who went into rehab to clean up but must take something for his back. Yes, doctor required.
    who no longer finds you entertaining, when I can get my eyes uncrossed to read you, but terribly misguided who projects onto him your lifestyle

  • GFW

    Gerry doesn’t go to a dentist? I’m sorry but that’s just plain inaccurate. He does not go to doctor’s? That’s ridiculous. He has to get physicals to work.

  • dargabriel66

    I Am A Messager, By GOD, Its Best For You To Be A Nice Puppet, Otherwise Lessons Will Be Hard, Get It Right And Things Are Easier. I Just Recieved A Great Gift, How About You? How About A Cadillac Escalade And Money To Boot, Pretty Great Gift, All Gifts Sent For My Good Work. dargabriel

  • dargabriel66

    No Docs Required. Dargabriel

  • GFW

    No, you got back with your man, Mr Money. ;o) Messengers of God do not boast. Ops. You’re no messenger from God. You’re not gifted and are a fraud and phoney. Please woman, I think I hear eagle squawks calling you. Make haste! Heed their call. You’ve just discredited any positive message you could today. You’ve made a laughing stock of your materialistic self. Be gone.

  • GFW

    Don’t threaten me you quack. You don’t scare me, you witch. Something’s got you nervous though, hasn’t? You’re on high alert for some reason. Why’s that? You’re suddenly here more than normal.
    Fact. Your post #190 is utter stupidity. It is.
    who thinks if his ex has found someone who can do what he might not have been able, or lost interest in doing, he’s happy for her

  • dargabriel66

    Jealous Much,Lol…. I’m Getting To You. Have A Terrific Day. dargabriel

  • hehe
  • Cherloch Combs

    Anyone notice this? Maddie seems to be trading up every time. Upgrading, if you will. First she’s with Leo, a huge name, fame and fortune and all. Nominated for Oscar. For whatever reason, they didn’t click and busted up. Next she moves on (maybe) to Brody. I’m still undecided if she really did date him or not. Whatever happened, it didn’t last at all so it was only a few weeks if that. Of course, he was an Oscar winner.

    Then Gerry makes a beeline for her. He’s never been nominated but again has world fame and fortune. A working actor with name recognition and lifelong bachelor. She did get plenty of PR out of this. Didn’t last but not sure he dumped her. It may have been the other way around. He didn’t help matters by telling Howard Stern that he was in “like” with Maddie. Then he started pulling away when she did LA Italia, that was obvious. He’d rather be with the boys even then.

    Don’t forget he was with other women during this time: ice cream London girl, taxi girl, and dance at Ischia girl. He can’t keep It zipped up.

    I want to throw this in: remember she said she wasn’t very interested in marriage but would have a baby right away? Maybe he asked and she turned him down and it was over after that. I’m just saying we don’t know anything for sure.

    Then she meets Fassbender at TIFF. Or did they meet much earlier? He obviously had his eye on her because she’s in NZ with him now. I don’t think anyone flies thousands of miles to see someone without being asked. Fassbender is a friend of Gerry’s or at least he used to be. Oscar nominee. It would be sweet revenge for Maddie if she broke up with Gerry and is now saying, “aha, I win, you lose”.

    I believe Fassbender is definitely an upgrade from Gerry because he’s a more serious actor and well, he’s hot. But I don’t think this romance will last at all. I give it till New Year’s. Bets, anyone?

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.” Ephesians 4:26-27

  • Nice dinner date

    Drive up gas station food.

  • My bet

    Valentine’s Day.
    Got to get all she can out of the man.

  • Sallie

    @Cherloch Combs:
    I bet she does see it as an upgrade but she’s either to stupid to see or doesn’t care about the effects that this serial dating is doing to her reputation. Look at the celebitchy piece. Professional “Fame-ho” is becoming her tagline the same way, “Ladies Man”, is attached to Gerry.
    It will stick like mud.
    If she’s doing it to further her acting career, then she’s hitching herself to the right type of man. Gerry got her a razor commerce, which is not that impressive. Maybe Fass. can get her an actual role?
    The public are not going to overlook her four week breaks between banging some of the most famous men on earth.
    This will not end well for her.
    If she pulls another girly, shy, “oh shucks, everyone thinks I’m beautiful?” type of interview, watch everyone from the interviewer, to the audience roll their eyes.
    Poor Gerry was silly enough to parade this girl to the media. Leo kept quiet. Wonder how Fass. will handle it.

  • Wowjustwow

    @Cherloch Combs:
    I don’t even give it until Christmas, Fassbender is a major user and unlike Gerry he’s not nice about it. I do believe in him she’s met her match. When he wants her gone he will make sure she’s gone, of course she will be one more female to accuse him of abuse. Perhaps that’s the real reason why she is with him. He’s an easy target to extort money from.