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Orlando Bloom Hooks Arms with Manager in NYC

Orlando Bloom Hooks Arms with Manager in NYC

Orlando Bloom is all smiles while walking arm in arm with his manager Aleen Keshishian during a stroll on Friday (November 8) in New York City.

Earlier in the week, the 36-year-old English actor was spotted carrying his cute son Flynn on his shoulders in the Big Apple.

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“I always imagined if elves were to make love, they’d probably be tantric lovers. Because if you’re living forever, you’re not in a hurry,” Orlando recently joked to EW about a possible love story between his character Legolas and Evangeline Lilly‘s elf warrior Tauriel in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

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  • Sara

    He is so weather confused !!!

  • canndice

    so he’s the one who cheated?????

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  • cmonjustfixit

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  • knowitallz

    that would be his manager, Aleen Keshishan.

  • http://website jaja

    That is his Manager you morons

  • Get a clue

    Umm…that’s his manager, Aleen Keshishian. Do some research before trying to slander someone’s name.

  • Kanadian Banshee

    Arm in arm? A little hyped on the title? Two comfortable friends perhaps. Whatever the situation is, he looks relaxed, comfortable and happy. Perhaps they’re fishing buddies heading to sit around the camp fire lol.

  • Anon

    Orlando is a very handsome man. That is his manager that he is walking with.

  • Ta

    Funny how after all these years, his manager is still a “mystery woman”.
    Gotta love the gossip rags.
    I wonder if the rumor about his involvement in the Guy Fawkes (sp?) movie is true? That would be an interesting film.

  • Elena

    *facepalm* Aleen Keshishian

  • Haha


  • Ha

    He’s hot

  • Mars

    That’s his publist

  • Mars

    sorry publicists

  • @Mars

    Nope, his manager.

  • Wait & see…

    O & M split because his experiment with “doing Indie movies” didn’t work out & while Miranda’s career just got bigger & bigger.

    Then he tried a more mainstream movie the Three musketeers but that was a big flop. In his interviews for that movie he was so unenthusiastic you could tell he knew it would tank.

    So of course he had to resort to going back & doing Legolas again to resurrect his career. He’s also has Zulu but I don’t think it even has a US distributor IF so its not generating ANY buzz.

    After doing the 2 Hobbit films & now Romeo & Juliet he’s doing better & is no longer being overshadowed by his wife so it was the perfect time to end the marriage.

    The last couple of years he hasn’t even bothered with his appearance, always looking like he hadn’t combed his hair let alone washed it & wearing the same clothes for days like he couldn’t care less.

    Now suddenly he’s perfectly groomed with a whole new wardrobe & doing a big PR push appearing on all these programs.

    First he was doing the right thing by saying sometimes it just doesn’t work out but now changing it to ‘challenging” because of their busy careers.
    More or less trying to blame it on her because of her being successful & ignoring the facts about his previous STALLED career.

    It’s a fact during their 6 years together he didn’t have ONE hit movie.

    You can’t tell me that didn’t affect their relationship while at the same time as Miranda becoming more successful in her own right.

    But Romeo & Juliet NOW gives HIM the limelight & he’s also able to talk about his up coming Hobbit movies therefore he doesn’t have to discuss his long absence without a successful movie.

    Everyone thinks he’s a saint but just look at the facts. He resented Miranda being successful & soon as his career recovered he moved on.

    It’s only a matter of time until a younger girlfriend appears but NOT as successful as him of course!!!

  • Love The Shoes

    @jaja: Is that necessary? You can correct without being rude about it you know. Thank you btw.

  • @17

    Hi Miranda how are your doing?

  • @19

    Childish much???

  • @17

    Delusional, party of one…..
    I’m sorry, but anyone who claims that he ‘resorted’ to return as Legolas just can’t be taken seriously by anyone.
    Now run along back to your Miranda fan page.

  • @17

    BTW, you’re looking at the pics above and you still make the comment that he is now always perfectly groomed? LOL
    Like I said…..delusional.

  • I knew it.

    I do think he already has a new girlfriend & has for sometime.

    I always thought it was odd the way Orlando mostly dressed like a slob, that his hair was a mess & he never shaved & looked unkempt.

    Yet Miranda always dressed beautifully & looked lovely whereas Orlando didn’t seem to care or make an effort at all.

    Now he’s always has his hair styled, is wearing new clothes & is well groomed the way he did in the past.

    It’s obvious he’s now making an effort for someone else & I bet she’s a lot younger than him!

    He was probably already cheating but kept it hidden from Miranda so they would have an amicable separation to keep his image clean.

  • I knew it.

    Tell me did he have a hit movie in the last 6 years???

    Yes he did have to return to Legolas to resurrect HIS career as lets be honest there was nothing else much on offer after the three musketeers flop.

    Do YOU really think his attempt at Indie movies worked out for him???

    Oh come on since his split he’s been a lot better groomed. Using the above pic as evidence is phony AND doesn’t change that facts & YOU know it.
    You only have to look at all his interviews & public appearances to see the truth.

  • Sally

    Well I hope they get back together but somehow I don’t think so.

    I don’t there’s any need to be nasty towards Miranda or Orlando just because they’re not together anymore.

  • sara

    Thanks for changing the title, JJ

  • @24

    Uhmmmm, if you are judging an indie movie’s success or failure on the box office then you’re an idiot.
    He made those movies to expand his horizons. He certainly didn’t need the money. He worked almost constantly for his first seven years in the business. Always big action movies that made him a VERY wealthy man, but did not let him grow as an actor. He even took a break for several months, and went to Antarctica, for crying out loud, before defying his agent and appearing in a small play on the west end. He was at the top of his career then, but he turned his back on Hollywood to work on his craft. Does that sound like someone desperate for a job to anyone with a brain?
    He got the experience that he wanted, and earned great reviews at the same time. He did more indies before agreeing to play the cad in 3M. He evidently had a blast chewing the scenery, and who could have known that they had a director STUPID enough to put his no talent wife in a major role that even overshadowed the musketeers themselves. The movie was horrible, but even reviewers who panned the movie, liked Orlando’s performance.
    And you still say that he “had” to take the role of Legolas again? Orlando would do anything for Peter. And donning the pointy ears of one of his favorite characters was no hardship. And with 40 or so million in the bank, and millions of dollars a year in residuals, the man doesn’t ‘have’ to take any job.
    Did Cate or Hugo ‘have’ to take their roles again? What about Elijah or Ian? None of them has had a hit movie recently either. Are you willing to insult them the same way? No. I didn’t think so.
    That’s just ng something that hypocrites do, is it.

  • Uhm

    He was filming in NZ for a long time, as well as in South Africa before headlining on Broadway. He was about to be thrown into the headlines again, and he was well aware if this. Huge red carpets and spotlights were right around the corner. He is the star of the family. Always has been. How can anyone claim that he was jealous of her career? That makes no sense.
    Now he may have been upset that she was spending so much time away on shoots after claiming that she was cutting back to be with her family. But I wouldn’t call that being jealous of her career.

  • True

    Orlando is overrated, he isn’t cute and that smoothed hair it is horrible.

  • @27

    Orlando is a failure. Face it. He has no talent. Peter had him “don the pointy ears” not because he needed Orlando but because he felt sorry for Orlando. He had mercy on Orlando and gave him a job in a high profile movie in the hopes that Bloom could relaunch his career (this time without Kerr dragging him down). He never honed his craft so he will end up flat on his face again and have to hookup with another sk@nk panty model to keep his tabloid celebrity status.

  • @30

    LOL !!!
    You think that Peter would risk a big budget film, and the wrath of fans out of PITY???
    That has to be one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard.
    If he wanted to cast the film out of pity, he would have brought back a character played by someone like Dom or Billy. Or Viggo, for that matter.
    And failure? I don’t think that any thinking person could call someone with Orlando’s resume and bank account a failure. That’s just idiotic.
    And I don’t think that any actor getting rave reviews on Broadway could be called a failure, either. Not by any normal person anyway. But of course, none of you idiot haters have ever been accused of being normal, have you.

  • @30

    And I suppose it’s also “pity” that has Bloom as Legolas – a relatively minor role – as a centerpiece of the marketing and publicity for the Hobbit movie? LIke him or not, your comment is crazy. Hollywood is marketing the movie using, as they always, using the most appealing angle to potential audiences which is not Martin Freeman, not any of the gang of dwarves but Mr Bloom. He is the breakout star of LOTR and always has been. It’s also why Jackson added not just his role but added to his role during filming and pickups, expanding it from the original cameo. And his face all over the trailer, on the posters, in the press. You’re right. It’s pity for his lack of talent because Hollywood is that kind of caring, supportive place. Thanks for the laugh. If you’re going to spew the hate and insults at least make it somewhat sensible.

  • Anon

    Orlando is getting positive and great reviews as Romeo. He is a very talented actor and he is the breakout star of Lord of the Rings. The haters make no sense with their comments. With his resume and the money he has made from his films, I would say he is very successful in his profession and I hope he does more theatre.

  • Liz

    “Did Cate or Hugo ‘have’ to take their roles again? What about Elijah or Ian? None of them has had a hit movie recently either. Are you willing to insult them the same way? No. I didn’t think so”

    Not true! Cate is getting Oscar buzz for her great performence in Blue Jasmine! Ian Mackellen is doing very well with his theatre work and he will be seen in X-Men, Last of Days.
    And Elijah Wood has done very well with Wilfred and he has made himself a niche in the horror movie world. Plus he has his own production company too.
    Not sure about Hugo but he is mainly a character actor right?
    I think all of them except for Hugo have done better then Orlando in the recent years.

  • @34

    So you are now changing your own rules to suit you, eh?
    You ignore Orlando’s critical acclaim to insult the poor box office of his indie movies, yet you call Cate a success for getting acclaim in a box office dud.
    You praise Ian’s stage work while insinuating that Orlando getting rave reviews on the stage means nothing. And you can’t claim that the success of X-Men, with its large ensemble cast has anything to do with Ian, unless you are willing to give Orlando the same credit for The Hobbit.
    And Elijah is on TV. And not even on one of the big three. And not even on HBO or Showtime (where quality actors are now appearing). Elijah is in an idiotic show on a smaller network, while Orlando is starring on Broadway, yet you are calling him a success, and not Orlando? You sure are twisting in the wind to justify your own hypocrisy and double standards, aren’t you.
    Be a grown up and admit that you are wrong, and that you were just spouting off mindless hate and stupidity.
    Or at least admit that you are a hypocrite in the highest degree.

  • Amy

    She’s prettier than Miranda.

  • Liz

    @@34: Hey, why are you calling me names? I am not the same person who trashes Orlando. I actually happen to like him.
    Ian, Cate and Elijah are doing better in a sense that they are getting more work! More then Orlando. What has Orlando done in the past 6-7 years that was news worthy? Cate has done, Ian has done well and so has Elijah. You are going to insult an actor who has been working hard since he was 8 years old? He probably has over 100 million from working all those years. Stupid troll.
    Is this your life? Just trolling ppl all day? Loser. You need psychological treatment for you obsessiveness and also you need a life too.

  • Kandian Banshee

    @Wait & see…:

    Please don’t take this as a personal attack but your comments are a little out there. She has been sporting limp greasy hair for years which she tends to put up in a bun or whatever updo. She tends to let it hang out when she’s leaving other parts of her body hangout in water related shots. Her latest modeling gigs are somewhat sad…Korea fashion? Really?
    He may not always look as put together as one would expect Legolas or Will but then again, those are his characters and it’s nice to see that he doesn’t need to sport guy makeup. He has done wonderful movies outside of the LOTR and Pirate series. He has also helped to raise awareness on environmental issues. btw- he has curly hair and many use mousse and other products to try tame our locks.

  • @37

    You think that all of those indie movies that Orlando has made aren’t work? You keep moving the bar that you yourself set.
    If on your ‘new’ scale, Ian, Cate and Elijah have done well, then Orlando has done even better. And if you are bringing in Elijah’s entire career into consideration, then you must do the same for Orlando. Orlando worked non-stop after rings. NONE of the other actors did as much work as he did. After LOTR, there was Black Hawk Down, Ned Kelly, THREE POTC movies, The Calcium Kid, Haven, Troy, Elizabethtown, Kingdom of Heaven, New York, I Love you, Sympathy for Delicious, Main Street, The Good Doctor, The Three Musketeers, The Hobbit (2&3), Zulu, and now starring on Broadway.
    And everything he does is newsworthy. Even his commercials get worldwide play, because people are interested in him.
    Face it, you are wrong. The more you try to convince us otherwise, the more ignorant you sound.
    And you aren’t allowed to whine about someone calling you a name, then turn around and do the same thing yourself. But wait. I forgot. You’re a hypocrite. That’s just what hypocrites do, isn’t it.
    Oh, and BTW, between the two of them, Orlando is the big money earner here. His net worth is estimated to be between 35-40 million. Elijah’s net worth is estimated to be around 18 million. Not quite 100 million is it? Troll

  • @39

    Black Hawk Down? Oh please. He was been in that movie like 10 min or so. Nothing special. And other movies after LOTR aren’t nothing special. Only maybe first POTC, other two are been just stupid and boring. ” NONE of the other actors did as much work as he did. ” Yeah wright. Orlando is definitely hard worker.

  • @40

    So they proved you wrong AGAIN, and now you are just going to ignore all of the proof that they gave?
    Spin, baby, spin.
    You lost. Accept defeat gracefully. You just keep digging that hole deeper every time you post.

  • Liz

    @@37: Elijah Wood net worth is unknown on most net worth sites. But lots of people say he is a very,very wealthy guy.
    And you can keep insulting him but he is considered one of the most talented and respected actors of his generation. He has respect from big name people in movies and music. Something Orlando does not have.
    It would make sense for a guy like him to have 80-100 million in the bank. Tobey Maguire has a net worth of 75 million and its mainly due to acting in Spider-Man and many other films. How can a guy who has been acting for nearly 26 years have a net worth of only 18 mllions? Its wrong! If you are going by the Celebrity Net Worth site, then it also says Anne Hatheway has a net worth of 15 million, which also seems wrong. She has got to be worth over 35 million.They are not always 100% right.
    And none of the other actors did has much work as him? LOL! Okay keep thinking that.
    Like I said, I am not the same person. But since you spend all day on the sites waiting for negative comments, you are getting confused and dazed. If anyone is a dumb, troll its you. Get a life troll!

  • ha!

    They weren’t insulting Elijah, just stating facts.
    Unless you are Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, it takes a big budget blockbuster for stars to earn a good paycheck.
    Except for LOTR, Elijah has made only smaller movies. Movies that don’t have much of a budget for saleries. 18 million sounds about right, actually. Even though you are acting like it is small change, it still makes him one of the wealthier actors out there. Orlando has had numerous big budget movies. It’s pretty well known that he and Kiera both earned about 20 million for the last two pirates movies, alone. Then you can add in all of the residuals that they get from that series, and the money from Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. Rumors also claim that he earned more for The Three Musketeers than all of musketeers combined.
    Longevity does not mean money. It has nothing to do with how much people in Hollywood earn.