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Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio carries Tobey Maguire‘s adorable daughter Ruby with care while walking to an awaiting SUV on Saturday (November 9) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor’s close pal and The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey was spotted chatting with a friend outside his hotel.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Earlier in the week, Leo was dapper in a suit while attending the Tag Hauer Carerra Celebration in Paris, France.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very serious young actor. He takes it quite seriously. So although DiCaprio has taken my place in Marty‘s movies, I’m apparently the go-to guy in handing out the hardware. I’ve gotten pretty good at giving out awards but frankly I’ve gotten out of practice accepting an award myself,” Robert De Niro recently joked at a summit.

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2,750 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!”

  1. 1
    gsp Says:

    (calls school)

    -Hello, here’s Tobey Maguire, Ruby’s father.
    -Hello Mr Tobey, how can I help you?
    -Yeah, I won’t be able to pick her up today so I’ll have a friend to do it for me.
    -Okay, what is is his name?
    -Leonardo Di Caprio.
    -Okay,sir.Have a good day.

  2. 2
    Steph Says:

    Lmao omg her face

  3. 3
    Fan Says:


  4. 4
    @1 Says:

    I don’t get the punchline

  5. 5
    Well Says:

    Nice to see Leo with Tobey and his little girl in NY!
    Thanks JARED!

  6. 6
    Leo is a Loser Says:

    and when she turns 18, he will be dating her, unless she’s not tall, skinny and blonde enough for him.

  7. 7
    HAHA12 Says:

    Aw thats adorable! Nice to see Leo and Tobey hanging out.

  8. 8
    MR.LUCKY Says:

    Isaiah 49, oh yeah…

  9. 9
    Huh? Says:

    Leo’s shield against paps: Tobey’s kids

  10. 10
    Ouch! Says:

    Ouch but true. If he continues like this he might just end up dating Ruby eventually. Creep

  11. 11
    Well Says:

    More pics here:

  12. 12
    @9 Says:

    Odd since he probably called the paps for this. Sweet fatherly Leo before the madness of his birthday party. WOWS is truly in promotion.

  13. 13
    mlllllllllllllllllllllef Says:

    Is he dating her ? lol

  14. 14
    #12 Says:

    He is working hard to sell good image to avoid the inevitable comparisons LOL

  15. 15
    ama Says:


  16. 16
    Fan Says:

    Tomorrow is Ruby’s birthday.

  17. 17
    3...2...1... Says:

    WOWS promo just started! Sugar Daddy covering one kiddie with another.

  18. 18
    lol Says:

    and of course the pressed leo haters make other excuses as to why he would be with tobey and his daughter, claiming its only to do with wows.
    pressed much!

  19. 19
    ha Says:


    A kids party is more appropriate place to take his sugar baby, not an art sale.

  20. 20
    Leo is a Loser & Ouch Says:

    Nothing but the truth!
    Tobey needs to shield Ruby from Leo…

  21. 21
    Leokas Says:

    Leo is going to be a great father to our son Leokas Dicaprio-Haas <333

  22. 22
    HAHA12 Says:

    No doubt he’ll try to appear more grounded and wholesome come December.

  23. 23
    ???? Says:

    Maybe they are taking Ruby for a play date with Toni. Two daddies with their kiddies. Leo’s daddy instincts are in overdrive.

  24. 24
    wow.. Says:

    you guys are so damn harsh. i really like these pics JJ, rarely do we get to see leo hanging out with his old friends like tobey. thanks!

  25. 25
    sugar daddy Says:

    That’s sick, Disgusting.

  26. 26
    @Leokas Says:


    With middle name Darby/Oak.

  27. 27
    leo is the devil and a pervert Says:

    i hope he dies

  28. 28
    leo is the devil and a pervert Says:

    he should ************

  29. 29
    leo is the devil and a pervert Says:

    what an ugly fat loser piece of sh^t he is

  30. 30
    leo is the devil and a pervert Says:

    F-CK HIM!

  31. 31
    @23 Says:

    @????Ruby probably acts more mature than Toni.

  32. 32
    leo is the devil and a pervert Says:

    poor toni better run while she can from this a$$hole

  33. 33
    leo is the devil and a pervert Says:

    poor tobey, soon this bloated cat will be hitting on his daughter soon!

  34. 34
    Leokas Says:

    No, it will be a mix of our middle names so….. Leokas Wilhelm Daniel Dicaprio-Haas! Wow, what a mouthful!!!

  35. 35
    HAHA12 Says:

    Is there a chance Leo will show up to the AFI fest tonight for Out Of The Furnace? He is one of the producers for it.

  36. 36
    #### Says:


    Definitely cute pics. Funny how we’ve never seen toni around Leo’s married with kids friends. I think we even saw erin around tobeys family once.

  37. 37
    HAHA12 Says:

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Tobey had no interest in meeting Leo’s latest flavors of the season. Lol! I know if I were him I wouldn’t bother myself.

  38. 38
    #25 Says:

    ‘RUBY IS CLOSER TO TONI’S AGE (14yrs) THAN TONI IS TO LEO (18 yrs)! That’s sick, Disgusting’ .————————————————————————————– Yikes.

  39. 39
    ha Says:


    He is in Ny. Besides parties have become most important to him than work. And unless it’s a paid event he will not show up.

  40. 40
    also... Says:

    @####: Wait for it! Next thing you know is that Toni posts photos of `Ruby` JM jewelry on her Instagram account. Did you get the hint? Was I crafty enough? Smug enough?
    Cute photos… but I`m like annoyed looking at them. It`s great to see Leo like this, carrying Ruby and stuff. And other times seeing him stuck in the kiddie pool while pushing 40. Do you see my point?

  41. 41
    HAHA12 Says:

    That’s true, I forgot AFI was all the way in LA.
    These pics are cute to me idk, staged or not. I don’t see why everyone has a problem with them. Unless it’s regarding Toni.

  42. 42
    LizEEEE Says:

    Leo is using Ruby as a shield against the paps… to hide his chubby tummy. :) Cute pics.

  43. 43
    @41 Says:

    If she were his daughter he would covering her face not using hers to cover his.

  44. 44
    Gross Says:

    Just think in a few months Ruby will be old enough for Leo to date

  45. 45
    Looselipz Says:

    I wouldn’t trust Leo with any female relative under the age of 21.

  46. 46
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: You don`t have to see everything others think.
    @45: True. Sad but true.

  47. 47
    #### Says:


    LOL at least leo got to devote time to all the kiddies in his life today!!!

  48. 48
    really? Says:

    this is tobeys daughter for gods sake. why on earth would leo be waiting to date her? you guys really are so bitter and cruel.

  49. 49
    @really Says:

    We’re talking about Leonardo Dicaprio here. It might be cruel, but it’s also reality.

  50. 50
    really? Says:

    leo may be gross with his hunting for barely legal models, but its sad you all think we would go so low as to date his bestfriends daughter in the future just because he is carrying her. assume the worst of him, as usual, right.

  51. 51
    Well Says:

    @25 – ‘RUBY IS CLOSER TO TONI’S AGE (14yrs) THAN TONI IS TO LEO (18 yrs)! That’s sick, Disgusting’ .————————————————————————————–

  52. 52
    Yoooo Says:

    I know you guys are hardcore Leo fans but don’t u ever see any fault in him???? That he actually might be a pedo???!! I know his girlfriends are atleast of legal age but don’t u wonder if he thinks about girls younger than that? It’s like he waits for the moment they are legal or something. I find it disgusting that ppl back him up due to the fact of his heartthrob status. This is so wrong.

  53. 53
    Z Says:

    DISGUSTING is the mind of some people that post here, that’s a kid with her dad and his friend. Leo seems to really care about Tobey’s kids and that’s way too lovely, Leo and Tobey are friends for soo long and it’s obvious that Leo would care for Tobey’s kids and that’s soo beautiful, they have a true friendship and we don’t see that much in hollywood. I just can’t believe someone can’t think such ridiculous things about this adorable pics.

    Stop hating everything!

  54. 54
    @50 Says:

    @ It would be gross and low but typical Leo.

    @Yoooo: +10000000000000

  55. 55
    @52 Says:

    Heartthrob status, fame and money. I remember some girl tweeting while he was in Miami earlier this year. She was like 18 and called him a perv

  56. 56
    really? Says:

    mte. i get leo is gross in his dating life but some of the comments here so odd and just sick. these pics are cute, how come everytime we get nice leo pics or news everyone around here has to turn it negative and start hating on him? tobeys kids love him but that does not make him a perv. whatever, im out of here.

  57. 57
    also... Says:

    @Z: Sorry but people say things like that for a reason. Based on how they see him with women. Sorry GIRLS.

  58. 58
    Z Says:

    @54: NO WAY! You are a low person just to think such thing.

    Are people that post here regularly sane? I always ask this for myself, lol.

  59. 59
    :) Says:

    those who think he will date his god daughter are perverts and disgusting
    shame on you

  60. 60
    Well Says:

    @Yoooo @#52
    Fans do question his taste in women. Fans do wonder what does he have in common with barely legal things.
    Many of the fans come to the conclusion that Leo is a fabulous actor but it comes to dating, he seems to priviledge the willing, easy catches and available barely legal models who are very impressionable.
    When I look at his current flavour of the season, I can not help but think she is only days older than Selena Gomez and could be the grandaughter of his own mother.

  61. 61
    really? Says:

    oh shut up already. you just love to spend your time bashing him and his gfs and claim to be a fan of his when your not. this is why i hate coming into JJ, you all ruin it with your negative outlooks on absolutely EVERYTHING.

  62. 62
    also... Says:

    @Z: Yes, people who post here regularly are sane. Some comments are out of line but regular posters are sane. If you always ask that means you are here regularly. Why then?

  63. 63
    really? Says:

    sadly but true. anytime leo does something remotely good or that portrays him in a positive light, they bash him and bring up toni when she has nothing to do with the damn thread and of course they claim these photos are staged even tho leos birthday is almost in a day now. pathetic really. even ONTD’s comments on these pics of leo are much nicer, and leo is not very liked on there either!

  64. 64
    Z Says:

    People can say whatever they want about his girlfriends but to say such disgustings things about Leo and a kid that he cares so much it’s just NOT acceptable for me!

  65. 65
    also... Says:

    @61: Don`t tell me what to do and don`t tell me whether I`m a fan or not. You simply don`t have the right. If you hate coming to JJ why do you? Just to boss people around because you don`t like what you see?

  66. 66
    #63+64 Says:

    +1. I’m shocked at some of these comments from the regulars here. Hateful much?

  67. 67
    really? Says:

    because you claim to like leo and then agree he will probably date his bestfriends daughter in the future and you are implying he is attracted to her like a real pedophile and i find that disgusting and depressing so called ‘fans’ think that low of leo.

  68. 68
    @really? Says:

    So why are you still here?

  69. 69
    Z Says:

    @also: That’s right, how can someone see something negative about this pics? I really don’t understand the mind of people here, it’s hard to believe they would even say such horrible things.

  70. 70
    Yoooo Says:

    @@50: @@52: Thanks guys for understanding.
    Like I’m a fan of his, he’s a great actor and he was my crush too. But his personal life is really CREEPY and PRIVATE! I know celebs deserve privacy, but his is next level. He dates women who are very young, blonde and models, they are exactly the same one after another. Like I know ppl have a type, but thats crazy to have the exact same type with no variation at all. He controls every aspect of them too and doesn’t even acknowledge them as his girlfriends. Also, their careers some how skyrocket while being with him… (contracts)? He also hangs out with a group a guys (the you know what posse), and they have a bad track history. They are all jerk-offs and the worst of guys. I don’t know why ppl act like he’s nothing like those guys cause he is one of them. And of course, him always checking out girls who he can be a father too. If Toni was like 30 and he’s like 45, thats okay cause they are both very much adults. I hate how ppl say 21 is an adult, ONLY LEGALLY IT IS NOT MENTALLY. But even at 21, you a still basically a kid. He preys on young vulnerable women, just like pedos. I’m actually feeling sick. He’s basically like the pedos we see on TV. Just like other problems in the world, money, fame and power prevent us from knowing the truth and acting out on it. There is a reason why he keeps his life so private, I’m pretty sure there is alot of nasty things that we don’t know about and thats creepy.

  71. 71
    @Z Says:

    Posters say disgusting things about him because he is disgusting. I think the comments about him with Ruby is spot on. I like it when posters do not sugar coat the obvious about men like him, especially famous ones. If Leo was a regular Joe on the street you would not be taking up for him like this.

  72. 72
    Laura Says:

    Leo reputation is getting worse.

  73. 73
    @really? Says:

    @really?: No, honey. I didn`t agree with comments about Leo dating Ruby. I said I see where it`s coming from and why people say it. Maybe in your head that`s agreeing but not in mine. I NEVER implied that he is attracted to her like a pedophile. You are a liar and you are way out of line with that one. Isn`t that disgusting and depressing for you?

  74. 74
    pathetic Says:

    so he is disgusting just because he is carrying tobey’s daughter? whats funny is all of sudden posters are saying their true feelings about him on a thread where we actually get nice pictures of him when they could of revealed all of this eons ago on a thread of him and toni.

  75. 75
    Z Says:

    Sugarcoat the obvious? oh my, I don’t read that. Well, after this I think I have my final statement about the people that post here: INSANE!

  76. 76
    sugar daddy Says:

    @Yoooo: OMG FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Leo is hella gross I don’t give a f about his reputation, it deserves to go down the drain!

  77. 77
    really? Says:

    no, you all are implying he is like a rapist and deserves to be locked up. thats what i am getting at. these are nice pictures and i fail to see what are so pervy about him in these photos. its just leo with his old bestfriend and his daughter. and yet everything has to revolve back to toni when she has nothing to do with this. its depressing to me because he is my favorite actor and i find his personal life gross myself but i was really happy to see these photos because i like tobey and leos friendship but you all have to make this thread hard to read with your harsh and cruel comments implying he will be dating ruby in the future. the man just cant do anything to please you all.

  78. 78
    really? Says:

    @sugar daddy:
    so what about bradley cooper? how do you feel about him and suki?

  79. 79
    also... Says:

    #73 was me replying to really? but messed up with the tabs since she got me pretty upset with her balant lie.
    Sorry but Yoooo #70 makes valid points and saying that doesn`t mean I `imply he is attracted to his god daughter`, dear `really?`.

  80. 80
    Z Says:

    @74: that’s right! And I see still have good people here but some others are just incridibly evil. And good bye to the craziest thread ever!

  81. 81
    really? Says:

    honestly why do you all even bother coming to these threads. you just to love to bash this man and obsess over his sex life and act like he is roman polanski bad. you all sound so cruel and bitter especially when we get nice photos like these. what a shame.

  82. 82
    @Yoooo Says:

    You’re spot on. I could not have said it better.

  83. 83
    sugar daddy Says:

    @really?: exact same way, even a lil worse!!!
    THE GUY WAS READING HER LOLITA FOR PETE’S SAKE JESUS CHRIST HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS! In all honestly, Bradley and Leo can join the likes of Woody Allen and Roman Polanski….

  84. 84
    also... Says:

    @77: Are you completely stupid? Now you are really pissing me off, dummy. RAPIST? Are you out of your fcking mind? Quote the lines where I implied he is attracted to Ruby or that he is a rapist and deserves to be locked up! Are you on something? Can you read? Comprehend what you read? Until then shut the fcuk up and don`t tell me what I implied. Especially if it`s not true! You are either an immature little girl or completely dumb.

  85. 85
    @ Says:

    You see everything in Hollywood. Woody allen and Soon-yi?

  86. 86
    really? Says:

    @sugar daddy:
    yes because leo has raped and kidnapped an underage girl and fled the country and also married his step daughter! lock him up!

  87. 87
    really? Says:

    you all make me sick. you spend your time following the life of a man you think so low of and then spend your whole day bitching about him and his girlfriends on a gossip site while tracking their every move. that is all.

  88. 88
    sugar daddy Says:

    @really?: No he didn’t, but what makes you believe he’s not capable of such a thing!?!?! Is it because he’s Jack Dawson, Gatsby, Hollywood’s Golden boy!?!? Also, LEAVE RUBY OUT OF THIS! LEAVE THE POOR CHILD OUT OF THIS! I won’t even go that far.

  89. 89
    also... Says:

    @really?: If anyone here is sickening it`s you. You are a pathetic liar, you make up things that are way out of line and then you just keep whining about me. You have no clue how I spend my whole day, you dummy, you have no clue about me. You LIE and WHINE. All you do is complain while you `hate coming to JJ so much` yet you are here following comments.

  90. 90
    @83 Says:

    “Bradley and Leo can join the likes of Woody Allen and Roman Polanski….”

    They are getting there, aren’t they? The only difference is, this is Bradley Cooper first relationship with a barely legal girl, while Leo is on is 100th barely legal model girlfriend. Leo has no interest in adults whatever.

  91. 91
    really? Says:

    @sugar daddy:
    shut the f%ck up. i am not one of those fangirls that believe he is just like jack dawson in real life. but i have been a fan of him for many of years and his performances have moved me deeply before and i grew up being a fan of his. so shut the f&ck up and don’t write me off as one of those fangirls who believe he is perfect. because i am not, i accept him for who he is. its a shame you all cant and take your frustrations out on him and liken him to a pedophile who raped an underage girl and ran away from the country because of it.

  92. 92
    really? Says:

    i came to this thread because i liked these pictures, not to see these hateful comments from you all who of course had to mention toni because you are utterly obsessed with her. if he wasnt dating toni or anyone else at all, none of you would not even be commenting on this thread.

  93. 93
    People's choice awards Says:

    vote vote vote

  94. 94
    lol Says:

    Some people here are out of their minds. Those pics are adorable.
    If you think Leo would do anything to hurt that kid then you are NOT a real fan. I think this is a hater posting under diff monikers here only to pick a fight and even some regulars agree. Shame.

  95. 95
    #### Says:

    Natalee (@honey_natbby)
    11/9/13, 7:47 PM
    At a nascars driver event!!! I love it. Leonardo dicaprio is here

    Let’s get off this subject and talk about Leo being at a nascar event in NYC!

  96. 96
    sugar daddy Says:

    @really?: However, you are a crazy fan girl. Listen to me, unlike you I’m a logical and rational person. He’s a great actor no doubt about it, but unlike you I can separate art and real life. As an actor, he’s great, as a person, not so much. He may not be considered a pedophile, but due to his actions and relationships, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is one. What I’m trying to say is that people are not what they seem, actors are not what they are in the big screen. He doesn’t seem like that great of a person, and he tries his best to cover up most of his life and keep it private. Hollywood definelty makes people Hollywerid. Somethings fishy, and it ain’t the fish.

  97. 97
    also... Says:

    @really?: If you just wanna see the pictures but you hate the comments why do you read them and why do you comment? Talking about Toni doesn`t mean obsession. You should think over these statements before you post them. You said things that are exaggerated and way out of line. This whole thread is just ridiculous.

  98. 98
    HAHA12 Says:


  99. 99
    People's choice awards Says:

    let vote 100x a day!!

  100. 100
    lol Says:

    The difference between dating younger women (rich and independent) and abusing a child is huge, fgs.

  101. 101
    also... Says:

    I agree we should drop this topic. I bet people took out their frustration towards him with nasty comments but it went too far.
    @####: NASCAR event? Kinda surprising…

  102. 102
    lol Says:

    Leo needs prayers. The number of people with a dirty mind sending negative vibes to him is huge.

  103. 103
    also... Says:

    @lol: How did it even get to child abuse? There was one remark of him dating her when she gets legal but how did that turn into child abuse? And rape? It`s crazy! And sick!

  104. 104
    @96 (sugar baby) Says:

    Another poster speaking the truth.

  105. 105
    @lol Says:

    I think you mean the young girls Leo will be preying on need prayers

  106. 106
    lol Says:

    @also Exactly! It’s just this bitter hater here. Rape? Really? Disgusting!

  107. 107
    lol Says:

    @@lol HA, you are so smart and funny: NO! I know who you are. Aint fooling no one.

  108. 108
    shame Says:

    Shame on Uncle Leo that his actions in his personal, dating, clubbing and partying life have led to a conversation that can be so disturbing about a little girl he obviously cares about. I hope someone tells him about this thread so that he can maybe evaluate that his selfish actions can have a negative affect on the people around him.

  109. 109
    #### Says:


    It went way too far!!! Geez…what craziness on the past few pages!

  110. 110
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12 & ####: I’m working, but had to jump on for a sec. I can’t believe the things that are being said on this thread about some really sweet photos. How sad :(
    @####: Leo at a nascar event? Are there any pictures?
    Back to work! Will catch up later!;)

  111. 111
    also... Says:

    @lol: It started with that one remark about him eventually dating her. But for god`s sake he is compared to pedophile and a rapist now? Please, let`s drop this. It`s sick.

  112. 112
    @lol Says:

    You know who I am? How nice!

  113. 113
    HAHA12 Says:

    Agree 100% with you.
    I understand being creeped out how much closer in age Ruby and Toni are compared to Toni and Leo but the comments here went way too far. It’s best to just drop it because the rape comments seriously sickened me.

  114. 114
    also... Says:

    I agree with `shame`. But that`s it. The whole Polanski comparison is just disgusting. Out of line.

  115. 115
    #### Says:


    Very disturbing thread…..very disturbing :-(

  116. 116
    What's next Says:


  117. 117
    baby Says:

    @HAHA12: @also…: I get how rape things seem out of line but just dropping it ain’t right. You guys have no sense of the real Leo, you guys fell for the image that he made for himself. The Great Actor! I honestly feel bad for fans like you, staying by someone’s side no matter how bad the situation is. You guys will never know how Leo is and what he is capable of.

  118. 118
    HAHA12 Says:

    I am far from one of those fans who see him through rose colored glasses and I am aware of his shady personal life. But assuming the absolute worst of him including comparing him to Roman Polanski is far worse than having idealized views of him, JMO.

  119. 119
    Leokas Says:

    GUYS STOP! Just think about and love Leokas! We are the one thing that is right! <3333333333333

  120. 120
    HAHA12 Says:


  121. 121
    also... Says:

    @####: It is. And it went way out of control. I really feel bad because all I wanted to say is that I know why people say something like this ( as shame said it in her comment ) but that doesn`t mean I think he is `attracted to her as a real pedophile` and I think he is a rapist who needs to be locked up.
    You know I was attacked on this thread many times before but someone saying that really made me upset. I went back to re-read some comments to see how we got from dating her eventually ( that first comment didn`t even referred to the present but to the future ) to a Roman Polanski comparison. That`s SICK! His private life is questioned by many but going there is too much!

  122. 122
    SS Says:

    Leo carries Tobey Maguire’s daughter and suddenly he’s the care giver?

    My job would be infinitely more easier if this was the only requirement.

  123. 123
    #### Says:



    Agree agree agree

  124. 124
    also... Says:

    @baby: We definitely don`t know the real Leo. He loves barely legal girls, he loves fishing in the kiddie pool and by kiddie pool I mean barely legal girls. But legal. He loves to have fun, no commitment, young and beautiful girls. Why would I think there is more to that? Just because he has an image and I don`t know his real character? I don`t know the real Leo but I have no reason to assume he is into stuff like that. Is there any indication that he is the next Roman Polanski? No. Even though I think he is a Sugar Daddy I would never assume he is so twisted.
    And I can`t believe we went from dating her when she is 18 to being a rapist pedophile. No, that`s too much.

  125. 125
    OMG! Says:

    The moderators are copying names from my relatives’ past posts and posting here!

  126. 126
    hmm Says:

    Who would have thought that these probably staged but supposed to be ‘cute’ pictures of uncle Leo would lead to these comments.

  127. 127
    Huh? Says:

    @hmm: Why would Leo and Toby be staging a random photo op?

  128. 128
    also... Says:

    I doubt Tobey would use his daughter for a photo op.

  129. 129
    hmm Says:


    Why not? he staged those with Edward Norton recently.

  130. 130
    birthday 39 Says:

    I hope a new thread starts before his birthday party, I would hate to see the comments and links from that being associated with Tobeys daughter.

  131. 131
    also... Says:

    @hmm: Ruby is his friend`s daughter, 7 years old. Not really the same as Ed Norton. I didn`t think those were staged. He wasn`t hiding but he was with another celeb. JMO.
    @birthday 39: Do you really think it could get any worse than being compared to Roman Polanski? Also do you think the birthday party comments will be so bad? I mean his parents, close friends and his gf will be around…

  132. 132
    Black sharpie Says:

    Have there been any stories that have come out of Leo’s birthday parties in the past?
    I wonder if Toni went to his birthday party last year? Not as his girlfriend but just as a model who got in invited. He was single last year. I think there was a story that there were tons of models at the party but he was more interested in hanging with his friends.

  133. 133
    also... Says:

    He was newly single last year during his birthday celebration and he was shooting a movie. He likes to be single while working so I guess he was just playing the field. Maybe Toni was too young at that time to be invited?

  134. 134
    HAHA12 Says:

    On a side note I can’t believe he’s about to be 39. Time really rolls by.

  135. 135
    Black sharpie Says:

    What a difference a website makes…
    In response to the Ruby/Leo photos , BZ commenters are wondering when he will have “little Leo’s”, some are asking if it will be with Toni.
    Too funny.

  136. 136
    also... Says:

    Time does roll by but it seems he is not rolling with it in every aspect. I still don’t see him as a 39 years old guy. More like young Leo from like 1995.

  137. 137
    #### Says:


    I can’t believe it either!

  138. 138
    birthday 39 Says:

    @also. True they cant get any worse than the Polanski comment, that was a really really low blow. I hope we only hear good things and that any leeked photos are just of fun times with family and friends!

  139. 139
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL, I know. It’s just so surreal because he basically grew up in front of Hollywood and always seemed so much younger than he really is for obvious reasons and back when he still had a babyface. It’s just kind of hard to believe he’ll be 40 by next year for some reason.

  140. 140
    HAHA12 Says:

    He’s getting old!

  141. 141
    also... Says:

    @135: Two polar opposites. JJ was it’s all time worst today ( shame Ruby is so cute ) but BZ has it’s flaws as well.

  142. 142
    Black sharpie Says:

    Oh, I agree. To me, BZ are the ” rose colored glasses” people.

  143. 143
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    BZ has the young girls (Toni’s age) on there which is why they are so into the Leo/toni relationship.

  144. 144
    #### Says:


    He is and he’s looking it too.

  145. 145
    birthday 39 Says:

    @HAHA12, I just turned 39 this year – its not that old … really …. I keep telling myself this!!! The worst part is I have a son that is 21!

  146. 146
    HAHA12 Says:

    Yep! But there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure he’s glad his babyface is no longer as prominent.

  147. 147
    HAHA12 Says:

    @birthday 39:
    I don’t think 39 is that old either so I wasn’t slamming your age as being old lol, it just feels weird to realize Leo will be that considering how he still acts like he’s in his 20s! Plus, even in his movies for some reason, I’ve always gotten a youthful and immature kind of vibe from him.

  148. 148
    #### Says:

    So guess where Leo is right now??? LOL

    Lauren Senkeleski (@LaurenSenk)
    11/9/13, 9:48 PM
    Hey so Leonardo Dicaprio is at 1Oak tonight with 2 Chainz so yeah um lol where are my pills

  149. 149
    HAHA12 Says:

    LMAO. That is all I have to say. He’s going to party his heart out.

  150. 150
    #### Says:


    I definitely don’t think it’s old because I’m Leo’s age too but I think he would still look younger if it wasn’t for his partying ways.

  151. 151
    Well Says:

    So the celebrations have begun ….. 2 Chainz at 1Oak:)

  152. 152
    birthday 39 Says:

    @HAHA12: I know what you mean, even though im about the same age I didnt find him attractive when he was younger, because he came accross younger than he is. I like him better now

  153. 153
    Low Leo Says:

    Could he be any more obvious? Baby pics right before he’s about to engage in his usual debauchery. His PR’s fingerprints all over this one. Ruby is an innocent child and a real cutie. Leo is turning into a dirty old man and a manipulator. He stinks.

  154. 154
    Low Leo Says:


    Don’t kid yourself. Tobey the gambler is not that squeaky clean. He’s a child of Hollywood and he goes way back with Leo. He would do anything for him.

  155. 155
    also... Says:

    It’s not about whether he looks 39 to me. It’s whether his maturity level is at 39 or at 22. Thanks to partying he looks his age or a little older. But he still doesn’t feel like someone who is pushing 40. Looks like an adult but a young boy at heart.

  156. 156
    also... Says:

    @Low Leo: Tovey is not perfect but he is a great dad. I have no doubt about that even if he is a gambler and his best friend is Leo. JMO.

  157. 157
    HAHA12 Says:

    He has the right ‘boyish too long, yet withered too soon’ kind of look.

  158. 158
    @Low Leo Says:

    Yeah I definitely believe these pics are staged.
    Ruby is a cutie though. And some comments on the previous pages are just sickening. Only thing off about these pics is Leo’s PR def called the paps. It’s not that I don’t believe he isn’t like this with his pals’ kids all the time I think he adores them and they love their uncle Leo but they called the paps. I mean.. how interesting we never get pics of Leo when he’s out with his barely legal so many times and when he’s with his good pals (Ed Norton) or with his pals’ kids we get very clear pap shots. Leo CAN hide if he wants to and liked to be photographed when it suits him, period.,

  159. 159
    Low Leo Says:

    Great father, but still a product of his environment. This isn’t the first time Leo has used the little girl to shield his face. Where does he get off using a child like that?

  160. 160
    Low Leo Says:

    Those people are crazy to hurl those kind of allegations based on his dating history. He is creeping into dirty old man territory with Toni, but he’s into very young women, not kids. I do believe he is very, very selfish with a warped sense of priorities.

  161. 161
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: Hi Lady, I hope you realized that it wasn’t me that wrote the comment to you on the last thread (564). I would never say that to you or anybody else, not my style.
    @####: So Leo is at 1Oak! What a surprise! LOL!! I think his b-day party has officially begun!

  162. 162
    Isa Says:

    Cute !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  163. 163
    #### Says:


    The partying has begun! LOL

    I wonder if they are doing something for ruby’s birthday tomorrow?

  164. 164
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I have a feeling he’s probably going to have a hangover and will do a lot of sleeping so he’s ready for his main party tonight!

  165. 165
    #### Says:


    Probably! LOL

  166. 166
    Vera Says:

    Ah, I see Leo has begun promoting his Wolf movie. Good PR fed photo op with Bob de Niro’s nice words as an addition.

  167. 167
    So... Says:

    Lol at the faces Ruby is making.. Cute girl.

  168. 168
    Huhu Says:

    Ruby’s face reminds me an old lady.

  169. 169
    v Says:

    Now it’s cute for Leo to hold little Ruby like that, but 7 years later Tobey would freak out if he found Ruby on Leo’s lap.

  170. 170
    Kids Says:

    Not for Leo. All those people wishing Leo will have kids, give it up? He’s NEVER going to have kids. Let me repeat that…NEVER… According to my chart its not in his life path this time around for kids. Maybe the next life time. His moon is in Neptune on the side and that’s how I know it will never happen. Even if he settles down with someone he wont have them.

  171. 171
    @kids Says:

    He is certainly not at this stage of his life. For sure.

  172. 172
    Lorelei Says:

    The BZ posters (who are mostly high schoolers or post adolescent girls)have a tendency to become sudden fans of all Leo’s current gfs. They were sure Leo was going to marry Blake and have kids with her. The same with Erin and now it is not surprising they want Leo to have babies with his actual barely legal flavour of the season .
    By posting these fantasies they probably pretend they are better fans….. who knows?
    Love the pics of Leo holding little Ruby, they are precious. But that doesn’t mean I forget about the shots I’ve seen of him hard-partying in nightclubs surrounded by escorts in the recent months.
    (BTW, when he was in Paris we had no idea what kind of parties in which nightclubs he was holding….?)

  173. 173
    @Lorelei Says:

    ++1 , and maybe some here should join their club? …. I mean, all this Toni obsession in here, too, is ridiculous.

    she is just one of his many girls. No doubt. And people here stalk her as if she had more plans with him than it appears. And art gallery, oh wow.. and then next is babies? lols.

    apart from this, he seems like a single man to me, and many. Doing his own things. All the way since April when he started his party trips actually. making his usual entrance to 1Oak certainly has no Toni in the picture. She is never at his 1Oak visits, and yeah I do know that for sure :=) we all know that , with a little sense of brain.

  174. 174
    @@Lorelei Says:

    has it ever crossed anyones mind that could be toni is just a bland girl who loves to pretend being more girlfriend than she is, just for attention / followers / her own friends keeping her as their favorite ? like her captions speaks this, is of course a result of her many instagram-likes, and twitter-likes and increasing audience? I think so.

  175. 175
    @173/174 Says:

    YOU just brought up the Toni obsession almost all the comments on this NEW post are about Leo, his PR strategy, friends and sadly some gross ones on him and Ruby. YOU are the one obsessed with Toni and insisting on what the state of their relationship is again. YOU are the one going after also or any poster that disagrees with your so called truth and facts.

  176. 176
    S Says:

    Well I don’t think Leo is hiding his face at all. Especially in the dailymail shots, where he is smiling. Doubting his PR team called the paps either, since they look like they are coming out of a hotel. Tobey appears to be holding her booster seat and then goes around to put it in the vehicle. Maybe he is staying at the Plaza with his family. I am sure paps just stake that place out for any celeb to come out……I think Leo is being a good friend, helping Tobey get her into the car. Ruby is so adorable in her little red coat. Seeing Leo in photos like these makes me like him even more. I may not agree with all of Leo’s choices but no one is perfect. I believe a lot of people were bored last night, making such rude comments.

  177. 177
    tuesday Says:

    Look at all the photos of Tobey and his kids on JJ. I think he’s not averse to using his family for a little publicity for his movies. Leo’s the same, but he has to to pretend to be camera shy because he’s Leo and it would look odd if he wasn’t.

  178. 178
    tuesday Says:

    Are there a lot other photos at the Plaza? Any of just Leo? That will tell you if it’s a pap hot spot. If the photos made you like him more, his publicist has done his job.

  179. 179
    @also Says:


    “We definitely don`t know the real Leo. He loves barely legal girls, he loves fishing in the kiddie pool and by kiddie pool I mean barely legal girls. But legal. He loves to have fun, no commitment, young and beautiful girls.”

    Really? He doesn`t love young and beautiful girls! He loves young blonde, blue-eyed tall skinny models! But beautiful girls can be brunette, with brown eyes or differently, who are actresses, Tv – presenter, female singers, reporter or something else! But NOT just young skinny tall blonde, blue-eyed models!

  180. 180
    @175 Says:

    WTF !?

    @Lorelei has never ever brought up any PR strategy.
    Simply a comment about how random Toni is compared to those stalking her for more proof of her supposed tight relationship and constant dating as a couple with Leo who we cannot seem to find natural constant proof to being legit, and these persons who is YOU (probably @also again) . LOL

  181. 181
    @174 and @also Says:

    @174 I think she is, too. She seems addicted to having her friends love them being together. Hence all her captions and all friends being model admirers. they just love the thought of them together, I think.

    @also YOU are so obsessed with that link (Toni-Leo), that I think you should shut it about others speaking their mind against you. and you already know the state of their relationship, dont you. I remember someone (@shower was it?) who said they made some dinners to end it, like a closure thing. remained friends afterwards.

  182. 182
    "Public girlfriend" Says:

    She is just a friend, but who agreed to be his touring girlfriend, to show it off – both for his side as still being attractive in the public youngsters eye, and for her side to become a better known model and gossip public figure. So it is a win-win.

    Do not be fooled. I work in showbiz, this is how it works.

  183. 183
    @"Public girlfriend" Says:

    … could be true. He is no Titanic or Romeo-era anymore, he is just getting older. Maybe he needs a youth fix? an attractive image to keep for his younger fans who is starting to lose it and turn to beliebers?

  184. 184
    LOLOLOL Says:

    With Leo is like he never change his clothes.

  185. 185
    Self talker Says:

    Beware, guys.

  186. 186
    Black sharpie Says:

    The photos of Leo/Tobey/Ruby were taken in front of the Bowery Hotel in lower Manhattan NOT the Plaza. You can even see part of the hotel’s logo in one of the shots. Someone yesterday said Tobey was staying at the Bowery.
    I don’t think there was any closure. I think Leo and Toni are together. However, I don’t think its serious. It’s seems like when they are in the same city and can be together, they are. I think they are both looking to just have fun. Leo is drawn to models because they are beautiful and they are young. Most women in their early twenties, especially ones with a hot, short lived career, are not looking for commitment, marriage and babies.

  187. 187
    @Self talker Says:

    Who fking isnt? Especially also is never self talker *eyerolls*. And so strange you react like this when some actually got a point ,huh?

  188. 188
    @"Public girlfriend" Says:

    Big ups for the great point.

  189. 189
    @@"Public girlfriend" Says:

    and you, too. big ups for yet another great point.

  190. 190
    Butch Says:

    OK Leo we know you like em young but…

  191. 191
    also... Says:

    @”Public girlfriend”: Except that for Leo this isn’t working anymore. Him being attractive in the youngsters’ eye I mean. This is not attractive anymore I think. Maybe he is doing it because he can’t do anything else other than dating a very young girl. What would he do if it wasn’t for willing up and coming models? Date someone over 25? lol
    @Zzzzz: Don’t worry I didn’t think for a second it was you on the previous thread.
    @Black sharpie #186: Agreed and well said.

  192. 192
    also... Says:

    Does anyone have a clue what #181 is talking about? It doesn’t make sense to me…

  193. 193
    @191 Says:

    Public Girlfriend could be right.

    This is actually lots more common in the showbusiness world than you might be aware of. You agree to date, not like you agree on paper or anything, but between you, within certain frames of the network so your personal assistants can reach you, and you make them arrange your dates. All fixed. Then you agree on that date, to give each other some business push. And it is not for the money, cause money they have too much to handle, but it is for not losing the public eye to grow as an attractive figure in the audience sense and that means your fans. Cause the younger your fans are, the more lasting you are …like “up There”. you got me? It is not cause he wants more attention, cause he is sick of it, but he is no matter what like all other actors, dependent on his younger audience. The more people who love Robert Pattinson, the less will follow Leo. Then when he speaks to public about environmental or what ever cause, he will always need the youngest audience to follow him… ALWAYS. Like this is his foundation of fangroups. And no, he is no Romeo, but he is no George Clooney either. Some actors grow into very attractive elders. Leo is not one of those. He is still an adventurist. So, he wanna keep that James Dean factor and aura, get me?

    For Toni, the motivation is obvious. No comment on her.

  194. 194
    @192 Says:

    185 is correct. I honestly think179-183 is the same person talking to and agreeing with herself. I really wish posters could ignore her

  195. 195
    S Says:

    @Black sharpie: Thanks for clarifying which hotel. I had just made a guess.

  196. 196
    #Self Talker Says:

    yep and notice how ‘they’ always seem to log on and converse at the exact same time then disappear for a while to return to agree with ‘their’ points

  197. 197
    LOL Says:

    Some comments here are disturbing and disgusting. I also believe it’s just one troll (ok, maybe 2) posting with different monikers. I think he/she has no life because he/she is here since this new thread was published last night.

    The photos are adorable. I am sure Leo is a great uncle. Leo and Tobey are like brothers. I do not know why everything Leo does has to be PR plan, smh.

  198. 198
    LOL Says:

    #Self Talker

    Right? Thank you!

  199. 199
    Black sharpie Says:

    I am not sure Leo is with Toni for publicity. I think it’s more for his own personal needs and issues. She, on the other hand, is getting great publicity(and is making some of her own through twitter and Instagram). Her profile has definitely been raised by dating him. Just think, before he started dating her, did any of us know who she was? I know I didn’t it. Some may have known her face from modeling but not her name.

  200. 200
    LOL Says:

    Leo dating Toni for publicity? Hahahahahahahaha. AH.

  201. 201
    HAHA12 Says:

    Some people claimed he was dating her to promote WOWS but I disagree with that. If he really wanted to promote it, don’t you think he should have been dating Margot instead?

  202. 202
    LOL Says:

    @HAHA12 This is so absurd. And yes, I agree. Leo with Margot would be 10x better for Wows promo.

  203. 203
    @Public girlfriend Says:

    I believe you 100%. The thing is it’s not working for him anymore, he is ageing badly and he’s coming across a perv. the type of perv you keep away from your teen daughter because of what you know he is capable off.

  204. 204
    @201 Says:

    Everytime Leo dates a girl there is always some ‘insider’ that has the ‘truth’ I guess that’s easier than facing the sad reality, and to placate who they believe (wrongly) to be gullible fan girls

  205. 205
    HAHA12 Says:

    I don’t really think he is with her just so he can have a public girlfriend and keep up some sort of image. Maybe he just enjoys her company when it’s just the 2 of them. By being with her, its only ruining his image and I don’t think he intended to do that. When they’re together in public he looks miserable, but maybe behind closed doors it’s a different story.

  206. 206
    shir Says:

    I found something really funny of instagram that I just had to share with all of you Toni’s “fans”
    I believe it’s from last year’s VSFS

  207. 207
    HAHA12 Says:

    I know people find Toni and her photos annoying, but Cara is so much worse IMO.
    Like the gay rumors. Some prefer to believe he is gay instead of admitting he just really likes young blonde models.

  208. 208
    @@Public girlfriend Says:

    Of course you agree with YOURSELF, pff.

  209. 209
    @HAHA12 Says:

    + 1

  210. 210
    @205 Says:

    That’s obvious. He wouldn’t be with her/stay with her if he didn’t like her.
    But his public behaviour with her is telling IMO. I don’t think he is serious with her. And Leo is Leo. With his 22 y/o emotional soul it can’t get real profound anyways. I think we’re expecting too much of him but this is who he is. Maybe he doesn’t need or want more. Or he does but is incapable of. Maybe this is just who he is and will always be with women.

  211. 211
    Black sharpie Says:

    There’s a pic on BZ of Toni and friends celebrating someone’s birthday. Not sure if the celebration was yesterday or an earlier date?

  212. 212
    @211 Says:

    It was yesterday evening. The bday of a friend of hers.

  213. 213
    Black sharpie Says:

    (At least) three out of five have been linked to Leo. LOL

  214. 214
    @shir Says:

    Lol. Anyone remember her?

  215. 215
    @208 Says:

    @@@Public girlfriend: I know it’s hard for deranged obsessed fans like most of you here to believe not everyone kisses Leo’s a** and that if ever a poster or posters utter a negative word about him and another poster agrees, they must be the same person, because Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is the perfect and elite one with no faults who everyone loves.

  216. 216
    also... Says:

    @193: I`m not saying “public girlfriend” is wrong and it`s impossible that this is just a setup / agreement for fun and other purposes. What I was saying is that I don`t think he does it ( if that`s the case ) to `appeal to the youth`. Because quite frankly his dating habit is getting kinda creepy no matter what age you are. JMO. I simply don`t think he knows how to date out of his comfort zone.

  217. 217
    Black sharpie Says:

    Who is she?

  218. 218
    HAHA12 Says:

    If anything him dating girls who were in elementary school when he was with Gisele is making a lot of people turn off on him. Especially the women who have been fans of him since the 90s, and for them to see him dating girls that are now younger than them. It just doesn’t help him appeal to anyone or make him look more desirable, it just makes him look like a creep.

  219. 219
    LOL Says:

    #217 Anna Jagodzinska

  220. 220
    @217 Says:

    Anna Jagodzinska. The Polish model Leo was caught with on the streets of NYC while he was dating Blake.

  221. 221
    JS Says:

    Wonder who are gonna be the name-dropping Bitche$ tonight

  222. 222
    LOL Says:

    #217 You know, the one with whom he cheated on Blake lol.

  223. 223
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    However I dont think it has raised her recognition as much as her, her mother, her PR team, whoever was hoping it would. Leo’s fans know of her now but that’s about it. Dating Leo the modelizer kind of backfired on her IMO.

  224. 224
    LOL Says:

    Leo’s life is far from boring. It is actually really entertaining lol.

  225. 225
    haha Says:

    Anna Jagodzinska is Toni’s friend.

  226. 226
    HAHA12 Says:

    Lol this.

  227. 227
    @220 Says:

    This video of Leo BEGGING the paps is one for the ages

  228. 228
    LOL Says:

    IMO, Leo is with Toni because he is attracted to her and likes her.
    And she is with Leo because she likes him.
    How long will last? No idea!
    I was thinking they broke up, non?

  229. 229
    @228 Says:

    Lol ikr?! Always hilarious.

  230. 230
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12 #205: I agree. I doubt he does it for publicity ( only ). But at the same time I see what ‘public girlfriend’ is saying. It could be for easy and convenient companionship that benefits her even if it affects his image in a negative way. I don`t think he cares that much about it and I don`t think he would be able to change. And I also don`t think he is so taken by her that his attraction is the only reason why he is with her. JMO.

  231. 231
    LOL Says:

    @HAHA12 Right? It is so good for a boring sunday lol.

  232. 232
    Rae Says:

    and in about 13 years, Leo will be all over Toby’s daughter for different reasons.

  233. 233
    @228 Says:

    Agree with you completely. Sometimes a spade is just a spade

  234. 234
    @Rae Says:

    Still here? lol get a life!

  235. 235
    HAHA12 Says:

    It definitely provides the lolz.
    Omg, I will never get this video out of my head.

  236. 236
    #227 Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Leo acknowledge the paps let alone beg like that before!!

  237. 237
    LOL Says:

    #227 This is video is so good lol.

  238. 238
    Black sharpie Says:

    You might be right but I think her profile has been raised in the modeling world as well. I think her name is now known as well as her face which is important if she is going to extend her career beyond modeling. She is twenty one and , as strange as it sounds, she might soon be replaced by some younger model. I guess she may not have been chosen for VSFS this year!? She and her mother have to start thinking what she is going to do next.

  239. 239
    @HAHA12+++++++ Says:

    “Maybe he just enjoys her company when it’s just the 2 of them”
    LOL …. ok, then why does he look so not in love and miserable like all the time and so free of joy when not with her? sorry but, for your statement to be true he could have taken ANY girl just for the company, they are on his doormat as we speak. so in your sentence it sounds like Toni is something special to him? I think you are so wrong as you can be.

    BTW: Public Girlfriend is the most sensible post here in ages. And it speaks from business point of view. Which is correct that Leo needs to keep up a young fan group as to not lose them to other actors who are promising and better looking. this is no f%ing joke.

    All you other monikers, yes all of you post as different nicks. Not a new thing. But I truly believe Public Girlfriend is a one-timer here, and the most reliable one in ages!!

  240. 240
    @rae Says:

    ‘and in about 13 years, Leo will be all over Toby’s daughter for different reasons’.

    Right on. Hope Tobey knows this, a leopard never changes it’s spots.

  241. 241
    LOL Says:

    I feel that tonight will be epic and even more entertaining.
    Cannot wait lol.

  242. 242
    #### Says:


    Speaking of the VSFS, it looks like erin heatherton’s personal trainer tweeted yesterday that erin will be walking in the show. Probably not as an angel but she’s supposed to walk.

    Toni still has not been confirmed to walk and there are only like 4 spots left for returning models. Now either she’s walking and hasn’t tweeted it yet like all the other girls have or they haven’t made a decision about her yet. Her BZ fan girls are a bit nervous and even commented that she didn’t look her best in the casting video.

    If toni does walk, both of them in the show will be interesting! I know no one wants to hear about toni or his exes but thought I’d pass this info along so no attacking me! Move on and don’t read it!!! :-)

  243. 243
    @Black sharpie Says:

    Yeah, I think even her BZ followers are worried she maybe isn’t walking the show. One of them blamed it on her not being in a very good physical condition, as is visible in the VSFS casting video. But who knows maybe she’ll walk after all. By the way for those interested, Erin is no longer and angel apparently but she’s is walking the show according to BZ people. She’s confirmed.
    @LOL: I think he definitely likes her, and of course she likes him too, but the fact that he is Leonardo DiCaprio is playing a quintessential role in her liking him and being with him. JMO.

  244. 244
    redundant Says:

    @LOL: You mean the other way around which is why you are laughing and I agree. He gives these models a higher profile sometimes even a one nighter or a perceived dalliance that may not have even happened. Leo is an name forever attached to these women. Does Giselle send Leo a royalty cheque?

    Many of these actors are the same – there is the public girlfriend or wife and then there are the mistresses and other random women. Monogamy doesn’t exist in the world of the normal folks so why would exist for famous rich and/or powerful men. Women are just accessories or toys.

    With Leo he has been playing this game so long I don’t know how anyone could tell he is serious about any woman. Whether they are beards or accessories or both. The only thing is with Blake Lively he seemed to be allowing himself to be papped more and he looked like he was smiling and enjoying himself rather than the sulk or the hiding the face routine.. Was that because he was madly in love with Blake or he was using the PR pre Oscar season. Too little too late to change the image Leo.

  245. 245
    #228 Says:

    However he can not look more bored, miserable and disinterested around her.

    I think she just attached, making herself available to his itinerary but he feels same if she’s there or not.

  246. 246
    @210 and probably more.. Says:

    OMG! U ARE from the BZ FORUMS!

    look at your saying:
    “He wouldn’t be with her/stay with her if he didn’t like her.”.

    ooo …. your whole point lies in this. you WANT TO BELIEVE HE LIKES HER. You are all the same fan forum. then You tell everyone else who see it differently to be in denial of something they are not. Come on, look at that miserable face each time he sees her ! Look at his behavior when she arrives and he flies another place and state even. come on, look at your own statement ! omfg so obvious.

  247. 247
    LOL Says:

    @#### All the info is valid. Better than this troll lol.

  248. 248
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: I was just thinking about it last night that when Toni was Ruby`s age, 7, Leo was … 25! Toni might be legal but still only 21. That is creepy and clearly the public girlfriend theory doesn`t work for him. Not with her.I agree that a lot of his fans are from the 90`s and they probably have kids. And the guy they had a crush on might just go after their daughters… That is creepy! Think about it.
    @#### Toni did not get the publicity she wanted or expected but got some. Even if there`s less exposure she is known as Leo`s girlfriend and still has the perks of being around a wealthy and famous guy.

  249. 249
    . Says:

    Jesus are you f*cking serious we’re talking this again. F*ck off with his disgusting bullsh*t I swear it’s sickening.

  250. 250
    elephant in room? Says:

    Dating the younger girls seem to work for the youngins over at bellazon, And the younger audience is usually more fanatical and have more time on their hands. I think that’s a good point “public girlfriend” makes.
    It’s not winning him any favors with women fans over 25 though, aka women older than his girlfriends! lol
    But I think generally he just likes girls who are convenient and not too much work or trouble, which is why they are young and why there’s a contact most likely.
    Who knows why he does it. This specific relationship seems more fishy and less real than his others for some reason. I just wanted to point out the the BZ girls are very into it, and I’m sure a lot of younger girls aren’t as upset or critical of it as older women are.

  251. 251
    Brazilian girl Says:

    Awwww the pics are so cute!! I love the caring Leo.

  252. 252
    @HAHA12 Says:

    Speaking of Margot Robbie (I was one of those who believed and still so that she and Leo had/did something despite the denials. If its attractive Leo will hit it) I now wonder what Leo makes of her being linked to her newest co-star Will Smith?

  253. 253
    Black sharpie Says:

    Both Erin and Toni being in the show would be interesting but I bet there are other Leo hookups in the show that make it interesting at least behind the scenes.LOL!
    The models probably sit around and exchange stories and make comments about Leo. I am sure his reputation precedes him at VS and these models know what they are getting into when they date him.

  254. 254
    Instagram Says:

    So the bday pic of Toni and her friends that @Black sharpie was talking about was from last Thursday apparently, not last night.

  255. 255
    @. Says:

    Just as sickening as Leo grooming these barely legal girls. I am worried for Ruby.

  256. 256
    obsession Says:

    People here have a obsession with BZ. May I know why?
    You could just ignore as some of us do.

  257. 257
    . Says:

    Don’t be f*cking ridiculous please. I fully agree that Leo is an immature sleaze who will continue to hit on barely legals in 10 years from now too, but involving the 7 y/o daughter of one of his best pals in that way, or even think about is just f*cking disgusting and s*ckening. If you really think so you must be checked for your gross perverted mind too.

  258. 258
    #### Says:

    @elephant in room?:

    Nicely said. Agree!!

  259. 259
    @250 Says:


    Whoever says it doesnt benefit him to date younger, is not seeing the point of view that when he does that, all those who idolize (preteens to 16+ and not to mention model-wannabes in early twenties), they find it hard not to follow him, and he needs their followers to grow into the public scene and not be degraded or ditched from the most commercialized scene. He could continue the “Rasputin”-way or the serious actor-way of Shutter Island, and it might even give him an credit among serious movie reviews, but it wouldnt give him the likes of Gatsby or Romeo ever again. He has said he is tired of those roles, but he continues to step into them. I guess he knows, and by having this romance-fairytale into the script as well, that is exactly what the younger female audience wants. They want the hunk, not the “serious actor” thing.

    and that he likes Toni to some extent, well..that must be sorry..a very little extent. He almost never seen with her, he never smiles, he hides, he goes undercover and he lets her miles away. this is not in your dreams anything like a “changed Leo” if thats what you think… he doesnt LOVE her. Thatd shine in miles and miles if he did. she hasnt even got a necklace yet.

  260. 260
    obsession Says:

    Thinking about it, many people here are obsessed about many things besides Leo: ex gfs, Toni, models, BZ, past threads, psychics, old monikers. Am I missing something?

  261. 261
    #### Says:


    Don’t derail this thread again with that crap!!!

  262. 262
    Huh? Says:

    Bz as example? They are into every girl Leo dates. They would die of boredom if Leo starts dating a woman over 30 with no instagram account and without any thread in bz to create or follow to begin the worship.

  263. 263
    @. @257 aka Also Says:

    You’re always swearing and so aggressive. I can see why most posters and trolls attack you daily. Save your nonsense for who really cares.

  264. 264
    LOL Says:


  265. 265
    . Says:

    I’m not also. And if that was you saying you’re worried about Ruby I am totally serious you need to go let yourself check. It’s really f*cking disturbing to even know people are thinking of this that way. He’s into barely legal girls. Not children FFS.

  266. 266
    @257 Says:

    Thanks for admitting that he is a sleaze! lol

  267. 267
    @@250 Says:

    he likes her just as much/little, as he likes all other models. nothing special.

    i understand why some here think the toni-obsessed posters are hired from bz, cause those are the most hopeful ones that toni and him are something “more.” lol

  268. 268
    . Says:

    He is a sleaze. FACT. But coming here saying gross stuff that insinuates he could be actually thinking of hitting on his best pal’s daughter who is 7 years old right now and probably adores Leo as an uncle is just sick. Real sick.
    I’m one of those people who detests Leo in his personal life but to go that far as to insinuate something like that is just all kinds of wrong.

  269. 269
    @LOL Says:

    Agreed and so it begins AGAIN

  270. 270
    @239 Says:

    lol 100% Agree!

    How can he enjoy something he wanna escape from every moment she arrives, like he does? I agree this line is awkward >”“Maybe he just enjoys her company when it’s just the 2 of them”

    and agree on your ”
    BTW: Public Girlfriend is the most sensible post here in ages. And it speaks from business point of view. Which is correct that Leo needs to keep up a young fan group as to not lose them to other actors who are promising and better looking. this is no f%ing joke.
    All you other monikers, yes all of you post as different nicks. Not a new thing. But I truly believe Public Girlfriend is a one-timer here, and the most reliable one in ages!!”

    very well said !

  271. 271
    @259 Says:


  272. 272
    Sighting Says:

    kat cusack ‏@cusack_kat 23m
    Leonardo DiCaprio is at the plaza right now 😍😍😍 life is complete he’s perfect 😘😍
    I think he either has guests staying over there or his bday party is going to be celebrated there.

  273. 273
    @. Says:

    Would u trust a sleaze who dates only barely legal girls with your kids?
    He dates barely legal girls so why do you think it’s a stretch for him to perv on the younger teens whose 16 or 17 years old? You are in denial. It’s not wrong to insinuate something like that, it called taking precaution. Ruby might be in danger when she turns 16, because by then Leo will be a very dirty old man.

  274. 274
    elephant in room? Says:

    “Bz as example? They are into every girl Leo dates. They would die of boredom if Leo starts dating a woman over 30 with no instagram account and without any thread in bz to create or follow to begin the worship.”
    Um, exactly. You are proving my point. Every girl he has (publicly) dated is under 25, always. The only demographic Leo is majorly pissing off is the older women demo, and not even all of them! Men and boys don’t care (if they don’t like it) otherwise they think it’s cool or say they would act the same. The only vocal group that hates his personal life are -some- older women.
    They still supported him when Gatsby came out PLUS he got a whole bunch of new younger fans. So pissing them off isn’t hurting his business…so far.
    I don’t know if that’s the truth, just saying it’s a good point that hadn’t been brought up before.

  275. 275
    V Says:

    OMG, I only read the first 3 pages and I was shocked by some people’s comments about Leo. Critisizing him, being jelous, being harsh, even calling him a total creep and loser is one thing, but calling him a pedo is NOT NORMAL, people. Especially one poster #70, calling Leo a pedo “like the ones you see on TV”. Girl/guy, this is an insane suggestion, don’t you realize it? Also, you’re calling 21-year old-Toni “still a kid”. What??? People, stop calling Toni a kid or a victim. Which individual at 21 is a kid?! Please. She is a woman and a model, and most of the models are actually lecherous. Open your eyes already.

  276. 276
    @elephant in room? Says:

    agree with you, but being a girlfriend is not always about your preference. I think its more like a job, really. She works, she gets her time. He has none. Literally, none above 25 would date him, so… has he got any choice? if he is not the type to f%ck around, then ok, lets be clean and get myself 1 nice girl who is willing, I guess this is on his mind and it is very well directed. I mean, if Public Girlfriend is right in her/his saying, then..okay, being a girlfriend or puppy is not really in a relationship-term anymore, its more like someone who you choose to make the agreement with. and when he “circled her” before he got her acceptance, that speaks volumes how this has changed now as he is with her apparently, and pays no interest in her what so ever.. it is like night and day. So, when you know these players they work their field… you know, they get their fish, and then they know she is there to play with and he just gives a sh%%. u know
    Interesting point.

  277. 277
    HAHA12 Says:

    Now that I think about it, I can see what you guys mean about having a public girlfriend who is significantly younger. It gets people talking for sure. If Leo was married already with a regular woman and kids he would be just like Matt Damon, everyone would respect him but no one would talk about him. Leo’s personal life is very juicy and there’s a lot of shady business that goes on in it, it makes him seem more exciting even if he is gross as well. And playing Gatsby was the smartest career move Leo has done in a long time, it reintroduced him to the younger generation and made him more desirable. He’s more popular than ever now, being the #2 most valuable star in Hollywood and he got an 8 from a scale 1-10 for tabloid value.

  278. 278
    @274 Says:

    The only vocal group that hates his personal life are older women.
    Okay… I’m 26. I hate Leo in his personal life. Should I be worried that I’m ‘old’ or just assume your theory is nonsense and some people just have differing opinions and varying moral values? I’ll take the latter.

  279. 279
    HAHA12 Says:

    Are people seriously still concerned for Ruby’s safety? WTF? That is so horrible to assume he would do something like that.

  280. 280
    truthIs Says:

    It looks as if Leo is using Ruby to hide himself from paparazzi. Tsk,tsk.

  281. 281
    HAHA12 Says:

    Do you think the rumors of him and Margot are true? She is just his type and wasn’t he apparently caught leaving her apartment. They look like they have fiery chemistry in Wolf so I would not be surprised if they atleast hooked up once or twice. Margot must be especially worried from being linked to not one but two older men.

  282. 282
    tara Says:

    poor poor child. She looks soo unhappy with ugly DiCaprio. And he is such a idiot,

    And how he is holding the child.

    I hope he will never have children

  283. 283
    @LOL Says:

    “IMO, Leo is with Toni because he is attracted to her and likes her.”

    Nope. Sorry. it is all business. well said above here.

  284. 284
    @275 Says:

    I think a poster made a very good point of saying Toni might be 21 but mentally she might be still a kid compare to her boyfriend. And the way Toni behaves proves that she is still a very young mentally. So while she maybe 21, she still has the mind and body of a 15 year old. So Leo is a 39 year old man dating a young woman who acts like 15 and looks like 15. Disturbing.

  285. 285
    HAHA12 Says:

    Toni has been a model since she was 15. She is not a regular 21 year old imo. There has to be something about her we are not aware of that sounds mature or makes her seem older than she is, maybe she is good at conversing with older men? I just do not get insecure vibes from her at all, she seems extremely confident and looks a lot older than she is.

  286. 286
    @274 Says:

    Look at the comments under the DM or even ONTD on these pictures. Most are complimentary or mocking but its on JJ that it turns venomous and into conspiracy land. The larger movie going public are simply not that concerned with Leo’s dating life. They mack on him for it but still call him the greatest actor of his generation or whatnot. People ascribe too much power to internet comments. Its why everyone thought Conan O Brien would be a hit on the Tonight Show cause the blogs loved him instead of the massive flop he was in reality when TV viewers turned off.

  287. 287
    @274 Says:

    Going by that logic.. Then Leo is a 39 years old guy mentally 22. So actually she’s dating a 22 year old guy. Happy kids. Don’t take em too seriously. Lol.

  288. 288
    @274 Says:

    I meant @284.

  289. 289
    @285 Says:

    I think she is fake confident, like many (or better, ALL) models are. They are incredible insecure and Toni’s behaviour shows she is insecure. And I don’t even hate her or dislike her or something. I honestly don’t.

  290. 290
    #### Says:


    IMO just from her tweets and comments under her pictures on Instagram shows me that she’s an immature 21 yo. Which is okay because you’re still maturing when you go into your twenties.

  291. 291
    elephant in room? Says:

    Wasn’t trying to offend anyone with the age thing. It’s just a theory, of course 26 is not old!
    But my theory was that the girls or women that are his girlfriends age or younger, which is 25 and younger, usually aren’t as bothered, and will generate more (positive) buzz and generate excitement for every little thing he does.
    And it’s a GENERALIZED statement, doesn’t include every single person.
    Just like there are many older women who aren’t as bothered about his personal life, i’m sure there are younger women who are.

  292. 292
    elephant in room? Says:

    Also, when you are older, you realize who you are, what your values are and that dating patterns like this are a red flag. Many don’t see that when they are younger. I’m not trying to say women are old and bitter, just that most of them know better than to be gag over this pairing and his dating habits.

  293. 293
    @287 Says:

    Leo is not the barely legal model in this case so no. No one is going to think he is mentally 22 so it’s ok for him to date these barely legal young girls who acts like children. He is a guy pushing 40, but looks much older, so it’s going to be harder for him to pull this off.

  294. 294
    LOL Says:


  295. 295
    #294 Says:


  296. 296
    sugar daddy Says:

    “Leonardo DiCaprio is a very serious young actor. He takes it quite seriously……” – Robert DeNiro
    WHY IS THAT LEO’S FRIENDS HAVE TO CONSTANTLY REINFORCE HOW HE’S A SERIOUS ACTOR!?!? Aren’t all actors serious about their work!?! YOU WANNA KNOW WHY! Because in real life he is a loser who is hella immature who preys on young girls. They have to try to cover up for him. It’s actually so disgusting omg, I never realized this!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES YOU FOOLS!

  297. 297
    @294 Says:

    HAHAH. What the hell. Omg they really ARE a bunch of fangirls aren’t they? I bet all of them are fantasising about their friend’s boyfriend. Hahaha oh boy thanks for this, that’s real funny.

  298. 298
    HAHA12 Says:

    OMG that is priceless

  299. 299
    baby Says:

    @LOL: Omg! Everyone is crazy about Leo, the haters, his fan girls, Toni and her friends! Creepy as F!!!!

  300. 300
    #### Says:


    LOL kind of disturbing!! Do they sit at home gushing over Leo??

  301. 301
    @sugar daddy Says:

    I agree with everything you said.

  302. 302
    sugar daddy Says:

    @@294: Omg, that just proves that Leo and Toni are having a business plan, THEY AREN’T A REAL COUPLE! what kind of friends would droll over their bffs’ boyfriend!?!? Is Leo like a daddy daycare for these kids or what!?! thats messed up!!!!

  303. 303
    @300 Says:

    I honestly believe that’s true rn. I mean… LOL. I can’t get over that now. I think some poster said it a while ago. That she likes to gush about how she’s dating Leo and how she and her friends are probably giggling about it all the time. Just exactly how you’d imagine it.. a bunch of little girls fangirling over him. Lol.

  304. 304
    #### Says:

    @sugar daddy:

    I wonder if they’ll have a kids’ table at Leo’s party tonight! LOL

  305. 305
    lol Says:

    leo is past his peak looks wise, he needs to get hot again

  306. 306
    @302 Says:

    ahhahaha lol Her friend put it out there with no care in the world about how Toni would feel.

  307. 307
    @294 Says:

    Isn’t that the girl the attention seeking girl whose always hanging around Milan? If so I think she may have known Leo and his friends before Toni did

  308. 308
    @#306 Says:

    It was 2 years ago.. but still. #300 is right I think. They’re probably super excited one of their friends is dating Leonardo DiCaprio and wishing they could be her.. and I’ll bet she’s telling them stuff and they giggle and gush about it. Am I the only one envisioning little school girls when thinking about that imagery? Haha.

  309. 309
    #### Says:


    I don’t think so. I think it’s her friend Jamie rosquist that is Milan’s friend.

  310. 310
    lol Says:

    Everyone is crazy about Leo, the haters, his fan girls, Toni and her friends! Creepy as F!!!!
    goes to show ya the leo mania never left!

  311. 311
    #294 Says:

    That tweet is 2 YEARS old.

    C’mon now you guys are just getting desperate for something

  312. 312
    P Says:

    I don’t know what it is about this relationship that has these Leo threads descending into straight up bull its either first bus /second bus, Halloween attendance or not and now an Instagram pic taken 24 months ago has everyone excited

  313. 313
    Black sharpie Says:

    Yes, I agree Madison’s comments are kind of strange given the fact that her friend is dating him!? “Marry me”????

  314. 314
    @#311 Says:

    Nah. Two years ago or not. It proves something. That these girls are really immature little girls wanting to be with Leo for shallow reasons (just like Leo dates them for the same reasons, TBH). It proves she indeed is an impressionable and insecure little girl. It’s like a dream coming true for them probably. Incredibly flattered that Leo ”chose” them. Being an easy catch for him.

  315. 315
    Black sharpie Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    Didn’t realize it was two years old. Of course, she is gushing over Leo when he was in his early twenties, not much older than she at the time. She’s not necessarily gushing over him now.

  316. 316
    @Black sharpie Says:

    It would be strange in any normal circumstance where they are in fact dating. But this has never been confirmed. Like PG said here pages back, it could be for the likes of it..and then, who cares if your bff shouts marry me, when you are not that seriously dating like “dating” right? this is just a showoff.thing, smelled miles away ages ago. who is still blind?

  317. 317
    @314 Says:

    It’s why he exclusively ‘chooses’ them from that exact category. These girls throw themselves at him.
    @P: Idk this is real funny even if its a post from two years ago. It is telling a lot IMO.

  318. 318
    LOL (again) Says:

  319. 319
    LOL (again) Says:

  320. 320
    @314 Says:

    agreeeees, it proves. It proves that this is what they all wanted just to get that status up there, and no way this is a real relationship!!! no f%#cking way.!! so I am on the wagon now that gives this business status, cause omfg…….

    and bellazoners dream?…….

  321. 321
    @LOL (again) Says:

    Hahahah. See the tags under the post? #can’t get enough #come to mama
    Oh God this is hilarious.

  322. 322
    HAHA12 Says:

    @LOL (again):
    Notice how these girls only gush over young Leo. Lol I wouldn’t take them seriously.

  323. 323
    @HAHA12 Says:

    of course not seriously, but they know who he is. They scream from their hormones! you can see for yourself what they are writing.

  324. 324
    P Says:

    You’re right its telling but it also reminds me of Blake publically declaring her crush on Leo on Letterman, and Erin saying Leo as Romeo was her dream man in some VS video. Both saying this long before either of them met him. Hearing that young model things crush on Leo is like hearing it about Donny Osmond, River Phoenix depending on your generation. I don’t see why fan dumb-struck 2 year old blogs are generating buzz. JMO

  325. 325
    newbie Says:

    I know that it’s cute to make fun of Leo’s dating habits, but people really should leave the kids out of it. Internet laughs aren’t worth being disgusting towards a child.

  326. 326
    HAHA12 Says:

    Its probably because he was their first crush growing up thats why they act like this. Girls of this generation still even act like this towards young Leo. Lol just read these comments

  327. 327
    P Says:

    LOL. Y’know you still get comments like that on young Leo everywhere even on ontd. They trash him but still lust over younger Leo gifs (Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, even Growing Pains) BIG TIME. Anyway looking forward to any gossip on tonights b-day party

  328. 328
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL exactly. On ONTD they post young Leo gifs in every post of his and say things like ‘RIP that lost beauty’ and such. So Toni and her friends aren’t the only ones who act like this.
    Anyways yeah I’m also hoping we get some info about his party and who will be attending later. Hopefully things don’t get too crazy LOL

  329. 329
    Baby Says:

    See! He is a PREDATOR! All the ppl he dated had a crush on him when they were kids, when they got with him they were barely legal. WTF is his problem lord Jesus!!!! Does he plan his victims out?!?! He choose girls who are obsessed with him cause any real smart women know he’s a dirty creep and would never get with him!!! I believe he’s an insecure fellow that needs clueless models to be with him cause he knows he can never find true love bc no one would want him.

  330. 330
    shir Says:

    George Clooney in an interview for ‘Esquire’ talk about him and some intresting things:

    George also spoke about actor Leonardo DiCaprio – and suggested that actor might not have the right crowd of people around him at all times.
    The pair played a basketball game together after striking up a friendship.
    But the game was spoiled somewhat by Leonaro’s over-baring friends, who had threatened to ‘kick ass’ during the game.
    George ended up beating them 11-0.
    ‘And the discrepancy between their game and how they talked about their game made me think of how important it is to have someone in your life to tell you what’s what,’George pondered.
    ‘I’m not sure if Leo has someone like that.’

  331. 331
    shir Says:

  332. 332
    Love George Says:

    BINGo! He is exactly right about Leo. The ppl he hangs with are horrible n that’s why he acts like this. He needs a true real mature friend who will set him straight, that’s the only way he would get out if his ridiculous lifestyle!!!! His boys , and barely legal models and Toni aren’t right for him!!!!

  333. 333
    @330 Says:

    Wow he’s pretty spot on. Wasn’t he also the one who said actors stay the same age they become famous?

  334. 334
    @shir Says:

    I can’t stand Clooney most of the time and I think he’s a one-note actor but I can’t deny he’s an intelligent man and what he said here about Leo is so true.

  335. 335
    LOL42 Says:

    Is that recent? I rememeber the Golden Globes 2011, when Leo was nominated for Hoover, fellow nominee Clooney won and he praised his co-nominees Gosling, Fassbender but significantly ommitted mentioning Leo, even though Leo was in the room! Guess it was not an accident

  336. 336
    HAHA12 Says:

    George despite being very smug at times is pretty intelligent and atleast is straight up with what he wants. He’s so right about Leo.

  337. 337
    HAHA12 Says:

    I think they are atleast on friendly terms. I remember George praised Brad in his Globes speech and Fassbender for his large peen LOL but he didn’t really praise the other nominees. I don’t think there are issues between them.

  338. 338
    11-11-13 (here) Says:

    Happy Birthday Leo.

  339. 339
    Lilly Says:

    Did you guys hear what George Clooney said about Leonardo DiCaprio!! Read;

  340. 340
    LOL42 Says:

    He had nice lines for 3 of his fellow nominees ( one of whom was even absent!!!!) but could not throw in just one word for Leo? Who was actually there? I think even Lainey and the BZ thread commented on the snub. And this interview suggests to me that any friendship is a thing of the past, especially as it puts Leo in a poor light

  341. 341
    LOL42 Says:

    BTW the absent nominee was Gosling

  342. 342
    HAHA12 Says:

    Oh I forgot about Gosling being nominated. I’m not sure if Leo is bestest of friends with Leo but I think they are on atleast decent terms because Leo was one of the producers for The Ides Of March. It’s actually Brad Pitt and Leo that I think are not friendly terms anymore, I heard they stopped being friends after their production companies kept fighting for the same movies. And Clooney is so close with Pitt that may be part of the reason he didn’t give Leo a shout out or anything.

  343. 343
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo is the bestest of friends with Clooney*

  344. 344
    LOL42 Says:

    I can’t beleive Clooeny won’t give Leo a shout out because of Pitt. I Especially when you consider that Clooney has even said in the past that he and Pitt are not as close as people think and George is still tight with Jennifer despite the divorce drama

  345. 345
    P Says:

    Interesting article. Though I already heard that Clooney did not like Crowe. Oh the blogs are going to have a filed day with those quotes!!!!!! Xmas come early

  346. 346
    HAHA12 Says:

    Didn’t Leo look lonely and isolated compared to other stars during that particular Globes tho? I guessing he’s just not easy to approach or joke with like with other stars.

  347. 347
    wonder Says:

    this has nothing to do with the topic but wonder who that girl with him is and it’s an old video i know

  348. 348
    @346 Says:

    He looked miserable/sad at the 2012 GG’s.

  349. 349
    flop Says:

    but why would Leo be despised by Clooney? I don’t get it.

  350. 350
    What's next Says:

    Leo and his friends act like frat boys since 90′s. After 2 decades few have grown up but the rest are still stuck in their 20. And he continues hanging with people of that age.. friends, girlfriends, godson.

  351. 351
    LOL42 Says:

    Leo DEFINTELY looked low and sombre that year, but I don’t think that was because of Clooney. And it still does not explain why Clooney would pretend Leo did not exist in a roomful of their peers! IMO

  352. 352
    LOL42 Says:

    @What’s next:
    Exactly and I think its telling that Clooney makes it clear he has no respect for the p&&sy posse of Leo and his entourage in that interview.

  353. 353
    HAHA12 Says:

    This is the most recent picture I can find of Leo and Clooney
    I do wonder what Clooney really thinks of him then. He probably doesn’t think too highly of Leo because of the people he hangs out with. I can’t blame him.

  354. 354
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12 & LOL42: hi ladies! Only on for a sec, but I am surprised at Clooney’s comments. He is normally so pc that I am shocked he said anything bad about a fellow actor. Although, he didn’t really say anything bad about Leo, just about the people who surround him. Leo’s friends must have really been acting like jerks fir him to speak out against them. Sadly, I am not surprised at their behavior. I can totally see them acting like spoiled little kids. It will be interesting to see how Leo reacts. IMO, he seems to care what his fellow actors think of him.
    Back to work. Will try and answer when I can. Later! :)

  355. 355
    hmmmmmm Says:

    and i just saw this. the brunette, scroll down and you’ll see too.

  356. 356
    @355 Says:

    What are you talking about? What brunette? The topless woman?

  357. 357
    lol Says:

    i actually can’t believe that her name is Ruby Swetheart Maguire! SWETHEART?????? lollololol

  358. 358
    hmmmmmm Says:

    yes, that one.. topless woman. what the hell was going on, i couldn’t believe for one second and he was pointing! i mean Comon already. and that art stuff at christie’s it’s quiet old. Toni’s posting old pics, or just pretending to show she has the same taste as he.

  359. 359
    @355 Says:


    Here certainly he was not afraid to show affection.

  360. 360
    @358 Says:

    Um that is very old news but whatever. It was from past January/February if I’m correct. And yeah, he was being gross. His most repulsive pictures to date, IMO.

  361. 361
    Lukas Haas Says:

    Why does this post have so many comments? Who does this guy think he is?

  362. 362
    hmmmmmm Says:

    although moet ball instagram was to let everyone know that she’s still very much with him and she’s treasuring and saving every moment of it. i thought moments which meant something were to be shared with your significant other only and not yelled around. it’s like craving attention. like kids do. but we shouldn’t expect more from her either, she’s 21 after all. let her grow up. we’ve all been there we all know how it goes. but having said that i don’t recall putting it up like this, nor did i ever discuss my relationship with whole lot of crew, a close pal maybe but everything was understood without having to tell anyone so nobody tried to ever dig anything. but then again i was never a model, so don’t know how that world works.

  363. 363
    V Says:


    “I think a poster made a very good point of saying Toni might be 21 but mentally she might be still a kid compare to her boyfriend. And the way Toni behaves proves that she is still a very young mentally. So while she maybe 21, she still has the mind and body of a 15 year old. So Leo is a 39 year old man dating a young woman who acts like 15 and looks like 15. Disturbing.”

    Being young mentally doesn’t mean being a kid. You can be immature and still be and feel like a woman, not like a kid.

  364. 364
    Love The Shoes Says:

    I think Leo is to Tobey what George is to Brad. Two of them are quite fearful it seems of family life and commitment while the other two embrace it with a passion.

  365. 365
    Twitter Says:

    melissa hillard ‏@hillard23 13m
    Continuing an a-list day ringing in Leonardo DiCaprio’s 39th birthday (@ Gemma at Bowery Hotel w/ 3 others)

  366. 366
    Twitter Says:

    Gemma Restaurant is an Italian restaurant inside the Bowery Hotel building. Guess they’re having dinner there and the actual party will start afterwards.

  367. 367
    #### Says:


    Little early to start the party. It’s only 5:30 in NYC

  368. 368
    Twitter Says:

    That’s what I said. They’re probably having dinner their first, eating cake maybe, spending time until it’s late enough.
    It’s what a lot of people usually do no? Dinner, cake with your intimate, close circle and then the real partying with lots of others attending.

  369. 369
    #### Says:


    So he’s there with only 3 other people? Still seems kind of early even if you plan 4 hours for dinner. Leo doesn’t hit the clubs until midnight but maybe they’ll start earlier because they’ve probably got the club reserved for the night.

  370. 370
    Twitter Says:

    typo *there

  371. 371
    Twitter Says:

    3 others? Huh? No.. that is Foursquare. An application which enables you to navigate you location and put it in your social media post. The 3 others refers to 3 other people being there, using Foursquare and navigating that through social media. Nothing to do with Leo and his guests.

  372. 372
    #### Says:

    QUEEN B (@50ShadesOfTiff)
    11/10/13, 2:21 PM
    Leonardo Dicaprio is gunna b at 1oak tonight f-ck a 8 am

    Party at his favorite club tonight???

  373. 373
    #### Says:


    Oh ok! LOL

    I know nothing about foursquare

  374. 374
    @372 Says:

    Where did he celebrate last year? I can’t remember it.

  375. 375
    Twitter Says:

    Esteban ‏@Estebannn_TK 1m
    Sunday night at 1Oak in there with Leonardo Dicaprio

  376. 376
    @374 Says:


    Guess? DARBY!! and two years ago was Avenue

    Club, Club, Club!

  377. 377
    @376 Says:

    Aha thanks that’s right. I couldn’t recall exactly. I have a feeling we may not get as many pictures as last year. I think he’s ordered the club owners etc. to absolutely prohibit snapping pictures ‘or else..’. There are probably going to be tweets though.
    I guess it remains to be seen.

  378. 378
    Twitter Says:

    GQ ‏@GQNightlife 56m
    The party is @1OAKNYC tonight.
    Rodrigo Rojas ‏@qriconyc 1h
    1Oak sundays … Special celeb guest TONIGHT 646.319.4990

  379. 379
    Twitter Says:

    (This is the tweeter who tweeted about receiving an invitation earlier this week)
    Zack Ryan ‏@BibleGirl666 4h
    Leo DiCaprio’s birthday party tonight, nigggggga!
    Kristine LS ‏@kristinels 9m
    Just got invited to Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party, no biggie.

    Lol are they just randomly inviting people?

  380. 380
    Wow Says:


    Maybe is for the after party. With Leo there is always a after party. One party does not seem enough.

  381. 381
    flop Says:

    ‘With Leo there is always a after party. One party does not seem enough.’
    lmao!!:))) sadly so true!

  382. 382
    Black sharpie Says:

    I just watched Clooneys acceptance speech for Descendants at GG. He talks nicely about Brad, who is a friend and makes a joke about Fassbender but doesn’t say anything else about anyone nominated.

    Hollywood is very competitive. Maybe that’s why George and Leo are not friendly.

  383. 383
    1Oak Says:

    He was also spotted at 1Oak last night with 2 Chainz.
    Well he sure likes this nightclub.

  384. 384
    Well Says:

    Another night in the row at 1oak…!!! LOL!
    the girl invited to Leo’s bash tonight happens to be a “blonde” cheerleader! I wonder how old she is..

  385. 385
    @Twitter Says:

    Another pretty young thing invited to Leo’s party tonight:
    Oxana Rivera ‏@oxanarivera 19 min
    Leonardo Dicaprio’s birthday party tonight!!! 😍😁

  386. 386
    #### Says:

    Esteban (@Estebannn_TK)
    11/10/13, 2:39 PM
    Sunday night at 1Oak in there with Leonardo Dicaprio

  387. 387
    #### Says:

    I can’t believe there are so many tweets already for Leo’s birthday party! Let’s hope some people are able to snaps one pics tonight!!! LOL

  388. 388
    #### Says:


    Typo -some pics

  389. 389
    @#### Says:

    I’m afraid there might be some restrictions for the guests and pics of Leo won’t be aloud. Let’s hope a girl will be able to pretend to dance and take a pic like that girl did inside his Cannes VIlla a few months ago.

  390. 390
    @@#### Says:

    LMAO! This picture will NEVER EVER get old. Dying at his expression. Oh Leo.

  391. 391
    #### Says:

    David Kahen (@GQ_NIGHTLIFE)
    11/10/13, 4:16 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio will be making an appearance at 1OAK tonight.

  392. 392
    @#### Says:

    Sorry, I meant “allowed”.

  393. 393
    ello Says:

    there were alot of pics from his birthday last year.

  394. 394
    #### Says:


    LOL let’s hope! I recall they weren’t allowed to take pics last year either but there were a couple that got out.

  395. 395
    :) Says:

    George Clooney is so fake lol

  396. 396
    #### Says:

    NYC By Night (@2Night_Nyc)
    11/10/13, 4:21 PM
    1Oak gonna be insane tonight for Leonardo Di Caprio’s Birthday…
    Hit me up ASAP if u wanna join…
    Message me!! 203-465-9480

    They’re really putting his party out there?

  397. 397
    HAHA12 Says:

    I hope we get some juicy stories lol. Also I’m curious which celebrities will be in attendance.

  398. 398
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey havent heard from you in awhile! I don’t know if it was just me but I didn’t know Clooney was close friends with Leo at one point or even hung out with him so I was kind of surprised by what he said. I wonder what Leo will think when/if he ever hears about that.

  399. 399
    @Lukas Haas Says:

    Its entertaining to see what Leo is doing and I think he knows that, I think he should have a huge birthday cake where a girl pops out of it and dances for him! OMG I would love to read about that tomorrow, it would be so funny, can someone do that as a joke if its possible if its not too late. You know Leo would love that!


  400. 400
    Happy 39th Birthday Says:

    Wishes and kisses!


  401. 401
    Twitter Says:

    Claire O ‏@crippleclaire
    my roommate just said “should i go to leonardo dicaprio’s birthday party tonight? they invited me” —- EEEEXXXXCUUUUUSSSEEEE MEEEEEEEEEE

  402. 402
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: At work, but I have a sec. I didn’t know they knew each other either. I can totally see some of Leo’s posse being jerks. Remember the story of story of some of his posse jumping Elizabeth Berkley’s boyfriend? Sadly, I do agree with George. I think he does need someone to tell it like it is, because it appears no one ever does. Leo is definitely going to hear about it, how could he not. Like I said earlier, IMO, Leo seems to care what his fellow actor s think of him. It will interesting to see how he reacts.

  403. 403
    HAHA12 Says:

    The Elizabeth Berkley story was not flattering at all. Its way in the past obv but has always given a really bad impression of Leo and his friends. I do wonder if he’ll respond back in another interview but he’s not the one to talk about other celebrities much, so we’ll see. His friends and the people he associates himself with(youngsters and young models) don’t seem like people who really care about him at all, more like opportunists.. George is so right on that.

  404. 404
    Zzzzzz Says:

    402 typo should only say ‘the story’ once.

  405. 405
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Agree :(. Back to work – catch up when I can! ;)

  406. 406
    also... Says:

    Tejiana Sky ‏@Tejianasky 3m
    The only thing better than getting invited to Leo Dicaprio’s birthday party- turning down the invite.

  407. 407
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hopefully when you return we get good goss on Leo’s party. Lol bye!

  408. 408
    HAHA12 Says:


  409. 409
    Well Says:

    Another sample of the type of girls who will attend Leo’s party
    Angelika Farat ‏@FallForMeOnce 26 min
    Thinking about going to 1oak to see Leonardo dicaprio.
    @also – lol.

  410. 410
    flop Says:

    @also…: served him right.

  411. 411
    ello Says:

    what did you think? did you think they were going to invite ugly people? lol they are like ambiance

  412. 412
    flop Says:

    @also these models serve as ‘decoration’

  413. 413
    @411 Says:

    “did you think they were going to invite ugly people?”
    is he really THAT superficial?!

  414. 414
    geez Says:

    he’s not just inviting models, i saw a gay guy talking about being invited too. and its not like he’s going to be f&cking the models just because he invites them, especially since toni will most likely be there as well. you guys call him the next roman polanski, and then you can’t even give him a break on his own birthday. geez you all have such sticks up your own asses.

  415. 415
    ello Says:

    @@411 if you were having a birthday party, wouldn’t you want to fill the place with attractive people? hes got his friends there and all the people he wants, and he wants some filler people. he obviously wants the party to be big, and he doesn’t even know these people hes inviting, so when people are getting invited, dont you think they want attractive people there? its not disgusting, its natural.

  416. 416
    geez Says:

    mfte! obviously hes not going to invite normal people who have never been clubbing or are as experienced into his kind of lifestyle

  417. 417
    @geez Says:

    @geez they spend all they’re time talking about a celebrity that they find discusting. if your going to spend your days on the internet stalking somebody why don’t you do it about somebody you actually like?

  418. 418
    #415 & 417 Says:

    Let Leo have his fun for tonight. It’s his last year in his 30s, I’m sure he’s going want to live it up as much as he can and he should be allowed to. Hopefully we get some pics later tonight.

  419. 419
    @geez Says:

    “and its not like he’s going to be f&cking the models just because he invites them, especially since toni will most likely be there as well”

    and especially because… Geee LOOOOOOLROF . yeah, dream on bella sweetie! they are done. wow you put a lot of value into that girl on his matter.even him is getting bored of missionary you know. ;-)

  420. 420
    geez Says:

    screw off! i am not from bz and im not a toni fangirl but if toni is there i seriously DOUBT he will ******** other models!

  421. 421
    Twitter Says:

    So it’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party at Tao Downtown. Guests on the list Jay-Z, Queen B, the Clintons’s and yep KANYE is performing.

  422. 422
    huh Says:

    Sugar baby will sure enjoy the A-list crowd and post some hints from Sugar Daddy`s birthday party.

  423. 423
    @415 Says:

    Yep, why Leo would want a simple birthday party with just friends, ppl he knows and loved ones. Those are ugly ********. The kings always needs a crowd and beautiful ppl around.

  424. 424
    HAHA12 Says:

    Kanye? The Clintons? This is going to be one hell of a party.

  425. 425
    @420 Says:


    Obviously not, first he gonna send her home alone in taxi like the last time.

  426. 426
    violet Says:

    @HAHA12:@Zzzzzz: Remember the story of story of some of his posse jumping Elizabeth Berkley’s boyfriend? Please explain.

  427. 427
    Tweet Says:

    Natalee ‏@honey_natbby 2h
    Leonardo Dicaprios birthday party tonight :)

    Natalee ‏@honey_natbby 2h
    @spoerle_taylor tomorrow is his birthday he’s having a party tonight and I got invited by his friend who’s birthday I went to last night! :)

  428. 428
    Toni Delevingne Says:

    Toni Garrn ‏@RealToniGarrn 8m
    Celebrating her move back to town tardavidson

  429. 429
    @428 Says:

    @Toni Delevingne:

    The ‘excuse’ she found to post a picture because she can not say where she was going. lol

  430. 430
    Toni Says:

    Except everyone knows where the party is. She needs to eat.

  431. 431
    Just askin' Says:

    Why do some of you complain about her posting “clues” if you use them to get an insight on what’s going on with Leo? Shouldn’t you be thankful?

  432. 432
    #### Says:


    And I’m pretty sure toni will probably be ignored and put in a corner with her friends with that type of high powered crowd! JMO

  433. 433
    also... Says:

    @429: Who would have seen a clue coming? lol

  434. 434
    also... Says:

    @431: Who complained? They are posted and made fun of but complained about them? I don’t think so… And how do they give insight what’s going on with Leo? I don’t think we have that based on her clues. She puts it out there that she is with him at certain occasions but I doubt it’s ‘insight ‘… JMO

  435. 435
    ^ Says:

    Milk it Toni… New casting in Vs were made and Leo love to chooses new ones every year.

  436. 436
    #### Says:

    @Toni Delevingne:

    Well it’s a good thing she’s going to have a friend there because I’m pretty sure she’s going to be ignored at his party!

  437. 437
    @ Says:

    Escorts are not the only famewhores. Let’s see if Toni and her friends learned the lesson.

  438. 438
    #### Says:

    Dj Disable (@DJ_Disable)
    11/10/13, 6:59 PM
    To go out for Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday or to not go out for Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday… #decisions

    Seriously….she has to think about it? LOL

  439. 439
    #### Says:

    Natalee (@honey_natbby)
    11/10/13, 5:20 PM
    TAO DOWNTOWN NYC @LeoDiCaprio happy birthday!!!!

    Natalee (@honey_natbby)
    11/10/13, 6:56 PM
    @J3ff_G Leonardo dicaprio & his gf or wife, Cameron Diaz, Brooke shields, Tobey Maguire, bunch of ppl and other ppl. And my friends

    There’s more to this girls tweets. It’s confusing because I think she’s drunk…haha

  440. 440
    Baby Says:

    Toni put a pic on Instagram, simple outfit. You think Leo will allow her n her friends to put up pics of his party so they could fan girl over him?!?!?!

  441. 441
    #### Says:

    ɱɛɠɠ (@MeghanShen)
    11/10/13, 6:54 PM
    So I’m studying for a psych test while one of my best friends is at Leonardo Dicaprio’s birthday party ? Oh ok

  442. 442
    ha Says:

    Leo and his blow up doll at the party.

  443. 443
    #### Says:

    Kelsey O’Connor (@KelsOConn)
    11/10/13, 5:29 PM
    Just made eye contact with Leonardo DiCaprio. 😍😍😍😍 what?!?!!

  444. 444
    #### Says:

    Robbie (@OfficialRobbieR)
    11/10/13, 5:06 PM
    Just got invited to Leonardo Dicaprio’s Birthday Party Tonight… What is happening to me.

  445. 445
    Well Says:

    @ello (#411)
    I sure wasn’t expecting him to invite freshly graduated Oxford or Harvard female scholars….LOL!
    As you could see his current flavour of the season’s Instagram pic, you have a pretty good idea of the girls he likes to be surrounded.
    Poor Leo….. and he’s going to be 40 next year.

  446. 446
    Lorelei Says:

    This picture needs to be reposted. It has to. I’ll have to remember it, for sure.
    I have never realized how terrifyingly skinny she is.

  447. 447
    Her Instagram pic Says:

    Like the night of the Armani event, it looks like she was getting ready from her own apartment.

    Same childish behavior.

  448. 448
    Twitter Says:

    Samantha Roberts
    So ARod apparently just showed up to Leo’s birthday party. If I wasn’t sick I would try and crash it for the Kanye/@2chainz performance

  449. 449
    #### Says:

    So I wonder if toni went to dinner with Leo and his friends and family at the Bowery?? It looks like she got ready to go to the party so maybe no dinner??

  450. 450
    #### Says:

    Melly K➕ (@Pebblesx018)
    11/10/13, 7:35 PM
    so I got invited to have lunch with my uncle and leo dicaprio and I can’t go bc I have to hand in a stupid paper :( I’m gonna cry.

  451. 451
    #### Says:

    11/10/13, 8:03 PM
    Heading there now “@NYNightlife: Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday is at 1 OAK tonight.”

  452. 452
    #### Says:

    Anup Desai (@RevolutionaryX)
    11/10/13, 7:55 PM
    Tonight CandyNightLife is going to be at 1OAK.

    Word on the street is Leonardo Dicaprio is gonna be there.

  453. 453
    #### Says:

    New York Nightlife (@NYNightlife)
    11/10/13, 7:49 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday is at 1 OAK tonight.

  454. 454
    #### Says:

    11/10/13, 7:24 PM
    Kanye West performing tonight at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday bash. Guess all the parties are at Tao until 2014…

  455. 455
    #### Says:

    So 1OAK is the after party I guess??

  456. 456
    @#447 Says:

    Good observation. On both occasions she was getting ready in her own apartment and with female friends on both occasions.
    @#### I doubt since she was with her friend getting ready in her apt. But she was invited to the party later, it seems(among several other guests).

  457. 457
    Black sharpie Says:

    I agree she is really skinny. Honestly, I don’t see how being that skinny is attractive.
    Also, her hair looks longer than usual. Hair extensions?

  458. 458
    Black sharpie Says:

    Yes, I noticed that too-she gets ready to go out in her apartment. Also, it seems like she was getting ready at the same time Leo was having dinner at Gemma’s at the Bowery Hotel with Tobey. Didn’t someone tweet he was at Gemma’s and it was around 5:30? Either that was a birthday celebration for Ruby or an early dinner for Leo and friends. Either way, I don’t think Toni went.

  459. 459
    Black sharpie Says:

    Maybe an after party or maybe two parties going on at the same time!?

    The party at 1Oak seems to be all random people and some people said Leo was supposed to make an appearance. Maybe it’s a charity benefit of some kind?
    Based on the guest list, the party at Tao Downtown seems like the real party for his birthday.
    Who knows.

  460. 460
    Well Says:

    I don’t think she attended Ruby’s birthday party nor Leo’s dinner party with close friends and probably relatives.

  461. 461
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    Ill bet that tao is the main party with the concert and 1OAK is The after party. remember last year Leo’s after party went to like 6am. :-)

  462. 462
    Black sharpie Says:
    One of the posters on this pic asked if the “p***y posse was there. Toni’s friend replied “you better believe it”. This is a term supposedly made up by the media and supposedly hated by Leo. To me, it’s an odd question to respond to. I think she and her friends are starstruck and immature.

  463. 463
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    I agree. They’re like the young girls on twitter who talk about being in love with Leo from the 90s, etc.

  464. 464
    Black sharpie Says:

    You are probably right.
    I didn’t realize he just invited random people to either party. I just think it would be hard to control what comes out of the party – stories, photos. If it was just people he knew he’d only have to worry about employees leaking stuff.

  465. 465
    @Black Sharpie Says:

    ‘I think she and her friends are starstruck and immature.’
    Yep. Unfortunately these are the kinds of people Leo hangs with.

  466. 466
    Twitter Says:

    @cheerioo 1h
    So Leonardo dicaprio is having a birthday party down the street.. He better not get loud!
    @cheerioo 6m
    Why would he invite kanye? I heard he’s performing. Come on Leo. I thought you were a class act.

  467. 467
    #### Says:

    TeGucci (@josuevargparra)
    11/10/13, 8:55 PM
    Leonardo Di Caprio tonight at 1oak, hit me up to join the party…just girls !!!

    Just girls!!! LOL

  468. 468
    #### Says:

    JAYNE (@jaynegindi)
    11/10/13, 8:08 PM
    Shirley dweck is the only idiot I know that meets Leonardo DiCaprio and doesn’t take a picture with him

  469. 469
    Black sharpie Says:

    @@Black Sharpie:
    It’s probably an ego boost for him. I think he is insecure in a lot of ways.

  470. 470
    HAHA12 Says:

    It’s midnight over here on the east coast so…
    hard to believe the eternally 22 year old blondie from Titanic went on to become one of the most successful actors of his generation and is going to be 40 next year. LOL, I find that part especially amusing. Happy birthday Leo

  471. 471
    Inside Leo's party Says:

  472. 472
    baby Says:

    He’s like Gatsby, inviting random ppl to a party! That’s really sad, you would think he had a lot of friends……

  473. 473
    baby Says:

    @Inside Leo’s party: Damn, did you read the caption on that…. Model promoter event jeezzzz

  474. 474
    Twitter Says:

    casey wolen ‏@CaseyWolen 1h
    Leo Dicaprio’s bday at Tao Downtown….#artRave inBklyn….#MTVEMA midtown…. biggest night in nyc…. #holyshit #turnup

  475. 475
    #### Says:


    So basically there’s a lot going on in NYC tonight!! LOL

  476. 476
    Inside Leo's party Says:

  477. 477
    Twitter Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio Benicio Del Toro Edward Norton all here @TAOdowntown models showing their STUFF hoping 2b next Mrs. Shout out 2 VoliVodka

  478. 478
    Inside Leo's party Says:

    Naked girls there..this party looks insane.

  479. 479
    #### Says:

    @Inside Leo’s party:

    I can’t believe he’s letting them post the pics and vids! LOL

  480. 480
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Inside Leo’s party:
    That looks effing insane, damn. Also according to BZ Leo is having 2 parties. One with a lot of guests at Tao and one with his inner circle at 1oak.

  481. 481
    #### Says:


    That’s what he did last year. The after party went to like 6AM!

    Happy birthday Leo!!! LOL

  482. 482
    HAHA12 Says:

    Well we all predicted he would go all out since it’s one more year until 40.
    Happy birthday indeed! LOL

  483. 483
    #### Says:

    Zay Specter (@theKoolZay)
    11/10/13, 9:58 PM
    Jay & Kanye & Leo DiCaprio all in the same club tonight. Wow

  484. 484
    Charity Event Says:

  485. 485
    Twitter Says:

    OlandoBloom in the house @LeoDiCaprio birthday @TAOdowntown

  486. 486
    Black sharpie Says:

    It seems like Red Hot PR Society was hired to tweet about his parties!?

  487. 487
    candycotton Says:

    Happpy birthday Leo time to dump bony Toni she s got the brain of 2yr old and the body of a 12yr old boy ! no t*ts or a*$ lol

  488. 488
    Inside Leo's party Says:

  489. 489
    #### Says:

    adela (@skrillaxatives)
    11/10/13, 10:15 PM
    My cousin met Leonardo Dicaprio yesterday I hate life

    Apparently this girl’s cousin is a model.

  490. 490
    bravo, George Says:

    George also spoke about actor Leonardo DiCaprio – and suggested that actor might not have the right crowd of people around him at all times. The pair played a basketball game together after striking up a friendship.

    But the game was spoiled somewhat by Leonaro’s over-baring friends, who had threatened to ‘kick ass’ during the game.
    George ended up beating them 11-0.

    ‘And the discrepancy between their game and how they talked about their game made me think of how important it is to have someone in your life to tell you what’s what,’ George pondered. I’m not sure if Leo has someone like that.’

    There you have it, from someone who’s observed Leo’s posse up close and in person. Clooney has no reason to lie or kiss Leo’s ass. He has enough power to tell it like it is. I’m glad someone of his stature spoke up.

  491. 491
    #### Says:

    Rimi (@RimiMacelara)
    11/10/13, 10:15 PM
    “@NYNightlife: Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday is at 1 OAK tonight.” Ended up at 1oak

  492. 492
    bony Toni Says:

    looks disgusting in that Instagram pic. I know she’s naturally on the thin side, but she literally looks like a stick figure. Anorexia? Cocaine? Stress from being Leo’s on call arm candy?

  493. 493
    lol Says:

    @bony Toni:
    shut up. sick of this body bashing on here.

  494. 494
    @493 Says:

    A little crudely put, but it’s the truth. She doesn’t look healthy.

  495. 495
    OMG Says:


  496. 496
    Instagram Says:

  497. 497
    Black sharpie Says:

    @bravo, George:
    If George really said everything he is quoted as saying in this article, I am truly surprised. It’s like he is rehashing old arguments and for what purpose?
    Trash talking is typical during a game. I don’t understand how that determines what type of friends you have and what type of relationship you have with those friends. To me, it’s like he is bragging that he beat them even thought he is much older. Strange.

  498. 498
    roflmao Says:

    in a tweed cap and suit jacket with his e-cig in hand. he looks like such a tool.

  499. 499
    HAHA12 Says:

    OMG I am living for this. Of course he wears the same basic cap and jacket.

  500. 500
    Black sharpie Says:

    Oh Leo !!

  501. 501
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    George has always came across as smug and a bit pretentious but I think when he said that he was basically saying how immature Leo’s friends are and how they’re all up his ass or something. I’m also surprised he dropped that out of nowhere, I had no idea they were ever close friends.

  502. 502
    roflmao Says:

    I’m sure George did say it. Esquire is a reputable magazine. He probably said it because he feels it’s something Leo needs to hear. Often people outside the bubble see things more clearly. His friends sound like a little gang of frat boys who attack anyone who dares to challenge their golden goose. I bet they let him win, too. They should have outgrown that kind of behaviour by now.

  503. 503
    More Leo partying!! Says:

  504. 504
    roflmao Says:

    he looks drunk off his ass.

  505. 505
    More Leo partying!! Says:

    its his birthday, let him have fun

  506. 506
    roflmao Says:

    who’s stopping him? not me!

  507. 507
    #### Says:


    That’s awesome!!!! :-)

    Was sure one of the blondes surrounding him would have been toni! LOL

  508. 508
    roflmao Says:

    almost every night in nyc is leo’s birthday

  509. 509
    #### Says:

    @More Leo partying!!:

    Does he know they’re getting all this vid/pic footage?? Usually Leo’s really private when it comes to these parties.

  510. 510
    #### Says:


    So true but I’m glad he’s enjoying his birthday! :-)

  511. 511
    with toni... i think Says:

    I could’ve sworn I told assistant’s assistant to invite my icy T, but I can’t tell in this sea of blondes!

  512. 512
    HAHA12 Says:

    @with toni… i think:
    LOL, how drunk are you Leo?

  513. 513
    Twitter Says:

    Fahren steele ‏@fahren_steele 1h
    Kanye..ibn jasper..2chainz and Leonardo Dicaprio are getting it crunk in this party for Leonardo!!!!!…happy birthday leo

  514. 514
    Instagram Says:

    Some more pics here

  515. 515
    with toni... i think Says:

    Man Jared you moderating me in my own thread!?

    I’m drunker than a motherf****r here’s the situation
    I can’t find Toni but I have no inclination
    To wade through this sea of blondes looking for confirmation
    If Toni’s in the house or if she’s on vacation

  516. 516
    Black sharpie Says:

    @with toni… i think: you are too funny!!

  517. 517
    Black sharpie Says:

    @roflmao: Leo’s friends may be jerks but why say this in a magazine. If he really wanted to say something to Leo, he could have said it one on one not in an interview. I just think. It makes him look foolish and arrogant. JMO

  518. 518
    Oh lord.. Says:

    I think its Toni he is kissing. JJ is about to explode RIP

  519. 519
    with toni... i think Says:

    Damn! I started rubbing up against the random blonde next to me and she turned around and it was Kim Karcrashian! Now she won’t leave me alone!! S O fuc*in S!!!

  520. 520
    3..2..1... Says:

    @Oh lord..:

  521. 521
    with toni... i think Says:

    SHE FOUND ME! Thank GOD!!! Saved from KIM!!! I’ve never been so happy to see Toni!!!

  522. 522
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Oh lord..:
    Oh my, this place is going go nuts. Time to leave this thread. I can’t believe someone actually taped that.

  523. 523
    leelee Says:

    lolllll wow best thread everrrrrr

  524. 524
    @518 Says:

    Um lol. That’s what couple’s do usually? Among other things. I really hope the place doesn’t go nuts because of this.

  525. 525
    lukewarmprsociety Says:

    Nothing to get your knickers in a twist about. He looks drunk and she seems to be hanging all over him trying to get him to kiss her in front of a crowd of strangers. It doesn’t look romantic or sexy, just sloppy and desperate.

  526. 526
    HAHA12 Says:

    Its going to go nuts because of the people who claim Leo is not into Toni at all and now look at that video of them kissing passionately lol. Things will get ugly between the toni haters and toni fans.

  527. 527
    lukewarmprsociety Says:


    I’m sure they know they’re being taped. You think Toni and her friends don’t monitor Instagram nonstop, like most 21 year olds?

  528. 528
    HAHA12 Says:

    I guess Leo doesn’t care cus its his birthday, but he doesn’t like being seen with her in public period so this was kind of surprising. Thats all.

  529. 529
    @525 Says:

    Right lol. I really hope the place doesn’t blow up because of this. Or another bus 1/2 debate whether its her or not. LOL pls guys. It’s Toni. She’s his gf. They’re kissing. Big f*cking deal.

  530. 530
    with toni! Says:

    I’m gonna have to sign off for now… Toni promised me an under the table birthday bj. That’s my girl!!!

  531. 531
    HAHA12 Says:

    @with toni!:

  532. 532
    @HAHA12 Says:

    I dont’t see passionate kissing tbh. She’s desperate for a kiss for sure hanging all over him at first and tries to get his attention while he’s paying attention to smth else. And then they kiss. He’s prob very drunk and doesn’t give a f.. But I mean who is gonna say they don’t kiss in their private time? I hope they do lol. They’re BF-GF after all.,

  533. 533
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12 & ####: I think Leo is having a great time at his party! He looks more than a little tipsy!. As for kissing Toni – it’s his b-day – as much as people don’t want to admit it, they are currently dating – of course he is going to kiss her. It looked like ta couple of quick, but fun kisses! What’s the big deal?! Not surprised someone taped it, but I am surprised that it was posted. I have a feeling, when he wakes up from partying, he is going to be very unhappy with all the footage online. I don’t think he knows how much is being posted. Although, he would have been very naive to think people wouldn’t be posting stuff.

  534. 534
    HAHA12 Says:

    Lol I was mostly joking when I said passionate. Its just they both looked happy to be with eachother in that moment, but its also probably a combination of Leo being hyped out of his mind and drunk. She did seem all over him in that vine but he seemed into that kiss as well. But its Leo, so it probably means nothing to him.

  535. 535
    HAHA12 Says:

    Exactly I hope people don’t make a big deal out of this. It was his birthday, of course he is going to be happy kissing her. And I’m pretty sure he knew everything would be caught on footage. IMO he would be a fool if he didn’t expect people to take videos of him.

  536. 536
    candycotton Says:

    The girl standing beside them looks way better than toni actually every girl in that video looks better than boni toni Leo is drunk off his a$$

  537. 537
    Keep hatin! Says:

    Its ok to be pissed that Toni is the one kissing Daddy Leo in that video and he seems to be enjoying it very much ;)

  538. 538
    violet Says:

    The girl in the clip looks too short to be Toni

  539. 539
    Zzzzzz Says:

    typo 533 like a couple of …..
    @HAHA12: I’m sure people are going to make a big deal of it. The BZ thread is already buzzing about it. They both looked tipsy and having fun! If I remember, last year at his party, there was a story how he went around and got birthday kisses from lot of the girls!

  540. 540
    with toni! Says:

    I’m gonna enjoy my birthday bj even more if Toni ever gets off her phone! Hey you don’t think they have cameras under the tables, do you?

  541. 541
    violet Says:

    The girl in the video is too much of a light blonde to be Toni

  542. 542
    @keep hatin Says:

    daddy? Leo dude u sound so g@y no one pissed!

  543. 543
    Yup Says:

    It is definitely Toni. They look $hitfaced! Looks like a good time, though. He looks happy!

  544. 544
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @#### & HAHA12: One of Toni’s friends just posted a picture of her and Toni at Tao! She really does like to stick her tongue out!

  545. 545
    So... Says:

    Oh Leo. Bless your partying soul. He’s celebrating his 39th (!) bday amongst 21/22 year olds and is happy as a child. I don’t know what to say about this guy. Happy birthday I guess and hoping really growing up is what’ll be a part of this year for you among other things.

  546. 546
    with toni! Says:

    That’s right, DADDY. I told you I wanted to have kids! Daddy is pissed and getting more pissed waiting for Toni’s birthday present!!!

  547. 547
    HAHA12 Says:

    Lol. Atleast he looks like he’s enjoying himself but man, cannot believe this man is going to be 40 next year. I keep telling myself he’s just trying to enjoy his last year of debauchery before 40 comes around. Who knows if anything will change in a year from now. But yeah, happy birthday Leo! Again LOL.

  548. 548
    HAHA12 Says:

    Indeed she does. And of course her friend would post a video of Kanye rapping. Lol

  549. 549
    with toni! Says:

    “She really does like to stick her tongue out”


    Why do you think I like her? No tongue, no Toni.

  550. 550
    So... Says:

    Well yeah that’s it. He’s happy as a child and it’s nice to see him like that honestly but we’re talking a 39 y/o man at the same time. It’s like that scenery, with all those yougsters around him, is where he still truly lives mentally. And really lives like he loves it. And that’s not so great I guess. But it’s his bday today and I just hope he has an amazing and happy one. Whatever that means to him.

  551. 551
    Yup Says:

    @HAHA12: Thing is, he looks 40 in all these Instagram pics/vids. I mean, that outfit… Really? With the hat, the blazer and that horrible shirt underneath (unbuttoned, of course!). He is dressed like a middle-aged man, and acting like a 20yo frat boy. It looks slightly ridiculous. I am glad he is having a good time, but… Again… The age thing makes it slightly awkward.

  552. 552
    @544 Says:

    Wow she looks like sh*t. Not to be mean but really lol. And yeah didnt you know she can’t take a pic without making some sort of a face? Lol

  553. 553
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Yup and S..

    Yeah I agree with you both. At the same time I’m glad he’s enjoying himself and he should be allowed to because its his birthday and all but it really shows what age he still thinks he is. Who knows if he’ll ever grow up or not, I don’t think he will anytime soon considering the people he hangs out with. It’s embarrassing but at the same time that’s just who he is I guess. I would like to believe he cuts this all out when he hits his 40s but I’m not sure anymore. I’m not sure whether to laugh at him or feel embarrassed for him.

  554. 554
    @HAHA12 Says:

    “I keep telling myself he’s just trying to enjoy his last year of debauchery before 40 comes around.”

    Debauchery ? He’s celebrating his birthday with his friends and her girlfriend.
    People on just jared are so boring.

  555. 555
    HAHA12 Says:

    It was a joke. I said it in relation to his Jordan Belfort character from WOWS because he led a life of debauchery and Leo is compared to him for having the same life. I’m glad Leo is having a great time. I think he’s funny and the way he acts is kind of embarrassing but what’s most important is that he enjoys himself.

  556. 556
    Instagram Says:

  557. 557
    Toni Says:

    Ok so is it just me or does she look too short to be Toni? And it looks like drunk friend kissing, nothing passionate or lovey…just drunk and she is the one leading it all. She prob told him to kiss her for publicity sake. Who knows. Very odd behavior for Leo this year. A party with a lot of fans who all have cellphones pointed right at him….maybe this set up was planned? Where is Lukas? Tobey? His mom? Kevin? Perhaps this is the “public” image party and more is going on behind closed doors. Just a thought

  558. 558
    hmmmmmm Says:

    o that about does it for me!

    she was all over him and he was drunk as an **** yeh that’s the word. it wouldn’t have mattered who was in place of toni, that girl would have gotten kisses too. out of all his bdays, this ones’ the craziest with all the leaks. i m sure every bday of his is like this,didn’t he party crazy on his bday in egypt or something where it got ugly. but why are there soooooooooo many leaks? he is not gonna be happy about it one bit. juts let him wake up and let the hang over go away. this will be a constant pain for him for a long while. the sm will not be happy. she probably ran away after this. he is a disappointment.

  559. 559
    LOL42 Says:

    @518 and@520 You two are HILARIOUS. I actually burst out laughing on the bus.

  560. 560
    Yup Says:

    @Toni: I see his fried Helly and Richie in that kissing video. I think his friends are all there, probably enjoying themselves just as much. He is wasted. Toni is wasted. They are drunk kissing, which is sloppy and uncoordinated. We’ve all done it! He seems to be enjoying all of it. I’m sure he feels like king of the world tonight, which is how it should be in your birthday.

  561. 561
    LOL42 Says:

    @with toni – LOL. I am logging on to some quips here

  562. 562
    @Toni Says:

    It’s 99% her. Really no arguing about that it’s obvious. She was probably slouching or something for all we know. I saw his bodyguard on one of the pics but I haven’t seen his other friends which is a little odd. I had at least expected to see Lukas there near him somewhere. But the whole public image thing is a little thick. Really how does this help contribute to his public image? I’m sure amongst the more mature crowd (a la #550, #551) this seems more than silly and just weird albeit he looks like he’s having the time of his life.
    I do wonder where his friends are now too.

  563. 563
    Yup Says:

    @hmmmmmm: There is no SM. Sorry, can’t get on board with that nonsense. I wish it were not the case, but Leo is Leo. He isn’t going to change anytime soon, people. This is who he is.

  564. 564
    noooooooo Says:

    I am so sad right now, I cant access instagram!!!! Nooooooooo

  565. 565
    @562 Says:

    Honestly he doesn’t seem to be hanging with one or more people it’s like he has really mingled in the crowd except for that kissing vid. In all the others everyone is just enjoying themselves mostly on their own including Leo. I’m pretty sure Lukas et al are there somewhere. And didn’t someone say the party at Tao was for a bigger crowd and the one at 1oak, the after party, for a more intimate crowd?

  566. 566
    @562 Says:

    woops i meant @561 / @@Toni, sorry

  567. 567
    LOL42 Says:

    It clearly is Toni. I hope this does not become another damn bus debate

    Clooney actaully called out Leo friend Danny A in that Esquire interview
    And here is what the Esquire interviewer deduced about Clooney from the write up

    Being famous is not just what he knows how to do better than anyone else; it’s arguably what he knows how to do better than anything else.
    He is the president of a club of famous people he doesn’t consider ********, and he convenes it every time he makes a movie.
    He has made movies with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Don Cheadle, Julia Roberts, and Cate Blanchett.
    He has never been in a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio or Russell Crowe.


    Basically implying Clooney considers the Body of Lies co-stars Crowe and Dicaprio to be ********

  568. 568
    Toni Says:

    Hope he’s enjoying his birthday. Can’t say I know any other 40 year olds that are so into clubs. Can’t think of any 30 year olds either except for a few single, lonely desperate few. Happy birthday Leo. At least he’s having fun

  569. 569
    what Says:

    LMAO at people analyzing the kiss and thinking its staged.

    I don’t see what he’s doing wrong in these videos. Its his b-day. I agree with #554. Some people on JJ must live boring effin lives

  570. 570
    LOL42 Says:

    Oh the word being *asteriked* is a-s-s-h-o-l-e

  571. 571
    @566 Says:

    Yeah I think that’s the case because Toni’s friend just instagrammed ”goodnight Kanye, goodnight 2Chainz”. I think the party at Tao’s is done and he’s headed to 1Oak rn.

  572. 572
    also... Says:

    I have to agree with some people here… The girl he kisses seems to be too short to be Toni. Based on the face I can’t tell but she looks shorter than her. On the Instagram photos of her Toni’s hair looks a little different, too. The girl on the video has fuller hair, more volume… I don’t wanna argue and it doesn’t make a difference if it was her. They are dating and they kiss. And have sex. Why would people go nuts here because of that? It’s a drunk kiss anyway, far from passionate but I’m not sure it’s her.
    I absolutely agree with S and Yup. He is having fun for sure. I look at him and I see a 22-23 years old boy partying meanwhile it’s a 39 years old man. And the outfit…

  573. 573
    LOL42 Says:

    Good eye that is Helly.He and Leo have been tight forever. I actually thought he would be in prison by now with that art buying scam he was ALLEGEDLY involved in. And agree with your post

  574. 574
    @567 Says:

    Clooney kisses ass more than anyone else in hollywood. I get his beef with Crowe but calling out Leo’s friends over a basketball makes no sense. He must still be upset that Leo didn’t do his movie.

  575. 575
    Instagram Says:
    Lord..he looks ridic. I’m sorry it’s just hilarious thinking he turned 39. Hahahaha. But happy birthday Leo!

  576. 576
    Jante Says:

    I didn’t see Lukas at his party. Where is he?

  577. 577
    LOL42 Says:

    I also don’t know why people think Leo would be upset all this partying/drinking/kissing would be on social media. What do you expect when you throw out invites to random people and then also invite celebs to a public event? He can’t be that unaware of how the world works now. Leo must know and not care at this point.

  578. 578
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Toni: It does seem out of character to have so many people he doesn’t know at his party. It seems like the Tao party was basically open to everyone! Which is why there are so many photos/videos being posted.
    @@Toni: In on one of the videos of Kanya singing, I believe Lukas is at the front of the stage wearing a fedora. I think most of his friends are there, but the placed is packed so probably hard to stay together. I’m sure when the party moved to 1Oak it will be less crowded. Also, I doubt there will be as many photos being posted from there.
    @Yup @ HAHA12: Agree! But he does look like he is having fun! I have a feeling he is going to be nursing a hangover most of the day tomorrow!

  579. 579
    Publicity for Wow Says:

    It’s out of character to be so accepting of social media. Maybe it’s to get the younger fans excited for WOWs

  580. 580
    @LOL42 Says:

    True. But I think it’s also the given moment where he’s probably drunk out of his mind and wasted that he doesn’t give a f.. and doesn’t restrain himself in his actions. Like the kissing in front of a whole lot of strangers. That is NOT something that sober Leo would do, and I doubt he’d not be pissed if he finds that certain popular blogs (like Lainey, maybe?) pick up those vids and write articles on it. JMO.

  581. 581
    hmmmmmm Says:

    Not to say but the girl was looking right at the camera when it was being filmed………….. desperate for attention. To say oh look the king of the world kissed me on his 39th birthday and tight hugged me too. It wasn’t staged, he was too damn drunk to have noticed anything or cared, the girl (toni but somehow shorter and i agree with the hair being different) got what she wanted, kisses and the LEAKS (i bet it was her own friends who did it and sold the video to the PR company) but since she practically was throwing herself onto him and puling him closer what else was the poor drunk as an a-s-s man to do?? I bet his exes were all either laughing at him or missing the attention and the leaks. Maybe clooney is right about his company after all, a man is known by the company he keeps.

  582. 582
    mama's boy Says:


  583. 583
    @Publicity for wow Says:

    100% agree. Leo normally hates this kind of stuff going out – drunk or not. Even if he is drunk his security wouldnt be.

  584. 584
    Leo tomorrow morning Says:

    upon hearing about all the leaks

  585. 585
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Leo tomorrow morning: OMG!!! So true!! LMAO!!!

  586. 586
    also... Says:

    @581: Let’s see how public the ‘leak’ gets. Toni leaks things on social media that doesn’t get picked up. And honestly I don’t think it’s her. The hair for one thing but the blonde’s height is really off.
    Drunk or not Leo knows he lives in the age of social media. If he cared all these videos and photos wouldn’t be there. He must have had bodyguards and some videos were REALLY close not to be noticed by security or his friends. I don’t think he cares. He was having fun which is cool but at the same time it’s kinda awkward to look at him on these videos.

  587. 587
    And the funniest joke goes to Says:

    @Leo tomorrow morning:

  588. 588
    NEW Says:

    @Leo tomorrow morning – tht was hilarious n I’m hoping it b da case, coz thn it wd be evn mor hilarious. lol

  589. 589
    . Says:

    His last year before he cools it down? lol thanks for the laughs who ever said this. This is who he is and what he likes really. No leaks, no articles no nothing would change that. At least not for another decade. Can’t you guys see how he’s entirely in his zone amongst all those young people? He loves it. He totally loves it and lives for it. He’s completely happy. At least in a wasted state of mind he is. I think it makes him feel young and happy even though he looks really awkward in those vids. His age is clearly showing etc but at this point I’m not holding him to high expectations. This is what we have always seen and what we will be seeing of him for a looong time.
    Happy 39th, Leo!

  590. 590
    2 Chainz and Leo Says:

  591. 591
    Same-Same Says:

    Every-Freaking-One had a cellphone or a camera. It was a hell of a party and yes!!!! he looked like a douc-he in everyone of those posts. I wonder how drunk he must have gotten?

  592. 592
    Peter Pan Says:

    It’s definitely Toni. And Leo is drunk…

  593. 593
    Hat! Says:

    Lol wtf is up with his hat? Dude you’re not walking the streets of NYC hiding from fans and paparazzi, you’re at your party ON STAGE! LOL what is wrong with him

  594. 594
    hahahaha Says:

    O BOY, now I’ve seen everything……….. hahahaha!!!!!!

  595. 595
    @2 Chainz and Leo Says:

    LMAO ridiculously drunk !

  596. 596
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: Looking at the videos, Leo was really mingling with the crowd. I’m sure he had security with him, but I think there were just way too many people there for them to keep tabs on everybody taking pictures. Maybe Leo didn’t care because it was his birthday, but based on how he is with the press and his privacy, that would be out of character for him. If you look at the videos/pictures, he is completely unaware that he is being filmed/or having his picture taken.
    I’m off to get some shut eye! Talk to ya later! ;)

  597. 597
    hags Says:

    jealous hags.

  598. 598
    @also Says:

    I think it’s definitely Toni. She’s very tall and according to the instagram pictures wearing heels so she should be taller than Leo like that but she’s probably slouching or something. I mean… kissing and tight-hugging another blonde at his bday party his GF is at? I don’t think so.
    But like everyone said Leo is drunk as f*ck. And kissing your gf is a normal thing, especially when you’re that drunk. (We’ve all done it, like @Yup said)

  599. 599
    #### Says:


    I agree that it’s probably toni except for the height. And you would tell if someone was slouching and toni doesn’t seem to be slouching in this vid. She’s taller than him without shoes so she should have been towering over him in heels. Strange.

    And he is definitely drunk! LOL

  600. 600
    @hags Says:

    aw, don’t talk about yourself that way. you need not be jealous of toni. leo’s always looking for groupies like you when she’s not around.

  601. 601
    Instagram Says:

    Lol, priceless.

  602. 602
    hags Says:

    @hags Your lives must be so boring. Guess you’ll never been to a party or a concert. You fat hags sitting behind your computer raggin on the rich and beautiful

  603. 603
    Oh Leo!!! Says:

    You really are something, an embarrassing fool with awful fashion sense. But you are amazing. Happy birthday 39th birthday <3 even tho youll always be 22 in my book!

  604. 604
    OMG Says:


  605. 605
    Haha Says:

    Leo is king, Happy Bday

  606. 606
    @601 Says:

    Rotfl! DEAD. I swear he’s an embarrassment to life.

  607. 607
    also... Says:

    @598: That girl doesn’t look like she is slouching. Toni was wearing heels according to the Instagram photos so how could she be shorter tham Leo? Even if she changed into flats. And I see difference with the hair. As someone pointed it out earlier Toni’s hair is getting long and has less volume. On the video the fair is fuller… But as #### said it’s the height. I remember those photos of them from the Ibiza club. Toni was taller than Leo but obviously I don’t know what shoes she was wearing.
    As I said they are dating so they kiss and more. No big deal even if it was her but I don’t think do. It was a playful drunk kiss, nothing intimate.

  608. 608
    wtf leo Says:

    why is his hat over his eyes at his own birthday party?

  609. 609
    WTF Says:

    That’s Toni. Are you guys seriously debating whether that’s her. JFC

  610. 610
    also... Says:

    @Instagram: Seriously you have to stop posting these videos! LOL! First it was bittersweet to watch them but now it’s getting … almost painful to check them out. It’s getting worse every time… I’m happy to see him having fun on one hand but on the other… grow up, man! And get a mirror!

  611. 611
    @hags Says:

    “ur just jellus”

  612. 612
    also... Says:

    @WTF: Debate? People have different opinion and might see it differently than you do. So what?

  613. 613
    WTF Says:

    Its her. Get you eyes checked. This is how pathetic some of you are that you’re debating this

  614. 614
    HB Says:

    Okay, he’s drunk. but I think the video of Leo and Toni kissing is really cute.

  615. 615
    also... Says:

    @WTF: Take it easy and don’t be so ride. You think it’s her. I get it. I don’t think it’s her. Deal with it. No need to be so b*tchy.

  616. 616
    WTF Says:

    so ride? lol you’re blind.

  617. 617
    @hags Says:

    Yeah, it’s Toni making a fool of herself trying to get the attention of her drunk boyfriend.

    Hey haggis, I turned 21 this year and I already know how to party without acting like a sloppy drunk.

  618. 618
    Toni Says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if tomorrow better photos and videos are released and it IS another woman?

  619. 619
    @Instagram Says:

    Omg he’s so drunk lol. And them moves hahaha. Bless you Leo. You’re completely embarrassing but I love you. I hope one day you grow up to be a man.

  620. 620
    also... Says:

    @WTF: OMG! A typo! Now what? I’m not blind, honey but you are rude and b*tchy. Why is it such a big deal that someone disagrees with you?

  621. 621
    @toni Says:

    you all must be jealous of toni that you can’t stop raggin on her.

  622. 622
    HB Says:

    Look at the teeth/the smile it’s Toni

  623. 623
    Instagram Says:

    Tumblr is already full of gifs like this
    I really wouldn’t be surprised if gossip blogs pick up on these vids and pics because let’s be honest we’ve never had this much ‘leak’. Last year wasn’t even half as much as this year. It’s all over the place.

  624. 624
    WTF Says:

    You’re blind and can’t spell. If you’re gonna attack at least make sure your spelling is correct

  625. 625
    leelee Says:

    lols..these insta videos are hilarity and LOL at Leo knowing the lyrics to that 2 chains song.

  626. 626
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Says:

    Honestly, I’ve always thought of him like this but even more so. It’s two complete different people, the one in interviews and events and the one is his real life. The real Leo. I think that is part of what makes him and his life compelling to most people. He’s a contradiction of all sorts.

  627. 627
    Sour Says:

    Leo too TURNT!! LMFAO

  628. 628
    leelee Says:

    @Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: ya it’s interesting because he’s so ******* i n g boring in interviews but after watching these videos ppl are posting it seems he’s just acting when he does interviews. his public persona isn’t who he is at all. it’s fascinating lol

  629. 629
    @626 Says:

    I never really understood how its a contradiction. When I’m at my job I’m suppose to act professionally, talk proper, dress proper but in my real life outside of work I can do what I want. If i want to go out on the weekend with friends and party so what? People do this all the time.

  630. 630
    @629 Says:


  631. 631
    also... Says:

    @WTF: Oh, one typo and I can’t spell. Ok… That’s the best you’ve got? And sweetie, it’s you who attacked me because I posted something that disagrees with you. This is all you got as a comeback? A typo and being a b*tch? Impressive!
    @HB: Sorry I don’t see a signature Toni smile but different hair and height. On the Versailles and Ibiza club photos you can see them next to each other and she is taller than the girl on the video. JMO.

  632. 632
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Says:

    It’s not the same. He acts his age in his professional life. And by that I mean really ‘acts’ his age and I can see him being really uncomfortable sometimes doing that, having restraint and tense mannerisms, but he succeeds nonetheless. He comes across as dapper, well-spoken and profound. And then I look at these videos of him and think this is the real him and he’s doing a great job hiding this real him in his professional life. This is his real age. Which is not a bad thing per definition, I think him not showing much personality in events related to his professional life helps him being validated as a reliable actor, but it also has to do with a certain image Leo himself is trying to draw or even sell to the public. By trying to stay private and professional you shouldn’t portray yourself as someone you are not and one should be him or herself to a degree. I don’t see that with Leo. It’s complete opposites what I see and that’s what I’m talking about.

  633. 633
    WTF Says:

    you’re one freaking drama queen. You’re clearly an idiot that needs glasses

  634. 634
    Sour Says:

    @also…: RELAX buddy it’s Toni unfortunately but it was no passionate kiss, just a sloppy one which she clearly was desperate for LMFAO . She kills me, trying to get Leo’s attention. The only time he will give it is when he is hella drunk LMFAO, bless his heart.

  635. 635
    also... Says:

    @629: It’s not about the difference between your professional and private life. What you said is true. I think it’s about acting according to your age. Leo does that ( being a professional and mature actor ) when he is working but when he is not… I mean obviously it’s his choice how he lives his life but acting like you are 22 on your 39th birthday… I think that’s what some ppl are saying.

  636. 636
    Toni Says:

    Actually most people don’t lead double lives. Sure you act proper at work but most people are friends with coworkers and maintain jobs that they at least somewhat enjoy. They don’t leave the job at 5 and turn into different people and I’m sure you aren’t all that different personality wise when you punch out of work.

  637. 637
    also... Says:

    @WTF: now I’m a drama queen. Says the b*tch. I don’t need glasses but you could use some intelligence..,
    @Sour: Why don’t you relax and let me have my own opinion?

  638. 638
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Says:

    That is exactly what I’m talking about. I can only hope we don’t become complete opposites of who we are when we’re shifting from private to professional life. That is why I’m saying it’s like I’m seeing two different persons. I can’t relate the one to the other with Leo, and my opinion about this is based on years of observation and being a longtime fan of his.

  639. 639
    WTF Says:

    Exactly relax and get some glasses

  640. 640
    @WTF Says:

    Why can’t you let it drop? She thinks the height with the girl is off and thus is skeptical. You believe it’s Toni (I do too), but why insisting? You’re not gonna change anyone’s opinion?

  641. 641
    @WTF Says:

    typo: let it go*

  642. 642
    HAHA12 Says:

    OMG. Bless him.

  643. 643
    @635 Says:

    Isn’t the guy allowed to act like this on his b-day. I always feel like people on jj just want to trash him over every little thing. You can’t even give him a break on his b-day? This is in regards to him not acting his age on his b-day

    I don’t have a problem with the way he portrays himself in interviews and when he’s out promoting his movies. That’s his career. I expect him to act professionally not like Lindsay Lohan who doesn’t show up on time or looks messed up in interviews. I dont think it makes him a hypocrite for acting that way in his professional life.

  644. 644
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:
    I agree with you. Thats what makes him even more mysterious imo.

  645. 645
    Sour Says:

    @Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: it’s called having an image and the real him. The serious actor image is what he plays for his fans and peers so they respect him. The real him is in those videos, still a very immature insecure person. @also…: you are so in denial stop

  646. 646
    @643 Says:

    This is him, not only on his b-day. Always. It’s not about the partying geez. It’s about how he is. Damn I’m shocked it’s still a topic of argument whether this guy is mentally in his early 20s or not. That is as blatant as it can get. And I think that is what @dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is saying. I agree I can’t link professional Leo to private Leo either. Almost never.

  647. 647
    Clooney on Leo(Esquire) Says:

    He has other houses. He has one, famously, on Lake Como, in Italy, and he has built another in Cabo. In this, he is not so of a throwback—after all, Leonardo DiCaprio has a house in Cabo. Indeed, Clooney and DiCaprio once ran into each other in Cabo and struck up a conversation based on their common interest in basketball. They each have ongoing games, and their ongoing games have attained a celebrity of their own. Clooney suggested they might play someday. DiCaprio said sure, but felt compelled to add, “You know, we’re pretty serious.”
    They played at a neighborhood court. “You know, I can play,” Clooney says in his living room. “I’m not great, by any means, but I played high school basketball, and I know I can play. I also know that you don’t talk *beep* unless you can play. And the thing about playing Leo is you have all these guys talking *beep* We get there, and there’s this guy, Danny A I think his name is. Danny A is this club kid from New York. And he comes up to me and says, ‘We played once at Chelsea Piers. I kicked your ass.’ I said, ‘I’ve only played at Chelsea Piers once in my life and ran the table. So if we played, you didn’t kick anybody’s ass.’ And so then we’re watching them warm up, and they’re doing this weave around the court, and one of the guys I play with says, ‘You know we’re going to kill these guys, right?’ Because they can’t play at all. We’re all like fifty years old, and we beat them three straight: 11–0, 11–0, 11–0. And the discrepancy between their game and how they talked about their game made me think of how important it is to have someone in your life to tell you what’s what. I’m not sure if Leo has someone like that.”

  648. 648
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Clooney on Leo(Esquire):
    Wow, Clooney did not hold back. Now I really want to know Leo’s reaction to this. I don’t disagree with anything Clooney said, but still.

  649. 649
    @Sour Says:

    Don’t forget with equally immature insecure friends according to Clooney. But hey like attracts like!

  650. 650
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Says:

    No and like I said it is not a bad thing per definition. It depends on how you look at it. People who follow Leo the professional don’t see it this way I’m sure but I follow his private life to some degree as well and just know how the way he portrays himself in his professional life is not the real him. That is JMO. His insecurities play an incredible role in that.
    I see personalities reflect in other actors even when they’re in their professional state of mind and whom I still consider to be professional, reliable actors, like Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington for example.
    Anyhow this was just my two cents on how I see Leo and it’s getting worse with the years passing by because at some point you’d think a man would have a solid, mature, unimpaired character that reflects in both his professional and private life and I don’t see that’s the case with Leo.

  651. 651
    @647 Says:

    Clooney’s never heard of trash talking I guess

  652. 652
    @647 Says:

    I like the fact that Clooney added how he and his friends were aware they were old geriatrics compared to Leo’s crew before the game. It gives more authenticity to his observation.

  653. 653
    leelee Says:

    @HAHA12: Leo will never react to this if someone asks him about it in an interview he’ll either switch topics or say no comment.

  654. 654
    @650 Says:

    So you follow Tom Hanks and Denzel’s personal life? You’re not with Leo 24/7 so how are you so sure how he acts in his personal life. The guy parties I get it but what is he doing that makes him a totally different person. I’m talking about putting the partying aside

  655. 655
    @650 Says:

    I don’t think its the trash talking. I think something went down after Clooney’s boys beat Leo’s boys he’s just not saying what. The fact that he name-checks Danny A on his BS, suggests he thinks Leo’s pals are ***kissers who are full of it. And according to what LOL42 posted the Esquire interview clearly thinks George considers Leo an ***hole. It can’t just be because of one game

  656. 656
    @651 Says:

    I think Clooney doesn’t like him because Leo didn’t do his movie like he was suppose to. Otherwise why bring this up now? Maybe something did go down after the game but its just seems so petty to bring it up now.

  657. 657
    @650 Says:

    You do know Denzel Washington is a known p****hound and cheats on his wife all across America. His kids have called him out on it and he’s even paid for abortions for younger co-stars he knocked up. Denzel’s a reliable actor but a saint he aint

  658. 658
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Says:

    I’ve been a fan since 2002 and yeah I’ve been following him since then.
    I am also pretty sure that Denzel and Tom (among loads of other actors) don’t have split personalities like Leo has. You don’t have to agree with me you know? I didn’t post to convince anybody. It’s obvious you don’t see a contradiction. I see a clear one. So I guess it’s best to agree to disagree.

  659. 659
    HAHA12 Says:

    All I know is this has not been a good year for Leo in the tabloids. When has he ever been trashed by another major movie star? And even though some say argue what Clooney said isn’t really trash talk it kind of is. No matter how true it is. Leo won’t respond most likely but I wonder how he’ll feel when he hears about this. May be it’ll make him open his eyes.

  660. 660
    @also#572 Says:

    you are for once a bit more observant than the crowd here, also, big ups! you are right! it could be a random girl.

    “The girl on the video has fuller hair, more volume… I don’t wanna argue and it doesn’t make a difference if it was her. They are dating and they kiss. And have sex. Why would people go nuts here because of that? ”

    this is not a bus1/bus2 discussion, but someone needs put the perspective up, or everythings always gonna be one-sided bull. As for your argument, I agree with ya also! She has fuller hair, she can be anyone. but I wanna add to ya, that no matter who he is kissing in the video, dont you think he has sex with many? you think he is faithful kinda type? are you SURE? I mean… we talking about LEO here…. um… I am sure Toni is NOT the only one he has sex with. But thats me. He is not a boyfriend-type.

  661. 661
    V Says:

    Guys, take a look at this. It says everything. OMG! Now I understand Leo for hiding his rship with Toni from the media – bc he doesn’t want to make his fans (who he really loves) jealous. If this is on media his fans are gonna be mad with jealousy.

  662. 662
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Says:

    That’s not the case and not my point at all. I know all about Denzel’s cheating ways but Denzel (again, among others) does not have a double personality or an insecurity/immaturity problem, so obvious that he has to act a different way than he really is. He is who he is. He’s not going to tell things about how he cheats on his wife but I see an actual personality when I see Denzel. Not perse a great one, obviously, but a personality nonetheless. You are who you are. Act accordingly, at least to some degree. Leo has a split personality IMO and I’ll leave it at that.

  663. 663
    @V Says:

    It absolutley looks like Toni to me right down to the nose in the side profile. But this topic would just throw this thread into madness again so best let everyone have their own interpretation

  664. 664
    Twitter Says:

    Lol I guess this tweet says it all
    Becca ‏@BeccaSnouu 40m
    *Leonardo Di Caprio had 2chainz perform at his birthday… Is he having a midlife crisis?

  665. 665
    @662 Says:

    @Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:
    What would you call giving interviews about being a family man, appearing on endless red carpets over the years always with your wife as a strong unit while cheating left right and centre with many many young things in private. That’s not a double personality? That’s not emotionally stunted? But you’re right lets leave it at that

  666. 666
    @V Says:

    Um , that doesnt make sense.

    why would he care if any fan was jealous of his “girlfriend”? If you are in love, you would not care one percent about that, you would just live your life.

    He isnt . He is hiding his “gf” for reasons. I think it is , cause she is just hired. Like all his girlfriends. Cause he has more than 1 at a time. This party proves he got them on a chain.

    Once again, like someone mentioned here, he is not a boyfriend-type. This is his usual self. When he parties drunk, he can kiss. When in normal daylight, he refuses to kiss because then he is sane. So he doesnt really like them that much. Its obvious.

  667. 667
    @660 Says:

    LOL yea. True.

    why do all think he is faithful and monogamous with Toni when he got these many models around? I am convinced he sleeps with more at a time, too. And I recall a tweet about a one night stand with a model living together with 5 other models, I think it was this spring. no surprise

  668. 668
    @Clooney Says:

    He just proved a thing right that many thought was the truth anyway.

  669. 669
    @Clooney Says:

    I mean yea it’s not nice a major Hollywood name has talked about him in a that way but other than that it’s no biggie. I knew he and his buds are immature boys in their own time and don’t doubt they can be true jerks and pricks at time. Leo said it himself. He said outside of work he likes to just be a bunch of jerkoffs with his friends. So yeah no biggie just the truth told there.

  670. 670
    @Clooney Says:

    And of course that he doesn’t have much honest people around him but more like ‘yes’ people. People who inflate his ego and his perception of himself that leads to conceit. Hollywood reality.

  671. 671
    also... Says:

    I watched the video again a couple of times but my opinion hasn’t changed. She looks too short to be Toni and the hair still looks different.
    It’s my opinion and again I wanna say: they are dating. They kiss and have sex. So what? It’s not an intimate kiss so it’s not about jealousy or denial on my part. I just simply don’t think it’s Toni. JMO.

  672. 672
    Vine :) Says:

    I think its her, but I agree with Public Girlfriend and still thinks she is no big deal in his life. I think they are f/kbuddies and loving it. I think he needs someone, and I think she loves being his chosen for the year. I think they both benefit their parts from it. I do not see any love between these two, and I could never be more anti-jealous, cause Leo is so not my type. But this is how I see it. They are two kids loving their time as children as long as they could. They would never settle, never in a billion years. If he does it with her, I would be shocked. Seriously shocked. They seem like partying it all out in his last bachelor-years. A party is not the place where you meet your serious girlfriend. Party is party. You can meet your bedmate at those places, but not your girlfriend. Truth is, love doesnt need to be said or shown like this, it would show in everyday life, you would never manage to hide it this well.

  673. 673
    also... Says:

    @Vibe :) : Other than the video I agree whit everything. And that’s why me thinking differently about the video ( Toni or not ) is not really a big deal…

  674. 674
    Vine :) Says:

    also: how do you know who he has sex with? come on, this much information needs a threesome lol. No seriously. I think he sleeps around alot. her, too, but not only.

    She is said to be his girlfriend to keep up a cleaner image of not sleeping around, but he does. No doubt about it. you can tell from his party style and his hiding, and all the tweets, the invitations and girls reactions etc.

    I also wonder about the comment in the vine: OMG hahaha, from one of the girls who attended… I was like: okay.. if two people were seriously dating, no one would comment “oh my god”, so this proves again this is just for the fun of it. To show off, simply. On both sides. I dont believe One Second that this is a serious relationship. Not in a million years.

  675. 675
    3 Says:

    @also…: You’re devoting waaaay too much time to this to not be jealous, insecure, etc! Okay you don’t think it’s Toni (even though it is), now what?

  676. 676
    @3 Says:

    It’s odd from reading comments she has already had disagreements with other posters on the video, they’ve moved on but she can’t let go and keeps referring back to it. Just agree to disagree and let it go, no one is changing anyone’s minds unless its to start another arguement.

  677. 677
    V Says:

    @also…: Imagine if it’s not Toni. LOL. That would be embarassing for Leo. No, I don’t think he would kiss another one on his bday party, he knows everybody makes pics and it would leak.

  678. 678
    also... Says:

    @3: Now nothing. I don’t think it’s her and I know it’s not jealousy. Now what?

  679. 679
    V Says:

    @@3: Oh come on, let everybody have their own opinion. She thinks it’s not Toni. You might think otherwise. Does it mean that people with different opinions must not state it here?

  680. 680
    curious Says:

    Do you a video like this with Erin and Leo ?

  681. 681
    @curious Says:

    What has yet another EX girlfriend got to do with this?

  682. 682
    also... Says:

    @V: I don’t think it would be embarrassing. Because it looked more like a friendly, fun kiss that you can give to a friend.
    @Vine :): I said my opinion about the video so that’s why I said Leo and Toni are a couple and that means kissing and more. That statement was only about them. Leo and others? Leo sleeping around? I wouldn’t be surprised at all since he doesn’t seem into her too much. Maybe she is a public gf or a friend with benefit type and he keeps his options open.

  683. 683
    #680 Says:

    I don’t know about videos but I’m quite sure Leo kissed all his girlfriends, maybe he even slept with them.

  684. 684
    its me Says:

    It is absolutely toni.

  685. 685
    also... Says:

    @curious: I don’t think there was one with Erin but there were several kissing photos with Gisele and Bar. Why is that important?
    @V: it seems like that’s the case. I shouldn’t post because I disagree? And I don’t even think it’s such a big deal since I don’t think that video changed anyone’s mind about their relationship in general.

  686. 686
    @Instagram Says:

    What Instagram said earlier could be true because I just checked my tumblr and a lot, i mean really a lot of Leo vids and gifs from his b-day party circling around with many notes already, even amongst non-Leo blogs on tumblr. I mean… Lol! I really doubt this is what he would want.

  687. 687
    @683 Says:

    Rotfl. Hahahaha.

  688. 688
    also... Says:

    @673: LOL There’s a strong possibility indeed!

  689. 689
    also... Says:

    My previous comment was for #683 not #673.

  690. 690
    V Says:

    @@Instagram: Share some links.

  691. 691
    V Says:

    @also…: You know a lot of people are so sure they have an agreement, are with benefits, their rs is not true. And on this video their kiss, their rs seems so true to me. It might change some people’s minds.

  692. 692
    @Instagram Says:
    This is only one. And consider that a big part of the US hasn’t woken and hasn’t seen it yet. It’s gonna spread even more I’m afraid. Lol.

  693. 693
    Instagram Says:

    My first language is german. Here on this Instagram asked someone in german “Is @toni_garrn there too?”, the another said: “Yes, I will post later.”


  694. 694
    @691 Says:

    It hasn’t changed mine. Obviously they’re a couple and I always said Leo must like her a lot. But I mean what did people expect? They’re a couple and couples kiss and do more. However he is terribly drunk and wasted in almost all those vids I am sure, and it did not look passionate or cute to me either. More like she was clinging to him and then a few quick fun kisses. By saying that I don’t mean to say I know that this is how it’s always like in their relationship because I simply can’t know. But based on what I have seen my opinion about him not being too serious about Toni has not changed.

  695. 695
    Instagram Says:

    My first language is german. Here on this Instagram asked someone in german “Is @toni_garrn there too?”, the another said: “Yes, I will post later more .”

  696. 696
    also... Says:

    @V: Really? Even if it’s her ( I have to say IF obviously ) you think that drunken, sloppy kiss at a party would change people’s mind about them? Just because you saw them kiss? Or what is it that makes you see them differently based on the video? Clearly I don’t see it because I think that could be just a kiss between two friends so that’s why I’m asking.

  697. 697
    V Says:

    @@Instagram: Thank you. OMG! LOL! What a wonderful thing the social media is, including this forum!

  698. 698
    Twitter Says:

    According to Twitter Benicio del Toro and Ed Norton among others were there too but there are no pics or further mentions whatsoever. Maybe they stayed very briefly?

  699. 699
    V Says:

    @Instagram: Danke, Ich habe es gesehen. Ja, wir werden Toni spaeter sehen, vielleicht, wenn dieses Instagram nicht privat wird LOL.

  700. 700
    Observation Says:

    With the high heels Toni was wearing last night, I doubt that’s her kissing Leo. Even with flat shoes, she towers him.
    So it’s just another skinny blonde that was there surrounding him on the night of his party.
    That’s another picture of her taking with her friends from her apartment… probably before or after the party. Look at her high heels.

  701. 701
    Observation Says:

    And yes, Leo looked very drunk.

  702. 702
    #700 Says:

    Its possible she changed to flats for dancing. These girls carry shoes and even birth control pills in their purses for the night. And her MJ friend tweeted pics of all of them at TAO last night. I really don’t think Leo would be making out with another girl in public while his steady is right there

  703. 703
    V Says:

    @also…: Because for some people seeing is believing. And like I said some people don’t believe their rs is true. To me this kiss was so passionate, drunken or not, and the way he huged her… But I guess like Leo says it’s a subject to interpretation.

  704. 704 Says:

    Albeit needless by now, here’s the denial of the break-up rumor from last week anyway:

  705. 705
    @703 Says:

    If I actually hadn’t seen or experienced a passionate kiss I would have believed you lol. But yeah to each his own I guess.

  706. 706
    its me Says:

    This video inclines. All people who are on the right side look tall.

  707. 707
    also... Says:

    @702: You call that making out? I don’t think that’s what it was. There was nothing passionate or intimate about that and I think it could have been a friend. Like Chuck’s wife since she is also blonde and a close friend.
    Even in flat shoes Toni is as tall if not taller than Leo. ( I checked some older photos of them next to each other before I posted my opinion. In Cersailles she wore flats and was the same height as Leo ). The blonde’s face is slightly upwards and Leo’s a little down. Toni is too tall for that even in flats I think.
    @Observation: I absolutely agree but we are definitely a minority here…

  708. 708
    V Says:

    @@703: LOL. Same here. I’m not saying it’s the most passionate ever, it’s actually 3 some very very short kisses, but it’s the body language that shows (to me), their hands and the way he huged her. And after all they’re in public, so they wouldn’t give their best of affection. But even small things say a lot. Or is it just my imagination? LOL.

  709. 709
    also... Says:

    *Versailles ( damn cell phone! So hard to type correctly on it )

  710. 710
    @its me Says:

    Good point.

  711. 711
    @708 Says:

    I see kisses and hugs like that at nightclubs and bars all the time. Even random people (not couples) or close friends doing that tbh. I don’t know I don’t see what you have obviously seen in that vid but it’s okay lol.
    They were obviously having a lot of fun and I don’t doubt they really like each other but I don’t see ‘it’.. the ‘passion’ or how the way he hugged her tells there’s more to it or whatever you’ve seen.

  712. 712
    Well Says:

    Whether it was Toni or another girl he kissed, the way Leo looked on the pics and on the short vid, I don’t think he remembers what girl(s) he was kissing last night.
    Had fun Leo?

  713. 713
    Annemarie Says:

    … and that was supposed to be passionate? LOL. Leo and the girl seemed quite drunk.
    BTW, Toni does tower Leo even on flat shoes.

  714. 714
    also... Says:

    @Annemarie: Exactly. The girl even gets on her tiptoes at some point and she still doesn`t seem to be taller than Leo.
    @Well: LOL! True!

  715. 715
    LOL42 Says:

    @its me:
    Good Point. Never thought of that
    So no other news from the bash. Was hoping for something big!

  716. 716
    also... Says:

    cele b i tchy doesn`t have much love for Leo. There is a post about these Leo-Tobey-Ruby photos and this part of the post sounds familiar….lol It`s like it was copied from a JJ comment!

    “Ruby seems pretty comfortable with Leo, which leads me to believe they hang together on at least a semi-regular basis. This may be the closest Leo ever gets to having a kid of his own. Does it seem weird that the other members of Leo’s p-ssy posse are all settled down with kids and wives, and Leo is still doing his thing with a string of random blonde models? I guess Leo is happy that way. I’m not pushing for him to have a family, by the way. Kids are not for everyone. It would just be cool if he moved out of his comfort zone one day and … dated a brunette for once.”

  717. 717
    So... Says:

    Not gonna lie I think George Clooney speaks the truth about Leo, his friends, and his warped sense of reality but I do wonder what triggered him to talk. Like why out of the blue would you bring that up in an interview? Leo for sure will not be reacting to this in any kind of way but I’d be lying if I said I’m not curious to know what he thinks of it.

  718. 718
    Annemarie Says:

    This is how Toni stands next to Leo. Nobody is going to pretend she insn’t taller than Leo (flat or high heels).
    Unless Leo was dancing on a few steps higher last night.

  719. 719
    Annemarie Says:

    The celebitchy gang has always been a little sarcastic towards Leo, but there is truth to it.

  720. 720
    haha Says:

    It’s obvious, Leo is kissing Toni girl in this video. Why is it so hard to believe it for Leo stans ? it’s just a kiss.

  721. 721
    It is Toni Says:

    Its totally obvious that Leo is kissing Toni in this vid… anyone who tries to say otherwise is in denial.

    The more interesting question is, why does she have to hang off of him and kiss his cheek for a good 10 seconds before he kisses her back…. And why do they both look like they’re on something stronger than alcohol???

  722. 722
    lovely cut Says:

    unfortunately i can’t see any insta’s pix/vid like before i’ve said and that instagram person was so generous to post some of them by another way to see when i was asking but here i can’t be that much rude to ask anyone to post any of these bday pix/vids of insta so i just can say by the comment i saw in toni’s bz threat:
    i checked it to see if there was anyone to say about her in the party since i can’t see any myself and one of her biggest fans said “i guess it’s toni” under a link to insta which i think it was the vid you’re talking about! that’s why i think based on that main vid kissing,when even her biggest fans can’t be sure about her so maybe also and some others are right and the girl is not toni! just saying,if the girl is shorter than him it’s not toni even with flat shoes she’s higher than her obvi.
    but wether it’s her or not,the articles of this party will be really great,i wanna see if they say he was into her without paying attention to others which based on what you’ve said here is false/will be a pr to me or they will say she wasn’t there at all/ignor her like mostly always! but just imagin the girl of this kissing was another one and media say the truth? or maybe will lie again like he met kat torres just one time with toni?
    just one thing i got by his bday party,it completely reminds me of the belfort style of parting:having fun with a lot of models/girls in front of your official one’s eyes!
    and one Q: where were marty/bobby/other classic celebs and his family? maybe this was just for fun or as a pr for his wow movie and
    then had a secret bday party with the real ones like marty and etc???

    anyway thx everyone for posts,bz had not any info about his bday party or about his life even his career like here since he’s started daiting toni like here! i guess because some of them are against the lovely-dovey story besides some of them like princeses(who always had lots of twitting/sightings) left his bz threat after daiting toni!now i just go there to see if some of your insta/twitt pix which i’d like to see are shown in there or not! lol
    sorry for lomg lomg comments!

  723. 723
    also... Says:

    @haha: It’s not that it’s hard to believe or being in denial. Wasn’t it said that they are a couple and they kiss, have sex? Does it sound like denial or anything like that? It’s simply the fact that the girl looks too short to be Toni. Why does it have to be dramatized into being in denial and not being able to believe it? If I said I don’t think they are a couple or anything like that…
    They are a couple and they get physical. It’s obvious. Yet I don’t think it’s a Toni on the video.
    It was said let’s agree on disagreeing. Can we do that without remarks such as ‘you need glasses’ or ‘you are in denial’… etc?

  724. 724 Says:

    you are not german, are you? I know german, at it does not deny the break up rumors at all, in translation it means that her management will not comment her private life at the moment and only says that during rumors a lot of lies will appear, but they can not confirm anything. That is what they say.

  725. 725
    look at this video again Says:

    It is 100% Toni! Her face, her nose, her smile…
    I hate this to say because I don`t like Toni and I really love Leo a long time, and I don`t like it because he is constantly dating the same looking models, but it seems that Leo really loves her, the way he hugged her, it seems he is really in love with her:-(

  726. 726
    friendly kiss Says:

    Looks like a friendly kiss, and a drunken peck to say congratulations, to me. I am just asking, …. why cant they behave any more obvious as a couple yet? she looks like a fan of his, he gives his savings cause she enjoys it. or maybe he is just the type to behave partly interested and never involve himself too much into any relationship at all, so this comes across as halfway there… like always.

  727. 727
    @725 Says:

    you cant be serious? that must be a first time in their many months , in that case…

    did you see those restaurant pics again? those tennis match pics? all other pics? suddenly at his own birthday party he fell in love… yeah right. Come as more genuine next time, please!

  728. 728
    #### Says:


    I hate to do a bus 1/bus 2 here but her dress looks different too. Her Instagram pic is a black dress with a pattern. At the very beginning of the vid you can see part of her dress under her right arm before the vid gets started and there’s no pattern. I also agree with the height thing too. Saying that, it does look like toni. It’s just weird. it must be the angle or something.


  729. 729
    toni Says:

    i am pretty sure is toni…she does look shorter, but look at all the people on leonardos side, they are all taller than everybody else. also look at the face, and the smile. if that aint toni, then her twin is there. i dont know why it is so hard to believe he would be kissing his girlfriend on his b-day?

  730. 730
    toni Says:

    @#### apparently you did not see this picture:

  731. 731
    Lucy Says:

    I can’t believe there are people that believe that’s not Toni. Not trying to start a fight… I just think it’s painfully obvious it’s her. I don’t care for her or them as a couple, but clearly there is something there. Love? Absolutely not. You could not convince me of that! But there is an attraction that can’t be denied. They seem to be having a great time together. Good for them both.

    All these videos of Leo wasted are friggin hilarious. I want to party with him! He looks like a nutbucket! Lol

  732. 732
    also... Says:

    I already said I don’t think it’s Toni and I don’t wanna push that any further.
    But it looks like Leo is in love based on the video? After all these months no sign of it and now based on that video he is in love with her ( if it’s her )? IF it’s her this is the second time in like 6 months you see some interaction between them and I think both times he is drunk. Even if there’s more footage and I’m proven to be wrong, it’s her … even then it wouldn’t change my mind about them, the relationship or this video.

  733. 733
    lovely cut Says: thx hun! couldn’t undrestand the translate except just could found out it wasn’t like that denial”they are couple”or like that! and that makes me wonder why “her management will not comment her private life at the moment and only says that during rumors a lot of lies will appear, but they can not confirm anything.”?? i guess it’ll be solved maximum in a few weeks!

  734. 734
    toni Says:

    people dont want to believe its toni. like are you kidding? if its not how coinsidental he would be kissing a girl with the same dress, same hair lenghth and color (with her roots showing in the video too just like the pictures)oh and also the same face? lol like for real, the only thing you guys have is the height differance, but the video is freaking tilted, everybody on leos side is taller!

  735. 735
    also... Says:

    @toni: I look at ppl on Leo’s side and they are taller. Than everybody else? Do you know those people and how tall they are or how tall they are supposed to look like? What I see is that the blonde is too short to be Toni. When he hugs her in the end it’s more visible to me. And Toni’s hair is more flat on the Instagram photos pre-party then on these photos.
    Toni doesn’t have such a unique face that it so obviously stands out.
    And as I said earlier it’s not about whether it’s hard to believe or not. They are a couple and I bet they do more than just kissing behind closed doors. It’s about looking at the video and seeing someone who is too short to be Toni.
    @Lucy: Obviously there has to be attraction otherwise he wouldn’t date her.

  736. 736 Says:

    @724: Ah alright. Thanks for clarifying. I used Google Translate but apparently translations can be out of context sometimes. Anyhow it was needless anyway. They are obviously still together.
    @Lucy: Could not agree more, although I’m not sure whether I’d want to party with him. He’s a total embarrassment with the hand gestures and all. Lol!

  737. 737
    also... Says:

    @Toni: why can’t you just accept that not everyone agrees with you? You say it’s Toni. I get it. I explained why I don’t think it’s her. Why can’t you just deal with it? You don’t have to agree or be so condescending.

  738. 738
    toni Says:

    @also shes wearing the same dress too, I guess this girl he happened to find was also wearing the same dress. and yes its very coinsidental that all the tall people in the room happened to be standing on leos side of the room. and of course her hair is bigger, looks like everybody was drunk as F of course her hair is going to be messed up, her hair always is. sounds like the same argument weather it was her or not in the ny biking pics. “shes too short” “the hair is different” all that stuff.
    there are more working towards it being toni than against it

  739. 739 Says:

    Guys why can’t you accept some people are not convinced it’s her? For some it’s blatant and for some not so. So be it. Give it a rest won’t you? You’ve made your point when you said you believe it’s her 100%.. to go on and on about how one must be blind to not see what you see. What’s the use? It’s not gonna change anybody’s opinion.
    And while I get @also’s point about the height, I too believe that is Toni for sure. But that’s all I’ll say about it.

  740. 740
    IDK Says:

    I am pretty sure its toni. I dont know why it would be so hard to believe he would be making out (or share a drunken kiss ) with his girlfriend on his birthday?

  741. 741
    Lucy Says:

    Haha, okay I am slowly watching these snippets of the party. They are too good. Too much hilarity from one evening. Hahaha. Sorry to say, I know this sounds harsh… But Leo looks like such a tool.

  742. 742
    @740 Says:

    I have zero doubt that the girl is Toni, but I don’t think that’s anybody’s point, you know what you said, that it’s hard to believe they make out or a share a kiss. At least not Also’s point I think. She already made clear she knows they’re a couple and do much more than just make out, but she’s just not convinced based on how short she looks. And that’s okay right? I mean no one is saying they aren’t dating or not kissing. It’s just this video is probably a bit confusing for some. To each his/her own.

  743. 743
    m Says:

    Its actually a very cute vid…in particular the end when he’s holding her…there’s no denying it’s Toni like come on please be real…

  744. 744
    also... Says:

    @toni: There must be another video then because I don’t see what kind of dress the girl on the video is wearing. But indeed it’s impossible that more than one girl wore a short black dress at that party last night. She must have been the only one! At what point you see the dress and the pattern on the video?
    I’m ready to move on from this topic. I don’t believe it’s Toni and you and your condescending comments haven’t convinced me. But you just can’t deal with different opinion. Have I asked you to agree with me? Do I care you disagree? No. But you seen so stressed and pressured by this. Well, you just gonna have to deal with the fact that some ppl aren’t convinced it’s her.
    @IDK: are you actually reading comments? It was said many times before it’s not hard to believe a bf kisses his gf at a bday party. THEY ARE A COUPLE. How many more times does it need to be said? I have seen them kissing before ( Ibiza photos and there wears a sighting g in July mentioning kisses at a party ) and as a grown adult I know they get physical. I just don’t think it’s her on the video.
    Can we move on now and try to respect different opinion?

  745. 745
    Lilly Says:

    Watch what happend!

  746. 746
    #### Says:


    That’s the pic I’m talking about. There is no pattern on the dress in the video. That’s my point.

    Saying that, it’s an 8 second video. It looks like Leo is doing his thing and toni comes up for some attention so he obliges her.

  747. 747
    toni Says:

    @also watch the video again, tonis dress is a bare back, and so is the girls to.
    and there were tweets that mentioned he was there with his gf or wife. also by looking at her face alone you should be able to tell its toni. but whatever i will stop now.

  748. 748
    look at this video again Says:

    What I noticed too, before the video began, when i look at her hands, they are too thin like a skeleton hands! I dont understand how can this be attractive for a man? To have sex with a skeleton? Leo please open your damn eyes!

  749. 749
    @also Says:

    your are an idiot my God.

  750. 750
    lovely cut Says:

    why some here say she might used flat shoes?doesn’t make sense for a party goes with high heels then change it with flat ones with that dress she wore?i know she’s not fashionista but still no one do it,never heard she’s done that even after being with leo at the parties like cannes and after that!

  751. 751
    its me Says:

    What I see is that the blonde is too short to be Toni. When he hugs her in the end it’s more visible to me

    When she lean on him, she can look shorter than him

  752. 752
    also... Says:

    @toni: What’s your problem? I’m not gonna watch the video again. I watched it plenty of time and I don’t think the girl is Toni. If I can accept your opinion why can’t you accept mine? It’s do rude how you are pushing it. What does it matter to you what I think? And some others? Leave me alone, please. I can have my opinion and I don’t have to agree with you. Deal with it.
    @749: Sure, whatever you say… Your opinion matters to me do much! lol

  753. 753
    also... Says:

    @its me: Honey, let it go. You won’t convince me. The girl looks too short to be Toni. That’s my opinion and you should deal with it already. :)

  754. 754
    its me Says:

    I watched a video again. Her face is clearly toni.

  755. 755
    also... Says:

    @its me: :eyeroll:

  756. 756
    look at this video again Says:


    I would be glad about what you claim because i don`t like Toni. But unfortunately I see Toni Garrn in that video.

  757. 757
    @also Says:

    why cant u believe it’s it cause you simply don’t want to? I don’t get why….who else is he going to be kissing in a crowded room full of people with phones and his gf is in the same place, think logically please because you are making yourself look very foolish right now.

  758. 758
    Blacksharpie Says:

    The tabloid websites are picking up the story of his birthday, complete with videos(including the kissing video).
    I am surprised Leo allowed phones in to the party. He had to know this was going to happen! Parties in the past we’re probably similar but without the photos and vids.
    Maybe Toni is rubbing off on him!? She documents her life on Instagram and Twitter so he decided to document his party!! Lol
    Maybe it was good PR for Kanye and Two Chainz? Or maybe he thinks it’s good PR for WOWS!? Rather than hide his lifestyle, he’s going to embrace it.

  759. 759
    also... Says:

    @757: Go back and read my previous comments, please. I explained it several times before and I’m sorry but I’m not gonna do it again

  760. 760
    also... Says:

    @757: I don’t care if you think I’m foolish. It’s my opinion and I can have it even if it’s different from yours. Why is it such a big deal that I don’t see what the majority sees? Why does it matter ? It’s what I think. What difference does it make? Why can’t ppl just leave me alone?

  761. 761
    koala Says:

    lol Toni looked so desperate for Leo to notice her, she was frantically pawing and kissing him before he noticed her in his drunken stupor and kissed her back. And she clings on for dear life. This kid & this old man… LMAO.

  762. 762
    @Also/760 Says:

    I’d ignore it really. I think it’s def Toni but it doesn’t matter anyway. You’re not trying to convince anybody or trolling around being persistent against other posters that it’s her for sure. It’s the other way round that people are trying to convince you but no need to. We can have differing views and opinions. Just ignore it.

  763. 763
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I agree. It seemed like a greeting, like she was somewhere else on the dance floor and then went over to him. They seemed happy to be together in that moment. I wouldn’t describe it as passionate though, as some have. He seemed like he was laughing.

  764. 764
    lovely cut Says:

    @Lilly: thx dear,finally i saw it(more than 10 times i guess to be sure)! the girl looks like toni based on her smile(because of the flash on the vid her face is not clear that much),just when she wanna kiss his chick at first,it’s like she pushed her legges to come upper,with toni’s highet with high heels or even without high heels,how it’s possible she’s done that?and when at the end he’s leaning to kiss him then at the hugging push her up and when put her head on his,all look like shorter so maybe she’s really another girl who look like his official gfs,they almost look like the same like the girl was look like toni at a party/club with leo while toni was in spain with her mom as page six said too? and the others around aren’t taller than them/him just one blond girl behind toni/ish(between leo/toni-ish) and 2 others on the left side of leo are taller than him!at the other vids it’s clear the floor is not upper in one side to say that toni look alike was at the downer part that’s why she looks shorter!


    toni or not toni,i even can’t count this a kiss(like a lovely kiss or anything near it as some here insisted it)it was too short like just put lips on lips after so hard trying of blond for affectionate and seems she was looking at the camera before trying and after that(exactly like i saw bar again to try show love/some hugging,kissing after seeing cams around),just the hug was full of being happy like when he was in cannes had these kind of huggings with the other girls as we saw the pix if you remember! was so eager to see what is this kissing as some said it’s love and etc,but now i’m just laghing to myself!lol lots of guys in clubs has real kissing with strangers,how you can say it was kissing even as a couple or not? i just saw a girl demanding and the really happy guy in his own put lips for just a second on her lips!
    whatever is your idea if it’s toni or not,that’s ok!no need to talk more!lol lots of page for nothing and i just said this long cause of all the issue i saw here! just i can say i don’t know if it’s her or not and i don’t care anymore cause this kissing isn’t even count a kiss to me like it’s a big deal for a few here to say people are jelouse/that shows they are in love &etc! whoever she was he had fun and seems surounded with lots of models/girls!it’s like whenever he is in the clubs!no big deal!
    sorry for long comments again!lol

  765. 765
    What I can see in the video Says:

    The girl is Toni. She reaches to neck, Leo catches by her arms and sets himself free.. then his sorry kiss for her.. she’s annoying and necks him again.. everyone around looks at them already .. he decides to hug her to calm her down and to look polite in front of other people..JMO

  766. 766
    Huh? Says:


  767. 767
    #### Says:


    To me it seemed like he was doing his own thing when she came over and he just gave her the attention she wanted and that was that.

    I mean the video was only like 8 seconds right??? LOL

  768. 768
    also... Says:

    @762: Thank you for saying that. I do appreciate it.
    Maybe in 30 min another video or photo will be posted that will convince me it was her. Im gonna be here admitting I was wrong ASAP. But until then can we just drop this?

  769. 769
    Blacksharpie Says:

    In reading again this excerpt from the a Clooney Esquire interview, I am now thinking that George talking about the game is really a metaphor for Leo’s acting skills. Maybe he’s saying that Leo can’t act?! Either way, I think this interview is ridiculous! What’s the point of Clooney criticizing Crowe, Leo and Kutcher? He must be trying to establish himself as the King of Hollywood. Either that or something had must have gone down between he and Leo and Crowe.

    In his candid sit down with the mag, Clooney recalls playing basketball with DiCaprio in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

    He tells Esquire, “I know I can play. I also know that you don’t talk sh*t unless you can play. And the thing about playing Leo is you have all these guys talking sh*t.”

    Clooney continues, “We beat them three straight: 11–0, 11–0, 11–0. And the discrepancy between their game and how they talked about their game made me think of how important it is to have someone in your life to tell you what’s what. I’m not sure if Leo has someone like that.”

  770. 770
    Instagram Says:

    Jen Meyer was there too. She just posted a vid of Kanye performing. Means that obviously Tobey was there too.

  771. 771
    sasha Says:

    The girl clinging to Leo in the vid and looking drunk seems to be his latest barely legal skinny thing.
    From the body language it is evident Leo dorsn’t give a damn who he is kissing…. his attention is to the crowd.

  772. 772
    its me Says:

    There are a lot of steps in tao down town.
    You can see in Facebook

  773. 773
    koala Says:

    He was talking and dancing and it was Toni who pulled him to her and started kissing him… the whole thing looks pathetic really for her. She’s so desperate for attention and recognition that she’s Leo’s gf that at this point she’d just grab him and kiss him in front of a crowd but Leo doesn’t look interested LMAO

  774. 774
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie: I love Cloonry’s movies. As a professional I think he is great. As a person / celeb I’m not too keen on him. I don’t know what was the reason behind this interview and why he said it. What’s important is – at least to me – what he said. And that sounds realistic to me. We talked about ppl who Leo is surrounded by all the time and some of them are … questionable. It was noticed all through the years. And we talked about how we think there’s really no one who would tell him things as they are. He got famous young, he became rich and powerful at an early age and grew up in Hollywood. That’s a tough thing to do. And if you are surrounded by the wrong crowd and ppl just let you do whatever you wanna do… without giving you real advice and stuff … it might not end well. I don’t think Leo is a bad guy but ppl around him can influence him a lot.

  775. 775
    Huh? Says:


  776. 776
    Girl Says:

    I don’t think it’s toni either. Too short, face too square…jmo! He dates clones of women. All people see is a cute white, blonde chick and assume it’s his girlfriend. I hope more video comes out to prove me wrong

  777. 777
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Oh, I agree. I am not trying to defend Leo or his friends. But when did Clooney become the judge of how people are supposed to live their lives? And why would you say all this in an interview? To me, it makes Clooney look like more of an a**h*** than Leo or Crowe.

  778. 778
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    I don’t know why he said it or brought it suddenly but I don’t think it’s gonna bother Leo. I think he cares what big Hollywood names think of him. Because that particular area of his life he takes incredibly serious, and given the fact that George Clooney is an influential name..Definitely. And George may be smug and a know-it-all at times but in this particular matter he is right. JMO.
    On an off-topic note, George looks incredible on that Esquire cover for a 52 y/o man. I don’t like his personality much, but hot damn.
    Esquire, along with Rolling Stone, always has the best covers and spreads. Hoping for a Leo cover soon.

  779. 779
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    I think it’s gonna bother Leo!*
    Not ”i don’t think”..

  780. 780
    its me Says:

    Someone already sent the videos to Lainey or I have to do it myself?? C’mon, I want some exposure. I finally deserve.

  781. 781
    lovely cut Says:

    in this site vids are shown again and the vids under that kissing part shows lukas and i guess his mom in front of him! lukas is away a little but with his hat you can see him! and with lots of blond modelish girls around him i can’t see toni around


  782. 782
    its me Says:

    Hope it’s not like the last kiss he gave me in public… was followed by two months of coldness and running from me in his bike. :(

  783. 783
    #### Says:


    Everyone talks about how Leo is one of the few actors who can get a movie made in Hollywood well so is Clooney. In reading past Clooney interviews or seeing him interviewed on ET, Extra, etc., Clooney speaks his mind. This is just one of those times.

    I do agree with what he said about Leo and his friends. Unfortunately those friends are Leo’s security blanket so no matter what a–holes they are, he will not be getting rid of them. There’s a mutual benefit, Leo is the money and probably pays for everything when he and his buds go places and his boys have his back.

  784. 784
    sasha Says:

    @koala – exactly. Like a high school girl.
    Another proof of her immature behavior.

  785. 785
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie: Have you read the whole interview? Maybe in context it makes more sense or you see why he said it? It’s not just him who had unflattering remarks about Leo. Jamie Foxx, his costar and buddy made one, too.
    And I agree with #778. Leo takes his work and himself as an actor very seriously. But his private life started to affect that. As long as it’s from the tabloids I don’t think he cares that much. But it’s coming from his colleagues now and that might just bother him. And this is the kind of reality check, that I referred to in my previous comment, he would need from people around him.
    @Girl: :)

  786. 786
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @its me:
    Too funny!
    The videos are definitely making the rounds on the internet. Toni is never mentioned even though she is in he kissing vid. Celebrities are mentioned and the fact that there were numerous models there is mentioned but nothing about Toni.

  787. 787
    @783 Says:

    He’s a smug butt-licker but I gotta give him that he always speaks his mind and that is something to admire in a person IMO.

  788. 788
    also... Says:

    @####: Well said. Wasn’t it Clooney who said that some people get stuck at the age when they became famous? Was it another comment about Leo because he fits that! As I said other than an actor I’m not crazy about him but he does make sense.
    And talking about him… Leo is compared to him a lot as an eternal bachelor. Clooney tried serious, Clooney dates younger women without being a sugar daddy and he is honest about it.

  789. 789
    #### Says:


    The video of Leo and Toni kissing is kind of embarrassing for her once again. At the end, she’s trying to hug on him and he’s looking up at the stage and laughing not even paying anymore attention to her. LOL

  790. 790
    Girl Says:

    The story about him riding away from her on a bike is mentioned here a lot. Anyone have a link? TIA

  791. 791
    her Says:

    It’s Toni. I can’t believe there’s any debate. It’s her face. Hair and hair color can look different depending on styling and lighting. Height can look different depending on shoes, posture, and angle of camera. But a face can’t be changed that much. She has a square face. Same eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones. It’s her. Maybe she was having trouble standing up straight.

    The kisses did not look romantic in the slightest. The hug at the end looked more authentic, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen him hug all his girlfriends and a lot of other people that way. He seems comfortable with hugging, but not kissing.

  792. 792
    Laurence Says:

    I’m sure Leo won’t like this when he sees the vid.

  793. 793
    @Girl Says:

  794. 794
    also... Says:

    @Girl: If you search for Dicaprio Garrn Spain here on JJ you will get the photos since Jared had a post about it.

  795. 795
    #### Says:


    At least Clooney doesn’t date the 21 year olds. He sticks to around the 30 year old mark. LOL

  796. 796
    #### Says:


    It seems to me like most of the vids were of the concert(s) and I’m sure he’d be okay with that but then it looks like they got other stuff! LOL

    Not sure if he’s going to be okay with that!!!

  797. 797
    Leo'sbday Says:


  798. 798
    her Says:

    Clooney probably is a sugar daddy to some extent, but he’s been more honest about himself and his relationships than Leo ever will be. He’s a confident man who is comfortable speaking his mind, not an awkward manchild propped up and protected by a PR team when he has a movie to promote or awards season rolls around.

    Maybe he has talked to Leo privately and it didn’t sink in, or he’s observed more than he wanted too share. Making a public statement like that is probably the only chance of getting Leo’s attention. He wasn’t unduly harsh or judgemental. There were no comments about specific behaviour from Leo, and he posed it as a question. He just said what a lot of people are probably already thinking. Leo would do well to pay attention, but I doubt he will. He doesn’t have to, and he’s too accustomed to playing PR games.

  799. 799
    its me Says:

    I’m going to screen capture everything in case my love’s Pr want to delete it. I want to keep the proof he kissed me again and in case he doesnt remember it again.

  800. 800
    #### Says:



    Unfortunately Leo has gotten too used to relying on the people around him (PR and friends) to do the talking for him. Sad that a 39 year old man isn’t mature enough to speak up for himself and say what he wants to say.

  801. 801
    also... Says:

    @her: You are absolutely right. It’s true that Clooney is a sugar daddy as well but at least he accepts his age, shows some variety and even though his girlfriends are young it’s still not that obvious and borderline creepy as in Leo’s case. You said it so well that GC is honest about it, more honest than Leo will ever be.
    @####: He has ppl to do it for him so why would he bother? Other than doibg the actual movie work everything is done for him. He doesn’t need to be an adult, doesn’t need to grow up, to act mature or even deal with the challenges of a grown up relationship.

  802. 802
    LOL42 Says:

    Nice video breakdowns of the b-day party. Who knew Kim Kardashian was there too, but I guess it makes sense cause of Kanye

  803. 803
    her Says:

    Clooney does get good movies made, not just as an actor, but as a producer (a hands-on one, not a complimentary title), writer, and director. His posse are mostly creatives and the occasional business type. Leo’s posse are mostly aging club kids and sometime actors. Their business ventures are clubs, bars, mobli, crappy horror movies, being Leo’s personal assistant, all financed by Leo. He has the power to be a serious filmmaker like Clooney, but he doesn’t seem to have the drive.

  804. 804
    Lainey Says:

    Lol. Lainey mentions Clooney’s interview. And obviously Leo too.

    ”Then, of course, he goes on to call Russell Crowe a petty prick and Leonardo DiCaprio a spoiled, entitled *****. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You’ll note too that the writer starts off the profile with a comparison between Leo and George. Leo’s the one who had to position his interview in a random boardroom, with no personality. George offered up his home. You see what he did there?”

  805. 805
    LOL42 Says:

    I’m giving you a Standing Ovation!!

  806. 806
    #### Says:


    Seriously!!!! I double that Standing Ovation!!! Nicely said! :-)

  807. 807
    Leo open your eyes! Says:

    Some people will never understand that the look is not what makes a good person.

    Happy 39.-birthday Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio!

    Sorry, english is my second language

  808. 808
    also... Says:

    @her: So true. Leo is a serious actor. Producing and other stuff … mediocre. Runner, Runner was a flop just like the Little Red Riding Hood movie. He could achieve so much more if he put more effort to it. Not talking about him as an actor. And he needs to grow up!
    @Lainey: Wow! That’s how the interview starts? So typical of him. Being so private started to look like he is hiding lack of personality. The cracks started to show.

  809. 809
    Lilly Says:

    Daily mail has picked up on his b’day!

  810. 810
    Lainey Says:

    No that’s not how it starts but it’s an amusing piece. Really enjoyed reading it, however I wish she (or Clooney) weren’t right about Leo. They unfortunately are.
    Here’s the link:–Leonardo-DiCaprio–and-Ashton-Kutcher-in-ESQUIRE/28592

  811. 811
    #### Says:

    Here’s what Lainey wrote:

    God how refreshing. A movie star who isn’t embarrassed about being a Movie Star. Who knows he’s a Movie Star and doesn’t pretend like he doesn’t want to be, or shouldn’t be, or hates to be. No protests here from George Clooney, just like he didn’t protest last week during the Writers Roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter. Click here for a refresher. Rather, Clooney approaches it like a privilege that comes with responsibilities. He understands that part of those responsibilities is that he has to be interested, interesting, and engaged. That when he’s giving an interview, for the purpose of PROMOTING a movie, it can’t just be a boring ass discussion about character development. We want anecdotes, we want stories, we want gossip, we want to be entertained.

    Clooney doesn’t grant a lot of interviews and he’s very selective about who he grants them to. In limiting his access though, he makes sure that those who have it are rewarded. So here’s his new profile in ESQUIRE – one of the most BOSS celebrity pieces in a long time, not necessarily because the writer was intrepid but because Clooney is the Chairman. At this point, he can say whatever the f-ck he wants to. And he does. He picked his targets – Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher – and he went for it.

    The article is fawning. This is no hit-piece, obviously. Like all celebrity features, it’s written from the knees no doubt. The difference here is that the reader understands why. If George Clooney invited you into his house, and made you feel welcome by turning off his phone, instead of treating you with disdain the way so many of his peers behave, like they’re doing the press a favour, and then on top of that, gives you GOLD by dropping gossip about some other really famous people – come on, wouldn’t you suck his **** with words too?

    By now, you’ve probably read the excerpts. If you have 10 minutes today, please read the full piece. Otherwise, you don’t get the flavour. And that’s a shame because it’s not a flavour you can taste too often. The thesis of the article is that Clooney is a Movie Star at a time when people don’t know how to be a Movie Star. And it’s a perfectly calibrated combination of confidence, even arrogance, mixed in with – as crazy as this sounds – humility, and that may or may not be false, but he sells it so convincingly, you’re willing to eat the sh-t he’s feeding you…that’s how good he is.

    Then, of course, he goes on to call Russell Crowe a petty prick and Leonardo DiCaprio a spoiled, entitled *****. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You’ll note too that the writer starts off the profile with a comparison between Leo and George. Leo’s the one who had to position his interview in a random boardroom, with no personality. George offered up his home. You see what he did there?

    Also? George thinks Ashton Kutcher is a f-cking idiot because he doesn’t think before he tweets. YES.

    All this candour builds up to Brad Pitt. When he compliments Brad – describing his “Herculean” efforts in making World War Z happen – it lands with even more emphasis, see? Because he was so willing to tear down the others, you think that when he has good things to say about people, they carry even more weight.

    This is how you leverage your celebrity, your voice, to maximum effect.

    It’s not like Crowe, DiCaprio, and Kutcher can step to Clooney, right? No but seriously, what can they do? What could they say? And what’s smart about it too is that he’s not taking down the small guys. He can’t be accused here of picking on the powerless.

    Crowe, DiCaprio, Kutcher?

    Definitely NOT powerless.

    He basically wants you to know (or think) that he’ll call them out on their sh-t no matter who they are. And, at the same time, he’s open to us calling him out on his sh-t, if you believe what he says his dad told him about freedom of speech: you can’t believe in it unless you acknowledge that that means people are going to disagree with you – be it about your work or your personal life. Like why can’t you just grow better taste in women and get it together with Sandra Bullock, goddamn it!

  812. 812
    @809 Says:

    Oh God here we go… and the kissing vid is the first. HAHA. Oh boy this is gonna spread and Leo is not gonna like it.

  813. 813
    LOL42 Says:

    I really think that’s why Esquire are happy Clooney called him out.
    Remember when HAHA12 spoke on that show when an Esquire interviewer compared Pitt, Damon and Dicaprio. If a man had a heart attack
    Pitt would try to resuscitate the dude;
    Damon would tie his shoelaces;
    Dicaprio would call his publicist;.
    I think that Leo Esquire interview earlier this year left a very very bad impression of Leo’s reality in the mag’s office

  814. 814
    also... Says:

    @####: Thanks for posting that. Without reading the Esquire article I understand what Lainey says. I especially love the first part about him being a movie star, not complaining about it and thinking of it as a privilidge with responsibilities. Even if it’s fake I like that. I just de like Jennifer Lawrence always making remarks about the negative side of being a famous actress. Or Leo who loves the perks of being a celeb but on his own terms.
    And I have to admit I kinda like he had the gut to say what he said since it’s true.

  815. 815
    also... Says:

    @LOL42: I remember that! I think the media started to notice his flaws that he is trying to hide so bad. Nobody is perfect but it doesn’t seem like Leo is aware of that or he is trying to improve.
    I know from experience that I can watch less and less of his interviews every time a new movie comes out. It all sounds rehearsed and boring. Same answers every time. You watch the first one or two interviews and the rest is the same.
    He is reluctant to change on so many levels but it would work wonders for him!

  816. 816
    #### Says:

    It looks like Milan was at Leo’s birthday party too. He posted a pic of him with the Hedaya brothers and also a video of the concert.

  817. 817
    Popsugar Says:

  818. 818
    #### Says:

    Page Six (@PageSix)
    11/11/13, 9:58 AM
    Leonardo DiCaprio throws a wild party for his 39th with Kanye and A-Rod

    Here’s the page six write-up of the party.

  819. 819
    Page Six Says:

  820. 820
    Well Says:

    Is he legit to go inside nightclubs??

  821. 821
    @819 Says:

    Ew, he’s still pals with A-Rod?
    @Well: Leonardo DiCaprio is his godfather. When Milan is with him, definitely.

  822. 822
    #### Says:

    I’m not sure what’s getting tweeted more, Leo’s birthday party or the George Clooney article!!!

  823. 823
    also... Says:

    @Well: Do you think anyone would have said no to him on his godfather’s birthday party?
    The Oage Six article says Toni was at the dinner. Wasn’t there talk about her not being there? I think I saw some comments about it! And no, I’m not in denial. I know she was there celebrating but I just remembered those comments.

  824. 824
    also... Says:

    @####: quite an interesting timing for that article being picked up on his birthday!

  825. 825
    #### Says:


    She was seen getting ready at the same time he was at the Bowery but the Page Six article mentions they ate at Tao and then moved over to the nightclub so maybe he had two separate dinners?

  826. 826
    also... Says:

    @####: Maybe… I just remembered the comments from yesterday about her not being there. Two dinners though? Sounds odd!

  827. 827
    #### Says:


    Timing is everything??? LOL

    Re Toni, it’s funny the way websites are talking about the kissing video but aren’t confirming it’s her. Even Daily Mail calls the girl he’s kissing a friend but then says it’s “rumored to be his current squeeze Toni Garrn.” She still gets no respect as his girlfriend, f-ck buddy, booty call, whatever she is. LOL

  828. 828
    her Says:

    Lainey is motivated by her own self-interests, though. Don’t lose sight of that. I partially blame people like her, who wield their newfound power given to them by the internet irresponsibly to make a buck off the backs of celebrities, for making celebrities so self-conscious and overly reliant on their publicists.

    Clooney is in a unique position. He comes from a solid midwestern family. His father was a TV news anchor so he grew up with an understanding and respect for journalism, and had indirect experience of what it was like to be a public figure. He didn’t have great success until he was in his 30′s so he had time to grow up out of the spotlight and make friendships with people who weren’t dependent on him for jobs or their lifestyle. He had a chance to experience marriage and was self-aware enough to realise early on that it wasn’t for him, and honest enough to publicly admit it. He’s like the anti-Leo in all of those respects.

    Different experiences shape who we are and not everyone has to follow the same path, but I do hope Leo realises he has the power to do even greater things with his career if he wants to and it’s not going to get any easier the longer he puts it off.

  829. 829
    Well Says:

    There are a couple of pics on instagram of her with her friends making idiot faces taken in her apartment before they headed to the clubs.
    Do you think she left her girls behind to dinner with Leo?
    I have noticed with time that Page Six is not totally accurate with details.

  830. 830
    her Says:


    It’s like a perfect storm. Leo supplied the pictures and George provided the narrative to put them in context. His birthday party was just a bigger, louder version of how he’s spent many an evening for the past 20 years.

  831. 831
    @830 Says:

    This. You put it so perfectly there’s nothing to add.

  832. 832
    @Well Says:

    You are right and Page Six make up things. Why cant people learn this fact.

  833. 833
    also... Says:

    @her: They indeed have a very different backgroubd and it shows. And that’s why I like it how Clooney pointed out something in Leo’s life that’s affecting him in a very negative way. Growing up and becoming famous the way it happened to Leo is tough. I assume Clooney experienced that during that stay in Mexico. I wish there were more ppl like him around Leo who would say what needs to be said without worrying only about their own interest.
    @Well: In general I think Page Six is reliable. I know saying that might start a fight again but that’s what I think. 100% accurate all the time? No but which source is? Maybe it was a second dinner or just a sit down celebration for vl

  834. 834
    also... Says:

    I hit submit too early…
    *sit down celebration with close friends before the party.

  835. 835
    Baby Says:

    @her: George has impeccable timing with his comments. Ppl will surely believe him after they read about Leo’s party

  836. 836
    @also Says:

    Your’e so right. Clooney has proabably run into Leo and his crew in Cabo often, and his remarks are probably talking about a pattern of behaviour in Leo and he’s using the basket ball story as just one example

  837. 837
    also... Says:

    @her: You are on fire! You put it so well! It is like a perfect storm for him today! I heard about his comment on Leo last week but it just got picked up today for some reason.

  838. 838
    #### Says:


    Who knows. There was supposedly a dinner at the Bowery which may or may not have been for Leo or Tobey’s daughter. And then Page Six said something about them eating at Tao and then went next door for his party at the nightclub.

  839. 839
    @her Says:

    So true. George’s comments along with the douchey video of Leo’s birthday doing the rounds is very unfortunate for Mr D.
    And why does Leo look so short next to 2 Chainz??

  840. 840
    also... Says:

    @836: He sure has a pattern that’s noticed by ppl who don’t even know him personally. I guess it’s even more obvious when you meet him in person.
    What I don’t get is that he has close friends like Ethan or Tobey who seem to be so grounded yet they have no influence on him?

  841. 841
    #### Says:


    Tobey grounded probably but I don’t know about Ethan! LOL

    @her – Once again, nicely said! :-)

  842. 842
    @840 Says:

    Idk about Ethan Suplee but Tobey never came across as grounded to me TBH. He’s a product of the same environment that Leo grew up in, and too often I’ve read stories about Tobey being a moody prick with issues. I don’t think Tobey’s so good as many of you assume TBH.

  843. 843
    @also Says:

    What on earth makes you think Etna is grounded? In fact for a guy who has a family, I’m surprised Ethan hangs around Leo in nightclubs and yachts so often

  844. 844
    Bells Says:

    Nobody cares what George Clooney have to say *eyeroll* Next chapter, please.

  845. 845
    Bells Says:

    *has to

  846. 846
    @842 Says:

    No one is perfect.
    Tobey will for sure have flaws like every human being, however he appears to be the only one of Leo’s friends who has a life of his own and respects what he has. We never see Tobey on some rich Russian’s yacht like the others and even before he got married Tobey was not big on the modelziing he was shy, serious and low key. As he’s grown older Tobey does not appear to have the need of living like a forever frat boy like the rest of them

  847. 847
    also... Says:

    @843: That’s how I see him. That’s how he seems to me. Yes, he habgs out with him yet he has a family. What’s such a big deal? Those two are settled with families and not around him all the time. JMO.

  848. 848
    #### Says:

    Just thought I’d pass along that VS just followed some of the confirmed models for the fashion show including Toni but Toni has not been confirmed yet. There are three spots left for returning VS models so it looks like she is getting one of the spots unless she already had it and just never confirmed it on her twitter/instagram.

  849. 849
    @840 Says:

    I wanted to add, I think out of all his friends, Kevin is the only one that’s really level-headed, humble and actually really smart. Like I said Tobey is really not as grounded as you guys think he’d be, I don’t get those vibes from Ethan either and Lukas is a sycophant anyway.. but Kevin is a grounded guy I think. And wtf about him hanging out with real gross dudes like A-Rod and Doronin? Not the mention Helly Nahmad? Just.. no.
    Idk I think when you look at it, overall, his close circle is VERY questionable IMO.

  850. 850
    also... Says:

    @Belks: Maybe you don’t but I it seems many do.
    @847: I agree. I know Ethan follows him a lot but he still doesn’t strike me as a fiercer frat-boy like others in his entourage.
    I agree with what you said about Tobey. He is not perfect but probably closest to normal than any other friends he has. And he us his vest friend but no influence on Leo?

  851. 851
    @#### Says:

    I saw that on her BZ but I dunno that seems inaccurate news because VS followed her long ago.. VS follows lots of other models who won’t be walking too.

  852. 852
    @Bells Says:

    Lol, um, sorry to burst your bubble, but yeah, a hella lot of people do.
    We aren’t going to argue how influential Clooney is are we? You may not care, but a lot of people do. So.. sorry.

  853. 853
    also... Says:

    We can argue who us the most grounded ( I forgot about Kevin but I agree ) the point is whoever it is gas no influence on him at all.

  854. 854
    also... Says:

    * who is …
    * has no …

  855. 855
    @850 Says:

    I think at this stage none of Leo’s friends can be an influence on Leo as Clooney is confirming (recent example Leo leaving Tobey hanging for the Aussie Gatsby promo and premiere)

  856. 856
    its me Says:

    Why only Popsugar remember my name? :(

  857. 857
    LOL Says:

    I would like to see Leo’s reaction (if he had any) when Kanye sang “Clique” where he mentions bar refaeli and gisele LOLOL! Also aren’t he and kim good friend with bar or gisele?

  858. 858
    CB Says:

    Bringing this over from CB. I think she hit the nail on the head about Clooney’s comments.

    “I don’t think George Clooney was casting shade at Leo about his choice in acting roles (which are usually right on the money), dating the ‘predictable-and-ever-younger-as-he-gets-older’ models, the vacations with nothing but ‘Bros,’ or the live-in ‘Besty’ Lucas Haas.

    I think George is talking about the ‘ego’ thing. Leo talked sh$t about the upcoming basketball game (then had one of his hanger-ons get in Clooney’s face and talk sh!t about the basketball game), but he couldn’t back it up. Leo doesn’t have anyone in his inner circle who could have pulled him aside and whispered in his ear “Are you crazy, man! We’re going to get our as$es handed to us.” So Leo might have then honestly said: “Naw, that’s okay. It’s just fun to us, man. We aren’t nearly organized or sober enough to play an actual game. But thanks anyway, man. ”

    It’s about people in Leo’s inner circle being honest with him about the areas in which he ‘lacks’ common sense/skill/talent … like, don’t talk trash about being good enough in basketball to beat a 50-year-old man and his 50-year-old playing partners, when you’re clearing ‘not’ at that level or in that shape to do so.”

  859. 859
    CB Says:

    I used to think Ethan was one of Leo’s more down to earth friends, but he seems to have regressed since he started hanging out with Leo more, from Sydney on.

  860. 860
    @CB Says:

    Well put indeed. Plus I’m pretty sure George used the basketball story to illustrate his point in general. Like someone else said before, I’m sure all he said is a projection of observations and experiences over the years. It’s funny to read how some BZ people think this is about a basketball game pissing George off.

  861. 861
    Boney McGee Says:

    Leo obviously said -f##k it. Let them have phones/cameras. I’ll make sure I look like I’m with the public girlfriend.- It looks a tad staged or forced to me. Like “we’re drunk, ppl are filming, better do it now”. She even says something in his ear before he really pays her attention. Could be asking him to. JMO

  862. 862
    #### Says:


    That would seem the case to me as well but I guess we’ll see.

    The BZ VSFS thread seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping up with who’s confirmed and who hasn’t been confirmed yet. They mention that there are three slots left for returning models. The majority of the models who are walking, have tweeted something to indicate they will be there. Toni has not but apparently last year she didn’t tweet until the day before the show so who knows.

  863. 863
    AttentionHO Says:

    She looks like she sees the camera pointed at them too right before to moves in to make her move. I don’t think it was a stunt on Leo’s end but on Toni’s….totally. In a later video you can also see her whisper to her friend and high five. Attention *****

  864. 864
    What's next Says:

    We see that Leo is working hard to avoid comparisons with the character in his upcoming movie to promote.

    And some were worried about not getting many details from the party? I think I saw too many lol

  865. 865
    #### Says:


    What other video are you talking about? I’ve only seen the one of their awkward kissing.

  866. 866
    also... Says:

    @860: it was expected from the bz people. They can’t stand Clooney. Have you seen all the bashing he got together with Pitt last time they ( together with Leo ) were nominated for many awards during season? Interestingly that kind of bashing was perfectly fine with the moderators. And now Clooney said something g negative about Leo? I bet they are upset and it’s all on Clooney. lol

  867. 867
    @also Says:

    Ikr? But I don’t expect otherwise because the moderator who moderates those threads is one of them, and by them I mean the few hardcore Leo fans over there. You prob know who I mean lol. So yeah.

  868. 868
    #### Says:


    Any chance you can point me to where that second video is? I’d really like to take a look at it. :-)

  869. 869
    also... Says:

    @867: I know very well what you mean!

  870. 870
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Re: Clooney interview
    I just don’t understand why Clooney needed to build himself up by tearing others down. Why should he care if Crowe has a temper, if Leo is surrounded by sycophants, or if Kutcher likes to tweet? I think it makes Clooney look like the father of Holllywood slapping all the boys hands for misbehaving. If he wants to be honest and entertaining in interviews, why doesn’t he provide amusing, and somewhat embarrassing, anecdotes about his own life? Surely he is not beyond reproach.

  871. 871
    HAHA12 Says:

    I love this post, beautifully put. It’s not fair to rag on Leo and praise Clooney IMO because they both were raised so differently and Leo achieved fame earlier than Clooney did when he was younger, Leo’s fame was even compared to Beatle-mania at one point. That had to mess him up, and while he was enjoying all his life being a huge movie star and all he never made time to mature and he associated himself with the wrong kinds of people that probably encourage his behavior. It’s a sad case because like you said Leo could do so much more and be better than people give him credit for. He even said he wouldn’t consider directing anytime soon because it would make him too obsessive and basically he would be afraid of the final product. Well, now you have guys younger than Leo like Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon Levitt who are directing their own movies and aren’t afraid of taking chances with their roles and what they star in. It’s such a shame, for Leo to be looked up to by so many younger actors who are struggling and yet the man himself is still so insecure with everything.

  872. 872
    also... Says:

    @####: Haven’t you seen enough yet? IF the girl is Toni ( please let’s not start the fight again I didn’t mean to annoy anyone ) I have to agree. AWKWARD! I noticed that the girl looked at the camera at the beginning but would she be so balant to do it? I agree Leo seems more interested in the party than in the girl.

  873. 873
    #### Says:


    I just want to see the video that AttentionHO is talking about where Toni high fives one of her friends. I haven’t seen that one and I can’t find it.

  874. 874
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I agree. Leo has even said that fame can screw you up. Unfortunately, IMO, insecurity and a fear of failure has colored both his professional life and his personal life. The insecurity and fear of failure could be born out of early fame or it could just be part of his personality. Who knows.

  875. 875
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: Great comment. Leo seems to be stuck in his lifestyle and his safety zone including friends, relationships and wok. He won’t step out of that zone, wouldn’t mature and that way he blocks his own potential.
    I have been waiting for some change in his life for such a long time! What can I say? Switching from baseball caps to newsboy caps wasn’t exactly the change I hoped for.

  876. 876
    also... Says:

    @####: I was just joking? Could it be a mission-accomplished-high-five? Just before the VSFS ( if she is in but I would be surprised if she wasn’t ).

  877. 877
    #### Says:

    People magazine has an article on Leo’s birthday party.,,20754482,00.html

    Poor Toni doesn’t get mentioned in People!

  878. 878
    Blacksharpie Says:

    So true about his hats! Personally, I like the baseball caps better.
    He has never been a dresser in his personal life but last night the polo shirt with the collar over his suit jacket was just so awful! Whoever dresses him for public events should dress him for private ones as well.

  879. 879
    #### Says:


    So true as to what you say and what HAHA12 said!!!

    LOL to the comment about the changing of the hats!!!! :-)

  880. 880
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    Random info maybe but Milan’s mom is his event stylist lol.

  881. 881
    #### Says:


    So agree!!! I thought his look last night was pretty bad!!! What makes someone dress like that? You know I didn’t even notice his shoes but I think he was wearing his boat shoes!!! LOL

  882. 882
    #### Says:


    LOL who knows. I was just curious to see it.

  883. 883
    also... Says:

    @####: wasn’t it like too heavy, too much for a club? He would have looked a million times better in a plaid shirt. It seemed like he just arrived still in his coat/jacket. And wearing his hat like that? Weird! It definitely wasn’t a good look for him not to mention those videos… He should have banned pictures.
    I heard that Milan’s mom was his event stylist. Friends employed by Leo…

  884. 884
    Well Says:

    Yes he looked bad compared to how he looked at his birthday last year.
    Is Leo degrading as he gets older?

  885. 885
    also... Says:

    ‘Her’ had a lot of good points today. She talked about Leo’s business ventures like clubs and social media. And the proceedings from all the booze last night went to his charity. It’s great he makes money for good cause but by partying?

  886. 886
    HAHA12 Says:

    I do hope he can change one day, for the better and drops any insecurities or doubts he has of himself. It sucks reading comments like George’s on Leo’s as well as the bitchy articles like Lainey but they are kind of telling the truth with what they say. As predictable as many find Leo in his acting career, dating life, anything, I do believe he’s a uniquely talented person and a treasure. It sucks to see his reputation continuously going down and down as the days pass by, because like we’ve all said, he could do so much more and be even greater in both his personal and professional career if he wanted. He just has no motivation.

  887. 887
    #### Says:


    I don’t know what’s up with his style!!! It must have been hot in that club with that coat he was wearing!!!

  888. 888
    also... Says:

    @well: Last year? I think he looked bad compared to last week in Paris. He looked great while there so what happened?

  889. 889
    not with toni Says:

    wow! All these videos from his birthday bash are so nice.
    Despite them making a grotesque couple, the video where they hug and kiss each other is lovely. Judging from the video Leo is a tender boyfriend.
    He looked happy at his party and it’s amazing to see him smile.
    According to the People’s article, Orlando is one of Leo’s closest friends.
    Well, i didn’t know that they were THAT close but this along with Orlando’s attending Leo’s bash corroborate the claims that the whole Kerr story was just fiction thankfully:)
    Happy Birthday beautiful Leonardo:) May all your beautiful wishes come true!♥

  890. 890
    lovely cut Says:

    @####:thx for the link! now i think if she was there for dinner people would say it! got surprised non of these major articles didn’t said anything about his kiss just daily mail with the hunch said it was toni and seems popsuger just considered it it’s her like some here! it makes me think she’s not important at all for media or they know something like they are not seriouse like when he was with blake(most of them said it’s just a summer fling and they are dating for some reseons not for love even a few made the time line for thier break up) or they don’t have that really source to say he was kissing who to report?but even ignorred as to mention she was there in most of articles you guys posted gere!!!
    with all these don’t know what i gotta think?

  891. 891
    HAHA12 Says:

    On a happier note, a drunk dancing Leo rapping to 2 Chainz in his ugly clothes couldn’t help but bring so much joy. LOL

  892. 892
    #### Says:

    TMZ article on Leo’s birthday party.

  893. 893
    lovely cut Says:

    @lovely cut: *here*

  894. 894
    also... Says:

    @lovely cut: It’s just a guess but maybe the media simy finds him, his relationship and her…boring? It’s suck a well known routine by now that us it even interesting to report about her? I think that’s why she is not getting the attention his exes got.JMO.

  895. 895
    @not with toni Says:

    @not with toni:

    Yeah, and who doesnt want a bf that only is affective to you when he is f*cking drunk.

    Every girls dream!

  896. 896
    Instagram Says:

    Toni just instagrammed she’s walking the VS show. Another mystery solved lol.

  897. 897
    #### Says:

    Toni just confirmed herself for the VSFS on her instagram

  898. 898
    also... Says:

    @895: LOL
    The TMZ article… I think TMZ is a bunch of clowns but these were funny:
    ’100 of his closest friends. Mostly hot chicks’
    ‘for his 40th he will bring back ‘PAC and Biggie’
    Kanye sang ‘Golddigger’? Perfect crowd for that song.

  899. 899
    #### Says:


    I liked the Biggie and PAC comment!!! LOL

  900. 900
    also... Says:

    Just now? On Leo’s birthday and after that video? Talk about timing. No surprise but the timing is just great!

  901. 901
    #### Says:



  902. 902
    LOL42 Says:

    Lainey on Leo. Her jump into a dumpster comments always makes me laugh

  903. 903
    this Says:

    Is leo’s favorite song LMAO

  904. 904
    Leobear Says:

    It’s all for buisness and publicity for Leo’s gfs. Toni got recognition at party, that sloppy desperate kiss on video and now she will be in the VSF. Why does Leo choose to help ppls careers when they are making his worse?!?!?!

  905. 905
    also... Says:

    LOL at the Lainey article! Especially the first part. I know many don’t like her but I think her description of Leo is just perfect. More and more notices the same things about him.

  906. 906
    LOL42 Says:

    Why do people keep using this illogical point. Is it to make Leo a victim? Leo as you said will deliberately put himself in a position were he’s the butt of jokes and a cliche ridden punchline to ‘help their careers’?? Plz
    These girls are in their early 20s when he gets with them Leo has all the power. And I doubt Toni is walking for VS because of the kiss, as she walked for them last year without a kiss. The VS Fashion show list was determined before his birthday. Leo dated Bar and she had nothing to do with VS and Erin is on the sidelines with VS now even with Leo’s association

  907. 907
    @LOL42 Says:

    So I think Toni has gotten what she wanted too huh? Smart girl. Milk it.

  908. 908
    why Says:

    does this place have to always trash leo. even on his own birthday.

  909. 909
    Lovely cut Says:

    @also hun,if this was the reseon so why george clooney still get all media attention by his datings?he has the type/mostly models,at age of could be his daugter,max dating for 2yrs with no marrage or in the future,etc! don’t see that can be really the reseon

    now toni and erin will walkingat the vsfs?can’t even believe they use the ex w/the current at the same time!!def. odd!never done that before unless both be the ex of a celeb guy!just gotta see what’ll happen!!?

  910. 910
    LOL42 Says:

    Nothing will happen. I think a quarter of the women who walked VSFS in the last two years were either exes or former flings of Adam Levine

  911. 911
    also... Says:

    @LOL42: I don’t think anyone insinuated she got the job because of the party. I think it was obvious she was going to walk way before last night/ today. But being Leo’s gf ( for a while ) MIGHT have to do something with it. MIGHT NOT since she walked last year as well.
    It was more about the timing of her announcement … at least to me.

  912. 912
    LOL42 Says:

    Damn Clooney backtracks!

  913. 913
    Original P-ssy P-sse Says:

    Leo cant smell a famewhore, not even being so close of her crotch.

  914. 914
    Doom Says:

    Celebs live such messed up lives, I guess money fame and power really does bring the worst out of ppl

  915. 915
    HAHA12 Says:

    I just saw this, I don’t buy it for some reason. What he said definitely sounded like he was insinuating something more than a basketball game

  916. 916
    also... Says:

    @lovely cut: I think Clooney shows some variety but Leo’s love life is like scripted. No change whatsoever apart from Lively being an actress. Clooney is predictable as well but not as much as Leo. I think it’s a cliche by now. His girlfriends, his partying, his entourage. As Lainey said just like 2, 5 or 10 years ago. Of bourse it’s just my opinion about him/them being boring. If that’s not it why do you think Toni gets less attention than his exes?

  917. 917
    #### Says:


    I agree with you. He made an observation about Leo and his friends and he shared that observation with the writter. It was an accurate observation but I think he’s trying to smooth it over because he really has no beef with Leo like he does with Crowe.

  918. 918
    also... Says:

    @LOL42: LOL! I’m not surprised at all! It was a big deal to say something like that and I don’t think it sit well with the birthday boy! Especially today! I hope Leo at least thinks about it…

  919. 919
    LOL42 Says:

    Of course its its not sincere. I think there was too much heat from it and they thought best to diffuse the situation, I mean this story is everywhere

  920. 920
    LOL42 Says:

    So do I. At least its written in black and white. Its on the newstands and will remain there for a month. A false apology won’t scrub out black ink.
    Leo and Danny A will read Clooney calling them out

  921. 921
    Lovely cut Says:

    @lol,why are you so angry? she was important before leo,correct but about fame,no!it’s like when some gis fans even bar fans or erin’s fans were angry and said they didn’t him for anything!
    gimme break!def. bar was at the vs’s pages at the first of dating him but like she wasn’t that talented like gis to be replaced. gis was w/vs before leo like toni but became an angel the yr he dated her!had her fame b/c of leo’s gf at the time of leo mania!she is def. so talented as a model but do you think guys,being leo’s gf didn’t help her? erin got the place of candice just after dating him! won’t mention other gals as a fling!

  922. 922
    #### Says:


    Totally agree with Lainey’s article. No matter what day of the week it is or what year it is, Leo’s MO is the same. His life is like Ground Hog’s Day, like being a hamster on a wheel, etc…..


  923. 923
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Agreed. It was was not a story about basketball, IMO.

  924. 924
    HAHA12 Says:

    Do you think Leo will care about what Clooney said? I know most are saying he wouldn’t but to be called out by such a huge and powerful man like Clooney, I bet Leo will start to think about things.

  925. 925
    LOL42 Says:

    @Lovely cut:
    Huh? I’m not angry its just this constant story of victim Leo being forced/bribed/coerced simply because people don’t LIKE his girlfriends choices to make themselves feel better is illogical and needed a counterpoint. IMO
    I don’t understand most of what you wrote so I can’t respond (though I suspect it’ll be just another trip down ‘Leo and his various ex girlfriend Lane’)

  926. 926
    also... Says:

    Definitely not a basketball story! Hollywood politics? Leo is still a bankable star with a new movie coming out soon. The movie is WOWS about a certain character and this story was bad for him. I think Clooney backing out is just way too obvious. Maybe it made it even worse…

  927. 927
    HAHA12 Says:

    It was kind of wrong for that comment to published a day before his birthday.

  928. 928
    #### Says:


    If it was one of my peers saying something like that about me, I’d be pissed.

    It seems like Leo’s PR team only denies things when it has to do with women so I doubt they’ll do anything about what Clooney said but I think he knows and he’s not happy.

    It’s Esquire you know? You know other industry people are going to see it as well.

  929. 929
    I am a VS angel! Says:

    And I hope that everybody saw how Leonardo DiCaprio kissed me at his b-day party

  930. 930
    LOL42 Says:

    As I said its in black and white, its the front page of Esquire magazine. The writer CLEARLY writes that Clooney CONSIDERS Crowe and Dicaprio to be a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s. No apology appears at the end of the piece and if those words can’t make Leo think, not cause he cares, but no one likes to be shaded by a peer (especially from a dude who takes himself mega seriously like Leo does) then nothing would.
    Though I think his cronies would just butter him up again and all will be forgotten come January

  931. 931
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: A day before his birthday? The story was out last week. We talked about it already at the end of the week. It got picked up today but it was out earlier.

  932. 932
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think de does care what others in the industry think of him. He has always taken his career seriously and I think realizes he has been very fortunate.
    Having said that, I think Leo is just as powerful as George. Remember too, Leo is 13 years younger than George. When George was 39 he wasn’t nearly as powerful as Leo is now. Unless Leo screws it all up or just walks away, think about how powerful he will be at 52 if he wants to be. Perhaps George is feeling a bit threatened!?

  933. 933
    Lovely cut Says:

    @also dear,i’ve said the posibileties to me in my pre. comments on the other page!really can’t say which one can be the reseon,that’s why i’ve asked! maybe one of my guessed was right maybe yours is right!don’t know! maybe we both are wrong,who knows!just asked to see the other opinions&if anyone think like me or not!at the end,thx for saying your view,dear!

  934. 934
    also... Says:

    @LOL42: TRUE! He can’t be criticized like that especially not his beloved entourage / a** kissers. But as you said they wil spoil him, Clooney backed out so life goes on like nothing happened. At least in Leo-land.

  935. 935
    #### Says:


    I agree. Bad timing but it seems like Leo’s been getting a lot of that recently with these negative stories about him, his lifestyle, etc.

  936. 936
    also... Says:

    @Lovely cut: Ok, I get it. Sorry if I was pushy! :) I’m curious as well because this is new… The new flavor not getting the usual exposure.

  937. 937
    LOL42 Says:

    Leo can’t touch George. They both have powerful studios and friends in their corner. There’s nothing to say Leo will be were George is at at his age. As the poster her wrote Leo’s pals business and associations are in the social media world/ booze/clubs and produce films like Runner Runner. George has more connections and likely has made more friends in the film making world

  938. 938
    HAHA12 Says:

    I meant we hadn’t heard about this quote until yesterday, yesterday is when it hit the internet everywhere. It was just a coincidence it was a day before his bday. I’m not trying to insinuate anything lol

  939. 939
    LOL42 Says:

    Yup. Although maybe this might make Leo and his gang reconsider swimming and beaching with topless models at next year’s SuperBowl. Maybe

  940. 940
    #### Says:


    Well the only problem with that as LOL42 has pointed out is the magazine is out. The story is in black and white. The backtrack was posted in E Online UK. Is that going to get traction like the Esquire article did??? And I’m actually asking….is the backtrack going to be a big deal the way the Esquire article has blown up???

  941. 941
    HAHA12 Says:

    George is the more successful business and producer but Leo is definitely considered a better actor than him. And yet, Clooney has an acting Oscar. I’m not sure how respected Leo will be when he gets to George’s age, but I’m sure he could win an Oscar by that time. Leo’s producing track hasn’t been great but he is a producer on Ben Affleck’s Live By Night which sounds promising. Hopefully that’s a step in the right direction. What Leo really needs to get away from is his Oscar desperate image. That’s hurting him a lot too besides his personal life.

  942. 942
    Sighting? Says:

    Today no sighting of Leo? Nothing?

  943. 943
    Twitter Says:

    Nicole Miller ‏@nicolemiller_10 22m
    @RealToniGarrn U r a skeleton! I can`t believe that a 39 year old man like Leo loves to f^ck a skeleton! He needs really a psycho therapy!

  944. 944
    @942 Says:


    Hangover? busy trying to shut down twitters accounts? wishing go back in time before that kiss or to 1998??

  945. 945
    also... Says:

    @####: I agree. That’s why I said ‘at least in Leo-land’. That for him it’s gonna be good since Clooney made the correction and his team is there to make it up to him. The story is out there but is it gonna change anything FOR HIM? IN HIS MIND? That’s what I was trying to say.

  946. 946
    Lolz Says:

    Clooney is in love with Brad Pitt. Nothing new about this.

  947. 947
    shir Says:

    Yo can see in this video that is clearly Toni

  948. 948
    Toni and Leo kissing Says:

  949. 949
    also... Says:

    @Twitter: Holy sh*t! Did she really tweet that? I’m sorry but after my initial surprise I find it funny.

  950. 950
    #### Says:


    Didn’t Argo win Best Picture at the Oscars this past year??? Clooney was a producer on that film.

  951. 951
    also... Says:

    @Haha12 #938: I get it. I mentioned it got picked up today for some reason.

  952. 952
    #### Says:



  953. 953
    HAHA12 Says:

    Ever since I started following him on JJ this year it’s been nothing but negative and negative news and stories every time. I want take a break because it has gotten tiresome reading the same things about him again and again and kind of sucks to read all the negative and embarrassing articles about them when they’re not far from the truth. How are you, also, LOL42, etc able to hang along so easily? Especially since you all have been following him way longer. I just want to see him do something different, lighten up, or something. I can’t say I’m really looking forward to WOWS as much because I feel the press is going to be extremely harsh and the promotion will be cringe worthy like it was for Gatsby.

  954. 954
    ha Says:

    The video of TMz is even more disturbing.

  955. 955
    HAHA12 Says:

    Yeah he was one of the main producers

  956. 956
    Lovely cut Says:

    @lol darling,i don’t think leo or his gfs are victoms!to tell the truth,i think both side are losing thier honor/their lifetime which are the real tresure of anyone and the main guilty ones are themselves not the other one!that’s leo’s fault by his decisions,and the gfs’ fault is by their own decisions at the top of the line! besides that i talked about his ex-es because you said bout bar as an example,so i just replied to that bout bar and to say all his main ex-es were at that part! nothing was for urging,hun! i don’t like when people just critics leo or just his gfs!to me both side are in the wrong way but when models get money/boosting career by dating a celeb no matter what is the treat over them,and celebs always have these gals around w/do over me as whatever you like,no matter at all,well these kind of relationships r going on!hope this time i was clear to you!

  957. 957
    also... Says:

    I tried both links. The YouTube one shows me Michael Jackson kissing Lisa-Marie Presley and the Page Six is about Kanye. I see Leo and Toni at the button left corner watching Kanye performing, they whisper into each other’s ears but no kissing.
    I will try to find it on YouTube.

  958. 958
    HAHA12 Says:

    Oh God the TMZ video. Leo’s hands are so embarrassing .That definitely is Toni and him looking like they both enjoy each other’s company a lot. Is it ironic Kanye is singing Gold Digger while this is happening? And LOL I hope Kanye played Clique at his party because both Gisele and Bar are referenced in that song.

  959. 959
    #### Says:


    I watched the video on Page Six. I assume it’s the same one.

  960. 960
    its me Says:

    If only Leo were like this with me when he is sober :(

  961. 961
    also... Says:

    They are having fun but focusing on Kanye not on each other really. But the good news is that I can say it’s definitely Toni. lol

  962. 962
    #### Says:


    Although I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, I didn’t start coming and posting on JJ until this past summer and my posting gets less and less because I feel like I say the same things! It’s definitely getting old.

  963. 963
    HAHA12 Says:

    Agreed, I’m not surprised a lot of people who used to comment frequently like Leonie left. I mean I’ll always be a fan of Leo but this is not a good time in his life to follow and is kind of depressing IMO.

  964. 964
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12 #953: Sometimes it feels like just a bad habit to be here and I can’t kick it. Like Leo and smoking! I do care and I love his work but it’s boring. No change, nothing interesting. Even WOWS seems like his life and nothing new like in Django. That was such a refreshment but short lived.

  965. 965
    ^^ Says:

    Leo loves his german model

  966. 966
    #### Says:


    The Page Six video was about 2.30 minutes of Leo and Toni and Kanye singing.

    The TMZ video seems to be only 49 seconds but I don’t see Leo and Toni. Am I watching the wrong one?

  967. 967
    #### Says:


    I agree….

  968. 968
    also... Says:

    @^^: I think he loves them all nationalities…

  969. 969
    Quote of the evening Says:

    Daily Mail has the best quote: ” Who’s that girl? Leo is then seen smooching a friend – believed to be his current squeeze Toni Garrn – who he was last seen out with last month”

    His current what? squeeze yeah! and “last seen out with last month” made me laugh hard. Apparently the media knows, that she is desperate to be pictured as his girlfriend and seen with “this often” when so much in same city or so easy for them to travel as they can, this is sooooo not real. His squeeze is the closest name she can get. Good luck, Garrn! LOL.

    And she did not join the more intimate dinner he had earlier either, so.

  970. 970
    actually Says:

    he looks in love in that pagesix video…

  971. 971
    HAHA12 Says:

    I’m looking forward to WOWS just because it looks like a character Leo never has done before and it looks really entertaining but not looking forward to the promotion and interviews for it so much. I know what you mean, it’s a bad habit. I’ve tried leaving this site for awhile but have always came back.

  972. 972
    also... Says:

    @actually: Really? They are definitely having fun but looking like he is in love? I don’t know… I don’t see it.

  973. 973
    #### Says:


    I think we all have tried leaving….. :-(

  974. 974
    HAHA12 Says:

    Zzzz hasn’t been posting as much, neither has Lucy. I don’t blame them. Because like you said, don’t we just end repeating the same things again and again in each and every new thread? And he becomes more of a joke with each passing day on the internet.

  975. 975
    also... Says:

    @####: Yep! I tried but it’s really like an addiction. You just can’t leave…

  976. 976
    #### Says:


    People always want to jump to love when they see these two. It’s his birthday, they’re drinking, enjoying a concert and enjoying each other. Once he sobers up and realizes that these videos of him and Toni have gone viral, it’ll be back to the same ole, same ole….LOL

  977. 977
    HAHA12 Says:

    I could’t help but lol at this comment from ONTD on the Leo bday vids:
    “He is going to have such a terrible midlife crisis. Almost as bad as George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Hes going to be absolutely insufferable once its full blown.”


  978. 978
    @970 Says:

    Lol. Really? I see two people dancing, grinding against each other, whispering stuff in each others ears and just having a good time in general.
    But you know if that’s being ‘in love’ so be it I guess. You just made ‘in love’ very cheap and basic though, just so you know.

  979. 979
    #### Says:


    +1 LOL

  980. 980
    Toni Says:

    is the one. He’s approaching the big 4…- and he seems like he’s enjoying her company. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up marrying this one….

  981. 981
    @toni Says:

    LOL are you serious? we have seen this with all his GF, Gisele, Bar, Blake and even erin LMAO! He looks drunk accodring to me, and yeah they are for sure having a good time if he didn’t like to kiss and **** her then he wouldn’t be seeing her. But marrying her? No i don’t think so, but who knows

  982. 982
    #### Says:


    You know it! He’s been asked the question about turning the big 4-0 for the past couple of years and even though he talks about how it doesn’t bother him, I think it’s pretty clear that it does. Look how he’s living his life. He lives such a shallow life and like I said earlier, everything stays the same with him, just a different club, model, etc. It’s Groundhog’s Day!

    I just hope the next 12 months to the big 4-0 aren’t worse than this year has been with all the negative stories about him. And I hope he gets working again soon.

  983. 983
    Yup Says:

    Obviously a sober Leo who isn’t man enough to walk out of the restaurant they had dinner at with his girlfriend beside him does not prove he isn’t going to take it to the next level but a wasted, drunk as hell Leo dancing and having fun with his girlfriend in a nightclub proves he is. Lol. Okay. Enough hilarity for the day for me. Goodnight all.

  984. 984
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12, ### & also…: Hi Ladies! I am still around, but like HAHA12 said, it’s the same old stuff going on lately. I’ll post when I see something new, but not for the sake of posting. Although, it is very addicting!! LOL!
    re Clooney: I’m surprised he did the backtrack so fast. He must have had a lot of pressure, or after it seeing it all over the internet, he realized it didn’t look exactly cool, especially it being his birthday?
    re Toni/video: Leo looks incredibly drunk, he’s kind of staggering and weaving all over, but he is having fun with Toni. I’m pretty sure he was the same way with Erin, Blake, Bar etc…. there just aren’t videos on the internet.

  985. 985
    also... Says:

    @#### #976: I agree. Last time I saw him this relaxed around Toni was in Ibiza and he looked drunk ( or high ) just like this time. Having fun, dancing and whispering doesn`t equal love.
    @Toni: Sure, she is the one. Too bad he enjoyed the company of his previous girlfriends and nothing really shows ( at least to me ) to me he is making any changes in his life. This is the same old story with every new girlfriend. Erin was the one because she was into sports and now Toni is the one because he is getting close to 40. Ok…
    @HAHA12 #977: I love that comment and I agree. But let me ask you how do you think the actual midlife crisis is going to manifest in his life? Because his everyday life looks like the midlife crisis of a normal guy. Young girlfriend, expensive cars, luxury trips…etc. So how is it going to show in his case?

  986. 986
    also... Says:

    @YUP: Hahaha! Perfectly said. Sober he leaves her behind in Spain and lets her walk out of a restaurant alone but when he is drunk… he is ready to walk down the aisle. Who know it was that simple?

  987. 987
    me Says:

    you keep saying he is drunk which i don’t see tbh .But suppose it’s true…
    How come he ‘s not fathering a child right now ?? I mean. when he has sex and he is drunk,is he able to avoid leaving Toni pregnant?

  988. 988
    #### Says:


    I don’t know if it had anything to do with his birthday but maybe because he really doesn’t have any conflict with Leo and kind of threw him under the bus so to speak is why he tried to backtrack??? Who knows….

    Re Toni/video – at least with his ex-girlfriends, he didn’t have to be drunk to show some PDA! LOL

    I wonder if heads will roll because of this video? I mean it’s literally about 2.30 minutes of Leo and Toni (maybe half of that is some PDA) but still. And then you have the other video of them kissing that’s like 8 seconds long where she seems to be kissing him and he’s distracted. LOL

    These videos have gone viral. I wonder if Leo knew that was going to happen?

  989. 989
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @me: Um, a lot of times a guy can’t have sex when they are drunk, especially when they aren’t young anymore. Also, there’s a thing called a cond*m….

  990. 990
    Toni Says:

    Look, i think he’s considering marriage now and i’m serious.
    He is getting old , he’s constantly going round in circles career- wise,regurgitating the same old stuff
    His insecurities have set in. Maybe that toni girl will be the lucky one..

  991. 991
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: He had to have known, especially with all the random people who were invited, that there were going to be videos/pictures. Probably not this many! I’m sure he’s not happy about it, but there really isn’t anything he can do. He appears to be a cute drunk – it’s like he let’s himself go and has fun.
    re sightings for today: I think he is nursing a hell of a hangover! Maybe later tonight, he will go out to dinner.

  992. 992
    Zzzzzz Says:

    typo on 989
    * a lot of times guys*…

  993. 993
    also... Says:

    @Toni: It`s a possibility but you can`t be sure about that. And I`m sorry but I doubt he is going to settle with a very young blonde girl. She is still a child with a great career. Have you ever considered the fact that he doesn`t want to get married at all? 40 or not? What I have seen during the years is that he values his freedom very much. Being an lifetime bachelor is not impossible. All I`m saying is that it is a possible but a long shot.

  994. 994
    #### Says:


    I can understand people at the party recording the concert but then you had people focusing on him and Toni and I don’t know if he was prepared for that! LOL

    Yea. I don’t think there will be any sightings today…maybe not even tonight unless he has plans to have another birthday dinner!

  995. 995
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I’m not surprised. Leo is a celebrity. People are always trying to take pictures of him, but he normally goes out of his way to avoid being seen. At the club, he was very relaxed (drunk!) and having fun. He was an easy target.

  996. 996
    #### Says:


    I don’t know that I see him getting married at all. Do I see it with Toni at all? Probably not because I think when he’s ready to settle down, he will treat the girl totally different from how he treated his exes. Until then, it’ll be a wait and see game as to whether or not he ever finds someone who fits the marriage bill for Leo but you never know…..

  997. 997
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Toni: re marriage – have you seen his most recent interviews? When he was younger he said he wanted a family and kids, but in recent ones, it’s more like ‘if it happens it happens.’ He’s really backed away from the whole ‘I want a family’. I agree with @also…, I wouldn’t be surprised if he remains a bachelor or waits until he’s in his 50s to marry, like Warren Beatty did. I could be wrong and Leo could surprise everyone, but that’s not the vibe I’m getting. Besides, IMO, I think he needs to grow up before marrying. If he marries right now, it will end in divorce.

  998. 998
    HAHA12 Says:

    Earlier in the year I thought marriage could definitely happen for him if he really worked hard for it. Especially since he did he say he wanted a family of his own a couple years ago. But now thanks to a lot of posters on here my hope has diminished in that ever happening. It’d be great if he could end with a woman, a REAL woman, and I wanna believe he can change if he wanted. Its just not looking likely..
    Re the negative attention-I don’t think any year can get as bad as this year was for Leo. He would have to do something truly awful.

  999. 999
    also... Says:

    @####: I also don`t necessarily see marriage in his future. I just don`t think he will trust a woman enough to marry. His career, life and buddies are above everything. I think you are right. If he marries and finds a woman who is good enough for him he won`t leave her behind or treat her like he did walking out of that restaurant. These girls are like toys and entertainment for him and that`s not marriage material. JMO.

  1000. 1000
    Lilly Says:

    It seems when people think he is going to marry his girlfriend, they break up. Could be wrong but I don’t think he will marry Toni.

  1001. 1001
    HAHA12 Says:

    He said that back in 2010, but he also did work for the environment back then too. He’s not the same person now. Marriage doesn’t seem like it’ll ever happen for him, but it’s going to be sad if he continues dating model after model after model well into his 40s.

  1002. 1002
    Lilly Says:


    I agree!!! You are so right!!

  1003. 1003
    #### Says:


    Bite your tongue!!! You better find some wood to knock on! :-)

    You just put it out into the universe that things can’t get worse for Leo! LOL

  1004. 1004
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: I agree. He isn’t the same person. Something happen, not sure what, but it definitely seemed to change him. That’s what I was trying to tell the poster Toni. Getting married and having a family doesn’t appear to be a priority to him. But you know, Leo does like to do the unexpected, so who knows!

  1005. 1005
    also... Says:

    @Lilly: Maybe he read those comments and he gets scared… lol These ideas have been out there long enough. Every girl has something special that makes her `the one` for some. But it`s not about the girl it`s about Leo. And he showed no sign of change at all. Being into a girl, having fun is one thing. Marrying is another. And we are talking about Leo who probably freaks out just by the idea of marriage.

  1006. 1006
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzz: What do you mean by `Leo does like to do the unexpected`? Like what? Unexpected like not going to his own premiere?

  1007. 1007
    #### Says:


    I think that would be way too much of the unexpected! That’s a huge commitment that I don’t think Leo knows how to make….at least not right now.

  1008. 1008
    awards show Says:

    i was at an awards show where he was nominated and he didn’t show up but the response after they announced his name and nomination was quiet and no clapping/etc. you could tell the general hllywood community (george, etc). do not respect him and this is because of his lifestyle and his lack of acting like a “grown-up”. His fault really….

  1009. 1009
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: Well that was just unprofessional, especially after he had said he was going to go. I remember in an interview that Kate W said that Leo hates to be told what to do and will often do the opposite of what he should do. Should he marry a 21 yr old – logically, no! But I could see him doing it because everyone tell hims he shouldn’t. It sounds silly and immature, but it could happen. I hope he doesn’t – I think it would be a complete disaster! Does that make sense.

  1010. 1010
    not with toni Says:

    ” I’ve tried leaving this site for awhile but have always came back”
    All this negativity here makes this site unbearable …
    That’s why i don’t visit JJ that much, this coupled with the fact that it’s tedious for me to post the same things over and over again and regurgitate past comments .
    I try to focus on the positive stuff whenever possible.
    I will always hold Leo dear.I love learning his news and it doesn’t matter if someone comments on Leo’s life or not,i do care about him and i can always follow him and read articles about him on the internet.
    I hope his girlfriend treats Leo tenderly, with love and respect.
    It’s nice to see him have some good time even with his “daughter” :)

  1011. 1011
    Lilly Says:

    You made a great point there!!

  1012. 1012
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzz: I don`t think he is expected to marry a 21 years old. People keep asking if he is ever going to marry in general. So maybe it`s more like just resisting the general idea of settling down. I think he is smarter than doing something like that just to `rebel`… #### is right. Marriage is a huge commitment and a huge change for him. Commitment and change? Two things completely missing from his dictionary.
    I went through lipstick alley. There was a post I think an article but there was no link posted. It said that while he was kissing Toni ( If it was her… ) he paid attention to the crowd/stage. Apparently Kanye gave him a shout out and that`s what he was focusing on. I don`t know if it`s true. Interestingly I saw some comments who were surprised that he was only 39 and not in his mid 40`s.

  1013. 1013
    HAHA12 Says:

    @not with toni:
    I know what you mean about the negative energy around here, its just here but everywhere lately leo related that makes it hard to stay on these threads. You should still post if you want to, no one is stopping you and some positive comments are needed here, and its nice you always try to stay positive on here.
    Its probably because due to his crazy clubbing and drinking hes starting to look older than he is. Especially when he surrounds himself with youngsters and wears the same old man outfits, it makes him look older and really stand out in a bad way.

  1014. 1014
    Lilly Says:


    I saw the Kanye thing! While they were kissing his head was focused on Kanye. I think he pointed at him or something.

  1015. 1015
    #### Says:


    Re the 8 second video that you and I agreed that the girl was probably not Toni because she didn’t seem tall enough, in that video you can tell he is also distracted by something other than Toni. She kind of keeps trying to get him to kiss her and you can tell he appeases her a couple of times but he is definitely focused on something else.

    He just doesn’t give her his full attention. He was all about the partying and the concerts last night and although he was happy to give her some PDA, that was definitely not his main focus.

  1016. 1016
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I don’t think marriage is imminent. These two spend as much time apart as together. Maybe that works for them! I think if he got serious with Toni or someone, he would start bringing her to public events so that she would be seen as his girlfriend/fiancée. The good news for Leo is that since she is so young, this relationship could continue for a few years before it would have to get serious.
    I watched the Page Six video. I see two good looking people who have had a few drinks ,are attracted to each other, are in a celebratory mood, enjoying some music. Pretty typical night out. Not sure about love though.

  1017. 1017
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also….: I agree that he should be smarter than that – but this is a guy who hasn’t changed his clubbing/dating habits in almost 20 yrs. In fact, the last 11 months have been one long non-stop partying. That doesn’t come across as the smartest thing to do, I could be wrong….

  1018. 1018
    :) Says:

    Clooney is scared
    He should use his brain before he open his big mouth next time
    smart actor like Leo will never badmouth other actor publicly like that

  1019. 1019
    So Says:

    Now being in love is dancing and enjoying women’s company in clubs?

    Leo in love

    Leo crazy in love

  1020. 1020
    So Says:

    Leo madly in love

  1021. 1021
    also... Says:

    @####: Whoever it was Leo was definitely distracted, drunk and full time party mood. And this PDA things come out when he is under the influence. Marriage? I don`t think so. Not with a girl who could be his daughter, who idolizes him like a fan. JMO.

  1022. 1022
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzz: True but that doesn`t mean he is not smart. Acting careless and worry free, living the life the way he wants to doesn`t mean he doesn`t have the ability to make smart decisions. He doesn`t have to make ones, he doesn`t have to take responsibilities, he doesn`t owe anyone anything. He is smart enough to know that all that changes with a wife even if it`s only a 21 years old young girl.

  1023. 1023
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @So: LOL!!!
    @Lilly: :)
    @Blacksharpie: re the video: agree – two tipsy people having a great time!

  1024. 1024
    Well Says:

    @So (lol) so true
    whispering ….

  1025. 1025
    Lilly Says:

    I think a main reason he dates people like that is because they flatter his ego. She a model and a fan.

  1026. 1026
    Well Says:

    That girl sure has the maturity to consider getting married.
    I believe Sugar baby is enjoying the lifestyle his Sugar Daddy provides her and her friends….

  1027. 1027
    also... Says:

    @ :) : I honestly don`t think it was badmouthing or as it was said before that he has a beef with Leo. That was an observation on his part and he said it. I think it`s good he said it because what he said sounded absolutely true. Is he `scared`? I don`t think that`s why he did it.

  1028. 1028
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: agreed.

  1029. 1029
    Blacksharpie Says:

    These pics are great! Every day is a birthday for Leo!
    What’s funny is that he is wearing the same damn cap as last night in two of these pics.

  1030. 1030
    also... Says:

    @Lilly: True. Can you see him marrying a girl like that?
    @Well: LOL, marriage material indeed. Seems like she has a hard time keeping her tongue in her mouth… What`s with that? Miley Cyrus 2.0

  1031. 1031
    sadly Says:

    Leo is smitten with his barely legal . You can’t compare with his previous relationships. I hate to say this but with Toni they are together for only six months and look at this damn video….
    I think you play the “Leo is drunk” card because you don’t want to see the truth.
    We have to face it: he is madly in love with her…….. *f^ck*

  1032. 1032
    sadly Says:

    *he is together

  1033. 1033
    Lilly Says:

    I can say, I honestly cannot! :)

  1034. 1034
    Jules Says:


    I think that’s the point… they’ve only been together for 6 months.
    The relationship is still pretty fresh. He only dated Blake for 6 months, and in all the photos up until their brake up he looked totally into her. I think you need to be with someone for at least 2-3 years before you can really judge if they are the one, because that way you know that the spark is not just temporary infatuation.
    Leo and Tonis relationship is still very new (especially when you consider the amount of time they spend apart) . Let’s see if he is still so lovey-dovey in a year.

    And I totally think he was drunk. In all the articles it says that “the champagne was flowing…” he was definitely tipsy!

  1035. 1035
    thinking Says:

    We can’t compare this with his previous relationships tho.

    How the hell do we know what he was like with Blake/Erin/Bar behind closed doors? We only see them kissing because someone chose to film them instead of the performer. its not like he was publicly declaring his love for his barely legal.
    Whenever he knows he’s being watched he’s sooooo distant

  1036. 1036
    also... Says:

    @Sadly: It`s enough to see him let loose, enjoying his party, having drinks and he is smitten and serious. Sorry but if he was so smitten he would show respect towards her in pubic, he would walk her to the waiting car and wouldn`t leave her behind like he did in Spain.
    Obviously people see these videos differently but I do see him drunk and in major party mode. He pays attention to her but smitten, in love and stuff like that… I don`t see it and not because I don`t wanna see it.

  1037. 1037
    JP Says:

    George Clooney looks like an even bigger P*ssy for backing out of his comments. Why back out all of a sudden? Either he didn’t mean it as it came across or he’s scared

  1038. 1038
    @sadly Says:


    Yeah and Leo play in public the “I’m not with you” card everytime he can. Here I just see a guy that acts the same in his weekly clubs visits.

  1039. 1039
    also... Says:

    @Jules: True. Except I think the Blake thing was only about 3 months not 6. And seriously Leo not drunk on his birthday?

  1040. 1040
    sadly Says:

    He is cold towards her in public only because -as someone else has mentioned here before- 1.he is full of inhibitions 2.he hates the paps 3.he wanted to take it slowly 4.he is shy by nature.

  1041. 1041
    also... Says:

    @Sadly: And what about candid photos when he can`t see the photographers. Because he doesn`t look any different on those either.
    I don`t think any of the listed things explain how she was left behind in Spain or the way they walked out of that LA restaurant. JMO.

  1042. 1042
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am probably opening up a whole thing here …
    Most of the pics with Blake he looked like he was “smitten”.
    The pics of he and Erin at the park in Australia and at the NY restaurant Candela he looks like he is into her.
    And, of course, numerous pics with Gisele.

  1043. 1043
    @sadly Says:


    There you have! All Toni needs is a boyfriend who get drunk every day to be noticed by him public. #Goodbyeliver

  1044. 1044
    sadly Says:

    I wish these two were NOT together but dammit! after seeing that video all i want to do is to reconcile myself with the idea that his barely legal skinny&bland blonde has cast a spell on my favourite actor.
    Sadly Leo is madly in love with her and this is the sad truth
    I’m afraid he’s going to marry her out of desperation since she’s his youngest gf he ever had and he is obsessed with youth.

  1045. 1045
    Lilly Says:

    It seems he is enjoying his party. Then Toni wanted some PDA so he gave it to her. But I do think he was drunk! I mean it’s his birthday :) x

  1046. 1046
    @#1044 Says:

    man..i can’t get past that video

  1047. 1047
    also... Says:

    @Sadly: You have got to be kidding me. Madly in love, getting married out of desperation? You just can`t be serious. All these things based on a video taken at a party while they were drunk? If that`s what it takes for Leo to be madly in love… lol Look, you have your opinion but I think you are blowing that video out of proportion and over dramatizing it. JMO.

  1048. 1048
    sadly Says:

    i hope you are right but to me a video equals a thousand words

  1049. 1049
    thinking Says:

    Seriously… this conversation has been going on for pages for absolutely no reason. We’re focusing on one video at his birthday where he is CLEARLY DRUNK and is sloppily kissing his gf, but ignoring every other article and tweet and instagram pic about him hanging out at opposite ends of the room from Toni, or ‘mackin’ on some random girl in an apartment building (a few threads back), and going out/having parties at his house in LA when his gf is out of Town.

    these are clearly not the signs of a guy who is madly in love.

    I know we all want to believe that Leo will one day find a kind girl, and settle down, but its not in his nature. He wants the best of both worlds… partying/flirting like a single guy, and a girlfriend when it’s accommodating for him.

  1050. 1050
    #### Says:


    IMO you need to look at the entire time they’ve been together and not at a video taken at his birthday party where’s he’s drinking and having a good time.

  1051. 1051
    Blacksharpie Says:

    From heard of this web site)
    Thought it was funny

    Leonardo DiCaprio turned 39-years-old today, and I still want to be on him just as much as I did 10 years ago. He celebrated with his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret Model #328. Okay, fine, she has a name. It’s Toni Garrn and I hate her, okay? What kind of selfish and greedy woman needs two “r’s” in her name??? I’m the type of girl who only needs one “r” in her name, Leo, and only one “u.” As in u, Leonardo DiCaprio. I need you. In my “name.” #IfYaKnowWhatIMean #ByNameIMeanBody

    She’s 21-years-old, Leo. One day her beauty will fade, and you will realize that you actually want someone who wants to discuss the work of Stephen Hawking and make home made ice cream with you…someone like me…someone who is exactly me…

  1052. 1052
    hahahhaha Says:

    @Blacksharpie: lol wtf…?

  1053. 1053
    #### Says:


    Thank you! Well said:-)

  1054. 1054
    #### Says:



  1055. 1055
    sadly Says:

    ‘he is CLEARLY DRUNK’
    Sorry, you may find this stupid but how do you understand that he is drunk?
    Just because you read that “the champagne was flowing”??
    You guys keep saying this but how can you recognize his being drunk in a damn video?!
    I’m curious…

  1056. 1056
    hahahhaha Says:

    @sadly: dude just look at him

  1057. 1057
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @sadly: Are you looking at the video where Kanya is onstage and Toni and Leo are in the bottom corner? Leo can barely stand up. Watch him, he is weaving and staggering and it isn’t because he is dancing!

  1058. 1058
    also... Says:

    @Sadly: I can`t tell you I`m 100% right. But you are focusing ONLY on the video and last night. That`s just a pinacle of their relationship and it`s the night of his birthday when he was drunk. I mean does anyone seriously believe he went through the night without drinking? When champagne was flowing because of him?
    You have to focus on the bigger picture, the entire relationship. Of course they kiss, they hug, he is grinding on her, they have sex. She is his type and he is enjoying his time with her. But madly in love? Getting married? Come on!
    For me it always goes back to what Lainey said. I quoted this so many times and it is boring. She said that he finds these girls attractive, entertaining but he doesn`t find them interesting or take them seriously. I do agree with that. And this thing between them is not only about last night. Look at them in the past 6 months and on candids, tweets when she is not even mentioned most of the time. Have you ever wondered why? Why don`t you see tweets of them making out or PDA?

  1059. 1059
    @1056 Says:

    Funny how oh just look at him he’s drunk applies to that video but when someone says its obvious that’s Toni in that video it doesn’t apply – hypocrites

  1060. 1060
    also... Says:

    @blacksharpie: LOL at that article especially that last paragraph.
    Earlier today someone posted an Instagram link to some German girl`s account who said she would post more later. Has anyone checked back if she posted anything interesting?

  1061. 1061
    also... Says:

    @1059: I don`t think it`s the same. First of all the majority said it was her and it was only a couple of us ( maybe 3-4 people ) who weren`t sure. And it was a short video. The other one is longer. No hypocrisy. There is a difference between video quality…
    You really think he went through his birthday party without drinking and getting wasted?

  1062. 1062
    coyote ugly Says:

    ……. ;)

  1063. 1063
    not with toni Says:

    He doesn’t look drunk to me…
    Well…i’m not familiar with people who are drunk but
    i think he doesn’t look drunk.

  1064. 1064
    @1061 Says:

    I’m sure he drank on his b-day but that doesn’t mean he’s drunk in that particular video, you can’t have it both ways. You cant say how oh its okay to have different opinions if that’s Toni in the video or not but NO he’s definitely drunk in that video when someone disagrees. Sorry but that’s hypocrisy IMO.

  1065. 1065
    also... Says:

    Ok. It’s hypocrisy.

  1066. 1066
    Well Says:

    The guy was clearly drunk.

  1067. 1067
    @1066 Says:

    Okay and that was clearly Toni in that video. :)

  1068. 1068
    Lilly Says:

    I know! I think people are in denial. He is drunk! :) x

  1069. 1069
    thinking Says:

    you’re right you guys, I stated my opinion without taking into account all angles. It’s entirely possible that he was not drunk – just enjoy a few social drinks with his friends at his birthday party.
    But that does not change the fact that these 2 vids of them dancing on one night is not representative of their entire relationship. He definitely loves Toni, he wouldn’t be with her if he wasn’t. BUT, he loves himself more… that means he’s not going to change his ways to make her happy. Sure, he’ll be sweet and dance with her, and kiss on his b-day, but when she’s away on a modelling job, we’re going to be getting tweets about him at parties surrounded by girls, the way we always do. And IMO, those aren’t the signs of a guy who is looking to settle down…

  1070. 1070
    also... Says:

    @Well: I agree. Drunk and just having fun.
    @1067: You are aware that almost everyone agrees with that, right? You sound like the whole thread said it wasn’t her but in reality it’s only 3 or 4.

  1071. 1071
    Doom Says:

    OMG he’s crap face drunk! How old are you guys like 9?!?! Never seen a drunk before Jesus Christ get out a little, go outside for once. Live a little Time for y’all to get off this thread!! This is so EMbarrasing who the heck is in the thread, a bunch of prudes?!?’ How can u talk about serious things about Leo when u don’t even know what a drunk is?!?!

  1072. 1072
    sadly Says:

    If he wasn’t smitten with her, then why would he keep this travesty?
    We are talking about a guy who wants to feel the excitement.
    He has all the money in the world and he can’t feel content with something less than “perfect”(for him)….

  1073. 1073
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Doom: LMAO!!!

  1074. 1074
    Well Says:

    Yep. Like inviting and enjoying the company of young women to party in his house. If it hasn’t been of girls tweeting pics of themselves, we wouldn’t be aware about that.
    Or having bunch of barely legal girls staying overnight at his rented villa in Cannes and taking pics of themselves. Again, without Instagram, we wouldn’t be aware of that.

    With all the cameras and mobiles of guests who took photos at Leo’s birthday party, I am even surprised we have so less images of Leo dancing with his puppy.
    You know, I wish we could have had vids or pics of Leo dancing, kissing and holding Bar when he celebrated his 35th birthday in Cairo. Apparently that was some birthday party. But no one posted anything on Instagram at that time. I have the feeling people would have thought they were serious and on the verge of getting married by watching the two then…..

  1075. 1075
    not with toni Says:

    @doom: lol :)
    “Time for y’all to get off this thread!!”
    easier said than done!!! It’s f^cking addictive!!!

  1076. 1076
    also... Says:

    @Doom: LMAO!
    @sadly: Smitten? Earlier you sad madly in love, married…etc. Not the same thing.

  1077. 1077
    @Well Says:

    Cause instagram wasn’t a thing back then. It was barely released in 2010

  1078. 1078
    @Well Says:

    You mean that party???

    What has been your best gig?

    Charles: One gig we did was quite amazing; we were invited to deejay for Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party in Cairo, but we had no idea what would happen once we were there. So we was expecting the usual, a club or something. We were picked up at our hotel and we started driving to the desert and taken right to the foot of the pyramids, there were tents and Leonardo and his 30 best friends and it was incredible, because it was like a house party.
    Yes Leo sure likes to be entertained on his birthdays and having lots of friends around.

  1079. 1079
    @sadly Says:

    By they way I do think he got drunk on his b-day. I only said what I said to make the point that those making fun of people who don’t think he was drunk then might as well make fun of those who don’t think that’s Toni. Because both are just foolish period.

    He was drunk and that was Toni in the video – end of discussion

  1080. 1080
    also... Says:

    @thinking: I don’t think it’s love and I’m not just talking about Toni but everyone after Gisele. Attraction, fun, convenience… obviously something keeps him with them for a while even if you don’t see chemistry. I don’t think anyone denies that but I don’t think he is in love with them. It lasts while it lasts ( I still don’t think it will be a long term thing ) and move on.

  1081. 1081
    kmittens Says:

    I don’t believe Leo does “madly in love.” I don’t know if he can. Smitten, sure. There were some vacation photos on a beach with Bar very early in their relationship where he looked smitten. Putting on a show for Blake in Monte Carlo and Verona, smitten. Holding hands with Erin in Australia and at a restaurant in NY, smitten. Toni looks the least convincing because he’s in party mode and he is drunk. He can barely stand in one of those videos. He’s probably looked smitten with quite a few women over the years in similar situations. Until he gets bored. Toni has been a good sport about letting him do what he wants when she’s not around. She doesn’t care how it looks to anyone as long as she gets to be the girlfriend. If they last, that will be the reason.

  1082. 1082
    kmittens Says:

    How could I forget Gisele? Totally smitten. But he got bored with her, too! He couldn’t stay faithful to save his life. The only chance Toni has of sticking around is to look the other way at his indiscretions and let him do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

  1083. 1083
    Madly in Love? HA! Says:

    Leo has obviously NOT ever been “madly in love”!! A few kisses here and there doesn’t prove it. Long relationships without any recognition doesn’t prove it. He knows what true love is, he was Romeo, Gatsby etc… True love is so much more. So much passion, hurt, feelings, emotional ****. Love is not just sex, parties, sloppy drunken kisses! Leo is immature and hasn’t dealt with stuff like that before. When he does, he’s going to be in for a ride!!!

  1084. 1084
    Happy Birthday To You Says:

    Nice to see all the vids and pics!

    Thanks to all,


  1085. 1085
    :) Says:

    If he really care about Leo
    He should tell it directly to him
    If he dislike Leo,he should keep it to himself
    telling the magazines is not classy imo
    this only makes himself looks bad
    not Leo and Russel Crowe
    thats why he clarifies it
    isn’t he suppose to be the more mature one
    he is 10 years older for god sake

  1086. 1086
    umm Says:

    “I’m sure he drank on his b-day but that doesn’t mean he’s drunk in that particular video”
    “I’m sure he drank on his b-day but that doesn’t mean he’s drunk in that particular video”
    you are contradicting yourself btw…

  1087. 1087
    umm Says:

    I’m sure he drank on his b-day but that doesn’t mean he’s drunk in that particular video”
    “By they way I do think he got drunk on his b-day”
    you are contradicting yourself btw

  1088. 1088
    also... Says:

    @kmitten and Madly In Love…: Well said, great comments !

  1089. 1089
    clooney on environment issues Says:

    For example, he has declined to enlist in environmental causes not because he doesn’t believe in them but because he’s aware how it would look—“I probably wouldn’t be a good spokesman for an electric car, because I’ll still get on a private jet, and one flight on a private jet undoes all my electric-car good deeds.”

    LMAO!!! Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this!

    Read more: George Clooney Interview – George Clooney Talks About Matt Damon Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio – Esquire
    Follow us: @Esquiremag on Twitter | Esquire on Facebook
    Visit us at

  1090. 1090
    not in love Says:

    Just watched the 2+min vid. I must be watching a different vid to some people. These 2 people are definately not in love, they are so awkward together and seem to have no natural rhythm with each other, its kind of weird to watch knowing they are bf/gf, look more like people who just met at a concert.

  1091. 1091
    #### Says:

    @not in love:

    +1. LOL

    not only that it doesn’t look like she’s ever been to a rap/hip hop concert!! She looks totally out of place!

  1092. 1092
    #### Says:


    I meant to add she looks like she would be more comfortable at a justin bieber concert.

  1093. 1093
    not in love Says:

    @####: Bieber – lol, so true.
    Makes me laugh even more that he is singing the song to her at the start like he knows why shes with him

  1094. 1094
    kmittens Says:

    Maybe George did say something directly to Leo. He didn’t say anything publicly that wasn’t already a common opinion. The only thing that matters is if he spoke the truth.

  1095. 1095
    Lorelei Says:

    Let me know if I am the only one here finding it disturbing to watch a guy celebrating his 39th birthday while hugging and kissing a barely legal companion. From afar, he looks like some perverted uncle who uncomfortably wants to join a group of teenagers at some party and tries to follow the beat with the first willing girl. I believe we all have seen Leo on nicer and occasions. But these images are not flattering for a guy his age who wants to be taken seriously.
    Guys who refuse to get older all end up by looking ridiculous.

  1096. 1096
    not in love Says:

    @Lorelei: 100% agree. think this is part of what George C was saying, Leo doesnt se to have people arount to tell him he is starting to look so ridiculous

  1097. 1097
    #### Says:


    Definitely agree!!

  1098. 1098
    #### Says:

    Jennings Brown (@tjenningsbrown)
    11/11/13, 7:29 PM
    Leo DiCaprio is smoking an ecigarette at Dylan Fest.

    Jennings Brown (@tjenningsbrown)
    11/11/13, 8:07 PM
    DiCaprio and supermodel girlfriend Toni Garrn keep passing the ecigarette back and forth, canoodling. Ecigs are cool now. #DylanFest #ecig

  1099. 1099
    @Lorelei Says:


    Right there with you! Toni looks awkward and stupid, but still cute. Leo looks like a gross creep. He’s totally killed my desire to see Wolf. I feel like I’m watching him live it irl. Don’t need to see him in the Hollywood version. Scorsese needs to find a better leading man. One with talent AND class.

  1100. 1100
    nice article on leo(good read) Says:

    As odd as it may sound, I often find myself feeling sorry for Leonardo DiCaprio. Sure he’s got good-looks, money and the perceived love of millions of fans, yes, but of the actors in his demographic he always seems the least likely to be considered a good actor. If I were to say that he’s my favourite actor under forty, I always expect raised eyebrows in response, and they are generally forthcoming. DiCaprio is not the most diverse actor in his demographic, but I’m often suspicious of attaching quality necessarily to variation. He has specific gifts and even more specific flaws. Many actors are at their best when they exploit their gifts but considering my favourite performance of his for today’s monologue, I find I like Leo best when he exploits his flaws.
    One consistent line of criticism lodged against DiCaprio since 1997 has been his inability to grow out of his teenage looks. I can’t remember who the critic was, but they compared his attempts at adult performances to a child playing dress-up. And, he does look young; especially so in Revolutionary Road. That boyish visage is more pronounced in Revolutionary Road than it was two years earlier in something like The Departed and rewatching it this weekend I zeroed in on a scene and wondered – “Isn’t that boyishness ultimately the point?”
    From the get-go April and Frank seem unevenly matched. She’s too savvy and cunning for Frank’s childish impulsiveness and the characters incongruence in ability gives way to the illusion of Kate and Leo being unevenly matched. But, instead of Leo working against his natural youthful inclinations to make Frank seem more mature he embraces it. And the film’s climatic final argument between the two is a fine example. The first half of the scene, pre-monologue, is an exercise in Kate as April at her harshest goading Frank on to the point that DiCaprio’s Frank just seems more and more facile.
    Even when Kate rails she is composed and specific in her movements, Leonardo is less controlled and messier but it’s to good effect. When he tries to cajole her into agreeing with him there’s no inclination to believe. Frank just seems ill-judged and April’s incredulity only makes him seem seem ridiculous.
    All the boyishness we typically consider when we think of Leo is telegraphed into our own projects of Frank to good effect. But, this time, it isn’t being used to appeal to us as it was excellently when he played another Frank in Catch Me If You Can. It’s more ungainly. His subsequent breakdown via monologue doesn’t retain the usual aspects that you represent with him. He is charmless, ineloquent and almost grossly unappealing. April’s malicious taunting highlights this: “What’re you going to do now? Are you going to hit me? To show me how much you love me?”
    Don’t worry, I can’t be bothered! You’re not worth the trouble it would take to hit you. You’re not worth the powder it would take to blow you up. You’re an empty, empty, hollow shell of a woman!
    It’s such a wonderful dichotomy between actual text and performance, though. The dialogue reads much more intimidating than it sounds coming from Leo. Even as this is unlike regular Leo it’s still Leo using his typical attributes to good effect. He does seem more child than man, because there’s nothing of the domineering bravura that you’d expect this delivery to be laced with. Instead Frank’s anger is puerile. A misjudgement between intent and effect, or deliberate? I say the latter, especially as the monologue continues.
    What the hell are you doing in my house if you hate me so much? Why the hell are you married to me? What the hell are you doing carrying my child?
    It’s the single best line-delivery in the film both vocally, and visually, for in that moment DiCaprio nails the idea of Frank. Sad, snivelling, pathetic and alone. It’s A+ projection of character here. Imagine Frank and April, the warring couple with a cold wife and cheating husband from the ’60s, as something from out of Mad Men. Leo doesn’t play for the suavity of Don Draper, but for the uncertain confusion of Pete Campbell.
    And in that juvenile way Frank’s outbursts are more dangerous and hurtful than if he had decided to approach April with the countenance of an alpha-male.
    I mean, why didn’t you just get rid of it when you had the chance? Because listen to me. Listen to me, I got news for you. I wish to God that you had.

  1101. 1101
    nice article on leo(good read) Says:
    I maintain that this is Leo at his best because it’s such a fine example of an actor using their foibles for a better performance. All of his typically worse traits are at work here. His youthful appearance even in the most mature of roles, that weird thing his face does when he cries, the shrill voice when he shouts, hand-acting and it works in a way that’s almost perverse just because of how sad Frank is. There’s little about Frank Wheeler that’s charming or pleasant and it’s almost as if our own appreciation for Leo has soured into something perverse. It’s why I’ve always loved Revolutionary Road, it’s so wholly unromantic in intent and form to the point of being painful to watch.
    I like Leo, so there are many performances of his that I like and even love but whenever I’m called to justify my appreciation for him as one of the best of his era I use Frank.
    Happy birthday, Leo.

  1102. 1102
    sad Says:

    its not like marty was so classy himself back during the day, geez. you all act like leo is the devil for literally everything he does.

  1103. 1103
    sad Says:

    whats worse is some of you claim you wont watch anymore of his movies just because you dont approve of who he dates and what not.

  1104. 1104
    #### Says:


    Leo’s being the good boyfriend before toni starts rehearsing tomorrow for the VS show and Leo gets to hit the clubs!! LOL

  1105. 1105
    dfest Says:

    Awwww the babies sharing their nicotine pacifier. How romantic!

  1106. 1106
    marty Says:

    It’s not the 60′s, 70′s, or even 80′s anymore. Marty was a man of his times and has many regrets.

  1107. 1107
    :) Says:

    check out this thread about Clooney’s “opinion”
    fyi this board is filled with Leo’s haters
    but most people think Clooney is a douche LOL
    even non fans are defending Leo
    I can’t believe some of Leo’s fan praising Clooney

  1108. 1108
    sad Says:

    its because this board loves to hate on leo for literally everything he does. they even said he would be the next roman polanski, that shows how he is thought of on here. and lmfao at people acting like marty is too classy for leo, when its been well documented he did coke and other drugs while working on his movies in the 70s and his love life hasnt exactly been amazing either.

  1109. 1109
    toni isn't the problem Says:

    Can’t speak for others, but the women aren’t the problem as far as I’m concerned. He’s the problem. He looks like an immature douchebag. Hard to erase from the memory bank. Wish I hadn’t seen.

  1110. 1110
    sad Says:

    but of course since leo has obvious problems we must take shots at him even harder and find a way to prefer his peers and anyone else over him as usual.

  1111. 1111
    sad Says:

    @toni isn’t the problem:
    icant say i love the way he acts, especially in those videos where he was embarassing. but it was his birthday, just because he is turning 40 next year doesnt mean he is cutofff rom having fun and hes a famous movie star with tons of money, he should be allowed to enjoy himself. dont see the point in trashing him for the way he wants to celebrate his birthday. he wanted to go all out clearly and it worked.

  1112. 1112
    IMDB haters Says:

    cancelling each other out is all that is. Their boards are filled with Clooney haters, too. He’s taken a lot more stands on political issues than Leo has and pays the price.

  1113. 1113
    birthday boy Says:

    Every week is Leo’s birthday.

  1114. 1114
    sm Says:

    if there is a soul mate, im sure she has high tailed it by now! hes just gross

  1115. 1115
    time to leave these threads Says:

    nothing but the same depressing and negative comments on here

  1116. 1116
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi Lady – not sure if you are on, but have you heard anything on possible movies/projects that are in the works or might look like they might start shooting next year? We haven’t really talked about it in awhile and maybe something has popped up.

  1117. 1117
    #### Says:


    Let’s talk about anything but Leo’s personal life.

  1118. 1118
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey nice catch you on at the same time :) Only on right now to reply to you then I gotta go. I’m not sure what his project could be, because a lot of the ones he is attached to don’t look like they are ready to start filming like you have pointed out before. For some reason I think it’ll be a project his company is also one of the main producers of or atleast a project we all least expect. I don’t know if I see the Devil In The White City or the Viking movie getting made anytime soon, for example. But to be completely honest, whatever his next project is, it would be nice if it wasn’t solely conceived to be Oscar bait for once. I kind of am hoping for a surprise. Hbu?

  1119. 1119
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Well, that is what I was trying to do – LOL! Don’t think he’s doing the Viking movie next year since he’s trimmed his beard and hair. I really don’t know of any of his current projects that look like they can start shooting next year. HAHA12 is usually really good about finding out about his projects. There hasn’t really been any buzz about him shooting a film next year.

  1120. 1120
    HAHA12 Says:

    I’m gonna try to stop doing that as well. Did you read the article someone posted above about Leo in Revolutionary Road? It was nicely written and is making me reconsider rewatching that movie. I liked all the points the author had to make about Leo and what his specific strengths and weaknesses are.

  1121. 1121
    HAHA12 Says:

    Pretty sure he won’t have a movie coming out all through out 2014.

  1122. 1122
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Glad to see you are still around, even if just for a second! I know you were getting really depressed from all the crap being said. Just need to start skipping comments – I do all the time! I have no idea what he’s going to shoot. I hope he does take on a role that will surprise us – like the Tarentino role. Hopefully, we will hear something soon. I know it’s late where you live. Thanks for answering me! Good night! ;)

  1123. 1123
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: I haven’t watched RR yet, but it is on my list as is Gangs of NY.

  1124. 1124
    #### Says:


    Probably not but hopefully he starts filming something next year! I thought he told interviewers during the gatsby promos that he was only taking a few months off?? By that I figured the rest of the year after gatsby so I’m really hoping he has something starting filming next year.

    After reading that article I want to re watch revolutionary road too. :-)

  1125. 1125
    #### Says:

    I thought I’d pass along that the Dylan fest that Leo and toni were at tonight was at the Bowery ballroom. Patrick carney of the black keys was there so I’m sure that Leo’s mom and boyfriend were there and probably some of Leo’s friends. Irmelins bf is someone’s dad in the black keys I believe and with Leo being good friends with the band I think that’s how irmelin and her bf got together. :-)

  1126. 1126
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: If I’m not mistaken, I think Leo became friends with the Black Keys through Erin. LOL! She is really good friends with the wife of one of the members, Patrick Carney, who is the son of Irmelin’s bf. Erin and her friend both work with The Global Poverty charity.

  1127. 1127
    @1126 Says:

    Are you thinking of Kings of Leon? One of them is married to a VS model.

  1128. 1128
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@1126: No, that’s Lily A., who is one of Erin’s best friend. I’m talking about Emily, I think that’s her name, is another really good friend who is married to Patrick Carney from the Black Keys. Both Erin and Emily are really involved in the charity organization, Global Poverty.

  1129. 1129
    @1128 Says:

    I thought I read that Irmelin’s new boyfriend was Lily’s father?

  1130. 1130
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @1128: No. He is the father of Patrick Carney from the Black Keys.

  1131. 1131
    @1130 Says:

    I think he’s Emily’s father. He’s a nice looking man. No way could he be Patrick’s dad. Emily is a hipsterc socialite who’s friends with many models. That’s probably how Leo knows her. Never heard of him being good friends with Patrick.

  1132. 1132
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @1130: LOL! Have to agree with you re Patrick! Like I said, Erin is very good friends with Emily and I know they were together a lot when Erin was dating Leo. I believe that is how Leo’s knows her.

  1133. 1133
    Psychic3 Says:

    leaving a comment here since I do meditation and psychic hobby predictions that went successful before with no rank on it, I can speak on behalf of what Psychic 2 said earlier, just not implying to be her, cause she is not on this thread I can see, but I could sense exactly what Psychic 2 said, and its more or less the exact same. Ok here goes..

    @sm : Yes , the SM exists. But one of the things Psychic 2 hasnt said, that I gotta add to this, is that.. even though she exists and totally knows about Leo, and I dunno about him, the things is.. she has a hard time about his model dating habits. And, no matter how easy or hard it would be for her to travel see him or to get to know him in a club, this isnt the thing for her. She would never interrupt him dancing with a girl like that, and no, she really hates the model industry, I mean like..really HATES it. No, she loves rap music and she could easily fit a club, but joining cheap looking girls is her last preference, and she is even a bit refusing it, I feel. She is the kind to rather take you on a real date, like real date, if she would get to know someone. and she would never be drunk on the first time to see anyone she likes. She still cant help loving Leo, but I feel that she sees him never wanna do anything else but clubbing and drinking, and this habit scares the s$hit out of her. She has nothing against him as a famous person or the fame or showbiz in general, but she would just never meet anyone she likes when he is drunk, or she is drunk, and she would never enter a club just to “compete” or look the same as all other women. I feel this so strongly that it is insane! There gotta be some truth in it. And I have no idea if Psychic 2 was into this subject at all. But her health conditions , I can feel she might be a vegan and very much into animal rights a.s.o, I cant ever picture this SM even trying to drink more than one glass of beer before throwing up. Seriously. She is not a boring spirit, but somehow I feel she just wanna separate whats a party night and whats not a party night. She is not the type to get into bed at the first night, either. Just the type of woman that I sense.

    Sorry to interrupt you all. :-)

  1134. 1134
    @Psychic3 Says:

    Thank you!
    How on earth is this type of an intelligent girl (an Angel she seems to be according other psychics reading too) supposed to be a twinflame of a shallow-drunkard-womanizing Leo????
    Sorry, but I don’t get it.

    And if they do meet finally- can u tell us when? She’d better come fast and save our Leo.

  1135. 1135
    Leo's SM is Lucas Says:

    Leo’s SM is Lucas. These psychics are frauds. Psychics do not give free readings.

  1136. 1136
    @Leo's SM is Lucas Says:

    I disagree with you. Psychics do give free readings if they feel like it, and to their friends etc. You can be a natural psychic. Not everyone has it as a profession. You can be talented. I believe Psychic2 is very talented, and so is many of the others, like StandingOvation, About the sm aso. And Psychic 2 was just one of those chatting ones who loved socializing it seemed.

  1137. 1137
    @1134 Says:

    I guess thats why this seems like a hopeless union, cause Leo is never gonna change. I think all the psychics here said Leo has something undiscovered in himself, but he is unaware of it or hesitates it or something. Or he will notice in his late years when he is too old and then it is too late cause then the SM has moved on. Some psychic said that the SM got many male friends, and one of them has been by her side all the time and is gonna steal her unless Leo hurries up. So, passing 50 is too late for him. Then the SM will be gone.

  1138. 1138
    also... Says:

    Page Six has a post about the party. Nothing more than what we heard so far.

  1139. 1139
    @985 Says:


    “This is the same old story with every new girlfriend. Erin was the one because she was into sports and now Toni is the one because he is getting close to 40. Ok…”

    I would say something else. Maybe Toni is the one because she is german like his mother….?? I really dont know! I just doubt it.

  1140. 1140
    So... Says:

    A little surprised about how people interpret being ‘the one’ and how superficially people define love and being in love. All I know is it has got absolutely nothing to do with being from the same ethnic background, having mutual interests or being objectively attractive.
    And someone can’t be ‘the one’ just because the guy is approaching 40 and it’s time to settle down. That would be called convenience. Not love or being the one.

  1141. 1141
    also... Says:

    @1139: So that’s the key? Being German? Gisele had German roots as well. But he was too young back then. I honestly don’t think her being German is going to seal the deal.
    I’m even surprised by the marriage assumptions. It always comes up with his barely legal toys and he is the biggest commitment phobe I have ever seen. If this guy ever settles down it will be more than nationality that matters. And I doubt he would marry one of his entertainment puppies. JMO
    @So….: +1000000000

  1142. 1142
    Toni Gargle Says:

    How someone who supposedly didnt smoke, now smoke because her boyfriend does. Lack of personality, I guess

  1143. 1143
    @1142 Says:

    Surprise! She’s about to beat Bar at being the most pretentious and lacking in personality Leo GF ever.

  1144. 1144
    Toni Gargle Says:

    See someone mature of 40 throwing a party without clubs, embarrassing shows, being half drunk, or surrounded by little girls who are half his age–20131111

  1145. 1145
    :( Says:

    Twin flames may not always be together.

  1146. 1146
    Lulu Says:

    I think deep down he knows how foolish he’s being. He sees it but doesn’t want to “man” up…grow up..whatever you want to call it. He’s scared as sh*t to take on the responsibility of committing to a woman for the rest of his life and having a family. I think this is a scorpio male thing. I know a couple of scorpios and i swear they all have very similar issues. Psychics are probably right about SM. How could she not be scared when he parades around like this? He’s partying like he just turned 21. It was his birthday so he’s entitled to his fun but i do find it strange that he shows PDA during this but never out in public. I’m also surprised he even okay’d the phones in the club. Wasnt he really protective of this in Australia? He didnt care. Its almost as if he’s sending a message to everyone.

  1147. 1147
    lovely cut Says:

    just saw the page six’s vid,now have really daubt if at the first vid that was toni!the girl here has the exact hair of toni with the dress as it showed a little bit and the face when she’s back to him for talking and esp. the hight it’s obv. she has her high heels on but in the kissing vid the blond girl is def. different esp. by her highet! just said my opinion! and it’s like toni kissed his chick at first(i guess maybe this part was the source of page six,maybe i’m wrong) and the others were just talking in the ear due to loud music! they were just had fun/dancing by their own,which part of these vids showed the love/the one to lead some here to talk about in that way! can’t get it!

    in all vids i saw he was into the concert more and just talked with the other people around for a sec!i think thiese persons who are coming with these talking are the trolls who like to be always against folks here and make mad them!even her fans didn’t get this surprised and have this talking/hope in this way these trolls have!

    as i saw in page six,it says he gave 100,000$ to k.west and as i know when someone pay the singer to sign,they ask their fav. songs! i’ve heard a few years ago leo loved the gold digger song of west and agree with its words but here when i saw him dancing and sinnig with him and seems he asked west to sing it, it makes me wonder why he gotta do that?in front of your gf with the name of your ex-es in it in your bday and….it’s offencive towards the gf of the moment to me!

    and this part of the article,lol nothing to say”One guest told us, “The party was wild — wall-to-wall models. There were probably 20 girls to every guy.”

  1148. 1148
    :( Says:

    His SM seems a very sensitive soul, pure and innocent for a man like him.

  1149. 1149
    Lulu Says:

    @@Psychic3: Twin flames are a mirror of each other. They show each other what the other is missing or needs to learn. Together they compliment each other. She would probably be a grounding effect on him. Twin flames learn a lot from each other. Its an intense/psychic connection.

  1150. 1150
    lovely cut Says:

    *the other parts were just talking in the ear “

  1151. 1151
    Black sharpie Says:

    I just read the Page Six article about his birthday. Honestly, it sounds more like a charity event than a birthday party. Maybe the dinner before or last night at the Bowery Ballroom was his real celebration.
    What’s with all the models? We’re there that many single men there? Maybe it’s because Toni is a model? I would think she would view it as competition though.
    I am still surprised he allowed all the phones in to take videos.?! He is usually very private and controlled about his personal life. With the pic of him on the Page Six article he should have been more controlling about phones! LOL!

  1152. 1152
    @1151 Says:

    Pretty sure he regrets it by now. I don’t believe he doesn’t care. The ones raving about those videos are young adolescents and his die-hard fans mostly and other than that he’s pretty much being ridiculed. I showed a couple of vids to my friends who aren’t Leo fans but just admire his work and they ”eww-ed” at the kissing pic and one even said how she can’t quite see another actor of his age and caliber doing this. She said ”he is really one of a kind but not particularly in a good way”.
    These vids are pretty much everywhere. I’m sure he’s being laughed at by his peers too.

  1153. 1153
    Toni Gargle Says:

    The charity event card although great idea, it’s just his ace so the articles about his crazy parties have at least one good thing to mention in addition to “man child of nearly 40 still hits the clubs with young models.”

  1154. 1154
    @1152 Says:

    Honestly with the excitement of yesterday I found a lot of the vids amusing and pretty cool with Kanye performing especially but the more I re-watch it the sillier it becomes. Just weird and off somehow.

  1155. 1155
    Toni Gargle Says:

    @@1151: Regretting? wasnt he yesterday sharing saliva and smoke with his barely legal model at some fest? Soon he’s going to sat in the park with her to read Lolita. No shame. He have a point to show to his detractors.. He dont give a sh+t

  1156. 1156
    @Toni Gargle Says:

    Good point. Maybe he doesn’t give a f*ck indeed, on the outside. But like @Lulu said, I think he knows how foolish he looks deep down inside.
    It’s out of character for him and it’s starting to affect to professional image too lately. I wonder what’s up with him? Early midlife crisis?

  1157. 1157
    also... Says:

    @Toni Gargle #1142: Immature, smug, INSECURE and pretentious. She screams low self esteem and lack of personality. But what`s worse than that is that this is what Leo is attracted to. It can`t be only her looks since in that case it would be a fling. If he is in it for a relationship means the girls herself has what it takes to keep him interested for a while. With lack of personality, being impressionable, immature… etc.
    @Lulu: But contradicting himself. Once he is incredibly low key, no photos then it`s his birthday or he is just in the mood and it`s ok. That`s not how it works. He needs to be consistent with these issues. I said it yesterday that it would have been better if he bans phones because this is embarrassing.
    @lovely cut: The story of my yesterday morning! lol I mean about the kissing video. I agree with you about Kanye and the songs. But more importantly Kanye? Sorry but the biggest person I have ever seen( or one of the biggest ). His music might be appealing to some but as far as I know Leo is friends with him.

  1158. 1158
    also... Says:

    If he doesn`t give a sh*t why can`t he step out with her, show some respect towards her while out in public? Why is it that he is so relaxed and affectionate around her … while partying or drunk? Page Six had that sighting from a July PARTY and they said he kept kissing her. Ibiza, kissing photo and it looked like he was under the influence and then his bday celebrations ( even last night I bet he had a few ). Other times you don`t get affectionate PDA filled sightings from them….

  1159. 1159
    @1158 Says:

    Yeah it’s silly he can’t bring himself to just simply walk out of a place together with her (no PDA no nothing, just walking out of the place together) and kissing, dancing and canoodling sightings, pics/vids only appear when he is seemingly drunk and/or wasted.

  1160. 1160
    not toni Says:

    Guy, you must be blind. On that video Toni stands BEHIND him (or at least a girl who looks like her -a tall one with the similar face) He is kissing a much shorter girl- 100% not Toni. right in front of Toni. LOL

  1161. 1161
    also... Says:

    @1159: The guy has no respect for Toni I don`t care how affectionate he was on Sunday and Monday. I think this was the first tweet about them being lovey-dovey yesterday ever since they started dating. If you focus only on these past two days you see a different story than what you get when you look at them as a couple of 6 months. It was his birthday, surrounded by friends and family, celebrating and he might have been overwhelmed by another bday, approaching 40…etc but it won`t change him on the long run.

  1162. 1162
    Mobli Says:

    Lukas just shared this on his Mobli account. I was wondering is this maybe where Leo’s condo is in TriBeCa? Anyone know? (And yeah, it’s lightly snowing in NYC rn. Looking beautiful from my window!)

  1163. 1163
    @1178 Says:

    @also…: you are truly a psycho

  1164. 1164
    also... Says:

    @1163: LOL Really? I live for your opinion, honey! lol Obvioufly I’m crushed by what you think of me ! What am I gonna do now? haha

  1165. 1165
    @1163 Says:

    Why are you obsessed with her and what she posts or thinks?

  1166. 1166
    also... Says:

    @Mobli: Maybe a hotel? Or his new place that he allegedly bought? It doesn’t seem like it’s his place in Battery Park City… His reps didn’t deny the story about the department purchase so far.

  1167. 1167
    Mobli Says:

    ^That could be indeed. I don’t know how his Battery Park apartment looked like from the outside and don’t know about the new one either. He allegedly purchased one in The Village right?

  1168. 1168
    @Toni Gargle Says:

    Toni wasn’t a smoker before she began dating him? This caught me off guard, because I like the girl, but she may not be genuine like I thought. She is losing her identity too much and too soon, when this relationship ends she is going to be a total mess.

  1169. 1169
    V Says:

    @Mobli: It might be Lukas’ own condo/apartment, bought by Leo. I think Leo is very generous and probably have bought condos, houses and other luxury things to his family members and close friends. I’m sure it’s like that.

  1170. 1170
    also... Says:

    @Mobli: I haven’t been to BPC for a while but Lukas posted photos from there before and this doesn’t look like those or the building GD I remember in that area.
    This new place is the village, very close to Union Square. I go there quite a lot and I know it’s busy and crowded so I was surprised that he picked such an area but I guess it’s all about the apartment.
    @1168: I don’t know or like Toni at all but regardless a relationship and a guy like Leo are not what a young model / girl needs. Even if it’s just for fun ( I assume it is ) it might influence her in a bad way. Her friends seem to be enjoying the perks she gets as well so who would give her a clue? After all she is dating a guy who needs a reality check himself?

  1171. 1171
    V Says:

    There’s a snow in NY? Cool.

  1172. 1172
    V Says:

    @Lulu: Agree with almost everything you said in your posts, except that maybe he wants to grow up but simply can’t. Maybe he’s trying. Anyways I wish him luck in that one, I guess it’s not easy for him.
    Wht message do you think he wants to send to everyone?

  1173. 1173
    @1133 Says:


    What do you think about what INTUITIVE wrote (september/october) what I posted in a last thread again?

  1174. 1174
    Lulu Says:

    @V: I’m not sure. His behavior (inconsistent) baffles me. But he clearly didnt mind the cameras, knowing full well that something would leak out. He’s probably saying “Hey I’m almost 40 but I’m going to party and do what I want and how I want to. Not slowing down any time soon”. Something must be said by the company he keeps. The guy likes to party and with models. He isn’t ready to meet the SM. Who knows if he’s working on himself. I like to think he is but all I see is him acting like a 20 year old.

  1175. 1175
    @1168 Says:

    @@Toni Gargle:
    Toni did not smoke before.

  1176. 1176
    yesterday Says:

    This is what I wrote yesterday on page 28, 695:

    My first language is german. Here on this Instagram asked someone in german “Is @toni_garrn there too?”, the another said: “Yes, I will post later more .”

    But the question and the answer is deleted! They posted nothing more! It is certainly forbidden to post more videos and pics..!

  1177. 1177
    @1176 Says:

    She posted a pic of her and Toni I see?

  1178. 1178
    ha Says:


    but answers the question whether he was drunk or not lol

  1179. 1179
    also... Says:

    @V&Lulu: I don`t think he wants to grow up. Why? He has everything he needs to continue his life the way he loves it. The only thing that`s catching up with him is public opinion and how people – including his colleges and Hollywood – sees him. That might make him change some things but grow up? I think something radical has to happen in his life to wake up from this frat-boy delusion. As Lulu said, and it was pointed in almost all of the birthday party posts, the place was full of models even though he has an official girlfriend. And indeed the company he keeps! If it`s the way Clooney described I`m not surprised he is the way he is and acts like a spoiled manchild. The reason why he gets along with these 20 something immature girls is because he is on the same level emotionally as they are. As long as it stays that way we won`t see any change from him. JMO.

  1180. 1180
    also... Says:

    @yesterday: Thanks for the update.

  1181. 1181
    #### Says:


    The fact that there were approx 20 girls to every guy at Leo’s party is just ridiculous!

    I’m sure now that the birthday festivities are over and he’s taken a couple of days to play the good boyfriend, he’ll go back to being the clubbing, modelizer especially since Toni will be busy doing the VS rehearsals today and show tomorrow.

    I was sure he wouldn’t show up at the after party a week ago and now not so much….

  1182. 1182
    also... Says:

    @####: if you think he played the good bf role during his bday why do you think he would go to the after party?

  1183. 1183
    also... Says:

    @####:’Some ppl said it probably bothered him how those videos leaked. If it’s true and he wants some ‘quiet time’ now I don’t think he will make an appearance. Or will be extremely low key. If not than probably it was something like in Ibiza with the first set set if photos… he doesn’t care what leaked and what’s out there about him/them.

  1184. 1184
    #### Says:


    I guess because of the leaks of him and Toni. I mean he had a crapload of models at his b-day party and they showed PDA so why would he not go to the VS after party in front of a whole bunch of models and show PDA?

  1185. 1185
    #### Says:


    Okay so that makes no sense what I said. I don’t know…..I guess we’ll see if he goes or not. Maybe he’ll use it as a way to go party with his friends. LOL

  1186. 1186
    #### Says:


    I’m sure it did bother him. It’s one thing to focus on the concert and upload the videos but the ones with him and Toni, I’m sure he didn’t think they were going to get uploaded.

    This morning I saw two girls tweeting back and forth about whether it was Toni in the 8 second video or not kissing Leo. Same issue we were having on here about her height yesterday. LOL

  1187. 1187
    also... Says:

    @####: that’s what I’m saying. If it was just an act why would he go?
    The VSFS and the after party will be a big event with lots of media attention so it’s not just about the models who will be there. We will see tomorrow. If he goes I think he will be low key.

  1188. 1188
    @1185 Says:

    If he goes to the VS after party that’d prove he doesn’t give a single f*ck about the leaks or even Clooney’s Esquire interview. The VS show, including the after party, always causes a lot of buzz and gets a lot media attention. Leo being there with Toni would draw lots of (negative) attention for him. Especially with Erin being confirmed to walk as well. It’d just be super awkward and his name is already being associated with VS in a horrible way.
    I think he cares. And my guess is he will be low key the coming days/weeks, unless it’s WOWS related stuff e.g. promotion etc.

  1189. 1189
    Lilly Says:

    Pain the videos @ha:
    In the videos I saw he glasses of alcohol. Like shots or champagne. :)

  1190. 1190
    #### Says:


    I’m pretty sure he wasn’t doing shots of champagne from those glasses. Although he likes champagne and was probably drinking it too, I think those glasses had something stronger in them! LOL

  1191. 1191
    Are u kiddin'? Says:

    That was Toni, no question. Or you are in denial or you are blind. You realize that people around him (in the 8 sec vid) are also higher than Toni? This is so stupid!

  1192. 1192
    Are u kiddin'? Says:

    Not Toni?

  1193. 1193
    Black sharpie Says:

    I don’t know, I think he may not care what leaked from the party?! If he did, he would have not allowed phones in.
    I thought comments were made last year at his birthday and also this year at Cannes that phones weren’t allowed.
    There are numerous videos from the night and they have all made the rounds on gossip sites. I am sure he or his publicist could have predicted this and yet they didn’t seem to do anything about it. These videos are certainly not flattering!

  1194. 1194
    #### Says:

    @Are u kiddin’?:

    Read my comment!!!

    I said that two girls on twitter were tweeting about it this morning about whether it was Toni or not. I didn’t say we were discussing it here!!! It was an LOL type thing because it was being discussed here yesterday! Geez!!!

  1195. 1195
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    I don’t think he minded them this year but I’m sure he thought they would be focused on the concert and not on him and Toni. Those are pretty embarrassing and in your words not flattering. :-) I’m sure he’s not happy about those being leaked.

  1196. 1196
    Are u kiddin'? Says:

    @#### I was talking abou @not toni, I forgot to tag

  1197. 1197
    also... Says:

    @####: My opinion about the video has not changed. I watched it again last night and I still don`t think it`s her. I don`t see how it matters that people around him are taller. After all wasn`t the club filled with models?
    Another thing about the VSFS and after party. Leo has been the butt of many jokes with regards to VS models. Him showing up would fuel those even more like `scouting new talent`… etc. He is with Toni but Toni is ignored and not taken seriously by the media. Going there will bring in attention so let`s see if he wants it.
    @1188: I agree but we will see. What leaked from his party is not flattering. He got slammed even for getting Kanye there to perform. And his dancing and other stuff… Not a good image anymore.
    Kinda off topic: I have just checked out those Margot Robbie & Will Smith photos and I was shocked. How bad Margot looked. It seems she lost weight ( maybe for the role ) but it doesn`t look good at all. Rough and manly. I hope she gets back to her original weight because that was way more flattering for her.

  1198. 1198
    vavi Says:

    @also -”I watched it again last night and I still don`t think it`s her”
    It’s because you are in pain.But don’t worry he will give her the boot soon ;)

  1199. 1199
    also... Says:

    @vavi: Oh, great! You got me all figured out! YAY! I’m ‘in pain’! Exactly! There can’t be any other reason for disagreeing with you. Thank you very much for telling me. lol

  1200. 1200
    #### Says:


    After seeing the vids/pics leaked from his birthday party, if he was planning on going, I’m sure he’s having second thoughts!!! Like you said this party will have the media there so we’ll see.

  1201. 1201
    also... Says:

    @####: It will or would bring attention to him. Leo and VS models @ VSFS show / party… Bloggers and gossip site would have a field day. JMO.
    Leo’s ‘wild b’day party’ made the front page of the NY Post today. And there’s an article in it about Jordan Belford and how he changed. I haven’t read it yet but he talks about his life now and insists how he changed and would never steal / lie again. The same day Leo’s wild birthday party makes front page / headlines.

  1202. 1202
    toni girl Says:

    So his barely legal skinny- bland -blonde squeze of the season played a central part in leo’s b-bash=> man,look at how tightly he’s hugging her…and he’s laughing out loud with her.
    wow. Bar should see those pics:(

  1203. 1203
    #### Says:


    LOL….what are the odds that they hit in the same paper???

  1204. 1204
    toni girl Says:

    the funny thing is that posters here-me included- thought she wouldn’t have made it to his birthday.sheesh

  1205. 1205
    Mari Says:


    Yeah, it’s her. If you watch the video before before the kissing starts, there’s a good shot of her eyes. Definitely her. Plus that’s her distinctive nose. I don’t like it either but like you say, she’ll be gone before we know it (unfortunately only to be replaced by another 21 year old blonde model, but that’s what he does).

  1206. 1206
    also... Says:

    @toni girl: ???????
    @####: Timing doesn’t really work in Leo’s advance these days…

  1207. 1207
    #### Says:

    @toni girl:

    I’m sure she’s only lasting because Leo’s not doing anything right now but obviously when it comes to work, i.e., LACMA, WOWS premiere, etc., she is/will be nowhere around.

    And of course, she seems to be putting her modeling career on hold so she can hang with him every chance she gets.

  1208. 1208
    vavi Says:

    @#### -Do you consider it to be a coincidence that leo is putting on hold his career too-not wows promo not new projects-to be with the flavour of the month??Honestly, this makes sense to me.

  1209. 1209
    @toni girl Says:

    no i don’t think any of his exes will or should cry, i’m sure leo acted the same way with them when he was drunk, like what did people expect? them never to kiss, hug or have sex? LMAO the only difference here is that we don’t have videos or pics (some with gisele and bar) like this…It’s funny that people here are obessed with his exes and especially bar and gisele maybe because he dated them for so long i don’t know it’s strange LMAO

    I guess hanging out with a socialmedia-freak is making leo to act like one too LOL not to talk about hanging out with teenagers. Like many people says here it’s strange that he allowed them to come in with phones, i guess maybe because there were so many different kind of people. There were tweets from random people saying that they are ging to leo’s party. In his other parties from what i’ve read he inveted more models from agencys, escorts etc.

  1210. 1210
    #1209 Says:

    +100. AGREE! Bar hater and Bar stans loves to mention her, and so does some Gisele and Erin stans! Like really get over them, leo did and yes he maybe did act so with them too, but honestly he looks in love with Toni

  1211. 1211
    Lainey Says:

    Lainey mentions Clooney’s backtrack:
    ”George Clooney called out Leonardo DiCaprio in ESQUIRE for having bullsh-t friends. Click here for a refresher from yesterday. His publicist wants to clarify now however that George wasn’t commenting on Leo’s posse. Rather, it was just about basketball. Pure jokes:

    “The Leo comments were all made in fun about basketball. Not about Leo’s life. The writer and George were laughing about basketball buddies.”

    Really? I think he was pretty clear in describing basketball as a metaphor for life:

    “The discrepancy between their game and how they talked about their game made me think of how important it is to have someone in your life to tell you what’s what. I’m not sure if Leo has someone like that.”


    I mean, sure. It could have been the tone. But Tom Junod (who wrote the piece for ESQUIRE) is not a junior writer. He would have picked up on the tone. And, given how hard he was for Clooney in the article, it’s hard to believe he would have deliberately misrepresented Clooney if Clooney hadn’t meant it that way.

    So why the backpedal? I’d like to believe Leo whinged about it over email. The way he’s insulated, and given how pouty we’ve all seen he can be, it’s not unlike Justin Bieber. You know how Justin Bieber randomly runs up to people, sucker punches them, and then scoots away behind his bodyguard?

    Totally Leo.

    Not convinced? Go back and read that awesome Leo profile from when he was just 23 years old and he and his ***** posse were raging through New York. Click here. That smells a LOT like JB, non? And I wonder if George must be like, eh, maybe I’ll give this punk a break.

    Russell Crowe on the other hand doesn’t get a break.

    Clooney’s publicist did not have anything to change about that anecdote at all:

    “As for the Russell Crowe story. George was asked about it and told the truth.”

    So, basically, Chairman George Clooney is telling us that Leonardo DiCaprio still has a career, and Russell Crowe…doesn’t matter anymore?”

  1212. 1212
    WTf Says:

    . NO NO NO! Not again, stop making this a leo vs. ex girlfriends thread that’s so annoying LMAO! Serriosly I can see why people writes about him and Toni : because it’s happening now, it’s present, he is dating her NOW. BUt bringing up his exes is just lame and unnecessary, when i read some comments I get the feeling that people believes that his exes are just crazy as those BZ fan girls, yes they maybe loved him and some desperate of them (you know which ones i mean) still does BUT they already DATED him, they probably kissed and did the same things Toni is doing with him soooo no they are not that exacting. Some of them were with him for years, and trust me (i’m speaking from own experiences) after a breakup with your long time partner you will for sure think about him/her a lot for various reasons (love, anger, depression, sadness) but after some time when you see that he/she moved on you will let it go. I’ve seen some of their social networks (bar, gisele’s Erin’s) and they all looks to be fine (Erin looks a bit depressed and boring LMAO) so no i don’t think they like being mentioned here. They all have moved on, why cannot justjared people does that too? Im not trying to offend anyone and sure you can write about what you want… that’s just my opinion

  1213. 1213
    also... Says:

    @vavi: I do. Leo has long term commitments, finding, preparing and developing a new project is time consuming. Toni’s job is shorter commitment. I personally don’t think he planned this around Toni at all. That’s a stretch. He did 3 back to back movies with promo and stuff. Why do you think Toni is that special that he would take such a long break for her? Because of the bday party ?

  1214. 1214
    @vavi Says:

    Lol. Are you actually serious or are you just throwing nonsense statements around to prove your point? It’s okay that you believe Leo is in love with Toni but you’re saying nonsensical things. Leo announced his break from acting LONG before Toni. He said it was going to be a long break.
    Geez as much as some are in total denial of their relationship some really go far in wanting to prove their point that Leo is mad about her. I mean it’s okay to believe that it’s your opinion and all but saying stuff like he took a break to be with her.. lmao. Whatever I guess.

  1215. 1215
    also... Says:

    @Lainey: I loved it! She wasn’t sugar coating it and put it out there the way it is: BS backtracking. Bad both for Clooney and Leo. As I saw on twitter not many ppl picked up on the ‘clarification ‘ story so far.

  1216. 1216
    also... Says:

    @1214: Isn’t it very typical? His current girlfriends are always so special, better than the ex(es) and might be the one ( like weeks after they start dating ). What’s with that?

  1217. 1217
    #### Says:


    No. He had already decided to take the time off after the Gatsby promos. I think she does it so she can be with him as much as possible. As long as Toni makes herself constantly available for Leo, it keeps him from straying but that will only last so long and then he gets bored and needs to go back to his clubbing, boozing and girls.

    Someone said it earlier in the thread yesterday that she is young and she is a Leo fangirl. Her friends have instagrammed about him before Toni was even a glint in Leo’s eye so this is huge for her and her friends for her to be with Leo. Toni along with her friends are enjoying all of the Leo perks.

    And someone said it as well… long as Toni is okay with looking the other way when he’s out clubbing and partying with other girls (cheating on her), she will continue to be his girlfriend.

  1218. 1218
    Drake quote Says:

    I’m probably the only one but when I saw that video of Toni clinging and hanging onto him and kissing him to get his attention before he sloppily and uncoordinatedly kissed her I had to think of something Drake said a while ago.
    ”Hoes want attention, women want respect.”

  1219. 1219
    vavi Says:

    @1214 Toni is just a flavour of the month. I didn’t say that he is in love with her.
    I just noticed he has put his acting career and his causes on hold and all i see is him spending his holidays with her, the birthday video, his holidays never end and he is still with toni. coincidence? i would say no.

  1220. 1220
    also... Says:

    @vavi: You can’t be serious. He has done this in the past with his exes. You give Toni some special status for some reason and you ignore facts. This was a planned break before Toni showed up. If he doesn’t work why not go on vacations with his obedient puppy to entertain him? Have you noticed how rarely these two are alone? Always with friends. What u say is a huge stretch! HUGE !

  1221. 1221
    #### Says:


    Totally!!! And I do remember a story when Leo and Erin were together where they went to a concert for Gary Clark, Jr. in NYC. It was a Weinstein party and they were seen “dancing and making out” on the dance floor. Toni is definitely not the only one!!! LOL

  1222. 1222
    @vavi Says:

    Like I said, Leo had announced his break from acting long before and it was going to be an extensive break. He has all the time in the world, and as long as she makes herself available, why not? The fact that he obviously must like her plays a big role, but you can’t honestly believe he is taking a break from his career, a.k.a. the one and only thing he takes dead serious in his life and his no. 1 priority, to be with her? I mean… does it add up when you look at how he behaves with her in public if you count out these last birthday videos? He consistently refuses to be seen with her in public. Does that look like a guy who took away the time he would otherwise put in his career to spend with his girlfriend? And is it all that he does? Spending time with her? 9 out of the 10 times they hang out, it looks like she is tagging along while he is hanging out with his friends.
    I’m sorry your I don’t quite understand your logic. It doesn’t add up at all.

  1223. 1223
    vavi Says: was just an observation. that is all. and i can’t get past that video. I just CAN’T…i wish i had never run into that freaking damn video .

  1224. 1224
    What's next Says:

    “He is in love,
    he never acted like this,
    She is special,
    she is the one,
    Their babies are gonna be cute,
    she is better than all his ex
    dont know anything about her but she looks genuine
    they are tied to the hip,
    he is going to marry her”

    Same broken record with every girlfriend.. and How many of those fans still follow or care about them. None

  1225. 1225
    @vavi Says:

    Well that’s…understandable. To some degree. And under certain circumstances, like for instance, have you ever been to a nightclub? Or a big, wild party? Because if not I can understand I guess.
    I have. Left, right, front, back, all around me I see couples AND non-couples make out like that in nightclubs. I can’t see anything special.
    Or it’s because you thought they don’t make out or kiss or hug? And that’s why you’re shocked or something? Lol. I mean, they are a couple after all you know?

  1226. 1226
    vavi Says:

    @1222 no i didn’t say he took this in order to be with her.
    I’m saying that he has prolonged this break and he is still with her but nvm

  1227. 1227
    #### Says:

    @Drake quote:

    LOL perfect!!! :-)

  1228. 1228
    @vavi Says:

    1226 – Same story different version. Whether it’s taking one or prolonging an ongoing break. Doesn’t change my opinion.

  1229. 1229
    Intuition Says:

    Hello, I saw the articles in the press about the birthday party and eventually stumbled here and noticed the heavy comment traffic as well as commentary from other intuitive/psychics so I wanted to add my own 2 cents.
    I see that his current girlfriend is not his soul mate and the romantic relationship will not continue for much longer although I do see a casual friendship & acquaintanceship. I feel that he does have a soul mate, I feel she is of European decent but born American. I feel she is somehow involved in the entertainment industry, I feel she is an assistant of some sort, helps with something. Not necessarily a personal assistant but she help contribute to the careers of others. A publicist? Hair & Makeup? PA? She is a brunette but has light skin. Surrounded by children, I keep seeing 3 children, I am not sure what this means, perhaps she is a nanny? Or they will have 3 children?
    She is a fan of Leo, finds him attractive but it doesn’t consume her, I think she feels the connection to him but doesn’t know she’s his SM. How I picked up on her and felt the need to read more into him is that I feel she is disappointed in him after the birthday party news articles. Almost like she is “giving up”. I don’t know how to clarify the feeling but when I sense her, I feel her “giving up” on him.
    ***Psychic 3 touched on something I also felt, she has model looks, most people consider her very attractive, beautiful even, but she is not into the club scene. She could easily fit in with all the club girls, even the VS models minus her height but it isn’t her thing.
    *I sense she is a good person but not as saintly as others seem to portray her. She’s a REAL person with faults, interests and dislikes. Doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs, likes an occasional drink but it doesn’t consume her. I don’t see her being Vegan but I can’t really feel much about that either way.
    *I feel she lives or will live on the west coast. Los Angeles? Las Vegas? San Diego? I keep sensing a city with 2 names. I feel their paths will cross within the next 18 months but she will be too nervous and star struck to make a move but he will have noticed. I feel they meet when it is work related so it’s not a chance encounter, they will establish a friendship because of work (not sure if it’s because she is on his set or what, maybe becoming connected because of another work acquaintance? all I see is that it’s work related).
    *but she will touch him in a way that makes him want to be a better person. his mom will not like her at first because she will sense the SM is the one and “taking her baby” but when she comes to terms with this it will be an amazing MIL type relationship. I also sense his closest friends will not be too happy with SM at first either because she will consume him IN A GOOD WAY. He will spend more and more time with her and less than him. He has another friend with children who will 110% approve and this friend and his family will become very close with Leo, his SM and children?

    **Please excuse any typos, I typed as I was getting the messages

  1230. 1230
    Just saying Says:

    Leo hasnt been in a break from acting since January???? and partying nonstop since before than that?

  1231. 1231
    Intuition Says:

    Oh I also need to add that she will not be able to break him of his party boy lifestyle for a couple years. It will always be who he is. He will never change. However, I sense that something will pop up in the news, rumors of an affair? him being with another woman? the news will devastate her and he will realize how his actions affect other people. the pain he caused the SM, as he does love her at this point, will be enough for him to calm his ways…SOME

  1232. 1232
    @1230 Says:

    Yes he is. He did some re-shoots for a couple of days for WOWS in February if I’m correct. WOWS filming ended in October/November last year and he has been partying hardcore all over the place – LA, Vegas, NYC, Miami, Cannes – since then. His break from acting he announced while he did press for Django Unchained which was back in December. He said he had just finished his 3rd in a row movie and was taking a ‘long, long break’.

  1233. 1233
    @@vavi Says:

    “He consistently refuses to be seen with her in public. Does that look like a guy who took away the time he would otherwise put in his career to spend with his girlfriend? And is it all that he does? Spending time with her? 9 out of the 10 times they hang out, it looks like she is tagging along while he is hanging out with his friends.
    I’m sorry your I don’t quite understand your logic. It doesn’t add up at all”
    if i said that all these things you are describing here (and are spot-on tbh) emanate from his inhibitions and his shyness and when he is drunk he shows his real self, would it add up??

  1234. 1234
    #### Says:


    It would be nice to move on from the Leo and Toni show so how much longer do we have to endure that??? LOL

  1235. 1235
    @1232 Says:

    Yep Toni came in a convenient time and that’s the reason they spent a lot of time together in short amount of period. It was exactly the same with other girlfriends. In his off time, they were almost always with him. Him and his entourage, of course.

  1236. 1236
    Psychic3 Says:

    Thanks for inputs, I do feel the same about her – not into club scene at all, but loves music, though in general. Loves entertainment, though she is not the type to enter the clubs and pubs every weekend, but she would need to become more social and Leo would give her that, in return. I also sense her being blonde and European, but not American. Definitely not Toni G, lolol. She looks like his mother, and yes his mother will feel different towards her than any of his exes and current. I feel she is not a typical fan,she is an admirer of his great work, but not a fan. She is creative herself. Not someone who would come to his doorstep or stay in the crowd full of screaming fans. She would rather like that they meet at some place hidden, some place rare. She supports his privacy needs, but in return Leo will become a lot more outspoken and public with his SM than any of the VS models or any. It will turn him upside down once they meet.

  1237. 1237
    Sm talk Says:

    Since psychics and intuitive keep bringing the subject about 3 childrens.
    I wanna ask if the three kids you see are a boy and two girls and whether there is connexion with the letter A with them.

  1238. 1238
    Intuition Says:

    ### I don’t sense it continuing much longer. Months? I could be wrong though, I don’t sense anything long term (years). She’s a nice girl, easily influenced because of her age, wants to have fun, she cares about him but does not want to settle down anytime soon. She will meet her SM in 7-8 years?

  1239. 1239
    Black sharpie Says:

    Agreed. I think he was quoted back in January about taking a break. I think this year was about relaxing and vacationing and lining up future projects – Devil in the White City, Rasputin, Viking movie, Wilson etc.
    If you look back over his career, he has done this before.

  1240. 1240
    muca Says:

    ‘Devil in the White City, Rasputin’

  1241. 1241
    Intuition Says:

    RE 3 kids. They pop up A LOT when I’m focusing on Leo, so I’m glad I am not the only one who has sensed the 3 children (as implied by your post Sm Talk). I have some more about them but want to see if any other intuitive can elaborate because it’s sort of hard for me to narrow down. I know what I see but maybe more experienced intuitive can help

  1242. 1242
    also... Says:

    The Drake Quote is great!!!!!!as #1235 Toni came in a convenient time. He was on a long break, he was single for like 7 months which is a long time for him without a gf. He took a 6 months break with Bar and a year with Gisele I think. So if anything I think Toni got in because he was done being single. That guy can’t be without an official gf long. The break is not prolonged because of her. She is there to keep him entertained while on a break. JMO

  1243. 1243
    Black sharpie Says:

    This is from Huffington Post. There might be earlier articles as well.

    Leonardo DiCaprio Taking A Break: Actor Says He Is ‘Worn Out’
    Jan 19, 2013
    In the midst of awards season, one Golden Globe nominee says that it is time for a break.

    “I am a bit drained,” Leonardo DiCaprio told German publication Bild. “I’m now going to take a long, long break. I’ve done three films in two years and I’m just worn out.”

    But rather than spending his break relaxing, DiCaprio says that he will take the time to focus on the environment. “I would like to improve the world a bit,” he said. “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”

    While he was beat out by his co-star Christoph Waltz, DiCaprio was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”

    DiCaprio’s latest, “The Great Gatsby,” hits theaters on May 10.

    [Bild via IndieWire]

  1244. 1244
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    I am just hopeful he’ll start something in 2014 sooner rather than later….maybe something that we haven’t seen discussed….

  1245. 1245
    soulmate talk Says:

    i know nobody believes the physics around here or thinks they are only wishfully thinking but i like their comments and hope they stay around every now and then. adds some nice positvity to this place and makes me a tiny bit hopeful he could find a real WOMAN one day.
    do you have an intuition as to what leo feels about all the backlash he has gotten from his fans and the press especially this year? do you think it will affect him at some point to try to change?

  1246. 1246
    @Intuition Says:


    And how old is she (SM)? A young girl in early 20 or hopefully around 30? In 1229 you said “I feel their paths will cross within the next 18 months” but in 1238 you said “he will meet her SM in 7-8 years?” Hmmmmmm???

  1247. 1247
    @1246 Says:

    That was about Toni. Toni will meet her SM in 7-8 yrs according to @Intuition.

  1248. 1248
    Sighting Says:

    Benjamin Sutton ‏@bhsutton 52m
    Just saw Leonardo DiCaprio checking out Cyprien Gaillard’s killer excavator part readyades at Gladstone.

    Looks like he’s once again checking out art in Brooklyn.

  1249. 1249
    Bar and Toni Says:

    They should be friends !!

  1250. 1250
    also... Says:

    LOL! It’s already weird!
    @sixtysixtyspin: So when does it start getting weird that Leonardo DiCaprio continues to date 21-year-old models? He’s almost 40 now…

  1251. 1251
    Psychic3 Says:

    sorry I am not seeing 3 children at all, and I dont think Psychic 2 either saw children already in the picture from the SM.

    I think she is the first potential to have a bio child with Leo, though. and maybe the only… like ever.

    but she has been a nanny before, true…. she loves children. Maybe thats why.

    as for when or something, I have no clue. I just know for sure its not Toni – I guess everyone here without being a psychic can sense that – lolol :-)

  1252. 1252
    also... Says:

    @1249: He sure likes them interchangeable! God forbid he started dating someone different he might not even recognize her in the crowd! He would look for a tall blonde, tongue out instagramming while he is supposed to be with with someone else! lol

  1253. 1253
    soulmate talk Says:

    do you believe leo will find her on a movie set then? you said they’ll meet somewhere work related. and will she be older than tonis age atleast(please) lol?

  1254. 1254
    Black sharpie Says:

    @Bar and Toni:
    That’s why he’s attracted to these women – it’s the hand signals!!!

  1255. 1255
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    Flexible wrists??? LOL

  1256. 1256
    ok Says:

    we get it leo is a pig but can you all please tone it down on the leo bashing its embarrassing enough trying to defend him already. why cant this board be positive for once? surely if he bothers and disgusts so much you can find another actor to admire. his behavior at his birthday party was embarrassing and funny for someone who is almost 40 but hes Leonardo DiCaprio, how else should he spend his bday? i would think people who have been fans of him for years would atleast accept this by now instead of holding him to ridiculously high standards and praising anyone who trashes him.

  1257. 1257
    @1256 Says:

    Actually you would be shocked if you knew how low the standards are he’s being held to lol.

  1258. 1258
    V Says:

    @Intuition: It was said here/link that the SM will die and that it’s a sad story. What about that?

  1259. 1259
    Black sharpie Says:

    You’re bad!😄

  1260. 1260
    also... Says:

    @####: I’m sure that’s a big plus while he is trying to choose the next flavor! lol

  1261. 1261
    ok Says:

    more like how low he is thought of on here if he is being compared to roman freakin polanski in the previous pages. my point still stands. i dont support anything he does in his personal life, but that does not mean i will scold him and criticize him for whatever he wants to do, which includes enjoying his birthday with rappers. if thats what he likes, then whats the problem. thats just what he likes, but the man could do literally anything and im convinced he would be scolded for it on here.

  1262. 1262
    ok Says:

    the comments in the first pages of this thread were disgusting imho.

  1263. 1263
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    @Black sharpie and @Also

    I couldn’t resist!!! LOL

  1264. 1264
    Black sharpie Says:

    I don’t think anyone is disgusted by him, as you put it. We’re just having some fun.
    Honestly, a forty year old white man trying to rap and dance while wearing a golf shirt and newsboy cap IS funny. Last week when he was all dressed up in a suit and tie, we complimented him.
    (I am not even going to get into the girlfriend thing)

  1265. 1265
    shir Says:


  1266. 1266
    ok Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    i thought it was funny too, i got secondhand embarrassment but couldnt help but laugh. however, people on here of course took everything so seriously and continued criticizing him, when it was HIS birthday.

  1267. 1267
    @1265 Says:

    Thanks for that. Damn he’s been sighted at art galleries a lot lately. I wonder if it’s for his newly bought house.

  1268. 1268
    Black sharpie Says:

    Let’s hope he buys the bulldozer and installs it in his new NY home. That way, when random girls take pics at his parties we’ll know it’s really his apt.(just like the dinosaur head in his CA home).

  1269. 1269
    Intuition Says:

    I meant TONI will meet HER soul mate in 7-8 years. I thought I wrote that clearly. Apologies if I did not.
    LEO will meet his SM within the next 18 months APPROXIMATELY but they will not become an item right away.
    *No she is not young. She is currently late 20′s, early 30′s in that range.
    *No I do not see her meeting a tragic end early in life.
    *I do feel there are fake psychics here pushing their own agendas (ei making the SM out to be themselves).
    *the 3 children are important. I did not say they were the SMs or where they came from, however they are important.
    *I still strongly see that she is American, currently in the USA
    *hair color is irrelevant, although I still see her as a brunette. Hair dye is easily accessible everywhere though.

  1270. 1270
    also... Says:

    JMO but the wrist comment was just fun and far from the disgusting RP comment. And I’m pretty sure those disturbing posts weren’t made by regulars.

  1271. 1271
    Official Audience Says:

    Ok…. so i m gone since blake/erin and come back to find Leo’s icky birthday vidz all over the place…… Damn!!!!!! tinkerbell where are you????? I see you’ve left too along with CG and others. I just had to dig…. guess what there’s one of each taking selfies through the side mirror of the car…… Bar took 9 weeks ago and Toni some 5 weeks and looks like toni was with leo….. could see his stupid cap….. So basically Toni not only is influenced by Leo with smoking but she copies bar too. Talk about no personality….. what the? And I m not a barfie. Ok I m gone once again I will be back when soon things will start looking and turning out promising for Leonardo DiCaprio. I hate to see people wasting their lives like this. It’s sad and I m still disappointed in him even more so now. The girl is even more repulsive than bar. Erin I liked but still wasn’t happy with his lifestyle. He has got to watch out. George’s earlier statements were what he actually felt and there was nothing misinterpreted about them. He knows how it works….. he has spent his life in HW….. so u say what u want to say first and then give a clarification statement…. especially after what the world saw happen at leo’s birthday this time….. it waz the same on every birthday of his but this time it all surfaced….. George saw what he said just proved more true so was safe to retreat…… it is all infront of the world…. he need not say anything more…… George is no stupid…… trust me he knew exactly what he was saying…… ok I m out!!

  1272. 1272
    soulmate talk Says:

    do you see leo experiencing a tragedy in his personal life anytime soon that permits him to want to find his SM?

  1273. 1273
    he needs help Says:

    leo let himself get played by blake lively of all people and it made him look like a fool once she married ryan reynolds months after. the man is definitely experiencing a mid life crisis, and needs someone to bring him back to earth fast. he is with these models so he can feel young again, toni included. he even admitted he wished he could start his career all over and be young again at the gatsby premiere. at the golden globes in 2009 when ryan secreast asked kate and leo if they both had changed in the past 10 years and kate immediately said NO when asked about leo.

  1274. 1274
    Official Audience Says:

    I was there when the SM talk originally started….. n she back then was the same girl but just not who the newbies are saying here….. back then it seemed more true now everyone is just trying to make her them….. it was good different…. more realistic……. now it all seems make belief……. but what do I know…… last message before everything sets in and the brightness of day begins for Leonardo. He needs a reality check…. ok bye!

  1275. 1275
    LOL42 Says:

    LOL @#### even though I think the constant ex girlfriends obsession/discussion/conversation is irritating and mega sad, your remark was funny as heck. Interesting Leo’s been seen out and about at festivals and galleries, I honestly thought after his bash he would be nursing the mother of all hangovers or sulking over George Clooney

  1276. 1276
    #### Says:


    Like I said I couldn’t resist! We need some humor on this thread every once in a while! :-)

    He’s got a new apartment to furnish! It doesn’t look like Leo’s camp has come out to deny the purchase so I’m assuming it’s true.

    And maybe he wants to be seen out so it looks like Clooney’s comment doesn’t bother him.

  1277. 1277
    Create Your Own Luck Says:

    I took a class on how to change your future and create your own luck. What I learned from this class is that we create our destinies on a subconscious plane and act them out. So is it destiny, planning or chance. We program our subconscious to what we want and hopefully don’t sabotage the plans. But you know what I think, its getting all the variables to work for you since there is always hurdles, issue, events and people to deal with and those are the unforeseen variables. Also have alternate back up plans for every thing. I believe Leo is the master at that, good luck with the future Leo.

    Love you,

  1278. 1278
    V Says:

    @Official Audience: What was the SM back then?

  1279. 1279
    V Says:

    @Create Your Own Luck: Nicely said.

  1280. 1280
    ok Says:

    @Create Your Own Luck:
    good post

  1281. 1281
    Helly Nahmad pleads guilty Says:

    This just in..
    And he faces up to 5 yrs jail time. Leo’s name being mentioned in the article.

  1282. 1282
    #### Says:

    @Helly Nahmad pleads guilty:

    Wasn’t Helly at his birthday party?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo participated in some of the “illegal gambling.” I wonder if Leo had to “pay anything” to make sure his name stayed as far away from the criminal charges as possible? LOL

  1283. 1283
    Helly Nahmad pleads guilty Says:

    Yeah he was at his birthday party.

  1284. 1284
    @1281 Says:

    Pls Hollywood is full of gamblers, Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck are the worst and have had serious problems over this. This dude likely won’t face jail, I doubt with his wealth and high powered lawyers he would be out partying the night before at Leo’s birthday if he was actually going down. There’ll be a quiet pay off and that will be the end of that

  1285. 1285
    #### Says:


    I’m not trying to diss Leo or anything but he does hang around with some shady characters and we know he likes gambling or at least he used to. Maybe seeing Helly get arrested has curbed that enjoyment!!!

  1286. 1286
    #### Says:


    Says he’s going to be sentenced in March 2019 and he’s already given up a lot of cash and an expensive painting so who knows.

  1287. 1287
    @1284 Says:

    So? That’s not the point. Proves once again with what kind of people he surrounds himself and among what kind of names he’s being mentioned.

  1288. 1288
    ok Says:

    because he doesnt surround himself with normal mature and respectful people. as a result he is none of those things either.

  1289. 1289
    V Says:

    @####: I never heard Leo liked gambling. Are you sure?
    Btw why is your screen name in blue?

  1290. 1290
    @1289 Says:

    Never heard Leo liked gambling? Lol. Check again.

  1291. 1291
    #### Says:


    I don’t think he’s as bad as some of the other actors like Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck and I don’t know if he is as involved in gambling so much anymore but you can google his name and gambling/poker and you’ll see what pulls up.

    Tobey settled out of a lawsuit recently regarding an illegal gambling ring in Hollywood that Leo was involved in as well.

  1292. 1292
    #### Says:


    Oh and I have no idea why my screen name is blue! LOL

  1293. 1293
    V Says:

    @####: Thx, I hope he’s not involved in it.

  1294. 1294
    also... Says:

    @####: It’s blue if you put something in the Website/Twitter field. You can click on the blue screen name and connect to a website.

  1295. 1295
    #### Says:


    I didn’t even know that. I’ll never use it but good to know!!! :-)

  1296. 1296
    Psychic3 Says:

    hold on hold on! No one, as I can recall, EVER… of the psychics (and I am just an intuitive, never claimed psychic), ever said the SM was gonna die..!!! Now @V:where the hell you got that from? and whats that link?

    Sorry, but that is such wrong information. No one here ever said anything than she is a bit in trouble, cause as I can recall…family issues, friends separate them, and as mentioned here: his friends are not good for neither him, or her (um, the superficial ones). Tobey, Lukas aso are not considered the superficial friends, and she also (the SM) has some very disturbing “friends” who try to block them. Like, really block them from what they are, and this is constantly making it impossible for them. But these are advanced souls, will find out how in remarkable situations no one has even tried before, and I have no idea when they will meet or how. Other than, yes… I can feel the same as many here: She is still very much alive, she is a bubbly person , but no drunk. She loves entertainment, but no she is not on instagram. She is not from LA or something , no,…well, I feel. 3 children ok important to someone here, I cant remember Psychic2 said anything about children. I still believe Leo will be the only possible bio father to her children if she is gonna have any at all. But not everyone get their chances to meet, I am aware of that. as for spirits and so on, I dont do sessions.

  1297. 1297
    also... Says:

    @####: I don’t think anyone ever used it on these threads. It happened to me by accident before.
    Wow, all the good news for Leo in the past couple of days…

  1298. 1298
    @also Says:

    and you certainly are enjoying every minute of negative news for Leo.

  1299. 1299
    #### Says:


    A troll used it on me a month or so ago and I was wondering how they knew my twitter name. Not that it’s a big deal because I never tweet! LOL

  1300. 1300
    V Says:

    @Psychic3: Calm down. I read it obviously, didn’t think it up for sure. On one of the threads Leo in Paris for Tag Heuer (either the previous or the other) one poster posted a link, when you open it, it looks like an old thread/forum from 2010, I think, but not jj and there one poster had written it.

  1301. 1301
    Hmmm Says:

    So psychic3 claims to have never said she was a psychic but her sn is Psyhic3. Makes sense. I honestly love the SM chatter here, I think it lightens the mood and overall is just for fun. I like reading “Psyhic2″ “intuition” and whoever was on the other thread (forget her name, intuitivemedium???). Psychic3 you’re clearly a fan who has invested emotional energy into Leo and most likely are pinning yourself as the SM. Intuition didn’t give names just facts because I honestly want to believe she picked up on something. You on the other hand come back as aggressive. I think Intuition hit the nail on the head when she said false psyhics are here.

  1302. 1302
    HAHA12 Says:

    I like the soulmate talk too, can’t really say I believe it all but it’s nice to think there is someone out there in the world that is meant to be with you and Leo could certainly have that, but first he has to outgrow his fratboy/p*ssy posse lifestyle and mature before he could ever settle down with another person. Don’t see it happening anytime soon and neither does anyone else on here, but who knows. Most of all the SM can be pretty interesting, and it does balance out all the negativity and arguments on these threads atleast for a short while.

  1303. 1303
    Hmmm Says:

    That should say she “facts” as she saw them. The fact that you troll the boards enough to know what other psyhics have said prove you’re a FAN or what was it that you really are, an admirerer of his great works? Same thing as a fan. Oh and I bet you don’t live in LA so that’s why you’re quick to shut that down too.
    There were a few others who mentioned the kids, her death and hair color amongst other things

  1304. 1304
    also... Says:

    @1298: Just as much as you enjoy obsessing over my comments!

  1305. 1305
    #### Says:


    It’s not like the negative publicity is coming from this thread!!! :-)

  1306. 1306
    Question Says:

    Are psychic2 and psychic3 the same person?

  1307. 1307
    Lilly Says:

    I like the SM talk to. But I agree that a lot of people are just fans. I know some physics, I wonder what the option would be. It’s really interesting :) Also, in past interviews he desciribes his ideal woman, and I think he describes a Taurus. F.Y.I I’m a pieces.

  1308. 1308
    Candycotton Says:

    Perfect song for Leo s life

  1309. 1309
    V Says:

    @Lilly: How does he describe his ideal woman? Have a link?

  1310. 1310
    @also Says:

    its not but continuing to act so dramatic and go on and on for pages about how awful he is or this or that is just as annoying and ruins the mood. and please dont tell me to head to bellazon, icant stand that site. i dont agree with everything leo does, and i can actually handle criticisms of him FYI.

  1311. 1311
    HAHA12 Says:

    He was so cute. But he reached his peak of physical attractiveness in 2006-2007.

  1312. 1312
    Black sharpie Says:

    Not sure why my comment is being moderated.
    Anyway, Helly Namad is connected to Molly bloom and Ilya Trincher who ran the poker games that Leo and Tobey attended. Both of them have been brought up on charges. You can look up numerous articles on line.

  1313. 1313
    sm talk Says:

    the sm talk is alive again because Leo’s life is such a disappointment for so many of you. I understand why some of you would want to believe he has a soul mate. I don’t think he has one unless its a Victoria Secret model but you will cling to anything…
    It gives you hope for Leo, but there is no hope for this man child. When he’s 50 he will still be dating someone in there 20′s just like Depp and I love Depp and I love Leo. Of course its their business anyways. There personal lives is just that, PERSONAL. Their movies are for the world. He doesn’t owe us anything and who are we to judge?

  1314. 1314
    #### Says:


    Point taken. :-)

  1315. 1315
    also... Says:

    @1310: Without telling you what to do here’s a suggestion: skip my comments.

  1316. 1316
    HAHA12 Says:

    @sm talk:
    It’s possible he will continue acting like this until his 50s, but why is it so impossible that maybe he could change one day? I don’t want to get jumped on for saying this, but Im curious. He’s 39, a lot can happen in 10 years from now. I understand not wanting to easily believe he can change because that just sets up for disappointment but who knows what the future will hold, maybe Leo will reevaluate things in the future. Maybe something will happen to him that opens his eyes. It seems unlikely now, but maybe he could surprise one day. I hope this is the case at least, but I agree it won’t be happening anytime soon with the rate he’s going at.

  1317. 1317
    Psychic3 Says:

    No, I am not psychic or Psychic 2, my nick is psychic3 because I am standing in line as psychics arrive here. I just thought with my not so clear visions of her, I could speak my mind as wel, no need to shout at me like that y all !

    But I read Psychic 2 earlier, no idea what thread she was on? Cant tell. Anyway. What I was asking was, where the hell was that death sentence and what was that all about ? Since both of are claiming that to be quoted before, then please hand over the quote

    Fan or admirer, yes thats what I sensed,too, but she is not a fan as in fans in general thats what I meant. I meant she respect him as an actor. thats about it

    I am not gonna predict east and west, as I have no clue of more than this. @Intuition: you go on!

  1318. 1318
    LOl Says:

    Leo’s birthday reminds me of all the “sweet sixteen-birthdays” on MTV! LMAO, with their favorite idols there and a bunch of teenage random people, and when 2 chainz” made a “speech” for him Leo’s facial expressions were so cute LMAO hahah

    let’s not forget the dance at the end LOL i was embarrassed while watching it haha

  1319. 1319
    Black sharpie Says:

    There’s a photo on both Toni and Erin’s thread on Bellazon from VSFS rehearsals. They are apparently both on the stage. Should make for some interesting conversations backstage. LOL

  1320. 1320
    huh? Says:

    what? No psychic said anything about SM being dead, and I agree that link needs to be shown or it is BS. they all said he was meeting her this lifetime in their predictions and that she suffered but they couldn’t figure out from what. To me it sounded like she is just not so wealthy or came from working class and not the upper class where he is so no matter if she liked clubbing or not, she would be working in weekends even to make ends meet. how you all read this?

  1321. 1321
    @1318 Says:

    Can you please ppost the vid you are talking about? Dont think i seen it

  1322. 1322
    V Says:

    @HAHA12: Nicely said. Of course anyone can change in a good way. I read that on his bday party at Tao(or was it this called) people who ordered champagne donated to his foundation. So he raised money and a few million actually for the animals. Isn’t that a good change?!! I don’t remember he’s done that before at his own bday party.

  1323. 1323
    Video Says:

    They might be talking about this one
    This one is the one for the ages LMAO

  1324. 1324
    hahaha Says:

    this is getting funny

    and ofc Toni looks like the most childish and dumbest one of them all. Bless her heart

  1325. 1325
    HAHA12 Says:

    He did that for his party last year too. He used to do a lot of environmental work and was actually serious about it back in the 2000s but now not so much. In any case, I think he could change, definitely. I may be foolish for thinking so, but I don’t want to write him off so easily. But I don’t expect any changes anytime soon, I’m just speaking about the future. Because I do think the backlash has gotten to him but still not to the point where he’ll do something different and try to change.

  1326. 1326
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL this one is the most hilarious. He’s looks goneee.

  1327. 1327
    Black sharpie Says:

    Looks like he’s had a few cocktails at this point. He seems to have trouble comprehending what Two Chainz is saying.
    Well, at least he’s having fun.

  1328. 1328
    V Says:

    @huh?: I already daid where the link is. Read my comments.

  1329. 1329
    V Says:


  1330. 1330
    @lilly Says:

    Leo and a taurus would never work he needs a water sign to feel comfortable with maybe a taurus moon but not the sun in taurus …he has moon in libra and rising is in libra this explain his Don Jaun ways lol.. Toni is has a libra moon also this is not a good match because its too much air emotionally everything will always seem unauthentic and dispassionanate like the video of the akward kiss …people with alot of air in their charts tend to lack fire.. Leo is a good example of that he barely has any fire signs in his birth chart and lots of libra placments wich explains why the majority of his relationships seem shallow.. except Gisele and Kristen Zang ..Leo needs someone who give him a good kick in the pants.. when needed but not a bi*ch either lol

  1331. 1331
    LOLOL Says:

    Psychic3 = obsessed JJ/Leo forum stalker who tried to make herself his SM

  1332. 1332
    V Says:

    @Video: Thx. He deffinitely is drunk. And that glass LOL. Seems like he had fun.

  1333. 1333
    also... Says:

    At least Toni managed to keep her tongue in her mouth this time.

  1334. 1334
    @@video Says:

    look he even huged 2 chainz and people (BZ-fangirls) overreacts after a kiss and some hugs with his girlfriend,

  1335. 1335
    huh? Says:

    @v : yes but no quote-copy or page number, these threads are over thousands of comments, so you think anyone bothers to look through… alright never mind! but my point is, you are wrong in the psychic-posts interpretation. I know more than you or two people had remembered the specific quote if it was this significant change in her life or his life like alive or dead, and may I just add that a lot of psychics said the opposite.
    i am done.

  1336. 1336
    also... Says:

    If someone says, after watching that video, that he wasn’t drunk… that person needs to hit up some bars or clubs to see what drunk is.
    The very first time I saw that video I was laughing but it’s getting less and less funny every time I see it now. More like foolish.

  1337. 1337
    V Says:

    Leo treasures honesty in a woman. Who said he was a bad guy?

  1338. 1338
    Video Says:

    This one is also sure to be a future classic LMAO

  1339. 1339
    also... Says:

    @1334: What’s going on on bz? I can’t force myself to check it out. I doubt I coud take it… Are they planning the wedding already?

  1340. 1340
    SM death Says:

    I believe the original SM death comment came from an earlier psychic and it was brought up again in a recent thread. I believe it was claimed that she would die and it would be very sad for him. Maybe she was to die of Cancer or something, who the hell knows. I think it was implied by someone that she would die while they were in the relationship.

  1341. 1341
    V Says:

    @also…: LOL. Seems so funny to me. I was laughing.

  1342. 1342
    also... Says:

    @V: At first it was for me, too but after a while I just couldn’t stop thinking that this is a 39 years old guy.. Well, whatever. He sure had fun.

  1343. 1343
    @1333 Says:


    But she returned to duck face. Which is worse?

    Confuse expression, duck face and tongue out. That is it. She must be equally limited to conversations and thoughts. I think her instagram is a perfect example of her ability to be ‘funny, interesting or smart ‘ lol

  1344. 1344
    V Says:

    @also…: Yeah, I see your point. You’re right, but on the other hand he’s not that old, in the 30s.

  1345. 1345
    @SM death Says:

    Whoa..Must be a very early statement and not something they agreed on anyway..right?

    I do not recall Psychic2 said anywhere, and she sounded more real ?

    psychic3, I agree she is not psychic. Many come here and pretend to be. There have been a few vague “psychics” in the former threads recently, and if one of those brought up the death, I am sure they just wanted rid of her to be replaced with themselves or something, they were either way not real LOL.

    as for what Psychic2 said earlier (she is not in this thread)..she said something about that the SM needed prayers, but I am still sure there was no death at all in her visions.

    all psychics on the other hand, seemed to agree that the SM was a sensitive one, probably a water sign yeah, and around 30, and someone destined to meet him. Something like that?

  1346. 1346
    Quote in question Says:

    This was on J Edgar Thread. ….. This one?

    Who wrote that?

    karina @ 10/25/2013 at 9:47 am
    leo will not find his twinflame she is going to die thats the reason psiquics desaper for respect its a sad story a tragedy tjey wont be happy ending in this fairytale
    @reply | flag this

  1347. 1347
    ... Says:

    in this vid 2 chainz has to literally hold him up at the starts, looks like hes gonna fall off stage….hahaha hes so funny least he had a good time

  1348. 1348
    Lilly Says:

    Good point! :) But this is the compatibility if Scorpio in Taurus :) I do think pieces would be good compatibility wise. Not to sure about cancer although they can deal with scorpions level do intensity.
    Scorpio + Taurus

    Water + Earth = Mud

    Many Scorpios have been madly attracted and attached to Taurus, their opposite sign. Scorpios have a magnetic appeal that is unquestionably too much for Taurus to resist. As the old saying goes — opposites do attract.

    In your first meeting with Taurus you’ll find them very dynamic and strong, even though they may not say much. You’ll feel excited by the waves of passion that wash over you in their company. It’s a powerful attraction. Taurus will have similar feelings about you, because there’s an strong connection between your ruling planets, Mars and Venus.

    Your star sign is fixed and watery, and the action of water on Taurus’s earth element won’t achieve much at first. Your inflexibility, plus their stubbornness, will result in quite a bit of conflict. You’ll agree on certain things, but argue and drive each other crazy on others. It’ll be head to head on many occasions. Both of you need to respect each other’s viewpoint. Your constant need to express yourself through sex will flatter Taurus at first, but they need more affection and sensitivity and warmth if they are to feel secure about the relationship lasting. Taurus is very touchy-feely by nature, but they don’t want just sex! They need to feel secure.

    You can help Taurus explore that untapped part of their nature in which their love and sensuality can reach a pinnacle, and Taurus can help you get in touch with your softer side.

    Oddly, this relationship can bring up psychological challenges in the area of money, power and control. Although you’ll nurture and love each other, these issues will be a major testing ground for you. You mustn’t let this get in the way of developing a deeper love for one other.

    Mostly Taurus will fare well with you, but those born between 20 April and 29 April are by far the best suited. A true love match and possibly even marriage opportunities can be on the cards with people born during this time.

    You could be attracted to Taureans born between 30 April and 10 May, but you will find the relationship is more platonic than sexual — these people are more suited to social activities with you. You may not feel comfortable about taking friendships with them to the next level.

    Business between you and those born between 11 May and 21 May could go well. Before getting too involved with them, though, make sure you clearly understand their financial needs and know how you can satisfy their need for security. Once this part of the relationship is sorted out, the emotional and sexual aspects will look after themselves.
    :) would you like me to do Scoripo in Pieces or Cancer? :)

  1349. 1349
    #### Says:

    @Black sharpie:

    Conversation between erin and toni

    Erin: you know your days are numbered right?

    Toni: our love will last forever!!! <3

    Erin: keep telling yourself that!!


  1350. 1350
    Candycotton Says:

    Lol omg and i thought Bar was lame she takes the cake with these idiotic photos she should just close her account already…Erin is way cuter and more feminine looking..

  1351. 1351
    #### Says:


    WOW…..Leo must be so proud to have chosen her over all others!! LOL

  1352. 1352
    @SM death+Quote in question Says:



    NOT SAYING this to keep hopes up for Leo, but to be real here. ALL psychics have said the SM is far from a cancer patient and very much alive ! she needed our prayers because of social surroundings on same difficulty level as Leo obviously has, and thats true !!!!

  1353. 1353
    All about Scorpio male Says:

    Fascinating Scorpio oozes charm and has a personal magnetism that’s practically impossible to ignore. Women are naturally attracted to him, sensing his deep appreciation for romance and his innate animal magnetism. Somewhat of an enigma, the Scorpio’s demeanor is usually cool and calm, but inside, there may be numerous flames of passion. The Scorpion has intense feelings about almost everything, although he often does a good job of hiding them when he wants to. Scorpio men have a powerful sex drive, and they love to “explore.” He’s also very romantic, but herein lies another puzzle: he might never show his true feelings about you in public, but when the two of you are alone, you’ll be showered with his intense attention.

    While the Scorpio man is secretive, he doesn’t like this trait in others. He’ll want to know everything about you and will not be satisfied until he discovers all your deepest, darkest secrets. In fact, the Scorpion has a burning desire for knowledge of any kind. This intelligent sign wants to learn all he can about the world, and especially about people. He closely examines potential friends and lovers before deciding whether or not they’re worth his time. If the Scorpion doesn’t genuinely respect someone, he will never allow the person into his “inner circle.”
    Scorpio can be extremely moody, and he has an explosive temper. Fortunately, he usually gets over his rages quickly. Nothing stokes his ire as much as anyone or anything that threatens what he considers as his. He’s the type who forgives, but he never forgets. The Scorpion is also fiercely protective of his loved ones and usually feels that it’s his appointed duty to keep them safe and well cared for. If Scorpio cares about you, he’ll defend you to the end and will be the most loyal friend you could imagine.

    Because Scorpios have so many interests, you might find them almost anywhere. They love a luxurious lifestyle, so look for them in the best restaurants, the most stylish clothing stores and the most fashionable clubs. The Scorpion is a natural leader who loves to manage others, so you might find one working as a CEO or in the role of leading some cause. Anything mystical or mysterious will grab Scorpio’s interest, so he might frequent stores that cater to astrology, UFOs, magic, Bigfoot or any other of the world’s mysteries.

    To attract a Scorpio man, don’t be too flashy or provocative in the way you dress. Remember, he likes a sense of mystery, so don’t reveal too much. Show him that you’re interested in a wide range of subjects and that you enjoy pondering the secrets of the universe. Once you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man, try your best to keep him guessing and on his toes. He usually bores rather quickly, so hold his attention by gradually feeding him bits and pieces of information about yourself. Always be honest, however, and never lie to him about anything. Also, never give him any reason to doubt your fidelity, as even harmless flirting on your part can throw him into a temper tantrum. Once you’ve lost the trust and respect of a Scorpio man, you might never regain it.

  1354. 1354
    #### Says:


    V for victory because of all the VS models she landed Leo!! LOL

  1355. 1355
    @1353 Says:

    “Somewhat of an enigma, the Scorpio’s demeanor is usually cool and calm, but inside, there may be numerous flames of passion. The Scorpion has intense feelings about almost everything, although he often does a good job of hiding them when he wants to. Scorpio men have a powerful sex drive, and they love to “explore.” He’s also very romantic, but herein lies another puzzle: he might never show his true feelings about you in public, but when the two of you are alone, you’ll be showered with his intense attention.”
    This looks like it describes Leo to a T. Anyone else agree?

  1356. 1356
    also... Says:

    @V: Barely in his 30′s. For 363 more days… No, he is not that old but for someone to act like that he is old. And it’s not just his bday since this is what we saw in Cannes as well.
    @1343: True. Duck face… :eyeroll: I know she is young, enjoying life and stuff but I agree with you about her Instagram photos and possibly her conversation abilities. But that’s how Leo likes them.
    I swear on that photo it feels like erin is laughing at her. I know probably she isn’t but the look on her face…

  1357. 1357
    @Lilly Says:

    Lol agree that karina was a fake psychic telling about death-situations not even reliable in “messaging”, but for yours, yours is interesting. You study astrology? Most people here said she gotta be a water sign, maybe pisces is right… but she could have a taurus in ascendant or in moon right? the scary thing here is that Toni has a taurus moon :( … dont want it to be, she is so mismatching :(…

  1358. 1358
    @lily Says:

    Do scorpio and pisces best combo evverrrr lol

  1359. 1359
    Quote Says:

    RE: Karina? She has been here before?

  1360. 1360
    also... Says:

    @####: Gosh, I hope not! LOL but who am I kidding? This girl is dumb enough to be proud of being his girlfriend.

  1361. 1361
    To Karina; Says:

    Girl, it’s spelled psychics. not bisquick or whatever you wrote.

  1362. 1362
    @1357 Says:

    Toni s moon is not in taurus its in LIBRA.. no worrys lol

  1363. 1363
    @HAHA12 Says:

    #1325 : but well.. he still tweets environmental work and almost never anything else. The way I noticed It Gotta be him tweeting, is that I just saw who he follows, and there are dozen models (lol), his closest friends, his other environmental friends, dozen rap groups and hip hop groups, some strange females and some strange comedians, and then male subjects that I can never imagine any other grown up PR-person follow, you gotta see for yourself, and yea you need be signed in to an account to see this. He follows some organizations , too. I think he still cares about those things a lot, and his facebook is the same way turned into Antarctica zone. He cares! No doubt, no?

  1364. 1364
    Lilly Says:

    Yes I do study astrology. I think she could be a pieces, with Taurus as her rising sign. With Toni she is a Cancer, so having a Taurus moon would make it quite mismatched.

    Scorpio + Pisces

    Water + Water = Deluge

    Scorpio with Pisces is one of those special, if not magical, unions that most of us only dream of. This is a combination of powerful but sensitive emotional energies, and can produce an overwhelming amount of uninhibited passion and love.

    The love and attachment you’re looking for will be manifested beautifully by the Sun sign of Scorpio connection with the Sun sign of Pisces. This is a very karmic connection.

    As far as combinations of Sun signs are concerned, Pisces is probably the one most perfectly suited to Scorpio. Pisces understands your complex personality intuitively and knows just how to touch you in body, mind and spirit. When Pisces works its way into your Scorpio psyche, you’ll probably fall head over heels in love. And fall hard you will!

    For Pisces, you seem to have a wizard’s touch — you can pull them back from that spiritual realm they can get so absorbed in. They often seem to be floating on Cloud Nine, in a world of their own. Your practical approach is just what they need. You can ground them, and tune their intuitive powers to that special emotional attachment with you.

    When Pisces and Scorpio fall for each other, Scorpio is often able to soothe the emotional storms of Pisces’ inner life and help them put aside their conflicts or mental pain. Pisces will be good at using their compassion to manage your intense and sometimes sarcastic approach.

    If as a Scorpio you are a tormented soul and seek love and understanding in your life, then have no doubt about it, Pisces is just what you’re looking for. This is possibly why even when Elizabeth divorced Richard, and remarried several times, she ultimately went back to him time and time again. Both of them publicly admitted their undying love for each other.

    You’ll experience strong love and a lot of sensual satisfaction with Pisces born between 19 February and 28/29 February. They are double Pisces, and their compassionate and idealistic personalities will soothe your soul.

    The karmic connection is especially strong with Pisces born between 1 March and 10 March. Cancer and the Moon have a ton of influence on these people. You could learn a lot about your emotional self with these Pisces.

    Extremes in passion occur when Scorpio connects with Pisces born between 11 March and 20 March, because these people also have strong Scorpio tendencies. This is a very powerful, but also at times tumultuous, combination.
    Would you like me to do Cancer (Toni’s sign)?

  1365. 1365
    @Lilly Says:

    Erin is a pisces…. was she the one? no…

    But I agree, pisces is the most mysterious one of the astro people. but easily led, though. He needs some fire or earth to say when enough is enough, like fierce no? oh well, there are many aspects in a horoscope I heard.

    rooting for pisces here, the most sexy. lol

  1366. 1366
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: I never thought of checking out who he follows on twitter. I don’t see any models but Adam Levine and Ashton Kutcher? That was a little surprising to see!

  1367. 1367
    @Lilly Says:

    NO TONI COMBO please… man she is boring!

    Erin is boring , too, even if she was pisces.

    but pisces sound juicy.. maybe Erin had too much of another boring aspect like predictability? dunno which sign has too much of that, but I know this bores the Scorpio a lot. lol

    and KARINA is clearly false psychic who could not even spell

  1368. 1368
    :) Says:

    re VS pic
    Erin smile looks forced
    she is being tossed all the way to the side
    no longer standing wtih the main angels
    she shouldn’t accept their invitation like Miranda
    I hope they at least give her 2 outfits

  1369. 1369
    @also Says:

    He follows many females, too.. and they all have one thing in common: They are overly beautiful, styled up gorge.

    lol I saw some of them are singers, but luckily no Miley, and rap artists. He follows his preferences, it seems

  1370. 1370
    Leo following Says:

    Huh? I don’t see that many females he follows except Ellen Page. I must be looking at the wrong Twitter than but he follows more males then females.

  1371. 1371
    @1364 Says:

    WOW! I want a pisces love :-P sounds so good at it. and lovemaking. For Leo it sounds like just what he needs, like, someone who came down from Heaven. Is that even possible for him, though.. hmmm

    I think pisces women are the most mysterious and their love is for some too much, but for those who need it – exactly perfect . Could even drive a man crazy.

  1372. 1372
    also... Says:

    @1369: I just checked who he is following and there is one pretty girl, some race car driver. Other than that I haven`t seen any beautiful, styled up females. Maybe he un-followed some people? On his official twitter account he follows a lot of eco-related organizations, friends and musicians but no models.
    Just in case this is the account I checked out

  1373. 1373
    Twitter Says:

    Yes what twitter are you talking about? His official follows colleagues, charities, museums…etc

  1374. 1374
    Lilly Says:

    I agree!! What is your sign? :)

  1375. 1375
    Leo following Says:

    The only female celebrity he is following seems to be Ellen Page. I am more puzzled about him following Ian Somerhalder, have those two even met? Also surprised he is following Beau Brooks, who seems to be a young guy and famous for making funny youtube videos with his brothers. Kind of random no?

  1376. 1376
    Lilly Says:

    @Leo following:
    I think Beau Brooks said load of times how Leo is his favourite actor.

  1377. 1377
    also... Says:

    Ian Somerhalder is also involved in environmentalism and animal rights. He is not very famous but pretty involved. I don`t really follow his career but heard about his work and his foundation.

  1378. 1378
    @lilly Says:

    yeah i agree we pisces rock lol!but some can be a little ditzy lol.. toni is a bore ..still think Leo should have stuck with Kristen she actually a nice girl.. and is running her own business

  1379. 1379
    @Leo following Says:

    it is not random, this is his only official, and it shows off his attitude, like rap music and of course funny youtube videos. I can totally imagine Leo sitting at home watching funny jacka$$-videos! :-) cant you?

    surprised about EllenPaige in the middle, she was like his least model-ish ever. What seems to me is this is his boys stuff. Enviro, Music, Basketball, Charities, Organizations, Funnies, and then Electric cars stuff like that.

    the girl with the electric car looks beautiful, but he would be too scared to meet anyone like that, lol

  1380. 1380
    Leo following Says:

    @@Leo following:
    I don’t know if it’s just me but of all Leo’s most recent female costars, he looked like he got along with Ellen Page a lot. They seemed to have shared a bond in the Unscripted interview they both did together. Kind of odd but also sweet, considering Leo would never give a girl who looks like her the time of day in his personal life.

  1381. 1381
    kity Says:

    maybe taurus ascendant pisces

  1382. 1382
    Leo following Says:

    Look here×0-3.jpg

  1383. 1383
    @Leo following Says:

    Lol at him following Ellen Paige and Kate Winslet foundation, but not a single VS model or not even a twitter page for looking at models !!!!!!!!! :-) I mean, he does follow some basketball and musicians,so he got it all except that. LOLROF! maybe his dirty self is too embarrassing for his environmental friends to discover.

  1384. 1384
    @Leo following Says:

    Yeah I remember she stood out, but is still too young for him. She is into environmental things, though, maybe thats why….. he seems to keep his twitter and facebook strictly to environment.

  1385. 1385
    Leo following Says:

    @@Leo following:
    Lmao he would never be bold enough to follow a model on his Twitter account that is followed by hundreds of fans and colleagues of his.

  1386. 1386
    Lilly Says:

    I agree! I guess a lot of it depends of your rising sign. Would you like me to do Scorpio in Scorpio?

  1387. 1387
    Black sharpie Says:

    @All about Scorpio male:
    Honestly, most of this sounds like Leo.

  1388. 1388
    @lilly Says:

    lol sure are u march or feb pisces? :)

  1389. 1389
    Black sharpie Says:

    Isn’t you horoscope dependent on rising sign and which house your moon and sun are in?
    I remember a reading that said Kate winslet and Leo got on so well because she is a Libra and his rising sign and sun/moon are in Libra.

  1390. 1390
    Scorpio Says:

    “He’ll want to know everything about you and will not be satisfied until he discovers all your deepest, darkest secrets. In fact, the Scorpion has a burning desire for knowledge of any kind. This intelligent sign wants to learn all he can about the world, and especially about people. He closely examines potential friends and lovers before deciding whether or not they’re worth his time. If the Scorpion doesn’t genuinely respect someone, he will never allow the person into his “inner circle.”

    This is Leo 100%!

  1391. 1391
    @black sharpie Says:

    kate is a triple libra moon rising and sun is all in libra which is a little unusual …i guess thats why she come across so charming and diplomatic ..and still is poised in her acting even when portraying anger.

  1392. 1392
    Tom Hardy Says:

    He needs to hang out with Tom Hardy more. He is very into environmental causes and seems like a better influence than any of Leo’s other friends.

  1393. 1393
    instagram Says:

    I find it pretty amusing that tobeys wife jen is following toni erin and gisele..on her instagram .. lol but not Bar guess she didt like her much hahaa

  1394. 1394
    #1392 Says:

    @Tom Hardy:
    Tom is so sexy dear lord.
    I love that video of them fighting with each other. So cute. Leo should hang out with him more.

  1395. 1395
    #### Says:

    Annie Karaelian (@Anniebannani_)
    11/12/13, 6:19 PM
    I just saw Leonardo Dicaprio . Hes HOT!

    I’m not sure where this sighting is or if it even is a legit sighting. One of her friends is in LA. Could he be back in LA? He was seen in NYC today.

  1396. 1396
    #### Says:

    Qwalé (@Quallz_Ballz)
    11/12/13, 6:47 PM
    Im about 5 feet from Leonardo Dicaprio at an art auction im working #wild

    Never mind. This is from an hour ago in NYC. Another art auction.

  1397. 1397
    @LOLOL Says:

    Someone tried to make themselves into SM? And now you think it’s psychic3 doing that? Don’t know who you are but you better recheck what u say.

  1398. 1398
    @LOLOL Says:

    Someone tried to make themselves into Leo soulmate?? And now you think it’s psychic 3 doing it? Don’t know who you are but you need to recheck yourself.

    Reposting Cuz my first post was deleted

  1399. 1399
    Check Says:

    Why because you’re Pyschic3 and your asshurt now because people figured your lonely ass out. Get a life.

  1400. 1400
    nopes Says:

    * Moderation * go fig

    Check: Nope not psychic 3 but we know who’s really lonely.
    Get a life. Predictable

  1401. 1401
    predictable quotes from....... Says:

    Get a life.
    Jealous (of the rich and beautiful)

  1402. 1402
    @instagram Says:

    yeah i noticed that pretty strange since I remember she and tobey visiting bar in israel just a year ago. She also seemed to enjoy Erins company and about Giz i don’t know i have never seen them hanging out as far i know tobey started dating Jenn after leo broke up with Gisele. And with the lovely toni i haven’t seen any pictures yet, lol wonder what she and tobey think about her?
    Tobey and leo are pretty close so i do believe that they try to have a good relationship with his girfriends, there were not so old pictures of Bar holding Rubby and i think there is an old picture bar has on her instagram of her and Otis. Now we can wait for Toni to start up with that, would be amazing. She would look like rubby’s and otis big sister ;.)

  1403. 1403
    wonder Says:

    If Erin and Toni have spoke now when they need to work in the same place, or if they will? I don’t know why i find Erin to be a big arrogant and not so down-to-earth (like many says kinda borring) and Toni well, do i even need to start? She looks childish, stupid and very provocative wouldn’t suprise me if she tries to enrage Erin and her friends. I mean she’s only 21 years old after all and judging by her twitter/instagram she behaves like a 16 year old spoiled rich girl good looking girl!

  1404. 1404
    Erin Says:

    I think Erin is very pretty. Has a sweet baby face. Hope she finds happiness

  1405. 1405
    @1402 Says:

    LOL. They did not go to Israel to visit Bar. They were in Israel because Jen’s whose Jewish, relative was getting married and like adults paid a visit to the ex girlfriend of a pal and someone they had known for a while. It does not mean they are particularly close (which is why Jen does not follow her on social media) or that they meet up when Bar visits the US.
    Jen does follow Erin, Gisele. Blake is not on twitter but Jen tweets when she wears her jewellry

  1406. 1406
    @Psychic3 Says:

    Karina said the SM would die on J.Edgar thread (on the last page)
    This thread is full of psychics comments and it may be interesting for you to compare your vision:

  1407. 1407
    LOL42 Says:

    I just read the Clooney Esquire interview, and there is no doubt in my mind the feelings Clooney and especially the writer have for Leo. Heck the writer even praises Clooney for not being a hypocrite by supporting environmental causes while swarming around in private jets (why use environmental causes as an example hmmm??)
    Dicpario must have given a really bad impression with his Esquire interview to promote Gatsby earlier this year. I only remember that the interview was mostly about Leo’s friends /managers praising him calling him The King and Leo talking about coffee development rather than an indepth piece. I think this was when they decided that Leo is a 100% PR puppet and an image creation rather then legit and this interview is an attempt at throwing it back @ him.

  1408. 1408
    HAHA12 Says:

    The Leo interview for Esquire talked a lot about Leo’s acting career but I also got the impression that the writer didn’t get to connect with Leo enough to get a real impression of what he’s like as a person. Like I said before, when the guy said Leo would call his publicist in an interview he started laughing afterwards so I’m not sure if he disliked him or not. I did get the impression Leo was probably more serious and not as bubbly/open in the interview which probably made the Esquire writer struggle what to say about him as a person. If what you say is true about Clooney’s interview(will have to read it later today) then I guess you’re right they see Leo as more of a product then a real person. I have no doubt Clooney doesn’t like Leo tho.

  1409. 1409
    HAHA12 Says:

    I just read/skimmed through most of the Clooney interview there definitely felt like there were so nice feelings towards Leo, atleast I got that impression when I read the whole thing. I agree with you LOL42 it did seem like trying to get back at Leo. I also then read the Leo interview to compare, and I find this quote used in it from a Hollywood producer extremely telling:
    “His friends are supposed to be the measure of his normalcy,” says a Hollywood producer who has worked closely with him. “But how normal is it for anyone to have the same friends he had when he was thirteen years old? Ask yourself — how many of your friends from that time do you still hang around with? Things change. But for Leo, nothing ever really changes.”

  1410. 1410
    HAHA12 Says:

    not so nice*

  1411. 1411
    HAHA12 Says:

    Also Leo’s interview even referenced his modelizing, it seemed like it talked about everything in Leo’s life: his posse of friends, his movies, his environmental work, etc except Leo the person.

  1412. 1412
    @1405 Says:

    Well maybe because bar doesn’t either follow her on instagram? And yes i know neither does Gisele but there is no celebrity that doesn’t follow gisele on instagram from what i can see, and she doesn’t seem to follow back anyone of them lol. I’m not saying they are close or something but she has known bar and Erin way much longer than she has known Toni. Remember seeing pictures of Erin and Jenn in Hawaii looks like Jenn is also a close friend to that Emily girl. When it comes to Bar I don’t know if it was her on JJ but saw some old pictures of them two with irmelin and Nikki (I think she dates chucky leos friends) And no they probably doesn’t like bar, it seems like different girlfriends of him get along with different friends of him. Erin with Jenn, Bar with his friend Aleks and his wife, as well with Naomi and Vlad and I think with Milans parents, meanwhile toni seems to get along with Milan his godson.

  1413. 1413
    Oh pleas Says:

    How typical, now when he is dating Toni is Erin the pretty one! When he was with her everybody was calling her ugly and different names just as like they do with Toni. No, i do not like any of them either but pleas Erin prettier? Toni has a prettier face than both Erin and Bar, they were the ugliest girlfriends of leo

  1414. 1414
    Thank You Says:

    @Oh pleas: For atleast being objective!!

  1415. 1415
    @Oh pleas #1413 Says:



  1416. 1416
    Who's Karina? Says:

    Why does Karina talk about the sm dying?

  1417. 1417
    Here is that post Says:

    karina @ 10/25/2013 at 9:47 am
    leo will not find his twinflame she is going to die thats the reason psiquics desaper for respect its a sad story a tragedy tjey wont be happy ending in this fairytale
    @reply | flag this

  1418. 1418
    @1414 Says:

    What nonsense.
    I find Toni’s face very beautiful and more beautiful than Bar’s or Erin’s face as well but ‘Thank you for being objective’? Honestly?
    Beauty isn’t something you can objectify. People’s understanding and perception of it can be – and often IS – different. So what if some find Bar or Erin or Gisele prettier? So what if they don’t think Toni is as pretty as you and I believe her to be? I can understand some don’t find her looks attractive at all as well as I can understand some find Bar being unattractive for instance. Be reasonable and don’t talk nonsense just because you want to prove your point being valid. Distinguish facts and opinions.

  1419. 1419
    About Toni Says:

    I think Toni is very pretty. They make a good couple to me.

    Leo is a reptile underneath that skin. Peel off the face and you will see something that looks like a lizard skin. gross.

  1420. 1420
    Karina Says:

    Karina is bullsh*t

  1421. 1421
    Leo's Dog Says:

    What does Leo do with his dog when he is gone? He has a doberman with him at times, I heard for protection. It’s a female. Those doberman’s are fierce and protective.. but there still dogs.

  1422. 1422
    @1420 Says:

    I know…. but I sure hope he bisquiks come back. :) No seriously tho. ya.

  1423. 1423
    Thank You Says:

    @@1414: I wasnt talking about who you find more attractive… But what this person said was absolutely correct. Every single girl Leo dates get bashed and her physical appearance gets picked apart. Not too long ago Erin was in the same seat Toni is in now… And even though the comment stated that they didnt like Toni, they were atleast honest about how wishy-washy some people can be when it comes to comparing them! So I’m not talking nonsense… I was giving the person kudos for being objective!
    And I don’t need you to tell me to be “reasonable” on a thread where most people are anything but that! If you don’t like what I said, mind your business! I wasn’t talking to you anyway!

  1424. 1424
    Karina=Fake. Who did real? Says:

    Who were the more reliable psychics on here? whats their nicks? just so I know who I should skip and who I should read . Karina sounds BS, I agree. None of the others talked about sm death anywhere.
    And by the way, the sm sounds 10 000000 times more interesting than Toni or a vs model.

  1425. 1425
    @@Psychic3 Says:

    I hope you are aware that the psychics started already in 2010, right? and that the J Edgar is not the only thread with predictions. There are many, many threads with predictions about her, and I bet they are all 50 % wrong and 50 % right, because none of them can see her completely. The main and strange thing is… they have all seen her. And they all insist that she exists. They all said it was a challenge somehow and our Mister Man needed drop all the models or staying close to models before meeting her.

  1426. 1426
    @oh pleas Says:

    Well that is YOUR opinion! None of them are ugly as you call them, if they were let’s being honest: he wouldn’t go out with them. This man seems too obsessed with good-looking-younger-girls. In my opinion Gisele and Toni has the best body, meanwhile Bar had the best face (don’t like her body though) very feminine, pretty and attractive at the same time. Erin well, I have never been a big fan of her looks even before she started dating Leo but she is pretty (I like her freckles) when it comes to Blake she had the best legs and sense of fashion. However, this is MY opinion.
    Gisele is one of a kind, she’s very unique! Toni and Erin are the ones that so far hasn’t impressed me that much when it comes to looks, maybe because they are so young and it just feels awkward that he chose to date them I don’t know. In the end what really matters is their personalities, beauty doesn’t last forever! Since I don’t know any of them in person it’s very stupid to judge and say what they are and not are. I don’t want to offend anyone but Toni seems very immature from what I’ve been reading here, but that should not be a surprise she is only 21 years old.

  1427. 1427
    About the Psychics Says:

    There have been some pretty good ones on here but they really don’t post much anymore. You never can tell who is posting what at this point. I think the Karina post was a bash at someone IMO. Acting like they can’t spell some words then perfectly fine on others.

  1428. 1428
    AstroReading Says:

    Hi Guys, I mostly do Astro readings. But a few days ago I was surprised to find predictions by 2 people going by the monikers of intuitive and whathappened scarily correct. 1 Thing that whathappened said didn’t match my reading and I think she was mistaken but overall I think both were legit. Also, I would like to add psychic3 and intuition seem to be going haywire with their predictions. Either they’re fooling around or intuiting way off mark.

  1429. 1429
    so Says:

    we have different taste, i don’t find toni attractive and neither do i find her face pretty or that much beautiful but she sure is a GREAT model! Looking at her covers she looks very good and there are no doubts that she has a lot of talent. The most beautiful ones to look at are probably Gisele and Bar, i find them better looking than Toni. But they are very very stupid from interviews I have seen, and Toni at least looks a bit smarter.

  1430. 1430
    wow Says:

    you guys are either blind or stupid? Fat Barfie and big-nose Gisele looks better than Toni? Please tell me you’re joking, how dare you compare barfie with Toni? It’s obvious that toni is not only more talented but 10000 times better looking than bar, her face is fat and she looks like a fat baby with those damn ugly dimples.. Can’t believe Leo stayed 4 years with that puke

  1431. 1431
    About the Psychics Says:

    I think a lot of people are fooling around and writing whatever now. I mean I could do it too. It could be anybody. You could tell “about the sm” and the one’s before were good. And Lulu (sp) But now… who knows who’s talking to who.

    Unless your that person who went cukoo and said that has everyone’s IP address, SS #, home address, etc.

  1432. 1432
    Interesting Says:

    On this Thread “Nicole Kidman & Leonardo DiCaprio: Oriental Movie Metropolis Red Carpet Event” wrote someone “Intuitive” about Leo’s trueflame.

    Page1: Number 20, page 56: Number 1381, 1388, page 59: Number 1460, 1467, 1469.

  1433. 1433
    Toni...compatible? Says:

    Maybe Toni is the best match for him after all, because she is so manly. And Leo is so feminine. This weighs up! Maybe they are fulfilling each other? what I heard though from some experts, are that real soul mates or those who you wanna make the long run with, are not the ones who necessarily are chosen for their looks, but those who are deeper and learning from each other. I mean, looks is just one small part… it is not all. Toni may be one of the better models, but judging from her instagram and the way she triiiiies so hard to be conscious and act like she loves art and animals and knows how to put different trash into different recycling cans, I mean…. how short-brained! She seems the LEAST compatible to Scorpios who search something challenging and deep. I mean, she is THAT easy, and THAT shallow. If Leo is indeed a Scorpio, though… maybe he is not. Maybe he is more a shallow one..?

  1434. 1434
    not with toni Says:

    The SM talk used to be interesting only because of its positivity.
    But i think there is no such a thing as SM especially in Leo’s case.
    Do you really think that an interesting woman with all these beautiful qualities,a pure chaste true heart would be willing to sacrifice it all for someone who cannot appreciate a woman, who is full of inhibitions and deep-rooted issues who suspects women all the time who is mistrustful with them ?? O_O *eyeroll*
    As much as i try to remain positive about Leo in these threads , i am adamant about this.

  1435. 1435
    @wow Says:

    Yes 4 yrs he stayed with that puke. And yes Toni is prettier and more likeable. I agree..

  1436. 1436
    @not with toni Says:

    The psychics did not describe Leo in that manner or with those bad qualities. I agree, but the psychics described him differently. Uhm, the old ones.