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Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio carries Tobey Maguire‘s adorable daughter Ruby with care while walking to an awaiting SUV on Saturday (November 9) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor’s close pal and The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey was spotted chatting with a friend outside his hotel.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was dapper in a suit while attending the Tag Hauer Carerra Celebration in Paris, France.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very serious young actor. He takes it quite seriously. So although DiCaprio has taken my place in Marty‘s movies, I’m apparently the go-to guy in handing out the hardware. I’ve gotten pretty good at giving out awards but frankly I’ve gotten out of practice accepting an award myself,” Robert De Niro recently joked at a summit.

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  • Well

    So the celebrations have begun ….. 2 Chainz at 1Oak:)

  • birthday 39

    @HAHA12: I know what you mean, even though im about the same age I didnt find him attractive when he was younger, because he came accross younger than he is. I like him better now

  • Low Leo

    Could he be any more obvious? Baby pics right before he’s about to engage in his usual debauchery. His PR’s fingerprints all over this one. Ruby is an innocent child and a real cutie. Leo is turning into a dirty old man and a manipulator. He stinks.

  • Low Leo


    Don’t kid yourself. Tobey the gambler is not that squeaky clean. He’s a child of Hollywood and he goes way back with Leo. He would do anything for him.

  • also…

    It’s not about whether he looks 39 to me. It’s whether his maturity level is at 39 or at 22. Thanks to partying he looks his age or a little older. But he still doesn’t feel like someone who is pushing 40. Looks like an adult but a young boy at heart.

  • also…

    @Low Leo: Tovey is not perfect but he is a great dad. I have no doubt about that even if he is a gambler and his best friend is Leo. JMO.

  • HAHA12

    He has the right ‘boyish too long, yet withered too soon’ kind of look.

  • @Low Leo

    Yeah I definitely believe these pics are staged.
    Ruby is a cutie though. And some comments on the previous pages are just sickening. Only thing off about these pics is Leo’s PR def called the paps. It’s not that I don’t believe he isn’t like this with his pals’ kids all the time I think he adores them and they love their uncle Leo but they called the paps. I mean.. how interesting we never get pics of Leo when he’s out with his barely legal so many times and when he’s with his good pals (Ed Norton) or with his pals’ kids we get very clear pap shots. Leo CAN hide if he wants to and liked to be photographed when it suits him, period.,

  • Low Leo

    Great father, but still a product of his environment. This isn’t the first time Leo has used the little girl to shield his face. Where does he get off using a child like that?

  • Low Leo

    Those people are crazy to hurl those kind of allegations based on his dating history. He is creeping into dirty old man territory with Toni, but he’s into very young women, not kids. I do believe he is very, very selfish with a warped sense of priorities.

  • Zzzzzz

    @also…: Hi Lady, I hope you realized that it wasn’t me that wrote the comment to you on the last thread (564). I would never say that to you or anybody else, not my style.
    @####: So Leo is at 1Oak! What a surprise! LOL!! I think his b-day party has officially begun!

  • Isa
  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    The partying has begun! LOL

    I wonder if they are doing something for ruby’s birthday tomorrow?

  • Zzzzzz

    @####: I have a feeling he’s probably going to have a hangover and will do a lot of sleeping so he’s ready for his main party tonight!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Probably! LOL

  • Vera

    Ah, I see Leo has begun promoting his Wolf movie. Good PR fed photo op with Bob de Niro’s nice words as an addition.

  • So…

    Lol at the faces Ruby is making.. Cute girl.

  • Huhu

    Ruby’s face reminds me an old lady.

  • v

    Now it’s cute for Leo to hold little Ruby like that, but 7 years later Tobey would freak out if he found Ruby on Leo’s lap.

  • Kids

    Not for Leo. All those people wishing Leo will have kids, give it up? He’s NEVER going to have kids. Let me repeat that…NEVER… According to my chart its not in his life path this time around for kids. Maybe the next life time. His moon is in Neptune on the side and that’s how I know it will never happen. Even if he settles down with someone he wont have them.

  • @kids

    He is certainly not at this stage of his life. For sure.

  • Lorelei

    The BZ posters (who are mostly high schoolers or post adolescent girls)have a tendency to become sudden fans of all Leo’s current gfs. They were sure Leo was going to marry Blake and have kids with her. The same with Erin and now it is not surprising they want Leo to have babies with his actual barely legal flavour of the season .
    By posting these fantasies they probably pretend they are better fans….. who knows?
    Love the pics of Leo holding little Ruby, they are precious. But that doesn’t mean I forget about the shots I’ve seen of him hard-partying in nightclubs surrounded by escorts in the recent months.
    (BTW, when he was in Paris we had no idea what kind of parties in which nightclubs he was holding….?)

  • @Lorelei

    ++1 , and maybe some here should join their club? …. I mean, all this Toni obsession in here, too, is ridiculous.

    she is just one of his many girls. No doubt. And people here stalk her as if she had more plans with him than it appears. And art gallery, oh wow.. and then next is babies? lols.

    apart from this, he seems like a single man to me, and many. Doing his own things. All the way since April when he started his party trips actually. making his usual entrance to 1Oak certainly has no Toni in the picture. She is never at his 1Oak visits, and yeah I do know that for sure :=) we all know that , with a little sense of brain.

  • @@Lorelei

    has it ever crossed anyones mind that could be toni is just a bland girl who loves to pretend being more girlfriend than she is, just for attention / followers / her own friends keeping her as their favorite ? like her captions speaks this, is of course a result of her many instagram-likes, and twitter-likes and increasing audience? I think so.

  • @173/174

    YOU just brought up the Toni obsession almost all the comments on this NEW post are about Leo, his PR strategy, friends and sadly some gross ones on him and Ruby. YOU are the one obsessed with Toni and insisting on what the state of their relationship is again. YOU are the one going after also or any poster that disagrees with your so called truth and facts.

  • S

    Well I don’t think Leo is hiding his face at all. Especially in the dailymail shots, where he is smiling. Doubting his PR team called the paps either, since they look like they are coming out of a hotel. Tobey appears to be holding her booster seat and then goes around to put it in the vehicle. Maybe he is staying at the Plaza with his family. I am sure paps just stake that place out for any celeb to come out……I think Leo is being a good friend, helping Tobey get her into the car. Ruby is so adorable in her little red coat. Seeing Leo in photos like these makes me like him even more. I may not agree with all of Leo’s choices but no one is perfect. I believe a lot of people were bored last night, making such rude comments.

  • tuesday

    Look at all the photos of Tobey and his kids on JJ. I think he’s not averse to using his family for a little publicity for his movies. Leo’s the same, but he has to to pretend to be camera shy because he’s Leo and it would look odd if he wasn’t.

  • tuesday

    Are there a lot other photos at the Plaza? Any of just Leo? That will tell you if it’s a pap hot spot. If the photos made you like him more, his publicist has done his job.

  • @also


    “We definitely don`t know the real Leo. He loves barely legal girls, he loves fishing in the kiddie pool and by kiddie pool I mean barely legal girls. But legal. He loves to have fun, no commitment, young and beautiful girls.”

    Really? He doesn`t love young and beautiful girls! He loves young blonde, blue-eyed tall skinny models! But beautiful girls can be brunette, with brown eyes or differently, who are actresses, Tv – presenter, female singers, reporter or something else! But NOT just young skinny tall blonde, blue-eyed models!

  • @175

    WTF !?

    @Lorelei has never ever brought up any PR strategy.
    Simply a comment about how random Toni is compared to those stalking her for more proof of her supposed tight relationship and constant dating as a couple with Leo who we cannot seem to find natural constant proof to being legit, and these persons who is YOU (probably @also again) . LOL

  • @174 and @also

    @174 I think she is, too. She seems addicted to having her friends love them being together. Hence all her captions and all friends being model admirers. they just love the thought of them together, I think.

    @also YOU are so obsessed with that link (Toni-Leo), that I think you should shut it about others speaking their mind against you. and you already know the state of their relationship, dont you. I remember someone (@shower was it?) who said they made some dinners to end it, like a closure thing. remained friends afterwards.

  • “Public girlfriend”

    She is just a friend, but who agreed to be his touring girlfriend, to show it off – both for his side as still being attractive in the public youngsters eye, and for her side to become a better known model and gossip public figure. So it is a win-win.

    Do not be fooled. I work in showbiz, this is how it works.

  • @”Public girlfriend”

    … could be true. He is no Titanic or Romeo-era anymore, he is just getting older. Maybe he needs a youth fix? an attractive image to keep for his younger fans who is starting to lose it and turn to beliebers?


    With Leo is like he never change his clothes.

  • Self talker

    Beware, guys.

  • Black sharpie

    The photos of Leo/Tobey/Ruby were taken in front of the Bowery Hotel in lower Manhattan NOT the Plaza. You can even see part of the hotel’s logo in one of the shots. Someone yesterday said Tobey was staying at the Bowery.
    I don’t think there was any closure. I think Leo and Toni are together. However, I don’t think its serious. It’s seems like when they are in the same city and can be together, they are. I think they are both looking to just have fun. Leo is drawn to models because they are beautiful and they are young. Most women in their early twenties, especially ones with a hot, short lived career, are not looking for commitment, marriage and babies.

  • @Self talker

    Who fking isnt? Especially also is never self talker *eyerolls*. And so strange you react like this when some actually got a point ,huh?

  • @”Public girlfriend”

    Big ups for the great point.

  • @@”Public girlfriend”

    and you, too. big ups for yet another great point.

  • Butch

    OK Leo we know you like em young but…

  • also…

    @”Public girlfriend”: Except that for Leo this isn’t working anymore. Him being attractive in the youngsters’ eye I mean. This is not attractive anymore I think. Maybe he is doing it because he can’t do anything else other than dating a very young girl. What would he do if it wasn’t for willing up and coming models? Date someone over 25? lol
    @Zzzzz: Don’t worry I didn’t think for a second it was you on the previous thread.
    @Black sharpie #186: Agreed and well said.

  • also…

    Does anyone have a clue what #181 is talking about? It doesn’t make sense to me…

  • @191

    Public Girlfriend could be right.

    This is actually lots more common in the showbusiness world than you might be aware of. You agree to date, not like you agree on paper or anything, but between you, within certain frames of the network so your personal assistants can reach you, and you make them arrange your dates. All fixed. Then you agree on that date, to give each other some business push. And it is not for the money, cause money they have too much to handle, but it is for not losing the public eye to grow as an attractive figure in the audience sense and that means your fans. Cause the younger your fans are, the more lasting you are …like “up There”. you got me? It is not cause he wants more attention, cause he is sick of it, but he is no matter what like all other actors, dependent on his younger audience. The more people who love Robert Pattinson, the less will follow Leo. Then when he speaks to public about environmental or what ever cause, he will always need the youngest audience to follow him… ALWAYS. Like this is his foundation of fangroups. And no, he is no Romeo, but he is no George Clooney either. Some actors grow into very attractive elders. Leo is not one of those. He is still an adventurist. So, he wanna keep that James Dean factor and aura, get me?

    For Toni, the motivation is obvious. No comment on her.

  • @192

    185 is correct. I honestly think179-183 is the same person talking to and agreeing with herself. I really wish posters could ignore her

  • S

    @Black sharpie: Thanks for clarifying which hotel. I had just made a guess.

  • #Self Talker

    yep and notice how ‘they’ always seem to log on and converse at the exact same time then disappear for a while to return to agree with ‘their’ points

  • LOL

    Some comments here are disturbing and disgusting. I also believe it’s just one troll (ok, maybe 2) posting with different monikers. I think he/she has no life because he/she is here since this new thread was published last night.

    The photos are adorable. I am sure Leo is a great uncle. Leo and Tobey are like brothers. I do not know why everything Leo does has to be PR plan, smh.

  • LOL

    #Self Talker

    Right? Thank you!

  • Black sharpie

    I am not sure Leo is with Toni for publicity. I think it’s more for his own personal needs and issues. She, on the other hand, is getting great publicity(and is making some of her own through twitter and Instagram). Her profile has definitely been raised by dating him. Just think, before he started dating her, did any of us know who she was? I know I didn’t it. Some may have known her face from modeling but not her name.

  • LOL

    Leo dating Toni for publicity? Hahahahahahahaha. AH.