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Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio carries Tobey Maguire‘s adorable daughter Ruby with care while walking to an awaiting SUV on Saturday (November 9) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor’s close pal and The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey was spotted chatting with a friend outside his hotel.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was dapper in a suit while attending the Tag Hauer Carerra Celebration in Paris, France.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very serious young actor. He takes it quite seriously. So although DiCaprio has taken my place in Marty‘s movies, I’m apparently the go-to guy in handing out the hardware. I’ve gotten pretty good at giving out awards but frankly I’ve gotten out of practice accepting an award myself,” Robert De Niro recently joked at a summit.

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  • HAHA12

    Some people claimed he was dating her to promote WOWS but I disagree with that. If he really wanted to promote it, don’t you think he should have been dating Margot instead?

  • LOL

    @HAHA12 This is so absurd. And yes, I agree. Leo with Margot would be 10x better for Wows promo.

  • @Public girlfriend

    I believe you 100%. The thing is it’s not working for him anymore, he is ageing badly and he’s coming across a perv. the type of perv you keep away from your teen daughter because of what you know he is capable off.

  • @201

    Everytime Leo dates a girl there is always some ‘insider’ that has the ‘truth’ I guess that’s easier than facing the sad reality, and to placate who they believe (wrongly) to be gullible fan girls

  • HAHA12

    I don’t really think he is with her just so he can have a public girlfriend and keep up some sort of image. Maybe he just enjoys her company when it’s just the 2 of them. By being with her, its only ruining his image and I don’t think he intended to do that. When they’re together in public he looks miserable, but maybe behind closed doors it’s a different story.

  • shir

    I found something really funny of instagram that I just had to share with all of you Toni’s “fans”
    I believe it’s from last year’s VSFS

  • HAHA12

    I know people find Toni and her photos annoying, but Cara is so much worse IMO.
    Like the gay rumors. Some prefer to believe he is gay instead of admitting he just really likes young blonde models.

  • @@Public girlfriend

    Of course you agree with YOURSELF, pff.

  • @HAHA12

    + 1

  • @205

    That’s obvious. He wouldn’t be with her/stay with her if he didn’t like her.
    But his public behaviour with her is telling IMO. I don’t think he is serious with her. And Leo is Leo. With his 22 y/o emotional soul it can’t get real profound anyways. I think we’re expecting too much of him but this is who he is. Maybe he doesn’t need or want more. Or he does but is incapable of. Maybe this is just who he is and will always be with women.

  • Black sharpie

    There’s a pic on BZ of Toni and friends celebrating someone’s birthday. Not sure if the celebration was yesterday or an earlier date?

  • @211

    It was yesterday evening. The bday of a friend of hers.

  • Black sharpie

    (At least) three out of five have been linked to Leo. LOL

  • @shir
  • @208

    @@@Public girlfriend: I know it’s hard for deranged obsessed fans like most of you here to believe not everyone kisses Leo’s a** and that if ever a poster or posters utter a negative word about him and another poster agrees, they must be the same person, because Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is the perfect and elite one with no faults who everyone loves.

  • also…

    @193: I`m not saying “public girlfriend” is wrong and it`s impossible that this is just a setup / agreement for fun and other purposes. What I was saying is that I don`t think he does it ( if that`s the case ) to `appeal to the youth`. Because quite frankly his dating habit is getting kinda creepy no matter what age you are. JMO. I simply don`t think he knows how to date out of his comfort zone.

  • Black sharpie

    Who is she?

  • HAHA12

    If anything him dating girls who were in elementary school when he was with Gisele is making a lot of people turn off on him. Especially the women who have been fans of him since the 90s, and for them to see him dating girls that are now younger than them. It just doesn’t help him appeal to anyone or make him look more desirable, it just makes him look like a creep.

  • LOL

    #217 Anna Jagodzinska

  • @217

    Anna Jagodzinska. The Polish model Leo was caught with on the streets of NYC while he was dating Blake.

  • JS

    Wonder who are gonna be the name-dropping Bitche$ tonight

  • LOL

    #217 You know, the one with whom he cheated on Blake lol.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    @Black sharpie:

    However I dont think it has raised her recognition as much as her, her mother, her PR team, whoever was hoping it would. Leo’s fans know of her now but that’s about it. Dating Leo the modelizer kind of backfired on her IMO.

  • LOL

    Leo’s life is far from boring. It is actually really entertaining lol.

  • haha

    Anna Jagodzinska is Toni’s friend.

  • HAHA12

    Lol this.

  • @220

    This video of Leo BEGGING the paps is one for the ages

  • LOL

    IMO, Leo is with Toni because he is attracted to her and likes her.
    And she is with Leo because she likes him.
    How long will last? No idea!
    I was thinking they broke up, non?

  • @228

    Lol ikr?! Always hilarious.

  • also…

    @HAHA12 #205: I agree. I doubt he does it for publicity ( only ). But at the same time I see what ‘public girlfriend’ is saying. It could be for easy and convenient companionship that benefits her even if it affects his image in a negative way. I don`t think he cares that much about it and I don`t think he would be able to change. And I also don`t think he is so taken by her that his attraction is the only reason why he is with her. JMO.

  • LOL

    @HAHA12 Right? It is so good for a boring sunday lol.

  • Rae

    and in about 13 years, Leo will be all over Toby’s daughter for different reasons.

  • @228

    Agree with you completely. Sometimes a spade is just a spade

  • @Rae

    Still here? lol get a life!

  • HAHA12

    It definitely provides the lolz.
    Omg, I will never get this video out of my head.

  • #227

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Leo acknowledge the paps let alone beg like that before!!

  • LOL

    #227 This is video is so good lol.

  • Black sharpie

    You might be right but I think her profile has been raised in the modeling world as well. I think her name is now known as well as her face which is important if she is going to extend her career beyond modeling. She is twenty one and , as strange as it sounds, she might soon be replaced by some younger model. I guess she may not have been chosen for VSFS this year!? She and her mother have to start thinking what she is going to do next.

  • @HAHA12+++++++

    “Maybe he just enjoys her company when it’s just the 2 of them”
    LOL …. ok, then why does he look so not in love and miserable like all the time and so free of joy when not with her? sorry but, for your statement to be true he could have taken ANY girl just for the company, they are on his doormat as we speak. so in your sentence it sounds like Toni is something special to him? I think you are so wrong as you can be.

    BTW: Public Girlfriend is the most sensible post here in ages. And it speaks from business point of view. Which is correct that Leo needs to keep up a young fan group as to not lose them to other actors who are promising and better looking. this is no f%ing joke.

    All you other monikers, yes all of you post as different nicks. Not a new thing. But I truly believe Public Girlfriend is a one-timer here, and the most reliable one in ages!!

  • @rae

    ‘and in about 13 years, Leo will be all over Toby’s daughter for different reasons’.

    Right on. Hope Tobey knows this, a leopard never changes it’s spots.

  • LOL

    I feel that tonight will be epic and even more entertaining.
    Cannot wait lol.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Speaking of the VSFS, it looks like erin heatherton’s personal trainer tweeted yesterday that erin will be walking in the show. Probably not as an angel but she’s supposed to walk.

    Toni still has not been confirmed to walk and there are only like 4 spots left for returning models. Now either she’s walking and hasn’t tweeted it yet like all the other girls have or they haven’t made a decision about her yet. Her BZ fan girls are a bit nervous and even commented that she didn’t look her best in the casting video.

    If toni does walk, both of them in the show will be interesting! I know no one wants to hear about toni or his exes but thought I’d pass this info along so no attacking me! Move on and don’t read it!!! :-)

  • @Black sharpie

    Yeah, I think even her BZ followers are worried she maybe isn’t walking the show. One of them blamed it on her not being in a very good physical condition, as is visible in the VSFS casting video. But who knows maybe she’ll walk after all. By the way for those interested, Erin is no longer and angel apparently but she’s is walking the show according to BZ people. She’s confirmed.
    @LOL: I think he definitely likes her, and of course she likes him too, but the fact that he is Leonardo DiCaprio is playing a quintessential role in her liking him and being with him. JMO.

  • redundant

    @LOL: You mean the other way around which is why you are laughing and I agree. He gives these models a higher profile sometimes even a one nighter or a perceived dalliance that may not have even happened. Leo is an name forever attached to these women. Does Giselle send Leo a royalty cheque?

    Many of these actors are the same – there is the public girlfriend or wife and then there are the mistresses and other random women. Monogamy doesn’t exist in the world of the normal folks so why would exist for famous rich and/or powerful men. Women are just accessories or toys.

    With Leo he has been playing this game so long I don’t know how anyone could tell he is serious about any woman. Whether they are beards or accessories or both. The only thing is with Blake Lively he seemed to be allowing himself to be papped more and he looked like he was smiling and enjoying himself rather than the sulk or the hiding the face routine.. Was that because he was madly in love with Blake or he was using the PR pre Oscar season. Too little too late to change the image Leo.

  • #228

    However he can not look more bored, miserable and disinterested around her.

    I think she just attached, making herself available to his itinerary but he feels same if she’s there or not.

  • @210 and probably more..

    OMG! U ARE from the BZ FORUMS!

    look at your saying:
    “He wouldn’t be with her/stay with her if he didn’t like her.”.

    ooo …. your whole point lies in this. you WANT TO BELIEVE HE LIKES HER. You are all the same fan forum. then You tell everyone else who see it differently to be in denial of something they are not. Come on, look at that miserable face each time he sees her ! Look at his behavior when she arrives and he flies another place and state even. come on, look at your own statement ! omfg so obvious.

  • LOL

    @#### All the info is valid. Better than this troll lol.

  • also…

    @HAHA12: I was just thinking about it last night that when Toni was Ruby`s age, 7, Leo was … 25! Toni might be legal but still only 21. That is creepy and clearly the public girlfriend theory doesn`t work for him. Not with her.I agree that a lot of his fans are from the 90`s and they probably have kids. And the guy they had a crush on might just go after their daughters… That is creepy! Think about it.
    @#### Toni did not get the publicity she wanted or expected but got some. Even if there`s less exposure she is known as Leo`s girlfriend and still has the perks of being around a wealthy and famous guy.

  • .

    Jesus are you f*cking serious we’re talking this again. F*ck off with his disgusting bullsh*t I swear it’s sickening.

  • elephant in room?

    Dating the younger girls seem to work for the youngins over at bellazon, And the younger audience is usually more fanatical and have more time on their hands. I think that’s a good point “public girlfriend” makes.
    It’s not winning him any favors with women fans over 25 though, aka women older than his girlfriends! lol
    But I think generally he just likes girls who are convenient and not too much work or trouble, which is why they are young and why there’s a contact most likely.
    Who knows why he does it. This specific relationship seems more fishy and less real than his others for some reason. I just wanted to point out the the BZ girls are very into it, and I’m sure a lot of younger girls aren’t as upset or critical of it as older women are.