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Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio Cares for Tobey Maguire's Daughter Ruby!

Leonardo DiCaprio carries Tobey Maguire‘s adorable daughter Ruby with care while walking to an awaiting SUV on Saturday (November 9) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor’s close pal and The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey was spotted chatting with a friend outside his hotel.

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Earlier in the week, Leo was dapper in a suit while attending the Tag Hauer Carerra Celebration in Paris, France.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very serious young actor. He takes it quite seriously. So although DiCaprio has taken my place in Marty‘s movies, I’m apparently the go-to guy in handing out the hardware. I’ve gotten pretty good at giving out awards but frankly I’ve gotten out of practice accepting an award myself,” Robert De Niro recently joked at a summit.

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  • Brazilian girl

    Awwww the pics are so cute!! I love the caring Leo.

  • @HAHA12

    Speaking of Margot Robbie (I was one of those who believed and still so that she and Leo had/did something despite the denials. If its attractive Leo will hit it) I now wonder what Leo makes of her being linked to her newest co-star Will Smith?

  • Black sharpie

    Both Erin and Toni being in the show would be interesting but I bet there are other Leo hookups in the show that make it interesting at least behind the scenes.LOL!
    The models probably sit around and exchange stories and make comments about Leo. I am sure his reputation precedes him at VS and these models know what they are getting into when they date him.

  • Instagram

    So the bday pic of Toni and her friends that @Black sharpie was talking about was from last Thursday apparently, not last night.

  • @.

    Just as sickening as Leo grooming these barely legal girls. I am worried for Ruby.

  • obsession

    People here have a obsession with BZ. May I know why?
    You could just ignore as some of us do.

  • .

    Don’t be f*cking ridiculous please. I fully agree that Leo is an immature sleaze who will continue to hit on barely legals in 10 years from now too, but involving the 7 y/o daughter of one of his best pals in that way, or even think about is just f*cking disgusting and s*ckening. If you really think so you must be checked for your gross perverted mind too.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    @elephant in room?:

    Nicely said. Agree!!

  • @250


    Whoever says it doesnt benefit him to date younger, is not seeing the point of view that when he does that, all those who idolize (preteens to 16+ and not to mention model-wannabes in early twenties), they find it hard not to follow him, and he needs their followers to grow into the public scene and not be degraded or ditched from the most commercialized scene. He could continue the “Rasputin”-way or the serious actor-way of Shutter Island, and it might even give him an credit among serious movie reviews, but it wouldnt give him the likes of Gatsby or Romeo ever again. He has said he is tired of those roles, but he continues to step into them. I guess he knows, and by having this romance-fairytale into the script as well, that is exactly what the younger female audience wants. They want the hunk, not the “serious actor” thing.

    and that he likes Toni to some extent, well..that must be sorry..a very little extent. He almost never seen with her, he never smiles, he hides, he goes undercover and he lets her miles away. this is not in your dreams anything like a “changed Leo” if thats what you think… he doesnt LOVE her. Thatd shine in miles and miles if he did. she hasnt even got a necklace yet.

  • obsession

    Thinking about it, many people here are obsessed about many things besides Leo: ex gfs, Toni, models, BZ, past threads, psychics, old monikers. Am I missing something?

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Don’t derail this thread again with that crap!!!

  • Huh?

    Bz as example? They are into every girl Leo dates. They would die of boredom if Leo starts dating a woman over 30 with no instagram account and without any thread in bz to create or follow to begin the worship.

  • @. @257 aka Also

    You’re always swearing and so aggressive. I can see why most posters and trolls attack you daily. Save your nonsense for who really cares.

  • LOL


  • .

    I’m not also. And if that was you saying you’re worried about Ruby I am totally serious you need to go let yourself check. It’s really f*cking disturbing to even know people are thinking of this that way. He’s into barely legal girls. Not children FFS.

  • @257

    Thanks for admitting that he is a sleaze! lol

  • @@250

    he likes her just as much/little, as he likes all other models. nothing special.

    i understand why some here think the toni-obsessed posters are hired from bz, cause those are the most hopeful ones that toni and him are something “more.” lol

  • .

    He is a sleaze. FACT. But coming here saying gross stuff that insinuates he could be actually thinking of hitting on his best pal’s daughter who is 7 years old right now and probably adores Leo as an uncle is just sick. Real sick.
    I’m one of those people who detests Leo in his personal life but to go that far as to insinuate something like that is just all kinds of wrong.

  • @LOL

    Agreed and so it begins AGAIN

  • @239

    lol 100% Agree!

    How can he enjoy something he wanna escape from every moment she arrives, like he does? I agree this line is awkward >”“Maybe he just enjoys her company when it’s just the 2 of them”

    and agree on your ”
    BTW: Public Girlfriend is the most sensible post here in ages. And it speaks from business point of view. Which is correct that Leo needs to keep up a young fan group as to not lose them to other actors who are promising and better looking. this is no f%ing joke.
    All you other monikers, yes all of you post as different nicks. Not a new thing. But I truly believe Public Girlfriend is a one-timer here, and the most reliable one in ages!!”

    very well said !

  • @259


  • Sighting

    kat cusack ‏@cusack_kat 23m
    Leonardo DiCaprio is at the plaza right now 😍😍😍 life is complete he’s perfect 😘😍
    I think he either has guests staying over there or his bday party is going to be celebrated there.

  • @.

    Would u trust a sleaze who dates only barely legal girls with your kids?
    He dates barely legal girls so why do you think it’s a stretch for him to perv on the younger teens whose 16 or 17 years old? You are in denial. It’s not wrong to insinuate something like that, it called taking precaution. Ruby might be in danger when she turns 16, because by then Leo will be a very dirty old man.

  • elephant in room?

    “Bz as example? They are into every girl Leo dates. They would die of boredom if Leo starts dating a woman over 30 with no instagram account and without any thread in bz to create or follow to begin the worship.”
    Um, exactly. You are proving my point. Every girl he has (publicly) dated is under 25, always. The only demographic Leo is majorly pissing off is the older women demo, and not even all of them! Men and boys don’t care (if they don’t like it) otherwise they think it’s cool or say they would act the same. The only vocal group that hates his personal life are -some- older women.
    They still supported him when Gatsby came out PLUS he got a whole bunch of new younger fans. So pissing them off isn’t hurting his business…so far.
    I don’t know if that’s the truth, just saying it’s a good point that hadn’t been brought up before.

  • V

    OMG, I only read the first 3 pages and I was shocked by some people’s comments about Leo. Critisizing him, being jelous, being harsh, even calling him a total creep and loser is one thing, but calling him a pedo is NOT NORMAL, people. Especially one poster #70, calling Leo a pedo “like the ones you see on TV”. Girl/guy, this is an insane suggestion, don’t you realize it? Also, you’re calling 21-year old-Toni “still a kid”. What??? People, stop calling Toni a kid or a victim. Which individual at 21 is a kid?! Please. She is a woman and a model, and most of the models are actually lecherous. Open your eyes already.

  • @elephant in room?

    agree with you, but being a girlfriend is not always about your preference. I think its more like a job, really. She works, she gets her time. He has none. Literally, none above 25 would date him, so… has he got any choice? if he is not the type to f%ck around, then ok, lets be clean and get myself 1 nice girl who is willing, I guess this is on his mind and it is very well directed. I mean, if Public Girlfriend is right in her/his saying, then..okay, being a girlfriend or puppy is not really in a relationship-term anymore, its more like someone who you choose to make the agreement with. and when he “circled her” before he got her acceptance, that speaks volumes how this has changed now as he is with her apparently, and pays no interest in her what so ever.. it is like night and day. So, when you know these players they work their field… you know, they get their fish, and then they know she is there to play with and he just gives a sh%%. u know
    Interesting point.

  • HAHA12

    Now that I think about it, I can see what you guys mean about having a public girlfriend who is significantly younger. It gets people talking for sure. If Leo was married already with a regular woman and kids he would be just like Matt Damon, everyone would respect him but no one would talk about him. Leo’s personal life is very juicy and there’s a lot of shady business that goes on in it, it makes him seem more exciting even if he is gross as well. And playing Gatsby was the smartest career move Leo has done in a long time, it reintroduced him to the younger generation and made him more desirable. He’s more popular than ever now, being the #2 most valuable star in Hollywood and he got an 8 from a scale 1-10 for tabloid value.

  • @274

    The only vocal group that hates his personal life are older women.
    Okay… I’m 26. I hate Leo in his personal life. Should I be worried that I’m ‘old’ or just assume your theory is nonsense and some people just have differing opinions and varying moral values? I’ll take the latter.

  • HAHA12

    Are people seriously still concerned for Ruby’s safety? WTF? That is so horrible to assume he would do something like that.

  • truthIs

    It looks as if Leo is using Ruby to hide himself from paparazzi. Tsk,tsk.

  • HAHA12

    Do you think the rumors of him and Margot are true? She is just his type and wasn’t he apparently caught leaving her apartment. They look like they have fiery chemistry in Wolf so I would not be surprised if they atleast hooked up once or twice. Margot must be especially worried from being linked to not one but two older men.

  • tara

    poor poor child. She looks soo unhappy with ugly DiCaprio. And he is such a idiot,

    And how he is holding the child.

    I hope he will never have children

  • @LOL

    “IMO, Leo is with Toni because he is attracted to her and likes her.”

    Nope. Sorry. it is all business. well said above here.

  • @275

    I think a poster made a very good point of saying Toni might be 21 but mentally she might be still a kid compare to her boyfriend. And the way Toni behaves proves that she is still a very young mentally. So while she maybe 21, she still has the mind and body of a 15 year old. So Leo is a 39 year old man dating a young woman who acts like 15 and looks like 15. Disturbing.

  • HAHA12

    Toni has been a model since she was 15. She is not a regular 21 year old imo. There has to be something about her we are not aware of that sounds mature or makes her seem older than she is, maybe she is good at conversing with older men? I just do not get insecure vibes from her at all, she seems extremely confident and looks a lot older than she is.

  • @274

    Look at the comments under the DM or even ONTD on these pictures. Most are complimentary or mocking but its on JJ that it turns venomous and into conspiracy land. The larger movie going public are simply not that concerned with Leo’s dating life. They mack on him for it but still call him the greatest actor of his generation or whatnot. People ascribe too much power to internet comments. Its why everyone thought Conan O Brien would be a hit on the Tonight Show cause the blogs loved him instead of the massive flop he was in reality when TV viewers turned off.

  • @274

    Going by that logic.. Then Leo is a 39 years old guy mentally 22. So actually she’s dating a 22 year old guy. Happy kids. Don’t take em too seriously. Lol.

  • @274

    I meant @284.

  • @285

    I think she is fake confident, like many (or better, ALL) models are. They are incredible insecure and Toni’s behaviour shows she is insecure. And I don’t even hate her or dislike her or something. I honestly don’t.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    IMO just from her tweets and comments under her pictures on Instagram shows me that she’s an immature 21 yo. Which is okay because you’re still maturing when you go into your twenties.

  • elephant in room?

    Wasn’t trying to offend anyone with the age thing. It’s just a theory, of course 26 is not old!
    But my theory was that the girls or women that are his girlfriends age or younger, which is 25 and younger, usually aren’t as bothered, and will generate more (positive) buzz and generate excitement for every little thing he does.
    And it’s a GENERALIZED statement, doesn’t include every single person.
    Just like there are many older women who aren’t as bothered about his personal life, i’m sure there are younger women who are.

  • elephant in room?

    Also, when you are older, you realize who you are, what your values are and that dating patterns like this are a red flag. Many don’t see that when they are younger. I’m not trying to say women are old and bitter, just that most of them know better than to be gag over this pairing and his dating habits.

  • @287

    Leo is not the barely legal model in this case so no. No one is going to think he is mentally 22 so it’s ok for him to date these barely legal young girls who acts like children. He is a guy pushing 40, but looks much older, so it’s going to be harder for him to pull this off.

  • LOL
  • #294


  • sugar daddy

    “Leonardo DiCaprio is a very serious young actor. He takes it quite seriously……” – Robert DeNiro
    WHY IS THAT LEO’S FRIENDS HAVE TO CONSTANTLY REINFORCE HOW HE’S A SERIOUS ACTOR!?!? Aren’t all actors serious about their work!?! YOU WANNA KNOW WHY! Because in real life he is a loser who is hella immature who preys on young girls. They have to try to cover up for him. It’s actually so disgusting omg, I never realized this!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES YOU FOOLS!

  • @294

    HAHAH. What the hell. Omg they really ARE a bunch of fangirls aren’t they? I bet all of them are fantasising about their friend’s boyfriend. Hahaha oh boy thanks for this, that’s real funny.

  • HAHA12

    OMG that is priceless

  • baby

    @LOL: Omg! Everyone is crazy about Leo, the haters, his fan girls, Toni and her friends! Creepy as F!!!!

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    LOL kind of disturbing!! Do they sit at home gushing over Leo??