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Jennifer Aniston Shows Excitement Over New Shorter Do!

Jennifer Aniston Shows Excitement Over New Shorter Do!

Jennifer Aniston is ecstatic over her new short hair in a pic posted on Instagram!

“LOVE!! ’’❤️ #JenniferAniston #bobhaircut @LivingProofInc #Flex #PerfectHairDay #LivingProof #ChrisMcMillan #newdo,” the 44-year-old actress’ hairstylist Chris McMillan wrote.

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“I was flipping through the television channels and I paused it to take a picture and I sent it to Chris, and he said, ‘That’s [stylist] Lawren Howell from Vogue!’ And then he said, ‘I just cut that!’ So that’s it,” Jennifer recently shared. “He went way shorter than hers, but she was the inspiration.”

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Looselipz

    Jen always looks pretty. This cut is cure on her.

  • Looselipz

    Oops, cute.

  • I kinda like it~

    From what I see here, I kinda like it. Nice and refreshing change.

  • ccc

    Her hairness is still making a big deal of her haircut. Talented Jennifer Hudson and Pamela Anderson cut their hair way shorter and not making a big deal of it. At 40′s, Jennifer still has only her hair to talk about. How about a baby that they keep saying she was going to have?

  • allison

    Same style she always has when she cuts her hair just with uneven edges. But she does know how to get attention much like Kim Kardashian who is also shallow and self absorbed.

  • lamey

    Isn’t it time she grow up? I mean, come on.

  • You know what they say…

    Sometimes, they change their hair when they have other work done, to detract from it.. :/
    I hope not.

  • keri

    geesh hair,diet,yoga,hair hair hair. is this all this boring middleaged woman knows? she takes her extensions out every few years because of the damage they did..gets a trim. big whoop. what a fame ho. wonder how long before the extensions will return?

  • Joy B Angie

    @You know what they say…:
    Jen looks happy.
    What else ?

  • danielle

    isn’t this something a c or d lister does? or someone much younger? even jennifer lawrence isn’t making as big a deal of her haircut as this pathetic almost 45 year old girl!

  • ann h

    Self absorbed selfie picture. She’s about as mature as a 14 year old.
    She always looks drunk, high or hungover. I’m sure she’s going to wait 2 weeks, go on a talk show and her fans will be counting the days with anticipation.

  • Yawn

    She cuts her hair whenever her career needs a boost…

  • Isa

    She seems lovely like that !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • Pepper

    When the “news broke out”, it was described as drastic new haircut. I thought she got a pixie cut but how would she? She’s her hair. It rules her career.

    And drastic? Please! She chopped off a couple of inches! Everyone does that from time to time.

  • Loser

    Lol..Jennifer Lawrence stole her thunder without even trying. Now she has to resort to posting selfies *smh*

  • Joy B Angie

    Jennifer Lawrence told she is a chihuahua.
    Jen has an own style and no chihuahua can steal one.
    Jen’s hair is the best anyway.

  • pumpkin

    Someone stop the presses Jennifer cut her split ends!!!!!!!
    Dude is this like THE most important thing going on in her life right now?! first a “makeup free” selfie a few weeks ago, then a selfie with her MUA girlfriend last week, now this one, what are they 14 years old? Alright we get it you cut a few inches of your hair, big deal ! you changed a little thing about your looks wow amazing ! There’s actresses doing pixie cuts who don’t make half the fuss she’s making.
    And her hairstylist sounds …well 7 hashtags in a tweet about her hair…

  • Mary

    I like the hair cut, but I agree that the selfies are way too D-list, especially since she just did the same with her new piercing (on the ear lobe).

    But what’s with the multiple explanations of why she cut it? Here, she’s claiming that she was inspired by another cut. Elsewhere, she claims that she had to cut it because of a Brazilian process gone wrong.

  • maria

    I believe if you read the above, it was her stylist who posted the picture. I love the cut on her. It was time for a change! When are these Jolie nutcases going to leave her alone????


    What a shock. Not. Trying to grab some headlines by reappearing with a new hairdo the week Angelina Jolie will be getting honored with her second Oscar, the Jean Herscholt Humanitarian Award.
    Perfect example of shallowness and desperation rolled into one. The complete opposite of Ms. Jolie. My man Brad sure made the right choice.

  • The ringworm

    Geessss…….anything this dumb bitc.h can talk….?

  • Joy B Angie

    super ”right” choice –
    8 years and Jolie is still Ms. …

  • The ringworm

    The famous D- list whack tress .

  • The ringworm


    …………..”…….. got busted from the Brazelians . What ta fraud!

  • Joy B Angie

    @The ringworm:
    How can “D-lister” become famous ?
    Are you a friend with logics ?

  • Marine


    Sure, because Jennifer’s life revolves around the Skeletor and DUH. Why don’t step out into the real world for a bit sweetie.

    BTW Jennifer’s hair looks super cute. Oh and they’re not “selfless” either. She didn’t take either of those two pics.

  • Marine

    @The ringworm:

    How old are you? 2? Either that or you’re just STUPID. Its called the brazilian blow out, not that you have any clue what that is.

  • http://Justjared Gun

    Love her

  • http://Justjared Gun


  • http://Justjared Gun

    I like her hair cut

  • http://computer Gun

    If her lips are moving, she is lying, a hair dresser can’t post her picture without her permission.
    Fame ho gave three different explanations, wanna bet, none are true, her hair was showing damage for years, from all the bleaching, flat ironing and extensions abuse.
    Trying to do damaged control, to save her investment in the hair Co., next she will be saying the products saved her hair.
    Pamela Anderson haircut is awesome, taking out extensions, not.
    This is the only way she can get attention, did her Gigolo run away? this chick is so vapid, it is all about her hair, yoga, body, and baby food.
    Eight almost nine years with Angie, 6 children, MIR, Chateau Miravel, Jolie-Pitt Foundation, all the loving she wants, Plan B (the child of a bitter divorce) that NEVER finance a movie for Ticky but did for Angie (LOL)
    Who had a ring but is now hanging with D-List stars, While the unstoppable Angie can hang with real Kings, Queens, Prince/ss and whom ever she chooses, don’t need Brad to open doors to get an invite.
    Her droopy ears, what next her nose, poor angelica, even you are bored with this nitwit.

  • TC

    It still looks damaged in my opinion. Probably should’ve gone shorter and returned to her natural color which looks so much better on her. I don’t think her hair will ever get completely healthy because she’s only taking half measures here. A cut is not going to help matters if she continues the constant bleaching. She’s Greek for goodness sake! I’ll give her a month before the extensions are back in. They are like crack for her.

  • oh boy

    Ok. She has told so many lies in a week since this non-news was posted on “Aniston a$$ kissing” central Yahoo. Now a new lie today. Her publicist did a good job of selling her straw as something special because her hair has always been crap to me. Thin and lifeless. Now when she first started in Friends it was thicker before the bleaching and straightening. They have built a lie for years over her damaged, full extension straw called hair.

    I guess she had to change the story because of her investment in that fraud of hair products she’s hawking.

  • WTF?

    Desperate for attention … and desperate for a job. Why not relax for a while and go o New York and be with the “great love?”

  • Joy B Angie

    The only Kings Jolie can meet in her life
    are African Kings-cannibals …
    No Brad is necessary for this…
    BTW – where is stinky Brad last time ?
    Where is a happy life of these two soulmates, sorry – ”partners” ?
    Can you tell us, fake Gun ?
    No you so busy with Jen’s hair.
    You may forget about her hair.
    This is not your F business.
    Think about Jolie’s problems with new breast.

  • Jed

    That’s what happens when you are a looser and lead an empty life. Only thing important to talk about is the thinning ugly hair. Wahahaha.

  • Venice Beach

    Poor old barren spinster!!! Her world revolves around her unattractive life. Go f y s!

  • Lol!

    She is for sure looking like a man now! She is still too ugly and so it will be worse if she is seen on the street!

  • K C

    Barren old fuk has nothing relevant in her life. That tiny boyfriend of hers must have dumped her. She is getting fat and the new do makes her look worse. Poor old nothing.

  • Joy B Angie

    Why not go to New York ?
    Are you serious ?
    Because of radiation of the three underground nuclear explosions
    that destroyed three main buildings of the World Trade Center.
    Three explosions of 150 kilotons each – this is not a joke.

  • Pat


  • Joy B Angie

    @K C:
    Hey, moron !
    Tell us about your own achievements .
    Are you an actor ?
    May be Director ?
    May be producer ?
    Who are you to say Jennifer Aniston is “nothing” ?

  • Ivermom

    Love it! It”s nothing too drastic but it is a change and change is always good!

  • Ivermom

    Pat, you better stay away from those hair products and lotion, I heard they can make you ugly!! hahahaha!

  • ltgo

    No wonder Brad got rid of her; he probably got bored to tears hearing about her stupid hair all the time. Now Brad’s with a woman of great beauty, intelligence and substance who gave him a family instead of being with a woman whose main object of conversation is her stupid hair.

  • wendy

    That photo says, hey, look at meee! I’m the beautiful Jennifer Aniston.
    Her self importance has always amazed me.

  • Hey Look

    It’s the beautiful and talented Jennifer

  • ann h

    She’s a bit stuck on herself.

  • Marieme


    Agree! Love how she pretends she hates unnecessary attention but then courts it desperately. Like this. I mean, really? Why even talk about it?

    But oh yes! This is Fugs.

  • heaven

    *itch stole Shiloh’s look!