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Katie Holmes & Suri Lounge Together in Green Point Urban Park

Katie Holmes & Suri Lounge Together in Green Point Urban Park

Katie Holmes and her seven-year-old daughter Suri lounge together at the Green Point Urban Park on Sunday (November 10) in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 34-year-old actress is in town right now while working on her upcoming movie The Giver.

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Katie‘s ex-husband Tom recently revealed some of the details of their divorce in a deposition for a lawsuit he filed against a tabloid magazine for defamation.

When asked if his wife left him to protect their daughter from Scientology, Tom replied by saying “Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes,” according to ABC News.

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  • ANNE

    Tom was ironic about the lies of his ex-wife, he would never leave her in a negative light, him can win or lose this case, depends on Katie. Tom will give up, your image is bad now. I always thought the trip to Disney in August was the bye of father and daughter, forever. Reading the papers in TMZ was sure. Just 10 days after divorce? Tom regretted the day that the Church approved Holmes as “wife.” Staying single now, Tom, and make good movies. Poor Suri.

    Beijoa to Yassine, Annie, CF98, K-Flop, Honestly Concerned, Suri’s tickt meal. My friends.

  • lol

    Tom Cruise knows Suri is not his that’s why he didn’t put up much of a fight to keep her or see her. As for the biological dad, my money is on Chris Klein or (God forbid was inseminated by) Tommy Davis. Suri is probably Klein’s, conceived months before the arranged marriage.

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    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • Suri the meal ticket

    It’s confirmed that KHo whores out this meal ticket by calling the paps every time she is about to get out of the door. Now the whoring operation expands to SF, amazing, all hail to KHo the daughter pimping queen.
    WTF with the meal ticket’s schooling? Yeah, right they must have a *tutor* traveling with her. She’s back to ‘home-schooling’, huh??

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Hello Anne, HOW ARE YOU?
    How’s the situation in Brazil now? I know old news about the protests\riots, hope the commotions didn’t\don’t affect your life.
    It’s getting into hot summer there, right?

  • ANNE


    Eu think she is of William Mapother.

  • ANNE

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    Now is quieter. Is already very hot. What do you mean by SF? Tom also prostituted his daughter to the PAPs. Suri is the only innocent.

  • Deanna

    Shouldn’t Suri be in school right now? Does Suri only attend school when it’s convenient for Katie? If Katie did use the tablods to her advantage during her divorce to Tom Cruise and called them when she was about to leave her apartment in NYC, then she should have no right in having custody of that little girl. She is using her daughter for fame. Suri is going to have a lot of emotional and mental problems as she gets older and Katie will only have herself to blame.

  • wacko

    Whether or not Suri is his bio daughter, I think it’s shitty to bring a kid into a situation where you know you’re only going to be in her life for a short while. Or to use the kid as an “I’m not gay!” prop. Or to have a kid simply as a means of fulfilling a contract. When Suri is old enough she is going to know that she wasn’t wanted the way most normal, in-love couples want a kid; she was just a legal obligation.
    Why won’t he just come out already? He has more money than he’ll ever need. If every studio dropped him, so what? He won’t starve. Unless the Sciento people will kill him if he comes out, he needs to just admit what everyone else already knows.

  • Lord Xenu

    Tom made Nicole Kidman give up all contact with their kids as part of their divorce agreement. His adopted kids went to live with his sister. You never see him with Connor or Isabel unless he has a movie coming out, or he hasn’t been photographed with them in a while. If he wanted, he could pay a nanny to fly Suri anywhere in the world to spend time on set with him. I would like to think he’s a good father but evidence suggests otherwise. Bitch needs to sit the f*** down and quit suing people. Suri’s better off with her mom.

  • patsy

    He’s not the real daddy. Katie would prove it if he pushed her. Since he never adopted her, and they weren’t married whenever the hell Suri was born, he’d prob have little legal standing, especially since he knew going into it that he wasn’t the father. Suri was just another “I’m not gay” opportunity. Him pulling away from Suri now would make sense then since he has no “real” attachment to her in his mind.

  • annie

    If Tom is always there for Suri , she will never feel abandoned, it might hurt her more, reading that he’s not her real father, altho I think he is, at times she looks exactly like him.
    I can understand that maybe it can be a bit harder to see Suri when he only has visitation rights, paticularly when they start school and start getting involved in a lot of social things, like birthdays and outings every weekend, but he does give the impression that he and” Kate” still communicate.
    That deposition made it very clear, that the 2 most important things in his life are Scie (very very important) and making movies.
    But his answers are really vague, and not very articulate at all, hugely defensive, and his memory is selectively appalling.
    He made me see, how uninvolved he is in his life, he has people for this , people for that, and some of the people in it , don’t seem to do him any favours at all, paticularly that silly lawyer of his, who is going to bring TC down in the end, and Scie of course, he’s half way there with them.
    He doesn’t seem to comprehend simple things, probably because of Scie teachings.
    I have always said that it was right for Suri to be involved with Tom with her aunties, and grandmother etc, but I read something the other day that has changed my mind, because it seems all of them are deeply into Scie themselves, and when Tom says jump they all jump.
    He booted his niece out of the family for 2 yrs , because she became a bit familiar with one of his staff, while her mother (his sister ), just stood by, and only let his niece back in, when HE decided to let her back in the family.
    You see , this for me, and I don’t know about you lot, it says so much, he’s being stripped bare , piece by piece, and it isn’t looking good.

  • Mommy Dearest


    Tom NEVER pimped his kids (Connor & Bella) prior KHo.

    The common denominator is KHo – pimping during the marriage and after.

    KHo – acting = FAIL
    designer = FAIL
    product model = FAIL

    KHo has no friends in or outside of the industry.

    She is never seen with any of her Dawson Creek alumni – why?

    She is never seen with any of the people she’s worked with since her marriage to Tom – why?

    The only people she hangs with are her management team and designing partner – Jeanne Yang (who seems to be as conniving as her based on reports).

    The only people who believe the “Betty Mahmoody – Not with out my daughter”, “I’m so mid-west” KHo are those stuck in the Dawson’s Creek timewarp, I hate Tom Cruise – take down Scientology by any means necessary stans.

    KHo is almost past her use, but in the meantime we are stuck with the pimp Suri photos and ridiculous marketing of KHo “mom/actress/business woman” the UNREMARKABLE.

    it would be ironic if at the end of the ln Touch magazine vs Tom Cruise that the leak for the stories is KHo or one of her people.

    It seems as though Tom Cruise’s publicist is insinuating as much with the Suri Disney Trip, Jeanne Yang, and very few people (Tom and Katie) new of the trip and where they would be staying emails.

    Tom Cruise is most definitely batsh*t crazy for scientology, I believe 100% that KHo knew this going in, got pregnant, married Tom to increase her place in HW and when that didn’t work, dropped the hammer on Tom – her dad, info on Tom and Scientology – guaranteed full custody of the money tree (Suri).

    Suri never had a chance. Tom wouldn’t have used Suri but he would have been expected Suri to become a scientologist. KHo whose foremost thought is herself and has no problem using anyone (including her daughter) to get what she wants.

    The only person to feel sorry for is Suri.

  • anoni

    As crazy as this sound I always thought Suri was in vitro with RLHs frozen sperm. She was to be the daughter of COS but Holmes freed her by blackmailing Cruise (thank God for her lawyer father). Every one knows Cruise is gay (was Kidman a beard all those yrs?). Makes sense with her not fighting for visitation rights of their adopted kids, whom I’m sure she loved, but were not worth losing her career over with COS’s info on her “fetishes” (they all have to confess,that’s how they keep them on board). Why was Miscavige on their honeymoon cruise? Could it get any weirder? Suri has to be considered a SP now that she’s free from the doctrines and is that the reason why he does not see her (frivolous lawsuit anyone?) As crazy as this response may seem it’s probably not very far from the truth, which is even crazier.

  • annie

    Suri is with her mother in South Africa. She’s working, must be there for almost a month now.If it’s good enough for other actresses, then it’s good enough for Katie. Too bad , daddy Tom was never there for his ex wife, like she was, when she was going from country to country ,( in Toms words .”.absolutely” ) one set to another , following him around for months on end, while he made his precious movies. It’s all documented. Cruise has Scientology, Katie and Suri are SP’S. He’s sending out bad messages, everybody else has to disconnect, not Tom. He comes across like he’s having to make a choice.
    Does he realise how naive he sounds when he tries to answer questions about scientology. His thinking , goes against what people think is normal. I bet Katie voiced some complaints about Scie, and I bet he got stuck into her , like nobody’s business, and she probably paid dearly for voicing her feelings, and opinions. He’s very very defensive where Scie is concerned.
    It also seems that his assistant Amanda, never responded back to mags when they contacted her, because she thought they(mag editors) were morons and idiots, which probably fuelled them even more to write things about Tom.
    He didn’t know how many days he saw Suri, or didn’t see her, seeing that’s what the whole court thing was about.
    Didn’t know how many times he had sued, previously…..imagine that!
    Didn’t know how many hours it takes from London to NY, an pilot who has done it a hundred times, had to be asked twice to shake his memory.
    He says he can’t leave the movie set, because of all his obligations, but then goes on to say, if he does happen to leave they find other things to do while he is away( attending a Scie function.
    I’m not saying that Katie probably has the last word, since he only has visitation rights, but why would she specifically ask him sometime in October , to come and see Suri, so maybe Suri was missing him.
    No matter how you look at, it’s hard to make him look good, and also it’s hard to not think that Katie must have experienced some difficult times in her relationship with Tom.

    Hi Anne!

  • Mommy Dearest

    Even ex-top scientologist who have had interaction with Cruise say that the Tom is gay stories are false (his former auditor should know).

    Tony Ortega, anti-scientology blogger says Cruise gay rumors are more of an urban legend and based on his contacts he has found no validity.

    The only “truth” from both camps (ex and anti) is Tom is submerged in the Kool-aid, has unresolved daddy issues (authority, acceptance, insecurity) and David Mascavige is the puppet master.

    So, now back to KHo, she never “loved” Connor or Bella and whatever relationship they had with the Nicole (little as it may have been), I suspect the whole “they call me mom” was orchestrated more by KHo – I bet that we won’t be seeing any pictures of KHo and Nicole together, movie promo or not, unlike Penelope and Nicole. – Why? because KHo is a conniving twitch and Nicole knows this and that’s what she meant when asked whether she was a part of KHo’s “grande” escape. Nicole said “I had nothing to do with that crazyness”. Not, I have nothing to do with Mr. Crazy, but the crazyness that goes with the publicity hungry KHo.

    I believe the recent comments from Nicole, acknowledging that her children are Scientologist (Bella and Connor) and that she loves them is revealing. Even the statement Nicole made about have a african-american son influenced her decision not to use the n-word in a movie and her comments on her introduction to motherhood – especially after the crazy KHo period. Bella and Connor looked more miserable with KHo in their lives than after and most likely are still recovering.

    The KHo period of destruction still continues….bitter, bitter woman.

  • annie

    @ mommy dearest
    So hate to burst your bubble, but I don’t know in how many years , Katie is actually started to get good press again.
    One article was —- Divorce Role Model. Why Katie Holmes deserves to be your Leading Lady!
    And yesterday there was a very good piece on her in Weekend in one of the Sunday newspapers.
    And there are lots of pics around of her with friends, maybe non from LA, except for Toms family, but heaps from NY.

  • annie

    @ mommy dearest
    but daddy Tom said, in his court deposition that Katie was ”close” to Connor and Bella.
    Katie was” fairly close” , ”close enough”, ”yes close” to my sisters and mum.
    Oh I get it, how silly of me, you are on the wrong thead , don’t you think….you should be on the NK thread, that’s obvious!

  • Mommy Dearest

    Divorce Role Model – ex-Mrs. Cruise sympathy card….times running out for that too.

    Why Katie Holmes deserves to be your Leading Lady! – KHo “Hire me, I’m the ex-Mrs. Cruise. No, I can’t act worth a dime, my voice is as irritating as nails on a chalkboard, and my interviews could put you to sleep, but I am the Betty Mahmoody of Hollywood. Pleease cast me in your next blockbuster, my people will make sure to leak something about Tom every other week, although it won’t guarantee cost of production it will bring in some gossip hungry stragglers.

    Yeah, I can see KHo and her team banking on this.

    Dawson’s Creek was her peak – No talent – KHoashian

  • Mommy Dearest

    ” fairly close” , ”close enough”, ”yes close”

    Well that settles it KHo lurved (intentional) those kids as if they were her own. Sure, well you keep believing that.

    “close, but not close”, I can see how you would interpret this has KHo was feelings/lovey with the Cruise clan and it was SOOOO difficult for her to take Suri and skedaddle. Everything that is KHo is a dichotomy.

    Actress, Designer, product model = No Talent

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Divorce Role Model?
    Just gets to tell you how hungry some writers are. Well, can’t blame them, in this economy. Those writers can be commissioned to write anything!
    If I have to pick a DRM, my vote may go to Denise Richards, not a million year any where close to KHo, the child pimp.

  • annie

    well I took it the way he said it….that they were close, now that seems to bother you. They don’t keep in touch obviously, but I get the feeling that maybe they don’t keep in touch with their little sister as well…maybe?
    Why is that?
    And that divorce article was very good, by the way.
    You don’t know, what happens behind the scenes , I don’t know what happens behind the scenes, maybe Katies smart lawyer dad told her to not say anything in public about her marriage or Tom, this way nobody can twist or turn things around, but Toms lawyer, seems to lead Tom into things, that otherwise would eventually go away, and people don’t care and don’t remember. He’s created this nonsensical 50 million lawsuit. This lawsuit seems more than just about abandoning Suri, but Toms comments are very flakey.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if games are being played out behind the scenes, between Tom and Katie, it happens all the time.
    Let me give you an example of what happened to my friend, who had a child with this guy. He only had visitation rights as well.
    The child at 10 yrs old, needed a small medical procedure done, she got a letter from the doctor , actually 2 doctors….her ex fiancee, was not even her husband said no, he would not consent to it, and she couldn’t do anything about it. He consented 2 yrs down the track, even tho , it wasn’t a major procedure, it was for his sons benefit, to have it done.
    This guy , only had visitation rights…once a fortnight, and a few hours during the week after school. So people play games, Tom and Katie, are no different in that respect. Most people I know have an after school time schedule as well, obviously not TC, or else he doesn’t use it, or didn’t get it,

  • sam

    @Lord Xenu: #10

    Tom made Nicole Kidman give up all contact with their kids as part of their divorce agreement.
    Stop lying. Tom never did any such thing. He and Nicole had joint custody of Connor and Bella, Nicole said this herself.

  • Ahhhh


    Yes they had joint custody, but once they went to live with Tom the cult began to shove her out of the kids lives as a suppressive with TOM’s FULL BLESSiNG. Several ex-whoo whoo members in a place to know have confirmed this.

  • Katie

    I loved Tom, but my life had become so BORING!!! Honest , stick a pin in my eye. You can’t keep me in, I love New York. He didn’t want to live in New York. I love New York. I begged him, let’s get out of LA. Why didn’t he understand that I wanted a career too.?
    Why didn’t he understand that I wanted more for our daughter. I wanted her to go to school like other little girls, she had never been to school, he just didn’t understand! He never supported me. I was always under his thumb, never listened to my ideas, my thoughts and feelings. It was all about him , him ,him. In the end it was more like being with my father, an authority figure, than the man who once shared my bed, and I adored.
    He always tried to force his way of thinking on me, so I banished him from my bed, because he was undeserving of my love. True!!

  • ANNE

    @annie: @Mommy Dearest:

    I read in the papers of TMZ action. My God, Tom did not answer coherently, it seems to be unrealistic, just taking a shot in the foot. Today I see that Katie is not a victim, but did well to take her daughter all contact with the family of her husband. It seems everyone is below your thumb depend on him financially. Imagine, living with mother, sister, nephews, stepchildren and all religious fanatics. Tom Cruise is getting crazy. Obsessed with the image. It will be hard to find a new wife A-List in HW. He is the target of a joke.

  • Mommy Dearest


    “did well to take her daughter all contact with the family of her husband.” some believe its the other way around. tom and his family cut contact with Suri. which is it? connor and bella are adults, non-blood, related by marriage to Suri. KHo and her father made sure any legal agreement included no contact with the cruise family and limited contact with tom, with the threat of bringing scientology into the legal battle (as if scienotology hasn’t had a enough bad publicity recently)
    “Tom Cruise is getting crazy” – most say he is already batsh*t, but the top brass in hollywood still want to do business with him. tom can still get the best directors and big production companies will still throw money at him. Jack Reacher – should have failed miserably, but with a noted production cost of $60 mil (gossip – $80), it still made $80 domestic and $138 international. this is with all the viral hate by book fans – widely noted in the media – on tom’s casting as jack reacher. go figure. i thought it would have only made $60-$80 mil domestic + international. surprise. Oblivion – cost – $120 mil; it made $89 mil domestic and $197 international. compare to: The Lone Ranger (Johnny Depp better public persona) cost – $215; it made $89 mil domestic and $171 international Elysium (Matt Damon & Jodi Foster – 2 top A-list actors with better public persona) cost – $115; it made $92 domestic and $191 international It seems that the cost to profit ratio of tom’s big budget film is on par with fellow A-list actors who don’t have the negative scientology connection. Tom’s place in HW was solidified a long time ago (pre KHo). now it’s about legacy as he approaches the later years of his career. yes, he will always be known as the batsh*t crazy scientologist, but his HW peers will speak of his dedication, drive and commitment to the making of a film and character. whereas, KHo, what’s her legacy – baby momma, HW social climber whose character on a tv teen drama was her peak. what do her peers say about her, professionally? whose clamoring to work with her? do any of her films get released? the only reason the giver has a chance is because it has meryl streep, jeff bridges and alexander skarsgard.
    target of jokes – yeah that only happens to tom we never hear of KHo jokes – - **SNL**.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @Mommy Dearest:
    What are you talking about Jack Reacher?
    I saw the movie 3X, the only movie I like with Tom in there. I cannot even finish MI4.
    I love Jack Reacher! Tom is perfectly cast for that part, someone wants to just disappear. Imagine how Liam Neeson can disappear with his height, make no mistake, I love Liam Neeson, big time.
    I wish there’s a sequel for it, even though, as you know, sequels are….

  • Mommy Dearest

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    my point – jack reacher/tom cruise had everything stacked against it/him and yet performed much better at the box office than expected.

    with all the hate in the media from the jack reacher book fans and anti/ex scientology bloggers, it should have done way worse. it shouldn’t have even made production cost let alone the domestic numbers. but yet it did. surprise.

    tom and christopher mcquarrie received better than expected reviews for jack reacher – this with all the hoopla surrounding obvious physical differences between the book jr and the movie jr.

    fact – tom does some of his best work when the odds are stacked against him – interview with a vampire, born on the 4th of july, collateral, jack reacher.

    and then there is KHo, no surprises there – whiney voice, stilted and bland screen and stage presence. her acting comes across forced and unnatural – outside of playing a teen in a teen drama when she was in/near her teens – she isn’t believable in any of the roles she’s done – outside dawson’s creek and possibly pieces of april excluded.

    what has she done recently (post Mrs Cruise) to say otherwise?

  • ANNE

    @Suri the meal ticket: @Mommy Dearest:

    Girls, I watch all the films of Tom Cruise. I love Walkyria. Just think from what I read, he is a man child, narcissistic, selfish and insecure. I do not care if he is gay or not. I just do not agree introduce arrangements that innocent as you do not have the option to choose (children) Both (Cruise / Holmes) are opportunistic and obsessed with fame and PAPS, is a disease. Tom’s career will not end, only his image will forever be associated as crazy and religious fanatic. I prefer more, like a mother Katie was better than Nicole. Believe me, after this, Tom will wake up to reality. In the end, it was a lesson. Poor Suri.

  • Mommy Dearest


    many divorce couples (not all or even most, but many) play favorites.

    scientology/scientologist don’t have a monopoly on this.

    you can bet every dollar of KHo’s divorce settlement and suri’s child support payments that suri’s view and attitude towards her father as she grows older will have little to do with media stories of her father, or how often she ‘physically’ saw her father (quality vs quantity) but by her mother and her attitude towards her father. count on it.

    there are studies of children of divorce parents and foster children – no matter how bad the parent is it takes a lot to sever the ties.

    tom and his camp were successful with influencing connor and bella and KHo and her family will be successful with suri.

    although, i don’t believe connor and bella hate their mother nor that they 100% don’t have contact with her today, i do believe there is some emotional (and obviously physical) distance between nicole and them.

    whereas, bitter KHo is going for the jugular, completely disconnect suri from tom, physically and emotionally. KHo isn’t going to leave it to a pre-teen/teen suri to decide which parent suri wants to live with. she’s inserting the wedge early and making sure it’s permanent.

  • ANNE

    @Mommy Dearest:

    My God, what a mess. Poor Suri.
    Do not you think that if Nicole wanted her fought for custody? She has $$$$$$ and press. She never wanted these two. I am a mother and I can still see, in Katie maybe she regretted this decision selfish “marriage” into this contract and give birth to an innocent child. Maybe she does not like what she saw by living with Cruise and family and did not want that for her daughter. Motherhood makes u wake up.

  • ANNE


    Because the family accepts everything Cruise? Fear? Money? Luxury? This is madness and excess power. There is something inside him suppressed. Abandonment of the father? Or, hummmmmm.

  • Where is Tom’s Mom???

    Where is his mother? Really?she hasn’t been seen for 4 years. Is she an SP?

  • annie

    @mommy dearest

    Toms team are saying that they think that Jeanne Yang is or was feeding info to the mags. The opposing lawyer asked TC, about the Enquirer
    articles, where it was said that he put Suri in a windowless room for 6 months, and something else, don’t remember, why he didn’t sue them?
    I would have asked, why didn’t you sue Vanity Fair, they made you sound like a callous AH, and by all accounts it seems it’s true. I think people will remember that more than the abandon issue.
    If Jeanne Yang is the source, then maybe she’s the source as well , in the National Enquirer it said that Tom shouted at Katie for 4 days until she said sorry . Is it because maybe a lot of it is true?
    I’m not saying, that Katie isn’t playing games, or that she’s blameless, or
    anything , maybe all it was, like in People mag a friend of hers said she wasn’t happy at the .way her life was going.
    You see Tom doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with Scie, and if you have a differing opinion, and it’s a lot different when you are on a movie set, and a lot different when you are in a personal relationship with a child, that the father has very definite ideas on how it is to be raised.
    Katies lawyers statement also says a lot, ” that her daughter’s welfare always was and is her main priority. So you can read something in there as well.
    Things are not quite the way you put them.
    And I really liked Jack Reacher, it was a great movie.

  • Mommy Dearest


    Nicole fight for custody? why, she had joint custody.

    “Bella and Connor lived with Nicole in New York for a long time, until 2004 when her career was at it’s peak. Then, the kids moved in with Tom in Los Angeles and that’s when everything changed. After Nicole wrapped up her film projects, she expected Bella and Connor to come home for the summer. Instead, they attended Scientology camp and began living in Tom’s $30 million mansion permanently. Then, they met his young girlfriend, and soon-to-be wife, Katie Holmes in 2005. They were invited to witness the birth of their stepsister, Suri, now 4, and after that they started calling Katie, 32, their “Mom.” (ref:

    The kids were at an age to decide which parent they wanted to live with and with the conniving KHo in the picture there to influence the situation (but pretend she played no part).

  • Dee

    I came here to see an article about Katie and her daughter at a playground…but wow…what are all these comments above….Jared, you need to start moderating the Katie pics, this will drive traffic away from your pics. I’ll check out her pics of a diff site from now on.

  • Mommy Dearest

    tom has said there are lines and the line that they crossed for him was claiming he abandoned suri.

    everyone has their own limits and that was his.

    locking suri in a windowless room for 6 days vs abandonment (ala scientology disconnection), i think people are more incline to believe the later and tom felt more about it because of that.

    tom’s people stated their position on the vf article and although more character destroying (public persona) than previous stories of tom he decided it wasn’t worth it. i think it is a bit of fiction and nonfiction, but it sales. arrange dating in HW has been around since the beginning – agents, managers, etc hooking up actors and actresses, arrangements to sale a movie, boost careers (KHo), all not new. add in crazy cult-like religion you’ve hit bank. at least until people get distracted by some new gossip.

    KHo got pregnant within 3 months of making their relationship public. Suri was born april 2006 and KHo married tom dec 2006. KHo saw opportunity and uses suri to keep herself relevant. scientology is not a secret in HW. No way KHo didn’t know what she was getting into.

    previous KHo interviews mentioned brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio and george clooney as actors she would like to work with. but yet she dreamed of tom cruise as a teen.

    weird that when tom was dating penelope there was no attempt to distance connor and bella from nicole. whatever KHo wants …..

  • Mommy Dearest


    yeah, check out dailymail or some others. surely those comments will be more to your liking.

  • ANNE

    @annie: @Mommy Dearest:

    We will accept: it’s all contract, money, fame.
    In the future, the past comes back and collecting the invoice. Suri will want to know his real story (Paris Jackson), and Katie explains. I particularly think Tom Cruise has serious problems of acceptance and trust. Suffers from complex rejection. And in the sexual area is also unresolved. Suri is not his daughter. His problem. I’ll wait MI5. Kissing girls.

  • annie

    @ mommy dearest
    I get it that Katie is not your fav person, and that’s fine, but what has Katie got to do with distancing Bella and Connor from their mum, or does Katie , at least in your eyes get blamed for everything.
    It sounds like you are very accepting of the fact , that a young woman was told to pack her bags and get out of his house by one of his staff, not Tom , her boyfriend at the time, and then made to clean toilets, because TC took a slight innocent comment concerning DM personally.
    You sound like you are defending Tom and Nicole here and there in your posts but Katie gets the blame.
    I said before that Tom loves Suri, but his actions words and his passion lie with Scie. The point is, and that’s what is the issue here, he didn’t leave the set (that he has so much responsibility for) not for his daughter, but for a Scie do.
    Were you a speaker , Mr Cruise?
    ”No it was an important event. I felt it was important.”
    So what is basically being said, is that in a 100 days, he couldn’t find a couple of weekends to go and see his daughter, but he could fly out to the Scie event because in his mind it was important.
    Well then he should say ,if there is a reason, a good enough reason as why he didn’t see her. If Katie is the one keeping him away, for 3 months then he should say so, but he said that she asked him in Oct to see Suri and he couldn’t. Maybe there was a reason for her to have asked him.
    So they do communicate.
    The bottom line is…..this is a very wealthy man, top legal advisors. KH team are not better or smarter, than his legal team.
    In his eyes , he didn’t abandon her , because he calls her, and pays for her, and tells her funny stories on the phone, but he can and could have seen if he thought it was important enough, I think that’s the argument here, and it has nothing to do with Di Caprio, or Nicole, or anything else!

  • Mommy Dearest

    No, in my eyes KHo doesn’t get blamed for everything.

    the example i gave – no distancing from nicole happened during tom’s relationship with penelope, but KHo shows up and they are calling her mom. and she was ok with this. yet you can bet she’d have a problem with suri calling another woman mom.

    the vf story is relevant but indications of KHo’s HW social climbing is irrelevant. uh-huh, no.

    the problem I have with labeling tom as a deadbeat or abandoning his daughter is the fact that there are dads who not only don’t pay child support (financial difficulty excluded) but also do not see their child/ren in years (no phone calls, no visitation, nothing). and to put tom in the same bucket as them is distorting the meaning of abandonment.

  • annie

    I think the word ”abandon” is too big a word in this case, and that offended him, I understand that too, but he is suing them, for 50 million. He could have gone on some big news show and defended himself, and said ”you know I draw the line here”, and got his message across, in a good way, they want to win, and so does he, and if you ask me, for a lot of different reasons, as well as the abandon issue.
    As for the” mom” thing, Katie said, they jokingly call her mom. She gave quite a lengthy interview, and after all the commotion it caused, she became guarded in things she said.
    If she was a social climber, if it was for the money, and the prestige of being Mrs Cruise, travelling the world 1st class, and staying at10 star hotels, while having a bottomless pit of money at your disposal, happy to go from set to set of her husbands movies, but she didn’t. KH left a very rich luxury world, for a world that she had to start all over again.
    Anyway that’s my take on it.

  • annie

    And Suri has her hand back!

  • ANNE


    My question is: why not Tom Cruise released a pic of him with Suri after Disney in August? There was no need to process. Because Bauer / Cruise Katie Holmes did not call to testify, she has the key to this action.
    Cruise will give up, he lost. That’s why it was ironic to say whether Scientology was a factor in the division. He and his family have no contact with Suri because katie required agreement of the divorce. Because he accepted without a fight …………. William Mapother can answer.

  • Mommy Dearest


    I believe many men (not all or most, but many) who consider themselves good fathers and had the financial means would sue for whatever amount to make sure it doesn’t happen again. They should have apologized and did a retraction.

    Could you point to the magazine or website where she is quoted as saying it was a joke that Connor and Bella called her mom? That I am not aware of and would be more than willing to remove that from my list of things I don’t like about KHo.

  • Maryjane

    Hello Tom Cruise cruise control- well Tom , arn’ tI famous and insanly talented.I do believe the whole world has now red my face book page, IT was fasinating wasn’ IT ‘ celbs. I am a nice person I believe in me
    I am hosting IT no one else here is – asleep
    have a great Christmas 2020 will bee our last ONE.

  • Maryjane

    Tom I won’t bee back , tell Leto. OVER ‘ feeding every one

  • sharon swain

    @annie: read the demonic cultof