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Liberty Ross Has 'No Words to Describe' Rupert Sanders' Affair with Kristen Stewart

Liberty Ross Has 'No Words to Describe' Rupert Sanders' Affair with Kristen Stewart

Liberty Ross flashes a smile as she arrives for a night out at the Chateau Marmont on Friday evening (November 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the week, the 35-year-old British actress donned a see-through dress at the 2013 MOCA Awards to Distinguished Women in the Arts Luncheon held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

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“I have no words to describe what we went through,” Liberty recently told Vanity Fair about her husband Rupert Sanders‘ affair with Kristen Stewart. “But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And, for me, I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.”

The month before, Liberty struck a pose at the Chloe Los Angeles Fashion Show & Dinner held at the The Brody House.

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Credit: David Livingston; Photos: Getty, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • M.s.

    Goodness is embarrassing, I have to talk about it all the time, nobody cares if they wanted to have peace so shut up, probably wants to have fame, thanks to Kristen are interested in it, disgust

  • talia

    someone is loving have the spotlight on them but in all honesty Liberty is still a nobody

  • dark creature

    I wonder what she’s going to use next year for attention?

  • In Need

    Partying for a paycheck?

  • andrea2

    Liberty is very classy and beautiful. Sad that she had to go through rupert and kristen affair, and even worse that she had to do it in the public eye. Wishing her and her kids much love and happiness going forward.

  • Rose

    This woman needs to stop milking the affair. Sorry this is the only thing you’ll ever be known for but it’s time to move on, hun.

  • anna

    If you have no words then don’t talk. Nobody knew who she was. She was never featured on this site or any site before that cheating thing. So I she should thank Kristen and her ex husband for giving her the key to ATTENTION.

    look what they did to her was crap. But I hate when people ride their hurt to fame. And she is doing just that. When she is known for what she does alone and not for her ex and his whatever.. then TALK.. now just STFU.. I’m tired of seeing her.

  • mind over matter

    She needs to fluff Jimmy’s pillows and keep it moving.

  • beyatch

    GET OVER IT fame whore!!!!

  • guest2

    Wonder why Liberty is still hated and insulted by psychotic kstew fans or fan. Don’t be so evil people…!!!

  • M.s.

    @andrea2: Yay for God’s sake hater came, bite than think for something to write, if you were a normal take it, but you’re obsessed idiot

  • ace11

    Big deal she got cheated on

    Probably should look at herself as the reason her hubby strayed

    Getting older doesn’t help

  • Lorry

    Kristen fans should accept the fact that their queen is a cheater and a homewrecker. Liberty Ross is a classy lady and she rose above the shamelessness and deceitful ness of her idiot husband and his equally idiot partner I cheating . No wonder no one wants to be associated w Kristen only her lesbian jobless worthless friends. More power to Liberty Ross!

  • M.s.

    @Lorry: And you’d be look at yourself, what YOU IDIOT A stupid person on earth is a man made ​​a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, and moreover like a real fans is I do not watch a private life but the movies, what would be if someone sifted through thy private life and, moreover, most celebrities cheating it is ok just Kristen is the worst, I find it disgusting and pathetic, you are jealous and selfish, live your life

  • old model

    Can Miss REBIRTH have several seats!

  • Ellie

    She’s annoying.Her 15 minutes are already up,but to stay in the media she’s still talking about the cheating to get attention.Nobody knew who she was before the cheating and nobody cares about her anymore.She should stop talking about it before her two fans get tired of her too.I’m not Kristen’s fan,nor Rupert fan,nor her fan,but she’s the only one talking about it.Life goes on…every body moved on,except this nobody.The scandal didn’t make her a real celebrity or famous,and never will.And fyi,Kristen DID NOT cheat on Rob,they never had a real relationship.Everything was a PR Stunt,since the beggining.And Liberty needs to move on with her life too,or everybody will hate her too.

  • Candace

    Really why are people still obsessing over this…I think its time for the “fans” and media to get over it, and get on already. My question is why is she all of a sudden talking about this now…It’s been a year.. The only reason for her make comments now on her private life is to only keep it relevant, she should be talking to a therapist not the paparazzi..

  • crows feet

    Let this chick make money while she can. This story can only take her so far. It’s not like she’s Gisele Bundchen, who’s worth millions of dollars. I hope the Vanity Fair pay was decent.

  • oh boy

    Another Jennifer Aniston……

  • Rose

    Who are these hack writers writing for Just Jared? Liberty Ross is no “actress” and Suki Woodhouse/whatever Bradley Cooper’s beard’s name is, is no “supermodel”. They’re both attention wh0res.

  • living in a box

    she should write a book about the affair and the book should be title ‘desperate for attention’.

  • tammy

    She did nothing wrong but still is hated and criticized.KStew was a b!tch,home wrecker,dirty peace of trash and is loved.Go figure…

  • M.s.

    @tammy: Seriously you’re here complaining about criticizing liberty but doing the same, you’re normal, hardly, I’m really disgusted with the people who are against Kristen, she will owe nothing, they made a mistake, almost every man, as true fans are interested mate her film no private life to start living, or get help

  • M.s.

    @tammy: and seeing a single waste you here Kristen is a great actress who have accomplished and those that sit at the comp and criticize, you’re disgusting and pathetic

  • jay


  • automatic kitten

    I predict that Liberty will find herself an old, wealthy man soon. Welcome to Hollywood Ms. Ross.

  • Soho

    Seriously, still talking about that?

  • iagirlfy

    Oh and your current boyfriend was there back then also. He advised you as well. I am sure he had great advice since he also went through a divorce recently. Now sssssssssshhhhhhh.

  • Guest

    K-Stew fans are disgusting for trying to blame the affair on Liberty Ross instead of their gross pot smoking cheating homewrecker skank

  • xyz


  • Corrine

    We are still milking this ?

  • what

    @M.s.: Are you drunk?
    “I do not watch a private life but the movies” So WHAT are you doing here?

  • andrea2

    @M.s.: You’re clearly lack of morality and education, like your idol kristen. Get a life, get good education and don’t forget to take your medicine !

  • jen

    kinda believe their marriage was bad before any affair.
    And all you have ever seen has been her out in slinky outfits partying!
    What kind of mother is that?

  • Leah

    Kristen fans are still in denial… So pathetic…You should thank Liberty since she didn’t tell about kristen and rupig affair.

  • 55vineyard

    Isn’t this story like a month or two old? I realize it is Sunday, which is a really slow day, but really Jared?

  • M.s.

    @andrea2: @what: No I BRAIN, seriously if you had glanced HOW MANY CELEBRITIES cheating, it’s old, and when you want peace why talk about it, is not normal and if you are serious had the right info you know they had problems before the divorce so fans rob please shut up or you look the mirror as you are assholes on earth I would find somewhere intelligent people, and it’s definitely not fans of Rob