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Miley Cyrus Lights Blunt on Stage, Wins MTV EMA Award (Video)

Miley Cyrus Lights Blunt on Stage, Wins MTV EMA Award (Video)

Miley Cyrus lights up a blunt on stage while accepting an award at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards held at the Ziggo Dome on Sunday (November 10) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The 20-year-old singer received the top award of the night – Best Video for her song “Wrecking Ball” and she thanked her director Terry Richardson during her speech.

Miley joked that she couldn’t fit the award into her bag, but there was something she could fit. She then pulled the blunt and lighter out of the bag, lit it, and took a puff all while standing on stage. Watch below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus lighting a blunt on stage?

Miley Cyrus Lights Blunt on Stage, Wins MTV EMA Award
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  • Cory

    Wonder how Chanel feels??? Yeah Miley, you’re cool…NOT.

  • top

    i think its god damn amsterdam

    she could have sex with a prostitute on stage if she wanted

  • top

    @Cory: @Cory:

    stop being such a pussy

  • Daniel

    @Cory Coco would be mad, but Karl Legerfeld would feel great, he’s a mess.

  • Mary

    I’m sure she thinks she is hardcore and edgy, but she seems so childish and silly to me.


    That is that herb cigarette in Broken Flowers of course. If you are not too stuck up and are paying attention to what is going on these days.

  • Jennay

    lmao was that supposed to be shocking? that was literally so lame

  • conorsmom

    STOP TRYING SO HARD! You look like a fool. This is not what an “artist” does. An artist would do their own thing, not just try to get your name & face on tv every stinking day…

  • patsy

    Try hard and lame. Don’t bother Miley, everyone knows you’re a Crack Wh*re.

  • nono

    She’s looks like a W… And she’s the worst exemple of celebrity to the young people , just see her little sister she starts to becoming like her …
    where the parents???

  • go go

    omg what an effin a-hole, does she kno anybody could light up a joint it really doesnt take much talent? wow so edgy and cool! i guess to compensate for no other talent. Rehab awaits then see how cool it will be to clean her own toilet

  • Cory

    It was soooo contrived. Oh, Miley walks out with a put her award inside…. but it doesn’t fit… but she happens to have a joint and a lighter.. so she’ll light up??? Reminded me of the kids that used to smoke cigarettes on the corner before school in the morning…they were so much cooler than the rest of the kids…..NOT.

  • attention ho

    Lindsay Lohan move over…next idiot acting out. Could someone please take out the trash?

  • Cory

    When in Amsterdam does one turn to drugs to experience the culture or do they do drugs because they’re druggies?? Katie Perry didn’t have to do drugs, tattoo her body all over or dress like a hooker in order to win an award.

  • Tanya

    WOW, she’s so cool! It’s so edgy and different! Is this what she wants people to say about her?
    Everything about her is so contrived, and it’s awkward to watch.

  • kendra

    What a stupid b****

  • Tanya

    @Cory: AHAHAHA love your comment, yeah she just happens to carry her purse onto the stage

  • Kaley

    Anything for attention. This girl has become a total loser. Everything she does now is so orchestrated to give that look of a hardcore rocker chick. It is not going to work, as her pre teen fans have moved on and she is moving into that has been celebrity status.

  • matt

    She dresses like a little tomboy whor€ yet she has no sex appeal whatsoever. Fugly silly & talentless pothead. No one cares.

  • http://ninajwilliamson nina

    well i think it’s guys should stop judge her..she did what she wanted to..k??if u have a problem deal with it and shut ur mouth okay??

  • Disney’s next hot mess

    A couple of years ago Jamie Foxx was slammed when he said that Miley Cyrus would end up on a stripper pole. I guess apologizes are in order.

  • annoying brat

    Why is it that former childhood stars think the only way to transition to womanhood is to s l u t i t u p?
    This should give hope to millions of homely girls all across America. Act like a druggie tramp and you too can get all the attention you want. If she had any real talent, she wouldn’t need the shock value.

  • Verity

    @Disney’s next hot mess: Thank you!!!

  • Tsk tsk tsk

    I await next year’s award show when Miley may take a dump on stage, that will set the twitter world ( is there really such a thing?) ablaze. Daddy must be so proud.

  • Guest

    Can’t wait till this try hard fades away, along with Bieber of course

  • Zaina

    It’s not even funny guys. Don’t you see it’s a cry for help? Look at miley when she was at the teen choice awards pole dancing and look at her now which girl seems more sane?

  • Laurie

    Could someone who is close to this no-talent hack please explain to her that we are laughing AT her, not WITH her? What a regugnant tramp!

  • Hilaray

    What a stupid moron. She doesn’t seem to get that her only fans are range from 6-13. Every time she does one of her try-hard ‘acts’ she is pushing them away.
    Oh and smoking a joint on stage, so rebelious!
    Madonna alredy did something like that on the Letterman show. Already done Miley! As usual, whatever she tries to do has already been done by other singers and pop-stars.

  • http://@72jts Nelle

    @Disney’s next hot mess: He was wrong ! she ended up naked on the ball. What is unfortunate is that she does have some vocal talent. But all of her stupid antics get in the way.

  • v-killah

    @Zaina: it’s not a cry for help. She just released her album last month and wants attention. attention = album sales. She’s not stupid, she’s doing exactly what she’s doing.

  • temal

    Her goal is to be the most talked about act. I noticed at the end of her opening act performance when she had that group of people dressed in crazy costumes around her on stage, there was a girl dressed in a striped halter top and pants. I guessing that was her dig at Robin since he said he wouldn’t perform with her anymore. So she got a stand in.

  • antone

    that’s not a blunt…

  • why

    we will be hearing she is dead, soon.. im sure. She is just headed down hill.

  • sam

    she’s over in a foreign country breaking the law. Smoking weed is ONLY legal in cafe’s and coffee houses, in Amsterdam.

  • Funkylass

    Ok Miley….the message was NOT lost on me. I know….I’m wishing we had the same freedoms in the US that other countries do…..:(
    And you could DO that there and no one blinks an eyelash….yep…got it! I’d love to have been there for you to pass it to….. I still think perhaps it would have been classier not to do that and LOOK like you were making a point when most of the people in that audience wouldn’t think it was a statement at all…….

  • Funkylass

    @sam: Yeah but people do it everywhere and nobody does anything about it.

  • mom50

    I agree with TOP!! Big deal people. So many people like to judge. So what? She may be young and immature but she can sing live on stage. She doesn’t have a tape running like other ” singers”. MTV cut it out anyway when it was played on TV. She a smart girl. Let her make her own mistakes.

  • mom50

    At least she has guts and a backbone! Cant say the same for Robin Thicke or that spineless lousy actor guy she was going with. Looks is all he has and that’s not enough. YOU GO GIRL!! You have bigger balls than some men.

  • Nikki

    Pathetic attempt for more attention. Give it a rest, Miley!

  • Isa

    Definitly not cute in these pics !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • Ginger

    She looked like a hooker working her corner.

  • JiJi

    Mind your own buisness

    You know a normal, non-famous person does this kind of thing at a younger age. She did not have the chance to go crazy in her behaviour with most of the world looking at her as a rol model for kids her own age, she had to behave as was expected of her. Maybe she was not the perfect little angle everybody thought!
    Oh and she has done more in her life than most people her own age. Good or bad, she has done more than most. She had to grow up in front of a bigger audience and make decisions for everybody.
    Now she is older and can make her own choices and show the world who she is in her own way.
    Now stop judging, stop expecting and let her be who she wants to be. If she decided to smoke weed on stage in Amsterdam, where it is legal btw, let her smoke it! Her lungs, her life and her choice.

    Now get back to your life!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Everything about her is a turnoff from her appearance to anything that comes out of her dumb big mouth, her performance, hair, appearance. What I don’t get is why anyone would even come close to thinking she’s as cool as she thinks she is. She’ll burn out. We still have to watch her pee and shit on stage.

  • kingsofleonlover

    It’s Amsterdam. Everyone watching the show knows what goes on there, and knows that 99% of the acts are doing the same as her, but why she feels the need to light up omstage is beyond me. she just looks silly as though shes trying to show off for something every artist would be doing that night

  • Dutchie

    Miley, Paris ………… all the dumb bimbo´s do the same when in Holland …… behave like utter morons with no brain cells. All we do is laugh about their stupidity!!

  • big bang theory

    If you click on the full size photos you can see the stubble between her thighs. ………………….


    The above high side tighty etc. is Miley’s Flashdance homage…

  • rdh

    It seems like a short time ago, talent was what differentiated singers. Wonder what happened…

  • Kim

    As someone who is Dutch I can honestly say that we really don’t care for celebs thinking that smoking on stage is cool.
    We know it is legal to smoke! We live here!!!
    That doesn’t mean that we think people smoking on stage is a cool thing. It is actually a sad, pathetic, attention drawing thing to do.
    Every time a celeb smokes in stage somewhere in the Netherlands the majority of the Dutch people roll their eyes and think: Here we go again *sigh*

  • Love The Shoes

    @Mary: You nailed that one Mary. ITA with ya. Miley is trying way too hard and its coming off exactly as you describe; ” childish and silly.” Amanda Bynes would be called crazy; in fact, I think they do.