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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Shop on Sunday!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Shop on Sunday!

Rachel Bilson and her boyfriend Hayden Christensen leave the Orchard Hardware Supply store after shopping for some home renovation supplies on Sunday afternoon (November 10) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old couple pushed a cart full of supplies to their car to unload, all while attempting to keep incognito!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

Rachel recently shared some fun facts with Us Weekly including “I watch Friends every night before falling asleep,” “I sing ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child when I’m alone in my car,” and “I went to college in San Diego for semester but came home with no credits.” Be sure to read all her fun facts!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen at the store…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen shop for home goods 10

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  • Skywalkerhaslanded

    Cute pix of them both! I don’t care for her but I love me some Anakin!!

  • Levon

    I LOVE Rachel Bilson. I think she is funny, adorable and totally underrated.

  • JM

    Longest beard contract ever!!! Maybe he is straight?

  • AmericanHeist

    I thought they broke up actually but now I know they didn’t, when are they gonna get married anyway?

  • Rose

    How are these two even still together?

  • Rita

    Hayden must have just gotten back from China from filming Outcast, filming was supposed to finish on November 9th (see HaydenFanNews website). Hayden and Rachel look so cute together, their décor in their new home in LA is featured in Lonny magazine (online) this month. Hayden and Rachel have been together for 6 1/2 years now, it’s been 3 years since they got back together after a break up in August 2010, they were back together by the end of October 2010. They live together, and go every where together, unless they are working. I’d say they are a solid couple for a long time now.

  • mara

    @Rita: THANKS

  • mara


  • lexyhatesbilson

    Of course she didn’t get any credits – she’s not Natalie Portman and Josh Schwartz wasn’t one of her teachers!

  • just me

    @Rita: Hayden never said he was dating her in his interview so the the stupid woman had to show that was still together.This will not make any rating for her show and hayden didn’t buy a house for them are he would have said so in his his interview and could be there for another movie he has to to. And hayden promoted his clothing line and she didn’t go. So this suppose to make up for not going to canada for promoting his clolhing line. Jared this is publicity for rachel and her show nothing else. Hayden need to stop hanging around her he ought to know she going to called the paps when he come there. There is no marriage are engagement both need to stop seeing each other like this. Hayden just finish promoting his clothing line and he probably there for another movie he got to do. No one never say nothing about his work. Rachel only got back with hayden because no other guy would date her and hayden was not working at the time. She just don’t want no break up rumors started about her and him. She ought to know she will never be in a movie with him anymore. And why hayden keep coming back around her anyway? Its all about her anyway. He could be with other ladies she not the only woman he can be seen with. She only want to use this for her failing show. Its not going to do any bettter. Why hayden keep lettting rachel use him all these years? When there are bettter women for him. Another booty call? its all a game for her and him. Rachel will never have nothing been around him. And they have not been together no 6 and half years either. Hayden dated other ladies before this gold diggger came alone using him like this. Als hayden didn’t mention getting a house in his interview either. Rachel so stupid for running behind him like she do. He didn’t give her a part in his movie and she still hanging around him? Something is wrong with this woman. She has no shame at all when it come to hayden . That’s any man she can use her for anything. Her publiclist told her to do this so it would look good for her. Hayden could careless about being seem with her and she ought to know this.She ran behind in 2010 when he didn’t have anywork just like she doing not. If he is there its not for her . She should have went to store alone. To show that she don’t need a man to be with her. She use hayden for her show nothing else and why hayden put up with his ex girlfriend i don’t know. Jared you could have mention that a week ago when she was out n bout. Didn’t have do it when hayden was with her. The relationship still a lie and don’t know why hayden don’t find another lady to be with. Nobody like rachel all these years and its pretty sad that he still lettting rachel use him like these. When he broke up with a girl it was over and done with. This could be for tove house that he was tellling the suppplies to. And rachel just had to go with him. Its seem that it wasn’t a happpy visit with these paps around. The only way the paps will stop following him is to tell rachel stop going around him when he is there. The truth be told this not a real relationship only for the public to see like last time. Rachel broke up with adam when he got work so why she can’t break up with hayden too? Both are doom not going to last. She is still a liar when it comes to hayden. @AmericanHeist: They should break up so one an forcus on career and be to be use by rachel stupid bilson.

  • shanda

    @Rita: Rachel can’t et any acting gig so this what she does. Hayden went home frist before he came back to california. Hayden does have a home in california are he would have say so. He has to do another movie and probably was her things anyway to let him push the care. Why hayden let rachel control him llike that? He ought to know its for her benefit and they are not gettting a house are he would say sao. He moved and this stupid girl couldn’t wait until he came back to visit. She always doing that for the public to be seem.Rachel is a contol freak and she don’t want to let go are hayden . That is the way its is. She ought know hayden still not going to let her in his movies. So why why keep hanging with him. They could have broken up and she didn’t want no one to know this. Didin’t she just saw him tornto promoting his clothing line? Hayden didn’t have to show his face anymore for the public are anyone. He are got broke he could have stay home. I wouldn’t have done this for her.She can put me in tabloid all she want. Hayden don’t need no woman controllling him like that. He just finish making his movie . He didn’t have visit california if he have too. Hayden should leave rachel alone if he has to show up up with her in public just prove everything is fine. He should be with girls that don’t expect to be given something alll the time. rachel don’t neeed this. If she would just get out and date other people and not expect hayden to visither alll the time. She could date other people and get atttention. She has the time to do this. Rachel just tooo lazy to get and find other people. This not solid relationship when you have to put on a show for it. Alll these these yearsw this is what it been. Hayden should stay home where he live and find another girl to be with. He don’t like being seen with paps when rachel callled them. They didn’t just show up. She like when they come around tooo. And no problem about his working with orther people now? Rachel will do anything to keep herse;lf in the public except date other people.where he is away. She is trying so hard to keep this fake relationship going. She is stilll not nothing until she stop runnning behind hayden so much. and should stop lettting her do that to him. He don’t need to be seen . I wish hayden would stop lettting rachel do that do him. He has to grow up and say its enough and move on without rachel. Rachel has use him and and she know its about her anyway . So why he let her tag along with him like that and stay home and find another girl and she find another guy> Hate seeing them together don’t make any sense. Hayden can find another girl and let rachel go, are rachel should let him go. Other women has find other guys why can’t she. No couple at all afake one stilll.

  • Same old

    Hayden is certainly a loose but still no one controls his decisions to stay with another looser but himself!

    I wonder how he can promote clothes when he is dressing down all the effing time looking like a homeless or a bum.

    This guy has a personality disorder. His mood is shifting like the wind. Most of the time he looks moody, unhappy, tortured.
    Sad he can’t enjoy life and take the right decisions for himself (the 1st would be to dump the attention seeker he is having s.x with).

    Then spending more time in his homecountry rather than digging holes in Rachel’s new pad. He is more american than Canadian. After all his mother is american.

    Sad that money, fame, good looks don’t make Hayden happy….not even brain dead/damaged rachel bilson.

  • @Shanda Raydenl’s new home

    3690 Alomar Drive Sherman Oaks CA 91423….get jealous b.tch!

  • pri

    What happened to him?
    He used to be VERY handsome, had a good career, and his interviews … he seemed to be a very smart person.
    Today… bleh.

  • shanda

    @@Shanda Raydenl’s new home: who are you gettting out address out? Hayden never said he had a house there and he didn’t buy one there. So who is the bitch now?Why didn’t hayden mention he had a house there? He never give out address where he live. I’m not a jealous bitch so who address is that when you suppose to give out . Hayden and Rachel don’t live together ok! No one supppose to give out address where they live. She is tell lies like everyone else. Hayden lives in canada this jealous bitch is rachel. Why didn’t hayden mention he live with her in sherman oaks he did not Rachel don’t mention why she live at all. So why should you? All this to promote her show. If hayden lived with he would be seen around in la with her. Rachel called the paps to show he was with her shopping that was all. Did he tell paps where he lived at? None he didn’t. He won’t say he dating her let alone say he’s living with her? So why hayden didn’t mention in his interview? They said he lived in canada most are the time not california. Haven’t this been going on too long about this. Rachel is the dumb and jealous bitch here not me. And jared i hope it wasn’t you call me a jealous bitch. Rachel is nothing at all.She don’t have a career and she don’t have the smarts to be nothing but this.Like i said i don’t why hayden keep hanging around rachel when he can do bettter. Rachel is a cancer eating away hayden life and his career cause she don’t have nothing to do. And hayden should date other people why not? Rachel can’t stand for nobody to be in limelight when she can be in it. You that jealous bitch would been hanging around other men if hayden was living with her. Hayden said the reason he was not working it was because he didn’t feel like it. And rachel with her stupid self took advanage are it. Then she starting rumors she moved and she did not. We don’t know where she moved it. She was at her last location last time. She always making people think otherwise. Rachel is liar and a control freak. Hayden dump other girls like i said and left them alone. Why he can’t do the same with rachel? Both know that they have no business being seen together.Why? Nothing going with them and she knows this. To promote her show? Rachel let men her do her any kind are way. Hayden sure does. He had finish his move and went home and this dumb woman had the sense to be seen with cause she’s too lazy to date other people. No mattter what she does she is not nothing. Cause if she was she would have better career and she woyuld grow up be stop being a teenage. Both should stop this act they are doing. Nobody care about them and both their career not nothing. Why hayden would want to be around a airhead chic. This is all she does for atttention. No one give out address.ok I will never believe nothing rachel say cause she is still a liar. Rachel never tell the truth. People like jared try to make her look good. Hayden should be with a smart girl not a dumb one like rachel. All she want to do someone to give her something all the time. Hayden should have stay home in canada not have low hisself by being seem with rachel. Because that what rachel is a low -class woman only want to be seem with people to make her look good. Hayden should have known bettter to hook by up with rachel again. So what make the relationship bettter. He’s afraid to tell her no he don’t want be seem by the paps. His relationship is he single not dating anyone. Rachel put this house on internet not in public why? Cause hayden don’t live with her anymore. She just want hayden to help her when he came here. She might stay in sherman oaks he don’t. He live in canada not california. He just visit there for work like he always did. Rachel don’t say nothing about his work or his clothing line. Hayden should got his behind back to canada not let be seem with him. Why rachel don’t date other people like she use to do when he left? Afraid he might get a movie and she want to be in it.Like always. when she going stop doing that? Why not go and dump her or he dump her again? They are not popular anymore. why jared post them as a couple.When it base on lies. Everything rachel do is lie you should know this. Hayden still don’t like paps and she try to make him like it. That is wrong and that is controlling someone. People know that rachel lie and put up a front. So if they so in love they don’t show it still. Rachel don’t want hayden to move on with career and be his own man. She still don’t get she can find other men to promote her show other than having hayden be with her. I’m not jealous bitch you are for putting up this fake relationship that no one don’t say what it really is. Its what it rachel don’t have the brains to let him go. He only come there for work not walking been seem with rachel stupid bilson who don’t have college education and use everyone she be with.

  • tweet

    Hayden is a hot guy, right? Especially when he is alone in fotos giving interviews or on set filming some movies. Unfortunately he is with Rachel for so long now and we sometimes just forget, but it is the fact. Get over it.

  • shanda

    She still using hayden and he too stupid to realize that she is. He never give in some gir like that. why rachel she is no bettter than the other women he dated. Rachel took control and he didn’t say nothing about.She said she dating him and he says nothing about. He single why not say so? She can’t do nothing about that. She is single too just a booty call every now then? When he can be seem with other co-stars that got talent. She said she didn’t go college so she is dumb chic. All she got is hayden to fall back on when no will hire her or date her. So this what this has to. He has to pop up in california and ever so often to please her? He shouldn’t have. He should call quits why he can and leave her alone. She don’t want no bad thing to be said about her. She is no better than anyone else. She know hayden dumb her last year? why she act like he didn’t. And why people still want them to be together is beyond me. Its over why can’t rachel see that. And need to stop being around her and move on to someone else? everyone have why rachel is any different? Everyone had moved on to new people. Hayden and rachel have not at all. He should have moved on from her by now and her too. Hayden is very stupid in that department and let rachel use him like a dog. No one else let people do that. They move on and let each go.This wrong and hayden should know this by now. He let rachel use him and he don’t say nothing.Why not say something. its not right for him to be with her when his career has taken off.Breaking up is good thing. rachel if that was you calling me a jealous bitch you. And hayden is stupid for putting up with her. why can’t just let her go and him her? If he want to be a dumb girl he got one. Natalie would have been better for him and not rachel or a super model that don’t try to use him.jared don’t know why you post them on your site when its a lie.He don’t even announce that he is dating her and her stupid self still does. somewhere. why he keep coming to california when he sold his house and people keep saying that he got house with her when he don’t? Hayden told the truth. why can’t he just tell the truth and move on and stop rachel from making him be a liar? That’s what she is doing. Her show is bad a she had to show up with him. No one does that? I thought hayden would stop seeing her. It make him look bad when he can’t date other girls and she is around him all the time.She don’t want him to be seem with other girls. Only her. He should be with other girls that make him look good, She does not at all. Its a break up cause its broken. She still is a nasty person to be around. No one like her are want to be with her. Its bad when you can’t find guy to date.And your ex boyfriend keep coming back to see you. Like he don’t have no other girl to date hm.Why happen to dating other girls and your co star? Rachel use to do that too.She run behind to keep from seeing other women. That is wrong for hayden to let her do. He needs to stop hanging around like that. hayden use to date other girls and so did rachel date other people. Now that’s all we see him and her do now.Break up with her hayden and find a new girl to be with. I don’t see why he let her follow him around. Dating other girls is better when you’re not going to marry her.Rachel is stupid to still be with hayden like that. Its nasty and don’tknow why people think when they break up they suppose to go back together still it don’t work out. She and him not a couple jared. They getting older why have this kind are relationship anyway. adam really did love her and she dumped him for hayden which she broke up with. Should have not gottten back together. which its about her anyway.. Does hayden have any brains up there too. He don’t act like it. He should come lay up with rachel and she let him do it. That is nasty and he should be ashame for it.His career is over and done since he start back seeing her. She don’t have one running behind him. She his call girl cause she never be with any other guy.

  • @Shanda Raydenl’s new home

    Shanda give up please!!!
    Hayden lives Rachel at her new house.
    That s the house she bought last year. She is very much into him and he will put a ring on her.
    Yes I’m a Rayden fan and they live at 3690 Alomar Drive Sherman Oaks CA 91423. This is their love nest.

  • Guess what

    @ Shanda/Just me—why bother using two names everyone knows it the same person LOL.

    Still rambling your crazy thoughts-Rachel was in China with Hayden for as long as possible. Hayden flew straight to LA after filming(Rachel could not stay because she was working) If you stopped ranting long enough you could read the article that was mentioned in a reply above which clearly states that they live together in LA.

    Forget about Natalie–she’s married.

    Simple truth–Hayden and Rachel are TOGETHER get over it, get a life and stop ranting your thoughts cause nobody is buying it.

  • celebitchy

    *** TinyPixie says: April 24, 2013 at 10:59 am ***
    - Why did Katie Holmes stay in a fake marriage to Tom Cruise for 7 years?
    - Why is John Travolta still married to a woman?
    Why are ^^^Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen^^^ still together?
    BEARDing relationships can last years.

  • @ just me alias shanda

    Hayden talks plainly about Rachel in an interview with Lolita Dandoy, I think her name is, for a fashion blog, also it talks about Rachel being Hayden’s girlfriend in the Men’s Fashion Sept. Magazine it’s on HCFan News website. You have said you have a granddaughter and a daughter that means you are probably old enough to be Hayden’s mother. Grow up and get some help, you sound like a lunatic ranting about Hayden and Rachel. They are not going to read your nutty rants.

  • austine

    A photo-op together is a ‘must whenever their in-signicant careers needs whatever boost…Anyways these two reminds me of a ‘rusting lamp post and garbage bin’ when walking levelly together.

  • aberfitch

    @ #2
    Totally underrated – really?!
    How about just simply & by fact/s as talentless yet w/ loads of HW connections.
    RaTchel surely had tried anything/everything to make her HW radar even visibly blinking, she’s all SORT of an actress, designer, columnist, fashion icon, endorser, aside from a regular mediah0 in JJ (right before the Vanessa Hudgens dethroned her-possibly becoz VH is truly popular and headed as one the lead on a top rated TV show then). But w/ her still is downward-spiraling career; obviously, HW wont even give her a wink. But nevertheless, we should all give her a credit for making a career out of her own self-fulfilling prophecy – coz in reality, she’ll be an eternal starlet, will never shine like a Diamond, but just be a Microscopic Cubic Zircona.

  • periwinkle

    Post-starwars-prequels… Natalie Portman is already married w/ kid, collecting acting awards, multi-million endorsement deals & box-office hits; while Mr. Cringetensen still just boinking a TV tart & collecting photo-ops in-between of his indefinite period of being a HW bum – oops but they said he got some acting job now… yah right after selling off some of his properties to produce himself a movie so that he would now be employed LOL
    LOL again… who really want to buy those clothes who was endorsed that looks like he just came off from a heroin binge!

  • PW

    @@Shanda Raydenl’s new home:

    A fan? Yeah, you’re the kind of fan that gives other fans a bad rep.

  • @PW


    Listen PW, I could care less of your jealous a..
    Rachel bought this great new house and she did even a photoshoot there. She lives happily with her husband to be Hayden (yes she will marry him no matter what you PW or shanda think).

    I don’t understand all the drama around their couple. Seriously get a life too!

  • The Voice of the Truth

    Shana should take some drugs and stop being a freak

  • force_forbids

    … that they would pop out some talentless & midget kid/s!

  • juniper

    Well if they could even produce one huh – just like what the minuscule gff have been directly pressing about a HW wedding for about a very loooooooooong time now… And kid-sss huh really?!
    LOL If ever & bet sure that one or maybe two of them would be a ‘mentally, vertically &/or visually challenge’.
    Facts says that whoever had those disproportionate/unfortunate mental & physical traits have much stronger dna/genes.

  • just me

    @PW: Rachel use hayden when she want to be seem . And for this magazine story that was publish in a magazine for remodeling her house. Hayden should have learned his lesson about her and he has not. Hayden stay away from Rachel for two weeks and he just decide to come to la? Hayden don’t have to be seem with her if he don’t want too. what happen about him spending time on his farm most are the time. Rachel don’t need this attention. If she want a man she can get one in la. Theirs is not a real relationship. He act like he got to visit her in la when finish his work. He don’t have to do that. I notice he come and vist then he leave or don’t stay long like he use to.Rachel is a stupid women to make a man to come and see her. Hayden use to stay home and not visit her at all. Now he come and visit there. No one talk about his work is about a relationship. No matter things still could go wrong anyway rita. Rachel couldn’t stand hayden coming to la and not see her. She begged hayden to be with her and he did cause he was not working. Hayden could be audtion for a movie. But hayden don’t suppose to come back to la just to be seem with Rachel.Hayden could have went alone. But since the story came about her remodeling her house. He had to been with home supplies. How strange that is. Rachel can’t stand to be alone with someone. She could went herself to the supply store. Hayden didn’t want to be seem and she wanted too.What and act that Rachel play> Hayden got to stand and be a man and tell her to stop using him. She is not his girlfriend are he would have said so.Hayden should stay in Canada where he live instead wasting money coming to see her. Let her find another guy to be with. And he need to find him another woman to be with too.She wanted hayden to take her so she would do it herself and she is not mad about him doing a movie without her. You mean its ok that do a movie without her in it? That’s change she would be mad if she wasn’t inone with him.@periwinkle: Yes you’re right she have tried everything to upgrade her image and still use hayden cause he let her do it. Hayden should be with other women are said he is rumor to be with one. Rachel put herself on hayden years ago and still doing it. Rachel too should dating other people and rumor to dating while he is working. She done it before why not now. Also hayden should say he is single and not Rachel control that. He already didn’t admit he was and this stupid girl still running behind him. To steal hislimelight cause she don’t have nothing and too lazy to get out and do it herself. Still depending on her ex boyfriend and that what it is.Just to say she have someobody her ex boyfriend.Why can’t Rachel say that anyway? Hayden should leave Rachel alone and start seeing other people that won’t use him like Rachel still doing. She won’t go out and audtion and rita said work. What work when you want things given to you.why can’t she just have a fake broke up like she use too.? She would get more attention from it. Hayden is working and its not working rumor by xmas it will do it..Cause he never be with her xmas or new year she be alone. Every celebrity has a rumor about themselves except her these days.She never have problem like other people. She is not that happy. Its look like it here. walking apart and three inches behind. Didn’t them unload nothing jared.They was unhappy and you know this. Why Rachel put herself through all the time anyway? Hayden should have dated the girl on the set of his movie while he was there. And Rachel have the to date other people why don’t she. Hayden got this gold digger woman with and that why he don’t get good work. Why don’t he break up seeing her then if he don’t want to be seem with her. Are she break up seeing him too. This fake relationship that Rachel is doing is wrong. There are guys that want to date her rita. Rachel is not dating him. No one the reason why Rachel broke up with him anyway. it was not about the distance. Now she making people think he live with her cause he is seem shooping for home supply. Why people want to know what he have in the shopping cart anyway? Rachel has made people believe that they are a couple and they are not. Just like you jared.Just because he is seem with her. Hayden didn;’t mention they was. And couldn’t let that happen. She had to go the store with hayden instead looking for movie. Hayden should be looking for another job and another girl. He always show up in la in nov and feb to be seem with her.He must be gay cause you never see him with another girl or Rachel be seem with other men. And she won’t date Wilson on hart of Dixie . Are any man for that matter. Something is wrong if hayden not dating other girls.He should be doing that.And Rachel too. His booty call gir

  • @ just me

    What are you going to do if Hayden and Rachel get married and will be having kids?

  • just me

    @@ just me: Theya won’t have any kids ! When will that be she is 32 and he is 32 and and they are not having kids with each other, So why you’re asking that? Rachel will not marry him cause she said so.And have no intention are anything with her. Just his booty call that;s it. Hayden was asked that and didn’t answer and that mean no ok. Rachel don’t love him like that of she would not lie about things. Why hayden can’t date other people or Rachel can’t date other people. What did Rachel say she didn’t want an enegagement and no wedding plans so what she think she wants kids for. Hayden and Rachel is not a couple she got everyone fool including you. You know Rachel is not the one for hayden. If they have married so far and had any kids . Why you think it going to happen. Rachel is nobody that want to be a somebody. Her and adam went a second round a she dumped him for hayden>. Why people when they dump someone that people suppose to like the other guy. She dumped hayden and called off the engagement so that mean she didn’t want to committed to him at all. So what so different now? He still not a money making actor and he does low -class movie. Rachel is a user and and you all know this.Adam would have made her happy but she want to be with someone that would get her somewhere and it still didn’t happen. So she can’t complain nothing cause she didn’t get anywhere with him.. Now you can’t get a word out of her about anything about what he does. She said no committed so why she is lying to people. Rachel is nothing with hayden . She has proved it . That all Rachel is about. She can’t date other people? Hayden shouldn’t come around her. She has messed up his career and fan base. Cause she can’t get fans. Hayden is going to become just like her. If he don’t stop hanging around her. Rachel should have stayed with adam and not broken up with him for hayden. Rachel try too hard and its not working. Hayden should have stay away from her. Maybe he would have gotten a better job. Rachel is a bad problem for hayden . And you know this! Why can’t she be honest and tell the truth about his work or things he does? You sure she going to wait on him? Hayden should have stayed home like he use to do and not come back to la. Rachel don’t need him just because she can’t no other to be with. He has to waste his money come and visit or she get mad and called tabloids on him. You must enjoyed hayden being around hayden and he not doing nothing but this. No blockbuster movie.Have to get by on small movie. Rachel has killed his image. He use to be popular now he’s not. She around him all the time making sure he not with nobody or paps sure to see alone. Hayden should have taken control are that and let her be. She will dump him when she get ready to make herself look good. You know Hayden and are different people. Natalie would have made a better woman for him not Rachel. what children and marriage? you’re kidding! right? Rachel is nothing but a gold digger trying make herself good for now. Being seem with right people. And nobody caughting her with another guy. I seem the time that what she did all the time hayden wasn”t there. She claim that he wasn’t there for her. And lied about the distance that kept them apart. She lied about that. Hayden still can’t stay here long and he still go back home. Rachel has not change she still love paps to follow her around cause she it to survive. She want a bigger fish and turn down adam for no reason. No one really know Rachel at all. Cause somebody have to get her notice. And hayden not doing it at.I thought that what she want. No one care about her anymore or hayden. Being with him is joke and Rachel want it that way. So she can be the popular one and they still don’t care about her or him. She got to get with popular guy. Cause hayden is used up already. With his career not going anywhere like his co-star Natalie. And Rachel don’t have any talent but to make his career. Her show is a bust and his has gone two losers together. Rachel enjoyed every minute are him not getting anywhere. Hayden need to leave that dumb woman alone and get someone new. Are she dump him and find someone to help her with her career.He is not doing it for her. At least kim kardashin got her somebody to make her famous. Rachel too lazy to that.Hayden has become a nobody just like her.Why can’t he just admit that what he has become? Fooling around with Rachel wil make you become that. Real men don’t let women like Rachel drag them down. They leave them. So why hayden going wake from the mess he has gotten his self in? She don’t suppose to be that controlling. Like I said he should have moved on from her three years ago. And did movies instead are waiting for roles.And Rachel tried to move on from him he kept staying la doing nothing. Rachel need some rumors about cheating or something.Her career gone.

  • Ruth

    Love this couple, they seem to actually have their “heads on straight” and have not “gone Hollywood”. They have style, refinement, panache and you can NOT say that about most of Hollywood. I applaud their ability to practice their craft and yet are able to have and maintain a relationship which is no small accomplishment in Hollywood. Besides….Hayden is SO HOT!

  • longwinded much

    Besides the generous people, whom have always remained kind, some of you are so full of hot air and $hit that the only people who care to read your crap is you. You must like hearing yourself talk crap about a person (Rachel) you don’t know. I suppose actors and actress deserve the hateful darts you throw right? No worries. No love lost. lol I’m sure Hayden really has an awful taste in his mouth for those who call themselves fans but hate his girl. What a shame that you waste what generosity and support you could have had on petty jealousy and mental hangups.

    If there is hate there within you itching to dish it out to Rachel every time you get the shot to nab at her, then your spirit is rotten. And no one cares to be near rotten people. They stink.

  • Gin

    This just me/shana insane person scares me. I mean, she cannot write that much, she has to be sick or something, What a psycho!

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