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Robert Pattinson Steps Out Amid Dylan Penn 'Romance' Report

Robert Pattinson Steps Out Amid Dylan Penn 'Romance' Report

Robert Pattinson chats on his cell phone while exiting the Chateau Marmont via the side kitchen door on Saturday (November 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 27-year-old actor is reportedly dating Dylan Penn and a new report from E! News says that they don’t refer to each other as “boyfriend and girlfriend” yet, “but it is a romance.”

Dylan doesn’t want to be famous,” the source said. “She doesn’t want to be an actress. She wants to be a screenwriter. She’s been approached about acting work, but it’s not her thing.”

“You won’t seen her becoming a regular at Bootsy Bellows,” they added.

FYI: Rob is wearing Nudie jeans.

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  • Lauren

    Dylan doesn’t want to be famous yet she’s dating Robert ? Makes sense

  • Guest

    He’s messing around with Sean Penn’s daughter and Kristen Stewart at the same time? What a sleaze-bag

  • Me1

    @Guest: Of course he’s not! He dumped Stewart back in May!

  • Lou

    Looking good Rob – that jaw!!!!!!

  • how

    Um … how is Dylan Penn going to date Pattinson if she doesn’t want to become a regular at nightclubs? That’s all Pattinson does Chateau Marmont, Viper Room, No Vacancy, The Roosevelt, Bootsy Bellows the guy is at a different place every night. He doesn’t even hit up the Soho Club anymore, where the A-listers take their meals, he hits up the places that are also/were frequented by Paris Hilton, Zac Efron, River Phoenix, Lindsay Lohan. Not that those celebs have anything in common….

  • niagirlfy

    Hey Coward, where’s your surfboard. I see your babysitter is back. I saw one of your friends got arrested for drunk driving. You keep such good company. My wish came true and you have moved on. This is gonna be good. Between the fans,shade throwers,sources,friends,Katy and paps you two are going to be the darlings of the tabloids. Move over Kanye and Kim here comes RPutz and Doormat Penn. Go on you two celebrities. She don’t wanna be famous . Lol gurl stop.

  • maya

    he’s looking perfectly scruffy hot!

  • maya

    #5 and #6 probably from the same bitter, pressed Kstew fan. They’re crazily obsessed with him and truly acting like a psycho ex girlfriend because he dared to dump his cheater gf and moved on with someone else. pathetic people.

  • Jessie


  • http://justjared CAROLB

    could he have been on the phone to kristen..was she wondering want he was up to…..whoops rob

  • elizha

    Have fun Rob , soon queen of the desert !!!

  • jenna

    @Guest: sure krisbian. rob isn’t the one that messes around while still in a relationship.

  • Lea


  • samantha

    he looks good when he is not with the dirty cheater

  • talia

    @jenna: you rob fans have got to come up with something better than bringing up an incident that happened over a year ago.

    don’t think there is any romance between dylan and rob, rob is single and the media needs to stop linking him to every female he is spotted with.

  • Kelly

    He is looking great!

  • kylie

    Really bitter Kristen Stewart stans I think It’s time to end your stupid obsession with Rob. It’s creepy. The guy is moved on. You should too. Obviously you’re just bored with your idol since you watch Rob’s every move like a hawk when he’s simply living his life with any other young guy.

  • Bex

    Lovely guy! Love that he is hanging out with Jamie!

  • kylie

    um her cheating scandal was in the headlines just like a week ago after Liberty Ross interview. Yeah no matter how much her fans want to bury.. It’s not happening. And I think people are allowed to bring her scandal If Kstew fans hating on Rob for the most stupid reasons lile his night outs etc.

  • talia

    @kylie: rob fans are just as bad as liberty ross for bringing up the past(which according to liberty herself was a horrible time yet she still talked about it), the past is the past and can’t be changed.

  • how


    I don’t like Kristen Stewart. I think she is a talentless actress who will soon be forgotten. But I don’t like Pattinson either. Sorry if not everyone bows down to the golden boy.

  • talia

    @kylie: also rob fans have got to stop blaming kristen or her fans for any negative comment said about rob

  • Seeker

    I believe Miss Penn’s (and her representation) been every ‘source’ that has spoken out to the media since she first linked with this Pattinson moron. It’s more than obvious that she’s using this (possibly) fake connection with someone famous to pave her entry into what I’m certain will be a lovely career filled with fake candids/ partying/ famous for being famous/ crotch shots/ third-rate celebrity friends/and most importantly…selling false information to magazine and gossip sites.
    All she needed was a foot in the door…
    Dylan Penn, ladies & gentlemen, Dylan Penn….

  • how

    Oh leave poor Dylan alone, she’s already paid her penance in this life by having that wacko for a father.

  • Becca

    Robs looking HOT!!!! People should mind their own business, he can date who he likes, he’s no longer with KStew.

  • Sandy

    Nobody , except, Rob ,really knows who or if anybody he is dating …. So DON”T judge !!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    @how: It’s SO easy to tell you are a Krisbian …..STOP bashing Rob because he left K.

  • robsessed

    @Sandy: Why should I stop bashing Rob? Because you say so?

  • Sandy

    @CAROLB: I sure hope NOT ….he needs to leave that trash alone !!!!!!!!!!!

  • niagirlfy

    90% of the shade thrown at him is all about him and not his EX. He ‘s a putz. Its always his supporters who brings the EX up.

  • Paula

    Mighty fine!

  • Rudes

    English drunk trash again?! ?!

  • Hero


    The Kristen fans have become so pathetic. They act like Rob broke up with THEM and now spend their time following Rob’s every move and insulting him nonstop.

    Stop acting like elderly grandmothers that are horrified that a 20-something goes out once a week with friends. Get a life.

  • jenna

    @talia: please you are giving yourself away more and more krisbian.

  • Hero


    Look at you being butthurt. If Dylan Penn is so desperate for attention, why has she not been photographed even once since this rumor hit? Gee, if she’s trying to be a famewhore she’s definitely doing it wrong, huh.

  • wyltk

    Why are Rob’s fans so obsessed with the cheating scandal? Yes, KStew made herself look like a cheap whore but why care so much about it if he is done with her. If you guys hate her so much (and admit it, you guys did hate her even before the cheating thing) you should have been overjoyed that she screwed up like that and got her skanky ass dumped. Perhaps it is something else that bothers you all? Face it, it’s a big slap in the face for a guy to get two timed in public like that. They even have a word for it, cuckhold. As much as the Krisbians need to get over their obsession with Rob, the Rob fans need to accept the fact he was humilated and move on just he seems to have done.

  • Piper

    And she doesnt want publicity either. Thanks, Jared for name-checking her and her chosen career path for no reasons at allll! Wink wink

  • nena

    Robert Pattinson doesn’t need Kristine Stewart to look patetic.He has ruined his reputation by himself partying and living a messy life. When K was in his life he looked happy and contented. Now he is just a lonely and lost soul . So sad. Sorry if you don’t like MY opinion .

  • M.s.

    @samantha: HAHA now you make me laugh if you look good overgrown always drunk, for your only sileni are fans of Rob, what we have with Pattinson’s nothing, I’m not interested about it, will cease to heap scorn on kristen fans and put its own house in order is laughable, in addition Kristen is a great actress, and will be the recalls LONG

  • twoonthreeforone

    rob so hott the hat like bring a fan for the heat of the burning passion of lust for

  • Sandy

    I think he is a really good-looking guy with a clean shave or with a beard. He has that whole sexy mysterious thing going for him. You are a lucky girl Dylan.

  • dana

    Great news that Rob is dating Dylan Penn!

  • Gina

    Love Love Love Rob and Dylan!! Go Rob!!

  • Moomin

    A lot of pressed people around here. Rob looks fantastic, love him with that scruff, can still see that jaw though, swoon. The man is sex personified and that’s all I care about!

  • ap

    Rob is done with the cheater.He can date whoever he wants. a sleaze bag is your idol had an affair with a married man with children:

  • ap


  • nicola

    Rob and Dylan make a gorgeous couple, wish them the best

  • i hate hater

    @ap: For God’s sake so he made a mistake, how many people cheated and especially celebrities, everyone makes mistakes, no one is a saint and in addition we do not know what happened jaj

  • i hate hater

    If you believe the js dylan so you idiots and stupid are not evidence at all

  • ugh

    It’s ugly, is still drunk, and now everyone might think of when it will be in heaven chavlit and finds out that there hahahaa