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Mariah Carey: 'Art of Letting Go' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Mariah Carey: 'Art of Letting Go' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Check out your first listen of Mariah Carey‘s brand new single “The Art of Letting Go”!

“For the first time ever, here it is… ‘The Art of Letting Go’!!!” Mariah wrote on her Facebook page.

“This is such a personal record to me. I wrote the lyrics so that anyone and everyone could relate to them and hopefully release anything that they need to let go of that’s holding them back or bringing them down. Thank you for sharing this experience with me!” she added.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Mariah Carey’s new song?

Click inside for the lyrics to the song…

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  • Jani

    Couldn’t see the video.
    Too much photoshop in that picture. Everybody knows that Mariah doesn’t have a waist anymore.

  • Alexandria Smith


  • Alexandria Smith

    @Jani: Can u shut up?! If ur not here to listen to the song, then get out. Plus Mariah has a great body! And how can u see her waist if she’s showing her side? the curve ur seeing is the small of her back! Be knowledgable and dont be such a hater!

  • John

    This is a return to full form for Mariah Carey. Beautiful song and amazing voice.

  • http://@allthedaynight Dayna

    Correction to lyrics:
    “Your destiny is too much to be believed”

    Should be audacity, not destiny.

    “Gotta lay all your possessions
    Outside the kitchen window right now”

    I know this isn’t right. To me, it sounds like “Got a bundle of your possessions” but haven’t had that confirmed yet

  • NE1

    OMG I got my headphones out, and put them on, and the video was removed. :-/

  • MonsterGaga

    Art of Falling Asleep… :D

  • nice

    so true..haha

  • HA

    Removed the exclamation

    @Huma: Are there any pics of him looking at her like Dakota’s bf or this?He looks happy. I still haven’t seen those pics of him interested in ugly. He is happy here,,20037538,00.html

  • Ana

    When they said video of reunion, I was excited. It is not reunion. It is of Bradley at red carpets. The spanish is most do not want to go to reunion but Bradley did and went to American football game and spent time with old classmates and after went to Hawaii to film with Rachel McAdams. It ends with what a good guy. AFT, did you write this? hahah

  • Ana

    Crazy will copy video I put and put on spanish.
    @Beth: I don’t agree. PR extended. They thought 6 months until August when dirty not famous not receiving enough deals they extend. I give it max to mid January. Why else with her. Past pic:

  • HA

    @Ana: Thanks for video. I thought alone here on Saturday night.:) This is good too of Bale and Cooper.

  • Beth

    @Ana: Thanks. Ok. We can agree to disagree.

  • Gabriella

    PR! She even gives the photo she wants used. When you google her you get 3 articles with Bradley’s name.
    @HA: Thanks for tumblr.

  • Brian

    What about on the Matt D. thread when U, Sisiter was posting about Suki crying and things ending badly for her, but she signed papers and knew what was coming.

    Has that been forgotten?

    I would put more stock in what U. Sister posts than Imogen’s claims and the half-baked stories planted by her dim-witted PR team.

    Nobody has noticed Bradley being more distant and spending more time with AmFr and Suki’s fans and PR getting more desperate?

  • Gabriella

    For me, definitely more desperate. She wants to keep in the news because no pics of her with Bradley. The last ones she showed her face and he covered his. lol! If she had not leaked, stories about break up might start. She will put off those stories. AMFR is Italian AMerican like me!
    The only thing I don’t like is they hide when together and no pics for us. They have to go public in 2013. I don’t want to wait to 2014.

    I think Unknown Sister means she was crying about not going to events last weekend like Leo’s party. art show, PA.

  • JlawFan

    @Gail: You rock!!! Great new system!

    Immy is defending Suki on other threads saying Bradley is still with Big Nose. I believe @Unknown Sister. I think she is crying about not going to VS. All TV shows are talking about VS show and it airs in Dec.

    @Gabriella: She is using Bradley. We will not read articles if his name is not on there.

    @Bradlifer: Is she hiding in Manchester again or somewhere else in Europe? Did you see 19th on SM?

    @Brian: Finally real distancing. Original distancing was not seeing her much this distancing is staying away.


  • Bradlifer

    @JlawFan: she Said on instagram to her sister she be home the 19th
    From where i dont know. My guess new york.

  • Bradlifer she calls herself a supermodell! Lol!!!! Maybe she is in Manchester. She left ny last week sometime. Now she is hiding somewhere. Didnt see the throwback tag until now.

  • Iza

    Sorry I forgot the in pmb email. Suki knows about Italian AMFR and wants to be here. She tweeted another charity tweet. I looked at old tweets and she never did that before.
    @Bradlifer: I looked at several tweets and I think she is in NY. Even if she says throwback. It might be an older pic.

  • Sarah

    Still isn’t famous. No fan or person has taken pics. I don’t think she is in a big city. She calls the paps. Small city near NY or near London. If in NY more pics of thecity. She wants us to think she is living the “supermodel” life in NY.

    @imogen @Huma: Where is she? She is NOT in Hawaii. She isn’t pretending she is with summer clothes and it was warm in NY yesterday.

  • Carol UK

    @Bradlifer: Cheers for info. Her smart
    You lot, who cares about Smelly’s location? She ain’t with Bradley. AMFR is.!!! Fans confuse her with Jane Fonda. Fonda is amazing with a small nose.

  • Meli

    @Carol UK: We care about him and she follows him

    @Bradlifer: She thinks she is a Supermodel???? NUTTY!

    @Brian: Papers can be PR contract or also confidentiality papers not to share private information about him.

    People are voting for Bradley if you want to. I am no voting him for anything until he drops his daughter.
    I just voted for Bradley Cooper #comedicmovieactor #PeoplesChoice. Retweet to vote via @peopleschoice

  • Meli

    the quote is a tweet

  • Brian

    @Gabriella: Suki leaks stories to the media simply to keep her OWN name in the news by using Bradley’s name while she still can.

    I don’t believe the media will have any break-up speculation because they have no interest in this story. From the beginning the public and the media have found this “relationship” boring and have paid no attention accordingly. That has been one of the factors in the PR stunt not working. That fact that it’s obviously a PR stunt hasn’t helped either.

    Whether they are together or apart, the public and the media simply don’t care. Suki knows this and leaks desperate stories to try and stay noticed. The fact that in the latest story her name isn’t even spelled correctly speaks volumes as to the desperation.

  • Harry

    There was a story Bradley broke up with Zoe because she was calling the paps. That can’t be true now. His daughter calls them all the time and lies to the press. The only break up stories will be the ones leaked from her to show how bad Bradley is or how busy she is with her non-career distance pulled them apart. Bradley doesn’t care. He is off with Italian!

  • http://website Sabrina Zinamon

    This song is very inspiring of letting things or people go that will not support you or your vision. Great song Mrs. MARIAH CANNON! :-)

  • http://kaitlynedmonson987 kaitlyn

    hi mariah carey