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Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' Poster Revealed, Trailer Out Tomorrow!

Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' Poster Revealed, Trailer Out Tomorrow!

Angelina Jolie is a glaring presence on the poster for her upcoming film Maleficent!

This is the first poster for the 38-year-old actress’ brand new movie, which is set to hit theaters on May 30, 2014.

The flick also stars Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple and Lesley Manville.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

But that’s not all Angelina fans: the trailer for the movie will hit the web at 9am EST tomorrow! We cannot wait to check out all of the action!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Maleficent when it hits theaters???

Bigger poster inside…

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250 Responses to “Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' Poster Revealed, Trailer Out Tomorrow!”

  1. 1
    nani Says:

    Love her! She is the best.
    Lookiing forward for watching Maleficent.

  2. 2
    quentin carmichael Says:

    Really excited for this film

  3. 3
    plez Says:

    Just got an alert about this. Love the poster. Can’t wait for the trailer.

  4. 4
    Sarah Says:

    She looks scarily beautiful!

  5. 5
    Mrs. Lenny Says:

    Wow!! Can’t wait….Hey everybody..

  6. 6
    Deedee Says:

    Dammmm. She is too much. That looks great. Can;t wait.

  7. 7
    neer Says:

    Re First Maleficent Poster

    Wow….. my first glimpse of the poster…. I am so filled with FEAR.

    AJ’s eyes is really something. The way she looks at you….

  8. 8
    anustin Says:

    beautiful……to the max!

  9. 9
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Love her. Can’t wait.

  10. 10
    Gabriela Says:

    So beautiful, she’s just perfect! Love her

  11. 11
    living in a box Says:

    trailer please.

  12. 12
    anustin Says:

    amazingly gorgeous!!!!! ….and that’s my girl,”the lone name poster” bwahahahahahaha!!! ouch!

  13. 13
    Angie beautiful face Says:

    wow, this woman is incredible, even with all changes in her face for Maleficent, her beauty keep shining. Her eyes have a invisible power to make any person to do what she want without any word. Angie have the most expressive and beautiful eyes i ever see. And her lips….well, let´s let that for other time, we all know Angie have the most gorgeous lips of humanity.
    The Maleficent character it´s very well conceived, she looks beautiful but scary and evil. her check bones are extreme angular but not too much and ugly. I think they have achieved a good look for this character. She do not look a monster or repulsive. she appears to be a powerful, dominant and scary character without losing her immense beauty.
    It will be great to see Angie in this role. With this look and her talent this movie will be amazing.

    Only a Queen like Angie could do be Maleficent… and magnificent.

  14. 14
    anustin Says:

    no other name…….alone and beautiful…bring on the 2nd.Oscar!

  15. 15
    Love Conquers All Says:

    She looks terrifying good, and stunning amazing! Go Angie :)

  16. 16
    Lili Says:

    She’s one of a kind! I admire her.

  17. 17
    anustin Says:

    and oh……no other person on the poster…hehehehehe.sigh!!!!

  18. 18
    Satan Says:

    Bring the evil Ang

  19. 19
    alana Says:

    Love it!!! Love her!!!!!!

  20. 20
    truth Says:

    AMAZING!,,,, Can not wait for Wed. and Saturday. I really hope Angie and Brad attend.

  21. 21
    Am I Excited? Says:

    nope…..trimming my thick yellow ridged toe nails…..Damn,,, there goes another pair of trimmers…..BIG Ang Fan

  22. 22
    Manis Says:

    Love Her more <3

  23. 23
    lurker Says:

    amazing lovely intense you rock angie

  24. 24
    anustin Says:

    yes!!! sataniston….bring on the earpiercing at 45!! bwahahahaha

  25. 25
    Baphomet/Ang Says:

    Lovely Poster

  26. 26
    lurker Says:

    She does not have to strip naked to get people to stop and notice looking forward to the trailer

  27. 27
    Manis Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this. Love you Angie.

  28. 28
    Charlene Says:

    My kids could use a little more dark imagery. There just isn’t enough these days.

  29. 29
    CLINIQUA Says:

    COOL as HELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! DAYUM!!! Angelina Jolie is the baddest sexiest superhero supernova living legend EVER!!! Take a seat Marilyn! Sit the F down Betty Davis! I love how they de-emphasized her lips…because they sure as heck take over everything…hahahaha…..this is all about the PRESENCE….the badazz witchery..and fantasy!

  30. 30
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    Yup!!! Can’t say the same for MANiston. She has to show her Greek thunder thighs & nips to get the part.

  31. 31
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    Bahaha! Angelina gives FACE for daaaaaaaays.
    Unlike Maniston, who even with 1001 face transplants silicone cheeks and 28 nosejobs and forehead surgery for her cromagnonism jaw and low brow…is STILL fug as Tootsie in Drag. She looka lika man…even moreso now with her gym teacher bob, why do you think she had to get a fake set of silicone lips to go with her man haircut??!! Hahaha.

  32. 32
    Penny Graham Says:

    so sick of romcoms and light hearted laughter
    bring on the occult Ms.Jolie
    bless you

  33. 33
    La Jolie Says:

    Holy ***!!! The Queen has arrived!! Love the poster! What a surprise today!! Cannot wait for trailer tomorrow!!

  34. 34
    : ) Says:

    Walt Disney was actually and evil elite illuminati occultist pedo who relished his role in destroying the morality of children through subliminal messaging and mass mind control. Thank you asleep dopes for worshipping evil and not even having a clue. May you and yours suffer from your ignorant choices in the near future. You want it? You’ll get it.. Please Please

  35. 35
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    She should thank her group of stylists for doing magic to her hair, face and god knows what. Her chin is long. Her lips are thin. Her eyes are tiny. Her nose is big. She needs hair extension. Have you ever read anything about how beautiful her eyes, nose, lips or face? NO. Always about her body.

  36. 36
    Jaliah Says:

    She looks striking but then her face could launch more than a thousand ships. Beauty and brains a killer combination.

  37. 37
    CLINIQUA Says:

    THE DAILY MAIL shows Maniston and her incredible beauty…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…(((VOMIT))) Bish is FUUUUUUG!! HAHAHAHAHA

  38. 38
    Jaliah Says:

    @Cliniqua #37
    That was a little cruel…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………to me and my eyes. LOL

  39. 39
    anustin Says:

    nah….bring on the real movie stars!!!!!!!

  40. 40

    the cursing of all that is beautiful and good.. and I want to know why

  41. 41
    Passing Through Says:

    The poster looks good. Can’t wait for the trailer tomorrow. I’ve still got plenty of time to figure out how I’m going to manage to see the movie while avoiding the hoards of kids. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a movie with a bunch of kids. I’m still trying to recover from the trauma that was a kid-filled Jurassic Park showing…and yes, I mean the original movie in 1993. That was the last time I sat in a theater with a few hundred kids and tried to watch a movie. I said “never again”…

  42. 42
    Ana Says:

    Now children will hate on Angelina.

  43. 43
    sam Says:

    Finally a role that fits. The evil, ugly Queen.

  44. 44
    Grimm Says:

    Who better than the dark Angelina?

  45. 45
    Passing Through Says:

    # 1086 funny @ 11/12/2013 at 3:16 am
    LMAO Huff Post mocks Leo Dicaprio. Hopes Leo keeps playing the same character all the time
    Ouch. Why’d they leave off Shutter Island? It ticks a lot of the boxes as well.

  46. 46
    Phool. Says:

    WOW loving the poster way more than I was expecting it to be, Angie she just looks deliciously evil, can’t wait to see the trailer tomorrow bring it on Maleficent.

  47. 47
    lol Says:

    I cant stand the fact that she has such success. I want to be her. And this is the awkward moment…

  48. 48
    Phool. Says:

    #first and last post @ 11/11/2013 at 3:08 pm (reply to post from previous thread)

    I think I should thank my lucky stars you didn’t end the post with “No Pressure” again! damn all the hoops I had to jump through to do my post. Hang on did you just say “you’re going to do that to me again” that’s just not funny FALP, not the slightest funny at all, ok I need to get my dosage of Prozac bumped up just in case lol.
    You brought up very valid & logical points again, well nothing less is expected from you, eloquent and knowledgeable as always, and no matter subject matter is in hand.
    By the way you are too gracious with your words to me, honestly I’m not worthy at all, but humbly am appreciative you think so.

  49. 49
    Phool. Says:

    #Passing Through
    I was laughing at your post about the Ozi rapper Igy something who was going over board in trying to do an Angelina, but failed misrabley in flashing her vaj & leg came out reeking of despration, and I saw this this morning on DM you will laugh at the photos of Babra, old girl is working IT baby lol..

    She’s still got it! Barbra Streisand, 71, flashes some leg in a smart monochrome suit as she attends the Annual Women of the Year Awards with husband James Brolin
    By Jason Chester
    PUBLISHED: 10:44, 12 November 2013 | UPDATED: 10:44, 12 November 2013

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  50. 50
    Passing Through Says:

    Golly…why does Justin Timberlake’s new haircut look so familiar. US compares it to Robin Thicke…but it looks like Brad’s Fury haircut to me. It wouldn’t be the first time JT has “borrowed” one of Brad’s haircuts. He got a buzzcut after M&MS came out. And this is why Porgie knows Brad is a much bigger star than he’ll ever be. Nobody’s copying anything he’s done or citing/reciting his movies.

  51. 51
    Joam Says:

    Ty JJ :)

  52. 52
    Phool. Says:

    #anustin poppa @ 11/12/2013 at 8:06 am (Reply to TROLL on previous thread)
    Listen pathetic sum of a Troll

    I see you have reached the lowest of low and resorted to writing your own fan fiction and passing it off as a bottom of pile gossip magazines article. First don’t insult the editor of Grazie they might be a low level trash magazine but they don’t deserve their name slung in the mud by the likes of a TrAnistons fans. No editor prints a lame ass, poorly worded story which has more holes in it than my tea strainer has. So next time when you have the epiphany to write a fiction, have the decency to check all the spellings, and that the grammar is correct, and that it actually “makes sense”. I know you’re trying your best to portray you are a poster from another country, but there’s is no excuse for laziness when you have “Google Translate” available to help you out, especially when you are knee deep in making up your own fan fiction and passing it off as someone’s article. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you Trolliston have a long long way in trying to pass off your lies filled article as someone else’s, just get educated & get a job instead of living in fantasy world.

    I never knew Brad was called as “Bradford” considering the time you spend trolling the Jolie Pitts, shame on YOU for getting that wrong,
    You have no excuse to get their facts wrong, considering the man hours you spend on the net looking for their news. So next time when you dive into this territory again which I know you will at least have the decency to get your facts right ok.

    Also have the decency to use your own moniker instead of stealing a fans name, have the balls to own your shiit, instead of hiding behind others biitch now run along back to Tickys thread and cry for her hair & her missing fiancée.

  53. 53
    CLINIQUA Says:
    Interesting, look how cool Emma Thomspon is with a woman who ACTUALLY FOR REAL had an affair with her husband (Helena Bonham Carter), She’s the opposite of whiny lying fraudulent victim who coattails on superstars backs to stay relevant – even if it means, wink wink nudge nudge fudging being the scorned woman. All this grief Angelina has gotten from the ugly beady eyed big nose fat old fug mini vans, over nothing but her incredible bone structure. They’re mad because Angie’s more than Brad’s equal, while he went slumming with TV shittcom hacktress homely as fook Maniston. That’s all. They don’t care that there was never any cheating of any kind, they only care because the person that followed the Tootsie drag queen was the beautiful perfect stunning philanthropic Oscar winner. They wouldn’t have cared if Brad had left Maniston in the dust 4 years before he met Angelina, they’d still be attacking her. Brad is the prize. He’s a coveted man. Like Clooney said, he’s the biggest in the world, of ANYONE. After all, look how poor little Kstew gets it from all the fugly mad cow cat ladies, and this was before she had her little ‘indiscretion,’ the kid was facing death threats from these insanely jealous cows JUST because Pattinson was in love with her.
    It’s like that with guys who are the prize. BITTCHED be going insane, and they will rage and become the most vile lowest forms of humanity when they see their fantasy lust object has fallen for a woman that is their better in every way. If they had their way, they’d either be hooked up with some unaccomplished dustin Hoffman looking mediocrity, or some no name waitress at a H’wood bistro…that’s the only way the factions of mad cows feel at peace…if the SO of the lust object is beneath them….which is a very hard trick to pull off…but Maniston being the basic heaux that she is, is totally non threatening to other basic bittches out there. Hahahaha. That’s why they rally for ‘poor Jen,’ even as she heads in to 50, dusty cootch, bio clock ticked out, with the dumpster diving metro sexual bald poseur no one knew before he became the shitecom hack’s LAST CHANCE. <Muahahaha.
    Tick tock…Justiniston is DONE-ZO!! If the obvs split doesn't clue you in…Maniston getting a man-cut and a wild edgy 2nd ear piercing at dayumnear 50 should be tell you….attention: this is Maniston when she's making a life change. Isn't she radical?? Cutting two inches off her hair and getting a 2nd piercing in one ear?? Wow…that is one hardcore Great half-Auntie.

  54. 54
    SPONGEBOB )p Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! that’s says it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55
    busted Says:

    Perfection.. she looks as someone said.. Beautifully Bad..

    Can’t wait..

  56. 56
    Lucifer Says:

    Whats that? What does she have on her head?

  57. 57
    daily mail Says:

    Tuesday 12 November 2013 … 47914.html
    Brangelina ‘struggling with separation’

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are apparently finding it a struggle being on opposite sides of the world.

    The Hollywood stars famously have a pact which sees one of them care for their six children when the other is working on a film. However, conflicting work schedules mean that Brad is currently shooting a new film in the UK, while Angelina is directing her second movie Unbroken in Australia. Being on opposite sides of the world is said to be taking its toll on the couple.

    “They’re living separate lives at the moment. The distance is really causing major problems,” a source told British magazine Grazia. “This is the first time their work schedules have clashed like this and goes against everything they’ve always agreed on, but Angelina wanted to get on with directing her second film. They’ve broken their pact and the cracks are starting to show. Even though the kids all have nannies, both Brad and Ange are very hands-on parents, and she must feel like a single mum at the moment. It’s very tough and stressful for both of them.”

    While the couple initially decided to divide up caring for their children, all six are now believed to be with Angelina.

    Angelina’s frail frame has sparked concerns for her health recently and Brad is said to be feeling increasingly worried.

    “Brad is desperate to wrap in the UK to get out to her as soon as possible. It won’t help that their plan to meet up in Hong Kong every two weeks hasn’t happened. Angelina has come to realise just how much she needs Brad and misses him,” an insider explained.

    “Brad wants his parents to fly out and join Angelina, so they can share the childcare, he’s just desperate to get out there as soon as possible. Brad was supposed to be filming until December, but he’s trying to figure out how to get to see Ange and the kids.”

    According to reports Angelina has been working long hours on her movie set, running around looking after her kids but “just grazes” when it comes to mealtimes. This news comes just nine months after the 38-year-old star underwent a double mastectomy.

    Brad and Angelina have been engaged since April 2012 and were previously reported to be planning to marry before the end of the year. Following their time apart, it seems Brad is eager for the nuptials to take place soon.

    “Obviously ensuring Angie’s health is OK is his priority, but a wedding would make them feel like a proper family and do wonders for them all,” a source explained.

  58. 58
    Passing Through Says:

    # 1104 Go Figure! @ 11/12/2013 at 7:40 am
    If Ticky and Tacky haven’t split, why haven’t we seen them together?
    Personally, I’d like to think that Ticky and Tacky aren’t calling the paps for photo ops to spare my eyesight. You mean that’s not it? Bummer. In that case it’s probably because Brad and Angie are on separate continents and haven’t been seen together in the U.S. for a few months. Hopefully that will change this weekend when Angie gets her award. THEN we’ll suddenly see Ticky and her hired piece out and about looking all loved up…possibly in Meh-hee-co. The holiday season is coming up, ya know…

  59. 59
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    I just checked IMDB. Have JP trolls seen the latest poll?

    Most likely Oscar winner? Over 5900 votes in: Gravity leads!!!

    Gravity: 33%
    12 Years a Slave: 31%

    Boo hoo! Are loons going to use their proxyserver-assisted vote cheating, just like they used to do here with the thumbs system in the old days?

    Knock yourselves out loons, here’s the link! XD

  60. 60
    tweet Says:

    In a minibus stuck in mud. Being pulled out by a Sherman tank….. #Fury #Dayjob

  61. 61
    anustin poppa Says:

    My bets are that she’s a no show. It’ll be a negotiated filmed presence, with the set of Unbroken behind her. She’ll make it a PR moment for sure.
    Good gosh if she’s on set in her normal appearance, she’ll be wearing the big ole floppy hat and the black camisole with her sideways boobs and silicone nips at attention, baggy pants and her traveling boots, with sunglasses in place to hide her saucer pupils. That would be too hilarious but she wouldn’t have the balls to look real.

  62. 62
    Love Conquers All Says:


    Your such an idiot troll, TYAS is thee front runner most of every best picture predictions and polls. Go check Gold Derby, awards watch, awards circuit, awards daily, FEINBERG FORECAST and many others. Your scared of the thought of Brad getting his first Oscar. Also Angie getting her second Oscar.

  63. 63
    LOL Says:

    MANiston Trolls are in Paaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  64. 64
    tweet Says:

    Your item on Emma T got me to google her- I didn’t know about this- very interesting it is fantastic that her son is now a human rights attorney!
    The pregnancy was achieved through IVF treatment, and after their daughter’s birth, Wise and Thompson attempted to have another child using the same method. Three years of further IVF treatment were unsuccessful.[3] In 2003, Thompson and Wise were married in Dunoon, Scotland, where they have a home.[53] The family’s permanent residence is in West Hampstead, London, on the same road that Thompson lived in her youth.[3] Also in 2003, Thompson and her husband informally adopted a Rwandan orphan and former child soldier named Tindyebwa. They met at a Refugee Council event when he was 16, and invited him to spend Christmas at their home.[3] “Slowly,” Thompson has commented, “he became a sort of permanent fixture, came on holiday to Scotland with us, became part of the family.”[54] Expanding on this experience, Thompson said, “I couldn’t have more children, and that was hard; but perhaps if I had [had more], I’d have missed out on this extra act of mothering that I’ve had with Tindy.”[3] Tindy became a British citizen in 2009,[55] and works as a human rights lawyer.[2]

  65. 65
    Bab Says:

    Very excited, can’t wait.

  66. 66
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Angelina you are magnificently beautiful!!!

  67. 67
    Phool Says:

    Angelina Jolie Bewitches in First ‘Maleficent’ Poster
    7:42 AM PST 11/12/2013 by Hilary Lewis


    The film, co-starring Elle Fanning and Sharlto Copley, tells the story of the “Sleeping Beauty” villain and hits theaters on May 30, 2014.

    Disney has released the first poster for its Angelina Jolie-starrer Maleficent.

    In the artwork, Jolie’s Sleeping Beauty villain is shown peering out from behind a dramatic black cape that covers part of her face. She also sports an elaborate black headpiece. Jolie’s pale skin, red lips and intense green and brown eyes starkly contrast her black wardrobe and the poster’s black backdrop.

    The film reveals the events that hardened Maleficent’s heart, focusing on her early life, in which she rises to be her forest kingdom’s fiercest protector before she suffers a ruthless betrayal. Intent on revenge, she places a curse upon newborn infant Aurora.

    The film co-stars Elle Fanning (Aurora), Sharlto Copley and Juno Temple. It’s directed by Robert Stromberg and written by Linda Woolverton. Joe Roth is producing with Jolie, Don Hahn, Matt Smith, Palak Patel and Sarah Bradshaw executive producing. Maleficent will be released in 3D on May 30, 2014.


    The first trailer for the film will be released Wednesday at 9 a.m. ET

    Short cut to :

  68. 68
    Dc Says:

    Badass! I can’t wait to see it. I can’t to see the preview on GMA tomorrow.

    Love her <3

  69. 69
    Phool Says:

    ‘Maleficent’ Poster Provides Stark Look At Angelina Jolie’s Witch, Trailer To Come On Wednesday
    Posted by Travis Woods on November 12th, 2013


    Disney is primed to release the first trailer for the Angelina Jolie-starring Maleficent on Wednesday, and as a PR prelude to the trailer, they’ve offered up the first official poster for the film, highlighting Jolie’s look as the villain from Sleeping Beauty.

    In case you hadn’t heard, the film tells the other half of the story that Disney gave us a half-century ago with their animated Sleeping Beauty film—in Maleficent, Jolie will portray the evil force noted in the film’s title: a power, once-pure woman who, following a betrayal, turns to the dark side and becomes the villain featured in Sleeping Beauty.

    The poster doesn’t reveal much, but it does give a spooky peek at Jolie’s look in the film:

    Maleficent co-stars Juno Temple, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Brenton Thwaites, Imelda Staunton, and Lesley Manville, and is set for a May 30, 2014 release date. Dig the official synopsis below:

    From Disney comes “Maleficent”—the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty.” A beautiful, pure-hearted young woman, Maleficent has an idyllic life growing up in a peaceable forest kingdom, until one day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the land. Maleficent rises to be the land’s fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal—an act that begins to turn her pure heart to stone. Bent on revenge, Maleficent faces an epic battle with the invading king’s successor and, as a result, places a curse upon his newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Maleficent realizes that Aurora holds the key to peace in the kingdom—and perhaps to Maleficent’s true happiness as well

    Shortcut to:

  70. 70
    Boho Says:

    Angelina Jolie Shows Brad Pitt What He’s Missing By Donning A Leather Mask With a Couple of Horns

    “I know you don’t need me to tell you this, because they’ve used minimal photoshop so it’s obvious it’s her, but Angelina Jolie’s official Maleficent poster has been released.

    One look at her double-ended strap on leather hat and long-lost Braddy Daddy Pitt might even be reminded of the good old days and be on the next plane to Australia where she’s “directing” Unbroken from England where he’s currently filming Fury.

    Given that she hasn’t actually seen the father of her six children since mid-September, anything’s worth a try, eh, Ange?”

  71. 71
    Dakota Says:

    Wow, this is a dark & beautiful poster of Angie. I am excited for this film!

  72. 72
    who Says:

    Wooow!! Mesmerizing poster. SO badass cool!!!

  73. 73
    Fernando Schiavi Says:

    Anxious to see Angelina and Elle Fanning together on the big screen.

  74. 74
    the ring lost Says:


    tic tac tic tac tic tac

  75. 75
    tc3 Says:

    Walt Disney Pictures ✔ @DisneyPictures Segui Tomorrow, get a first glimpse of #Maleficent.
    4:00 PM – 12 Nov 2013

  76. 76
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Seems ever since Angelina blew the media world away at the Academy Awards and caused her own twitter leg account to be created by the masses by just showing one of her gorgeous gams, all actresses are jumping on board copying her style.
    Of course, no one yet has been able to touch the incomparable Jolie pose or gams. Those pictures of her at the Academy posing are Iconic. The dress, too, was perfection. Designed just for her.
    Angelina’s legs are just perfectly long, lean and shapely like a dancer’s legs. There is no substitute for perfection and Jolie just has it all.
    Thanks for the link.

  77. 77
    awwww Says:


    Lol, tampon is so mad.

  78. 78
    Moo Cow Says:

    Why is there a puff piece about Paltrow at RDJ’s party for his wife’s 40th? Why didn’t Justin Theroux take his “fiancee” to this bigassdeal Hollywood party? Did RDJ tell him to leave Aniston in HellA? WTF as we all know if Jen had gone we would have seen hundreds of faux papparazzi shot sof her “from a distance” with others by now.

  79. 79
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    You are too kind and generous. Taking time out of your busy day to educate a Troll. Your generosity knows no bounds. I Love it. :)

  80. 80
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Angelina Jolie, carrier of “Jewish” cancer gene, gets double mastectomy
    By Jana BaninMay 14, 2013 10:57am
    Dead at the age of 56 after years of fighting breast cancer, Angelina Jolie’s mother never had the chance to meet five of Jolie’s six children. In an attempt to avoid a similar fate, in February the Oscar-winning actress underwent a preventive double mastectomy.
    “I have always told [my children] not to worry, but the truth is I carry a ‘faulty’ gene, BRCA1, which sharply increases my risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer,” the actress, 37, wrote in Tuesday’s New York Times.
    The BRCA1 mutation, especially common in Jewish women, puts Jolie at an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer.
    As Jolie points out, Breast cancer kills 458,000 people each year, according to the World Health Organization. It is estimated that one in 300 to one in 500 women carry a BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation,
    In the piece she describes the surgery, emphasizing her relatively quick recovery.
    She also gives a shout out to partner and fiance Brad Pitt, who was loving and supportive throughout her three months of treatment.
    Kudos to the typically private Jolie, who writes that she has chosen to share her story in order to help other women.
    “There are many women who do not know that they might be living under the shadown of cancer. It is my hope that they, too, will be able to get gene tested.”

    Read more:

  81. 81
    Boho Says:

    Angelina Jolie Shows Brad Pitt What He’s Missing By Donning A Leather Mask With a Couple of Horns

    “I know you don’t need me to tell you this, because they’ve used minimal photoshop so it’s obvious it’s her, but Angelina Jolie’s official Maleficent poster has been released.

    One look at her double-ended strap on leather hat and long-lost Braddy Daddy Pitt might even be reminded of the good old days and be on the next plane to Australia where she’s “directing” Unbroken from England where he’s currently filming Fury.

    Given that she hasn’t actually seen the father of her six children since mid-September, anything’s worth a try, eh, Ange?”——-

  82. 82
    Phool Says:

    12 Years a Slave

    Domestic Total as of Nov. 10, 2013: $17,421,312

  83. 83
    Phool Says:

    End Sexual Violence In War Zones
    With the support of stars such as Angelina Jolie, the United Nations has launched a powerful new campaign to end rape in war.
    Half a million women were raped during the Rwandan genocide. As many as 64,000 suffered sexual violence during Sierra Leone’s brutal blood diamond fueled civil war. And 40,000 were raped in Bosnia. The sheer magnitude of women raped and the frequency of the crime tells us something. These attackers aim to do more than rape. They seek to shame and demoralize, break down the fabric of victim communities, and stigmatize survivors for life.

    With the vocal support of Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron, the United Nations has partnered with the UK to launch a powerful new political campaign to end rape in war. Already, 128 countries have publicly committed themselves to a new Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, which Jolie has described as the “clearest statement we have heard, ever, that the international community must and will confront these crimes.” More countries are joining every day.

    One of the most remarkable elements of this new initiative is its thoughtful intervention into the world of peacemaking. Among the dozen specific and pragmatic pledges enshrined in the declaration, the signatories promise to promote women’s full participation in peace negotiations. In doing so, the declaration casts women as more than victims of sexual assault during conflict who require restitution. Instead, it envisions them as peacemakers and change agents for their countries’ futures.

    Engendering peace is always difficult, but doing so without a gender-balanced team at the table is almost impossible. In the Enough Project’s work in Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, bringing women into the peace process has been a constant struggle. Philister Baya Lawiri, a women’s rights activist who now serves as the chair of independent South Sudan’s Civil Service Commission, explains, “during the decades of civil war, we were never formally invited into the peace talk—but we showed up anyway. We lobbied our leaders to end the war.” Earlier this year, Lawiri continued that tradition when she traveled to Addis Ababa as a part of bi-national Sudanese-South Sudanese women’s delegation to the African Union.


    In Syria, women are already intimately involved in coordinating small scale negotiations between the government and rebel forces to secure safe passage for civilians seeking to get across battle lines. Unfortunately, when key policy and planning committees are being formed, too many powerful men remain skeptical about including women in those conversations. According to Oula Ramadan, a young Syrian human rights defender, women’s qualifications are disproportionately scrutinized and questioned. Now that over half of the United Nations’ member states have committed themselves to the new Declaration, they have accepted an obligation to promote more gender balanced negotiating teams.


    In addition to bringing women into the conversation, the Declaration’s signatories pledge to “ensure that all peace, security and conflict mediation processes explicitly recognize the need to prevent, respond to and reduce crimes of sexual violence in conflict.” Rebel fighters carved RUF into their bush wives’ bodies in Sierra Leone, marking them while maiming them. When brave protesters took to the streets in cities across Sudan last month to push for peaceful change in their society, women were detained by security forces and threatened with brutal gang rape. Female protesters in Tahrir Square were subjected to gruesome virginity tests. In one International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) study, all of the Syrian refugees interviewed in Lebanon and Jordan told researchers that they had witnessed or heard about acts of sexual violence being committed during the course of the civil war. Alarmingly, every single person interviewed told the researchers that a fear of being raped motivated them to leave their homes.


    The 128 countries that signed onto the declaration also agreed to exclude acts of sexual violence in conflict from amnesty provisions. This is a landmark commitment, and signatories must be held to it.


    Ending rape in war is a complex challenge. We all agree that pushing for greater civilian protection and accountability will be essential in this campaign. Empowering women and including them in the decisions on how wars are ended is the missing element. Without it, no peace can last.

    Shortcut to:

  84. 84
    Frenchy Says:


    Waving to all fans!!

  85. 85
    Phool Says:

    Applogies cant remember if i’ve alreday posted this or not :
    Tribeca nabs “Unbroken” star Jack O’Connell’s “Starred Up” drama
    November 8, 2013 – 12:49 AMT
    PanARMENIAN.Net – Tribeca Film has acquired North American rights to Scottish director David Mackenzie’s prison drama Starred Up, which stars Jack O’Connell who is making his name quickly known after also landing the lead role as Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, Deadline said.
    O’Connell stars in this one with Ben Mendelsohn and Homeland‘s Rupert Friend, and a 2014 U.S. theatrical release is planned for the pic, which played Telluride and Toronto this fall festival season. O’Connell stars as ultra-violent 19-year-old Eric, who is prematurely transferred to the same adult prison facility as his estranged father (Mendelsohn). Eric is approached by a volunteer psychotherapist (Friend) who runs an anger management group for prisoners. Torn between gang politics, prison corruption, and a glimmer of something better, Eric finds himself in a fight for his life.
    Independent, who worked with Mackenzie on his Berlin Silver Bear winner Hallam Foe, is repping international sales at AFM. The deal was negotiated for Tribeca Film by Alison Diviney, Acquisitions Manager, and Independent’s Abigail Walsh on behalf of the filmmakers. Fox Searchlight will release the film in the UK in spring 2014.

    “The captivating authenticity that David Mackenzie depicts in Starred Up is driven by a brilliant breakout performance by its young lead Jack O’Connell,” said Tribeca Film Chief Creative Officer Geoff Gilmore. “It’s a uniquely detailed and intense immersion in a familiar yet original plot that spins on an axis of a father son relationship and the issues that besiege the British penal system.”

    Gillian Berrie produced the pic which is presented by Film4 in association with Creative Scotland, Quickfire Films, Northern Ireland Screen and Lip Sync Productions. Katherine Butler, Sam Lavender, James Atherton, Jan Pace, Norman Merry, Peter Hampden and Mackenzie are executive producers.

    Shortcut to:

  86. 86
    Passing Through Says:

    # 49 Phool. @ 11/12/2013 at 11:44 am
    At 71 Babs has beter gams than that Iggy Azaela chick…or Ticky for that matter. I guess she brought James Brolin with her to combat that NE cover story last week proclaiming they were in the middle of a $350MIL divorce. I don’t think they have that much money myself…and that probably upsets Babs more than the divorce story…

  87. 87
    fyi Says:
    The Most Beautiful Place in Kansas City
    Written by Taylor Royle on November 12, 2013

    All of us at Make It Right are big fans of Kansas City, Missouri – its grand parks and fountains, stately old homes, schools and office buildings and the beautiful fall colors you see everywhere around town this time of year.

    But we think one KC spot has all the rest beat. On Saturday, November 9, we cut the ribbon on our latest project, Bancroft School Apartments in Kansas City’s Manheim Park neighborhood. Over the last year, we worked with our local partners, like Dalmark Group, NHS and the Green Impact Zone, to renovate a badly damaged historic school and build new homes.

    Built in 1904 and abandoned and boarded up for more than 13 years, Bancroft School reopened to provide residents with 50 affordable, LEED Platinum rental units and community amenities, including an auditorium, gym, computer lab and gardens. New town homes, designed by Kansas City-based BNIM Architects, were built around the perimeter of the school to add additional housing.

    Like all Make It Right projects, Bancroft School Apartments is LEED Platinum certified and meets the highest standards of green building. Some of the sustainable features of the building include:

    a 75 kilowatt solar array – more than 400 panels strong – installed the historic building’s roof
    2,220 gallons of no-VOC paint, donated by Benjamin Moore from their Aura and Natura lines
    40,000 square feet of Cradle to Cradle certified hardwood flooring and carpet, donated by Shaw Floors from their EPIC flooring line
    Occupancy sensors to manage energy consumption and costs, donated by Leviton
    Energy-efficient windows
    Fresh air ventilation
    Pervious concrete parking lot
    Reclaimed brick walkways
    Native landscaping
    The renovation was a lot of hard work – and we’re very proud of it. But what’s even better is that these high-quality, green, affordable apartments and community spaces will be available to people in need – disabled veterans, youth transitioning out of foster care, senior citizens and low-income families.

    Read statements from Brad Pitt and our Kansas City partners at the ribbon cutting ceremony:

    “As a fellow Missourian, it brings me great pride that Make It Right can be of service in my home state,” said Brad Pitt, Make It Right’s founder. “This beautiful building will provide housing for many people in need. We also hope it serves as a catalyst for new life and new investment in the community of Manheim Park.”

  88. 88
    Love Conquers All Says:

    Our lovely Angelina will receive her second Oscar in four days! Does anybody know any insiders or sources from Governor awards, of Angie and Brad attending this Saturday ?

  89. 89
    Beelzebub Says:

    Waiving my tail to all JP fans

  90. 90
    the ring lost Says:

    poor Phool, 24 hours here so that the people do not speak about the split

  91. 91
    PG Says:

    Angelina Jolie admitted that she scarred little kids while in costume on the set of Maleficent, with one kid actually said, “Mommy, please get the mean witch to stop talking to me” (lol, observant child; they always know),.Her daughter, Vivienne, played young Aurora, and was the only kid who wasn’t scared of her (she’s used to the activities of the coven and the black mass). Apparently she was the only kid actress who they could get that wasn’t scared to be on set with her.

  92. 92
    Lily Says:

    Love the poster. Tomorrow Maleficent trailer and then Saturday Angie’s second Oscar. Can’t wait.

  93. 93
    Phool Says:

    Good Afternoon Love the JoliePitts
    How are you my dear accept my apologies before hand didn’t get a chance to mail you back today therefore would most definantly do so tomorrow, Hope i’m forgiven. but before I go dont want to be rude hence i”’ drop few lines lol see cant resist. Did you see old Babra flashing her old gas bless her but i would say the old gals legs look great compared to that Australian wannabe Rapper was flashing her pantiless legs . These women just want to follow the leader all Angie had to do is stand there flick of the dress and the world melted at her feet seeing her ballerina legs. what followed after was Tsunami of imitators but each and every one of them failed in doing so failed to even get Twitter accounts let alone anyone noticing them. these shameless hussies or should I say pathetic women are even going commando just to get some ink but nothing no one cares about them poor saps lol.
    As for teaching the troll I think common sense is all in vain when it comes to Traniston trolls.I see they already screaming in the ocean seeing Angies deliciously beautiful Maleficent Poster, and Love dont forget 4 days to go for Angelina Jolie Getting her 2nd OSCAR, if she is there to receive it in person that’s great for us if she is unable to be there in person due to work its still welcome because either way you look at i, she is still GETTING THAT SECOND OSCAR, she is a winner regardless. As one would say happy days.

  94. 94
    wait a sec? Says:

    @the ring lost:

    Aren’t you phool?

  95. 95
    Phool Says:

    the ring lost @ 11/12/2013 at 1:30 pm
    Listen TRANISTON BIITCH TRAMPON no need to address me as you lack both comprehension and numerical skills its pointless to talk sense with you , so why dont you wonder off to MANistons thread and throw the dog a bone once in a while instead of 24/7 being parked here on a thread of people you say you hate. If i were you i’d worry about where Squiggy is ? Surley he’snot back with Heidi Bivin’s you know the girlfriend that Ticky stole from.

  96. 96
    lol Says:


  97. 97
    the ring lost Says:

    @wait a sec?:


  98. 98
    ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!! Says:

    They can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds!!! They are trying as hard as they can to hide it!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  99. 99
    Tweet Says:

    The person works at Harrods UK
    Alexandra ‏@Alexandraht now

    @clairebutcher92 well you’ll hate me when I tell you brad Pitt & his kids casually strolled in my department yesterday NO LIES

  100. 100
    greetings from the dayroom Says:

    Jessica Biel jutting hel leg out a la like Angie, and Justin with his hair combed up….losers copying The Brange…nobody showed legs or combed their hair up until they saw the King and Queen of Hollywood.

  101. 101
    the ring lost Says:


    oh honey yo entro cuando me da la gana y no estoy aquí las 24 horas como tú… puedo esperar para el Oscar falso…por favor que acuda nuestra musa acompañada de Fiona de American horror story coven

  102. 102
    Brazil LOVES Brad and Angelina Says:

    Here in Brazil we don’t talk about something else … this poster is PERFECT.

    Angelina is DIVA.

  103. 103
    wow Says:

    The poster is amazing. I can’t wait to see Brad and Angie this Saturday.

  104. 104
    the ring lost Says:


    yes, Angie and Fiona plis

    xoxo my loves

  105. 105
    lol Says:

    One poster and MANISTON TROLLS are losing their heads & wetting their panties LMAO….Why didnt MANISTONS hair style do the same thing for them ????? beacuse they dont care thats why they all want ANGLEINA & BRAD they own them big time.

  106. 106
    Lol Says:

    @greetings from the dayroom:
    JB an JT really try so hard to copy Angie and Brad. fail. Lol.

  107. 107
    the ring lost Says:



  108. 108
    Can't Wait Says:

    A horned Angie’s shrouded bones hanging from a cable and harness in front of a green screen….spring can’t come soon enough.

  109. 109
    well Says:

    I don’t think Jessica Biel is good looking at all. Justin Timberlake is just so so.

  110. 110
    Tweet Says:

    David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies 3m

    Day 32

  111. 111
    a lurker Says:

    Do people in London know how to use cell phone camera?

  112. 112
    Mothers won't see it Says:

    The movie will bomb because no Minivan Mum is going to take their kids to a film Jolie stars in. They haven’t forgotten what she did to Jen.

  113. 113
    umm Says:

    They definitely didn’t filming yesterday because it was Veterans Day in America. David Ayer didn’t tweet the still of filming yesterday.

  114. 114
    Da BOMB!!! Says:

    Angelina is rocking IT!! I wish Disney would move the movie up to February but I know that is the bad time of the year for movies. I just have to anxiously wait for May, so excited!!!

  115. 115
    nanananannna Says:

    @Mothers won’t see it:

    LOL …. just like they didn’t go to “Kung Fu Panda” and it made billions.


  116. 116
    valis202 Says:

    @Mothers won’t see it:
    LOL. No sad pathetic trolls with no lives and no self esteem haven’t forgotten. The rest of the human race have moved on. MORON

  117. 117
    fiesta Says:

    My guess is that it is for a couple of reasons. Considering that, over the past years, there are just a lot less cell phone pics of the JPs in general when they are in the UK, it seems to be a bit of a cultural difference. TONS & TONS of tweets, but they seem to respect the JPs privacy a bit more than other places…that said, the JPs security seems to do an especially good job in the UK & I think most of them are native Brits, so maybe they have a competitive edge blocking cell pics.

  118. 118
    haa Says:

    old black goat

  119. 119
    Observer2 Says:

    @Mothers won’t see it:

    Jen who?

    Great Poster! Angelina, you go! Get on with your bad self. :)

  120. 120
    GET OVER IT!! Says:

    @Mothers won’t see it:

    If after 10 years you and Aniston are still harboring feelings then you all need to seek psychiatric help, ASAP! Life happens you are suppose to grow up, move on, and forgive or else you won’t grow, stay stuck in the past and die.

  121. 121
    lurker Says:

    @Mothers won’t see it:
    get help,da jolie is the most respected woman icon out there, you need urgent help tammy

  122. 122
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hi Phool
    it’s still morning for me over here so please allow me to say a very happy good morning to you my dear.
    Thank you for the shout out. And thank you for all your very informative and interesting posts.
    You know you are causing a “disturbance” in the blackest sewers of the mindless and completely unconscious trolls when they start stealing your name to get attention for themselves. Sad creatures.
    Phool, Angelina is so beautiful without even trying. I say when God created her He kissed her on her cheek and said “Perfection” He knows her beautiful heart inside and out because it is the Heart He gave her. The trolls are angry at God for loving her so much. :) Whenever they try to attack her they do not realize they attack the very Creator who created her and gave her everything she has and has even more beauty to give her. Poor trolls, they will forever live in pain.
    As for my girl Babs. I have not seen the picture yet but to me she is also a beauty in her own right. That voice. There has NEVER been another like it. She, too, is Iconic in my book. As to showing her leg, well let the ole’ gal do her thing. She has earned it and I agree she looks better than these hordes of “Angelina wannabees” that have been flashing their thick, chunky legs ever since Angelina gracefully displayed her gorgeous gam. Wow!
    As you phrased it so perfectly the Tsunami of imitators must have had their eyes bugged out when they saw Angie’s beauty and gorgeous legs and said to themselves…”I gotta do that too.”
    How funny it is. Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of “flattery” as if Angelina needed or wanted to be flattered. She is so above all of that. But all of the attempts at “imitating” her have fallen flat. She reigns supreme in that pose and not by her own choice but by the simple deduction of her great natural God given beauty. Just as Brad’s beauty cannot be imitated either, though many have tried.
    No apologies to me needed my darling. Have a beautiful day. I am off to have fun. :) Blessings always.

  123. 123
    rachel Says:

    Angelina is a great person. unlike everybody else in Hollywood with there obnoxious attitudes. they got nothing to do with there life but be jealous of success human being.

  124. 124
    Kim Says:

    @a lurker: Damn those polite Brits respecting Brad and the kids privacy.Where are the vacationing Americans when were need them? :)

  125. 125
    fiesta Says:

    Kim- that’s funny! Here a couple of more tweets from David Ayer:

    David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies 25m
    We took Sunday off. And Remembrance Day on Monday. We respected ALL requests regarding our filming. God Bless.
    David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies 28m
    For the record, we respected ALL agreements with locals regarding Sat night’s work. I DIDN’T ignore requests to not film. Didn’t happen.
    Mel Barnes ‏@MelCVBarnes 1h
    @DavidAyerMovies residents here had a remembrance service by tank. Your film is about the horror of war, I can’t see a problem with timing
    Retweeted by David Ayer

  126. 126
    Passing Through Says:

    # 59 Ⱦamsin @ 11/12/2013 at 12:15 pm
    You’re so stoopid your mother slaps herself for not getting an abortion. The folks at the IMDB don’t vote for the Oscars. That’s why it’s called a “poll” and not “voting for the oscars”…

  127. 127
    Tweet Says:

    David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies 25m

    For the record, we respected ALL agreements with locals regarding Sat night’s work. I DIDN’T ignore requests to not film. Didn’t happen.

    David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies 24m

    We took Sunday off. And Remembrance Day on Monday. We respected ALL requests regarding our filming. God Bless.

  128. 128
    Rootles Says:

    This movie wont do any good. Jolie has never been in a decent movie they all bomb, The Tourist anyone?

  129. 129
    valis202 Says:

    Jolie has never been in a decent movie they all bomb, The Tourist anyone?
    LOL. I bet the troll wouldn’t have the intelligence to see why this is both such a stupid and hysterically funny statement all in one.

  130. 130
    Passing Through Says:

    # 112 Mothers won’t see it @ 11/12/2013 at 2:12 pm
    Truthfully I don’t think Disney is concerned that motherfvckers such as yourself will skip Maleficent. Women who are parents, however, will go see the movie with their kids. Don’t you trolls ever get tired of being wrong? Obviously not or you wouldn’t continue posting obviously stoopid comments…

  131. 131
    fyi Says:

    Taika Waititi to work with Brad Pitt

    Wellington film-maker Taika Waititi has signed up to work with Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

    Waititi, director of the internationally acclaimed film, Boy, has confirmed to The Herald that a project working with Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment, was going ahead.

    It will be a film adaptation of Matt Haig’s novel, The Last Family in England, which Waititi will direct.

    Haig’s website describes the story as a “tragi-comic tale of family life” with labrador dog Prince acting as a narrator.

    Waititi told The Herald he had been working with Plan B for about two years.

    “It’s not in production yet, just in the development stage. But I can confirm the project is going ahead.”

    Waititi became an international name when his 2003 short film, Two Cars, One Night, was nominated for an Oscar. The concept was eventually expanded to a feature length and become Boy.

    He had his feature debut with Eagle vs Shark, shot in Wellington and the most popular New Zealand film at the box office in 2007. The film starred his long-term collaborator, Jemaine Clement, before Flight of the Conchords became an international hit.

    Waititi spent much of his childhood growing up in Aro Valley, Wellington.

    He is also an acclaimed artist, standup comedian, and actor, getting nominated for best actor at the 2000 Nokia Film Awards for his role in the Sarkies brothers’ film, Scarfies.

  132. 132
    Passing Through Says:

    # 125 fiesta @ 11/12/2013 at 3:12 pm
    David Ayer is saying that the Daily Mail got something wrong and the trolls repeated it because they’re suckers? Nooooooooooo!!!! What’s the world coming to….

  133. 133
    MY GOD Says:



  134. 134
    valis202 Says:

    Taika Waititi to work with Brad Pitt
    Wellington film-maker Taika Waititi has signed up to work with Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.
    Waititi, director of the internationally acclaimed film, Boy, has confirmed to The Herald that a project working with Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment, was going ahead.
    Brad and Plan B are doing some really innovative, exciting and interesting stuff.

    Now Echo Films on the other hand (cough, cough)

  135. 135
    Passing Through Says:

    # 128 Rootles @ 11/12/2013 at 3:28 pm
    Yeah, right…that’s why studios are lined up throwing every major script they’ve got at Angie and trying to pay her $20 million to be in their movies…so they can lose money. If that were the case they’d be offering $20 milllion payday and every major script to Ticky.

  136. 136
    Kim Says:

    @Passing Through: LMBAO ,stuck on stupid What’s next posting USWeekly poll results?

  137. 137
    Love The Shoes Says:

    She looks amazing and I know it’s going to be amazing but I still believe promo’s are starting way to early! It dilutes the excitement and softens the interest starting so soon. this is 6 whole months prior! One half of a year! What is wrong with these people? Nothing is left to mystery anymore or anticipation. Ugh!

  138. 138
    La Jolie Says:

    @love the shoes : Hello there, every major film has it’s trailer released 6-7 months before the movie comes out. It’s very common!

  139. 139
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Hello u DUMB jealous fugly Maniston, the TV shittcom hack, lookalike — sorry to burst your bubble, lover of the tv crapcom people’s cheese loving sap….but THIS, is the reality, and why Angelina Jolie gets anything she wants made, at any time, while your ugly Tootsie looking drag queen has to ride on old middleaged male comic snl rejects jocks, and appear 3rd banana to golden retrievers, owen Wilson, and unknown child actors – READ IT AND WEEP ya mad cow……TOP GROSSING *FEMALE LEAD* FILMS OF ALL TIME
    20. Alien 3 ($55 million)

    19. Courage Under Fire ($59 million)

    18. Resident Evil: Afterlife ($60 million)

    17. Underworld Evolution ($62 million)

    16. Underworld Awakening ($62 million)

    15. The Fifth Element ($63 million)

    14. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life ($65 million)

    13. Kill Bill Vol II ($66 million)

    12. Kill Bill Vol. I ($70 million)

    11. Alien ($80 million)

    10. Aliens ($85 million)

    9. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle ($100 million)

    8. Miss Congeniality ($106 million)

    7. Salt ($118 million)

    6. Charlie’s Angels ($125 million)

    5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ($128 million)

    4. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ($131 million)

    3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith ($186 million)

    2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day ($204 million)

    1. Hunger Games ($302 million (and counting))
    As you see, Angelina Jole has 2 of the TOP 5, and 4 on the entire LIST, fool. That’s why she owns ugly TV bishes…and is THE BIGGEST MOVIE STAR AND HIGHEST PAID ACTRESS IN THE WORLD…are you just now waking up from a coma where you missed the developments of the last 12 years? I’ll update you: Angelina and Brad Pitt are in love, have 6 babies, she has an Oscar, and very shortly she’ll be collecting her second, and she was named the most famous and highest paid actress in the world by Forbes for 2013. Keep up with the program, mofo.
    Toodles…to the fan of the ugly old man earlobes, beady cross eyed big schnozed Maniston woman….I look forward to her next terrible performance to ridicule as she, AS USUAL, rides Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler, or Jason Sudeikus, or Joe Piscopos…bawl sack in some piece of shite terrible rom com no one will watch. Hahahahaha

  140. 140
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    You forgot to mention how much MANiston still gets pay/movie vs Angie’s.

    Angie directed 2 full length movies vs MANiston 15 minutes T.V show. Angie knows her topic well vs MANiston in a T-shirt for $30 for Sak 5th.

  141. 141
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I was waiting for you to spoil Tampon wonderful moment. Thanks PT.

  142. 142
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    A Very nice Angie poster. She really has expressive eyes.
    Watched TYAS yesterday. After the movie, most people (largely white audience) stayed seated & very quiet. Tried not to cry during the entire movie, but could not hold it towards the end…my heart hurts too much.
    Personally, I can’t even say I understand or know how black people feel about slavery. The human suffering, indignities, brutal & violent treatment because of the color of the skin…is beyond the pale. I can’t understand how a human being treat another human being in such a barbaric, in humane way. I don’ know what else to say or think. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this post.
    Glad Brad had the courage to make this movie and for this alone, he gets my utmost respect & pray that he will be bless with more success, personal happiness, & peace.
    Go see the movie.

  143. 143
    Gorgeous JPs Says:

    Oh, troll is in so much pain and there is so much more pain to come- yea! Here is a sweet clip from the set of The Tourist- the fun, beautiful, twisty film that grossed nearly $300M. Yup, Angie can star in one movie every four years and still be the top actress in the world- feel the troll pain!

  144. 144
    marina Says:

    I am here laughing at one of the trolls who cannot keep up with her monikers, she is answering to herself, but gets mixed up her names, #101, 103 and 104.
    poor things, their fingers are bleeding and they cannot stop trolling.

    I am very happy about the poster, greetings to all fans, particularly those from the Philippines. I am looking forward to donate through the Red Cross in my country to help a little.

  145. 145
    LMO Says:

    LOL Pitt wont leave Jolie officially because he’s afraid of LOON
    It’s true. They have threatened him on behalf of Angie. LOL

  146. 146
    Isa Says:

    Seems to be a good movie !

    La parenthèse Enchanté

  147. 147
    Richard P Says:

    Go Angie
    I love her

  148. 148
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    Angie won’t leave Brad officially because she’s afraid of LOONs. It’s true. We also threaten Angie on Brad’s behalf. I guess they will have to stay together forever. Suck it troll.

  149. 149
    Passing Through Says:

    # 141 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 11/12/2013 at 4:15 pm
    You know that normally I scroll right past Tampon’s butt nuggets but I saw Gravity and TYAS listed 1 and 2 and backtracked. Tampon doesn’t believe 99% of the crap she posts. She’s just trying to get a rise out of us…so I obliged her. It’s hard to take her seriously when she does nothing but talk out of her ass. Since when does an IMDB poll count as an Oscar vote? LOL!

  150. 150
    bap Says:

    Angelina will be Great in Maleficent!

  151. 151
    Observer2 Says:

    #126 @Passing Through:

    Since when is a poll at IMDB, of all places an indicator of squat? And IMDB? Seriously. LMAO!

    Twitsh!t won’t post anything from Oscar sites. Nope, that throws the homicidal maniac for a loop. Can’t stand the thought that Brad might win an Oscar for TYAS. Their petition to get the Academy to rescind giving Angelina her much deserved second Oscar for all of her humanitarian work didn’t work. All that hard work Twitsh!t put into that gobble gook and only got the only 7 anti’s to sign.

    Let’s see, now Tacky and Ticky haven’t been seen together in forever. He went to RDJ’s wife’s B-Day party without her. And all she got was an instagram picture with hairboy. She couldn’t take the heat of people calling her fug. I mean, TackyA. Next think you know, she’ll be posting pics of herself in a white one piece. LMAO!

    To hair or not to hair? That’s Tacky’s whole life.

  152. 152
    Why M.Tyson is a Big Liar Says:

    In recent interviews Mike Tyson said that when he saw B.Pitt with ex-wife Robin, B.Pitt was sooo afraid and begged him not to hit him.
    A liar is always a liar. No one believed BP, from Missouri, would begged for his life, just because he clash in the street with the ugly-monster that was already divorced from the girl he was fvking. BP is a smart guy and he knew that if Tyson tried to hit him, MT would return to jail very fast.

    But Now he said another version, this time a version more close to the reality. Can you believe that B.Pitt

    “I was waiting at the house for a while and heading back to my car to drive away, and a car pulled up with [Robin and Brad] in it,” he says. “I wasn’t interested in beating him up; I was interested in beating my ex-wife. If he had said something, that would have been different, and I probably would have attacked him. And if he was afraid, it was the first sign of him being a great method actor, because I didn’t see any signs of him being afraid.”

    So Brad Pitt don´t show any signs to be afraid. This version it´s more likely with the version that BP have told. Let´s hope MT don´t tell another one.

  153. 153
    Daddys will see it Says:

    Jealous mothers maybe would not see it but daddys will see it for sure.
    With a talent, gorgeous and sexy lady like Angelina Jolie they will make a line to buy the tickets.

  154. 154
    Tweet Says:

    Jennifer Sliwka ‏@JenniferSliwka 5m

    So pleased to hear #BradPitt brought his little ones to see #MichaelLandy #SaintsAlive @NationalGallery on saturday #arteducation

  155. 155
    Nice Stat Says:

    Wish Maleficent was showing NOW! OT, but cool:

    Will McAvoy ‏@WillMcAvoyACN 5m
    With Hawaii legalizing gay marriage, around 118 million Americans now live under marriage equality, or 37.5% of the population.

  156. 156
    KIND Says:

    KIND ‏@supportKIND 5m
    KIND is a co-sponsor of a new documentary about child immigrants! NYC premier in on Nov.17th @ 2pm

  157. 157
    Some Bunny Says:

    Thanks Jared and staff, for the new thread. I must confess I have been missing Angelina Jolie news so much that I have resorted to watching her older interviews on YouTube. Angelina is so authentic about her life’s passions and even before she became the love of Brad Pitt’s life, she was always just so inspiring!

    I can not wait to see Maleficent in the theater and will be first in line May 30th. So psyched that it is not much longer, and will be stalking all sites for the official trailer’s release tomorrow morning. :)

    Many many blessings to the JP’s and to their family and Fans.

  158. 158
    Dawne Says:

    Wow, great poster……….and undoubtedly will be a huge blockbuster…….hilarious how hard the blood sponge works to twist truth…….what a fruitless effort. Truth is like cream, it always rises to the top…… your energy troll and go buy a Ticky charity tee shirt……..I know it will mean you have to give up food for a few days, but hell, prove your loyalty…. LOL.

    l love the degree of sharpness they gave Angie face……..not too much……..just right……….and the look in her eyes is perfection. She is so bad ass she was the perfect choice for Maleficent. Who the hell else could pull this off? I’m sure Angie was the short list of ‘one.,’

  159. 159

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  160. 160

    g’day bitches
    fairest dinkum of them all
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    and to all lovely fans of Brad and Angie. God bless us, every one. God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family. God bless their fans all over the world.

    Check your email bitches

    jolie still whoring as usual
    not to worry
    + jolie hot lips
    + jolie power-whore snapper
    + jolie porno-class tits
    + jolie perlane-puffed nipples from hell
    ALL A-OK & tip top

  161. 161
    tweet Says:

    OAT, but interesting. I loved Margo on Justified (tv show- she played a crime boss).


    Jenelle Riley ‏@jenelleriley 18h
    SAG screening of August: Osage County–when title cards came up, biggest applause wasn’t for Meryl or Julia, but Margo Martindale.

  162. 162
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    I gotta love loons’ hypocrisy. They’ve accused Depp for years of riding on the Disney machine all the way to super stardom, but they’re completely quiet when the junkie vvhore that they worship is seizing the same chance.

    The poster is not scary but the makeup/photoshop artists made an effort to bring forward the Hor of Babyloon’s pure evil and her true nasty side.

    The movie will be shittt, and as every other movie that has come out with her in the lead role, it will not break even domestically, but oh well, at this point the old prostitute should count her blessings and be thankful that she gets acting jobs every now and again. She knows well that she owes every bit of success she’s had since 2005 to becoming Pitty’s mistress in 2005. Before that she was a washed up junkie vvhore trying to revive her career through carefully staged photo ops in fauxmanitarian missions. Pitty was a hopeless pot-smoking, parasitic social-climbing B-list actor, clinging on to his celebrity status through his marriage to Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrity of that year. Had he cheated on a woman of lesser stature, neither the cheating pig or his sleazy sluttt would have work today.

    Lack of morals, depravity, shamelessness is nothing to celebrate about. Will loons ever explain the reason behind this madness?

  163. 163
    Alice Says:

    It would be a lot scarier if they hadn’t photoshopped out the big honking vein in her forehead.

  164. 164
    Dawne Says:

    This troll should check itself into a psychiatric facility…….it is certifiable……..the rants are so repetitive that you realize this is really one that didn’t fly over the cuckoo’s nest…….it needs treatment for ‘obsessive behaviour.’ ……..this stupid biitch is ranting and raving with no facts……..she just makes it up………who does that? It ‘s not even ‘spin’……it is flat out erroneous information. If it makes itself feel better fine, but trying to insert this diatribe into a fan mass for the biggest female star in the world is the best example of futility I have seen in a very long time. What does it think it is on ………a mission. LMAO. The power of one applies to Angelina not some dumb ass hater who is as powerless as she is the living example of futile behaviour…….

  165. 165
    Some Bunny Says:

    @Mothers won’t see it:
    I normally lurk and ignore the stupidity of trolls but to say this movie will bomb shows how foolish your wishful thinking is. Sleeping Beauty is a favorite Disney classic, so sorry for your luck, I am pretty sure it will be Disney’s biggest hit of the year, if not of all time.

    Oh & P.S, I am a mom and my son loves loves loves Angelina Jolie, his favorite movie is Mr. And Mrs. Smith. and my girls love Angelina Jolie and the Sleeping Beauty cartoon was their all time favorite. So it’s a win win for our family. And here is another reality check for you, we happen to be all huge movie fans, but the kids don’t even know who Anisston is, and I wouldn’t either had she not had been once upon a time ago, married to Brad Pitt.

  166. 166
    Some Bunny Says:

    Jared and staff,
    I know you are paid well by Manly to stay relevant, but the caption on the photo in the header covering the Beautiful eyes of Maleficent, sorta outs you as his biitch.

  167. 167
    Wonderbust Says:

    aww you mad? Queen Angelina is slaying and you are still pressed lmao

  168. 168
    Dawne Says:

    @Some Bunny:

    I’ll second that obvious move………does Huvsy really think all this bullshiit works……..that people see these women as rivals……that is preposterous……they are barely in the same industry.

  169. 169
    Some Bunny Says:

    @Dawne: I heard Ticky cut off her hair because she can’t afford the $56,000 a week any more due to paying for all that relevance. My second guess is her rent a date bailed and left her broke. My friend here is laughing at me right now, and is so sure the hair ideà is becàuse Miley C is her role model. Either way, no sense in being a hagaston if you can’t act like one.

  170. 170
    busted Says:

    I will have to record Good Morning America or be very late for work.. Looking forward the Beautiful ONE and the trailer for Maleficent.

    People are loving the poster.. I’m sure there are going to be many more to come. But you have to be in awe of how Angie’s face alone drives the movie. There is no need for anything else. Just her stunning face to capture the attention of the public. Tomorrow everyone will be talking about the trailer. Get ready for the Troll meltdown.

  171. 171
    bizzy bee Says:

    Passing Through #50

    Boy, that was quick! Who’s surprised though, all Timberfake does is copy. Well, I’ll give him some credit… at least he rips off the very best – MJ and now Brad.

    I was watching the Esquire Channel and they had a young man on a show called Getaway, he was accompanied by an older gentleman into a hat shop in the Broadway district. The older man asked the clerk why hats were making a sudden comeback and the clerk said, “you can credit Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake.” Timberfake didn’t start rocking hats until Brad did.

    The thing is Brad is “been there, done that” and movies on, then people follow him.

    Leo Dicaprio needs to shake off Martin Scorsese and find a new director to work with, their shtick is almost as stale as Depp/Burton.

  172. 172
    Liz Says:

    so glad to have a pic of Angie its been awhile. Cant wait to see the movie Ill be there in line. Hello to all JP fans

  173. 173
    Angie beautiful face Says:

    Busted, you said all , “… Angie’s face alone drives the movie…”

    Only Angie can provoked such reaction with one single picture of her beautiful and exquisite face staring at us. It was the same felling when the “Salt” poster come out, Angie just needs to show her face and look to us. Any person want to see more of Angie. She sold all the tickets already just with one picture. It´s amazing.

  174. 174
    Sandra Says:

    Should I let my child watch this Disney Movie?

    I say NO, because Angelina Jolie is a dangerous satanic Illuminati wh/ore, MK Ultra Sex Slave/Robot

    a homewrecker,
    a liar,
    a false flag humanitarian,
    a dangerous media wh.ore / her false flag mastectomy….
    a borderline psychopath
    a self harmer
    she is no role model for little girls / eating disorder and bulimia
    disgusting tattoos all over her skinny anorexic body
    countless face surgeries to make her big fat face look smaller

    what a monster.

  175. 175
    ouch Says:

    troll is in SO MUCH pain and more to come- love it!!!

  176. 176
    busted Says:

    @Angie beautiful face:

    I swear I was just thinking about the SALT poster too when I saw this one. And the same thing with Changeling. It was a huge picture of her face.. That is not the case with most celebrities. And yeah so many people want to see this movie.

  177. 177
    bizzy bee Says:

    Good evening Phool, my friend. I hope all is well! I’m just loving the cheekbones on the Maleficent poster.

    btw, LOL I’d take a pixie cut over a bob any day. I prefer a simple ponytail for everyday though.

    We could do with some JP PDA right about now, things are kinda slow.

    Have a great evening!

  178. 178
    well Says:

    Yea-h, those Salt posters were incredible as were the Changeling ones…Wanted, too- that profile! @Gorgeous JPs: thanks for the great video. I forgot Brad’s parents were in Venice, too- Jane really liked those boats!

  179. 179
    Jones Says:

    Awesome poster! Angie’s projects are ALWAYS something to look forward to. Can’t wait for Maleficent because Angie will “bring it,” like she always does.

  180. 180
    well Says:

    BTW, I think Angie’s second Oscar is driving the troll crazier than even the JP pregnancies, and that’s saying a lot!

  181. 181
    groundcontrol Says:


    Someone is off their meds. So sad.

  182. 182
    Cyn Says:

    This looks good. That poster is gorgeous.

  183. 183
    Tweet Says:

    Jhay MrDiplo Dawn
    43 minutes ago via mobile
    Watched “12 Years a Slave”, I can’t even express what this movie has done FOR me. My eyes are opened…and to my ancestors, you WILL see a more determined and motivated me! Thank you Brad Pitt

  184. 184
    busted Says:


    scary part is that this psycho has children. That is a sick mind. You would think Angie had committed some crime. But post like that just show how sick some people actually are. And they have a computer to spew that crazy.

  185. 185
    yolly Says:

    What a beautiful poster of Angie.She is really perfect as Maleficent.God bless The Jolie Pitt Family.God bless all Brad and Angie fans all over the world.God bless the Philippines.

  186. 186
    Sandra Says:

    Your idol is a sl:ut and a bad actress, this face lifted sad old piece of garbage, no wonder Jennifer Lawrence got the role in Silver Linings.
    Now Jolie is trying to scare the s/hit out of little children in a Disney Movie, ahahaha, this is really sad.

  187. 187
    busted Says:


    What’s sad is that people like you actually exist.

  188. 188
    groundcontrol Says:

    She doesn’t have children. Unless you count the dust bunnies in the corners of her padded room. ;)

  189. 189
    Luv JPs Says:

    WHOAA!! Love It!! Angie looks fabulous in her Maleficent poster.

    Wish we didn’t have to wait till may to see her film. I will be the first one at the theater the day Maleficent comes out. Angie’s beauty and acting
    is amazingly unique. No doubt Maleficent will bring her another Oscar..

    Brad and Angie are the hottest best actors out there as well as directors and producers. Once a JP Fan Always A JP Fan!

    KUDOS!! To The JPs, Brad’s TYAS is the biggest BO Hit on the market. Gotta Love the JPs.

  190. 190
    yolly Says:

    Waving to Neleh,Senior,Lara,Vicki,Anoble,Lyric,Rose,Joann,LLM,Neer,Casmir,Aisha,Tutuna,Paiige,Sabine,DS,Dulc,Foxy,Gena and to all on board tonight. God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family. May the victims of super typhoon in the Philippines get the necessary help that they need and may those who perished RIP.God bless.

  191. 191
    bizzy bee Says:


    This is what happens when trolls don’t take their meds, the jealousy eats them from the inside! Maleficent will be a $600 million movie and Disney will have a new classic on their hands.

  192. 192
    yolly Says:

    Senior,Neleh,Lara,Sabine,Paiige, thank you all for thinking of me during this hard times in the Philippines. My daughter sent monetary donations thru red cross and I will send mine on Thursday thru Red Cross as well.They are all in my prayers.

  193. 193
    Maleficent Says:

    Cannot wait, this is getting beautiful by the day.I will be first in line as soon as it hits the big screen.Hello to all the fans of The Jolie Pitt Family.

  194. 194
    Maleficent Says:

    Awesome movie to wait for.

  195. 195
    jen the Hag Says:

    Sandra @ 11/12/2013 at 9:30 pm

    bwahahahahahahhahah!! Does it hurt that much HAGiston !! bwahahahhahahahah i’m happy that you’re in so much pain seeing the MEGASUPERSTAR ANGELINA JOLIE ..bwahahhahahah!!! And i know you will be the first in line to see MALEFICENT .. HAGiston always,,, always do that!!!

  196. 196
    Love Conquers All Says:

    While doing world wide promotions for Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrance was ask a question by journalist about the upcoming 2014 Oscars.________________________________________________

    Q: As a recent Oscar winner, one of your duties is to present Best Actor next year. Have you started to watch any of the possible nominees?

    JL: God, I tried to see 12 Years a Slave three times. It was sold out every time. I’ve gotta text Fassbender and be like “12 Years a Slave is doing really good!”

  197. 197
    Wonderbust Says:

    aww you mad?

  198. 198
    Shar Says:

    May 30, 2014 needs to be here like now!!!

    OMG!!! I can’t wait to see this movie, this poster just made me soo impatient. I can’t imagine how raw my nerves will be tomorrow after I see the first trailer.

    After seeing that terrible SW&TH movie last year, I need Maleficent to make me forget that sh!tty movie. And you guys know Angelina will be the ultimate badass villain ever!

  199. 199
    Kevin Says:

    ***END WHITE SUPREMACY in the NFL*** !!! The NFL and COCA COLA are promoting RACISM, BIGOTRY, and ETHNIC BULLYING by the sponsorship of the Washington “Redskins” team nickname. They are supporting, enabling, and profiting off the Institutional Racism. The NFL, Redskins, and sponsor COCA COLA are violating Federal Labor Laws by promoting racial discrimination in the workplace WITH racial slurs and ethnic hostility.
    End the ethnic Bullying and Institutional Racism perpetuated by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners by writing to COCA COLA, and your Senator or Congressman to strip the NFL from its tax exempt status. As Taxpaying citizens of the United States, we demand that our government no longer support and give benefits to organizations that promote Hate Crime, Bigotry, and Ethnic BULLYING.

  200. 200
    jen the Hag Says:

    Passing Through @ 11/12/2013 at 3:15 pm

    # 59 Ⱦamsin @ 11/12/2013 at 12:15 pm
    You’re so stoopid your mother slaps herself for not getting an abortion. The folks at the IMDB don’t vote for the Oscars. That’s why it’s called a “poll” and not “voting for the oscars”…

    bwahahah i bet TAMWHORE has been voting non stop using her multiple names and proxy server.. TAMWHORE IS THE ICON OF STUPIDITY !!! BWAHAHAHHAHA!!

  201. 201
    jen the Hag Says:

    Sandra @ 11/12/2013 at 9:30 pm

    heheheh u bet you FUGLY HAGS from FEMALEFIRST site are ****.ting on your pants right now seeing Angelina Jolie’s maleficent poster !! WHY not call TICKY and convince her to make a movie as the QUEEN OF LEPRECHAUN bwahahhahahh!! SHe don’t need to use prosthetics coz she looks like a leprechaun already hhahahahahah!!

  202. 202
    an oldie Says:

    I saw TYAS this afternoon. I am floored. I haven’t seen such a powerful movie in a long time. It deserves this year’s Best Picture, no question about it. I also saw Gravity (yeah, I sneaked in, LOL). It may win some technical awards, but there is no way it should win BP, with TYAS around. TYAS is profound, it touches your soul, and it is so well executed. Chiwetel should win Best Actor. I rarely cry watching movies, but I did today. The movie is amazing. Like everybody has said: Give them the Oscars already.

  203. 203
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 11/12/2013 at 7:39 pm

    Still writing yoiur fanfiction … MS. ICON OF STUPIDITY bwahahhahahh!! You got L on your forehead …LOSSSSEEERRR!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!!

  204. 204
    Love Conquers All Says:

    @an oldie:

    Amen to you sister! I agree with you 100%.

  205. 205
    daily mail Says:

    “Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf huddle together on male bonding trip after shocking movie crew pranks”
    13 Nov 2013 00:01
    The Fury co-stars grew close on the set of the film but their friendship has moved on to the next level … ed-2786078
    13 Nov 2013
    By Hannah Hope
    After the Mirror revealed that bosses on Brad Pitt’s new flick Fury filmed Nazi scenes in an English village on Remembrance Sunday, I can reveal that naughty cast extras have now been using those SS costumes for their own dressing-up fun.

    Or, rather, to prank Brad and his co-star Shia LaBeouf.

    Hollywood heart-throbs Brad, 49, and Shia, 27, have become BFFs while working on the movie in which they play the battle-hardened crew of a Sherman tank taking on a desperate German division in the final weeks of the Second World War.

    And contrary to rumours of the set itself being something of a warzone, I hear the duo have been getting on like a house on fire and busily talking shop in each other’s trailers.

    They even decided to take their bromance to the next level recently with a male bonding camping trip.

    The pair set up a makeshift den in woods on location near Shirburn, deep in the Oxfordshire countryside, and huddled together for warmth out in the wilderness. Hmm…

    Shunning the usual A-lister luxury hotels, the handsome duo went all Bear Grylls, giving up their mobile phones and camping out overnight – much to the mirth of the rest of the crew.

    Seizing the opportunity to play an almighty practical joke the production team decided it would be hilarious to employ a few extras to dress up as Nazis and storm Brad and Shia’s cosy, if strange, sleepover in the middle of the night.

    The trick worked a treat… with the stars bricking it and shattering the peace of the rural idyll.

    A movie-set source tells me: “Brad got the shock of life. He and Shia were utterly petrified by the sight of an army of Nazi troops.

    “They started screaming and running away.

    “Needless to say everyone else found it hysterical.”

    Ahem, not exactly getting into character are we, chaps..
    Image Image hoity-toity: Pretentiously self-important; pompous, highfaluting, grandiose, making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction.
    User avatar
    hoity-toity Voighty

    Posts: 812
    Joined: Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:10 pm

  206. 206
    daily mail Says:

    Angelina Jolie’s Friend Targeted by Phone Hacker, Court Told

    LONDON — Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World newspaper paid a private eye to hack the phone of Angelina Jolie’s stunt double, who also was a close friend of the actress, a London court was told Tuesday.

    It is alleged that the paper employed Glenn Mulcaire to hack the cell phone of Eunice Huthart in 2005 and 2006 in order to dig up gossip about Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt.

    The claim was made by the prosecutor in the trial of two former editors of the paper, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. They are accused of conspiracy to hack phones and other related charges. They deny all charges.

    The court heard that in July 2005 Mulcaire made an entry in his notebook listing Huthart’s cell-phone number and her voicemail password number. Huthart was working with Jolie and Pitt on “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and shared a house with the actress in Los Angeles.

    “I was working with her while living in L.A. We shared a house and it is well reported in the media that we are good friends,” Huthart said in a statement read to the court.

    The prosecutor said Mulcaire hacked Huthart’s phone four times in early 2006, when several stories about Jolie appeared in the paper. The prosecution alleges that Coulson, who was the editor at the time, would have known about Mulcaire’s activities. Coulson denies this

  207. 207
    Tweet Says:

    Ozamataz Buckshank ‏@TokenBlackDude_ 2m

    12 Years a Slave was a phenomenal movie, easily the best of the year. I feel bad for those who are going to miss it.

  208. 208
    Tweet Says:

    Garris ‏@GarrisHarris 41m

    Seen it twice now, a modern masterpiece: I rated 12 Years a Slave 10/10

  209. 209
    floretta5 Says:

    Finally we are getting news about a real movie star, Angelina Jolie, can’t wait to see the movie. what a relief from the Kadashians.

  210. 210
    Phool. Says:

    Good morning ladies.

    Especially shout out to all the lovely ladies out there Rose , Passing Through, NAN, Jaye, Premalee, Josephina, Were the morons, Jen The Hag, Lylian, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Bizzy Bee, noplace, QQQQ, Groundcontrol, Lurker, William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, plez, Busted, JP Fan, Vickifromtexas, tweet, juju, Neer, Umm, Bea, trt, Saffron, LLM, valis202, Who, briseis, Lucy, LOL, fyi, ndn, Media Wh@re MANiston, Lylian, Cliniqua, AWHODAT!, juju, Go Figure!, Sunny, Yolly, Observer 2, an oldie, Lucy, Lurker and all the lurkers out there I hope you all have a great day, take care God Bless.


  211. 211
    Phool. Says:

    Laz Alonso and Andre Royo on the Record About ’12 Years A Slave’ (Watch)

    *ICON MANN’s mission is to positively change the global dialog surrounding Black Men. Thus far, this year has created many moments worthy of conversation and exploration, many of which our men have spoken on privately during the ICON MANN POWER 50 Oscar and Emmy invite-only dinners.Others, such as the Trayvon Martin verdict, delivered during the Summer Conversation, that we in support of fellow ICON MANN Omari Hardwick (Beign Mary Jane) filmed, ’Little Black Boy Wonder,’ in an effort to give proper voice to the complexity of emotions Black Men had on announcement of the verdict.
    Now filmmaker and thought provocateur STEVE MCQUEEN has inspired a new ICON MANN Conversation with his film 12 YEARS A SLAVE. Actors ANDRE ROYO and LAZ ALONSO go ON THE RECORD too address the impact this film has on them as Black Men, professionals, fathers and sons of today.
    “We’ve gotten higher but I don’t know if that has made us better. I think we realize now that money, or things haven’t made us better as a person, it’s just made us louder, says Royo.” [2:42] video, “ON THE RECORD w. ANDRE ROYO and LAZ ALONSO| An ICON MANN Conversation Inspired by 12 Years A Slave.”
    Shortcut to:

  212. 212
    Phool. Says:

    The Diary: Pitt adds Waititi to his film-making masterplan
    Nov 13, 2013
    Kiwi creative to take charge of adaptation of Matt Haig novel. Acclaimed Kiwi actor-filmmaker Taika Waititi, 38, has perhaps scored his biggest role yet – signing to Brad Pitt’s Hollywood production company Plan B Entertainment to direct a movie.
    Pitt bought the movie option rights to Matt Haig’s novel The Last Family in England which will be adapted to the big screen with the same name. He has signed Waititi on to helm the project, which is a huge coup for the creative young Kiwi.
    Waititi took time out from shooting a television commercial yesterday to tell The Diary about the upcoming film – a dramedy about a talking dog’s perspective on his human family’s neuroses and affairs. “It’s something I’ve been working on with them [Plan B] for a couple of years. It’s not in production yet, just in the development stage. But I can confirm the project is going ahead,” Waititi said.
    The Hollywood Reporter said Pitt’s production company has three literary adaptations in the pipeline, including Waititi’s film.The Hollywood A-Lister said he favours working with the best creative minds and likes both big-budget and low-budget movies that push boundaries. Aligning with Pitt will undoubtedly open more Hollywood doors for Waititi.
    Brad Pitt is the sole owner of Plan B, which holds release deals with Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox. The company is behind a string of movies, including The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Eat Pray Love, Kick Ass and the blockbuster World War Z.12 Years a Slave, starring Michael Fassbender, who’s in Twizel shooting a Western, has been picked as an Oscar contender next year.
    Shortcut to:

  213. 213
    Phool. Says:

    12 Years a Slave Seen as Turning Point in Films on Slavery

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Steve McQueen’s acclaimed new film, 12 Years a Slave, is a Hollywood watershed. The movie offers an unflinching portrayal of slavery in the United States and sets a new standard for narrating such stories on the silver screen.

    Video transcript:
    “And that servant who doesn’t obey his Lord shall be beaten with many stripes! That’s scripture.”

    Like many slavery films before it, 12 Years a Slave unfolds in the sweltering heat of southern plantations. But unlike its predecessors, Steve McQueen’s film focuses on a free man from the north who was kidnapped and sold into slavery.

    “My name is not Platt. My name is…”
    “Your name is Platt.”

    His name was Solomon Northup. And it’s a true account.

    “The reason I took this angle is I wanted that person to be everyone in the audience. Someone who can take you, the audience, in this unfortunate conveyor belt of slavery.”

    “Days ago, I was with my family in my home. Now you tell me all is lost?”

    Chiwetel Ejiofor offers a tour de force performance as Northup.

    “This is a story about one of the harshest structures that’s ever been created in the history of the world. And it is somebody trying to survive that with their mind intact, and they do! ”

    Film historian Dexter Gabriel says the movie breaks new ground.

    “The movie does a very good job in exposing slavery, almost, in a sense, exposing the old films on slavery, the old plantation epics, exposing them for frauds.”

    He says movies like Gone with the Wind, in 1939, did a disservice because they painted a portrait of slaves living in harmony with their owners.

    Nostalgic tributes faded after the Civil Rights movement.

    In 1977, the TV miniseries Roots became the first attempt to reveal the brutality of slavery. But Gabriel says slavery was a small part of the story that looked at the African American experience as a whole.

    “In its attempt to create slavery as an immigrant story, it attempts to make slavery under this heading in order to make African Americans like everyone else.”

    Steven Spielberg’s Amistad, in 1997, was about a slave mutiny aboard the slave ship Amistad. Gabriel calls it a missed opportunity.

    “Rather than privilege the slave mutiny, Spielberg makes it about this courtroom drama starring founding fathers and interesting abolitionist lawyers.”

    Fifteen years later, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained empowered the black slave in a tongue in cheek vigilante story. But Gabriel calls it an unrealistic tale of one black man against plantation masters.

    “It is in the end a wonderful absurdist fairytale of slavery.”

    “My back is thick with scars.”

    In 12 Years a Slave, the mood darkens. Many say its portrayal of slavery is too harsh.

    “Slavery has been a part of this country longer than it hasn’t been. I think everyone, in some way, has to come to terms with.”

    After almost a century of slavery in movies, 12 Years a Slave offers an opportunity for reflection.
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  214. 214
    Phool. Says:

    The race to no finish
    The institution of slavery still has profound effects on today’s society

    In 2013, race is inescapable in pop culture. Perhaps the Trayvon Martin killing, the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington or the racially tinged debates of Barack Obama’s presidency have spurred this trend, but whatever the causes, the theme has been everywhere. “Django Unchained,” “Lincoln,” “Yeezus” and “Fruitvale Station” are just a few of the more prominent recent explorations of the legacies of slavery that have resonated with both critics and mass audiences. “12 Years a Slave,” however, is the most resonant because it gets at a crucial truth that is too often obscured: upon close examination, the differences between slavery and capitalism are murky and cannot be distinguished with bright lines. This is not to say at all that the United States today is anywhere close the same country it was in 1861, but “12 Years a Slave” proves it hasn’t changed as much as could be hoped.
    Directed by Steve McQueen, “12 Years a Slave” adapts the narrative of Solomon Northup for the cinema in a way that takes great care to draw parallels between the America of 1853 and the America of 2013. A free black man living in Saratoga, Northup journeys south with men he believes to be entertainers only to find himself drugged and in a slave pen in Washington. At the moment Solomon awakes and screams for help, the camera pans up to the Capitol, literally showing a government sitting above a foundation of bondage. Here McQueen subtly counters the popular perception that with the abolition of slavery in 1865, America entered a decidedly new chapter in its history; instead, the wealth accumulated during the 250 years of slavery survived mostly intact even if the system changed in appearance.
    Though we assume them to be distinct systems, relentless profit seeking characterizes both slavery and late capitalism. In his film, McQueen takes care to highlight the the decidedly economic angle of the exploitation of slavery. For instance, upon being held in a hangman’s noose in a state of near-death for an entire day by an overseer, Northup exclaims to his supposedly benevolent and sympathetic master that he is not actually a slave, but the master replies that he cannot hear Northup’s tale for fear of jeopardizing his credit. There is more insulation from exploitation today, but the scene draws disturbing parallels with corporations who’d rather not hear about or deal with the miserable working conditions of developing countries (like factories in Bangladesh so poorly constructed they cause their workers to be burned alive) so they can continue to purchase cheap goods. Today, of course most workers are not actively held in bondage, but the poorest have a degree of personal autonomy so limited that their livelihoods are still constantly imperiled.
    The University is not immune from the lessons of “12 Years a Slave” either. The beautiful grounds and buildings Jefferson designed would not exist if not for the slave labor that built and maintained them for almost half a century. And with the discovery of a slave cemetery in 2012 and President Sullivan’s September decision to appoint a commission on slavery at the University, we are being forced to understand more about how are lives are shaped by the ugly past whether we like it or not.
    An encounter between Northup and a poor white laborer highlights similarities between the myths used to back up exploitation in our era and in Solomon’s. Forced to pay off debts after falling on hard times as an alcoholic, the white hired help tells Solomon that he was told if he worked hard enough in the fields, he could one day be as prosperous as an overseer or perhaps even become a plantation owner.
    The man’s actions, however, illustrate the power of such myths in using division of race to perpetuate a class hierarchy. The white man claims that he has seen though this delusion and realizes he is being manipulated, but when Solomon begs his assistance in delivering a letter to secure his freedom, the white worker tells the plantation owner of Solomon’s plan in hopes of someday earning a promotion. Instead of showing solidarity with Solomon and helping him in his quest for liberation, the white day laborer does exactly what the plantation master wants him to sustain exploitation.
    Echoes of this scene are evident in a more modern setting with rise of the Southern Strategy embraced by Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Seeking to bring down the New Deal coalition that had enacted legislation like Social Security and Medicare, Pat Buchanan and Lee Atwater among others played upon racial antagonism to pave the way for policies that ultimately benefited the rich at the expense of the working class of all races. As Lee Atwater, “You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites.” The language and severity of the policies may be different, but the ghosts of the previous age of slavery underpin our present economic inequality and dislocation.
    For instance, more African-Americans are a part of the corrections system than the entire population that was enslaved in 1850. The 13th Amendment did ban slavery, but it allows for involuntary servitude in the prison system, which has allowed private prison companies like the Corrections Corporation of America to collaborate with the Drug Enforcement Agency in order to institute a newer albeit more hidden form of slavery that has been enormously profitable for a few. These corporations have an incentive to agitate for harsher sentencing laws especially on drugs in order to fuel growth in their industry, as just recently happened in Indiana. Meanwhile in California, the prisons are so overcrowded because of mandatory minimum sentencing, three strikes laws, and racial profiling as to create a humanitarian crisis. African-Americans comprise 13 percent of the population and use drugs at roughly the same rates as whites, but they make up 45 percent of the prison population. If these facts don’t echo a thought-dead plantation society, it would be difficult to say what else does.
    Harvard historian Walter Johnson argues, “the conventional distinction between slavery and capitalism fades into meaninglessness,” and if we wish to consider the society we’d like to become, we must be realistic about where we are and where we’ve been. “12 Years a Slave” holds profound lessons for us as individuals, as a community, and as a nation, and if we are not honest about what is still to be done, we delude ourselves.
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  215. 215
    Rose Says:

    Good morning to the great Jolie Pitt fans. Big shout out to my darling sisters Pool, Susan, Dawne, busted, Anustin, Premelee, Love the Jolie Pitts, Yolly, Wonderbust, were the morons, and Shi baby.

    @Phool, how are you my darling sister, I’m going to keep my promise and be here Saturday. We have so much to gossip about. Phool, OMG, what a beautiful poster of Angie’s face on that Maleficent poster. I love, love, love it. Its beautiful!!! I know the movie will be great, can’t wait to go and support Angie in June. Phool have a wonderful and blessed day

    Phool, I see BF has closed it’s doors on lurkers. How are they going to attract new members? I believe they are making a mistake, I would not sign up for a site I have no idea what they are offering. Anyway, we will see how long they can keep the site that private. I’m sorry they have decided to be inclusive because I enjoyed visiting BF. Im now going to visit celibitchy. I know kaiser reads every post before its put up on her site, (JJ does not. That’s why we have the trolls here 24/7/365) , kaiser can keep the nasty trolls away from her site/board. Also, cb has lots of
    Brad and Angie’s fans. Kaiser will talk crap but it’s not a thing because BA have the fans to watch their backs over there.

    @Susan, how are you my dear sister. Susan, have you noticed we have not heard one word from JayZ regarding the Barney’s situation, shopping while black, lol. Susan, I’m sure we will hear from him after the holidays. I see money talks, lol. Susan, take care my dear sister and have a great and safe day.

    @Love the Jolie Pitts. Good morning my dear, dear love. I hope you are back to your good health. Love, we are all just waiting for Saturday to get here so we can see our beautiful Angie accepting her Oscars. I’m praying she will be able to take a few days off and accept in person, hopefully, Brad will be able to be by her side. Love, have a wonderful and blessed day.

    @Dawne, good morning my dear Dawne, how are you my dear? The weather here has been very cold this week. I hope you are in the best of health and thanks for the shout out.

    @busted, good morning my dear busted,how is everything with you my dear. Busted, I see the gnats are still buzzing around. I see they can’t stay away from the JJ Angelina’s page, what losers they are.

    @were the morons. Good morning my dear sister. How are you my dear? How is work. I hope you are taking it easy. I know you can’t wait fir Saturday night. Hope we get to see photos of Brad and Angelina. I so psych’d. WTM, have a great day.

    I see the resident murderous troll tamshitt is still here talking out of his
    stinky asses. She is just like a cockroach, not even a nuclear bomb can get rid of the murderer who threatened to stab Angelina 100x with a knife to kill her if the pos meets her in the streets. I can imagine how much it must be hurting tamshitt looking at Angelina beautiful poster. Tamshitt must be really losing it when she compare her life to Angie’s. Angie is living her life doing good, being recognized for her good work while the murderer tamshitt is wallowing in hate. What a loser, the pos must hate her mother so much.

    Phool, can you tell me what is Jessica B wearing? I see Kenya W popularity has fallen 66% since he has been with KK, lol. I also saw a beautiful photo of North West. I thought kw did not want his baby in the press, lol. Btw. Regarding Ticky. When is it hair damage when someone takes out their extensions? Girlfriend will do anything to keep her name in the press, lol. Can you imaging Angie cutting her hair and going to the press about it, or getting a piercing in her hair lobe and put out a self in the press. You know Brad made the right decision when he left that narcissist nine years. January 7 will be nine years since Brad left that dead end marriage, the best decision he ever made.

    Phool, I know you don’t agree with me but I’m saying Ticky and tacky is OVA, lol. And now I’m going to say something to drive the three trolls Cray, cray. I’m believing Brad and Angie are already married. Now that should keep the trolls busy for the rest of the day running around looking for articles to bring over here while the fans scroll pass their nonsense.

    Everyone have a great day. God bless.

  216. 216
    Phool. Says:

    # 215 Rose @ 11/13/2013 at 4:08 am

    Good Morning Rose
    Thank God you were able to make time to post, my limit of waiting for Saturday for you to post was on the verge of collapse, yes I was going to put out a demanding shout out for you to get your tush back here pronto well before Saturday . I’m missing you too much my sister from another mother yes I’m shameless in my love lol. I know you couldn’t resist especially after seeing Angies beautiful Maleficent poster, don’t you just love it “One Name, One Face, One Poster” has so much impact, no wonder news sites are going gaga over it cant get enough of it, it’s a beautiful image of her, well we are biased in our love for her I think every one of her posters is great.
    Rose have you ever seen or heard any ones poster make such an impact. Poor Ticky, till this day after how many years being in show business? still hasn’t had a single Movie poster with “HER Face and her Name on it” poor women, hang on Rose I hear screaming from the ocean let me close the windows, also I predict there will be more screaming at 9.00am when the official Maleficent Trailer will be released, so I’m pre-warning you all to keep your windows shut because there will be a Tsunami of screaming from the ocean from Ticky’s hags.
    In regards to BF site yes it’s a shame they have gone private , and yes they will loose viewers in doing so, not a great idea if you’re supposed to run a business, but in my opinion not really a great loss, to be honest we get all the “up to date news on the Jolie-Pitt Threads Here First” from all the great hardworking JP fans like FYI, Fyi12, Make it Right , Tweet etc All they seem to be doing is taking stuff from her and other sites and making out as theirs lol So no biggy. Really apart from viewing old/new photos that all its good for, like you said I rather like to go to CB mostly for some great JP fan Posters not a fan of Kaiser she has her moments but it’s the posters I like, they are a hoot. Oh yeah the Troll at BF Angelica aka-(Bet /Carry/ Ring/deej) she’s apparently a medical student and has a male friend posting instead of her then, made out the male friend just hacked into her account, yeah right and some gullible BF moderators have taken that version hook line and sunk to the depths with the trolls lies. Well each to their own hey.
    Gossip Time:
    In regards to Jessica Beal, are you talking about whose husband is copying all of Michael Jackson’s back catalogue and Brad Pitts hair styles, and who is a carp actor that Jessica Beal? If so she’s such an unforgettable actress and don’t care what she wears its unforgettable as her acting lol. In regards to Kanye’s popularity, yes I saw that article yesterday, about since he’s been with Kim his popularity has nosedived big time, but remember as Kanye lives in his own world (La La Land) I very much doubt he’s noticed I bet in his mind it’s the opposite. Remember this is a guy who thinks he and Kim are the name & face of fashion so hmmmmmmmm.I saw the North West photos this morning I like the one where she is smiling and guess what the other one is with Kim’s new Stylist another hmmmmmmm. Also Rose haven’t you heard Ticky was banned by Robert Downey Junior not to attend his wife’s birthday party only Squiggy was invited Lmao, No wonder Ticky is looking like a wet rat scurrying out of her plastic surgeons office with her pout like a sour puss she got diss-invited by the RDJ’s lol.
    Like wise I think Ticky & Squiggy are OVER, hence the no show together since Toronto, but saying that I tend to agree with Passing Through , that as Angie & Brad aren’t in US at the moment, so she hasn’t THEM there to Troll hence the no show of Ticky & Squiggy show, you know how Huvane & Ticky like to Troll the JP’s, and as she is a nobody out of US, she has to make do with cutting her scraggy hair and posting Selfies on Twitter like a desperate middle aged women, looks like she wants to be the next Kim Kardashan.
    Rose have you seen Cameron Diaz has opened a Twitter account, so I guess Ticky’s won’t be far off too, you know how she likes to copy everyone, Oh no my bad its only the JP’s and their Kids she likes to copy.
    Any way have a great day , don’t work too hard, be back here soon OK, I know I don’t ask much but I would still say it regardless, God bless.

  217. 217
    briseis Says:

    Morning, Rose and Phool. I was just going to keep on lurking but my eye caught something in your convo. Where did they say RDJ only invited Tacky to his wife’s party, but not Ticky? Oooh, such delish gossip … and yet no tab has picked it up. Yet the same tabs would have you believe they know Angie’s thoughts re her implants, how painful, uncomfortable, etc etc etc. Could you direct me to the link, pretty please with cherry on top?

  218. 218
    OMG Says:

    Geez, when are these trolls going to stop obsessing over Aniston and the past? GET OVER IT, YOU IMMATURE MORONS. She’s out of their lives. MOVE THE H*LL ON. Calling her names just makes YOU look like whiney babies.

  219. 219
    truth Says:

    Poor Sandra. Angies succes is making you ill.

  220. 220
    Clooney is right Says:

    @daily mail:

    Clooney is right. Brad is the biggest star in world. You don’t see the tabloids make-up BS stories about other star’s film sets week in week out. Johnny Depp is filming in London as well, tabs don’t care.

  221. 221
    Susan Says:

    Good morning J-P fans.
    @Rose, good to see you.
    Three more days before Mrs. Jolie-Pitt (lol) receives her Oscar.

  222. 222
    Boho Says:

    Angelina Jolie Shows Brad Pitt What He’s Missing By Donning A Leather Mask With a Couple of Horns

    “I know you don’t need me to tell you this, because they’ve used minimal photoshop so it’s obvious it’s her, but Angelina Jolie’s official Maleficent poster has been released.

    One look at her double-ended strap on leather hat and long-lost Braddy Daddy Pitt might even be reminded of the good old days and be on the next plane to Australia where she’s “directing” Unbroken from England where he’s currently filming Fury.

    Given that she hasn’t actually seen the father of her six children since mid-September, anything’s worth a try, eh, Ange?”…………………..

  223. 223
    Boho Says:


    Miss jolie and soon ex-girlfriend of pitt LOL

  224. 224
    Phool. Says:

    # 122 Love the JoliePitts @ 11/12/2013 at 2:45 pm
    Good Morning Love the Jolie Pitts,
    How are you my dear, glad to hear you are bearing up well health wise. I was reading your post to me this part where you posted “
    You know you are causing a “disturbance” in the blackest sewers of the mindless and completely unconscious trolls “that’s a good one, I’ll be using that sentence for future references lol.
    Like you said Angelina is “Gods beautiful Creation” she is “Perfection” after all, I would add not only outer perfection, but also perfection from within her soul, and that’s what’s beautiful to see. Who cares about select (trolls) minorities insecurities which makes them lash out on any thing they see as unachievable, that’s their loss in investing 24/7 their time in hatred, instead of enjoying life’s opportunities and making most of them. You only live once and if YOU chose to waste it away on trivial pursuits like trolling & hatred that’s no ones loss but the individual in questions. I don’t care trolls live in pain as that’s their choice of line they choose to follow, lonely and sad may it be but that’s their choice, so be it who cares. Just like no one cares about their idol.
    Like I said previously and will not tire of saying it again we are fortunate enough to witness & support a couple that are so selfless in their acts of good, their non stop good deeds, their love for each other and their family is growing day by day. Yes I’d rather follow their example and be a better person and do good of whatever time I have left on this earth good deeds never diminish, they live forever even after life, whereas bad deeds well we know where that leads to don’t we lol.

  225. 225
    Phool. Says:

    # 177 bizzy bee @ 11/12/2013 at 9:44 pm
    Good Morning bizzy
    How are you my dear your excuse the pun very busy lol, isn’t the Maleficent poster beautiful just captures you from whichever angle you see it from those eyes are following you. I love the fact one poster can cause this much mayhem consider what the trailer would do lol. This movie isn’t just for kids its for all ages Maleficent was and still is one of the greatest characters of Disney, the icing on the cake is Angelina Jolie is plating HER, what else can you ask for brink on the delicious wickedness I say lol.
    You know bizzy each and every Angie poster has that impact on everyone, is it that beautiful face? Or is it that beautiful face, yeah I think it’s that beautiful face that melts you on the spot.
    I agree Pixie cuts over Bob any day personally can’t stand Bobs its just wrong “sorry all bib cut fans out there”. Poor funny how Tickys haircut didn’t make any impact she thought it would like I said Pamela Anderson’s pixie cut & Jennifer Lawrence’s cut is cute & beautiful, suits them both.
    Bizzy 3 more days to go for Angie’s 2nd Oscar cannot wait to hear her speech and am intrigued who is going to be the presenting it to her? I hope its someone from the humanitarian side or one of her dear friends like Marianne Pearl that would be so fitting.

  226. 226
    Phool. Says:

    # 126 Passing Through @ 11/12/2013 at 3:15 pm
    Bravo PT great Tampon smack down. Let’s hope the trolls learnt her lesson.

  227. 227
    Phool. Says:

    briseis @ 11/13/2013 at 7:02 am
    Good Morning briseis
    How are you my dear? I ‘m surprised you didn’t hear about that Ticky was NOT INVITED to RDJ’s wife’s Birthday party, didn’t you know the invitation card specifically emphasised not to bring anyone who is ugly and a C-list, also not to bring a person that would embarrass themselves drunk and who with her agent would sell photos off to Tabs of themselves hanging on genuine A-listers like wet limpet. So you see as Ticky falls under all these categories and Squiggy still has some saving grace that he actually has friends that are A-list so he was given the friends pass of entry, whereas Ticky had to make do with spending time with her hair boy and post Selfies.

  228. 228
    Phool. Says:

    Good Morning Susan
    how are you my dear? Susan dont forget to show little Monster Angies poster get her ready to see the movie lol.

  229. 229
    Phool. Says:

    Magnificent! Angelina Jolie transforms into Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent
    13 NOVEMBER 2013
    With piercing green eyes and a bewitching stare, Angelina Jolie is hauntingly beautiful in the new poster for Maleficent.

    The actress has been transformed into the iconic Sleeping Beauty villain for the future Disney film, complete with Maleficent’s signature horned headdress.

    Translucent skin, deep red lips and enhanced cheekbones perfect her menacing look.

    Maleficent is Angelina’s first on-screen role in more than three years. It tells the story of the ‘Mistress of All Evil and the events which came to harden her heart, leading her to curse baby Aurora — Sleeping Beauty — played by Elle Fanning.

    It’s not anti-princess, but it’s the first time they’re looking at this epic woman,” Angelina told EW last year. “I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn’t mean she can’t have other [warmer] qualities.”

    Filming took place in Buckinghamshire last summer, during which Angelina enjoyed on set visits from children.

    “The strange thing was people with little kids would visit the set, and I would think, ‘I’m a Disney character!’,” Angelina said at the Disney expo in August.

    “I’d go over to the children and say ‘Hi’. And they would scream and run off. One little boy actually said ‘Mommy, please tell the mean witch to please stop talking to me’.”

    Less intimated by Angelina’s transformation were her own children — in particular her daughter Vivienne, who stars in the film as the younger version of Princess Aurora. “She was the only four-year-old who wouldn’t scream,” her mum laughed.

    Angelina also revealed that she had been drawn to Maleficent — made famous in the 1959 Sleeping Beauty animation — ever since she was a child.

    “Since I was a little girl, Maleficent was always my favourite,” she said. “I was terrified of her, but I was drawn to her. I wanted to know more about her, know what she was like and who she was.

    “She had this elegance and grace, and yet she was so cruel. Just wonderfully and deliciously cruel.”
    Shortcut to:

  230. 230
    Phool. Says:

    5 things you don’t need to know but might want to
    Nov 13, 2013, 7:18am

    Shortcut to:

  231. 231
    Phool. Says:

    It’s all about charisma by the end of the day
    Mumbai, Nov 13:
    It’s going to be the kind of a send-off that Sachin Tendulkar will cherish forever. As he gears up for his last Test on Thursday, the media coverage leading up to this occasion has been nothing short of frenzied. In fact, some friends complain that it has been an overkill and wonder if all the hype is actually warranted. “You don’t see this happening in other cricketing nations. When Ricky Ponting and Brian Lara retired, there was none of this hoopla,” one of them said. Are we as a nation guilty of fuelling this Sachin mania? Have we gone overboard when this is just another cricket match by the end of the day? Is an individual more important than the game?
    Not entirely misplaced questions except that Sachin Tendulkar just has this special something called charisma which only a select few are endowed with. If the Master Blaster were to walk unescorted into a hotel lobby, he would be mobbed within minutes. And with due apologies to Tendulkar’s fellow cricketers, they would not encounter this kind of hysterical reaction with, perhaps, the exception of skipper, MS Dhoni. I remember the time of the Delhi Auto Expo a decade ago when Tendulkar visited the Fiat Auto stall. He was then the brand ambassador for the Italian automaker and the crowds that surged the pavilion had to be seen to be believed. The same fanatical following exists today which is only a reflection of the man’s stature. The fact that this connects with the masses clicks across different age groups makes it even more extraordinary.
    How did Sachin manage to develop this kind of charisma? It could well have started with images of a 17-year-old scoring his first Test century to save India the blushes against England. What could have been more attractive to viewers than the sight of a young lad taking on a strong opposition in its own backyard? The comfortable transition as an opener in one-day cricket only contributed to this rapidly growing reputation. Nearly 15 years have passed since ‘Desert Storm’ when Tendulkar scored back-to-back tons against Australia and won us the Coca Cola cup. Yet, this performance is spoken of with revered tones even today. The same holds good for the murderous 98 against Pakistan in the World Cup of 2003.
    Everyone is only too aware that the man who will take guard against the West Indies at the Wankhede is past his prime. After all, he is over 40 and his reflexes will be a lot slower. Yet, the crowds at the stadium are not going to care one bit. If he scores a ton in his last Test, the Tendulkar legend will only grow. And who cares if it is a paltry score? Did Donald Bradman’s last Test duck rob him of his staggering status in Test cricket? It is this charisma that film star, Shah Rukh Khan still wields so comfortably with his fans across the world, be it in Dubai or Frankfurt. This is equally true for Amitabh Bachchan who is pushing 72 but still going strong. And the previous generation of film-goers will swear from the rooftops that nobody has seen the kind of craze that Rajesh Khanna did in the early 1970s. In fact, this fan frenzy prompted Bombay University to include an essay, ‘The Charisma of Rajesh Khanna’, in a textbook.
    And for those who think this is an Indian phenomenon, they are off the mark. John F Kennedy’s 50th death anniversary is around the corner and you can bet your last buck that the US will go into overdrive with new books and special TV programmes on the late president. What did he have which causes these kinds of reactions even five decades after his death? Oodles of charisma coupled with the romantic notion of what could have been had JFK not been gunned down.
    And then you think of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or George Clooney and it is clear that they just have that special something which makes all the difference. Likewise, the sport of boxing had big names but Mohammed Ali stands the tallest even today. And, yet, there is sometimes a price to pay for that stardom too as was evident in the tragic death of Princess Diana 16 years ago.

  232. 232
    nani Says:

    OH My Gold! Just watched the first trailler of Angelina in Maleficent.
    Completely amazing! She is simply superb!

  233. 233
    ann71 Says:

    Maleficent trailer is out and it looks amazing!!!Ms. Viv as little Aurora is so cute and pretty running in the fields and Angelina is wickedly beautiful!!!

  234. 234
    Susan Says:

    @Phool.: Good morning, funny she went once and they left early, can’t remember why, so it is on her mother.
    We’re all going to see the Play Oliver at Xmas, this is the first time monster will be going.
    I’ve had some laughs over the years with the other two once at the Radio
    City Xmas Show, one said in a loud voice, there is a man in that Bear outfit, at another show one was scared of the costumed mice.
    Last Xmas we saw the Sound of Music, and it was drama free.
    I’m picking monster up from a party Saturday, hope she is tired, because she is spending the night, LOL.
    Can you imagine if Brad and Angie tell stories about their kids.

  235. 235
    La Jolie Says:

    OMG! OMG! Just watched the trailer!! Jolie, as always, FIERCE !!
    And viv was so cute!! Brad would be so proud! :*

  236. 236
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    @Some Bunny:

    It’s no secrete that Jared takes a huge paycheck from promoting the hell out of Heroina and Pothead’s exploits. On top of that Francis Bertrand, Ho’s cousin, works for the site, which explains why even non-stories such as the release of a movie poster or blurry pics are subject of a post, which doesn’t happen in most entertainment blogs. Those media outlets that have similar promotional contracts (e.g People) are more subtle, and Jared is simply the worst at disguising its bias, despite boasting about his being a “neutral” blog.

  237. 237
    Bea Says:

    Good morning.

    The trailer was great – so looking forward to it’s release! Viv looks beautiful and Angie is stunning. A great treat this morning.

  238. 238
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Sandra, I really wouldn’t recommend anybody at all to pay to watch Twatgelina play herself in yet another movie, the only difference is that she won’t be taking her clothes off for the part, as she’s done many other times in the past. Still, it’s a case of art imitating life to have a diagnosed psychopath who spent a stint in a mental institution play a villain. It’s like asking Charles Manson to play Hannibal Lecter.

  239. 239
    roronette Says:

    Absolutely hypnotizing petrifying beauty!

  240. 240
    Love Conquers All Says:

    Saw the trailer few minutes ago, I’m amazed of how Queen Angelina looked stunning. I’m so pumped up to this film next year and Viv looked so beautiful as she was running in the fields. Now 3 days till Angie receive her second Oscar!

  241. 241
    neer Says:

    Wow…. AJ is one celebrity whose movie poster and teaser/trailer is widely-talked about!! Never heard other personalities generate this kind of attention the way AJ does. It reminds me the way Beowulf’s poster/trailer also attracted so much talk.

  242. 242
    Passing Through Says:

    I didn’t think the Maleficent trailer would give away the farm…but…IT NEEDS TO BE LONGER!!! It looks really good though. That should send Tampon scurrying to Walmart for a new box of Depends. I hope she has enough money for 2 boxes though because it’s only 3 short days until Angie gets her 2nd Oscar…

  243. 243
    Shiloh it´s so amazing Says:

    If you are felling bad and sad and you need something to make you smile and give you a good vibe and hope for a better day, just go to you-tube and play one video of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. It´s amazing, like her mother, she have a charismatic and wonderful personality that make you fell good.

    Shiloh is a star since she born, not only because her parents but because she have that invisible quality of an artist, she don´t know yet but she will be a famous artist for sure, a actress, a singer, a performer, anything in the arts for sure.

    I was seeing some Angie and Brad you-tube videos and i was attracted to the diversity of videos of Shiloh, it´s incredible the number of videos dedicated to the Jolie-Pitt kids and especial to Shiloh, she have the same golden-touched as their parents, it´s quit incredible and amazing.

    The personality, the facial expressions, the tomboy style, the hats, the boots, the spade in her belt, the glasses, the hair cut, the shirts of her old brother, the love for her soul sister Zee, the adventurous spirit and her freedom make her a special little girl and a icon of kids already.

    take a look this video.

  244. 244
    plez Says:

    Love the first trailer. I bet it looks amazing in a dark theater on the big screen when the forest turns from green to cold and dying. And Angelina’s laugh as Maleficent – GREAT.

  245. 245
    AWHODAT! Says:

    @Passing Through:
    LOL! PT youre so DELICIOUSLY mean to trolls. But methinks those stinkers stay here just to be b!tchslapped by you. You KNOW theyre flagellants, right? Of the cockroach variety. So we’ll prolly have to rethink our repellent strategies.
    Anyhoooo, just saw Angie’s Maleficient trailer. O! M! G! Unfvckingbelievable! And i agree with you: its Too. Brief.
    But that only means we’ll be treated to a whole series of them between now and release date. How schweeeeeeeeet it is!

  246. 246
    New Thread Says:

    new thread

  247. 247
    Passing Through Says:

    # 226 Phool. @ 11/13/2013 at 8:22 am
    Don’t hold your breath. In order to learn lessons you have to have a brain. If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that Tampon ain’t got a brain. There’s just a big ole block of moldy, stinky Limburger cheese inhabiting hr skull.

  248. 248
    Whamo Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 11/13/2013 at 9:56 am

    I’s a case of art imitating life to have a diagnosed psychopath who spent a stint in a mental institution play a villain. It’s like asking Charles Manson to play Hannibal Lecter.

  249. 249
    Lisa Says:

    Angelina is the sexiest, smartest prettier woman alive!

  250. 250
    bizzy bee Says:

    Phool, your best friend Oprah supposedly choked up talking about 12YAS on BBC, LOL. Like I said once, if it weren’t for her role in The Butler, she’d have been all over this movie from the beginning. She looks very hypocritical here. Oh well, I’m over it.

    As for Angie receiving her 2nd Oscar, I’m happy for her and it would be nice to see Brad at her side.

    I have a strong feeling she’ll win the Nobel Peace Prize one day.

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