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Nicole Kidman Continues Filming 'Paddington' in London!

Nicole Kidman Continues Filming 'Paddington' in London!

Nicole Kidman continues to don her short blonde haired wig while filming for her upcoming movie Paddington on Tuesday (November 12) in London, England.

The 46-year-old actress was reportedly joined on the set that day by her co-star Peter Capaldi.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

In case you missed it, check out the new character posters and trailer for Nicole‘s upcoming flick The Railway Man, which also stars Colin Firth.

Funnily enough, Colin also stars in the film Paddington alongside Nicole as the voice of Paddington! Hugh Bonneville and Jim Broadbent also have roles in the movie.

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  • Louise

    Besides being beautiful and sophisticated, that Nicole Kidman is the cutest chick. Love that devilish smile.

  • rachel

    she is hideous. she aint cute. that thing freaky to max

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole looks super good

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    ‘Funnily enough’. Interesting statement.

  • Marksman


  • Julia P.

    So cute! She took her kids to the circus in NY this past weekend. Love her!

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    It’s too bad that Keith was in the mid-west this past weekend. They seem to be just ‘ships that pass in the night’. But it’s nice that the little girls had some time with their mother.

  • Drats

    @Louise: Um, no.

  • Oh dear

    Bizarre doesn’t quite cover it.

  • Not buying it

    @Julia P.: Wrong. She flew to New York for an appointment with her plastic surgeon and to receive more injections.

  • why the lies #10?

    @Not buying it: Wrong. Nicole was spotted at a non-for-profit circus with Faith and Sunday in New York City. Keith flew to NY this long weekend.

  • why the constant lies #11?

    Keith played the following shows and flew to New York, all at the same time:
    FRIDAY 08 NOVEMBER 2013 – Keith Urban concert – Kansas City, MO, US
    SATURDAY 09 NOVEMBER 2013 – Keith Urban concert – Des Moines, IA
    SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2013: Keith Urban concert – Peoria, IL.
    MONDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2013: Keith Urban concert – Kansas City, MO

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth? Who’s guessing? Was, or was not, Nicole in NY this past weekend? If so, why, when Keith was in the mid-west for three days? Bottom line – is it my business? Certainly not. But I enjoy puzzles, and this union is one major puzzle.

  • SM is full of lies

    Keith’s official tour schedule does not lie. He was not in NY.

  • http://comcast Joni

    THE CRAZY ONE, don’t worry so much about Nicole and Keith they are doing just beautifully, just enjoy their talent.

  • Joni is THE CRAZY ONE

    What talent? Kidman has made 15 consecutive box office flops and Keith’s album is a major flop too.

  • julie

    Keith didn’t have a concert on the 11th. He flew to New York Monday morning from Chicago. A lady saw him at O’Hare airport and got his boarding pass with his autograph. It’s right there on her twitter. Chicago O’Hare to New York LGA, 11 Nov 13. AA 388 Urban/ Keith Lionel. She has a picture with him, also. If it’s all photoshopped, she sure did a heck of a job in such a short time.

  • wer

    Botox Queen.

  • chick

    @Joni: What talent?

  • Not buying it

    If Keith did fly to NY it was ONLY to pick the girls up and escort them back home to LA.

  • Not buying the skeptic lies

    @Not buying it: So why did he and Nicole see a Broadway play? Why did Nicole take the girls to children’s art museum? Why did Keith and Nicole take Sunday to an art class for youngsters? Why the lies from you over and over and over? They are in LA only when they need to be for work.

  • Nice try SM

    It”s a miracle. Somehow Keith can magically be performing live shows in other parts of the country AND be in NY at the same time!

  • Nice try liar

    Nobody is lying but you. Keith doesn’t have another show until tomorrow in NH. Last show was the 10th. That’s a 4 day break. Seems simple math is too difficult for you.

  • SM lies ALL THE TIME

    Q. A 4-day break, but where is Nicole?
    A. Nicole Kidman continues to don her short blonde haired wig while filming for her upcoming movie Paddington on Tuesday (November 12) in London, England.

  • Tc

    Kidman’s plastic surgeon operates out of NY. That is the real reason for the emergency visit.

  • Skeptics lie all the time

    @SM lies ALL THE TIME: She flew back into London. The art museum was in the UK. Stop lying. Stop telling people they are someone they aren’t. Your obsession with LA is showing Taralea “I know the paparazzi because I grew up there” Crazy Librarian.

  • Poor Faith

    @Not buying the skeptic lies: Why didn’t Faith get to go to anything? Why always Sunday? Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

  • http://yahoo jobeth

    In reference to Faith not attending the art class. She’s not three years old yet and the class may have been closed for children under a certain age. IMO, parents make a mistake when they insist a younger sibling do everything an older child is allowed to do.

  • Oh dear

    Why didn’t Faith go too? You need to ask ‘The Ashamed Parents’ that question.

  • Poor Faith

    @jobeth: Why doesn’t Faith ever have special outings for her age group with her parents?

  • curious

    Sunday was constantly trotted out for the paps as a toddler, while Faith is kept hidden away. Wonder why?

  • well duh

    @jobeth: Real parenting goes out the window with the skeptics. Toddlers don’t have the communication or motor skills to be in an art class with 5 year olds. Skeptics want us to forget they tried the autistic rumors with Sunday, and the facial deformities rumor, the parents are hiding her rumor, and putting a toddler on a diet rumor. It’s all the same sh!t from a pathological liar, The Crazy One and all her fake posting names. Faith has her activities too which the skeptics deny when faced with the truth. But that’s because skeptics are really really stupid. CDAN? The toilet bowl of the internet. Bahahahahaha!

  • Oh dear

    Much better to separate the sisters and leave Faith behind with the nanny again and again and again.

  • Holly

    @well duh: How many parents take one child out and do fun things with them all the time while leaving the other child(ren) back home with a babysitter/nanny? Do you even have kids? Good parents find something to do as a family and involve all children.

  • http://yahoo jobeth


    I have grown children who are in their early 20′s. I’ve never been accused of being a poor mother, quite the opposite. However, I never felt it was necessary that we went as a unit to all events. It was more an age appropriate or age interest agenda, and horrors, their father and I even abandoned them on occasion for an evening to ourselves. We’re quite proud of our children; in fact, a lot prouder than I am of posting on this comment board. But, it hurts reading people being insulted and bullied for no reason other than they don’t fit the particular norm of the person posting.

  • truth

    @Holly: Children can’t have their own activities so they’ll have their own accomplishments and personal pride? So when Sunday shows interest in something she can’t do it unless Faith wants to too? Everybody has to be home or leave the house as a unit? That’s nothing but a breeding ground for co-dependent dysfunction which explains why skeptics promote that agenda. It’s clear you never leave the house because you can’t leave your computer. Nicole and Keith don’t need to justify how they raise their kids to a bunch of pathological women who gets their kicks from calling kids autistic and deformed.

  • Sorry

    Faith can take pride in the fact she is never included in family activities and must remain behind alone with the nanny. Faith is almost 3 years old and knowingly being left behind would be enormously upsetting for any child at this age.

  • Holly

    It is not normal or healthy for a sibling to see her only sibling leaving with both parents all time. It is called favoritism.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    The Crazy One–You are getting even worse with your infatuation and hate of beautiful Nicole Kidman. I think you have been missing appointments with your shrink. Run don’t walk to your next shrink appointment, hope something will help you. You are a real hoot.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    I think the people hiring Nicole for magazine covers and acting in films should consult with THE CRAZY ONE before hiring her THE CRAZY ONE knows more about it than you big executives. According to THE CRAZY ONE you just keep hiring her so you can lose money, I am sure she knows more about it than you people.